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The Amazing Spider-Man

It's difficult to gauge how great this movie was merely from the external factors of this being a reboot to a franchise that only concluded 5 years ago. That being said, however, this definitely was the strongest of any of the Spidey films made due to the strength of performances notably by Garfield and Stone. Their chemistry and romance was very charming to watch and Garfield on his own really captured the feeling of awkwardness and being an outcast. While the Lizard doesn't have the same amount of emotional strength that Norman Osborne eventually does in the first film but Ifans does an excellent job and definitely isn't a mediocre villain, but what can you expect when two of the previous films used two of Spidey's most prominent members of his rogue gallery? Overall, it is a superior film to any of the Raimi trilogy and creates a greater emotional connection.


As we are steadily approaching two decades of a genre that has been defined by the works of Pixar animation, one goes into another Pixar film such as "Brave" with fierce anticipation as well as scrutiny. While this film may not be revolutionary in the story that is being told, the manner of the storytelling itself that Pixar has mastered is well on display here. The voice acting is superbly done and also bears a marvelous soundtrack. The film has a mix of suspense, mild action, heartfelt moments, and terror (albeit moreso for the younger audiences). If one can see the film for it's strengths opposed to merely seeing it as a "middle of the pack" Pixar film, it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Snow White and the Huntsman

The greatest strength of this film comes from the production values, marking the pure beauty of an enchanted forest to contrast the grisly nature of the Evil Queen and the Dark Forest. The battles are extremely well done. Charlize Theron is excellent as the Evil Queen while Kristen Stewart, while not a breakout role in terms of her acting ability, is kept at a minimum with her lines seemingly to alleviate any misfires. The film does seem to drag in the middle portion and lacks concise plot direction, feeding off the assumptions of the audience of plot direction and "destiny" to lead to a final battle. The film is a worthwhile endeavor for what it does well it does ravishingly so, albeit there are moments of plot drag and direction.

Men in Black III

A lot has happened since MIB 1 (there was an MIB 2? Don't think it exists) in terms of culture and tone of blockbuster films. Something about MIB in the 90's made it feel distinctly so; a brand of humor and action that might come off as overly cheesy, campy, or too 'light-hearted' compared to today's summer blockbusters. It is therefore both strange and refreshing that this installment of MIB is the sequel the film it deserves and also doesn't compromise the form that made the first film great.
Will Smith returns with the same humor that made the first film hilarious albeit the jokes aren't as powerful as they once were, it was still enough to not feel cheated. Josh Brolin was indeed an excellent addition and version of a Younger K. The plot of the film definitely fits into the realm of believability for this series and the pace of the film is good that it does not deviate much attention from the urgency of J's mission. While this is a plus the downside is that the film felt rushed on many of the sub-plots that start to come up, notably about how K became who he was and the relationship he has with a certain associate. As such there were many unanswered questions that were raised by the film that did garner frustration.
Despite this, the film is a noteworthy addition to the franchise that those who enjoyed the first film will find a sufficient enough sequel to the first along with several easter eggs. Of course the curse of the not-as-good sequel remains, it definitely broke the curse of the three-quel being the disaster.

Chernobyl Diaries

With horror films, I usually go in loaded with the expectation that it will be awful. Horror movies 95% of the time have awful acting and have cliche scares that really don't persist after the film. This film surprisingly defies this early on in the film albeit with characters that from the onset one realizes will be irritating. The build up to the scares is actually pretty decent and the atmosphere is probably one of the better than average for a horror film. The beginning portion was therefore surprisingly good. The film as it began to pick up it's pace, however, began to derail and fell quickly into horror film cliches and conventions and was never that terrifying in those final moments. In short, it had good potential both in initial premise and what it was building on but fell short with unsatisfactory final act scares and conclusion.

X-Men: First Class

This X-men is indeed First Class. All jokes aside, the film provides strong performances from both McAvoy and Fassbender to provide a surprising depth to the characters Professor X and Magneto. The acting was great, and action was well done, and was stylistically sound. The only thing lacking in this film was a less than stellar team seeing as the star X-men such as Jean Grey, Storm, Cyclops, and Wolverine were not born/ too young/ didn't want to be part of the team. Without these heavy hitter characters and the turn to the more obscure, it doesn't pack as much as a punch that the initial films may have had in that sense.


Thor is strange in it's fact that while the protagonist may indeed be a god that his character is very human in nature. As such, Hemsworth provides a hero that, while notably flawed, has the backing of the audience and his charm and growth make him one of the characters I'm most excited to see to return for the Avengers. The only thing that kept this from a perfect score was the fact that the action was surprisingly thin compared to one's expectations, albeit these battles too were exceptional.

Back to the Future

This film has everything: romance, comedy, action, tragedy, and triumph. It not only defines the 80's, it defines our relationship with our parents and that despite how much times change, there are several things that stay the same.

