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Wag the Dog
Wag the Dog (1997)
3 years ago via Flixster

A great cast plays up a sharp and satiric script that couldn't possibly happen in real life, could it? With the Internet-age in full swing this kind of political spin wouldn't be able to work but definitely could if it were a bit subtler. Makes you think...and be afraid!

Side Effects
Side Effects (2013)
3 years ago via Flixster

A confusing, convoluted story does keep you guessing as it progresses but keeps trying to outsmart itself as it nears its conclusion. None of the characters are particularly likable and there were more than a few "wait...what just happened" moments. Maybe it will be better with a second viewing but the first didn't leave much of an impression.

This Is the End
3 years ago via Flixster

To truly enjoy this you're going to have to accept the fact that the only thing based in reality in this movie are the actors who are playing themselves. If you're OK with that...then enjoy a hilarious, ridiculous, self-deprecating look at what would happen when the Apocalypse hits Los Angeles and its Hollywood inhabitants.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
3 years ago via Flixster

Peter Jackson is definitely trending in the right direction with the new "Hobbit" trilogy. There's more action and the introduction of Smaug has brought a new character to care about (or fear). Definitely better than the first installment but "The Desolation of Smaug" still suffers from the same problems as the original. It's tough to care about the main characters when you can't tell them apart (i.e. dwarves). Also, there's no real sense of danger. The protagonists seem to get themselves into the most dire of circumstances but always get out of it without a scratch. It all just seems a bit too easy.

Gremlins (1984)
4 years ago via Flixster

Every 80's movie fan knows the three rules! "Gremlins" is a Christmas classic although one that isn't exactly meant for children (although tame by today's standards). It has the perfect combination of humor and horror that pokes fun at Americans' tendencies for greed and excess. Put together by Steven Spielberg and a young Chris Columbus it hasn't aged well but it's definitely still worth a watch.