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Shutter Island
7 years ago via Flixster

I watched the last 40 minutes of this with my husband and it is very interesting. Michelle Williams just totally detracts for me- I can never get past "that's that chick from Dawson's creek" with her and I don't know why.

Cherry 2000
Cherry 2000 (1988)
7 years ago via Flixster

I was expecting 80s camp, and while there were dashes of it, it wasn't enough to get me to swallow this turkey. Melanie Griffith reads off all her lines with the emotion one provides in rattling off a grocery list- bullets are flying and she's still monotone- barely raising her voice.

The rest of the actors in this film aren't too shabby- nothing noteworthy, but really make it more evident that Griffith's acting abilities are not enough to carry the lead of a film. The story, while a promising plot "Man in love with Robot decides to risk his life to reclaim his lost love" quickly devolves into a confusing buffoon of a villain (Lester) and a forced love plot that literally appears out of NOWHERE. As soon as the love interest was created, the ending was completely predictable.

I would never watch this again and if asked, would advise my friends to avoid it- there's much better movie's out there in a similar vein- "HIgh School 1999" or "Hell Comes to Frogtown" certainly come to mind.

Congo (1995)
7 years ago via Flixster

When this movie came out I was about 11 and mom was adamant ts was too gorey for me to see (the goriest thing is probably an eyeball in the first 5 minutes). At least she let me keep my Taco Bell Congo watch- I think I still have it somewhere.

The opening scene, I had a hard time pinpointing who was playing Charlie due to the camera shots but then I knew the voice off the bat. "Bruce Campbell? This movie is already starting off well in my book." Everyone knows the basic synopsis, so I'll just point out what I loved and what I didn't.

Loved -

Amy the Animatronic gorilla!!! YES, PEOPLE! There is too much CGI injected in modern films which can come across with disjointed movements and odd halos around the figures. The animatronic gorillas in this were awesome- yes, you know it's not real but it's more passable than a computer generated concoction.

Tim Curry- I don't care if his Romanian accent is considered atrocious (though I'm sure he had a dialogue coach and is probably pretty decent)- it's the first time I'd heard him do an accent and almost anything he touches turns to gold for me. I especially loved him when it came time to parachute out of the plane- priceless!

Jimmy Buffett as a pilot- a perk for a mild parrothead so don't blink or you'll miss him!

Ernie Hudson's 'Monroe Kelly" is actually the best and most likable performance in the entire film- and there is nothing cliche about him. The scientists come off as slightly weenie-ish sometime, we don't really get time to know and bond with the rest of the crew hiking them through the jungle, and Laura Linney is just not the type of character you warm up to. Monroe is a guide who is tough as nails, smooth as glass, and cool as a cucumber under pressure- he knows what he's doing but he's not a jackass about it (too often you have the tough know-it-all jackass guides in movies).

Hated -
I was very annoyed that none of the characters seemed to behave like normal people would've- for example, locating the lost city of Zinj we get some admitted awe from Munroe who doubted Herkermer the whole time but everyone else is kind of "whoop de do". It's the LOST CITY OF KING SOLOMON'S MINES, PEOPLE!!!" Not only is it a huge archaeological find, but a much touted lost treasure- it would be like finding the ark of the covenant, or atlantis- something you thought was a fable but turned out to be true!

And then you have these huge ghost like gorilla's that start butchering everything ( you find out why). One of them kills one of their buddies and attacks them when they're inside Zinj and after they kill it, what do they do? Step over it and walk outside. Even the primatologist has no interest in taking more than a passing glance on the thing- the man who studies apes for a living!! Seriously?

In the end, we get the Hollywood ending a la an exploding volcano, Amy the gorilla saving Peter the scientist, and of course, Laura Linney giving the biggest F.U. one could give to an a-hole boss in classic hollywood style.

It's a movie you will either love for the wrong reasons or hate it for the right ones. I can't say I hated it, but I will say I can't believe I had to wait 15 years to see something this disappointing. Oh, and "Stop eating my sesame cake!"

The Blob
The Blob (1988)
7 years ago via Flixster

Totally 80s cheese/sci-fi/horror mixture. This follows the formula to a T - (insert villain) threatens the people of (insert town here) and it's up to the Teenagers to stop it when the adults and law enforcement do not believe them. (insert government douchebag here) arrives on the scene and in the quest for glory sacrifices team members and realizes they're in over their head when it's too late.

I definitely give this movie credit for some of the most creative/gruesome flesh melty type deaths in any film I've seen. The crew really stretched their imaginations in having a giant tongue-like creature devouring every living thing in sight. It has it's deliberate comic moments, and it was difficult predicting who would survive and who wouldn't (though IMDB gave me a clue in the character listing) but this really should be a staple for those that like a good horror flick they can sit down and rip apart with friends.