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The Gospel of John

I have to admit that I mainly saw this movie because HIC(my new favorite actor) was playing Jesus, but the film turned out not to be that bad actually.

Old School
Old School(2003)

Luke Wilson? now i'm interested...

The Time Traveler's Wife

The book was amazing so I'm eager to see the film.

The Rescuers Down Under

I used to love these movies when I was a kid! XD

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

This was actually really good an I enjoyed it a lot. It reminded me slightly of a Guy Ritchie movie with the fast paced action clips, numerous plot twists an wide range of well-known actors that are present through out.

Goal! III (Goal! 3: Taking on the World)

Ok, for some reason soccer is the only sport I can stand to watch without falling asleep and I actually got into the plot/storyline of the first two so I'm looking forward to this one also. (Seeing as they kind of left you hanging @ the end of the second one anyways.)

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

I love wolverine! I'm so excited that this movie is coming out! HJ is soo effing hot.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

Controversial; a different spin on a predator/prey relationship involving a teenage girl and older guy she meets on the internet. I have to say that the premise for the movie is what initially caught my interest, but the film turned out to be quite different from what I was expecting. Thought-provoking, shocking, and somewhat disturbing, I have to admit. It certainly raised questions and doubts about who the villian really was in the movie. I liked it. It reminded me slightly of Little Children ( which Wilson also starred in). The actors did a great job; I loved Ellen Page. Also, the cinematography was quite breath-taking, imo. Recommend to see for yourself if you haven't yet had the chance.

The Tracey Fragments

very weird, kinda sad and depressing movie.


Ok, I like the theory of time travel but I had a really hard time following this movie and didn't know what the fuck was going on for the majority of it. Wish I had someone to explain it to me or something, cause I feel like most of it went way over my head.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

Eh, it was ok but not the greatest.


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Lassie Come Home

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Freedom Writers

Very inspiring and emotional movie. Glad I got to see it b/c it was really good.

Strange Wilderness

Really stupid, and not worth sitting through so I ended up turning it off after sitting through the first half.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

Outrageous, stupid and over-the-top. I tried to sit through it but the whole time I was wondering when it was going to be over and I ended up not even finishing it b/c it really wasn't worth it.

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

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Another great whimisical fantasy tale by Hayao Miyazaki. It was a very cute movie and I reallly liked it. Wouldn't mind watching it again. (and again and again)

Chasing Amy
Chasing Amy(1997)

I finally sat down to watch this today, and boy, am I glad I did. I can see why it's so well-liked. Vry. funny (was LMAO a lot), w/ witty dialogue and loved the characters. It may be a "typical Kevin Smith movie" but I liked it and would recommend to my movie friends.

Young People Fucking (Y.P.F.)

Pretty funny and entertaining.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

I don't get into horror much and thought it was ok, but that there was too much hype over it. Admittedly, Nicholson did a great job but overall, I thought it was kinda stupid. (Hated the mother's character, who was histerical and incompetant, as usual for practically the whole movie) I think the main problem that I had w/ it is since I don't really get into Steven King's stuff, I couldn't really get into the movie. Seemed like another cheap, bad 80's horror film to me, not some cult classic must-see.

La tigre e la neve (The Tiger and the Snow)

Beautiful, funny and entertaining to say the least. My current favorite movie right now.


movie story about a mother who doesn't give up hope of finding her missing son, no matter what.

Punch-Drunk Love

I thought this movie was very weird and had trouble figuring out where it was going. Interesting movie, to put it mildly.

The Constant Gardener

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Grace Is Gone

I actually enjoyed this movie and would recommend it.

Lust, Caution

Very moving film; there were some quite intense scenes in it. Wei Tang did a great job as Wong Chai Chi AKA Mak Tai Tai, the woman set to seduce and thereby help in the assassination of a powerful political man, Mr. Yee. I thought the ending was quite sad and a little unexpected but it was very good overall.


It was ok, not too bad. Typically animated movie really.

American Virgin

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Freezer Burn
Freezer Burn(2007)

Not too bad of a movie. It was a low budget film and the plot wasn't too original, but it was ok. I enjoyed it overall.

The Machinist

To be honest, I expected more from the movie. The plot was kind of predictable, psychological thriller-wise. Admittedly, CB did a great job as the main character, Trevor Reznik but the movie as a whole didn't do much for me.

30 Days of Night

was actually not too bad; hadd some suspenseful and exciting moments. was surprised at how i was able to get into it since i normally don't like horror flicks. only thing was that i think they could have expounded on a few things a bit more plot-wise. other than that, it was pretty good.


i used to love watching this movie when i was younger; must have seen it at least 10 times. great score, cute movie.

Mozart and the Whale

had trouble sitting through this since the plot seemed predictable and boring; ok, to tell the truth, I hated it. There.


Thought the first part of the movie was good, really liked the cinematography. However, when I went back and finished it later, I couldn't get into the plot and fluff ending. Seemed like a transparent romance flick under the guise of an indie
artsy film. I was a bit disappointed but not too surprised I guess.

Deconstructing Harry

Great movie, really enjoyed it, identified with the main character a lot. My new fav movie.


I liked it almost as much as Rocknrolla, since it was also directed by Guy Ritchie. I thought it was really funny and outrageous in parts and I loved the soundtrack. I thought Brad Pitt's character was good and thought the parts with Tyrone were hilarious. One of my favorites now.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

didn't like the movie too much -it seemed kinda slow and felt like they could have done a better job of adapting the book onto the big screen. also, i'm not too crazy about Kat Dennings.


pretty good, not as good as i was hoping for though, another classic summer blockbuster. still, wouldn't mind seeing the sequel (if there is one)


One of my favs, a beautifully made film.


