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Honeymoon (2014)
3 years ago via Movies on iPad

It had the right elements but it was executed so poorly. Had a huge buildup with the weakest delivery. It's so anti-climactic. Such a shame because it really had a good story, good acting and actors but again it was way too slow and it got so close to being good.

Elysium (2013)
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

This film did not end soon enough. Too many inconsistencies and ridiculousness and illogical moments for me to buy into anything.

What If
What If (2014)
3 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I loved watching the development of the main relationship. All other characters and actors are such great compliments to the story. Good acting, music and all around look and feel.

Les Misérables
4 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I enjoyed this film and the approach to how the filmmakers achieved the look and the musical aspect but unlike the actual musical I really found myself looking at the time.