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The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Just okay. Not really worth the watch. The brothers didn't look enough alike to be believable just for a start. Not even a good story line nor that funny.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Cute film. Love Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Predictable though.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Excellent-exceptional!!!!!!! I agree with the critics this time :o)

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

Cute film! If you are a Grey's Anatomy fan you will enjoy watching "Izzie"!!!!


OMG! The dancing and choreography in this film was as good as it can get! The amazingly talented youth!!! As far as a film per say, it didn't flow all that well. Entertainment wise-it was spectacular. No slow points and constant art, art, art!!! Do not go to this looking for a remake-it is a reinvention-jus as dance has been reinvented in the last decade. WOnderful, wonderful film and again-fabulous artistically. The kids had real personalities and were very endearing. Nothing gimicky-all just pure aestetics. If you don't like the arts, I truly feel sorry for you because this film had them all!!!

Chill Factor
Chill Factor(1999)

I still love Cuba gooding Jr. in anything.

Love & Sex
Love & Sex(2000)

This was a good little flick! It is showing on SHowtime if you have it! Hi all!!!!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I have to say that as the movie progresses-I was disappointed. At the beginning I saw several discrepancies which I do not expect to see from David Fincher and unfortunately they continued throughout the film. But in contrast, there were times that something so off the wall funny was done that I literally had to stop due to laughing to hard. The entire segment with Tilda Swinton I found to go nowhere and be very unexciting-very slooooowwwww!!!!. In fact, I felt that much of the film was writtten very poorly. If you take a short story from F. Scott Fitzgerald and make it into a morosely long film you have boredom. No, it is not the novel The Great Gatsby so don't expect it to be that good. If you are wondering why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars-it's because I felt the film came that close to being excellent. But it just didn't make it. Still, I did enjoy one particular elderly gentleman and his stories of being hit by lightening (the first time I stoppred the movie to laugh so hard). I also enjoyed the film. But it needed help. It needed an outside eye. Too many blunders.
Still, it as sweet. At the point where Brad Pitt is quite young again they must have been atching "Meet Joe Black" because they made him up to have even the same hairstyle. That was just too easy! Hence-I am-moviing my rating to three stars. Sorry Brad-you did great!!! AS did all the actors-it wasn;t their problem. Some great characters and great acting skills!!! For that-it is definitely worth the watch-and tha ballet was superb!!! Okay-3 1/2.

The Secret Life of Bees

I really found this to bee an intelligent and touching story about some extremely strong women and what love really is. Great period piece that was fresh and one of the best films I have seen in a long time!

We Are Marshall

This is a truly moving film about the human spirit. I recommend it to anyone!


I loved this film. Very times funny and a very informative story. I found it confusing at first but all was told in time. And who can't watch Hugh Jackman directed by Baz Luhrman???!!! Niclole needed to look like a washed out English woman-and she did. Kudos to her!


Probably my favorite movie of all time. It touches me in a very deep place, no matter how many times I watch it.

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

This movie was not very funny, lots of holes in plotlines and some pretty bad directing. There was a good cast that basically fell flat. What was interesting to me was that if I looked away I thought I was actually hearing Kate Hudsnon's mother-Goldie Hawn. As Ms. Hudson gets older she sounds so much even more like her mom. Looks a lot like her in this movie. That was worth my time-but the actual film wasn't!

Last Chance Harvey

Some touching moments...but I kept waiting for the movie to actually happen-for me it never did.

Feast of Love

Director Robert Benton spent much of the 1980s and '90s making movies for and about grown-ups ? competent, well-acted films like TWILIGHT and NOBODY'S FOOL that all too often fell through the cracks of a market obsessed with four-quadrant appeal and teen-male demographics. Benton and screenwriter Allison Burnett's adaptation of Charles Baxter's acclaimed multicharacter novel about the vagaries of love among a group of Portland, Oregon, friends will probably fare no better at the box office, but will come as a nice surprise to adults who consider a trip to the video store an exercise in futility.

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

From everything I had heard and seen I thought that this film was only a comedy. There are a few holes in the story that I will call slight. But it was a much more of a drama than I thought. I really enjoyed it and spent the last 1/2/ hour of it bawling my eyes out!!!!! I do recommend this movie-I truly enjoyed it. Very touching....

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Brilliant film. Comedic, well choreographed and Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland are such a great acting couple. Best Robin
Hood ever made.


Barely 900 people have rated this film. Excellent cast-story about what alcoholic abuse can do to an older child. The ending of the film is a narration by William Dafoe - a great summary of the plight of fathers and their sons and the destruction that can be caused at birth. Good flick. I really enjoyed it.

Run Fatboy Run

Nobody beats the Brittish at comedy. Funny, delightful story. Laughed all the way through it.


Add a review (optional)...I really enjoyed this film. I love period movies and this is set around 1925. I love the music since I love ragtime and the music was fun and a real addition to the movie for me. Good romantic comedy. I also loved the fight between George Clooney and John Krasinski. It reminded me of the fight in the Woolworths in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' between Clooney and Ray McKinnon. Same period in history. I know a lot of you do not like the same kind of movies that I do so take this as you may. I do recommend it. It is not a full comedy so don't expect it to be hilarious-it's not-but it is funny.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

I have to highly recommend this-especially for the adults. It had so many references to movies that I could not stop laughing. Very well done, great choreographed scenes, I loved it as much as the first.

Cool Runnings

I forgot just how much I liked this movie...

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

I just wanted to add a review. Actually I wanted to state that Rotten Tomatoes has sold out and the critics are only asshole bloggers. It was where you could find reviews of all films by the New York Post critics-Boston Globe...and Chicago Tribune to say the least. I had to look them up in graduate school.
Other than that-I thought this was an excellent movie. I even had the calendar the year after it came out. Wonderful freshness of the character Van Helsing who has never been defined before this film. I call that CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Excellent! I adore Marvel movies and this one was the best I have seen. Special effects were amazing and finally slow enough to have some meaning besides blow 'em up! Hugh Jackman was so very personal-his facial expressions are so varied that you can't tell he is acting.
Those friends of mine that know me know that I am really not into people writing forever trying to be a great movie critic...professional one's exhist and you can read what they say. What I have to say is that I have really loved every X Men film but this one was different. This movie was the best so far and even if you aren't into the series-I DO recommend that you see it. The special effects make it worth seeing in the theater. Since I don't want to give away any spoilers...(except for the ladies-Hugh jumping off a cliff naked!!!!!!!!!!!-totally worth $50.00 bucks for a ticket) I will just say that at the end of the movie I let out a hugh happy scream. It sealed the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Ya just gotta get over yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set It Off
Set It Off(1996)

Love watching these actors so early on in their careers. Jada Pickett Smith...beautiful.

Jungle 2 Jungle

In the late 90's the movies were different. Comedy was at a wierd place. I saw this on the television last night and found it pretty poor. Having seen it in 1997 as a groen mother with a child who was 13-it was pretty funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe a lot of these ratings are based on mood, time of day, age at the time.....

Nothing to Lose

I rated this higher than my friend...but for a very good reason for me. I haven't seen Tim Robbins this funny is so long. Maybe because I didn't see it when it came out-I don't know. But I have gotten tired of him in serious roles. The dance outside the car was priceless to me, he is so gifted. For a late night cable watch-it is light, loose and very funny. John C. McGinley was good too. Very typical of Martin Lawrence at the time-nothing great although I do like him.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

I havent seen this kind of humor from Jim Carrey since 'Ace Ventura: WHen Nature Calls' (which is an alltime favorite!) . Not the deeper story of 'Liar, Liar' but still the physical humor of both films. If you liked Carrey in either of these you should like this-I laughed very, very hard!!! But I am a geek for his comedy...

