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Role Models
Role Models(2008)

not bad. it had it's funny moments. of course we knew how it would end. the 2 men come enlightened.


the ending pretty much sucked. and the girl that played the reporter, dexter's girlfriend is really not much of an actor. hated watching the movie through a camera lens.

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

it's good to see the gang back again and to see what they are up to. don't know if this puts an ending to the story.

Pride and Glory

slow moving. little bit like the movie we own the night. love ed norton, and colin farrell should stick to the irish roles. his accent is terrible

The Last Winter

and the lesson is what? take care of the earth

Body of Lies
Body of Lies(2008)

we don't need another war movie

The Kovak Box

A pretty good story line. Pretty twisted to actually use murders to write a book.

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

interesting story but the 1st Saw will always be the best. it's time to put saw to rest now.


another bad clown horror movie. what is up with these clowns

Lakeview Terrace

thought it was going to be better than it was. typical stereotypes but wow a bit of the boring acting


i didn't like it. it lacked the horror side of it. hence is why it is just inspired by true events

Righteous Kill

script was ok. i would've liked to see the super team in another situation, like another reason why he was the killer. but good twist at end


effects were awful. But the ending was good

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

good movie but a little too much running. another good performance from Shia though.




good story but stupid ending

Ghost Town
Ghost Town(2008)

funny another ghost whisper


not bad. like the story

The Sickhouse

the reason why and how everyone was in this place interesting. but the story same ole same ole

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

not bad. it says it all. complete circle now.

The Strangers

it was ok. i've seen better. even though it based on true fact doesn't mean it's going to show it. Liv Tyler should think of something else to do. she sucks.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

i liked this movie. Cute but you can have so much of that. Clarmen was a good character. i liked the 1st one too.

Home for the Holidays

Oh my God what a hilarious movie. This family is a typical my kind of family and everything I feel at times about the holiday thing with the family


very good movie. you feel for the characters and situation that is about

Pulse 2: Afterlife

Same ole same ole. Not much of a surprise there. I seen Pulse the Asian version much better than the remake here. But even the remake was better than this

Wristcutters: A Love Story

strange movie but interesting. pretty good

88 Minutes
88 Minutes(2008)

the best suspense thriller I've seen in a long time. Al Pachino played a good part.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

very funny. i give the main character a lot of credit to do what he did

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

it was funny but not all that of what people lead it to be. it had it's funny moments

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias)

very interesting to see how the boy gets comfortable with the life that is thrown at him

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

brings back a lot of memories reading my nancy drew books

Empire Falls
Empire Falls(2005)

good storyline and how the characters intertwine together in a small town

Rambo (Rambo IV)

just another Rambo movie. nothing new


pretty good what a way to try to win though. So young

Reservation Road

storyline good but repetitive with the movie Death Sentence


storyline good.

Catch and Release

sad for her but it's heartwarming to have friends in that situation.


good storyline but movie a bit predictable

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

nice to see a girl get the killer

P.S. I Love You

nice movie. but did not follow book big changes in it

Smart People
Smart People(2008)

funny but a little long to keep it up

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

cute movie. finally a bride and never a bridesmaid

What Happens in Vegas

funny movie especially for Ashton kutcher

Turn the River

sad ending . she never had a chance


what can i say without it being a fight?


very good movie. truth and laughter

The Ruins
The Ruins(2008)

not as scary as it should be with it being unrated. but interesting storyline


what a classic. a sure movie to make you laugh


this is a cute movie true to the tale Penelope does find her true self and her prince


it was alright. a bit long. movie felt like like there was something missing

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

funny movie. liked the 2 guys in this. a better role for adam sandler to play

The Bucket List

very sad movie but had it's funny parts. although a list that means something in spirit we know that to do all of this you need money. not a movie for father's day

Reincarnation (Rinne)

good movie had you jumping in some parts

Mr. Bean's Holiday

i hated this movie. thought it was stupid. ended up fast forwarding through the whole movie

Hope Floats
Hope Floats(1998)

good movie. really digs down deep in your heart

Rinne (Reincarnation)

Similar to The Shining. A great movie too. I think the Americans should stay on their toes. I liked this one kept me wondering

Evan Almighty

you knew what was going to happen. But it was much funnier than Bruce Almighty

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

just as good as the 1st one but was trying harder to be better. it's like a mini Indy.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

a kind of corny movie. had it's moments of being funny. like to see young people not doing anything tragic.

