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Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace(2008)

I have heard so many times that this film is not as good as Casino Royale. The is so not ture! If anything it is better! Now don't get me wrong I love CR andDaniel Craig's Bond, but honestly I think Quantum of Solace is an improvement. This I beleive shows of Bond's real "spy" skills more than previous films. The action is things happen that make your eyes go wide and look at the person next to you to see if they saw it to. A foot chase, a car chase, a boat chase, a plane chase and some of the most kick-ass fighting! Gemma Arterton's Strawberry Fields is hot! Daniel Craig's James Bond is bad-assed! Judi Dench's M is terrific! This film left me both shaken and stirred!