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Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte

A very thrilling 60's film with a simple plot line and great roles from a tormented Bette Davis and of course the always respectable Agnes Moorehead. A very unque one of a kind film. If you love the classic drama/mysteries then this is a film for you.


What a visually stunning movie! Cameron made a kill with this one. We saw it in 3-D , which i must add that its the best 3-D movie ive ever seen. The glasses were a bit uncomfortable though. Due to the imagination poured into this Pandora wold any major D&D nerd would adore this film. The only thing i wouldve hoped more for would have been Worthingtons acting abilities, sometimes it looks like theres a lot in his eyes. He doesnt bring a strong presence to the cast. Totally worth the $ to go and see in 3-D , Imax would have made it that much better im sure.

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

Adam Sandler made very good points on making this film , i loved how he made fun of himself. I think he really needed to with all of the other crap films hes made lately. Rogen, Hill, and Schwartzman are always hilarious to see. The humor was the best part of course the plotline wasnt what one would call amazing or anything close to that.

High School Musical

Why did they ever think to make more of these horrible American Teen dramas?
"The loot" . Yet again my younger sister drags me to watch another horrible movie? If thats what you call this.


Amazing modern musical !


I <3 me a good collision plot movie.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Ok well let me first just say that I lust all of Carrey's other goofy roles (who doesn't ) yet this is still one of my all time instant favorites. To be honest Winslet never really impressed me with much that shes done in the past. But the chemistry and sorrow for losing each other really brings this film together for what it is a modern day romace masterpiece.
Clementine - " I'm just a fucked up girl looking for my own piece of mind, I'm not perfect."

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

An edgy film by excellent actors and a radical director.
Filled with very suspenseful scenes.

Walk the Line

First of all this film is a masterpeice!
I wasn't around for most of the stuff that happened during this film but I feel like Mangold did an excellent job on getting the vibe right for this film. Which was probably a difficult task considering this man was a national icon. This film also has a very unique romance in it. I could watch this movie time and time again. Saying that this film is great would be an understatement.

The Devil Wears Prada

Surpisingly a pretty good movie. Anne Hathaway's performance was believable in her role and Meryl Streep's performance way amazing the way she plays such a calm collected workaholic do any thing to get ahead at her job bitch. I called a lot of what was going to happen throught the movie though. Thats always saddening.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

A unique family/children's movie. A good story for kid's to follow but not too corny. Very upbeat and will make the kids want to dance the whole time.

Blood Diamond

A solid script that is actually very detailed. A great visual realization of the disorganized and corrupted 90's Sierra Leone Civil War that so many turned their back on. I watched an episode of Blood Diamonds in Sierra Leone History Channel special before I watched this movie so it wasn't a complete surprise about the mismanagement of diamond exports and the supply and demand in the U.S. This film did an excellent job on highlighting the greed and violence that was extending on through the 90's. It was a terrible time and place for many civilians it's just really heart breaking that not only did this take place not that long ago but also that it took so long to resolve. A little mainstream for me but a very well done film altogether. Leonardo DiCaprio's role was amazing and the chemistry between all actors was the best.


A fuckin hilarious movie. Made me laugh almost every minute of it.
If you haven't watched it, DO!!! You wont be dissapointed. Or maybe depending on the kind of person you are you will be. Oh well either way , its superbad


LaBeouf was a big surprise where did he even come from I mean I gave him some props for being the irritating yet amusing brother from Even Stevens but this kind of change was astounding. I like the suspense and action in the movie. I heard many glorious reviews for this movie and that definetly dissapointed me when I saw it but it was well worth watching and pretty unique also. Killer ( hmmm... pun).

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

The pathetic truth of High School today.

The Day After Tomorrow

A little dissapointing.. very dissapointing. They could have achieved a lot with this idea.

50 First Dates

Meh a romantic comedy.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

The best of all of them. Spoofs are so hard to rate due to so many of the really I mean really horrid ones that have been released in the last 10 years.

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

The original was great back when it came out. I must say I dont have the same type fo humor as I do now though. I refuse to watch any of the newer ones theyve released.

A Cinderella Story

I'm ashamed to say I've seen this. But one cant be too much of a movie snob. Or can they?