The Dark Knight

To put it simply, this takes a superhero movie and makes it movie which can be put on the same levels as movies which take a run for the Oscars. The movie is, although cliched, a roller coaster, yet this movie truly lives up to that metaphor. As said by everyone, Heath Ledger as the Joker is a prominent reason for this movie's success; he created a Joker which was twisted to the point that you could laugh at his pranks yet inside tremble in horror at the evils of his actions. The movie takes so many turns that it's near impossible to predict what will happen next. This is a must see without question for anyone who loves the movies; this is cinema gold.

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

The Wachowski brothers have created the closest living example of Japanese animation in live action. It felt like you were a little kid watching a Saturday morning Japanese cartoon, and I loved it. Everyone fit into character so well, though I wish they would have had some more roundness to character and more scenes between Racer X and Speed. Regardless, this kept my 6 year-old brother with ADHD occupied, and that's saying something! Total worth to see if you are a fan of anime or child at heart.


Out of all the films I've seen this summer, this one was one of the few that felt that it didn't let up for a second. The action and special effects were amazing, the battles were kickass (especially Starscream) and there was a good amount of humor in there as well.
I thought the acting all around was good, I felt some of the autobots were too overzealous with personality but they certainly had one. I did leave the movie having some questions like the lack of talk between the Decepticons which didn't build much background and why the subtitles for the Decepticons was also in Japanese. However, the movie was all around great and one of the best movies of the summer! A must see!


This movie was extremely corny and the acting was terrible to put the effects, at least at the time, were decent, along with the make-up and such. I didn't think it was worth it, however.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

An epic conclusion to an epic trilogy. An ending that longs in everyone's hearts but fills you with sorrow to see at it's end. Peter Jackson directed this movie perfectly and does not falter for a moment. Quite possibly one of the greatest trilogies ever created.

Memoirs of a Geisha

Once again an adaptation from a film, Memoirs of a Geisha does not suffer the same fate as others in this nature by staying faithful to the book that it was based off. Everything was executed perfectly and the only thing that could out do this is the novel itself.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action

The Looney Tunes at the time the film was made were already too far out of popular culture for really anyone to appreciate this movie. A little too late for Warner Bros.

Vegas Vacation

Oddly this comes several years after the other movies and catches some of their charms but just doesn't live up to their name.

Pokemon - The Movie 2000

Thought it was the better of the two movies as a child but that is not saying much...


The movie that started a great television series is not nearly as great as it's counterpart but still a good movie none the less. Good visual effects for it's time.


The Holy Grail for action movies, 300 is not only fast paced and action-packed, but one of the most stylized movies along with Sin City. Sometimes the action may be a little much and tiring for it's viewers, but watching this movie is probably one of the most action-packed experience anyone could have. Definitely worth seeing if you can take the sex, blood and guts.

The Day After Tomorrow

A movie that chronicles global climate change and what can happen. Honestly centralizes too much on a single group of people and doesn't go on to see how the world reacts to it. Good idea, more could have been done though..

Open Season
Open Season(2006)

The milked CGI market is growing old, and Open Season is a sign of it. Good for kids but grown-ups will grow tired of it quickly.

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

Great visual effects, but seems to just take classic novel villains and creatures and smash them into one movie for kicks. Really no story here.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

A somewhat odd comedy that you will be quoting for weeks after you see it.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Your run of the mill CGI film with pseudo-catholic relgion of dancing
penguins. Yea..


A great movie to watch in theaters where you can become engrossed in it but loses it's luster at home.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A "remake" that's not really a remake. Tim Burton in this version is more devoted to the novel than the original version and provides a much more odd and somewhat twisted version that you come to expect from Tim Burton. Johnny Depp is again outstanding in his role of Willy Wonka which will come to surprise if you have seen the original. If you can look at this film without comparing it to the original, you will sincerely enjoy it.

The Incredibles

Pixar once again delivers an excellent work that appeals to the entire family. The art style is pseudo-50's contemporary coupled with jazz really sets the atmosphere to the film, and coupled with humor, action, and memorable characters, is a great movie experience.

Fantasia 2000

This continuation inspired by Walt Disney's original idea to have a "concert feature", Fantasia 2000 relives the animation and music coming together much like the original but still provides a more contemporary art style to it. Obviously not for everyone but if you are a classical music fanatic (like me) this is a must see.


Finally, a Horror movie that stands well against other A-list movies. Not simply just a slasher of mindless killing, a twisted tale that has deeper meaning to the story than most in this genre. A staple of horror cinema.

Shrek the Third

Does not stand out from the others but really provides a sense of conclusion to the series. Still fresh and sits well next to the already great Shrek movies.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Not sure if it's the best of the trilogy, but truly is a worthy edition to the series. A staple of cinema to see this summer!

