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Barney's Great Adventure

lol, this movie reminds me 6yrs ago... when i used to be crazy over this dinosour.. good movie and awesome story... lol.. nice songs too....

King's Ransom

a true comedy of Anthony, i laughed alot while watching this film, plot to kidnap was so silly and funny, it could have been funnier in million of ways though, oh well, it was a nice going entertainment..


Well, it the movie isnt that so good untill Rajpal shows up, he is the man of the movie, without him, this movie would have got a star only, his comedice humour were fabulous and hilarious, surely they dont have better comedian in the industry..

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

A nice Christmas movie, i used to watch this movie like everyday and it really entertained me each timei watched it.... its well filmed and i really loved Jim Carrey in this movie, even though we didnt get to see his face but it was really good..
its one movie that you would love to watch with family on Christmas time and it gives you some really good quality times in it...
a wonderful movie to watch..
if you havent seen this then you may consider watching this but with family..

Why Did I Get Married?

A Marriage is not just about two people living together and having fun all the time, its something more then that, its about love, commitment and sacrifice..

This movie is based on four different couples who planned a vacation far far away to spend some times together but things start to get ugly when one of their friends sleep with another woman while his wife (which he really doesnt care about) is out all alone by herself..
Now only that started fire around the place.. well, watch it yourself to find out more..

It really is a shocker for me to see this movie didnt do too well, its pretty nice film to watch, probably one of the best dramas i have ever seen..

The performances were good too and so is the plot, really worth to watch..

Return to Never Land

well, its good if you have 3 to 10 year old kid in your house :D

The Kite Runner

In such a long time, i have not seen such a movie where it takes your breath away and makes you wonder what will happen next. While watching, you will be predicting but its just unique and un-predictable.

Moulin Rouge!

I have to admit that i enjoyed watching this movie more than i thought i would, it was all made, its unrealistic but thats what makes it special and unique, a great night flick.

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus(1993)

One of the few movies that i wont get tired watching. "No, he's a friendly zombie" - is one my all time favourites quote.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The thing is, you really have to understand the book in order to understand this movie, it doesnt have exact the same harry potter feelings comparing to the first 2movies either but it was still good and entertaining, performance were good too, all grown up on the third year (faster then usual) and the adventure is getting more exciting.

The least favourite of all Harry Potter movies.

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

reading a Synopsis of this movie didnt interest me as much, so i decided to ignore this movie untill today (5th of april 09) when i had nothing better to watch and i had a dvd of it somewhere in my house, so i decided to give it a shot and i suprisingly loved every single moment of it, well, it had its own moments which were okayish but most of the movie is just good and entertaining, also loved the humour of the movie and also the performances from Katherine, James and Malin..
I do recommend this movie.

Hannah Montana: One in a Million

Its fun, suitable for everyone..
depends on someones love and interest really..

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Its all BOLLYWOOD!!!
but not with villains and stuff...

its okay to watch it once, some parts are over done and some parts are so boring..

Genelia and imran did well xx

Slumdog Millionaire

Sometimes you just dont seem to be interested in a movie but you give it a go anyway and it turns out to be the best of all, well, this is one of them.

This movie has a really annoying scene where that guys blind them with acid, it still haunts me as i have seen that in real life.

Rowan Atkinson Live!

really good one to watch..

Quantum of Solace

The worst BOND movie so far in the series..
I really cant think of a way to put this on my bond collection, i have all the bond films on 2-discs edition but this doesnt have a place for it, and if it accidently gets in my hand thn might keep it as a collection only...

Transporter 2

Kind the same thing with the first film but this time is just with different twist from the first film but still nothing new comparing to other films..
but not bad either..

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights opens as a boring film that you would like to quite watching right away, but things really start to change when the stories begin, they all have unique messeges and well entertaining..

Surely, for a tv movie is good but if it was a real theatrical release then probably this would have sucked at some arts..

Other-wise, the entire film is a masterpiece..

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

James Bond has gone mental, well, that is really this movie is about..

A very funny and freshing movie..

Highly Recommended :D


Without Tom Courtenay, this movie would have got a half star less, he was the only actor who actually pretty well, others were really bad that if i was on the set, i would have puked, but watching it, seems somebody alreaddy did..

It is a great humilation for the british, why do something which you cant do huh? i mean what the heck, this movie a shit..

its a great story but very poorly made...

Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control

Its a fair comedy with some stupid jokes, but it surely does work well, i pretty much enjoyed the film, its definetly a 3stars worth..