Tôkyô Zankoku Keisatsu (Tokyo Gore Police)

I'm not sure how I picked this "goriffic" film above all the others , I had never read a review but Im tickled that I watched it. The first 10 minutes of the movie were filled with laughs and "whoas". Started out beautiful for what the movie is. The only problem is that how can you go from fuckin rad to anything else. It didnt really exceed beyond where it started. Bad climax no wait.... there was no climax. I didnt really mind the no sense plot line I was distracted by all the other images and characters in the movie let alone all the blood.
I dont know how I would describe the movie to anyone other than extreme gore , mixed with an S & M twist along with lots of twirling that I believe is supposed to be a fighting technique. Lots of twisted scenes in this one , that anyone insane would enjoy. I cant pick my favorite scene exactly . Too many. I did however very much enjoy all the Japanese ads through out the movie .

Dead and Breakfast

Guitar playing Zombie cowboy , extreme campiness. I wasnt sure about it at first but if you get the chance watch it !

Bottle Rocket

It's completely backwards to think this is the last Anderson film I've seen considering its the first. Its rad to see how it all started.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

It's wonderful for exactly what it was meant to be. It's quite amusing how they thought of the most ridiculous exploitation title ever then started work on the script.


When suspense ruins the movie! Hell at least its better than killer plants right?

Spirited Away

I was in an anime mood after watching Ponyo with the kids.
This one proved to me that I dont only have to have one favorite Miyazaki film. Or if its even possible for anyone to have just one favorite of his. Ive decided to go on a kick and start watching all of his that I can get my hands on.
Creativity is never missing in any of his work thats actually what made this much more attractive to me while watching it.


Another one of Miyazaki's adorable films about love. While I was watching it somone made the comment of it being a Japanese version of the Little Mermaid. WTF? Seriously , its that kind of statement that shows that those kind of people cant appreciate anime for its uniqueness.

Ed and His Dead Mother

What a hidden treasure! I had never heard of it before either. Of course Steve Buscemi was the main reason attracting me to it but he wasnt the only person who "made" the movie .
Miriam Margolyes was amazing in this role. I think the best Ive ever seen her in.
It was very nice to also catch a glimpse at a young Uncle Rico.There were some pretty rad quotes throgh out the movie.

"That's when I take a stand. That's when I'm counted as a man! That's when I throw my balls up over my shoulder and charge into the fire!

Repo! The Genetic Opera

It sure is strange to see Anthony Head in this film , but really amazing as well. Hes really just bad ass . I really hated the fact that Paris Hiltons name was on any part of the film . Bleh! But she served her purpose I suppose. Bill Moseley was a pleasant surprise . Ridiculous storyline but I believe that was the point if there was one. Excellent

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

This movie was the savior to everyone for comedy movies ! I hate to be harsh about this but no one has really made a superb one lately .
So many funny quotes through out the entire thing. I was surprised by Ed Helms and Zach really hit the spot as I knew he would!
Todd Phillips already has a Hangover 2 in the makes so hopefully he wont dissapoint!

Year One
Year One(2009)

I didnt really expect much out of this film. I mean Harold Ramis is rad and a lot of the supporting actors are stellar but Jack Blacks comedy is almost always the same. And if he decides to stay that way its just going to bore everyone. Michael Cera really carried this movie and the witty dialogue . The bummer is that he wont be able to stay the funny pubertic virgin forever so eventually he will have to change to some different roles.

And Holy Santa Clause Shit ! What is Vinnie Jones doing in this movie ? He is supposed to be bad ass and stay that way.


So hilariously corny yet very twisted I love all the quotes sprinkled throught out. Interesting to see Guy Pearce in this role, especially considering hes vegetarian.
Robert Carlyle makes a wickedly wild maniac and I assume that Antonia Bird knew what she was doing in making this film exactly the way it was done.

Shaun of the Dead

Favorite Simon Pegg movie by far seems like the more his career progressed his style went more Hollywood.

Blood: The Last Vampire

I was thrilled to find that they were making the live action film based off the delicious anime. I had even read that one of the writers were from Ghost in the Shell , could it really be that bad?

I was so dissapointed I mean I expected them to stray from the original plot line but to throw out the nurse and then thread all of Sayas history into it. WOW so lame. They didnt even stick to her hard cold personality that makes Saya so BAD AS.
If you ever seen the anime dont waste your time on this one.

Ninja Scroll
Ninja Scroll(1995)

Even though Im new to anime scene , I can say this one by far is the best! It just continued to amaze me with the shots and actions. I was surprised I had never heard of it before.

Dead Leaves
Dead Leaves(2004)

Action packed anime, like literallly non stop every 30 seconds something twisted and chaotic happens. The creative art of the violence was tickling.