Lake Dead
Lake Dead(2007)

not bad. started right in with the horror part which makes for a decent movie. like the idea that the brothers go backt what they gave. not a bad storyline better than the hills have eyes

The Deaths of Ian Stone

well it's not horror but more scifi. i got the concept of the movie but what a round about way to get there.

Super Troopers

corny movie but funny as hell. my fav scene when they do double take

Gone Baby Gone

not bad. I liked the twist in it.You never knew what was the real thing. What a hard decision he had to make at the end. wouldn't want to be in his shoes

Marie Antoinette

it was ok for me. not sure if everything was true. but Kristen and Jason were best for the parts

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

favorite movie of the 3. shows more of who Indy is. All characters are great. the only one I really didn't like was Elsa


movie from the heart. dreams can come true even in the worst of times.


good suspense. something that can be so real. although i think it would have been better if we didn't see the killer at all till the very last minute. love jessica lange.

The Great Debaters

pretty good movie.everyone had a good performance. same fight that will always go on

One Missed Call

not so good. i liked the Japanese version better

G.I. Jane
G.I. Jane(1997)

a good motivation movie. the things that these seals have to go through makes you think how good of hands we are in. and this movie opened up all kinds of doors for women

Death Sentence

Keven Bacon really does go all out for vengeance. Not sure that I would do it any differently if it was my son. Although he should of thought more of his other son.

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

great movie back in the day of jiggles, what a time. glad to see the family survive on what the mother had to go through.

Crazy Eights
Crazy Eights(2007)

not bad but lacked a fearful ending. a better horrorfest movie than last year

My Best Friend's Wedding

not bad. i don't care for julie roberts but movie was sweet.

The Full Monty

funny movie. had it's moments but to think the way they did it makes sense why.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

great movie. a little dark. funny with Indy's girlfriend and him. Short Round was good.

No Country for Old Men

too much has changed, too many fights. gets tiresome to keep things in order and right.


i thought it more interesting than the movie Capote. That voice though, how did anyone stand it LOL!

The Painted Veil

awesome movie. finally when the two of them find each other without any interference here comes a sad ending. It does play with your emotions.

Lake Placid
Lake Placid(1999)

even though it was a movie with a monster animal still it was good. funny too. i hated the character that Bridget Fonda played though. very poor for her


good ending never expected what was going to happen. The only actor that i didn't like and never did is Terrence Dashon Howard poor...

Blades of Glory

cheesy, but had it's moments of being funny :)

Becoming Jane

movie was great. it was sad that it wasn't a happier ending but to see a woman come such a long way to take care of herself is amazing. Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy were amazing together. Better than Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice :P

The Quiet Man

my all time favorite movie. I watch it every St. Pat's Day

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

what a neat story to have faith like the little boy did. toward the end though when he just knew how to write music made it a little far fetched. but a nice story to be told

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

some parts of this movie were strange. but a beautiful story told in a story of death created into life

Raiders of the Lost Ark

the greatest story to start one of the best adventures that came and a 4th on the way :(

The Princess Bride

a bit corny but a funny and interesting movie. I especially liked the part of the grandfather and grandson :(

Patch Adams
Patch Adams(1998)

i liked this movie. it's good to see a doctor that really cares . not so much held up with the red tape. sad though to see his friend die though :(

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

cute movie. typical girl meets boy and the humor was not at all crude but funny. i like amanda as a actress. not when she had her own show.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

i like it, very strange. it's not everyday you have such a show as a musical. johnny depp was good. and Helen Bonham was good too. but i would like to see Angela Lansbury to play that role she is another who is a great character actress.

Agnes Browne
Agnes Browne(1999)

i love this movie.i have it on dvd, always watch it when the st patty's day parade is here. some of things i would of never thought of. but know since i'm from an irish family. the book, the mammy goes on in detail and is even more funny. the friendship between Marian and Agnes is sweet.The kids are rocks for Agnes. And than you have TJ what more can a gal want ;D

Martian Child

i thought the kid's voice was very annoying. if he gets in another movie hopefully his voice will change. the concept of the movie was sweet and it was great to see the cusack brother and sister team.

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

all in all not a bad movie. i remember that time. how sad. i think all the actors were good. but the portrayal of prince Charles he is much more handsome than the real one LOL! and i didn't like Philip at all.

The Last King of Scotland

i learnt a lot from this movie. the actors were excellent. some parts were gruesome but that is history at times.

Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks(2007)

a very good suspense movie. haven't seen one of them in a long time. one of kevin costner best performances.


ok movie. had it's funny moments but still was a corny movie.

Michael Clayton

love the storyline. not a typical lawyer,corporate, getting the underdog. george clooney best acting all together

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon(1991)

a good movie . I liked how different people who really didn't know each other had their lives intertwined with each other in a very good way.


not a bad movie. i like the concept but hated the ending. and hated sam jackson's character. it was fun :)

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

same kind of movies like this i've seen. i give it 3 stars just because lindsay lohan wasn't completely awful. she had a good cast behind her

No Reservations

reminded me of Raising Helen. good movie, sweet. I was surprised there was more to the movie than just the trailers that we see usually.

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

not a very good movie. i expected better, more on the line of the tv shows :(


probably would of been better on stage. it was alright. the story of her life didn't bring much of a change after it was all said. antonio banderas was the best :)

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

not bad. better than saw 3. and saw goes on. why would i think saw was going to end? saw 1 will always be the best

Mr. Woodcock
Mr. Woodcock(2007)

not as funny as i thought it was going to be. i hate it when all the funny stuff is shown in the commercials.

Resident Evil: Extinction

not bad movie. good fighting, weak ending. sorry to see some of the good guys die.

Bee Season
Bee Season(2005)

a very interesting movie. it just doesn't deal with a spelling bee but the family around the girl. deep thought of words and God. achieved from just having a gift. glad to see the family come together after all.

Pulse (Kairo)

slow moving I guess that was what took the scariness out of it. Usually I like Japaneses movies. Same kind of movies like The Ring etc..

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Another good sundance movie. Shia LaBeouf and Robert Downey JR what a great match for this character. Just ordinary people trying to find their way.

Ab-normal Beauty

pretty good storyline. there twists and turns that aren't seen coming. Americans should watch out. Asian people are starting to have a cornerstone on horror

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

good movie makes you think, could this ever be real?Nicole is getting better now that she is away from cruise. lol!

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

not a bad movie. a little slow. think crowe and bale should stick to other genres than westerns. i like the story and why does foster have to plat that bad guy all the time

Price of Glory

good movie, showed how hard it is to work for something that you really want. And the price for it, is it worth it?

Drive Thru
Drive Thru(2007)

pretty cheesy. nothing there that made you jump with fear, shame. do we think there is another one? yeah never ending.

The Longest Yard

one of the better characters that adam sandler played. movie was funnier than the orginal

Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek(2005)

not bad since it's off of true facts. i was really rooting for the one girl

Already Dead
Already Dead(2008)

i thought it was going to be different than it was. disappointing. not much dialog. a little like hostel. a bit of a surprise ending. just a bit.

White Noise 2

not as good as the first one. answered a few questions. but would rather have more dialog


i didn't hate it but didn't like it. not that funny

A Good Year
A Good Year(2006)

a nice romantic, drama movie

Keeping Up With The Steins

not a bad movie. good to see jami gertz play in another role. light comedy, cute.

Disturbing Behavior

good concept for the movie. typical katie holmes character. after you found out what was going to happen well that was about all the movie.

Let's Scare Jessica to Death

not as scary as I would like it. Couldn't stand some of the characters. the only one that i really did like was jessica


glad to see what happened from the begining


not bad at least the horror started right away. But the ending was left less to be desired

The Ugly
The Ugly(1997)

not bad. had to really look to see what ugly was about.

Cold Comfort Farm

an odd movie but it was funny

Cinderella Man

a favorite. i love this story of never giving up. since my dad was a boxer himself i relate to this.

The Contract
The Contract(2006)

pretty good story line. shows that you shouldn't be afraid. always liked john cusack

The Simpsons Movie

hated this movie. had some moments. but it was stupid.

I Know Who Killed Me

character again was picked out especially for lindsay lol! had you going up till the end. although it wasn't to hard to find out who did it.


what a strange movie. wasn't bad funny

Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck

some kind of nasty killer. Horrible

Finding Home
Finding Home(2003)

nice movie that shows a geniue feeling home :)


not bad. hated to see what was going on to bruce paine :(

The Kingdom
The Kingdom(2007)

scary makes you think. This war should be over now

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

like the movies better than the books

Muriel's Wedding

funny but disturbing at the same time

The Golden Compass

i didn't like this as much pretty slow all the way to middle. sam elliott is still great :)

Winter Passing

slow at start but a pretty moving film

Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair(2004)

a good period movie. and a girl who goes after what she wants.

