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Star Trek
Star Trek (2009)
7 years ago via Flixster

My girlfriend and I went to see the primer of this movie here on the north side of Detroit.
She is NOT a big fan of the franchise. But that is ok because I am.
Visually this one is filled with jaw-dropping FXs.
From the standpoint of an action/adventure, it is a total rollercoaster ride, as Ensign J.T. Kirk plummets into the atmosphere in a spacesuit and parachute.
As for the characters? The use of a time-paradox has allowed for the creations of all new (and interesting) dynamics between all our old friends
The "But"? This ant your grandmother?s old Trek. "Bummer.". But I?ll still give it a 10? as did my girlfriend

Different for Girls
9 years ago via Flixster

This one is a fun love story... That treats the subject of transsexuals with some honest accuracy and even some respect.
Two old High school friends run into each other on the streets of London... But a LOT has changed.
The movie also addresses the question dreaded by all gay/lesbian/bi/trans people... Coming out to family, the boss and coworkers... And to old friends.
The inability, and the unwillingness of the legal system to deal with the transgender community with any form of respect or equality is also looked into by this film.
The question of how the transgendered... and those around them... deal with their sexuality is however the overriding question in this film as the two old friends come to terms with their new feelings for the other.

Just Like A Woman
10 years ago via Flixster

Not only is this a love story about a middle aged, divorced landlady, and her divorcing, crossdressing power-banker tenant. It's also a comedy about how to hide your alter ego from the world, as you thwart the plans of your evil boss
For the Trekers there's even a cameo appearance by one of the interred heroes of Next Generation.

2001: A Space Odyssey
10 years ago via Flixster

If I had to pick just one movie?
I'd be torn between this one and Rock Horror Picture Show. They are both that good. Although for totally different reasons.
If you need your movies to be tied up in neat little packages at the end of two hours this will not be your... pick-of-the-litter?. This is a movie that asks each of the viewers to scratch their head and find their own meaning in it. If you need a little help though in figuring out what Kubrick and Clark really had in mind, it helps to read the book first. But the truth is even that will not give you THE answers.
The dialog is minimal. And the views/special effects are fantastic. The docking sequence of the shuttle and the space station, set to a waltz is one of the best ideas ever to look wrong at first glance. And the passage through the monolith is the sort of thing that make you feel like a seven-year-old girl at a fire works display