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)



Call me a little retro...but this is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. Strong characters, string story...I think I am just getting so sick of what Hollywood is putting out now. I haven't wanted a movie to end in so long....

The Dog Problem

Giovanni Ribisi is spectacular as always. This little film is very touching and simple. I found it refreshing and very enjoyable. It is a great lazy afternoon movie.


This was a really cool fantasy film and had one stellar cast! Definitely worth seeing!!!!


Good film. Terrence Howard and Bernie Mac team up with a great group of kids in Philly trying to overcome the obstacles of race, the troubles of the inner city and more through some great athletic swimming. A little romance too!

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

This is no great film...but it does have some very hilarious moments and is good paced and just the right length. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit!

The Recruit
The Recruit(2003)

I have seen this movie in parts but never full length before. I truly enjoyed it. Since Al Pacino is Colin Farrell's idol and Al Pacino believes that Colin is the next great actor of his was great watching the two of them and the plot line really made this interesting!

The Incredibles

I can't believe that tis is rated only 3 and 1/2 stars overall on here. It is #177 out of 250 on IMDb!!! And rated 8.1 out of 10!!! No accounting for taste on here I guess...."Do hero, ek awaaz!! "(Hindi-language version).


This started out having some humor in the beginning. It was clever and I enjoyed it. It somewhere went by the wayside and it wasn't as good of a movie after that. It had some good quirks with the cast and what a cast! But I felt that as the movie progressed it went downhill. If you like mature great looking was well worth the watch!!! I love Ed Harris so I enjoyed it!

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

This was really fuuny and smart! Loved 'Michael' from 'Pushing Daisies'. Thanks Chris for the reccomendadtion!!!!! This is a must see!

Nights in Rodanthe

Tear gusher for sure!!!! Good flick.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

Excellent! Visually stunning!

Swing Vote
Swing Vote(2008)

I really, really liked this movie! It was so different from the typical Hollywood film...I see that Flixter has this movie down as three stars across the board. I don't care. It may not be Academy Award material but it IS a good film well worth the watch!


This is truly a guy flick! I also loved it! It was hilarious...very fast paced and very entertining!

Sophie's Choice

Excellence from Meryl Streep just to begin...

Down from the Mountain

Actually saw this live! Ralph Stanley singing "O Death"! 10 rows back-outdoors. Beats the dvd and cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But if you missed it-this is a great DVD showing the premier performance before the film was released. What amazing American icons of talent.

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Great acting-love Angela Bassett with Lawrence Fishburn!!! Love him on the CSI show also!!!!

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Beats the hell out of any High School Musical Movie!!!!!!!!

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

Hilarious slapstick comedy!!!!!


This film was a true blast! Hilarious...laughed my butt off. Good story line-forget what the critics and IMDb say-it was well worth the watch!!! Liked it better than any Marvel Comic film so far. Will Smith is comitted to making his films speak to all age groups and being morally responsible for his work. It truly showed in this film. Plus, he was absolutely darling and as cute as he was as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!!!!!! Charlize Theron was excellent as was Jason Bateman. The three really bonded well!!!!

The Women
The Women(2008)

This was a good drama/comedy. I loved all of the women and their characters. Meg Ryan does her usual great performance. Eva Mendez was a crack up! I recommend this film to all women...not so much men!

City by the Sea

I really enjoyed this film a lot! The ratings aren't great, but De Niro does a great job and with him and the story I call it a hit. I truly recommend it.

The Color of Money

I saw this again...20 some odd years later last night. Well worth the watch. Who's voice at the beginning descibes 9 ball??? No looking it up!!!!!!!

The Incredible Hulk

This was done so well. Wasn't predictable for me at all. The ending blew my mind! A must see!!!!!!

Small Soldiers

I guess I just loved it. Tug at my heart strings. And Denis Leary!!!!!!


Poor thing! The apple fell far trom the trees!!!!!!!


Albert Einstein helps a young man who's in love with Einstein's niece to catch her attention by pretending temporarily to be a great physicist.

This rating is entertainment value only. These four old men were so darling-ya gotta love them!

Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan and Walter Matthau as Einstein.

Fun, light romantic comedy that I found pretty funny and very sensitive. I kept forgetting it was Walter Matthau-he did such an excellent job!

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Excellent film. Quite accurate. I love the scene where 'Butch' takes 'Etta' on a bicycle endearing. Great, clean and beautiful fun and romance. Just did a re-watch. It's been a long time.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Small cast. Definitely nearly as exciting as most Marvel Comic movies. Loved the technology-very exciting. Robert Downey Jr. was funny and Gwyneth Paltrow has never been more endearing or stunning. Loved terrance Dashon Howard. What's bad is-what? Samuel L. Jackson was in this film? Flixter says so....I don't remember!!!
Whatever happened to Jeff Bridges role is a mystery. Maybe he paid for the techno time. Poor script for him, poor develpoment of the storyline. Not bad at all to sit and watch with your children or grandchildren. Not a prime time movie to watch in my opinion.

Don Juan DeMarco

Truly delightful film! Had to watch after just seeing 'Benny and Joon' and watching Johnny Depp portray Buster Keaton with such insight that I have never found in an actor before. Johnny Depp's ability to actually become his known character is unsurpassed. I loved that I was wondering somehow if Johnny was not Don Juan. Only Depp could have the sensuality to pull off 'the greatest lover of all time'.
Marlon Brando was very endearing. A great watch and very uplifting for the soul.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

I finally saw it! What a wonderful film!!! I truly enjoyed this movie and I have not liked a movie this much in a long, long time. So very, very beautiful and touching.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

I really enjoyed this film. Not blow 'em up heist film. Smart-inteeligent and a nice twist at the end. Denzel was quite enjoyable to watch.

Benny & Joon
Benny & Joon(1993)

Very rarely do I actually 'enjoy' a film like I Idid his one. And even more rarely do I want to actually purchase a DVD. This is a must buy. Johnny Depp is amazing (ya gotta remember Buster Keaton) and a very congenial cast. Simple, funny and a little sad. Chris-thanks for the recommendation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home Room
Home Room(2003)

Very good drama with intensity, compassion and and true heart. It gripped me, I cried, and I truly have to recommend this film.


I love military movies-especially Navy and this is a nice feel good film. I don't care how Flixter has rated it. If you catch it on TV and you can-it is a really good watch.

There Will Be Blood

It's #100 on IMDb's top 250. It's not your average film. It's complicated in substance while being simple in plot. If you don't like period movies-this around the turn of the century, then you might not like it. The performance by Daiel Day-Lewis is stellar. This film may also appeal more to males than females-it sure isn't a feel good film...but it is a very good film.

From IMDb: What is evil? What is hate? How low can an individual go with one's actions and still be considered human....? These, quite possibly, are the biggest questions raised in There Will Be Blood.

Shrek the Third

Average. Compared to 1 and 2-poor.

Made of Honor
½ was cute and funny. Toss the tabor-LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Minus Man

Odd. But a different movie style for Owen Wilson. Usually goofy-becomes a serial killer...

The Groomsmen

Dry humor-had some good moments. Very much worth watching John Leguizamo sing "My Kinda Lover" (Billy Squire) during the ending credits.

Burn After Reading

Brad Pitt reverently deserves a Razzie with honor!!!!! Or they all deserve an Oscar-Amazing!!!!!!!!!