Four Brothers

good movie wheb feeling argh!

New Year's Evil

what is it that attracts me to b movies lol!

Turistas (Paradise Lost)

not bad. but again i knew what the ending was going to be


pretty good for the holidays :)

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

funny movie. always makes me smile. especially when things are sad.

Boys Town
Boys Town(1938)

there is no such thing as a bad boy. good movie especially when my ancestors has something to do building boys town

A Christmas Story

A favorite everytime LOL!

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

interesting movie and ...SPOILER... justin timberlake doesn't die




ok this is one sick movie. not even that but where is it all going? so crazy:P

Hostel Part II

was better than the 1st one at least you saw where it was going. great now it is the girl's payback ;)


cool movie :D love bumble bee and Shia LaBeouf wouldn't be great to have a machine as your friend.

The Invisible

it was ok a bit slow and expected.

Dan in Real Life

this was a funny movie. i thought dan's mother was cast too young for all those children. i could relate to all his real life :)

Ring Around the Rosie

i say what? where were they going with this?

The Reaping
The Reaping(2007)

a bit slow. nothing orginal on it. was disappointed

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

pretty funny movie. serious message, and what a role to have lucy lohan play, herself. LOL!

We Own the Night

saw it today,not bad. hated the scene between phoenix and mendes, too much. but liked the storyline though


wasn't a movie that I liked Julieanne Moore's charcter. Didn't like the ending. but not a bad movie

Keeping Mum
Keeping Mum(2006)

nice movie. i actually was rooting for Grace. Funny..

Delta Farce
Delta Farce(2007)

bad movie. i thought it would be funnier than it was.


i didn't like this movie. i hated steve martin's character. So slow wished it would move on.

Stranger Than Fiction

not bad. had it's funny parts. had a unusual story.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

story was slow. the ending was really wierd and unnessary. i was looking for more

The Brave One

good movie. i like jodie foster. it was slow at start. but i knew it would keep my interest. very brave one everyone clapped at the end for the brave one :)

Lucky You
Lucky You(2007)

a long movie. not much of a part for drew barrymore though.

Great Balls of Fire

i like this one. even though what jerry was doing wasn't morally right. i have to give it to him for sticking up for myra

Movin' Too Fast

not too much a bad movie. i liked it when i saw that the girls didn't give up. weak storyline though

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

I not much a scifi fan but this movie is catchy. my favorites were Lucy and Thomas

Perfect Stranger

good movie. what a twist at the end. Shame I really wasn't rooting for Hailey :(


I like it. takes out my aggressions for me. LOL!

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

funny movie. what an adventure. LOL!


pretty good. but long. what actually happened to Superman? We will never know

The Nanny Diaries

cute movie.seems like it always is the same outcome boy, girl gets each other. Ah! love

The Big Bounce

it had it's moments. some twists, but not the best movie that Owen Wison or Morgan Freeman has played in.

The Last Mimzy

slow moving in the begining but picked up. Cute movie and has a lot of messages to read in to

I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With

slow movie,pretty good and the best character is Bonnie Hunt. the part the ending


1st movie i saw at the horrorfest. and it was the worsed. there was nothing to look forward to. the acting sucked in it. there was no meat in this one.

Dark Ride
Dark Ride(2006)

i saw this at the horrorfest. it was better than most. storyline was ok but it was assumed was was going to happen.

The Hamiltons

i give it that is was an intresting plot and how it came together at end.

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

I love the Pink Panther. It was funny. Not as funny as I would want it like the 1st one but it will have to do.The story was stupid. Didn't care for it. But with all the antics that were going on I tried to overlook that.I don't think I would want to watch this movie again.

The Gravedancers

out of all these movies so far i like this one the best. i liked how when you thought this was it, it wasn't

The Little Rascals

All seemed the same like the rascals that we knew. My best character ? Petey he's some dog. The best friend you'll ever have :D
All in all a nice movie and newer things happening in this time. Kids were cute than too ;)

Black Christmas

not the best horror movie i saw. was disappointed on how the plot was rolling out. very predictable, nothing came out and said wow to me :(

The Butcher
The Butcher(2006)

What is it that sucks me in to the B movies? Oh I don't know*giggles*.You know how it goes with these movies, so many cliches`. What a movie. How can I not want to watch the same things happening over and over. Where I just love asking them why?

The Nun
The Nun(2004)

Surprisly it was pretty good. The visual effects were good. Better than I have been seeing.My favorite line in the movie is when a friend of theirs says "You can't kill a ghost with a spear".