OMG I love Dustfinger! Paul Bettany embodies the character and did a great job. However, I can't say the same for the rest of the cast, who came across sounding stilted at times. Seeing Dustfinger come to life made it worthwhile though ^-^ (main reason why i gave it three stars insteadof just 2 1/2) Also, didn't get how it came about that the daughter has an English accent but the dad has an American one...thought that was a little wierd and something that shouldn't have been overlooked/glossed over by the director.

28 Days Later

Thought this was going to be a scary, "terrifying" horror movie but it actually wasn't that bad, horror-wise. Yeah, there are zombies in it, and some scary moments when you think the main characters might be eaten, but it wasn't that scary, imo, which is probably why I liked it. It had an interesting plot, just wish they maybe could have developed it further. Makes me want to watch the sequel.

Made of Honor

Yes, this had all the makings of a typical chick-flick. Two beautiful, successful people don't realize that they are made for each other. Tom and Claire are best friends and Tom enjoys his womanizing ways with the benefit of always having Claire around as a good friend. However, he is made to realize he has feelings for her when she goes to Scotland for several weeks. She gets back and before he can tell her what she really means to him, he discovers that she's became engaged to the perfect guy while away. He tries to win her back without sucess before finally deciding to just tell her what's really in his heart. Of course, you know how the movie ends before it's even started really. (Guy gets the girl, of course. What did you expect?) They tried to spice it up with some slap-stick comedy, which was ok although I didn't really laugh at any of it. . . An ok romantic movie though I wouldn't call it a comedy.


Not as good as I wanted it to be; it seemed pretty slow, with not too much going on plot-wise. Think they could have emphasized more the various fixations that the main character Justin developes in order to replace sucking his thumb. Overall, it was ok, think it could have been better though.


Quirky French film that I didn't quite know what to make of it the first time I tried to watch it. However, after going back, I really enjoyed the mischievous spirit of the movie that the main character Amelie brings to the film.

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

Pretty funny overall, had some good moments so it wasn't a total cliche comedy. Better than I expected but not great.


Very cool movie. Loved Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jacky Earl Haley.

Spirited Away

My first introduction to anime and I just fell in love with the story and characters. Even if you don't like anime, this enchanting tale draws you in and takes you away to a fantasical world. Easily my favorite of the great Hayao Miyazaki.

Lucky Number Slevin

Very suprising movie. Had some shocking reveals towards the end that I wasn't expecting. A good movie overall.

The Kite Runner

Sad story with themes of redemption in it.

Paperback Hero

I really liked this little indie film set in Australia. Hugh Jackman did a great job playing the rough and rowdy trucker who's secretly been writing romance novels. Before he knows it, they're a big hit but he's afraid of what people might say if they knew a man had written those trashy books so he gets his best friend Ruby Vale to pose as the author. Of course, things get complicated but in the end everything rights itself and the guy gets the girl. ^-^

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

Granted there were some funny parts but overall it was just kinda stupid and outrageous.

Half Light
Half Light(2005)

I really enjoyed this actually. I don't normally get into creepy ghost movies but I thought this was an unexpected treat. Not really sure why it was rated R though, since there were only a few scenes of violence and that's basically it. I wasn't expecting the twist ending and thought it was pretty good.

Final Destination 3

Watched this on tv, and boy am I glad I didn't spend any money on this. Granted it was entertaining at times with it's scary/thrilling parts but overall I felt it was too over-the-top and the graphics weren't too good at times either. It was slightly melodramatic and not as good as its sucessors. A cheap thrill basically.

Only Yesterday

Simple and touching movie.

Revolutionary Road

Not what I was expecting. I thought the Reader would be more like this but instead it was totally different. A depressing tale of how one couple's marriage is crumbling despite all their dreams of a better life together. I thought the ending was quite sad but it seemed there was a lesson in there too, I'm just not sure what yet.

Down in the Valley

I really liked the character of Harlan, who says he's a cowboy but seems like there's more trouble in his past than he wants to admit. He gets involved with Tobe, a young girl who wants to forget about her troubles at home. They quickly fall in love but their romance isn't destined to last...at least, not with the kind of past that Harlan has. The sense of foreboding you feel as the movie progresses is finally realized as things start to spin out of control towards the end.

The Brave One

Not as good as I was expecting it to be. The whole vigilante aspect of it did intrigue me but overall, I just wasn't able to get too invested in the film. But it was pretty good. Jodie Foster did a pretty good job and it was nice to see a bit of Naveen Andrews from LOST too.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Definitely a different kind of love story. Not really what I was expecting but good. It wasn't your conventional romantic movie, but I think it was good b/c it did represent how real relationships turn out most the time in real life. Opportunities are lost or wasted and we end up going our seperate ways in the end.


The movie was ok, basically about a cartoonist working for newspaper who's obsession with the Zodiac killer gradually takes over his life. It's supposed to be over a span of years, and it's mainly just hints and theories as to who the Zodiac really was, I think. It was a little slow, had some exciting moments but for the most part, it was just mostly conjecturing as to who the real Zodiac was. Not a great film but ok.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I think the movie turned out quite well and I really liked it. The story of a serial murderer set in 18th century France whose goal is to make the perfect scent. I thought it was an interesting story slightly devious in nature. Some people might hate the main character of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille but I, for some reason, emphasized with him and his incredible sense of smell. A very beautiful and seductive movie with dark undertones.