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

The cast was excellent-most but a select few had very little screen time. I was not in the mood for a movie written by Quentin Tarantino. I found like the Kill Bil movies the escessive blood and gore was just not necessary to tell the story. Little is more. As the film built I found the blood-not just the violence totally unnecessary. But Brad Pitt was pretty dang funny!!!l

Monsters, Inc.

I finally saw it! I finally saw it! I laughed my butt off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four Brothers

I am surprised at how much I truly enjoyed this movie. I recommend it to everyone.

College Road Trip

I laughed so will need a gun to shoot Donnie Osmond-he plays the most annoying role I have ever seen in a movie! Good film! Well paced, touching and very funny.


This film was on the show a few years back 'Movies That Shook the World'. It did. It is a remarkable look at humanity, fear which leads to tasltless jokes, discrimination and eventually wrongful treatment from lack of humanity. Although this is quite depressing, the film is full of love, hope, opening up and beauty. Yes, I bawled like a baby at the end. Tom Hanks truly earned his Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar. Best film of his to date I have seen. Jonathan Demme
outdid himself. A movie for all to see.

Scent of a Woman

I can see why Pacino won Best Actor in a Leading Role. Great film. Loved the Tango sceen...and the car ride. Very compelling film. I know you are all smart enough to read about the film by putting your curser on the name of the I won't be one of those boring ...people who give it all to you...for my new buddies...

Smart People
Smart People(2008)

This wasn't a bad movie by any means. Ellen Page was even dryer than in Juno...seen better out of the rest of the cast...but not a bad watch. I rather enjoyed it.

The Karate Kid

Okay-so I am a little behind the times. I just saw this film for the first time. Being a hugh fan of martial arts I really enjoyed this film. I found that Ralph Macchio had really good form and was surprised to find out that John G. Avildsen (who directed Rocky) directed this. It made sense afterwards noticing the similarities in the sparing competition in this film with Rocky's fights. Greatmovie for all.

What Dreams May Come

I have to say that I really liked this film. Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. do a very good job and are very synergistic together in their chemistry.

The Flying Scotsman

From Trainspotting to this...Jonny Lee Miller was just as enjoyable. Not a great film...but I have a thing for Scots so I enjoyed it.


Okay-this is how out of it I have been...I already saw this film and totally forgot. I rewatched it thinking all along that I might have seen it...but it looked too new. Well, I had seen it and I have to say that I loved it as much the second time as much as the first according to my rating on here! It is not deep-but it is a nice change compared to his latest films. It was a crack up.

Demolition Man

This is probably my favorite 'B' movie. It is hilarious...has action and well, come on, Sandra Bulloch is great in anything! I adore 'Edgar Friendly'. Watching it again LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love musical films and tis cast and their talent along with a very witty story is divine!

Down With Love

I love the excellent retro acting in this film! I was absolutely blown away by the comedy. Excellent film for those who can appreciate the 60's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer

Great standup! I adore this and watch it over and over. Great comedy-Leary style so "Shut the Fuck UP!"

Watching it restores my faith in humanity.....

Denis Leary: Lock 'N Load

Just saw this again-just what the doctor ordered!!! I am a HUGH Denis Leary fan and I just love Lock and Load...almost as much as No Cure for Cancer!!!

Keeping the Faith

I truly liked this movie a lot. Jenna Elfman was the perfect casting.

Suicide Kings

I thought I had seen this one-but going through Denis Leary I was surprised that I had not seen it. It is a great performance by CHristopher Walken, very entertaining and as always I love Denis Leary. Very unpredictable storyline. Needed the change!!!!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Was really into the film...felt it had an abrupt ending....unfulfilling as a film that can stand on it's own.

The Philadelphia Story

Just as good as it was when I was a child! It still fits well in contemporary society...great comedy is great comedy! A must see if you haven't and see again if you have!!! I had a blast watching it again...

Out of Sight
Out of Sight(1998)

Really enjoyed. I can watch (listen0 to it over and over. george Clooney is very goofy-love him that way.

Brokeback Mountain

Well, I finally saw it. It took me long enough! It was very unusual from what I had expected. I did find the love and passion very intense. Screw homophpbia! I have never been a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal but after this movie I am truly moved. I thought it wold be wierd seeing Heath Ledger-but it seemed so natural and after all I watch so many films with deceased actors and actresses-this was no different. So, if you are a homophobe-see this!!!! If you like having yourself movied emothionally about the life of characters (people) see this film. If you have seen it-I will know when I hit save and see your name!!!! I know it's one of you...but that's it. I am so glad I saw this film...I really enjoyed it emensely. :0)

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

This was hilarious! I laughed so hard and almost constantly. I have seen Adam Sanlders movie flop and not like them the first time at all but I really loved this film. Great pace, great cast and the amount of comedians in he film surprised me. A must see!!!

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

This movie was very well paced, extremely funny and a much more sound film than I had expected. A friend said that it was surprisingly good-it is! It is a film where you never know what is going to happen next. It is not in any way 'predictable' and that was refreshing! The closing credits were even unique.

I Think I Love My Wife

Crude standup humor for a movie. It had a good storyline going but it dropped and fell very short.

The Astronaut's Wife

Charlize Theron acted well in this film. That's about it. Poor story line, poor directing...pretty much a no brainer B movie.

P.S. I Love You

This film was funny, witty, charming and sad! But I really loved it. Best romantic comedy seen lately.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2)

This was supposed to be very creepy-but I didn't find it so-but then that would depend on how many episodes of the X Files you have seen! "Home" was as creepy as it can get!

"Homosexuality, pedophilia in the Catholic church, black markets for organ transplants, terminal illnesses, and issues of faith and science are real issues that are relevant to today's world. "
This was more about everything you loved about the show. It was a pretty good feel good movie. Scully even had on the same cross necklace...I won't give away the rest!!!!!

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

Excellent and one of the funniest films I have ever seen. As far as musical film goes-it was so much more interesting and entertaining than 'Hairspray'-both put together!

Bad News Bears

LOL...cute and funny. Good role for Billy Bob!

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Cult classic, high IMDb rating-What's the deal?????? It's dreadful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic Four

Rather short but enjoyable!!!!!!

Operation Dumbo Drop

To keep the loyalty of a native village during the Vietnam war, a US Army officer and his unit struggle to deliver it a live elephant.

Yeah-it is a low rated film, but it is Disney and has a great and funny cast. I watch it over and over. Hasn't been on TV for a while so I rented it.

If you haven't seen it-it is a good watch.

The Good Night

2007-Gary Shaller (Keith Allen) is at a crossroads in his life: his job is going nowhere, his wife, Dora (Gwyneth Paltrow), drives him crazy, and he passed his thirtieth birthday four years ago. Add to that his best friend Paul seems to become more successful every time he breathes. Gary is feeling depressed and dejected... until he meets Anna. She's beautiful and smart; she's sexy and funny. Best of all, she's crazy about Gary. Anna is the girl of Gary's dreams...literally. And that's the problem. Gary can only see Anna (Penélope Cruz) in his dream life, so he's got to find a way to carry on the most satisfying relationship of his life, in his dreams. His quest for lucid dreaming techniques introduces Gary to some crazy characters who ultimately give him a new perspective on life. One crazy is Dnny DeVito. Written and Dirrected by Jake Paltrow-brother of Gwyneth. Very Unique!!!

