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300 (2007)
10 years ago via Flixster

Well, I will say one interesting thing about this flick, the part I really liked, or should I say the ONLY interesting thing about this flick, aside from the obvious well crafted cinematography, is the fact that it was a story told by a one-eyed narrator. That to me, was just a stroke of genius! I mean, because on a metaphoric level right off the bat you the implications of this man's patriotic prespective. But none the less, there were some lesser minor little tidbits which I found to be slightly clever. For instance that shot in which the Queen stabbed that guy and all the foriegn coins came spilling out fom him. That's interesting. I though all the boysterous soliquies just started beating me over the head after a while and it got to be too much. The blatant villainifying of the persians worked, again due to the narrator. But all and all, nothing spectacular. Just a lot of "pretty pictures" might as well read the graphic novel.