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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you thought the first Jack Reacher was run of the mill then this is more of the same but done even more tediously. Tom Cruise returns as the title character in a sequel that no one asked for and is a desperate attempt to make a franchise out of one of the most blandest action heroes ever.

In this instalment Jack is called back into action when a friend, Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) is framed for espionage but Susan wants Jack to stay away because she thinks that Jack has an estranged daughter who he hasn't paid maintenance for. Which sounds like story line from an episode of Jeremy Kyle. Anyway, Jack ignore her plea, people die, Tom Cruise runs, ya-da-ya-da-ya-ya, the end.

His supposed daughter, Samantha's (Danika Yarosh) only really purpose in the film is to get into trouble and alert the bad guys to Jack's presence.

The film is very cliched, there's a moment where a character is being taught how to do something and you know it's only being taught because it's going to be used at the end. Which it does.

It start off well but that's the part you've seen in the trailer, apart from that this was quite dull and there are parts of it that don't even make much sense. The action scenes are OK although these are few and far between. There's nothing really that memorable that happens in the film and you'd forgotten about it as soon as you leave the cinema,

If you want to see what it's like to see Tom Cruise sleepwalk through a film for 2 hours then go and see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

The Accountant
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ben Affleck stars as Christian Wolff, a freelance accountant with Autism who also doubles as trained killer. Whilst working for a robotics company, Wolff uncovers a plot to steal millions of dollars from the company putting himself and fellow accountant, Dana (played by Anna Kendrick) in danger.

The Accountant is an enjoyable thriller with some well shot action scenes and Ben Affleck is a compelling lead, however the film falls down with the inclusion of a subplot concerning J.K Simmons as a government agent out to track down Wolff making the film unnecessarily convoluted.

I, Daniel Blake
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Directed by Ken Loach, I, Daniel Blake tells the story of Daniel (Dave Johns) and his struggle with the welfare system after being denied incapacity benefit. On his first visit to the Job Centre he encounters, Katie (Hayley Squires) a single mum who has had a sanction placed on her after missing an appointment thus leaving almost penniless.

I, Daniel Blake is an emotional, thought proving commentary of the welfare system with plenty of heart and humour. If you've ever had to deal with the benefit system you'll relate to the character's plight and how farcical the system is.

As usual, Ken Loach add his usual dose of realism to the film with the inclusion of the general public as roles in the film which adds a togetherness aspect to the film.

Bad Moms
Bad Moms (2016)
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I had a lot more fun with this than I expected. The lead characters are likeable and you can relate to their problems. The plot although predictable serves as a neat platform for the female cast to display their humour. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn bounce off each quite well as the 3 new found friends who decide that it's about time their kids started looking after themselves or there's more important things they can be doing than attending the PT bake sale. They certainly displayed more chemistry and laughs than another female led cast comedy that came out this year. I'll give you a clue, it rhymes with Toastbusters.

Trolls (2016)
10 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Not long come out of a preview screening in which I was the only person in the screening. I was overjoyed at the prospect of watching a film where the only person who could possibly break the code of conduct was myself. However it soon dawned on me why no one was in the theatre and that was because either no one cares about a film based on those little plastic Troll figurines you'd jam on the end a pencil during your school days or in fact word of mouth had got out that the film wasn't very good. I suspect it was a combination of the two. That being said, as a fan of DreamWorks I was intrigued to find out what they were going to do and hopefully raise some giggles in the process. This is as far removed from Shrek as possible and one solely aimed at children and there is very little for adults. However if I was a child I'd probably feel quite patronised by Trolls, if you thought the message from Zootroplis was rammed down your throat, then Trolls feels like you're getting a full gastroscopy. The film was saccharine that I might need to get a leg amputated. The voice actors mostly dial it in and James Cordon and Russell Brand were only signed up because they are British and therefore cheap.

The story is a simple one about knowing how to be happy interspersed with some singing. Oh man, the singing. The incessant singing! If you feel this is only being made to sell toys, they also want to cash in on the soundtrack too and I've never seen a film where the music was so forced and trite.

There was something I also noted, the dialogue and jokes were so dated. There was references to phrases that were only a footnote in the vernacular of the youth as I'm pretty certain no one says YOLO anymore or spells fat with a "ph".

If you are looking for an animated feature to take your kids too, take them to see Kubo and Two Strings instead. You'll get a film that is both done with more heart and originality than this.