Ok, I just watched Revolver by Guy Ritchie. All I can say is WOW. It was amazing. I got like a brain freeze just watching it. The whole time I was like "Wtf is going....on...?" It was beautiful. It certainly plays with your mind. Seriously, it's the best movie I have seen in a long time. Why haven't I heard of it before? Why aren't more people into it? Jason Stathom was quite good, it was nice to see him in a slightly different role from the Transporter, etc. (With hair too.) It's nice to see that he can play a character with depth instead of his typical action ones. It was shot quite beautifully and several times I thought it looked like a work of art (For instance, when he goes flying the windshield of the car?great segment-loved it.). Well, I think it was an amazing movie; interesting twist at the end. Actually, there were so many twists and turns throughout the movie, you have trouble keeping up almost. The character of Sorter played by Mark Strong was quite interesting too. A gunman with a conscience. I'm glad they had that little bit with him towards the end. It was a surprising find and I can't wait to watch it over and over again. I'm sure I'll find something I missed the first time. ^-^


RW did a great job in this movie. I think the whole Little Red Riding Hood theme made it more interesting. It really reminded me of Hard Candy, which is probably why I liked it since I also really liked HC.

A Clockwork Orange

I don't quite get what many people mean when they talk of being disturbed when they saw this movie. Yes, there is violence along with other criminal acts committed but none more so in my opinion than in many of the R-rated films of today. I geuss, especially when it first came out, some people were shocked by the content since it was quite graphic at times. I think some of the issues brought up by it were quite thought-provoking. I really liked it, especially the deviant character of Alex. Plus, the background music was really good and it makes me want to get the soundtrack.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The first time I tried to watch it I couldn't really get into it. When I came back to it later, I loved it. I can see now why it's gotten so many good reviews, b/c Guy Ritchie (my new favorite director) did a great job when he made this. If you like this movie, you should see his other stuff too b/c they all have some of the same elements in them.

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

Pretty funny, but I didn't really like the main character George too much. It felt like a cheap comedy, which it was basically. But then again I've never watched the show which it was based upon so probably fans of the show would get it more. The main reason I watched it was to see Henry Ian Cusick who starred as the new boss Cameron Kane, that you couldn't help but hate b/c he was such an a**h***. But I was sorta sad when he....well, don't want to give anything away so I'll refrain.

The Darjeeling Limited

It wasn't your typical comedy. Three brothers try to reconnect with each other by going on a spiritual journey through India. There were some funny parts but overall it had a serious tone to it. I thought it was pretty good but not quite what I was expecting.

Nights in Rodanthe

Touching love story; I was tearing up near the end, as usual.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

A wrestler who's glory days in the ring are past although he's unready to give up his passion for it.
I'm glad I saw this movie finally. It gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the world of wrestling and I have a new-found respect for the people in the profession. I thought the story was inspiring, touching, and heart-wrenching. Some people didn't like it, others thought it great. I geuss I'm in the latter category although I can understand why it might not appeal to some.

The World's Fastest Indian

The true story of how one man aspires to time his Indian motorcycle in America to see if he can make a new world record.

Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no haka)

A story of a young boy and his sister who are orphaned during WWII in Japan and try to survive on their own despite the difficulties of that time.

I found this movie to be quite sad and a little depressing. However, it was a realistic representation of that time period.

Pom Poko (Heisei tanuki gassen pompoko) (The Raccoon War)

It was a little far-fetched but overall I enjoyed the movie.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

It was better than I expected. A lot of twists and turns with high-paced action throughout. I found it exciting and entertaining.


Fasted paced thriller that had a lot of action/violence in it. The plot wasn't that great or anything but it wasn't too bad of a movie.

Slumdog Millionaire

I wished I hadn't heard all the hype over this film because I felt like I already basically knew what was going to happen as I was watching it. That -along with an unsatisfying movie theater experience- made me not as invested in the film as I would have liked to be. Granted, there were some funny parts along with inspiring ones, but nothing that would make it exceptionally great in my books.

The Ringer
The Ringer(2005)

This was actually pretty funny. I was laughing pretty hard at some parts. It didn't have a lot of crude or suggestive humor, which I found refreshing for a comedy. I thought it was pretty good.


About average, slightly weird at parts though. I didn't quite know what to make of it because some parts were funny and suspenceful and the story was kinda interesting but it also had some other stuff going on in it that didn't really fit, imo. The ending for one. Also, the fact that the family didn't seem that devastated by the mother's death, kind of put me off. Other than that, it was ok.

Paris Je T'aime

I wasn't aware that this was a collection of 5 minute movies that each told a little story about people and their relationships in the city of Paris. I liked the first few short films. Some were interesting, others sad yet touching, and a few were just weird. But for the most part I really liked it. The only drawback was that I wished that some were longer so that I could find out what happened to the characters after the film had ended. Aside from the limited length of each, they were good.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

Not quite what I was expecting it to be; I didn't really see what the hype was all about. Even though it had a lot of actors that I like in it I just couldn't connect with their characters at all. ZB did a so-so job. Even though I love NP to death, I didn't like how she came across in the movie, like she was trying to be too cute, coy , or smart-alecky half the time. PS wasn't too bad. It just seemed to be about a bunch of [slightly] lost and depressed rich kids. I didn't get the conflict or struggle b/c there really wasn't that much going on in the movie. There are a bunch of independent movies that I think turned out much better than this, imo, in trying to get their point across about dealing with life, death, and your purpose in all of it. I have to admit that I'm dissapointed with this movie, b/c I was expecting much more from it.