One of the greatest documentaries I've ever laid eyes upon. I want to spread the word , the word of disbelief.
I was pondereing on how they hell they managed to get all the interviews I mean who in there right mind would be willing to preach their faith against Bill Maher? Turns out they used a fake title called "The Spiritual Journey" excluding the fact that he was the one doing the interviews.

Let's Go to Prison

Ahh Bob Odenkirk and Will Arnett so hilarious. I was pretty skeptical of watching this but very happy I did. I'm convinced he got the idea for this film from Arrested Development.


A little dissapointing overrall. Kind of sad really I was so stoked about watching a new Guy Ritchie film and then it didnt really deliver. There was still some orginal humor in there and a little bit of action but not really the Guy style of it all blowing you away.


Talk about an expensive film. Made in 1963 the film cost about $44 million to make which accumulates to almost $300 million now. I was impressed and schocked with the over the top costumes, extras, and scenary. I felt like they truly tried to recreate the age of Cleopatra with a 60's twist.
Taylor's extravagant headpieces and gowns along with the exotic make up were definetely noticed. So much in fact that her budget for costumes were a wee less than $200 thousand dollars. Beat that Hello Dolly.
Ive read that there was originally almost 6 hours of film before edited. I would love if they were to release a directors cut. Its still quite long though, took me 2 different sit downs for me to finally finish the rest.

The Devil's Rejects

One of the best all time Horror films! It's rocks not only because the mix of sound effects, special effects, gruesome scenes, music and make up but also because of the story plot, characters and because of Baby Firefly! No other director could even come close to making such a Killer movie!


Fuckin Rad! I read the graphic novel about a week before I saw the film. I was really excited (like wet in my pants excited to see this one). It seems like they really tried to stick to the novel as much as possible of course with a grown up comic book (yeah I said it) it can be as rampant as possible but with a movie you have to worry about MPAA ratings and time restrictions and what have you.
I instantly fell in lust with Alan Moore's Wathcmen and not just the story line and dialogue either also Gibbon's interpretations of the characters in his own artistic form. So you can understand how elated I was to be sitting in the theater waiting for Watchmen to impress me.
A wonderful job at recreating a new type of 80's alternative world, with the right casting was intoxicated euphoria. They didnt bother to leave out the semi soft porn relations between main characters as well. Hey they had an obligation to stick to the story right?
Of course there were little side stories that were left out of the film but thats for obvious reasons considering the the film was about 2 hours and 45 minutes long. If you have actually read the book and then watched the movie you will be absolutely entertained through out all of the time but if you feel like its just not your nerdy thing to dive into then don't bother wati until it comes out on video. We had a person out of our party who started snoring through the film and ending up getting the boot. Haha
But if even if you dont want to watch the film you need to desperately read the book. Even if you don't like reading do it I mean come on it also has pictures.


This movie ROCKED in 3D! I wish I could see it again in 3D I'm definitely going to have to buy this one when it comes out.
I hate how everyone was misinforming everyone saying that this is a Tim Burton film. Get your fuckin info right! A must see of the year.

Love and Death

Awe such admirable characters that Keaton used to portray.
No matter how hard I try to catch myself while getting ready to watch an older Allen film I still drool at just how priceless it will be. This was no dissapointment. The way he is able to mix funny one liners along with witty banter and adds highly proficient physical comedy.
The best lines of all were based of philosophers G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky, :

" So who is to say what is moral? "
" Morality is subjective. "
"Subjectivity is objective. "
"Moral notions imply attributes to substances which exist only in relational duality. "
"Not as an essential extension of ontological existence."
"Can we not talk about sex so much? "

Wonderful !


I was enraptured through out the entire film , many subtitles due to most of the dialogue being in French . I'm sure if subtitles happens to be too much for you this isn't the kind of film you would truly understand. It does happen to be available in English as well.
A very despairing realistic story with an enchanting main character named Marjane to lead the story of Iran during her lifetime. If you do end up watching it make sure to do some diving into info about the release of course a movie like this wouldn't be as much fun without its controversy.


I found the use of the computer graphics and motion capturing phenomenal in this movie based in France the year 2054 , let alone the black and white feel of shadows through out.
I do so admire when films predict what our daily lives will be like in the future , a society under constant surveillance with major corporations taking over our lives. Sounds like a dream or a nightmare ,what ever you fancy.
In any case I was expecting a bit more out of this but it didnt have a dreadful effluvium seeping from it either . All in all a masterpiece in its creation as an action anime.


