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Chinese Torture Chamber Story

Chinese Torture Chamber Story(1995)

Wacky Cat III ultra-violent sleazy perversity. You can expect gratuitous sadistic violence. Gratuitous perverse sexuality. And Gratuitous sadistic perverse sexual violence. At the heart their is a fairly effective, albeit painstakingly cheesy love story. And an exterior of completely devoid of any modicum of taste humour. While I applaud this movie for its complete lack of regard for classification or audience, it is a jarring experience which leaves the viewer unsure of how they sould be reacting to everything thats going on. I think the point is to just take it for what it is, and decide for yourself whether your disgusted or enjoying yourself. I for one definently did enjoy myself, which raises the question of whether I really am just a sick weirdo Whatever. I would only recommend this for the morally flexible. If you find yourself taking offence to things a lot of the time you would do well to avoid this, and any other Cat III film.