The actors did a good job on this one, Masi Oka plays his role exactly the same way he plays Hiro Nakamura in HEROES..

Alvin and the Chipmunks

It surely is the perfect family movie that i have seen with the cutest characters, well, the chipmunks am talking about..
They are amazing and and hell funny, it surely makes me so excited for the second one to come out which it will include chimpettes, cant wait for it..

Just a great family movie..

I Know Who Killed Me

It surely is the worst Excuse of the Horror Movie, Razzia got that right... and yes!!! all the nominations it got from the Razzie were right, cant dis-agree..

Well, the movie is not like the worst movie of all time, i seen worst, but it surely is on the budget levels if that is what we talking about..

I never seen Lindsay Lohan as naked and acting as a slut before, this one is the first time.. oh well, what can i really say, it did kinda suit her.. so yeah..

This movie is a bit odd!! doesnt really get to the point quick and nothing does sound right or make sence until the end, well, you do predict what was going to happen anyway..

And the movie is dragged and gets boring and talkative at the points..

Its okay to watch once though, to see it yourself..
but should be free, doesnt worth your penny..

Oh, one more thing, i dont really understand the reasoning of the killer..

its hard to understand.. its more like LOL at the end for watching this.


i really enjoyed watching this movie, its different thn most of the bond movies, its simple and well made...


Due to i have a brother who is crazy about horror films, so i been watching alot of them, and most of them suck..

Well, this one is different, i dont really know if liked it so much or not..
Its a little bit disturbing how people are dying in this movie, and makes you feel sick..

This horror film is unique and it really freaks you off, not many horror films managed to do that recently, i even startrd to get freaked off when i look at myself on the mirror and sometimes i have this feeling that there might be someone in the house..

If i get a heart-attack, i will blame the film industry, seriously, this freaked me off highly..

but surely, the best horror i have seen in such a long time..

The performance from Sutherland was very good and very impressive, the rest of the actors were good also, just that little boy, surely, he might be adorable but he is not a good actor, i think Rico from Hannah Montana could play him well..


The end, the guy dies, well, i think that was sad, surely it was good and more releastic but it was sad.. i wish he had survived and gets back to his kids..


Wanted did bring what i really had expected in action category, it had some really good action scenes it and it was all done very well, i have to admit that, the casting of the movie was pretty good too..

The only thing which i didnt really get much was the PLOT, perhaps i do have to watch it again to get the point of the movie and what is the choosen ones? ETC ETC..
It also has some really un-realistic moments on it..

Other-wise, it brought what it supposed to bring.. And Special Effects were brilliant..


The Simpsons Movie

To come to the point before i go on, i really am not a fan of the simpsons, that might be one of the reasons why i didnt really like or enjoy the film? perhaps maybe?

Well, i dont really know, the movie didnt really stand for me, yes! it was little bit funny but whenever i really start to think, its all so stupid for me..
Actually, i didnt like it.. Sorry for the Simpson Fans, but it just aint a good animation movie, i have seen more better ones, the one just sucks..

Surely, i have seen worst animations such as the Bee Movie, The Reef and others which i cant remember right now, but this one just stands around with them...

Southland Tales

Got bored after ten mins, didnt know the hell was going on.. so took the movie off and watched something else..

Not interested in finishing and my rating is 0.5 for it.. for the first 10mins that i watched..

Globe Trekker: England

The series of Globe Trekkers can be seen on TRAVEL CHANNEL..

Globe Trekker is a truly amazing programmes which shows you different locations, styles and cultures and its a good educational programme..

The England one happens to be slow, as it really shows much britsh stuff, well.. you all know how english stuff are, slow and little bit quiet..

And also, Shapiro is not the best presenter they have, she is good enough though, she asks alot of questions..
sometimes they have Ian and Meghan, now they are the classics and funny..

Its a good show, really, it worths to give it a go..
i got 12 DVDs of 15 different countries..


Enchanted is just one of the most amazing movies i have seen in such a long time, its just so amazing how they managed to pull that all up, i really had high expectations from this movie before it even came out and it really didnt dissapoint me..

The performances were absolutely Terrific, Hats off for Amy Adams and James Marsden (also for hairspray)..

When the movie begins, it straightly takes your memory back to the old Classic disneys that we used to watch when we were kids..

Now, lets talk about the songs and scores, well!!!
The songs are amazing, no suprise that 3 of the songs were nominated at the OSCARS..