AHH what a refreshing movie to watch! If you get the chance go for it! It's caused an itch to watch the whole trilogy of vengeance movies that Chan-Woo Park has directed. I pretty much called the ending but still a very grasping tale.


I laughed, I cried .. no seriously I did like a total stereo typical chick I did!

The Lake House

I thought this flick was pretty creative in the plot and the whole time distance but really it's just another movie for women to cry about a love that was doomed from the beginning!

Rumor Has It
Rumor Has It(2005)

How does it seem okay to have family ties like this movie has? No man it's just not right!


A Modern war movie that needed to be made. Surpisingly a moving and real film. Great performances from most of the actors!

Broken Flowers

Dissapointing for Bill this film is proof that not all indy's are stellar!!


A movie about the issues modern day kids face. Filled with male vulgarity, de-virginizing, and AIDS epidemic. Ignorance is how most teens view the real world they just go on living their lives the way they want with no one to tell them they can't. I cannot express how much this movie really opened my eyes. It really makes you think about all the stupid crap you did as a teen! A must see!

The Barefoot Contessa

So I put this movie on to soak up some time. Ended up plopped right in front of it trying to hear over the kids. The story really takes you for a ride in the mystery that is Maria or The Barefoot Contessa. I would say that the most touching part other than Bogey's role is the end scene where he takes her shoes off and just holds her. Ava Gardner really is angel like in all of her distinguished beauty.

A Boy and His Dog

What a pleasant post apocalyptic suprise. Mr. Sauncy actually reccomended this movie to us it was extremely hilarious. If you get the chance to watch it.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Extremely witty you really see how rad Robert Downey Jr is while hes laying off the drugs. Another great film that has so much that you can watch it again.

Blue Crush
Blue Crush(2002)

This movie is sort of like Into The Blue or like The Covenant lots of hot tail but not film worthy movies!!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I need to rewatch this one and give another rating it's been too long.

Welcome to Collinwood

"Your mother's a whore!"

Without a Paddle

Great casting. ...

The Transporter

Jason Statham is a fine man! Good action movie.

The Aristocrats

This documentary is effin hilarious. Make sure your wathing this solo some cant hack the ourageousness!


Very different filled with lots of randomness. I love Francis McDormand in this!


Lame 60's graphics, super psychadelic, great outfits & Jane Fonda Nude!! :)

A League of Their Own

"There's no crying in Baseball!"

Good Night, And Good Luck

A very truthful, educational eye opening film.

An Affair to Remember

I can't stop the tears even though I know it is one of the most sappiest chick flicks ever.

Burn After Reading

Oh my what a cluster fuck!
With every Coen film that is released my imagination goes wild with thoughts of a laugh out loud script and suprising intertwined end.
Now I know that the result turned out to be very mixed reviews some thought it was another Coen brothers masterpiece and some thought a dissapointment.
But we all have to remember that even with big name actors/actresses it is still a Coen comedy which means that its not like your every other mainstream "comedy" thank Buddha. It's dark and you find yourself laughing at things that if happened in real life you would be unhuman. Isn't that the point of black comedy though?
I say to you , watch it. Even if you cannot laugh at the absurdity of nothing but stupidity.
I appreciate every one of Ethan and Joel's characters but I must say Pitt's really did it for me.

I was shocked and very satisfied with the movie mostly because it turned out to be of nothing at all. I will for sure have to watch it again before it is returned to Netflix.

The Piano
The Piano(1993)

When I stumbled across this reel the main reason for selecting it was for Hunter. The plot outline wasn't displaying any justice what so ever. After watching I must say bravo to the ladies. Three oscars for best actress (Hunter) , best supporting (Paquin) and best writer (Campion).
The story starts off in a good spot not exposing too much of the past. Hunter's character has been arranged to marry a wealthy New Zealand landowner whom she's never met which causes her to relocate from her home with her daughter and her cherished piano. The love for her piano is really what carries this story through out the end. The ending was delightful and something that audiences most likely hoped for.
Full of shocking scenes that are perfectly fitted for the story no straying (thank Gad !). I was pleasantly shocked by the sensual scenes , well mainly by Hunter's anyway. Keitel's first nude scene about made my mouth fall open.
Ada (Hunter's character) gives such expression without words with only her face to do the talking its touching.
And to be honest I have never seen Paquin in anything that I've really admired her acting for. No folks X men doesn't count.
Only Campion could pieces together a story such as this to catch our sympathy and interest with all the characters involved.

