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Hellraiser (1987)
5 years ago via Flixster

This was quite and enjoyable and pleasant experience. I had been eager for a good movie, so i chose a classic, old one by the so-called master Clive Barker. Expectations weren't high, but the movie was good enough - acting is quite good, special effects were awesome (for 1987) and the story itself is quite creative and original.

But what in the world has Hellraiser to make it such an awesome story ? Let's face it, nowadays we watch a bit of everything in a movie: there's always some guts that await you. And i suppose the question lies exactly there - it's hard to find a good horror flick. Hellraiser has guts, torn out bodies, body parts all over it - but its story is way too intelligent, like some sort of mix between sci-fi and horror. Everything starts with this puzzle box that unleashes evil. Julia and Larry Cotton, man and wife, are moving to this old house where the wifey had a love affair with her husband's brother. Seems like the brother, Frank, had been taken by the Cenobites (the otherworld creatures, whose names are Butterball, Pinhead, the Female, and Chatterer), for a world of hell that brought him pleasure and then killed him. Thing is, some drops of Larry's blood brought Frank half back to life - and of course, the wife found Frank in the attic and started killing people to raise the dude from hell. But it gets more complicated - the Cenobites are unleashed by Kirsty, the daughter, and they are eager for Frank's blood. There's a bit of a twist in the end, and it builds up a bridge for the second film (and, eventually, the eight others that follow).

About the acting, i especially liked Frank and i was the entire movie waiting for Pinhead to appear (when he did, i really liked the character). The daughter and the wife were kinda strange and Larry was too absent from the story. The music is quite freaky and scary, which is a huge contribute for the general atmosphere of the movie.

Overall, Hellraiser is sort of Clive Barker's first born son, and i must admit that the formula was freakin' successful. The way i see it, it is definitely a top 10 movie - totally worth watching.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
5 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark is that typical type of horror film full of genre cliches. Nonetheless, it is promising, having a screenplay with lot to it, a great set and some pretty cool special effects and great photography. Also, acting was brilliant.

Let's start with the story. Overall, it hasn't got much to it, i mean - a little child goes to this huge house and finds out strange, mean creatures that act like the tooth fairy (they rip off their teeth and leave them a dollar). Obviously, the child is mentally disturbed and her father doesn't believe her - after all, he's a lot more worried about his job than his kid. There is also the step mom, that is the worst person in the world at the beginning of the movie and then turns out she isn't so bad (as Sally sees it), a housekeeper and a contractor that seems to play the part of the weird butler (and *spoiler alert* died somewhere in the middle of it).

As i said, this story is filled with horror cliches, such as the mansion in the middle of nowhere, a bath scene (this time involving a kid), a scary basement - oh well, this movie has it all. Even the soundtrack was sort of a cliche, with all those strange and scary scores and so on. Special effects are okay, nothing to surprising or genius, just quite average.

Acting was pretty amazing, i really liked Bailee Madison as Sally - she was quite awesome, playing the role of the little disturbed kid who is really disappointed with her dad, her mom and her life in general and then evolving to the scared and terrified little girl. In general, i thought the kid was really brilliant. Guy Pearce was pretty awesome as well, with a quite believable performance, although Katie Holmes was good but not brilliant (her performance had a few flaws, i didn't bought it completely).

Overall, this is quite and interesting film, with a good beginning (that will take your breath away, a reasonable development and a finale that left a bit to be desired. It's not exactly the 8th wonder of the world, filled with cliches and having a few raccord flaws, but it is quite good in general. The soundtrack, as i said, is proper to the type of movie (although it seems like you're watching some black and white film - after all this is JUST a remake of a 1973 movie...) but the general atmosphere is quite good, and there are a few unpredictable scares that await you at the movie theater.

Colombiana (2011)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Colombiana is an action movie with all the goods included - cute girls, serious kicking-ass and shootings, drug cartels, and blood. Also, it is accompanied by awesome acting and a great (and pretty well chosen) soundtrack.

