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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
District 9

District 9(2009)

This is another one of those "why-so-goddamn-long" films! Especially since it was originally the director's short film. After the first hour or so of boredom we finally get into the action pack extravaganza! The rest of the film is a t...hrill ride! It has time constraints, love, heartbreak, and a lot of Peter Jackson influence (obvious)! District 10 will probably be good as well. The film is shot on one of those damned Red One cam's everyone is creamin' their pants for.... the CGI is great, didn't bother me one bit! Soon no more physical make-up will be needed and/or used *tears*. I really enjoyed it overall, and the best part of this film: everything starts in the greatest year EVER... yes... you know it: 1982!!!! For that Reason alone this movie became near and dear to me! That and Christopher, that damned cockroach alien and his adorable son almost made me get a lump in my throat!I also lOooOOvved looooooOOOOved LooOOOved how Sharlto says fuck; its soo cute "Fauwk"!