The Midnight Meat Train

I wasnt really sure about this film but eventually I pressed play. What kept me going through the movie was definetly not the depth of the characters (I would have to say most were quite bland) but scenes of mutilating, intriguing gore . Well I must retract , Vinnie Jones plays a marvelous silent butcher who gets the job done right. What?! If your a fan of Barker's go for it. But don't expect that this film will do it for you all together its bits and pieces , here and there type of movie. You must enjoy a movie for what it is and mustn't long that it is the best that Barker has made just keep that in mind while watching.

Because I Said So

Don't we see enough chick flicks or even many young confused women looking for love in society that we should not have to sit and watch 102 minutes of a lame movie. The daughter Milly (Moore) cannot make up her mind on which "beefcake" to devour. The plot is pushed with such common and doll family issues mainly caused by Keaton's character as Moore's over controlive mother. Eventually she picks her poison and of course all drama is solved by the ending what a happy ending. Meh!
This was supposed to be a comedy but I do say that I laughed at the film not with it. Yep went there. I will also give my respects to Diane Keaton whose still looking good even in her late 50's.

The Good German

Ok so I will start out with some props to Soderbergh not because the film was well done but mostly for the way it was shot. Old School Hollywood style. The lighting , lenses , the set , even down to the sound (they used boom microphones). Other than that not much to say to glorify this one. I dont appreciate the way that they tried tying in scenes even the movie poster to the extraordinary Casablanca. Come on at least come up with something thats more uniquely your own than a legendary classic it just gives the impression that Soderbergh didnt acknowledge how much of a well put together film Casablanca was and that he can get off by tying in scenes into his so called movie. Many other reels were made about or around WWll time era. You don't see others trying to loot off of Michael Curtiz's masterpiece. The plot was pretty amusing as far as the drama and intensity in backstories and history of the characters but all in all this movie was dissapointing and Maguire was not taken seriously as a angry, violent doucher. GRR enough ranting. If you dare to oppose my rating be my guest.....

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

They didnt nail this sequel like I was hoping they would but the kids and us still enjoyed it. I thought they strayed away a bit from the humor of the first but all in all it wasn't a total bomber like we all dread of sequels.

Kung Fu Panda

Wonderful animated Dreamworks cartoon this was no dissapointment I took Ady to go see it the first week it came out in theaters. I'm kind of a cartoon junkie but I must say that even if I wasn't this film would still bring some laughs.

Step Brothers

This movie was spectacular I mean it's like Fergie meets Jesus! Ha that's one of the very best parts of this laugh your arse off film all the wonderful improv not only from the Ferrel and Reilly team but also throwing in Kathryn Hahn and Adam Scott. The whole cast adds to the laughter. I was extremely stoked to see this film considering it also has the back up of astounding producer Judd Apatow and riproaring Adam McKay. It was quite pleasant to see Ferrel in a movie that captures his strange humor in a stellar way do I need to say any thing more than Semi Pro, blah!?

Singin' in the Rain

A well choereographed film. Very lovable characters especially Debbie Reynold's and of course Gene Kelly's.

Raising Arizona

Hilarious white trash the Coen brothers are film geniuses. My favorite part had to be when Ed and H.I. just got the baby and she says "I love him soooo much" and starts sobbing excessively. It's no wonder why they wrote this role specifically for Holly Hunter.

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Billie- "You really should be AM and FM. You one-band broads are a drag! "
I've wanted to see this for a while very hard to find, but worthwhile. Just knowing it was such a taboo film makes the eccentricity even sweeter. Filled with femme fatales giving great lines and corny beatings. My favorite scene had to have been when she tries to crush the Huge Vegetable with her little Porsche after killing nearly everyone and she doesn't succeed. Does this have deeper meaning? I'm not sure but it sure makes you ponder it?
The things I appreciated most out of this film were the superb women they got to play the roles it wouldn't have been it's best without these gals. Perfect bodies, lovely eyes and their murderous, seductive ways.


One of my favorite kid movies. Every child wished to have magic that Matilda posseses. Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito play wonderfully hideous parentals.

Sleepless in Seattle

Who doesn't like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan working together. A romantic comedy that I still love to this day.

Old School
Old School(2003)

Laughing my arse off during the whole movie.

