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Ed Fucking's Review of Shaolin Challenges Ninja

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Shaolin Challenges Ninja

Shaolin Challenges Ninja(1987)

Another awesome kung fu flick from the Shaw Brothers starring Gordon Liu. This one involves Chinese Martial Arts going head to head against Japanese Ninjitsu. Fun stuff for sure with a lot of comedy thrown in for good measure. A chinese man is arranged a marriage to a Japanese woman. They begin arguing almost immiedietly as to who's Kung Fu is better. The Chinese or the Japanese. The husband doesn't mind demonstrating the superiority of Chinese Kung Fu on his wife on a regular basis causing his neighbors to accuse him of beating his wife. When she finally gets sick of his bullshit she returns to Japan, but this doesn't slow her husband down any. He begins sending notes to Japan boasting of his superior martial arts skill, and mocking the inferiority of Japans. When her clan gets a hold of this they take it as a personal insult and challenge. They go to China and challenge him to a competition. He is to beat them one by one in a competition of epic proportions. Really not a dull moment from begining to end. The choreography is awesome, fight scenes plentiful, story good, pacing nice, humour refreshing and so on. Essential viewing.