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The Descent
The Descent (2006)
7 years ago via Flixster

After Dog Soldiers I knew that Neil Marshall was a force to be reckoned with in the horror industry. The Descent just solidifies that. So a group of friends decide to take a trip cave exploring after the untimely passing of one of the girls family, but when they end up getting lost and being attacked by freaky Lord of the Rings style creatures that want nothing more that to devour them, it becomes a battle to survive. Duh Duh Duh...... The plot might sound completely done and boring, and after the tragic 'The Cave' I can see were any movie having anything to do with being underground would lose its appeal. But this movie is anything but unoriginal, not only are the creatures unique and truly creepy, but the story goes a lot deeper than just being attacked by cannibalistic mutants. Marshall really played around with trust and deceit between the friends, turning them on each other in a way that deepened the plot without turning it into a Lifetime movie, by giving us a couple of accidental kills that we all love to hate. Before I talk about the gore in this one let me give a shout out to the effects artists who came up with the look of the actual creatures, you just couldn't have asked for anything better. Rather than going in the corny and never realistic animatronics rout, they used actual humans in actual make-up for the creatures. Who knew they could still do that? And the outcome was amazing, the realisticness of the monsters was undeniably worth whatever cost they paid. As for the actual red stuff, boy oh boy I don't even know where to begin, axes through every part of the body imaginable, a graphic broken leg shot, some head smashing, stabbings, back breaking, and a bunch more. Virtually all of this movie was shot in the caves, and yet the visuals couldn't have been better. Marshall didn't let the dark override any scene, but at the same time you were still completely aware that the girls were in dark caves, so while he didn't let it control the movie, he still made it another character and that collaboration is what made this movie. Acting, while there were some atrociously annoying characters in this one, as far as the actors go they cast perfectly. The characters are pretty unoriginal, you get Sarah the one who looks weak but actually isn't, Juno the tough as nails warrior chick, and the rest of them which are pretty much disposable bodies to pile up. Most reviewers would put this movie in the column of claustrophobic horror film, but I just call it good. If you want a sure fire movie that you know you'll love, check this one out.

Sorority Row
Sorority Row (2009)
7 years ago via Flixster

I might be in a minority here, but I had a great time watching Sorority Row. To be frank for a second the movie is called "sorority row" and the trailers show a more than fair representation of what the movie is going to be so anyone who walks in expecting a mind blowing serious heart pounding film, is going to be in for a deserved letdown. The remake is about a group of sorority girls who one night decide to prank a cheating ex boyfriend, only to have the prank go totally awry and have one of the girls die. They all decide to keep it a secret until after graduation when the sorority sisters start being killed off one by one. Is it one of them? Is it their dead sister back for revenge? So the plot is fairly typical and what you expect from a slasher film reboot, and that's exactly what I wanted out of this film. Why try and make it something its not, and just focus on what it is, a fun, sex hyped, gore filled, twist and turn slasher flick that you can't help but enjoy. Acting, I was pleasantly surprised with the acting in this. You get armature performances yes, but they are good armature performances. The only problem that I had was the way they killed off the girls. You have to watch Rumer Willis cry, and whine, and freak out way more than anyone should. Gore, I bow down to the people who decided that it was time to see a blood soaked slasher movie back on the big screen. You get lots of bloody stabbings, some wicked tire iron action, bottles being shoved through the mouth, and so much more, I will not list all of it, but let me tell you it does not disappoint. I was actually surprised at how successful this movie was at keeping you guessing at who the killer was. With most Who-Dun-It movies you're able to guess who the killer is by scene three, can anyone say I still know what you did last summer, but this one actually manages to keep you guessing until the end. Sorority row is a really fun, really good throwback to the 80's &90's movie styles that we don't get to see a lot of anymore. I say stop complaining about what it isn't and look at it for what it is; a good movie. Definitely worth a check.

The Crazies
The Crazies (2010)
7 years ago via Flixster

Say what you will about how unoriginal the plot of Crazies is, all I know is there was a lot of blood and no vampires, and that's all I need. Compared to the sorry excuse for a movie remake of Romero's Dawn of the Dead the Crazies was a pleasant surprise. The plot is fairly simple; a government aircraft crashes releasing a government weapon of sorts that makes people (shockingly) go crazy. Before the town folk know it military men are wiping out anyone with a fever. Again I know it sounds like the million movies that we've seen before it about government conspiracies, and in some ways it is, but for the most part if you didn't see the original Crazies and don't know what to expect, I think you will find this movie to be new and semi original. Gore, you get some pitch fork action, some gunshot wounds, some distorted faces, a hanging, some knife action, and a little bit more. But there were also a few cool suspenseful deaths, aka being burned alive. While they might not go in the "gore" category they most definitely deserve a shout out. The acting wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Timothy Olyphant was the lead with Radha Mitchell as his wife, while they both did good with what they got, this movie had a scene stealer. Joe Anderson, who played Russell, was at the top of his game in this one. He played a deputy sheriff who went from a good guy to a bad guy, back to being a good guy, and he did it all perfectly. I have to say that my favorite scenes in the movie were the ones with him. One of my favorite aspects of this was the way it started and didn't let go. From the opening scene there was action and it didn't stop until the credits started to roll. Some argue that this one needed a bit more suspense, and while that may be true for some movies, this one had good enough actors that there was suspense and depth in every scene. While I wont go as far to say that this movie is one of the best of the year or anything, I will say this, compared to the twilight vampire crap we've been getting left and right, seeing a movie that had nothing to do with bloodsuckers or wolves, was beyond refreshing, and it also served as a great flash back to what horror movies used to be. I can't give a guarantee that you'll love it but I do think it's worth glance.

Legion (2010)
7 years ago via Flixster

So far 2010 has been filled with nothing but unforeseen disappointments so I was very pleased when we finally got a stand up horror film in Legion. It's based around God getting tired of all of man kinds crap( as if we could blame him), so he decides to take matters into his own hands and sends down a army of angels to take over humans bodies and kill a child that has the ability to save the world. It is now up to a generic ensemble of characters and the angel Michael to save the child and the world. I was actually surprised at how original the plot was. It sounds pretty basic so going in I thought that all it would be would be a rerun of the same religious cult horror flicks we've seen in the past decade. But in all honesty it was fairly original, and quite enjoyable. Acting, you get a slew of pretty good actors, Dennis Quaid makes up for the train wreck of a movie Pandorum, and we also get a almost unrecognizable Lucas Black which we haven't seen or heard anything about since the Sam Rami cult TV show American Gothic. Alongside them we get Paul Bettany as the Angel Michael and Tyrese Gibson as the tough as nails but yet loveable comic relief. While the actors were good the characters that they were playing, not so much. I will never cease to be amazed at why a director will spend so much money on kick-ass acting and then give them crap roles to play, either way they did the best they could with what they had and made a decent film. This movie expertly combined a religious apocalypse and a zombie apocalypse in a way I've never seen done and was quite fun to watch. And on top of that you get a good throw back to the movies of the 80's were the tag line is "if all else fails grab your shotgun" and boy did they, you get guns and more guns in this one. And with all those guns came all kinds of gore, you get very bloody gunshot wounds, a throat being ripped out, an impalement, stabbings, a couple people explode, and some wicked CGI, not a total balls out gore romp but enough to satisfy. Bottom Line, Legion tries to be a gutty horror flick that will leave you jaw dropped and while it might not succeed in doing just that it is still a fun, fast paced action and gore filled movie, with great visuals, effects, and one of the best cast ensembles seen in a long while. While it might have its low points all and all Legion is one of the best movies out of 2010 so far, I say it's worth a check.