Pretty intresting . Since we are dealing with a ghost?

Unholy waters hold some horrible answers.

Children of Men

very intresting concept. what would happen if there were no more children?

Wicked Little Things

it was a ok movie. didn't see what they really were first

Penny Dreadful

Not bad. But why is it that everything happens in a car?

Notes on a Scandal

what a wierd kind of plot. Heav'n has no rage, like love to hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd. Food for thought

Freedom Writers

Another movie that teacher helps kids find their good side. Didn't like her huband what a wimp!

The Good Shepherd

it was intresting to see the intellegent part of this part of history. more so than the political scene that we always see. the only thing this movie is so so long.

Black Snake Moan

Black Snake Moan that was a crazy ass movie. Favorite seen. Lazarus ran out the house with his bible in hand. Rae scared him LOL!.

The Hills Have Eyes

not what i expected. was disappointing.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

Nice twist at the end


not bad movie. put me in mind of the movie Saw. where everythinh happens in 1 room


i liked this movie. boy what those had to go through. and wow Elffy can sing. Her daughter should be proud. I can see why Jennifer Hudson got an award for playing her part. I think it might have been a musical LOL!

Night at the Museum

Cute movie. makes you want to now more about history. the only character i didn't like was what Mickey Rooney played.


good movie. has you thinking

Down Periscope

Down Periscope I think is a pick me from being blue movie. Nothing about this movie is believeable in terms of military law. The Lt. Commader who was played by Kelsey Grammer who was kind of a rebel in this movie.
And a colorful crew to compliment the Lt. Commander. Plus 1 female officer with all those crewmates made 1 funny moment after the other.

The River
The River(1984)

I can only think of right now my favorite. I always watch that in the summer. All of what these people have to go through to keep living on their farm is what it is all about. Since my Turtle (son) works on an island near the river what better movie to watch.

Lady in the Water

my favorite movie of M. Night Shyamalan

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

I liked this movie. Kate Winslet is wonderful. And I like Jack Black's character, refreshing. It's a story everyone can relate to

The Messengers

not a bad movie. good storyline to it.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

Not a bad movie. Something to think about when you are thinking about altering the past or future for that matter

Glass House: The Good Mother

another good story but angie harmon voice eww

The Night Listener

intresting story but not something that I would like to see again

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

special effects were great. but the story not so great. i think my best scene was when the caretaker and the ghost rider rode off together when they were ghosts :)

The Notorious Bettie Page

intresting movie. what a shame just to think you are good at that :(

Of Mice and Men

good classic movie. sad ending, better to have someone that you know around and not a stranger

The Tree Behind the Church

thought it would be a thumbs down. but it surprised me. not bad for a low budget film

Reno 911!: Miami

had it's funny moments. but a little disappointed :(
I think Super Troopers is soo much better


typical SK movie like the idea that he switched it up a bit to the setting in different states. ending was a bit different too. A thinker movie ;)

The Astronaut Farmer

nice movie. makes you believe that your dreams can come true. And never stop dreaming. life's boring when you do.


Good story Walburg did another excellent job :)

Hannibal Rising

good movie it puts together pieces that answer the question why is he like this?

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

had a few laughs. but was disappointed in the acting.


a nice movie. it's nice to see a movie where you get to learn something. Also shows that America does have hope that we do try to help people,not just look like idiots.


scary to think that all isn't trusted.


i liked it. My fav is Serphira :)

The Boondock Saints

Some crazy stuff going on with these Irish brothers. Justice must be served.


it was an ok movie. a lesson to be learnt

Roadhouse 66
Roadhouse 66(1984)

cool movie. the way fixing cars, racing and just the spirit of the time used to be

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

not bad. a lot of shooting. pretty funny.

The Hills Have Eyes 2

better than the 1st. at least this time there is a storyline that fits.

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

Boring. and the alt. ending they were better off with what they picked in 1st place

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

pretty good, nice twist but not good at the end


one of the better true fact movies


pretty funny and good movie. scary that he lives so close

The Abandoned

this movie lack a lot. It had it's moments. but still boring

Driving Lessons

good movie. boy turns to be a great guy with a older friend to share things with.


movie isn't that good. other than Luke Wilson's character. nothing about this movie I liked.


a lot of action. smart car racing.


another excellent performance by Anthony Hopkins. I was rooting for him :)

The Dead Girl

good movie split stories around 1 subject that are related. a little slow moving movie