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

This was a good one for me.
*****The original film was 4 hours-editing caused the problems mentioned below******
I did feel that the pacing waxed and waned quite a bit as did the interest level. I lot of secondary characters got too much screen time and I wanted more Jesse James! Deep, intense performance by Pitt. Man-what a psycho! And Affleck-he pretty much defined Robert Ford perfectly.
I, as a 9 year old girl wen to the home (not birth home-the 'cottage') of this man. It was a day trip then...and all Missourians, especially Kansas Citians knew this story. When I saw they had made a film about this man I was so excited. It was great seeing the story told this way. I recommend this film for aanyone. Jesse James was such a hugh American outlaw and you couldn't grow up here without knowing it.
In the film they are 2 miles from where I frequent when back in Kansas City only doing so a century ago. He lived between me and the city. In fact-my house was buitl at about the same time and I got to see his windows look identical to mine. The only real inconsostency I saw was that Platte City was South of KC. Ah-it's still 1/2 hour by car North. Maybe thay moved it!-Naw! Good film, very-go learn about what shaped part of me and my hometown!!!!!

Queen of the Damned

I guess to rate it it has to at least get 1/2 of a star-that was a GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Couldn't tell once that 20 years had passed. Picked right back up. It was as thrilling as the first time. And for those of us that had to see it when it came out in the theater, well, the younger generation just can't understand anymore than I can understand seeing silent movies!

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Okay-if and only if you are a Stargate SG 1 nerd....This as Fabulous!!!! Oh I want to say so much but that would give it all away!!! Check it out on IMDb before watching to get the plot summary.
It was like watching you favorite episode extended and filmed in 35mm not HD-great shots!!! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay-I adore Anthony Hopkins and was so excited to see what he had written. I was very open minded. I made it through 15 minutes and was crazy!

Dream Lover
Dream Lover(1994)

A wonderful, overlooked suspense film... James Spaader could be David-the fall of Troy and Mädchen Amick is absolutetely gorgeous.

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

I found this film to be smart and hilarious. I have not laughed out loud so hard in a long time. Just when I would relax for a second something was spoofed that went over my granddaughters head and I was cracking up. Great for adults and kids!!!

South Pacific

Such a wonderful musical!!!!

The First Wives Club

I appreciated this much more the second time I saw it...pretty hilarious-good comedy!!!


Pure excellence!!!!!!!!!!! Never been matched!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hunted
The Hunted(2003)

I was surprised. This was actually a pretty cool movie! Sure like to know why Tommy Lee Jones is billed last on here...look at the picture and watch the film Flixter!!!!!!

American Dreamz

I love Hugh Grant and Dennis Quaid. This was dreadful!!!!! Was that acting? I don't think so!


Not a light movie! Very good though. Graphic at times.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street



We Own the Night

The move is filled with some very tense moments and excellent performances by Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Duvall and Eva Mendes. Phoenix and Wahlberg work well together as the troubled brothers and Robert Duvall is perfect as always. It was refreshing to see that movies can still be well made with characters you can care about and root for.

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

by zappasgal2005
Colonel James Braddock gave me my Chuck Noris fix today! AMC is having a heroes day for Memorial Day with war movies if you are into them....I am!!!!!!

Martian Child

I found this film to be very good. This young actor really has many facets. Watching John and Joan play siblings on film was just too real! Funny! Charming, endearing film for any age...nice family film also.

Dan in Real Life

Cute, fun movie. A family film and about a pretty neat family. Different from your average movie family-a good watch. Not great-not hilarious-just a good film worth watching.

And if you have already seen a movie I do a review about-I have no way of knowing. But some of my friends and I like to compare. I loved one friend's short, sweet, very accurate review of 'American Gangster' !!!!!!


I must say that Anthony Hopkins was a stellar as the first. The change to Julianne Moore was hard to accept but she did a fantastic job with what she was given. It cannot rival the first at all...but a good film still. Too much gore for me though.

Gone Baby Gone

Wow-Casey Affleck and Ed Harris face off in this intensely challenging film about choices. I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone. Love to hear what you think.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Soooooooooooooooooo Quentin Tarantino! But more laughable. Great cast-Julia Louis is great as well as cheech Marin. If you catch it on TV-it's a must watch. Short too. Not the George Clooney of today!

Charlie Wilson's War

A definite must see. Pretty damn funny too!!!

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Okay-this movie was definitely a fairy tail.

The music was excellent. The harmonics on the guitar were pure perfection. Great to see Johnathan Rhys Meyers again in music but without the makeup and kissing Ewan McGregor!

As a classical musician-it was ruined with complete and total musical impossibilities. There were extreme cases of watching the boy play guitar and knowing that you just cannot continually strum all 6 strings of a guitar and get different chords! That aside, and the holes in the story-like the ending, it was a great sountrack and had it's moments.

A few things cracked me up:

"Run August run!!!!!!!!!!" and
"Compose and they shall come".

We had fun with it. I think it is a good flick and very, very enjoyable. I just can't tell you how being a classical musician can ruin so much in your life! I do have to give Freddie Highmore credit for beig able to conduct in 4/4 to 3/4/ to 6/8 in his composition. He put Richard Dreyfus to shame!


This is a gem. Not many German films are released to the US-we just don't seem to care but this is a rare one. Do not bother reading the plot outline on here-it's crap! Read about this film on Copy and paste this URl and check it out (if ya don't live on the site daily like I do!) Comments secion-



The only thing redeeming about this film besides watching Patrick Dempsey is the great chipmonk!!!!!!!

Worst Disney film of all time!!!!!!! Even the music is bad!!!!!!!!!

The X-Files - Fight the Future

I love the film, the show-hugh X Files Fan!!! Seen every episode-have the first book...

No Country for Old Men

Excellence...pure excellence. Best film I have seen in a decade. Be sure to watch all extras available on the DVD. I never do but this compelled be to.

American Gangster

Um-I really hated it!!!!!!!!! Didn't even finish it-don't get the rave here at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Flixter has much information about this film wrong-here are some corrections and trivia...

Alvin and the Chipmunks is a five-time Grammy Award-winning animated music group created by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. in 1958. The group consists of three singing animated chipmunks: Alvin, the mischievous troublemaker, who quickly became the star of the group; Simon, the tall, bespectacled intellectual; and Theodore, the chubby, impressionable sweetheart. The trio is "managed" by their human "father" and confidant, David Seville. In reality, David Seville was Bagdasarian's stage name, and the Chipmunks themselves are named after the executives of their original record label, Liberty Records: Alvin Bennett (the president), Simon Waronker (the founder and owner), and Theodore Keep (the chief engineer).
The Chipmunks act began with recordings first brought to life in Bagdasarian's 1950s novelty recordings under the name David Seville and the Chipmunks. For stage purposes, such as during an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Bagdasarian lip-synched the words of "David Seville" in front of a small puppet "theater", with puppets of the three Chipmunks also "lip-synching". The puppets looked similar to the Chipmunk illustrations on the covers of some of the group's 45 RPM records. The characters were an unprecedented success, and the singing Chipmunks and their manager were given life in several animated cartoon series, using redrawn, anthropomorphic chipmunks, and eventually motion pictures.

Now-I have to say that nobody could have played Dave better than Jason Lee! We laughted so hard-this film is a true gem. It sticks to the basic goodnedd of the fifties while bringing it into the new milenium. It has romance, comedy, great music, nostalgia and so much more. It truly is oe of the best-well paced truly entertaining films that I have seen in a long time!

I honestly recomend this to anyone of any age-it is a great film. Dont miss it-it was surprising!!!!!!!