Now, What i really liked the most about this movie definetly the Chipmunk, it is just too cute and adorable which also puts this movie in the state of "cute movie"

What i really didnt like and it only may be the reason why it didnt get 5Stars from me is the ending, well.. the ending is amazing, i know but am talkin about the evil step-mother turning into a dragon, now that was pretty irritating, other then that.. it was just all amazing..

Recommended to all people who enjoyed the old disney classics..

God Tussi Great Ho

It seems like they have turned the great movie BRUCE ALMIGHTY into this shitty piece of crap..

Well, my point is, this movie is a total RIP-OFF of BRUCE ALMIGHTY but its so much worst..
Salman Khan has always been a bad actor and in this movie, it makes him more bad as his performance turns into such a disturbance and with his over comedy makes it all worst, and thn now we get his brother, who is as bad as him..
Seriously, this brothers need to stop acting, they suck.. The movie is so long and at the end you will be praying for this movie to end but it took its time..

The only thing i really liked about this movie is Priyanka Chopra, she did well playing her role as Alia but yet again, her nose ring thing was annoying...
Amitabh Bachchan didnt do well playing the Main Man as morgan did, he really did suck..

But still, Salman is now an officially worst actor of the year..

Remembering now the biggest problem of the movie was going through my mind alot is that the performance of Salman Khan was not suitable for him, he is acting as if he is 22yr old guy but in his real life, he is in his mid-forty's, really...
Its a big shame and sort of emberresing for himself..


Next is surely a good movie to watch, there always is something goes on, i for sure know that this movie would have got more rates but it couldnt as it got me lost..

Well, let me explain..
The movie really takes you in and makes you all excited of what is going to happen then all you become to know that its paste future future paste and all confusing, and the most confusin moment was at the end, i didnt really get it much..

Could have been way better..

The Game Plan

The movie is surely one of the sweetest and cutest movies i have ever seen, its a true entertainment from the start to the very end..

Madison Pettis, i usually see her on disney channel and always found her as cute girl who is an okay as a performer but watching this movie proved that i was so wrong as that girl could actually act, she was amazing actress in this movie, did a very good job, so did The Rock, i really liked him in this movie, thought he brought a desent performance..

The movie really tells a story about a girl who suddenly comes up to joes apartment and claims that he is her father and thats where the fun really begins..

Be Kind Rewind

Well, when the movie begins and as it goes on, it feels like this movie is really going to be boring and talkative but again!!! Jack Black never fails to entertain as he gets magnetized and makes the entire film good when he erase all the tapes off..

now thats were it all begins to be fun as they start to make mini films of their own, its a total LOL film till the end..

Its totally a different kind of comedy film..
The problem with this film is definetly Mod Def, he cant act, lets face that.. his performance was absolutely bad, it would have been better if they had chose another black guy for the role thouh...


Jumper did really remind me of Heroes alot, specially when the chase began but this is just much shorter and its alot about Jumper, people who can go anywhere they want at anytime without visa or air tickets, all they have to do is teleport himself and thn, done!!!

The movie is very entertaining indeed, it does get boring a little bit in the middle but when they chase starts, it goes on till the end, it really worths to watch, its pretty entertaining too..
Hayden Did a very good job in this movie but coming to Rachel, she is pretty and has lovely cute voice and all but she is not just a good actress..

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

The mist is a very good movie to watch, its one of the movies where you want to know what is going to happen next but for some points, you could tell what was coming and i found that to be very typical, but yet!!! it was a very good film to watch... The Creatures were scary enough to satisfy and the performances by the actors were great as well..
The ending was good but i knew what was gonna happen too..

Its good enough, give it a go..
might like it..

Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas

Well, its actually small stories of what went on the palace on the christmas time and all that, it really isnt good, it so boring..
i took half of it off, the only thing i liked was that.. hmm.. nothing in particular.. lol...


This simply isnt one of the best movies i have seen and its so over-rated..

The comedy is weak and the Zombies story are so bad now days because its all the same thing happening again and again.. The movie began okayish untill that big fat lady exploded then it got to its worst lever..

Thank god there isnt a sequel to this..

Drillbit Taylor

I am trying to rate this 2.5, but it doesnt let me :S

This was not such a bad movie but its also not what i really expected..
I mean come on, surely there are some bullies in high school but they dont go that far, its a bit over done if you ask me..
It began really well then it really starts to fall apart..

