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A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly(2006)

TOP NOTCH ANIMATION! Often times I had to remind myself that Robert Downy. is really not in this film. The computer graphic animation of this film gets a 10, in my book, however, the plot was slow to develop, much like Bruce Willis' "The Sixth Sense" and Robert Dinero's "Hide & Seek", both of which were so slow that when the action finally introduced itself, 30 minutes later, the film was ending. The story took so long to evolve that I found myself getting tired of Woody Harrelson and friends' "geeking & tweaking" all throughout the movie. Seems like everyone, including law enforcement, in this movie was trying to get high or high already on drugs. I may as well have watched "Half Baked" instead. LOL! I don't advocate glamorizing drug addition, but that is exactly what the writers and producers of this film did, from beginning to the end. Perhaps they were puffing on something while writing & producing. LOL! I rate this film 2 of 5 stars!