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The Crow
The Crow (1994)
19 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In a world without justice one man was chosen to protect the innocent. Young rock musician Eric Draven was murdered along with his fiancee Shelly by a group of savage inner-city thugs who intimidate the decaying city in which the live on October 30, or Devil's Night. On the anniversary of his death Draven rises from his grave when a mysterious spectral crow appears and guides him to set things right and help his soul finally rest in peace. He goes on a mission to avenge himself against Top Dollar, a depraved crime lord who had ordered his gang to murder Draven.

"It can't rain all the time." Memories can't fade away, either, if it is eternally forever; that quote is so memorable for the film that even the titular track which appears in the ending credits talks true of that, and it sounded so beautiful in tune. For the late Brandon Lee, it was sadly his last ever film - he died of a freak accident in the middle of production and thus a digital stand-in took his place. His Eric Draven character was pushed right through the limits, coping himself, and madly driven by the rage towards him for his own death. Acting as a guide to him a crow helps Draven remind him who he was and works well as a piece of his own personality. As I can tell by his appearance, not only he looked like "a mime from hell" as according to Officer Albrecht, his facial make-up reminded me of The Joker in The Dark Knight and Draven may have been an influence on that. Since Brandon was the son of the legendary Bruce Lee, could his death be part of a family curse? I certainly thought so, and if the son was destined to be the next great action star then that curse may have caused his unfortunate death. Overall, The Crow is an excellent movie that works as a story about justice for the victims with a taste of sweet revenge, not to mention that it has no rules about coming back from the dead. Even the thrilling horror action throughout makes it real good that I would enjoy seeing it over and over again.