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Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne (2016)
4 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Falls in line with the original 3 films. Alicia Vikander is captivating in her role. Watching the last fight was like watching Peter Griffin fight the Chicken and at least 1 or 2 airbags should have deployed during the final car chase but overall a pretty good watch. Paves the way for more films.

Cars 3
Cars 3 (2017)
5 months ago via Movies on Android phone

On point with where the first film left off and should have been the sequel we got instead of Cars 2: Maters Crazy Adventure.

T2 Trainspotting
6 months ago via Movies on Android phone

A Homecoming I never thought I would see. Renton, Spud, Simon and Begbie are back 20 years after Renton betrayed them. So many nods to the original can be seen and heard. Trainspotting 2 is the definitive sequel film building on what made the original so great. I have yet to see a Danny Boyle film I disliked and T2 Trainspotting delivers on what you loved 20 years ago. Highly recommend.

Ghost in the Shell
7 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Not a great film. Not a total disaster but one thing is certain... Not the film that the original Anime deserves. White washing aside (which is something that, if you know the original material inside and out like I do, is NOT a problem since the Major was never a full on Japanese character) the film makes too many bad
and unnecessary changes to the anime directed by legendary director Mamoru Oshii. Too many things completely changed and not fully realized to count and too many problems to list here. Yes, I am severely disappointed. Missed opportunity but as rediculous as some of the choices, aesthetic or otherwise it is not a total loss. The film does employ imagery reminiscent of the Anime and Scarlett's performance is quite good as well as Pilou Asbaeks performance as Batou. Takashi Kitano as Aramaki was not necessary and he cannot deliver any of his lines in English so there's that. The ending was changed dramatically and does not have that emotional punch that one would expect in relation to the brutally epic Anime ending. In conclusion.... Fans will watch only to Satisfy their curiosity as I did. Everyone else is better to watch the original masterpiece.

Underworld: Blood Wars
7 months ago via Movies on Android phone

These films have gotten to be about as bad as the Resident Evil films. I used to enjoy this series but it just needs to end.