Beautiful Girls

i thought this movie was quite good in fact and was glad that i stumbled upon it while flipping though the channels. it was funny at parts but insightful into the fact that we all have to eventually take up our responsibilites. i loved watching the different relationships between the characters, especially Will's (Hutton) and Marty's (Portman).

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

This was surprising funny and I really liked it. It had a very real feel to it and the friendship between the two main characters was really refreshing.


It was actually better than I expected it to be. I didn't even know that there had been an "original" Hannibal Lector movie, so I was a little skeptical. Of course, nobody can replace Anthony Hopkin's as Lector in my book (or Liam Neeson for that matter as the "Tooth Fairy) but the actors held their own and did a good job nonetheless. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a young William Peterson (Grissom in CSI) playing Will Graham. I still enjoyed the plot (even though I already knew what was going to happen), which had it's twists and turns and suspenceful moments. Overall, it was pretty good, but I still prefer the remake.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

A martial arts masterpiece. A lot of sword-fighting, running on roof-tops (more like flying) and walking on water. Other than these unrealistic feats performed (which added to its mystical feel), it was a very enjoyable movie. It also had a romantic touch with the love story going on between the two main characters, Shu Lien and Mu Li Bai. I really liked the character of Jen Yu and thought the actress Ziyi Zhang did a great job in portraying her. The effects are very good, the fight scenes are exciting, and visually, this movie is stunning.

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run(1999)

The movie is about a woman who has to help save her boyfriend (he's involved with some mob people and lost the money he was supposed to deliver to them) from getting killed in 20 minutes by stealing an exorbiant amount of money.
Gets your blood pumping in just the first ten minutes. It was slightly weird, but then again it is a German film. I liked Franka Potente in it, and think she could someday be one of my favorite actors. I thought it was interesting how they went back and did different scenerios of how she could save her boyfriend until eventually they had a happy ending.


I can't help but sympathize with Humbert Humbert; I would rather pity him than condemn him. Jeremy Irons fits the character of Humbert so well; he did a great job. I loved the musical score also. However, I wasn't quite happy with the girl that played Lo, she didn't quite fit the part in my opinion (the age thing, for one) but overall, I think she did well. It was sad and tragic, and I much prefer this version to the old one.


I didn't really like the wierd 20's music throughout and wasn't too impressed with the animation. The plot was ok, so was the movie, but it was very impressive.

Empire of the Sun

Even at such a young age, Christian Bale embodies the character of Jim, a spoiled young British boy, living in China during WWII. The story of the invasion of the Japanese and how, by accident, Jim is abandoned and left to fend for himself in the war-ridden country. The cinematography is beautiful along with the moving musical score. A true epic movie of WWII seen through the eyes of a young boy.

My Neighbor Totoro

Very cute movie. As with all of Miyazaki's movies, I just fell inlove with the characters, especially Mei and Satsuki, and of course, Totoro. The cat-bus was just adorable; it made me wish I could ride in it too. I enjoyed the movie very much, which was cute, funny, and heart-warming. Another Miyazaki success.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

i loved the book series, but i don't expect the movie to live up to them

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I think they did a great job making BP look younger and older throughout the movie; also the film was shot beautifully. I liked the love story aspect of it also, but the endin was a little sad. Good movie but not as amazing as everyone was predicting, in my opinion.

Then She Found Me

I love Colin Firth so it was a joy to see him in this movie. HH did a good job. I can't say I loved it; it was slightly slow and I couldn't quite connect with it in some ways. But I loved CF in it, as I've said before.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Funny, witty, slightly confusing but overall good. I geuss you would classify it as a dark comedy. I thought RDJ did great in it along with VK.

National Velvet

A classic story of a young girl and her passion for horses, which leads her to win the Grand National, one of the toughest horse races. One day, she notices a mischievious horse, called the Pie, and falls in love with him. Through circumstance, she becomes the owner of him through a raffle. Then, she finds out about the famous horse race, the Grand National. She determines to enter the Pie in it with the help of her friend Mi Taylor, who's a former jockey but has an aversion to horses because of an accident he had when racing. This movie is heartwarming and cheerworthy, with excellent performances by Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Tayler and of course, the Pie.
I can watch this movie over and over again and not get tired of it; every time I cheer for Velvet and the Pie at the end when they cross the finish line. And of course, I love the colorful Brown family, with sensible Mrs. Brown, slightly ignorant Mr. Brown, boy-crazy Regina, and adorable Donald.

"Violet...put that plate back in." "Oh, it aches me so."

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

Well, there certainly was a lot of flying bullets, I'll say that. I didn't expect the whole baby thing though. Clive Owen plays the usual badass character that suits him so well, while Giamatti is the exceptional bad guy that's after them. Ok film, a lot of fast-action, gun-shooting and some unrealistic scenes of course where Owen's character is up against 50 men and still gets away unharmed, along with the newborn baby he's toting around also safe, of course.

American Psycho

I finally see this film and I have to say that I hated it. Admittedly, CB does a good job playing a psycho who's losing his sanity or what little of it he has left. I hate the whole 80's time it's in. I thought Patrick Bateman's character was careless, not to mention narcissistic and obviously crazy, and would never have gotten away with so many murders for so long in real life. And when he finally tries to confess at the end, no one believes that he really killed all those people. I have to admit that I didn't really get the ending at all. It was like some cheap, bad, 80's, horror movie.