"The Alvin Show" (1961) TV Series Played by Ross Bagdasarian (as David Seville). Alvin and the Chipmonks began in 1958. Dave's house number is 1958. Okay-my husand was born in 1950 and he knew this stuff!
Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Tim Allen and John Travolta were all offered and declined the role of Dave. Jason Lee states that he was so excited the producers offered him a role they originally offered one of his biggest influences, Bill Murray, that he did back flips.

When the Alvin and the Chipmunks start getting homesick, they inquire about Dave Seville. Their new manager, Ian Hawke says "Dave's not here!". That's a famous Cheech and Chong line.

After the chipmunks are caught lip-syncing, Simon begins dancing a jig. This is a reference to an October 2004 episode of "Saturday Night Live" (1975) in which musical guest Ashlee Simpson was caught lip-syncing.

Alvin wears the signature red baseball cap twice in the film.

The Third Wheel

The clumsy and shy Stanley (Luke Wilson) is a nice fellow, beloved by his colleagues in the office. He has a crush on the gorgeous new-hire Diana (Denise Richards), but he has difficulties to get close to her. When Stanley finally invites Diana for a date, he hits the homeless Phil (Jay Lacopo) with his Taurus and his planned night turns upside down. Kind of a dry film but still funny. Matt Damon makes a fun cameo. Love ben Aflfleck and Matt Damon on any project! Luke Wilson plays a pretty great nerd of ll nerds.

Deep Impact
Deep Impact(1998)

One incredible cast for sure! What do you know? The underground survival area is in Missouri! Maybe I can go live there! LOL! Still-a good film if you catch it on TV-it is worth the watch. Love Tea Leoni!

The World's Fastest Indian

Excellent! Anthony Hopkins outdoes himself in this lovely, funny and extremely touching story. The life story of New Zealander Burt Munroe, who spent years building a 1920 Indian motorcycle -- a bike which helped him set the land-speed world record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in 1967. The ending is a true tear jerker and continues with the same odd humor throughout the movie. I would call this a must see for everyone. Rated 8.0 on IMDb...remarkable!!!

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

I found that the previews and trailers for this film were misleading that it was going to be a hugh action film when actually it is more of a drama. It has a few holes, leaving you wondering what the answers are.
Watch it with an open mind-it is not a thrilling action film that is fast paced-just the oposite. It does have some great action though! It is touching, thrilling, surprising and generally a good film.

Double Whammy

With Denis Leary , Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Buschemi-who cares if it is only a 3 star movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty good action film. Good for watvhing on the tele!


This is all I can give it. Appalling rendition of a poem that has lasted over 1500 years since the dark ages. It didn't do that by translators taking hugh storyline lieberties. Keep it real filmmakers! It is good as it is! This is truly one of my favorite works of Literature but every time it is done I am outraged at tha lack of integrity within the film. This story was wildlt far fetched, the animation was nothing compared to 'The Polar Express' and I was hoping with Anthony Hopking (who did do his part well) it might have something redeeming. Alas, it did not. This one should be left on the pages, not put on the screen. Extremely predictable. I could call out the next move most of the way through the film-particularily the one's not related the original story!

Michael Clayton

Okay-I have thought about this for 2 days now. Here goes. I did not like nor necessarily dislike this film. I would however like to know how Tilda Swinton got an Oscar for this performance. Screen time helps-and there seemed to be little. This was to me boring, uninteresting and it lacked severely. Maybe because it was Clooney and Swinton that got the buzz but seriously, Oscar contender? No. Tom Wilkinson however was excellent in his character and I would have like to have seen that straign of the film played out more.

Mr. Woodcock
Mr. Woodcock(2007)

Your average comedy. Stiffler is all grown up! It was a cute and at times endearing film. Susan Sarandon is sugary-that is pretty funny and Billy Bob keeps a straight face-redeemable!
I wouldn't rent it-wait fot will show a lot there!

Death at a Funeral

From director Frank Oz ...hysterical British humor about a dysfuntional famiy that puts the fun in 'dysfunctional'!!!

Good Luck Chuck

This was truly a laugh out lod film! Not everything has to be serious-I rated it as a comedy but it is also romantic. But I would call it a comedy before I would a romantic comedy. I have to say that Jessica Alba and Dane Cook made an excellent screen pair!

Employee of the Month

I guess I just love Dane Cook so much!!!!!!


Rated PG 13-

Based on a story from 1890, American cowboy Frank T. Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen) is the first outsider or infidel to be invited by a wealthy Sheik (Omar Sharif) to race in the greatest long-distance horse race ever run. Hopkins was once a dispatch rider for the U.S. cavalry and is known as the greatest long-distance rider in the West. While Hopkins is working in the Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, the Sheik's emissary challenges him to enter the race, which he accepts. This race has been held every year for the last thousand years, and has only been open to the purest line of Arabian horses ever bred. Hopkins' horse, Hidalgo, a small mixed-breed mustang, was regarded as impure, and therefore shouldn't be in the race with purebred Arabian stallions. The `Ocean of Fire' race is a grueling 3,000-mile survival horse race across the Arabian Desert with the winner receiving $100,000 as prize money and the honor of being the best in the world. The 100-entry race is a battle of endurance and survival and only a few make it to the finish line, alive.

The Passion of the Christ changing.

Perfect to watch today on Good Friday!!!!

Eddie Izzard - Circle

i Tunes!!!!!! Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

What's Eating Gibert Grape is a beautifully shot movie of tenderness, caring and self-awareness that is set amongst the fictional working class one street town Endora. Centred around the Grape family Ellen and Amy and their two brothers Arnie and Gilbert, who, along with their morbidly obese widowed mother Bonnie Grape are striving to survive and coexist with the absence of a father figure, low wage work and seventeen-year-old Arnie's severe mental condition. It is in this awkward and extremely one sided affair that the unfortunate Gilbert (Johnny Depp) has to constantly, while working for the town's slowly dying Convenience Store, take care of his younger brother, played to such depth and conviction by a very young Leonardo DiCaprio. Gilbert's life, his future, is thwarted he know this, but it is in this Guardian Angel that his love and bond for Arnie cannot, and will not, be let go. That is until the free spirit of Becky (Juliette Lewis) arrives in town, and with her grandmother are stranded for the week while waiting for parts for their vehicle. This realisation unties new feelings, new thoughts and new hope for the put upon Gibert, something new is eating Gilbert Grape.


I am a big Ben Stiller fan. This one just keeps getting funnier!!!!


Not bad. Have seen it about 5 times. Watched it again last night. Okay performance by Depp, but it was meant to be a silly comedy. That's all-nohthing more. Good cast-some funny moments. Cult classic? No. Not by far.

Ask the Dust
Ask the Dust(2006)

Forget Salma Hayek....Indina Menzel is to be reconned with!!!!!!!!!


The talent in this film was stellar. Best movie musical I have seen to date (Even above West Side Story and I thought that was impossible). There was incredable correography that made this film more current than the 1988 one but never once did not feel like I wasn't getting the message of the musical. Times I was floored by the ensembles dancing-not even at the least to mention the voices of some of these kids!

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

Best Western ever made!

The Best Man
The Best Man(1999)

Knock off of the Big Chill but the great ensemble cast was worth the watch.

The Bucket List

Excellent film. Fresh and had unexpected parts that were refreshing. Loved Sean Hayes and Morgan Freeman in a lead and different role was quite charming. If you miss this-you will miss something special. It is about being over 70-has a personal meaning to Nicholson. Sidney Poitier told Jack when asked what to expect when you get old and he told him that it was the better 50! Nicholson turned 70 and feels better than he did at 50-younger than ever!