Its a movie about a bunch of geeks who wants to be cool (typical) but then they must face the school bullies, well, are we watching a nick or disney show? it seems this one is far worst too..

its worth to watch once if there is nothing better on TV, and yes! the movie could have been way better..

Phat Girlz
Phat Girlz(2006)

Well, it really is a nice and entertaining movie to watch, although its a big flop, but it really is okay..
The problem with this movie is just based with on person who's story really isnt something that we like but in another hand, her freind stacey who pulls up most of our attentions and yes! she surely is beautiful and looks like of my good friends... Mia is adorable size 5 girl but nothing much about her..

Its worth a go really, not to own on dvd though, maybe rent or watch on tv, its fun enough, there is no LOL moments..

Performances were fine though..

That's So Raven: Disguise the Limit


That's so Raven is a really good TV show that we probably wont be seeing anything like this, its teeny and clever, not like the ones tht we see today about girls jumping up and down..

That's so Raven fits all kinda viewers of all age..

Definetly a CLASSIC :D

The Suite Life on Deck

Okay, this actually isnt a movie.. seriously, it aint a movie.. lol..
Its a TV show from Disney Channel..

Well, the show is very interesting being honest, very entertaining but it just aint the suite life of Zack And Cody like we have seen at the tipton where Maddie is..

This one is funny too and Brenda Song is always right for the part, i really like her and Debby Ryan is adorable and twins are good as usual but this show has something missing..

But really, it still is good to watch, so yeah! go for it..

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

Mamma Mia, My my..
What a beautiful musical,
i must admit that, this is the best musical made in 2008 and probably the best movie around the year..
Simply opens greatly and on the way, it keeps getting better and the ending was just too good..
The performances were good coming from all the actors but mostly from Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried, Whooaa!!! Amanda can really sing and most suprising hearing Brosnan sing, i mean it was okay but still good enough to satisfy, i really would recommed this movie to everyone who really is into musical kinda films..
This Simply is the best..
The Location was good too, Greece is amazing place to shoot, it has good sceneries.. oh, to mention, the songs are well Catchy, mind you, they stay in your head and you will be singing Mamma Mia all along.....

My Top five songs must
1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
2. Lay All Your Love On Me
3. Honey, Honey
4. Our Last Summer
5. SOS


.... lol, am not really saying that because the movie is so bad but the movie is about people who pretend to be gays in order to get an apartment with a very beautiful girl in it..

Hmm, The movie began very well indeed and the comedy was just something that i have never before seen and i still think it has a fantastic beginning but when Bobby Deol enters the Screen, everything starts to get slow and boring, and to mention, it really gets gayer and gayer..
nearly at the end, i was fast fowarding so it finishes and the songs are pretty bad too..
Karan Johar, the director himself is gay.. so 'nough said huh?

I really like the part where Sam has to tell the story about the paris, now that made this movie gets a bit of stars..

Lightning: Fire from the Sky

They really have done it in such a low quality way that you will just hate to watch the movie, it all looks fake and un-satisfying to pay for it, its okay if it was free, atleast you could laugh on how the movie was made..

The story is okay, i mean not good but okay but the good word to describe this movie is, its so bad that you will enjoy to watch for the laugh..
i hope you get what i meant to say..

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

I havent really seen the first film yet but being honest, this one was pretty convincing that the first one is much better..
Well, what i meant is, this movie is really good but the problem is, sometimes it gets boring and dumb but still, it was entertaining and satisfying, enjoyed watching this movie..

This movie has one of the greatest opening ever, i really liked the beginning, its a LOL right away.. nice start of the movie and it carried on being great till the middle when things start to get slow and dragged.. but yeah, its pretty good to watch as i mentioned and really will look foward to see the first film..

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The first two parts of this movie were amazing, interesting all along the way, it has new things going on and also to mention, interesting..

But since we are on the third part of the franchise, i think i should be focusing to this, well.. lets put it this way, the moment the film opens, i have lost the interest right way, what is the mummy without egypt? well, thts one point and coming to Maria Bello with her Fake British
Aceent? well, what is the mummy without all the original Cast? well, Rachel Bailed out when she saw the script, it must be really bad, thats why and i couldnt really agree with her, its too much action added to it then at the end you loose the attention and while you get it back, 5mins of the movie has gone, it really was confusing for me, and also, Emperor Han doesnt have what the first mummy had, it freaks you out the moment you lay your eyes on.. this is like of the scooby-doo cartoons but worst and crappier.. and its a movie;...