The Jacket
The Jacket(2005)

Brody does a good job playing a guy who seems to be losing touch with reality. I thought the whole time-travel idea was interesting (that's partly why I was drawn to this film in the first place, I admit.) but I thought they could have maybe explained it a little better. I enjoyed it; it's a good pyschological thriller type, almost along the lines of Memento.


It reminded me a bit of 10,000 B.C. which I thought was ok. It had to whole prehistoric, new world thing going on, with marauding invaders. It had a ton more blood and gore though, which probably is why it's rated R. I felt like there wasn't that much going on plot-wise however. It fell a little below expectations, imo.

I'm Not There

I thought it was weird and hard to understand at times.

Nim's Island
Nim's Island(2008)

It was a cute movie, and I loved the lizard Fred. I thought the performances of some of the actors (not including Jodie Foster) felt a little flat. The storyline was a little outrageous but it's to be expected in a kids' movie, I geuss. Overall, it was ok.

Quantum of Solace

It definitely had a lot of action in it, I'll give it that. However, I couldn't quite get into it as much as I did with the first. Daniel Craig was still good and I still enjoyed his performance as Bond but I felt like they were reverting back to the previous 70's film theme too much or something. It was almost a little too fast-paced, jumping from one car chase scene to another with bullets flying everywhere. Not that I don't mind a little action, as long as it seems believable. And with this I feel like they sometimes went over the top. But I don't want to bash this film, because it really wasn't that bad. As long as you're simply looking for a good action-spy flick and nothing more.

North Country

For some reason this movie really hit me when I first saw it, maybe it's the story of someone who is fighting for what they know is right even when no one else supports or believes them. I don't know, I liked it and thought it was good.

All the Pretty Horses

Western romance action drama all rolled into one.

Son of Rambow

A really great movie, along the lines of Stand by Me, with friendship, loyalty, and humor. I loved Carter's character who started out as the bully/miscreant and turned out to be a really cool kid. The actor that played him, Will Poulter, did an incredible job.

Requiem for a Dream

I found this film about the reality of drug addiction to be slightly depressing and disturbing but ok nonetheless.

Léon: The Professional

For some reason, I love this movie, well for one Natalie Portman (my favorite female actress) stars in it as Mathilda, then there's Jean Reno, who's also very good as the hitman who takes Mathilda under his wing after her family is murdered. I think the relationship between them both is very heartwarming which makes the ending kinda sad.

Dear Frankie
Dear Frankie(2005)

I have been wanting to see this for quite some time but couldn't find it anywhere. Then, of all places it was at our library and I was overjoyed at finally being able to get the chance to see this movie after such a long wait. The movie didn't let me down. It was quite touching and I admit that i did tear up several times. Lovely, poignant story.

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

Good suspense-thriller type movie. I typically don't get into alien movies but this one was ok.


I was a little skeptical since I don't tend to like political thrillers. The beginning started out kinda slow and I was beginning to think that my predition of the movie had been right but it certainly picked up the pace and I was blown away by the ending. Great movie, 3 3/4 stars.

Charlie Bartlett

Another typical teen drama/comedy. I was expecting it to be more entertaining than it really was and ended up slightly disappointed.

Lars and the Real Girl

Funny, original, cute, and quirky.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

seen parts of the movie and it struck me as very creepy. the original was better, of course.

Save the Last Dance

i've seen parts of it and it looks ok

50 First Dates

i don't really get into adam sandler movies...


a classic love story. no matter how many times this comes on tv, i always enjoy watching it.


Saw this with my family the one weekend and was expecting a B movie but I turned out actually enjoying it very much. The story of a couple's struggle with their marriage and trying to save it and themselves turned out to be a very touching one. I highly recommend going out and seeing it for yourself

The Happening

I can see why this movie didn't do as well. I don't think it deserved the R rating as it seemed to be a soft R movie to me. With all the hype about this being M. Night's "1st R-rated movie" it felt like more of a publicity thing. The plot was interesting and there were some suspenseful moments, but overall the movie just didn't quite cut it like Night's previous films.

My Blueberry Nights

A little strange, but good.

Fahrenheit 451

Better than I expected, really. They did pretty well making it look "futuristic". I was a little surprised that Montag's character sounded German though. Overall, pretty good representation of the classic written by ray Bradbury.

No Reservations

this movie is based upon the German version entitled Mostly Martha, which I had seen before the American version. I have to say, I liked the German one better. Not only did the characters feel more real to me, the struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one felt more legitimate. This version felt TOO American, with the rich, successful chef (played by Zeta-Jones) who is a perfectionist and likes to have things her own way. She is forced into caring for her sister's child, however, after a car accident which killed her sister. Used to being indepedent and in control, she is faced with a situation she isn't prepared for. Another unexpected things occurs when she has to work with a new chef (Eckhart), whom she considers to be a nuisance. Eckhart's character is supposed to be slightly eccentric, with a off-beat cooking style but whom everyone likes. However, I think his performance felt a little flat and I couldn't quite buy the nice-guy persona. I couldn't quite connect with this movie and I don't know if it was just me or perhaps because I had seen the other version first so I was used to that one. Anyways, long story short, didn't like it that much, thought Mostly Martha (German version) was better.

Pan's Labyrinth

I was a little skeptical of this movie because I don't really get into horror. However, the blood and gore shown is mainly war violence. I enjoyed the fairy tale story line very much and thought the ending was superb. A beautiful, sad, and poignant film. There were many good points that I found in it that made me love it, which was nice and unexpected.

Little Children

I thought it was pretty good and caught some of the points that were brought out to me in the book. However, I felt that they shouldn't have made some of the changes as it would have benefited the film more if they hadn't been ommited. Other than that, it was ok.

