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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Despite a lot of negative reviews, I really liked this sequel! It was very well done unlike a lot of sequels that can't hold up to the original. They were able to bring the entire cast back in a believable way. Storyline & humor were on target with poignancy here and there. However, I definitely did not like the gay partnership that was briefly thrown into the background mix. Otherwise, great date night movie--lots of laughs!


This movie could have been so much better...viewers are left with strange questions at the end...about who the characters are supposed to be and why it is all right that Theron's character is married to two different people simultaneously... o_O


Can't beat the lines...
"That dog don't take to pettin, son." "A man oughta do what he thinks is right."

The Sons of Katie Elder

Not my favorite JW western, but still a likable film for a night's entertainment.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Whimsical and interesting. While I don't agree with everything this film says, it has some good things going for it. Makes me want to reread the short story it's based on.


Choice, character, ability, and society's labels...I loved the underlying themes being explored in the film. The movie did get a bit too fast-paced at the end for me (story felt a little rushed), and it also seemed to take on a little of the pop-culture-teenager-love-story at the end as well. However, overall, the movie was good, and I'm really looking forward to reading the book as I hope it will go into more of the deeper tones of the movie.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

We saw this the other night with friends and family. I love this whole series!

Much Ado About Nothing

"There was a star danced, and under that was I born. "
Carl gave me this one for Christmas, and we watched it again last night. I love the stellar performances, humor, and wit of Branagh's adaptation.

Red Riding Hood, this movie is a no-go for me. We watched last night, and even the ending was just weird. Definitely has the Twilight feel all the way through.

Les MisÚrables

Singing every single line no matter how trivial...not a good idea in my book. I think it would have been a much better movie if they had at least equal amounts of dialogue and musical numbers. Anne Hathaway's voice was superb, and Jackman did a great performance as Valjean. Cosette as a girl-adorable actress and good performance. The scene with Anne Hathaway as a prostitute--way too graphic in its implications and unnecessary. Best scene in the movie was the end, extremely well-done. Overall, the movie was a mix for me.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

One of our yearly traditions with my cousins!

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Finally watched this the other night. Pretty funny & cute!

War and Peace

Audrey Hepburn is the best thing that this film has going for it. Her character still shines through despite some of the movie's poorly scripted and abrupt scenes.

The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines

My cousins brought this fun flick over for us to watch last night. Cute and funny, the second in the series, and a light-hearted Indiana Jonesish film. Plus, you gotta love Bob Newhart!

The Bourne Legacy

Great release for my birthday! Loved it--definitely had me on the edge of my seat and sucked in from start to finish. I was initially unsure of what it would be like without Jason Bourne's character, but it was fantastic! They kept the spirit of the Bourne trilogy and tied it in nicely to his character and the timeline in the other films.

The Amazing Spider-Man

It's Spiderman, so hard to not like it even if it is a reboot. ;) However, my first reaction (like so many others') was to wonder why they were remaking a film so recently done.

I prefer Tobey Maguire as Spiderman to Andrew Garfield. Garfield still does a nice job, just doesn't quite hit the note of a funny, quirky, slightly more nerdy one to me. I also liked the original actors for Aunt May and Uncle Ben, even though I do like Martin Sheen.

However, one big plus for me in this one is the intriguing beginnings of a backstory on Spiderman's parents. Have the feeling that they may explore that history and their whereabouts further in the series. Like! Also a big thumbs-up to Emma Stone as Gwen. I actually liked her character quite a lot; she seemed very comic-bookish with a good personality. Still an entertaining film, though the Maguire ones are my favorites. :)

The Dark Knight Rises

A great conclusion to the Batman trilogy. Themes of hope, sacrificial love, and persistence. I loved the wholly unselfish nature of Alfred's character, and Hathaway seemed to embody Selina's cynical humanity. The ending was the best part.

Johnny English Reborn

Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean episodes are my favorite, but this is still amusing.


Mother/daughter story about learning lessons from the past. The animation was good. Colorful and artistic.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Went to see this for date night yesterday. Chris Hemsworth is well cast as the huntsman, and the visual effects and imagery are excellently done--stark contrasts in light and dark. Charlize Theron portrays the evil queen quite well, also. Nice twist on the story, expanding the tale of the huntsman and his role. I did turn my head away sometimes due to certain scenes that I knew would be grotesque.

The Great Mouse Detective

I love Sherlock Holmes, and I remember watching this animated spin-off of that as a child. However, I feel that it could be better than it is. There's something about it that just doesn't quite hit the Sherlockian style. The voice of Alan Young (think Scrooge McDuck) as Flavisham was great though!