A chauffeur kidnaps his rich boss's dog to hold it for ransom, but when she accidentally gets the dog back, she thinks that it's the chauffeur who's been kidnapped.


Elizabeth Hurley and Frances O'Connor in the same movie? There must be a God!

Evan Almighty

This film was much better than I expected. It was originally set to be a sequel to "Bruce Almighty" with the title being "The Passion of the Ark". The leading role was intended to be played by Jim Carrey but as the writer of the first film was replaced Carey would not follow. "Evan" was played by Carrell in the first film and even though the beginning started very much as the first it did turn into it's own film as was much funnier than I expected. I do recommend this movie even if it does not fit your general genre preferance.

Velvet Goldmine

Excellent movie about the Glamor Rock scene. May be shocking to some-but well worth it!

My 5 Wives
My 5 Wives(2000)

Oh Rodney-you were one of a kind!!!


The classical music is great! Doesn't fit the musical appropriation though...

Aeon Flux
Aeon Flux(2005)

Watched the whole film and didn't realize that was "Sick Boy"...I am getting slow!

Lethal Weapon 2

Call me crazy-I loved these films as they came out and still do!

American History X

I thought I had seen "crazy" portrayed on film before...but nothing as chilling as Edward Nortons was like looking at Satan himself. Yes, it is that good!

Children of a Lesser God

Love Marlee Matlin-excellent! Youngst actress to win an Oscar for Leading Actress for this film. SHe has never compromised her deafness and she is a true inspiration!

Last Holiday
Last Holiday(2006)

This was endearing and a hilarious film. I think one of my favorite holiday films yet...

The Fifth Element

I love this Cult Classic! And as you can see-I find Milla Jovovich incredable...

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Welcome to Savannah, Georgia. A City Of Hot Nights And Cold Blooded Murder.
Spacey rocks. Think of it as an art-house film.
Directed by Clint Eastwood. Starring:

John Cusack ... John Kelso

Kevin Spacey ... James 'Jim' Williams
Jack Thompson ... Sonny Seiler
Irma P. Hall ... Minerva
Jude Law ... Billy Carl Hanson
Alison Eastwood ...

Excellence-a must see-one of my all-time favorites!!!!!

Delta Farce
Delta Farce(2007)

Starts a little slow then picks up to a good pace. Fun flick-a must see if you do DVD by mail. If you are a redneck-well, then you have to see it!!! It is a good comedy.


Too good!!! Kudos again Joel and Ethan!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

It doesn't get better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

License to Wed

This film had me laughing myself into hysterics. Oscar quality-no. Great comedy-yes. I don't think Robin Williams has been this funny in a film since "THe Birdcage". If you have ever known that quirky priest-this will be even more hilarious. Not just for Catholics!!!!!!

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

Plot Synopsis-A set of grisly murders brings FBI Agent Will Graham (Norton) out of retirement and puts him in search of an atrocious killer (Fiennes) who's driven by the image of a painting. Yet his only means of survival and success are to seek the help of another madman, whom he himself captured, Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Hopkins). Marked by past scars and quickly running out of time, Graham finds himself tangled in a heap of madness, sacrificing his work, his family, and above all his own life, to put an end to pure evil.

This film is currently showing frequently on USA network and is well worth the watch. Other reviews say Hopkins brings nothing new to the character but I didn't find that necessary. Fiennes as "madman" is excellent and all actors are at their finest. It has an overall user rating on IMDb of 7.3 out of 10. I gave it an 8.

28 Days
28 Days(2000)

Great movie! Really gets into what it takes to get clean.

Wish for Wings That Work

I adore this short film. It will bring cheer to the most Holiday Challenged! This is one of my grown daughter's favorites and she just gave it to me on DVD!!! Robin Williams repeatedly hollering "An Albatross!" Is priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Wise Guys

Pretty cute and funny! Worth watching if ya catch it on TV.

A Christmas Carol

The singing was exemplary-especially by the children! I had no idea Jason Alexander could sing like that!

The Detonator

"He was a bad man!"

Sgt. Bilko
Sgt. Bilko(1996)

Too funny-love it!

Stir of Echoes

Came out a month after the Sixth Sense. A lot alike but more of a thriller. Good flick.

Blown Away
Blown Away(1994)

I really enjoyed this film. Great cast and I do love the Irish and films related to the IRA.

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1995)

It's still a hoot!

The Truth About Charlie

Jonathan Demme's remake of the Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant caper picture CHARADE (1963).


Pretty good film. Well paced, good storyline.

Down Periscope

I absolutely adore this film!!!!!!!!!

2 Fast 2 Furious

Should not have been made.

We Were Soldiers

Great film. Excellent role and quite different for Greg Kinnear. The entire cast was stellar.

The Rundown
The Rundown(2003)

I really like this movie. It isn't epic, nor theOscar worthy, but it is a very entertaining and fun action/comedy film!

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

I love these guys and am their age. This could have been a very hilarious movie but I found it even but slow paced and the storyline was pretty dull. I found the best part to be the credits at the that was funny!


Great cast-bad movie!

Formula 51
Formula 51(2002)

I rated it a little higher for seeing Samuel L. Jackson in a kilt and I love Robert Carlyle!

The Game Plan

This movie was recommended to me by a friend on here and their glowing remarks were not unfounded! Excellent movie! Funny and fun, endearing, the audience was cracking up-especially the adults! The content is safe for children though and it is really a delightful movie that all can enjoy!!!! I suggest you do!!!!!! Fun, great cast also!!!! If you aren't a credit watcher-you want to be on this film.

Love Actually

Excellent cast and some poor reviews set aside-I really like this favorite of mine.

10 Things I Hate About You

Fun. From Taming of the Shrew for a teen chick flick!

The Guru
The Guru(2002)

May not be a great movie but I still love it-hilarious!

In & Out
In & Out(1997)

A very funny farce even if not the greatest movie! Love the cast!


LOL-even Johnny Depp can't look good in 1969 and I can't believe how large Ethan Suplee was in 2001.

High Society
High Society(1956)

Too funny-loved it!

The Cowboy Way

Good fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Love the music-love the movie!

Snakes on a Plane

Too cliche. I lasted 45 minutes...

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

It doesn't get much better!!! And I have heard Ralph Stanley sing O Death from 20 yards away...I can die happy!

The Substitute

I don'r know why-but I do get a kick out of these!

The Frighteners

It blows my mind how much Jake Busey looks like his father....


Best movie ever. Music is excellent also. Ewan McGregor lost 30 lbs. to play this role and spent 6 monthe working with recovering heroin addicts to get the methodology down. He refused to try heroin to know how to act this part. Funny-dry-witty and if you know anything about drug addiction-true.

End Game
End Game(2006)

Only because Cuba was in his underear...:)

Big Trouble
Big Trouble(2002)

Great and Fabulous cast!!! Not the best film, but just watching these people in a farce is fun, fun, fun! Love "Puggy"!!!!! A great weekend catch on the tele....

Garfield - The Movie

This just cracks me up......over and over!

The Pursuit of Happyness

Excellent! A must see movie!

Cold Mountain

Stellar cast, acting, directing and story line. The Civil War was brutal-not many movies pertray that. And sorry guys -Natalie Portman has nothing on Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Love of the Game

Okay-I cried at this one! Rare.......

The Astronaut Farmer

Not bad-if you don't mind poor pacing, holes in the story line, etc. Worth the ending...but not anything great. Be sure to watch all the credits-the movie goes on past them...and I think the last Billy Bob Thorton movie was "Pushing Tin". Now he is just pushing his luck.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Even the charm of Nicholas Cage couldn't save this one.