The Nativity Story

i thought it was a pretty accurate portrayal of Jesus's birth, though i did pick out a few discrepincies where they deviated from the Bible account. overall, though, i thought it was good

The Way of the Gun

really didn't like it. at all. from what i could tell, it didn't seem to have much going for it

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

good movie, liked the fact that they stuck pretty close to the book. don't think it was as good as the first though. other than that i wouldn't mind welcoming any more sequels that might come out after this one

Love in the Time of Cholera

only reason i gave it more than 3 stars is because of Javier Bardem, basically. he was one of the reasons i wanted to see the film and seemed like the only redeeming quality in an otherwise cheap representation of the book

Hannibal Rising

pretty good, pretty much stuck with the book. still, felt there was something...lacking in at all the same

Eastern Promises

loved it. turned out better than i expected; wasn't just a typical mobster-thiller movie. i thought it had more substance to it than that; the characters where complex. really liked it


would give it foue stars (the music was brilliant and loved the story) but was slightly disappointed by the ending

Just Friends
Just Friends(2005)

stupid, but kinda funny

Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks(2007)

great movie, liked it very much. lived up to my expectations. i loved the fact that it showed the turmoil of Mr.Brooks and how he struggled with his compulsion to kill that was fueled on by his alter ego. the ending left you wanting more, and i'm hoping there will be a sequel

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

at first, I wasn't very interested but after taking a second look at it, I really enjoyed it. I loved the gritty, dark feel of it. TJ did vry well as the Punisher. good comic book movie come to life.

Queen of the Damned

i didn't really like the movie; the vampires just looked so fake


i thought this movie was rather good and liked the fact that it stuck pretty close to the book

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

it was ok but not as good as the first one, imo


very stupid movie. it just got worse and worse as it went along.

Ocean's Thirteen

pretty good movie. it was a little hard to follow at times and it didn't really feel like a comedy to me whereas the first and second still had those funny parts. it was good overall but didn't have that certain quality to make is as good as the previous films.

Martian Child

the little boy who claims to be a martian is cute and did quite well to boot. John Cusack plays a science-fiction writer that adopts him after his wife dies, and the bond that developes between them throughout the movie is quite touching. a heartwarming story with it's humorous parts.

Good Luck Chuck

i think people made it out to be funnier than it was just because Dane Cook and Alba were in it. i thought it was just a mediocre romantic comedy that was mainly rated R because they had to show all the sex positions that DC did w/ all the women he slept with, and because of his crude friend who was obsessed w/ breasts. imo, not all it was cracked up to be

American Gangster

i think i was expecting it to be as good as The Departed but it didn't have that same suspense thrill to it. the ending felt a little soft. i felt like they almost built it up or something. it was pretty exciting with the gangster plot and how this one family controlled so much of the city. it is definitely interesting to learn that Lucas and Roberts were real men and that this story actually happened.

10,000 B.C.
10,000 B.C.(2008)

the cinetography was great, the plot was a little reminescent of Gibson's Apocalypto in that a man is trying to save his mate and way of life while being set in the prehistoric times. except in this movie, it's the girl who is captured by slave traders so that the guy has to prove himself and rescue her and his people. it was epic but it definitely wasn't 300 or anything.

The Guardian
The Guardian(2006)

i mainly watched just to see KC in it. it started out ok, a little slow throughout the middle. it seemed kinda long to me, and i ended up skipping the ending because i got kinda bored. i didn't really feel like i was missing anything though.


good cast. i usually don't get into war-type movie but this one seemed to have an interesting plot. i was actually quite moved by some of the scenes, some of which were very intense. George Clooney did an excellant job. i thought it was pretty good for a political thriller, which i usually don't get into

A Scanner Darkly

ok, but wierd. it starts out with an interesting plot and leaves you geussing and second-geussing. it's a little slow though. pretty good but kinda out there too.

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

finally checked out this movie and had high hopes for it. it's definitely a sci-fi but the problem i had was that they barely explained anything to you. i geuss it was left up to you to decifer what was going on and who were really the good or bad guys. the ending was kinda abrupt. i just wish there was a sequel that explained more of the plot and what certain things meant. all i can say is, don't expect any explainations, because they are left up to you to interpret on your own


i don't get into musicals much, but since i had heard of all the rave over RENT i decided to check it out. I didn't really get into the desperate, bohemian themes it had. it seemed too overdramatic and i mostly laughed at it more than took it seriously. that doesn't go to say that i didn't get the things they were fighting for, i just thought they were a little overdramatic about it. that was probably the drama background it originally was inspired by coming through though. personally, i thought it was kinda laughable but it did have some good themes plus the songs were kinda catchy, and you have to admit that the actors had amazing talent. (vocally, in not in the acting area.)


pretty good movie. i think i was expecting a little bit more from it plot-wise but overall i think Mel did a good job. it definitely had a realisitic feel: I almost felt i was watching a documentary at times.


good movie, (one of the reasons why Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors) i liked the way it was put together. the story is about a man who has short-term memory loss and you learn he is trying to find the guy who killed his wife by following notes and clues he has left for himself. this gives it some confusing twists and unexpected surprises. not everything is as it seems and eveyone isn't who you think they are. this movie will leave you geussing, but it definitely pulls off being something that you will remember.


ok, but thought they could have developed the main guys character a bit more. i didn't really like the girl who played alongside him either. the book was better, imo

Date Movie
Date Movie(2006)

ok, but not as good as originals

The Aviator
The Aviator(2004)

haven't really seen all of it so can't really b 2 good of judge...

