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Sherlock Holmes
7 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Well played Mr. Holmes. Entertaining and very smart action mystery that uses the talents of Downey Jr. and Law to its full advantage.

The Blind Side
7 years ago via Movies on iPhone

I usually don't seek out movies in this vein, but this is a beautifully acted and inspiring story that is heartwarming without being sappy.

Avatar (2009)
7 years ago via Movies on iPhone

A visually stunning movie that has to be seen in 3D to be truly appreciated. The story however, is nothing you haven't seen before. It is essentially Pocahontas or Dances with Wolves on an alien planet. You would have to be blind not to see the similarities between the Na'vi and Native Americans. But what James Cameron lacks in story, he more than makes up for in his attention to detail.