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Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
3 years ago via Movies on Android phone

I loved the first film. Rise of the Planet of the Apes was an amazing experience for me. I grew up as a fan of the original series and was overjoyed when that Marky Mark reboot was rebooted once again and James Franco and Andy Serkis brought a world that I loved back to life in a manner I couldn't have imagined loving as much as I did. I've watched Rise over and over again. It's a movie I truly love the character, plot, and cinematography without a single complaint.

Then Dawn of the Planet was announced, and I nearly fainted at the epic nature of the trailers from the beginning. I expected greatness. What did I get though. A friend mentioned the predictability of the movie after she saw it, and I agree. I could have written down the complete plot outline of this story in the first five minutes. I knew why Caesar's son was shown to be hotheaded in the first scene. I knew why Koba was brought over from the first movie. I knew what would happen when Caesar's mate was introduced in the manner she was introduced. If you're looking for a movie with plot twists and surprises, this isn't the one you're going to want to see. It's not that kind of movie.

The kind of movie it is, however, is monumental. This is hands down my favorite of the PotA movies. Action, emotional story, and incredible CGI. Finally a movie about a non-human in which they used the human as supporting actors. There was no using humans to save the day for the hapless apes. The humans had a role of course, but make no mistake, this movie was Caesar's movie. It was a movie about an Ape leader and the turmoil within him coming from two worlds. Living in a world of hate, he must draw on memories and current acts of kindness to form a new philosophy. He's forced to make some decisions that lesser compassionate beings (apes and human) would never make, and he comes full circle in his understanding of what it is going to take to survive as a newly developed species in what was once the world of men. What a fantastic acting job that (funny to say this about a CGI ape) is deserving of bucking the rules and getting a nod for outstanding male actor performance. What a fantastic movie top to bottom. I'm already geeking about having this on Blu-Ray and looking forward to part 3!

‚Home. Family. Future.‚?

Hail Caesar!