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The Judge
The Judge (2014)
2 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I can't begin to describe what a simplistic, cheesy piece of trite bullshit RDJ has chosen to associate himself with. They try desperately to associate themselves to the Jimmy Stewart era of emotional filmmaking but fail miserably.

Exodus: Gods and Kings
2 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I'd give it a 0 if I could. How does anyone free light a project like this in the 21st century. And in the modern era of neorealism this is the cast you put together. Shame on you! And the worst crime of all: this is the most boring film of all time (and the goddamn longest). UGH in all caps.

X-Men: Days of Future Past
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Not a fan of the franchise yet a fun ride.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Surprisingly good. Once you buy the premise it really kicks ass.

The Lunchbox
The Lunchbox (2014)
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

If you're looking for a Bollywood movie that's not a Bollywood movie, no song-and-dance; just a simple plot that moves you in the first couple of acts, gets a tad overwrought in the third act but irrespective is an impressive achievement - by bollywood standards.