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Carrie (1976)
7 years ago via Flixster

I do believe that the moral of the story for a film like Carrie is that if you happen to encounter a young girl who is capable of telekinesis, do not for any reason attempt to mess with her. She will mess you up and you will be very sorry that you did! What I find is really intriguing about this film is how you are never too sure concerning who the villain is in this tale of high school tragedy. Is it Chris? A girl who is evidently beautiful but also very cruel considering that she wants to humiliate Carrie in front of the many students attending prom. Is it Margaret White? Carrie's mother, who is a religious lunatic who assumes that Carrie is constantly sinning and decides that the best way to deal with it is to lock her up in a dark room and pray the rosary non stop? Or is it Carrie? A shy and silent girl who is very nice, but once someone tries to piss her off she goes completely berserk. I wouldn't dare give any plot spoilers but just you watch how she takes revenge to an entirely new level. There is enough evidence to suggest that these three characters could be the primary villain, but DePalma never informs us exactly which one may claim the title. Another note about the film worth mentioning is the dazzling camera work. There are some shots that simply push the limit of what camera movement can do. Just watch a shot from the iconic prom sequence where the camera moves across the space of the gym to reveal the many different characters and to notify the viewer that something really big is about to happen. My only qualm about Carrie is that it directly rips off the screeching violin sounds from the ultimate horror film: Psycho. This is not any kind of tribute, on many occasions throughout the film, these sounds are heard over and over and it is disappointing because the other aspects of this movie are perfectly fine. When the score is not focusing on copying the music from Psycho, it is very good and supports whatever is happening on screen. Unfortunately, those piercing violin notes are played over and over and over again. In conclusion, Carrie has some strengths in terms of the possibility of who the potential villain could be and the slick cinematography. It's just those brief noises that actually do more harm to the film then good.