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Guilty At 17
Guilty At 17 (2014)
28 days ago via Flixster

It says it is based on a true story, but it is hard to believe that kids are capable of such behaviours.

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing (1987)
39 days ago via Flixster

My wife makes me watch DD. Too bad that this was Jennifer Grey's defining role as an actor. It is a movie I don't mind watching over. I like the music, and the story is uplifting. Interesting comment by Mr Kellerman that this style of holidays is losing popularity.

In Your Eyes
In Your Eyes (2014)
46 days ago via Flixster

In your Eyes is a romance, but in the realm of science fiction. Becki and Dylan can see each other even through the other's eyes and feel each other's emotions, etc. -- even though they live at opposite ends of the country. Over the movie, they get to know each other intimately and fall in love. All that I found plausible, but the fairytale ending was stupid.

Killers (2010)
52 days ago via Flixster

It is hard to see Ashton Kutcher as an international super-spy. Easier seeing Heigl as a wife struggling with suddenly being put into the position of defending her husband with a gun. But Killers is funny.

Rodeo & Juliet
52 days ago via Flixster

The story is too hokey and predictable and the acting is not intense enough.