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The Expendables
7 years ago via Flixster

I've been waiting for this film for so long and finally the time is here. It was just what I was hoping for, action like it used to be. Stallone has pulled off a worthy actioner. Statham, Rourke , Li and Stallone get most of the screen time; which is for the better. Lundgren got more time on screen than I thought he should have got due to his doddgy acting. Stone Cold, Crews & Couture were there for the extra extra muscle which was nice. The action was OTT, but thats a good thing. The explosions got bigger and more guns were fired and bullets dodged as the film went on. I couldn't help but laugh at some points at how stupid and fun it was. I would recommend this for all guys, some women may wanna stay clear and watch sex & the city 2.

Inception (2010)
7 years ago via Flixster

Where to begin? First off, what an amazing film. The story is a real mind fuck and the acting from all the cast members is brilliant. I've gotta hand it to Nolan for contructing a complex and brain melting idea. I can't reveal too much about the story except that it's about dreams and sub conscience, that ; an cool sfx. This is one of the best films of 2010 and I'm hoping it gets a lot of awards. It will be on your mind for weeks after viewing it, I know it will be for me. And I'm going to watch it again. Watch It NOW!