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Edgar's Review of Canoa

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"Mass manipulation" is a tough word, but in some cases it correctly applies. During the presidency of Luis Echeverrķa (1970-1976), a significantly major cinematographic freedom was given to the industry and censorship regarding sensitive sociopolitical questionings came to a stop. Felipe Cazals, Jorge Fons and Jaime Humberto Hermosillo were the men that raised from the ashes and spoke out loud. The role of Cazals was daring.

In what may be his (first?, second?) best film, government is confronted through eyes of hypocrisy and, indeed, manipulation. It is a brutal reflection about the weight of the social and political power of the Church in society, and about the strong use of religious and anticommunist ideologies in times of harshness and inner turmoil and confusion. But Cazals is intelligent. he never forgot about the rural heart. That is why he introduces us the town of San Miguel de Canoa in a faithful documentary style, and shows us his internal conflicts as well. Judging acts is very difficult when we do not consider what is behind the curtain, AND WE ALMOST NEVER SEE WHAT IS BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!!