The Story of Us

It doesn't matter where I start the film at by the middle of the "Chow Funs" conversation I'm bawling along side Michelle Pfeiffer.

Tank Girl
Tank Girl(1995)

Tank Girl- "Look, if you want to torture me, spank me, lick me, do it. But if this poetry shit continues, shoot me now, please."
This British cult comic strip is the best with Lori Petty playing our "heroine" who fights the man who controls the water supply. With wacky costumes, hair design and style this movie is a perfect campy classic.

Memoirs of a Geisha

Beautiful cinematography in this ancient love story. Very well acted and filled with traditional Japense Customs. If you loved the movie or if you didn't you should still definetly read the book , of course it's better.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

I can remember the exact day that I saw this movie for the first time. I was in awe never before had I ever seen a movie like this one. I fell in lust with all of the characters from the beastly Marv to the nasty Yellow Bastard! And of course we all loved the beautiful dames throught it.
The best part was the comic book style that Rodriquez, Tarantino, Miller team were able to capture.


THE BEST! It has everything! Violence, Gore, Sex, Humor. Extremely corny. Everything that a double bill B rated movie should have. And who doesn't love Cherry Darling or any of the other great characters?

Moulin Rouge!

Extremely guilty pleasure for adoring this film. I guess its just the estrogen taking over but I weep everytime.


I'm surprised how many people haven't seen this classic.

The Darjeeling Limited

Strong statement: Wes Anderson will never dissapoint me! Yep i said it

Little Miss Sunshine

Addresses a lot of real problems people face in life. Very new but very good.


Yeah the graphics are outdated but this movie rocks! He still makes me wanna make him fish bowel soup! :)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Shot right here in Orygun Oh yeah!

Full Metal Jacket

Genius ! Brilliant Kubrick's best movie!

Boys Don't Cry

Shocking film with very disturbing moments.
It was an awesome true story to make into a movie. One of Hillary Swank's best movies and Chloe Sevigny's tit shot was confusing almost like she had a third nipple. :)

Into the Wild

Sean Penn what a suprise I absolutely adored this film for everything it was. Unfortunately I have yet to read the book so I'm sure that are parts of the movie that were not as one as the real life story. I also think that this film was a real breakthrough for Emile Hirsch.


Wonderfully done. Simple that our main little character doesnt have much to say.
Ady and I enjoyed it very much so. I would give any Pixar film a chance to see first hand in theater even without seeing the previews. A must buy

Kids in the Hall 'Brain Candy'

Pretty darn funny I would have to say. The film could have been a bit less sporadic as far as the humor it almost seems like it was a bit pushed. I was a little shocked by David Folleys name not appearing as a writers credit. Interesting that he was so dissatisfied with the script that he quit midway I think it has a lot to say.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The Demon Barber what a superb Broadway show turned musical movie. Every role in this film was well done even with the suprise of Sacha Cohen being thrown into a couple of the songs talk about a surprise. Angela Lansbury would be so proud haha well maybe she was surprised as well but theres no doubt that from the characters (Rickman by the way is always an absolute bad guy) to the music I even appreciated the vintage like effects. The only thing I would have to comment on as far as an opportunity would be the blood yes I said it I know the feel that they were trying to grasp onto as far as the whole film in general but really ? .. Seriously I shouldnt have to actually question something like that. Should I ?

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(2006)

If you want to watch genetically experimented sheep eat people to shreds then this is your perfect movie. It was perfect in the way that it was as corny as it should be if you have sheep leaping through the air taking off body limbs. Props to jonathon King Im exstatic to see the rest of his work

Pineapple Express

Rogen Rules! Superb film for Franco to co star in considering his past roles. Many hilarious liners from all characters through out movie. Perfect stoner or non flick.

Hamlet 2
Hamlet 2(2008)

I waited too long to write a reaview and I was wee bit pied while watching it so not much to say. There were some funny liners in there though.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

AH love it!!! I didn't even watch it before buying it. I knew it had to be golden and .........I was right!!

Even if you've never reproduced this flick should still make your cheeks sore and very well played.
The dialogue and realization of parenthood I thought had to be the best.

All About Eve

Classic must see!

Pink Flamingos

Wow! Not much to say other than serisouly the most filthiest comedy that anybody has ever seen.