To Kill A Mockingbird

I've never read the book, though I know it's billed as a classic in literature. The film version seemed to get better as it went on. The characters became more endearing, and the narrator more insightful. By the end of the movie, I was engrossed. I really enjoyed the special features that you can watch on the DVD; they provide various perspectives on Gregory Peck and his career-defining role in this, especially the perspective of "Scout" now that she is older. Peck did a great job, playing his role with subtlety but a flair for facial expressions when words were few.

Holy Grail in America

More about the Knights Templar in America than the holy grail, this doc explores the idea that they may have been here long before Columbus in fact. Interesting perspective and some convincing evidence.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Carl & I went to see this last night at the Rialto for a buck. Good thing. ;) It just wasn't my cup of tea. The humor was more silly than funny, and Carl even fell asleep during the movie!! lol They really did not capitalize on Hugh Grant's natural witty abilities; it could've been a better film if they had, but it feels like the script/story line needed a lot of work.

Men in Black II

Not as good as the first one, but still a fun watch. Feels a little backward/awkward as J is teaching K the ropes again.

Men in Black
Men in Black(1997)

We brushed up on the first two films again before seeing #3 in the theater last night. Will Smith plays the confident and brash Agent J with style. Funny sci-fi film and good intro to the series.

Jackie Chan's First Strike

I like Jackie Chan, but I definitely prefer some of his later films with better story lines and humor. This plot is hard to follow from the beginning and a lot of the scenes just don't come off well comically. However, I do have to hand it to Jackie that he knows his stunts. If you watch this, make sure you view the outtakes at the end. It shows how much effort he puts into his work, even when it means getting hurt. The ladder stunt was simply unbelievable!

Men in Black III

Josh Brolin does an excellent job playing Agent K as a young man. So much so that I completely glossed over the fact that it wasn't actually Tommy Lee Jones himself while I was watching him. As for the storyline, I actually felt it was even better than the previous two with some heart-tugging moments. Will Smith, as always, is quick on the draw with his humor and makes the movie a fun watch.

The King's Speech

The King's Speech is one of my all-time favorite movies. Colin Firth is fantastic in the part of King George VI. He seems to be able to really portray whatever character role he takes on, making the viewer only see that and no other previous role he has done in the past. In Pride and Prejudice, he *is* Mr. Darcy, and likewise, in The King's Speech, he *is* King George VI. And the dynamic between him and Geoffrey Rush in this film provides the audience with a sneak peek of a true friendship in history. Great story, and even better that it's fact.

Marvel's The Avengers

Action-packed and story-filled. This was a great way to bring the Avengers onto the movie scene in style. While some directors/writers are not so hot at bringing together separate story lines and characters into one movie, Whedon did it smoothly. Fun comic flick with great one-liners throughout.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo(2007)

Interesting history of Marco Polo and his explorations and life in Asia.

Dr Seuss' The Lorax

The film was cute, but not super. The musical numbers and comedy were simply not that catchy or funny. It is vibrant and colorful animation however.

Glory Road
Glory Road(2006)

Interesting true-life story of the struggle against racism in college basketball. Josh Lucas does an excellent job with his character, portraying a tough, in-your-face coach who sees players by their skills and not their skin and doesn't cut anyone any slack.

Because of Winn-Dixie

One of those movies that improves upon multiple viewings. The first time I watched it, my reaction was less than impressed; it struck me as a little odd. The second time around though I appreciated it for its genuinely good mix of emotion. The film has depth, something rare in most of the films that have a child star. Anna Sophia Robb brings excellent character and expression to the character of Opal, and the story is pulled off without being hokey. Some great thoughts and feelings about human nature seen through the eyes of a child.


We watched this one again last night. A good story about the hardships on the Kansas prairie during the drought.

The Hunger Games

It's very difficult for me to rate this movie as 1) I feel like it's still soaking in and feel the need to re-watch it and 2) it's hard when I'm comparing it to the book. The book is better, hands-down. And having just read it, it means that I notice almost every discrepancy and omission. I think if I had not read the book first, it would alter my perception of it quite a bit.

While I think that Jennifer Lawrence has a pretty good match in physical appearance to Katniss, I think she could be a little more rough around the edges. I think she could have played the character with even more toughness and less vulnerability. Also, Gale did not seem as hardened as I read him in the book. All kinds of details and emotional moments that are explained in the book had to be left out in the movie which is a challenge for a fan of the books.

