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Law Abiding Citizen
6 years ago via Flixster

The primary problem with Law Abiding Citizen is a critical one: the filmmakers depicted Shelton, who is the villain of the picture, in a sympathetic light. Worse, Nick, who we're supposed to root for, is portrayed negatively. The opening crime against Shelton and his family is so heinous, and the ensuing perversion of justice so repulsive that you'll want Shelton to win and get away with all of his planned murders. Meanwhile, it's easy to perceive Nick as a villain - he refused to take both criminals to court because of his ego, after all. Added to this, Shelton's plan is so whip-smart that the film fails when it tries to shift our sympathies towards Nick. Who cares if Nick finally sees the light? Shelton deserves his vengeance. It's doubtful that the intention was to make viewers root for Shelton. This leads to a disappointing, abrupt ending which wraps up the storyline in a preposterous, purely Hollywood fashion. It's a shame - if Shelton was in fact the hero of the piece, the film would have been far superior. In this sense, the film is about 80 minutes of awesomeness and 20 minutes of tosh.