There Will Be Blood

definitely one of the better films that I have seen this year (so many mediocre ones have come out that i've been dissapointed in, so i was pleasantly surprised when i saw TWBB). good portrayal of the power of greed and money, i loved the friction between DDL's and Dano's characters. it actually had some vry funny parts in it which i wasn't expecting. a bit lengthy but worth it. watch it, you'll be glad you did.


cute movie, i enjoyed it

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

i was sorta dissapointed in it, i thought they could have used less CGI, especially for the blood


my new favorite movie. a story about love, betrayal, and the reality of life. i thought it was good in that it showed the complexities of relationships but thought the dialogue was a lilttle glib. Overall, a good movie in my opinion. the acters did a great job.


never really like Annie.. though i do like to make fun of that song, "it's a hard knock live for us..."

The Pacifier
The Pacifier(2005)

i don't really get into Vin Diesel movies and i found this one stupid, but for some reason he also seemed incredibly sexy to me in this movie, i don't know why


saw this on tv and i can see why it tanked, the acting the plot...

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

hilarious movie, i love the part when Michele has the dream about the prom. one of my favorites

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

interesting movie, a classic of coarse. it always sorta bugged me though that they never explained about why the birds were acting that way. that's just Hitchcock though, i geuss.

Dante's Peak
Dante's Peak(1997)

saw this on tv and it was really horrible. i hate movies about impending natural disasters, nough said (except Day After Tomorrow, that's an exception)

The Sword in the Stone

never really saw all of this movie, just parts

Cats & Dogs
Cats & Dogs(2001)

i remember wanting to see this movie so bad when it first came out. lol, i feel sorta bad supjecting my parents to seeing it in the theater with me... it was a god kid's movie though.

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

Cotillard's performance is amazing in this movie, they do such a good job especially with the makeup. i give it only 2 1/2 stars though becuase the plot is somewhat tedious and boring in parts. i would recommend you see it though just so that you can see Cotillard's great acting.

A Cinderella Story

i don't like hilary duff, her perfomance in every movie (they are basically all feel good teen movies) is the same: about as good as when she was on disney channel


good movie overall but a little sad and depressing at the end.

The Italian Job

i don't see why everyone makes such a big deal out of tis movie. it's ok, but definitely not the best.

P.S. I Love You

this movie was incredible. i loved it. it was a mixture of me laughing one moment and bawling the next. moving, funny, romantic. i thought Swank's and Butler's performance's were great. (GB looked so darn cute!)


gerard butler, so hot... that's all i'm gonna say. yeah, and the plot was pretty good too.

Reign of Fire

it has all these awesome actors in it that are so hot (Bale, Butler) but i just can't get into the plot. i only watch it for the eyecandy.


i just saw this in the theater, and it sort of dissapointed me. i thought they were going to expound on the guys past more but they didn't. it was baiscally about 2 hrs of violence, some nudity, and swearing, of course. the plot wasn't that great and neither was the dialogue. it went too fast for you to really get into the story.

Mission: Impossible 2

ok, but the first was still the best

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

hugh jackman was AWESOME in this movie!

The Sweetest Thing

omg, hilarious movie. i love how the one friend is always going through the most embarressing situations.

The Beach
The Beach(2000)

i saw part of the movie and it was pretty interesting but sort of weird also. i would like to see all of it though

Deep Impact
Deep Impact(1998)

not one of my favorites, only reason i watched it was mainly for elijah wood

Coyote Ugly
Coyote Ugly(2000)

ok movie but i don't know why everyone was making it like it's some awesome classic movie or something

Memoirs of a Geisha

i've heard a lot about this movie and Zhang Ziyi's excellance preformance so i definately want to watch it and form my own opinion


i really have been wanting to see this movie ever since it came out. i hope i can finally get a chance too

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

ok, i actually saw this movie and it was the least one of all that i would have likec to see in the theater. it wasn't so bad though. some cute moments, but also some stupid ones.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

i loved Crowe and Bale in this movie. i normally don't get into westerns but this one is an exception.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

ok comedy, i probably would have liked it a lot less if not for Sasha Baren Cohen and his hilarious role as the gay french guy.

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

this movie actually wasn't as funny as i thought it would be so i was a little dissapointed. i'm just glad i didn't pay to see it.

American History X

i finally got a chance to see this movie and it is brilliant. i love the way they tackle the issue of racism, and the cinematography was amazing. a good movie.

Eight Below
Eight Below(2006)

i thought this movie was incredibly boring and too long to focus on dogs in the acrtic for nearly two hours. and i had even wanted to see it.

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy(1995)

hilarious movie


i think i saw this movie awhile ago and thought it was quite interesting and touching

Ella Enchanted

ugh, i HATE this movie. the book was fun and put an original spin on the cinderella story but when they made the movie it came out horrible. i hated the CG effects, the humor, the look and clothes of the characters. AND the plotline. they just chopped it up and out came this mess.

Richie Rich
Richie Rich(1994)

never liked this movie that much

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

great classic movie i can watch over and over again. you have to love the underdog, Charlie

Lady in the Water

i didn't like it as much as M. Night's other movies but still good overall.

We Are Marshall

another football movie, supposed to be inspirational, but aren't they all? and Matthew M. didn't even look that hot in this movie so i was a little dissapointed because that was one of the main reasons i had seen it for

The Bourne Supremacy

not as good as the first and ceryainly differs from the books which i was very dissapointed in


i like this movie only because of how HJ looks so sexy in it

The Others
The Others(2001)

what isaw of it was pretty good, but i would like to rent it to get the full story

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

i only like this because gerard butler makes an appearance

Gone in 60 Seconds (Gone in Sixty Seconds)

my dad is in love with this movie and Eleanor so i've learned to appreciate it too

The Whole Nine Yards

this movie was actually pretty fun and had an ok plot. though i wasn't too crazy about the second


never really liked this movie. it was too depressing, even when i was little.