However, just taking the movie on its own without comparison, I think it was artfully done. The camerawork and effects gave it symbolism and depth, and Woody Harrelson was not bad as Haymitch (though not what I pictured). The movie was fast-paced, and it was interesting to see what I imagined in the books come to life from someone else's viewpoint and provided me with a different way of looking at it.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

This movie turned out to be much better than I originally guessed. I got sucked into the storyline and the further the movie goes, the more it improves. The final scenes of the movie as Kenton reclaims his fighting spirit are my favorite of the film, moving ending.

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

Entertaining--I like the fighting character of John Carter. The Mars aspect was a little over the top to me, but overall the movie was pretty decent while a few scenes, especially the ones set in modern day with his nephew, were very good.

One for the Money

Heigl plays her part well as a bail bondswoman/detective with plenty of quirky personality. You've got to be open to a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, playful type of story to like this one. One especially bad line in the movie caught me off guard. I'm guessing the book is better than the movie, as you can see the author's whimsical fingerprints in the basic character.

We Bought a Zoo

The movie was cute but not spectacular. Damon is a good actor, despite the material given and plays the grieving husband with emotional honesty. The best scene is actually the last one in the movie with an unexpected but great twist back to an earlier line used by Damon's character.

Open Range
Open Range(2003)

Can't beat Duvall in delivering those sharp, short & sweet cowboy lines. Combining that with the playful partnership that Costner & Duvall share in the film, along with the stunning scenery makes this a western worth spending your Saturday night on.

Seraphim Falls

Without emotion until the end and even then it just couldn't seem to make it work. Viewers are strung along through the entire movie wondering what happened at Seraphim Falls as the same brief flashbacks are played over and over. Nothing more is revealed till the end of the film.

With two stars like Neeson and Brosnan, you would guess it would be better, but it just wasn't. I wasn't able to sympathize or make a connection with either of the characters though both should've been sympathetic ones. They could've done so much more...but they didn't. The characters seem to have lost faith in God, but there's no return pictured here. I love westerns, but this one doesn't make the cut.

The Last Cowboy

Lance Henriksen does a good job as the tough cowboy father, the last of a generation. Nice portrayal of the crazy hard times that come to ranchers (or farmers ;)) and the heart and determination it takes to persevere.

Goodnight For Justice

Great Hallmark Western. Luke Perry did a good job as the circuit judge with integrity who helps turn around the life of a son he never knew plus the lives of other young orphan boys persuaded to join a local outlaw gang.

The Net
The Net(1995)

Always a fan of Sandra Bullock, I love this movie. Carl bought me the DVD version for Christmas to replace my old VHS. :)

I'm all about a good suspense flick, and no matter how many times I've seen this one, I still end up on the edge of my seat, trying to tell Angela Bennett what to do. Lol. While the technology is of course dated now, it was cutting edge at the time with a few things thrown in for future sake that didn't even exist then. And Bullock plays a likable and sympathetic character. Overall good entertainment!

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorite films and my very favorite Disney flick. And Disney did a wonderful job as usual with the quality of the 3D version. If you're a fan, you won't be disappointed with the rendering of the scenery especially. The colors seem even more vivid, and I thought the feeling of being immersed in the rain at the end was a nice touch.

10 Things I Hate About You

Just watched the 10th anniversary edition of this last night, making this the third time I've seen the movie. While I definitely deduct points for some of the language and crudity (be prepared), I have to hand it to them that they did a good modern-day adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew, even throwing in a few Shakespearean lines and sly nods to the play.

This is a genuinely likable movie because it isn't your typical dumbed-down high school flick. The characters have a decent vocab and Julia Stiles makes the perfect quick-witted, smart, and surprising "shrew." She brings her usual acting talent and intelligence to the role and her scene in reciting the 10 Things demonstrates just that as she ad-libbed the emotional aspect , making it perfect. Also, Larry Miller, who plays her father has some of the funniest lines and comedic timing in the movie.

Dolphin Tale
Dolphin Tale(2011)

Cute film based on a true story that touches your heart about disability, passion, and perseverance. And Morgan Freeman lends his acting talent in the role of Dr. McCarthy.

Midnight in Paris

Charming and intelligent movie set in beautiful scenes of Paris. Makes me want to visit the city even more! As Gil, the aspiring novelist, steps back in time to the 20's, he comes face-to-face with the famous writers, painters, and thinkers of that period, while I felt like I was stepping back into my English undergrad days--bonus points for accuracy. Gives the audience an intriguing glimpse into the personalities and viewpoints of those "classics." Furthermore, the realization that Gil comes to concerning how we put previous eras on a pedestal gives this film a deeper twist.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey Jr. really does make the perfect Holmes, with his ability to portray the high confidence yet quirkiness of the character. And A Game of Shadows is fantastic fun--the action sequences are nothing short of amazing and once again, the plot pulls you in, challenging you to try to keep in step with what Sherlock's next conjecture might be. Watch the trailer, and you'll be hooked.