The Guardian
The Guardian(2006)

Ok i'm not gonna lie I didnt particularly wish to watch this one.
But I was there, the movie was there, and I was doing alright with some beer.
WOW surprise me Ashton Kutcher wasnt really the best part of the movie and it wasnt really Costner's role either it's just the concept I suppose. I dont even consider myself a cryer for most films I pretty muched laughed when I watched Leo drown because Kate couldnt scoot her fat ass off over. Neither here nor there, good film to watch only about once your reaching with twice.


A classic. you have to truly appreciate the 80's pop culture to even stand the movie.
A little unrealistic when thinking about the plot line hmm.... a dream inspired 18 year old beauty who's a welder by day and eroitc dancer by night.
How many infamous scenes do you know just from it, it makes you think about how many people have actually enjoyed this film secretly and never admitted it. A total guilty pleasure unless you can just admit to being pleasured by the 80's.
I suppose it really does have an underlying meaning to it. Young adults striving for their dreams and all the struggles that they have to overcome.
All in all a good buy 2 for 1 Flashdance and Footloose. Who could pass it up?
Especially with those sweaty scenes of Jennifer Beals in leg warmers.

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

Most inter twined stories usually end up being some of the best films. This one however was the exception to the best. Enough said the whole thing was just ragged and not thought through well enough.

Marie Antoinette

A most visual stunning flick but pretty dissapointing in the end. We all know what happened to her and her family so why sugar coat it. I wanted to see her head roll , man. DAMN IT it pissed me off when they edit that crap. That was the one part I was looking forward to for the whole movie.

Midnight Express

..mercy! That the concept of a society is based on the quality of that mercy..

Red Sonja
Red Sonja(1985)

Ok so If I'm giving this high of a rating on this film then I will definetly have to back it up.
When i was a wee one I used to love this movie. I was a very young feminist/manhater type at an early age.
This movie is very campy but hilarious in its moments of horribleness. If that makes any sense.
The acting and script were hilariously rank. I did however find lots of humor in it all. So what I'm saying is that it's so bad that its good. It is almost like an 80's Barbarella but not nearly as sexy (Brigitte Nielson is no Jane Fonda for sure)!
So does anyone want to argue with that statement?

Cats Don't Dance

I love the parodies of all the classic stars like Mae West, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable and Kind Kong. The Gene Kelly touch for choreography is stellar!!

Big Trouble in Little China

This movie is a comic book/cult classic. Every scene and character are just so amusing. I love how Kurt Russel is supposed to be the hero but the only thing he really succeeds at is at the end.
Well I was gonna say it but don't want to spoil it!!

Intolerable Cruelty

Not the best of the Coen's. Actually pretty mainstream a litle too mainstream if you know what I mean.
But I can appreciate some of the Coen touch through out the movie.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

It took me a long time to get a hold of this and then later found out a friend had it! DUH!

A very interesting film with surreal qualities that make an impact and make you ponder through out the movie.
Terry Gilliam's perfectionist style made this film what it is. Of course Bruce Willis who's talent just drips off of him doesn't reveal any of his usual studly Willis features. Which is different for him but excellent that he can play various roles.
Not once did this movie make me watch the clock or think it's boring, the pace was constantly moving towards what Gilliam wants to unfold .
Awestruck on how well every actor performed I must definetly watch Madeleine Stowe more closely from now on. Brad Pitt surprised me a bit as the fast talking mental divergent patient but I didn't even have to doubt his character.
I love how Gilliam also bookends this masterpiece with Young Cole's blue eyes.
Notice also that Willis' character says "All I see is dead people." when staring at the bodies.

Why does Railly tell Cole that this was how she remembers him in the scene at the movie theater both while in disguise? Doesn't fit!

Léon: The Professional

Gloriously directed just genius really. Every shot and scene everything just precise! Natalie Portman did an amazing job as her debut role! AND no other could play Leon. Gary Oldman plays sucha terrific bad guy in his films. Not only is his character a two faced corrupted cop but also leans eccentric as well. A must see especially with bonus material!

Connie and Carla

Toni Collette and Nia Vardalos play women pretending to be men being women. Underrated but with touchs of stereotypical portrayals of gay men still funny. I loved Debbie Reynolds presence.
Drag Queens rock!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Unbelievably a great movie! I love the traditions. The culture everything a very family film and Nia Vardalos is just so wonderful to watch.

Grandma's Boy

An effin' hilarious movie!!!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I read the book first so and of course it was better but this movie is Stellar. deliciously evil.

Dazed and Confused

So many groovy actors in this film. Great scenes that are really memorable. Parker Posey had to be one of the best out of the whole film. "Lick me, all of you!" Ha Ha This movie is hilarious.