The story is essentially about Cataleya Restrepo, starting in 1992 when the character was 9 years-old. She saw her parents get killed in front of her, and she decided that she wanted to kill people for a living. The initial scene is quite awesome, actually. The young Cataleya (played by Amandla Stenberg) sees her parents getting killed by this mobster dudes, and has this little chit-chat with the boss of the section, who tried to make her give him a tiny card called "her passaport". She played all cute and scared, up until the point where she strikes him with a knife, swallows the card and runs away - awesome twist and amazingly unpredictable. Then she ran away to the US, to meet her uncle in Chicago - telling him that she wants to be a killer.

The grown-up Cataleya is a smart, trained killer who is getting her revenge by killing each and everyone of the dudes who worked for the mobster that killed her parents. So, the story is quite simple, having a few twists and unpredictable happenings in the middle . which was great, since the ending is what everybody expected (of course i'm not going to say what happened, since you might have a different opinion on the subject and i don't want to spoil the surprise).

The acting was impressive and great (no i have never seen Avatar, neither Star Trek, i know Zoe Saldana from Vantage Point), especially the young Cataleya - she made the beginning of this film quite epic. Zoe Saldana was also pretty amazing, since the grown-up Cataleya was able to kick some serious ass and still be cute and emotional. In the end, i was amazed.

One tiny note i'd like to make goes to the lack of slow-mo in this movie - which was freaking awesome. Most action movies have a lot of scenes in slow motion, but Colombiana doesn't make a lot of use of that technique, which made the fights and shootings quite more realistic (i really liked the scene where Cataleya is fighting with Marco for that reason).

In the end, Colombiana is a kick-ass movie .

Something Borrowed
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Something Borrowed is that type of average comedy / love story that everyone likes to watch. The story is just some more of that typical love stuff, friendship and so on, yet, it is accompanied by a terrific soundtrack and a bunch of good actors - which made the movie worth while.

About the story, as i said before, it is quite typical - a girl is about to marry the guy her best friend has always been in love with. What made it interesting ? The fact that the guy is actually in love with the best friend and not the one his supposed to be marrying. As soon as they find out they're in love with each other, they start this really odd relationship (at least until he decides to call off the wedding), that brings out some funny moments (especially envolving a lot of jealousy, dance moves, tequilla and a badminton racquet). This kind of adventures brought a funny and fresh flavor to the movie, making the story a lot less boring.

About acting, i think it was quite impressive. Ginnifer Goodwin (spite of her weird name) has been a huge breakthrough performer that caught my eye with the movie He's Just Not That Into You (2009) and also Take Me Home Tonight (2011). She is quite amazing in this movie. Kate Hudson, on the other hand, is getting kinda boring - i'm so used to see her doing this type of roles (exept in a drama or two and The Skeleton Key)! Also her lines weren't the best (but that's another story). Yet, i think everyone was right for each role, and acting was indeed good.

The soundtrack is absolutely awesome, featuring tracks by Anna Nalick (Breathe), Natasha Bedingfield (Little Too Much), Collective Soul and many others.

Overall, Something Borrowed is nothing i haven't seen before. Yet it is a good, funny movie - definitely worth watching if you're into this type of films.

Chalet Girl
Chalet Girl (2011)
6 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Honesly, i'm glad i went to this premiere. The movie is actually great, i was expecting a whole lot worse. Of course the story is quite too typical, yet, acting is awesome, as well as the soundtrack and the ironic dialogues (typical british sarcasm).

The story is a total cliche, as i said before - the poor girl with a dead parent, who follows the dream and gets everything in the end (even the guy). Quite similar to The Diary of Bridget Jones. Yet, the typical british humour lines and the awesome soundtrack made the whole thing worth-while.

Acting was also great, and those Austrian lanscapes. So beautiful, indeed, photography was amazing in this movie. I guess they exceeded themselves for what seemed like a low budget film.

Overall, a nice recipe for an afternoon well-spent.