I Really cant believe that after waiting for so long for this movie and this is what i am getting, i really am dissapointed.. but i really also speaking for myself, some other people have different opinions..

To me, this is the worst movie of the year and its going to the worst movies list, i think this is will be the only one i had high hopes to be there..

Oh not to mention, ths white fluffy bears were pointless on the mummy franchise, this movie could atleast be better without the mummy title on it..


What Can i really say? Speechless i am..

The only reason why i said tht is because i had this dvd for some months now and i always thought its gonna be a low budget flm that will laugh at me the moment i watch, but i was so wrong, its actually one of the finest piece of work i have seen on the recent years, decent comedy and supergood acting..
The jokes were absolutely brilliant and at one moment, thats the end when they start saying i love you to each other, well, i thought something was gonna happen but yeah yeah.. lol..

Good movie, i would recommend this movie to anyone, its a good movie teenages specially..
SUPERBAD, my un-expected hit movie..
And yes, as many people say, its much better then KNOCKED UP.. lol..

First Sunday
First Sunday(2008)

Seeing the trailer of it, i really thought the movie is going to be so boring but no, i was not right, the movie actually funny and it delivers a great msg that no matter what, as long as you have faith then good things will happen, you wont need to steal for that, they will just drop from somewhere.. it really is a good movie and it could be understood mostly by the people who have faith, although am not a christian but i really have faith in good so i think this movie shows it all.. All you need is to have Faith in God and believe in God and ask anything you want to God and God will help you, No Matter whaat!!!

Ice Cube could have done better...
the rest were amazing..

My Mom's New Boyfriend

If it wasn't of Antonio Banderas then i probably would not have bought the movie at the first place, i didnt really expect it to be as good as it turned out, i thought it was okay but really, it was a good film to watch.. lol, just imaging what the son have to go through is funny enough, to see his mum be taken by this guy who he suspects that he is a criminal and then the man takes his mum on the bed and he has to hear all tht is just so funny.. i would recommend this movie to anyone would love Romantic Comedie films..
it really was worth your time and money..
Nice film..

Shrek the Third

Shrek The Third is so different from the other two films that we have seen before, the first one, which is the best one by far was so good that you could go through it at the times, then came the second one which was so average and was worth to watch but then they brought the third one and it seems like they only made this movie to make money because it doesnt really have anything good to offer, its bad enough i had to spend my time watching it..
it doesnt really deserve to be in the shrek series, it really is that bad..
Though, it did contain a few laugh out loud but just few, but the rest is crap..
And i heard they bringing the fourth Shrek, well.. i hope it's gonna be better then this..

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

Georgia Rule is a complete different movie from the ones we have seen before from Lindsay Lohan, i am not saying that it is a bad movie or anything but its not the one that i would love to see it again either, its average and it was worth a watch.. A little bit boring though...

Its about a girl who has been rapped by his stepdad when she was 12 but never told anyone about it and in this movie, its in her teenage times and she expresses herself to someone and then her mum comes to find out... its pretty interesting, its something that we human beings can relate to, so its a fair movie to watch..

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

Horton makes a nice and completely fair animation movie, we have seen alot of them recently, well, specially since DREAMWORKS came and some of them were either childish, some okay and some good ones but this one is a good one and makes perfect for family fun..

The movie does really have some funny moments, speically with the Mayor of Whoville with his 96 Daughters and only one son.. lol.. thats funny, 96 Daughters.. hehhe, only has 12seconds for each of them in the morning is a funny idea..

The cutest Character must be tht Yellow Cute round thing, its so Adorable...

The animation work was good, not the best best but good enough to satisfy :D

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

High School Musical, all three of them with 5Star.. well, that tells all, does'nt it?

This HSM is not the best one in the series though, the story line was a bit empty, its more like watching a very good movie with no story line, because when someone asks you what is it about, it takes five second to tell it all.. so yeah!!! the story line is empty but it surely is very entertaining..

Without the Dance moves and the song SCREAM, this movie would have never got a 5star from me but the Dance moves were absolutely BRILLLL and the song SCREAM by Troy (Zac) was just good enough to earn a star.. its Catchy although the dance move for this song was a bit odd seeing the entire place going up down sideways up down but still, it has something to it...

The British girl was cute, although her singing voice sound like she has flu when she sang at the Spring Musical..

The performances improved since the other 2 movies and two people who really stood out are Ashley And Zac...
Seeing Vanessa has done nothing new to this movie is pretty dissapointing..
Althought i really like her but i think she needs take more acting classes or just stick to singing but her performance is bit childish and un-suitable.. she is a cutie though...