Just Like Heaven

Cute flick. Nothing great-but nice to see on tv. Reese was good and so was Ruffalo. Better directing needed??? Yup. No strong story like "The Lake House".

One Night at McCool's

Not Academy Award worthy but fun and a good time!

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

Now, THAT is how to make a movie!!!!!! Enjoy it again and again!


Although Jodie Foster is always stellar-the story wasn't.


Nobody plays crazy/sane like michael jeter!!!!!!!

28 Days Later

Was there a point??????

Final Destination

Dreadful movie!!! I got a bigger kick out of Chad Donella being a "cannible" on the X Files and working at hamburger joint and then being on a Taco Bell commercial!!!
I had to give this one 1/2 of a star just for the opportunity to write a review!

The Full Monty

Definitely one of my top ten favorites-great soundtrack too!

Rumor Has It
Rumor Has It(2005)

Dry-funny, a good laugh and a good film.

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

Very witty-funny and heartmarming-more about "A Holiday" and what can happen than the Holidays-makes for good year 'round viewing!!!!

The Ghost and the Darkness

Cheezy-bad...the Lions should have been left alone!!!!!!!

Gangs of New York

Wow. WHat a powerful movie. The Irish have paved the way in this country with their souls.....

Catch and Release

Not a bad movie-very funny attimes in a dry-unexpected way-it was good-but there were holes all over the script. Some better direction was needed.

The Pacifier
The Pacifier(2005)

I found it funnier than Daddy Day Care! Cute, family movie!


It launched the greatest SciFi Series Ever!!!

Sudden Death
Sudden Death(1995)

Not the worst of the "Die Hard" wanna be Jean Claude Van Damme movies.....maybe it eas the Hockey and the Kids that saved it.

Wild Wild West

Now this is funny!!!! What a farce!!!!

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Hadn't seen this one in a long time...but with all the gore, thrill seeking movies of today-this movie was uplifting and made me miss the movies that are so rare today-good ones that have a grace, a temperment, a story!

The Substitute 2: School's Out

I found it surprisingly enjoyable!!!

The Big Easy
The Big Easy(1987)

Just rewatched it! I like it more each time...

Music and Lyrics

All the songs are pure cheese (and incredibly infectious), which coupled with some amusing lines, a very lovable Hugh Grant, a very cute Drew Barrymore, and fabulous supporting roles from Kristen Johnston and Aasif Mandvi make this movie a great romantic comedy for those of us who actually enjoy a "bit of fluff".

Intolerable Cruelty

George Clooney in a kilt, now THAT is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Funny as all get out and as blessed as can be! The cast is amazing...Kimberly Elise, Steve Harris of "The Practice", Shemar Moore of the current "Criminal Minds" (sexy!), Tamara Tayor from "Bones" (Sexy!), Cicely Tyson! And not at the least-the very talented Tyler Perry!

Step Up
Step Up(2006)

Great dancing and characters. Way too broad of coverage-no plot really plays out-should have focused more on the main plot and the sub plots needed to be more intense and gripping and generally this movie is poorly written and directed.

Something to Talk About

I love this movie-and this cast! Kyra Sedgewick is a true gem!!! I can watch this one over and over. :0)

Easy Money
Easy Money(1983)

1983 was a good year! Hilarious Rodney-best of his movies.


Excellent cast, story line and acting.

Boat Trip
Boat Trip(2003)

Cute love story. Very different for Gooding. I love gays and crossdressers!!! Hilarious movie!!!

Young Frankenstein

"Oh Sweet mystery of life so glad I've found you!" Great flick. Love Madeline Kahn-a crack up in this.


Mike and Jack must two of the most pathetic characters alive. Do not see what the buzz is about this one. I think Moliere's Misanthrope covered being a "Misanthrope" perfectly.

Man of the Year

I really liked the smartness of using today's political climate and relevant issues. First movie seen where Pope Benedict has been made reference to...

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Love the casy-fun movie. Love Anthony LaPaglia so young! Love the ethnicity too-back when you could make fun of folks and it was funny-not offensive!

The Birdcage
The Birdcage(1996)

Watching Hank Azaria play gay Lucy and Ricky.Was excellence all around! Fabulous cast!

Trial and Error

Nothing epic-but a fun, feelgood romantic comedy.

The Flintstones

Great cast-just how good can the Flintstones get in a movie???


What a hoot!!!!!

Joy Ride
Joy Ride(2001)

Stupid...just so stupid.

Super Size Me

This guy had a great idea and a great show. Mind opening through the documentaries.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

Excellent movie but way to creepy for me to watch ever again..with eyes open!

Night at the Museum

Great film. Nice to see such a funny family movie that is so interesting and clever. Did loose a lot on the DVD after seeing it in the theater. Mini's didn't look too mini...


This is why I teach teaches moral values and integrity through music. As I believe all the arts go! This movie passed the Band Director's test for me.

Since You've Been Gone

One of the worst movies I have ever seen. I can't find a redeeming scene worth watching when it comes on the tele.

Money Talks
Money Talks(1997)

I get the biggest hoot out of the last part of this movie!!!

The Rats
The Rats(1997)


Great B movie!!! Greusome-never saw so many rats in my life! I really liked this one for it's mass rodentia effect!

Exit Wounds
Exit Wounds(2001)

I don't get the appeal of Segal as an actor...

Stephen King's The Stand

Like watching a bad high school melodrama.


Very, very dissapointed.


First Harrison Ford movie I saw back in 1986. First of this genre too. Fell in love instantly.


Not a well made movie but I found it to be so off the wall I really enjoyed several segments of it.

The Whole Ten Yards

Very poor compared to the first. The first movie was a great story in and of itself. No need to run a sequel.

Bruce Almighty

Love Jim Carey. No bad movie yet!


One of the goriest movies I have ever seen. But one of my favorites. Definitely not mainstream or able to fit in a genre. Intense but excellent.

The Three Musketeers

Hilarious! And I love the cast.

Apocalypse Now

Excellent soundtrack.

Love Me Tender

Elvis never should have left rockabilly.....his movies are bad and from the "seocnd period" in his life.

Paradise Road

Uses Ravel's "Bolero" as a unifying force to help keep women in a prison camp motivated to fight and live.


It flopped. Badly.


I am in the camp that found this movie to be very thought provoking and will definitely touch it!

King Arthur
King Arthur(2004)

Kiera needs more acting classes in my opinion. Flop movie here.

See Spot Run
See Spot Run(2001)

Extra half star for slapstick done well!


The cultural music in this movie is so beautiful. To take a look at what children could stand up to....

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Great. Love Tim Currey in it. And Barry Boswick....

The Road to Wellville

Not exactly a good movie...but hilarious! Need a colonic anyone?????

Lady Sings the Blues

Story was very off. This had so many add ins and holes about the true life of Billy Holiday. Took way too many liberties. Very unauthentic.


Best movie ever made of the life of a musical artist. Pure excellence.

Booty Call
Booty Call(1997)

Laughed so hard the first time I saw this! It is a good rewatch also-I forget things like a walk on part with Amanda Tapping Just a very FUN movie!

Ron White - They Call Me Tater Salad

I love Ron White. I want more really good comedy!!!

Simone (S1m0ne)

Bot really worth watching. I kept hoping it would get better. It didn't.

Once Bitten
Once Bitten(1985)

Oky-the extra 1/2 star for Jim Carrey with Lauren Hutton!!!!

The 40 Year Old Virgin

I found this movie to be pretty stupid and I do not find appeal in Steve Corell at all.

