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Meet the Fockers

really funny...and good cast.

Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda(2004)

based on the true terrible history of Rwanda, the African country where at the end of the last century one million people were killed for political and racial reasons. The genocide seen through the eyes of a man, a father and a husband who lived it all.

Romeo + Juliet

a classic not so classic if u consider that this Romeo & Juliet is set in the present day USA...and dowels are fought using guns... A prove that feelings such as love and hate never change, no matter in which age you live.

Kingdom of Heaven

great ending...with a moral lesson

Kill Bill: Volume 1

a little too much violence... :-p for this reason I prefer Vol.2. But who can tell Quentin Tarantino what's too much?

Dead Poets Society

very good movie! Recommended to those who love poetry or like Robin Williams.

World Trade Center

I expected something less superficial...the movie is focused only on the life of the few who survived and doesn't give enough relevance to the death of thousands of people. It seems like just another American action-movie where the heros never die...but a little more boring!

Minority Report

I usually don't like science-fiction, but this movie is really cool! Steven Spielberg finds the right mix of suspance, feelings and originality.

Ocean's Twelve

Wonderful Lake Como is one of the settings...and if this is not enough just add George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Demon, Andy Garcia, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts!

The English Patient

simply the best movie I've ever seen! mostly thanks to Ralph Fiennes' great performance...and Micheal Ondaatje's novel seen through Minghella's eyes. This movie takes my mind into a far the desert...where days are made of poetry, history, passion and love. Ralph Fiennes voice and accent are something that really captures the audience...

Original Sin
Original Sin(2001)

great actors...passion and unconventional love... And I love the end of this movie!

Moulin Rouge!

great movie, songs and actors!