Again, Kenny Ortega could have done much better with the plot but i guess the title could make money without any work so why bother? huh?

One Missed Call

For a Halloween Treat.. this one sucks all time.. lol...
i didnt really get the film either, i mean the ending.. doesnt explain much about things going on..

Golmaal Returns


Sarkar Raj
Sarkar Raj(2008)

another gangster movie...

High School Musical: The Concert

Well, its good aight but it needs more and more stuff for the price you pay for it..

Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya

i havent seen this in a long time but it has good songs..

Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi

This one is really a good movie, havent seen it in a long time but i still love it..


Cnt remember much..

Aan: Men at Work

i have this one... its 1.5 :D nough said..

Awara Paagal Deewana

This one is pretty neat..
Very funny comparing to other indian comedies...


Cant Remember much..

Deewane Huye Paagal

Ah, the ending is terrible.. like real bad.. makes all the good parts fade..


its sad and fake..


It used to be my fav but then now when i watch it, i think its okay..

Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

its actually one movie with salman khan tht i really think is nice...


Good Suspence Thriller..

Phir Hera Pheri

this one is really not so good.. specially the ending.. it makes everything worst and its hell long and doesnt make any sence.. not funny..

Hera Pheri
Hera Pheri(2000)

This one is really funny..

Singh Is Kinng

i dont really understand the fuzzz... IT SUCKSSS!!!!!


it really doesnt welcome me much..

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Halloween just got weak with this movie.. its shitty...

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

Mystery all over, its pretty nice film, well.. its childish and all tht but i really enjoyed watching it and might re-watch it again soon.. i really loved Emma Roberts in this one.. one of my fav movies of her..

Si Yo Hubiera Sabido que Era un Genio

I think this movie was meant to be funny but it turned out to be a complete failure.. that could be because of the poor performances, weak story-line and its draggggged..

Prom Night
Prom Night(2008)

Prom Night is clearly one of the movies we have seen so many times before, what i meant to say is there is nothing new about this movie...
it was a real waste of time watching this.. i did sort of expect more from this and being honest, i didnt really understard the actual reason for the murders..

Cute girls though ;)

Dana Davis was me favourite..

High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2 is different then the first one on everything, its not to be compared at all, they all good in they own ways...
Surely, the film making has so much improved and the performance from Zac Efron got better, ofcourse it was good but it got better on this one..

More Humour, Good Songs and nicely put..

Top Three Songs
Bet On It
You're The Music In Me

High School Musical

High School Musical is surely one of the movies with so many mistakes to be spot at but still, it was a movie that really grabbed my attention and made me forget all bad things about it and focus on the good ones..

Good songs, Actors and music...

Top Three HSM Songs
Breaking Free
Bop To The Top
Stick To The Status Quo :D

How She Move
How She Move(2008)

How she move is basically a Step-Dancing movie, am not huge fan of step-dancing but i admit tht this one was way better then STOMP THE YARD..
It has something on the story and it is exciting..

Kismat Konnection (Lucky Charm)


Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe

Its really an okay movie.. but not like the best or very very good.. its watchable and boring at the times.. and exciting at the times..

Anaconda III
Anaconda III(2008)


i got the dvd of it and i took it off after a while..

Looney Tunes

All depends..
some looneys are pretty good.. like tweetty bird, bugs bunny, the run runner.. but at the same time, they could all be boring and lame..

well, what i meant to say is.. the looney tunes work when you have nothing better to do and got stuck with a kid..

Stitch! The Movie

It was a disgrace and it is a movie that is made only to ruin the title of the first Stitch film :(

Lilo & Stitch

ALOHA'ishly awesome..
Lilo and Stitch is surely a true classic, now days to find a true classic is something that doesnt happen oftenly but they surely do come as this did.. Lilo is an adorable and cute character and Stitch is a truly a pain..

I was really fasinated by the idea of this animated film to be based in Hawaii, its unique as not many animated films were based there..

Monsters, Inc.


An very interesting animation film that you could see about Monsters...

Makes a nice laugh out loud movie and brings the emotions of cuteness while watching... BOOO!!!

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

Rowan Atkinson - Could there be any better actor then him? he surely has his own technique of making people laugh..

A great Journey of laughter..

Would recommend this at anytime..