Air Bud
Air Bud(1997)

the first one is a classic but they should have stopped after that. i hate all the sequels they made.

Super Size Me

omg, this actually was a vry good movie which i wasn't expecting.


i never did get to watch it all the way through but the parts i saw were pretty good

Monsters, Inc.

one of my favorite family movies

What a Girl Wants

I love this movie just becuase Colin Firth (who plays the dad) looks so amazingly...CUTE in this movie. i give it three and a half stars just for that.

Becoming Jane

Just saw it tonight. It was better than I expected. The plotline was actually pretty good and I could almost imagine that it was a true love story that actually happened to Jane Austen. (which it very possibly could have.) i thought it actually turned out quite well. they cast the actors very well in this film and i thought McAvoy looked quite hot to be truthful at times. Anne played a very convincing Jane. I reallly liked it. ( the hot guys helped. wink, wink) I think it could have reciaved a soft pg-13 rating tho. but that probably would have taken away from the clean P&P image it sported. still, i wish i could have had a little warning that i was going to see naked male backsides. (tho it wassn't all to back. hehe.) i'm just saying be a little careful if you want to see a "family friendly" film and go 2 c it with ur grandparents or something. anyways. good movie overall.

Underworld: Evolution

pretty good, though it didn't quite live up to the original in my opinion. i think the werewolf-creatures and other special effects didn't look quite so good to me.

What Lies Beneath

i didn't really like this movie too much.

The Number 23

this movie was pretty good

The Princess Bride

one of my favorites. it's so funny but also original in its cast. i also read the book which went along well with the movie.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

omg, i've seen this on tv but have never gotten a chance to watch all of it. what i have seen though is that it is a very good sci-fi type that really makes you think.

Two Weeks Notice

omg, i love ALL hugh grant's movies and he delivers a good performance (as usual) alongside Bullock. good romantic comedy

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

THIS was a very impactful humor, even though at times i had to cringe because of the graphic violence. but the overall story of loyalty that Washinton's character has for the girl had me crying by the end. vry good movie overall

Johnny English

saw parts of it and it mostly just seemed like slapstick humor.

Big Fat Liar
Big Fat Liar(2002)

ok for a Nicklodeon-type movie.


ok movie but didn't quite live u to my expectations.

Shaun of the Dead

I love the [British] humor in this movie; it's hilarious.

A Night at the Roxbury

This is the funniest movie.


best movie of the year

The Matrix Revolutions

i thought the original was good just as it was, and thought that it could have been a stand-alone movie. the sequels were ok in my opinion but a little weird and just didn't have that edge alomst. idk. i still give it four stars.

Father of the Bride

steve martin is hilarious in this movie. it's a great family comdey


i love Hugh Jackman in this movie and Anna Paquin. the original is always the best even though the sequels are still amazing.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

ugh, THE stupidest movie ever. if you like bad acting and tween-theme plotlines, watch it. hilary duff STINKS in this movie, but i'm not surprised becuase that's how her acting always is.


egh, sorta stupid.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

ooohh, this movie i pretty good. not the best i would say, but definately up there

The Silence of the Lambs

omg, the best horror thriller movie out there. it's a classic must see. whenever it comes on i have to watch it again. anthony hopkins IS hannibal lector, and joi foster's performance matches his hopkin's in it's quality


ugh, stupidest movie evr. i seriously HATE it, even if it may be a a classic, blah blah blah. the movie quality really stinks.

Bring It On
Bring It On(2000)

fun chick flick/girl movie.

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

ok, but not as good as expected. i liked the one robot Sunny though. lol ^-^

Casino Royale

the best bond movie. i usually hate bond movies (their so macho) but daniel craig played the part so well. i liked him better than the original.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

A tried to watch it on tv, because of all the hype i'd heard about it, but it was actually really not that good in my opinon. i had to turn becuase it was just so stupid. the action sequences seemed so fake.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

this is the BEST movie ever. i totally love it and am obsessed with it. it's surprisingly philosophical at times, and i love Edward Norton in this film. five stras all the way.


omg, this is the WEIRDEST movie EVER! i was just watching it on and off on tv the one day but it just seemed reallly weird and freaky to me.

The Pursuit of Happyness

actually wasn't as impactfull or good as i thought it would be. i wasn't what i expected really

Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds(2002)

like most of Adam Sandler's movies, this has all the stupid humor and bad acting you could want

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

it had it's funny parts, and it's stupid ones. it was ok but i don't kno neccessarily if i should have spent my movie theatr movey on it...

Seven (Se7en)

amazing plotline, and performances by the actors.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

awesome movie. u can't watch it w/o also seeing the first one right b4hand. love the music and also would like to get the soundtrack.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

good movie, totally lives up to the first.

Spy Kids
Spy Kids(2001)

the first one wasn't so bad but then they had to go and make sequels....

A Beautiful Mind

pretty good movie, unexpected twist at the end. i think Crowe did a very good job in this film

Finding Neverland

Dep does a fantastic job in this movie, and i thought it was good. good plotline too and i actually had tears in my eyes at the end of it.


Awesome movie! I love it, and can watch it over and over again. The sequel couldn't even live up to the first one.