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Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
5 years ago via Flixster

Yes, this is straight up martial arts cheez. What can you do but eat it when the cheez tastes so good...

Tekkonkinkreet (Tekkon kinkurīto)
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I have to say up front I'm an anime fan. However, I generally hate anime movies which is odd. This movie however kept my attention all the way to the end with its edgy visuals and witty characters. Don't let this one slide past you if you're a fan of any kind of animated movies at all.

The Incredible Hulk
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Yes, this movie is better than Ang Lee's attempt at the jolly green guy. Now it doesn't go without saying this movie is definitely isn't without flaws. The overall pacing of the movie sometimes feels off: drama -> action -> drama -> action -> action and then repeat. The Hulk doesn't always meet expectations but later scenes tend to make up for what others lack in. If anything it's a good restart for one of my favorite comic book franchises and I hope they continue with the same cast....

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Kill my fucking childhood why don't you Spielberg....I mean come on...this movie might have been good had it come out nearly twenty fucking years earlier. I mean come on, it's like he took two of his successful ideas (Indie and Close Encounters) and made them have mad monkey sex together. Oh, speaking of monkeys, I could have done without Shia's pathetic attempt to make his character seem anything but idiotic and unbelievable. I was under the impression that there might actual be some good film making, but with action choreography worse than a cheesy kung fu action flick and horrible CG to boot we're looking at nothing more than an old man trying to exploit a great series just to milk people out of their hard earned money.