The Scorpion King 2

The scorpian King 2 is not like what i have expected it to be, i expected it to suck more then the first one but it is way way way better then the first one and its a pretty good entertainment film.. The graphic are so weak being honest, well.. nice studio work but yep! the graphics suck all time..
The ending was bad too, the part of Invisible Scorpio fighting Mathayus, that was WACK-WEAK..

Karen Shenaz David, The Shortie is a Hottie..
she is like one of the hottest Asians i have ever seen..

10,000 B.C.
10,000 B.C.(2008)

It was sort of Dissapointing result while i had kept high hopes for this movie..
It was Boring and Apocalypto kinda film.. It would have been better but there were so many things which you could tell that this movie was not a true story..

it was not the worst film i have ever seen but it is dissapointing.. Loved the Graphics..

Air Bud 2 - Golden Receiver

Its a movie that we have seen so many times before, i meant the story is such a usual one.. the enemy wants the dog so they catch the dog then you know the rest.. so wont bother typing..

good kids movie though ;)

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Its a nice entertainment in unique sorta way..
A Blind and a Deaf...
what more could you really expect?

'Nough Said..

Boat Trip
Boat Trip(2003)

Not a bad after all..
it was pretty neat..

A Cruise full of gays then come the Swedish hot chicks..
well, tht saved the movie all time though...

Balls of Fury

Balls of fury is not a movie which i expected to rate it 3, when i saw the clip and know that this movie is all about ping pong, i thought i do hate the movie but when i watched it, i found the charm in it...
Well, its not that good really but its satisfying enough and its a good pass time if there is nothing better to watch..

Eagle vs Shark

Am not really so much fimiliar with New Zealand films and probably this one was my first one to see..

Its very odd in a way, its about weirdo's who fall in love and then the guy decide to visit his home village to beat up a guy who used to pick on him since high school..
Its really funny in a way, it has some unique styles too..
but its a weird movie.. like really..

The New Zealand english was hard for me to understand so i had to use the Subtitles..


its one of the weirdest movies i have ever seen and i didnt understand a thing as it was in foreighn language but yet it was a nice piece of work..
i hope sooner or later Hollywood make this movie in english version, tht would be good..

but its clearly the weirdest movie i have ever seen with a hot actress Jennifer Decker..

License to Wed

Its a nice movie which could be funnier but its funny enough..

The whole point of this movie is they want to get married in the church which they have to complete few tasks in order to see if they are compatible to each other if they want to get married on the very same church.. But they seem to do very well with that and Frank seems to not being helpful at all..

Its pretty interesting film..

well, it has some really stupid moments though and the worst one was the baby robot scene, tht was pointless..

I Could Never Be Your Woman

I could never be your woman is a very interesting film which is based on the film industry of the TV programmes..

While Michelle working with her new TV Show, she falls in love with a guy who is years younger then her, basically that is the whole point of this movie but somehow it really is nice.. its bit shame to see a mother celebrating her daughter kissing a guy, hehe.. well.. atleast she is a cool movie i guess..

Saoirse Ronan did a good job on this movie too, she totally deserved that OSCAR nominee at the oscar on the film Atonement..

No Reservations

It simply is one of the most beautiful movies i have personally seen..

It starts with a boring opening but after the accident happens, thats when the movie really picks up..
Seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones performing as a hard-trying aunt to her niece was really sweet..

The performance from Catherine, Aaron and Abigail were absolutely amazing and that is a totally star deserving for the movie..

Shortcut to Happiness (The Devil and Daniel Webster)

am not much suprised why this movie aint so famous, it simply is not a good movie and its a total copy of Brendan Fraser's Beddazzled but this one is just the un-funny version of it and not as good as that one..
Alec Baldwin simply is one of the worst actors i have ever seen..

Jennifer Love Hewitts performances was one of the biggest points why this movie didnt get 1 star...

Santa Baby
Santa Baby(2006)

i dont really need to say much about this movie, it simply is the most average film i have ever seen, it has some good few moments and the story in some ways its goodish bad..
and as i mentioned before, its an average so not much to say..


Something for the kids to love, definetly, it has some idea of Agent Cody Banks behind it too..
The movie was very Talented and surely it did sort of remind me one of my friends who really likes monkeys, lol.. so will definetly will watch this again with her, am sure it will be her favourite..

The movie is pretty funny, but not the best movie of monkey i have seen, the only thing i like about this movie is the monkey and the story lines which we have seen loads of times before but it kinda suit this well..
Pretty nice for young audience..


It surely is one of the nicest movie i have seen but somehow its so emotional and its a tear dropping picture..