Half Baked
Half Baked(1998)

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, and fuck you, I'm out!!

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

A marvelous movie directed by Tim Burton and of course very visually absorbing. Ewan McGregor is always a pleasure to watch on film and with great other actors as well Steve Buscemi, Danny Devito, Albert Finney, and Helena Bonham Carter who seems to be a favorite of Burton's.
Edward Bloom- "There are some fish that cannot be caught. It's not that they're faster or stronger than other fish. They're just touched by something extra. "

American History X

A real life film that shows the world from different views . No matter how wrong they are.


G.W. McLintock- "I've got a touch of hangover, bureaucrat. Don't push me."
This movie is full of funny moments not a very serious film at all it's mostly a western comedy. An ace cast with John Wayne "The Duke", Maureen O'Hara, Patrick Wayne, Chill Wills and the always enchanting Yvonne DeCarlo helped boost this movie up. Very well written script with hilarious quotes. A Cambodian cook spurting out one liners everywhere and drunken indians wondering "Where's the whiskey?" is excellent amusement.
Least favorite part was the Commanche's last ride. Should have been dropped from this lighter film.


It was no Jumanji that's for sure!

Spice World
Spice World(1998)

I still think this movie is hilarious!

Just Friends
Just Friends(2005)

One of Reynold's funniest movies.


Of course we all love Kevin Smith movies but this one was not only hilarious but also made me ponder about the huge debate on Heaven and Hell. Filled with touching moments and of course fuckin' stupid but funny ones(thanks to Jay and Silent Bob.)


Helen Hunt is super hard core in this film. I watched it for the first time when I was little so this was amazing to me. Who knew meteorology could be so exciting? Yeah .. NO this movie wasn't really what I thought it was when I was 9 . "Rival" scientist teams and weird blonde moments from Helen Hunt's character as she zombie like trances towards the tornadoes during this film.

The Dukes of Hazzard

Hummm..another movie with fine tail in it! I think we can all agree that Jessica Simpson's ass looks damn good in them Daisy Duke jean's. But seriously who would ever think she could make a good real film.

101 Dalmatians

It's crazy how well Glenn Close plays Cruella DeVil it's probably her best character ever that she has played!

The Parent Trap

Not a better remake thats for sure. For any of you that haven't seen the original you should watch it!!


Still one of my favorites I don't care what anyone says about Pauly! I still adore him for his weird humor!

Failure to Launch

The best part of this movie was Zooey Deschanel's quarky character and of course Matthew McConaughey is fine as hell!

Urban Cowboy
Urban Cowboy(1980)

What a shitty movie umm should I be with the hick that beats me or be with the disco hick that beats me? I mean it's not the worse movie I've ever seen but come on CORNY!!


I love Mel Brooks' spoof like movies!! They instantly become classics.

John Tucker Must Die

A pretty amusing movie suprisingly! I love the sign language chicks with the "clap' and the "crabs! Ha Ha so funny!


Raunchy, Killer modern action film! Yumm that Keira Knightly!!

The Santa Clause

This became an instant classic at my grandparents house when it came out! A pretty good Christmas movie!!

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

It's amazing because I didn't even know it was Emma Thompson who played Nanny McPhee in the beginning! A wonderful family/kid movie!

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

This sequel didn't deliver the orginal Lion King was one of the best cartoons ever made.


I love this film a great Christmas Spirit movie. With great supporting actors and very amusing lines.

Wild Things
Wild Things(1998)

A film that keeps you guessing, lusting, and rooting for the characters. Who could forgot the unbelievable sexy scene with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. And don't forget Kevin Bacon's Johnson's appereance. :)

Employee of the Month

A little disapointing, Dane Cook seems like such a bas ass but in this movie he's a pussy. He doesn't do a very good job of acting like it either. It did have some funny parts though!

The Ice Harvest

As Wichita falls... so falls Wichita Falls.


Even if it's the same story line you cannot try to remake an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

"We can't stop here, this is bat country!!"

Team America: World Police

You have to have a really stupid humor to appreciate trey parker and matt stones work. And I happen to be one of those people!


AH this film is a must see filled with reviving eachother lives as they pretty much put down one another to test the limits. Filled with great images and spooky scenes. Watch it if you can.

Runaway Bride

It's a pretty awesoem they decided to make another movie together after Pretty Woman but it's not the best that's for sure. But a very cute film with great a