The Ugly Truth

From the very beginning, I kept hoping the movie was going to turn around at some point and that Butler's character would come to some kind of major relationship-changing revelations. No dice. The bad language and innuendos, both tacky and unnecessary, are in every other sentence, and the take on men's view of love and relationships while definitely "ugly" is not the truth. Instead of revealing truth in this matter, they only succeed in propagating terrible stereotypes of both sexes, but especially men. Love story? Nah. More like 99% lust. Save your money and watch You've Got Mail again.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Fun movie, full of suspense!! The stunts and action scenes are amazing. It really kept me on the edge of my seat, and they managed to still throw in a little humor to boot.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

I had seen a preview of War Horse and then later heard that it was nominated for Best Picture, so I figured it might prove to be a great choice to see at the theater. However, it really didn't live up to what I thought it would be. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but probably something as strong as the movie Secretariat. I felt from the first moment of the movie that the lead character of Albert (Joey's owner played by Jeremy Irvine) left a lot to be desired both in the character and acting, and I just couldn't seem to connect well with the horse and story.
To me, the best parts of the film were the scenes/storyline that took place with the French grandfather & his granddaughter and the visual creativity that was unexpected i.e. the reflection of the granddaughter & barn door opening in the horse's eye, the knit fabric that morphed into a scene of the horse plowing the field, and the dramatic contrast in the sunset/silhouette return home. It's obvious to me though that others seem to be much more emotionally drawn to this than I was, so take it with a grain of salt. :)


You have to wonder how realistic they could make a mythological world seem but I know and respect Kenneth Branagh's great work with characters, and I have to hand it to them, Asgard and its characters come out well including the shifting between the worlds. They manage to explain their existence/relationship to earth in a believable way. As for the movie as a whole, I loved it. Excellent choices in casting Thor and Odin especially. The hero's shift to humility/servant-like attitude, the relationship and respect or lack thereof between father and sons, and the theme of self-sacrifice give the story the depth that it needs. Colorful, rich visuals and nice dialogue.

I thought this was an interesting quote from "Kenneth Branagh conceptualized this film as a Norse/comic-book twist on William Shakespeare's Henry V, which was about a young king who underwent trials and tribulations: fighting a war, courting a girl from another land, trying to live up to the example set by his father (a beloved king), and basic character development."

The Way
The Way(2011)

Moving story...thoughtful and poignant, showing the emotional journey of four people making a pilgrimage together and dealing with their own struggles along "the way." Centers around the loss of Tom's son and how he deals with that by making the trek that his son, Daniel, started on. I love the fact that Martin Sheen (who plays Tom) and his real son Emilio Estevez play father and son in the movie, lending an even more touching aspect. Highly recommend; be ready to shed some tears though.

Puss in Boots

Sassy sense of humor; Puss in Boots makes for a clever and swashbuckling feline hero. :)

The Astronaut Farmer

May seem a bit eccentric, but it was an interesting perspective on following your dream and persistence. I like the against the odds theme.

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

Light and entertaining. Too bad it wasn't more old-style Nancy Drew.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Music serving as the element that binds the movie together. Good movie to see, interesting and unique storyline.

Fred Claus
Fred Claus(2007)

Fun & funny movie :)

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

This movie wasn't as bad as I thought it might be--it was fairly entertaining. However, I watched the tv version, so it's possible they edited out some of the bad stuff.

Pride and Prejudice

Excellent movie, a must-see for any reader of Jane Austen. A more comprehensive adaptation of Austen's novel; the acting is on target and matches her humor and complexity.

Sense and Sensibility

Great movie. Emma Thomposon does a wonderful job.

Becoming Jane

I feel like this movie could have been done so much better. I believe casting Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen was a mistake, and the storyline was a sort-of retelling of Pride and Prejudice, especially the country dance scenes.

Pride and Prejudice

This was pretty good, but not as good as the BBC version.

School of Rock

Jack Black is funny, and it's a nice storyline.


Woohoo--Transformers! Definitely a must-see for anyone who watched the cartoons! Funny-one of my favorite scenes was when they were waiting and hiding in Sam's yard.

Happily N'ever After

So-so. I liked their take on the seven dwarves though. :P

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

I really like Kate Winslet's role in this movie.

Charlotte's Web

Wilbur the pig is so cute!

The Pursuit of Happyness

Very touching. Thought-provoking.

Music and Lyrics

Funny retro music video in this!

Akeelah and the Bee

Inspirational movie. Reminds me of my spelling bee days! :)