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Man Bites Dog

This black and white 'documentary' about a serial killer/robber is disturbing yet a comical film. Stunning performance by Benoit Poelvoorde and the outstanding direction make this a must see. Before I saw this I always thought all these mockumentary movies owed heavily to The Blair Witch Project but this is by far the best executed one. Such a tragedy that one of the directors (and actors) Remy Belvaux committed suicide in 2006. The crew follow Benoit as he murders and rapes his way around town. Those closest to him have no idea who he really is except Valarie, a female friend who knows who Ben really is. I found myself laughing one second and highly disturbed the next. This is why I think it is such a effective film. I don't know what or if the director were trying to say with this film. I came away with as a society we are violent and somewhat use to violence. So much that this 'crew' is following and even participating in the violent acts of Ben. Maybe the crew is a metaphor for us? The deep thinking aside, definitely one of the best dark comedies ever made. Check it out!

The Foot Fist Way

This is hands down one of the funniest low budget comedies I have seen since 'Clerks' all those years ago. Being a huge Danny McBride fan, I picked this up immediately when I saw it at Best Buy. I will admit on first view I laughed and thought it was OK but wasn't really that impressed. It's definitely a film that grows on you much like Anchorman and Napoleon Dynamite after multiple viewings. Its the story of Fred Simmons, a Tae Kwon Doe instructor who martial life is in turmoil when he discovers his wife's infidelity. But all that is pushed aside when he learns his idol, Chuck 'The Truck' Wallce is putting on a demo nearby. McBride is pretty much Kenny Powers the karate instructor. Ben Best is awesome as Chuck. If your a fan of 'Eastbound and Down', don't miss this one!

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

A pretty entertaining concert film though being a huge hip hop fan, I am a little bias. I was surprised how instead of mainly focusing on Chappelle and the musicians, Michel Gondry also lets us meet the lucky few who are invited by Chappelle to attend the concert in Brooklyn, NY. You could film a whole documentary about the couple who live in the "Broken Angel" house. The performances are on point. Having seen The Roots live, I must say them and of course The Fugees reunion are the highlight of the film as well as an energy filled Dead Prez performance. Chappelle fills in the gaps with his hilarious antics and any fan of his would enjoy the movie simply because of his presents. Though no 'The Last Waltz' by any means, this is definitely the best hip hop concert film I've had the chance to see.


A beautifully shot docu-drama that tries to make sense of the true story of the death of a Seattle man after he has anal sex with a horse. I was hella curious when I read about this movie and I must say it raises alot of questions like what is considered animal abuse and can an animal consent to sex with a human. Being a huge fan of cinematography, the camera work in this film is outstanding. The opening shot is utterly amazing. Though not great, this is a film where you expect one thing but by the end, its so not the film you expected

Gone Baby Gone

This movie is filled with great acting especially from Amy Ryan and Ed Harris. Much better film than Mystic River. Very gritty though. A must see!

Schindler's List

All I'm gonna say is this movie should be required viewing for every human being. Outstanding performance from Ralph Fiennes

Funny Games
Funny Games(2008)

I usually love films like this but 'breaking of the 4th wall' just seemed outta place as well as the infamous remote control scene. Micheal Pitts performance as well as Watts and Roth's was the only reason that kept me watching. I do think the director has potential, especially the tension he creates during the egg scene. I would recommend 'The Strangers' over this one.


good movie..i'd just wish guy would do something different..three times is enough...but definitely worth watching.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

best colin farrell movie i've seen..and the guy has been in alot of shitty movies. one of the best of 2008 by far!


a of the best movies of the 2000s

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

i usually love depressing movies but this one for some reason i didn't really enjoy. phillp seymour hoffman however is excellent and is the only reason the movie kept my attention. sidney lumet is a amazing director and without him and seymour this movie would have been horrible.

Be Kind Rewind

really weird film but i definitely recommend it. a one of a kind film. mos def and jack black are teriffic. if u love silly movies then u will love this one!


Visual bad ass but the length is what killed it for me. i did however love the ending. i have a feeling this movie will grow on me after more viewings.

Che: Part One (The Argentine)

how this wasn't nominated is beyond notch acting and beautiful cinematography..whether u agree with the man's politics or not, still a incredible life and story!

Paranoid Park

beautiful movie, really original, not typical hollywood bullshit, if u like this i recommend elephant and last days