National Lampoon's European Vacation

Not as memorable as the original vacation, but if you're a fan of the first one, you'll feel right at home with this one. It's at least worth one watch.

Hannibal Rising

Quite different from the other movies in the saga but it is excellent in it's storytelling. Unless you're into the Hannibal series however, this may no do much for you.

Team America: World Police

Matt Stone and Trey Parkers, creators of South Park, return with the silver screen with a movie just as obscene and hilarious as it's brother.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Whether you are a fan of James Bond movies of old or not, this movie has humor in all the right places that will make you come back for more.

Home Alone 3
Home Alone 3(1997)

Having gone away with the memorable characters from it's predecessors, Home Alone 3 really has nothing to offer.

A Beautiful Mind

Ron Howard once again creates a gem with A Beautiful Mind. Simply put, this drama is perfectly crafted in the fate of a genius who is paranoid delusional wins a Nobel Peace Prize. Storytelling at it's best.


The "scary movie" of it's time, SpaceBalls spoofs off Star Wars in a way only Mel Brooks can. If cheesy humor is not your thing, this isn't for you but, for those who it is, you'll love everything that this movie is and, well, isn't.


One of the greater Disney movies of the decade, Hercules is a movie of musical quality where you will be humming the songs for days upon days.

The Matrix Reloaded

Unlike most sequels, The Matrix Reloaded nearly lives up to the name it's predecessor put it up to. Things really become over the top in this one so, if the first one was a little too much for you, you will not like this one.

Stuart Little

Even though many may see this as just a way to exploit visual effects, the movie really doesn't reflect this. Having not read the story, I am unaware of how devoted it is to it but regardless, it's a movie which empowers the power of love for the whole family.

V for Vendetta

In a society where the government has turned against it's people almost a la Big Brother from 1984, V, a masked terrorist, uses symbolic targets to destroy the government that has oppressed him and the likes of many. This is a piece of movie art, handcrafted to near perfection. Where minor manners pull you out of reality, you become so engrossed into the film that it moves you so and how the messages sent are ones we see today. One of my favorite films and one of the greatest of all time.

Superman Returns

Having returned in a plethora of super hero movies, Superman stands out. Superman really does not asunder from any weakness and where most superhero movies seem to enhance on that, Superman at times seems TOO powerful. Regardless, this movie is on par with the Superman movies of old and deserves a spot right beside them.

Wild Wild West

Take it out of the context of being a true blue western and you'll love it.


Another great Disney movie to come out during a short period of Disney hayday. This movie may lack in the amount of memorable characters but far makes up for it in storytelling and music. Another great Disney movie of the '90's.

Over the Hedge

Just another run of the mill CG animated comedy. Nothing really new or unique about this but still a good time while it lasts.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This movie came out of nowhere and did great, and for good reason. The story, even though acting like a stereotypical love story, doesn't dwell long on the actual love brewing and goes straight to the action between the man and the girl's family. Odd and quirky at times, but great either way.


Like most comedies aimed at this age group, this one is sub par. If you are looking for some action in the movie, just go to end for a sex scene, or (if you're into this kind of thing) the beach scene with a bunch of old men. The only memorable scene is the robot battle. Not worth the time.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams once again strikes gold with Mrs. Doubtfire. A great mix of drama and comedy works well here to provide a movie which personally as goes down as one of my favorites.

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

Sitting in my living room, I saw this movie and began to watch it. It was oddly good. Obviously not some blockbuster of the year, but I found it decent to watch for a free day.

The Da Vinci Code

Having read the novel, this movie near perfectly portrays the book almost religiously. A wonderful adaptation even though some of the chase scenes want to get your heart pumping but don't. The movie is amazing, the book even more so.

101 Dalmatians

One of my favorites as a child. Doesn't stick out from other Disney films but still a great one none the less.

The Lion King

A milestone of Disney cinema. Can be considered one of the best Disney films ever made. Great songs and memorable characters. A necessary addition to any movie library.

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

Really, this movie was pointless. It was simply done to milk out the blockbuster Jurassic Park. If you are really into the 1st one, go for it but don't expect anything as well done as the 1st.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A cult classic which deserves it's fame. A twisted tale about Christmas which is a real twist from what we have come to expect from a Christmas movie. Odd story, but great music.

High School Musical

One of the most overrated movies ever. Indeed, for a Disney TV movie and, for a movie itself, it defied my expectations, but you shouldn't be expecting "The Grease of our time." Worthwhile, but not a legend in any aspect.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Even not seeing the first one, it was not hard to get into it. It is a great family experience, but probably wont be remembered down the road.

The Ring Two
The Ring Two(2005)

Unless you were really into the first one, you will find this a snooze fest.