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

Tried really hard to watch it....even with Ewan Bremmer (Spud) but could not get into it. Just not a good movie.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

I just saw it and am speachless.


Rewatching it right now....great "who done it" in a military movie. Great cast and a surprisingly delightful ending!!!

Men in Black
Men in Black(1997)

This was so refreshing compared to the movies of the late 90's movies!

Mystery Men
Mystery Men(1999)

I have been listening to Tom Waits for over 25 years. When I saw him in this movie with this cast I felt that he added so much to the movie. I guess that is why they cast him!

Arlington Road

Creepy!!!! But a good watch.


If you have ever been in this might just rejoice at the balls this character has!!!!


Very fragmented hard to follow movie based on a very weak story line.


besides the stellar cast, what I liked most about this movie was Al Pacino and Robert De Niro against each other in a good guy/bad guy scenario. I have sceen so many of their movies as Crooks or nice guys-whichever, that I had to really pay attention to which one was the cop and which one was the crook! Bpth so appealing...I kept getting into just watching them act.

Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt(2001)

So darn sad it is hilarious!!! But a good story about humanity and the strength that can come from a positive perception of life.

Lewis Black: Black on Broadway

I really like Lewis Black and he was very intertaining and funny in this performance. I loved the ending!!!!

Little Nicky
Little Nicky(2000)

I don't think it deserves the two stars I gave it.

Little Shop of Horrors

I want to be a dentist!!!!!!!

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Not nearly as excellent as the original.

The Legend of Zorro

Damn he was hot! But weren't they all. Nice ass Anthony!!!!!

FernGully - The Last Rainforest

Where is that movie? Musy have given it to my daughter. We saw all these movies sometimes 3 times a day!

The New Guy
The New Guy(2002)

Rubbish I say to the synopsis!!!!!! I like this teen movie and D.J.QUalls earned his laughs in this one!


I really enjoyed this movie. But I really like Andie MacDowell and Michael Keaton. It was a fun movie!!!!!


Creepy!!!!!!! Ewe!!!!!!!!!!!

Blues Brothers 2000

Rewatched in 2007- I must comment that waiting 8 years made a difference. The large number of extremely talented musical aritists in this one made it pure joy-hence without comparing the two movies-I must raise my rating!


I like this one more and more each time I watch it.

Sixteen Candles

I think that this movie was one of the movies that started off a great generation od actors. Good movie!

Basic Instinct

Hot! Steamy as all get out thriller!

The Ice Harvest

Again, with such great actors...was hoping for much better.

One Hour Photo

Dark. Very, very dark.

The Ron Clark Story

What I liked about this was that it was true. And truth like this is an amazing talent. It's easy to make a better movie with fiction and sound effects and visuals.

Hudson Hawk
Hudson Hawk(1991)

Corny as all get out but worth watching.

Roast of Denis Leary Uncensored

It's good to see Roasts are coming back but Comedy Central has no business doing it!

Two if by Sea

Okay-Denis Leary is my favorite comedian. I find redeeming moments in all of his works!

A Christmas Carol

An excellent remake. Stands on it's own.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Always have loved the Grinch!!!


The end was quite a surprise!!!

Undercover Brother

Pretty funny for a three star movie.

Raising Arizona

Just loved it! Over and over again....

The African Queen

It just doesn't get any better.

A Star is Born

In 1976 this was so hot!

Hart's War
Hart's War(2002)

Hot, hot cast!

The Fugitive
The Fugitive(1993)

In the sceen in the tunnel Harrison Ford did something unexpected to get the look of shock on Tommy Lee Jones' face. Acting in this movie is superb!!!!

The Fly
The Fly(1986)

I loved Geena and Jeff together.

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

Saw as a small child...will never forget that ending! "Help Me"!!! *SMASH* Terrified me! LOL!


Not one of the finest movies made. The fight sceens were unclear (unlike Braveheart) and seemed tedious. Still trying to figure out why a long contemporary song was sung during the credits while a passage from SHostakoviche's Finale to Symphony #5 were used as an oxymoron...go figure. Not exzctly well put together. Though, Brad Pitt does have a very nice glut and back! Thanks for the Cliff's notes on the entire Illiad!

The Day After Tomorrow

Excellent movie. "GREEN, PEOPLE!!!" The music during the freezing over part is the correct musical appropriation-which is rare. The use of Albinoni's Adagio in g minor which was written to depict "futility" is arranged and very haunting. As it is in other movies and where it is used. What bugs me is that current movies kinda "steal" small pieces and add them rather than use the piece-pay for the rights as in "Galipoli" (same tune.) Watching Troy-having trouble due to a rip off of Shostakoviches Finale to Symphony #5. Used as an appropriation-but relating The Illiad to communist Russia is a streatch!

The Firm
The Firm(1993)

Truly enjoyed this movie. Have seen it too many times now! Gene Hackman is excellent in it.

Sorority Boys

DId not find thos funny or in any way redeeming as a film. It got kinda lost!

Little Miss Sunshine

Pretty wacky but very funny.


I love this film.

The Money Pit

Funny but moderate.

Mommie Dearest

Great movie. Very well done but horible topic! Have some guts for this one!

True Lies
True Lies(1994)

Love Jamie Lee Curtis in this one! Hot! Very funny as well as action packed. A good balance of both.

Ghostbusters 2

Not nearly like the first.

Crocodile Dundee II

Has some fun parts.....the spider is sweet!

Blast From the Past

Cute and funny. A good afternoon movie!


Will never forget Shelly Winters! I saw this as a child too...many times.

Freaky Friday

reallly good fresh remake.

Kate & Leopold

Now there is a hot combination. Sizzled the screen and was funny and had a serious nature also.

Men in Black II

Love the Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I did not particularily find this to be one of Jude Law's best. The writing was poor-not much to do with.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

Love this first one! Such a great comedy.

Final Destination 2

Terrible-terrible movie!

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

I was really looking forward to this film and the actors. But honestly-compared to The Illusionist I must say that it was poor.

School for Scoundrels

I was actually hoping for better-Billy Bob doing something as good as Pushing Tin....

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Pretty good. Great tapdancing-not stomping! Loved how some of the film developed visually-it told the story better than the story lone. In places-weak. A good movie though.

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

Got funnier for me about 12 years later.

Three Amigos!

Silly and stupid but fun!

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

Great story of humanity and compassion. These women have balls and teach other women to grow them too!


Loved the cast-especially Gary SInese.

Viva Las Vegas

Elvis sold out by making movies.

Freaky Friday

Loved the book as a gilrlnd thought both remakes were good.

K-19: The Widowmaker

Excellent, excellent movie!

Once upon a Time in Mexico

Good. Once. Hmmmm Antonio Bandaras seems to have that effect on me.

White Nights
White Nights(1985)

What a pair! Pure joy to watch if you love dance!

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

Not that great but a big hoot. A good laugh!!!!!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Nranded in Wichitothing like beaing stranded in Wichita, Kansas! OMG!

Any Given Sunday

Shows what pro football has become-ugly.

The Bodyguard

Steamy! Great love story.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

When I saw Christoper Lloyd as a Clingon at the beginning I let out a hugh holler in the theater! Hugh Taxi fan-great transformation for Lloyd and showing the Clingon race!

Six Days, Seven Nights

Absolutely true and hilarious!!!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A most sincere favorite. The history behind it is truly nothing short of genious!


Great cast and absolutely hilarious! But I am a hugh Tim Curry fan!

The Replacements

Fabulous sountrack to go with this excellent movie!