Step Up 2 the Streets

The first movie was amazing, the second one was good but you cant compare it with the first movie..
the actors werent as good and also the dances..
the first one was mor powerful then this but it still was not so bad to watch, loved the jokes and the songs on the background.. yeah, and the jerky guy who know one knew he dances.. hehe..


Its a proper birtish film..
it was kinda major in england but it was not a mega outside the island of britain..

The filming of this movie is very odd, different from the other films..
its not really a good movie but i guess it was worth to watch...

College Road Trip

when i first saw the poster for this movie, i knew right away that i would love this movie and yes, i did love it..
College Road Trip is one of the movies which comes with its own package of laughter, which means the jokes are new, not like the ones you have seen before..

its basically about a father who over love his daughter and his daughter doesnt realise it till later but then the father also has to learn that her baby girl is growing up, she is not the 6yr old on the tape, she is a girl moving on with her life..

On the journey of this movie you will meet so many incredible characters and each of them got their own way of giving you a smile on your face..

I must agree that the singing daughter and father were hilarious..

Lucas Grabeel doesnt really have a big part of this movie without him, the ending couldnt have been the same..
Nice Work Lucas..
would love to see a comedy film of his..


We always know that Pixar is one of the best animation companies we have. According to me, it was always great till Ratatouille came out, which is the worst Disney Pixar movie to be produced in the company. Wall-E is a little bit improvement from the last lost, it has some really cute charms with it, admitingly, its the same level as Kung Fu Panda which also came out earlier this year.
The Robot is Cute, i couldnt stop seeing girls going Aww all the time and i couldnt control myself too because Wall-E was adorable and surely one of my favourite Characters now..

The movie is not that great, its just good enough to enjoy watching it, i wouldnt consider buying it but when i get chance to re-watch it again after years, i will...

"Wall-E is one of the most cutest Character i have ever seen in years" - Maisam

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is Cute and funny. it has some really good quotes, The PANDA was Adorable, after all, they're the cutest animal on earth, well! one of the cutest.
i dont really like Kung Fu much and thats the reason why i didnt like it much, but after all, its pretty nice movie..

The graphics are amazing and the most amazing thing this movie has is the quotes as they're memorable. Kung Fu Panda is a movie about a lazy panda who wants to do something better with his life then to end up being at the kitchen, but he is so lazy, when he gets the opportunity to do something with his life, he struggles hard enough to make his dreams come true.. 'nough said..
Very nice movie for the kids.

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

Okay, we have super man, batman and so many other super heroes but we never had a superbabies before this.. heheh, well.. its cute..
not very good though..

Baby Geniuses

Okay, its cute but seriously, the movie gets so boring when watching it, because it just doesnt come to your mind how the film was made, all sounds odd in sorta way.. oh well, the kids did well though :D

Surely, kids under 10 would love this movie..

Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes

its actually a pretty good film, well.. not very but its neat enough..
The story of Tarzan is surely one of the most common stories we have heard but this has more things attached to it which makes it unique, really nice film..
it has some really sad moments though, i nearly cried.. hhhaha.. such a baby :S..

Twitches Too
Twitches Too(2007)

same how, this movie isnt different at all from the first part, it has same idea written all over it and it sorta has same of the designs too..
just the story is slightl different..
not bad to watch it for once, yet again, not different from the first one, its childish..


Twitches is a nice movie, it surely has some moments that are funny...
The sisters were funny, they performed well, i didnt really like the way who created the castle and the smoke ghost, it was just too childish, well.. well, its a cheap so that explains all..

Nim's Island
Nim's Island(2008)

The movie is very interesting from the beginning to the end.. There's always something happening and interesting..
Jodie Foster was at her best on this one, she performed amazingly well and different from all her movies. Abigail Breslin was not at her best as she did on LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE but she did a good work too..
I really enjoyed it, it really was one of the good films of the year..

Fei zhou he shang (The Gods Must Be Crazy III) (Crazy Safari)

Well, what can i say? the movie does really suck..
the only reason it survived from being 0.5 is just few funny parts but other then that, this movie does really suck up all time.
i actually fell asleep while watching this.. hehe..

The Gods Must Be Crazy II

The first one is nice, the second is also nice but it really has some cute kids on it and the performance of the two boys are so cute and the end is so nice, really love it..
but the comedy is average though...

The Gods Must Be Crazy

The movie is nice, it has some moments that will make you laugh.. the entire plot on the african native begins with the bottle, which they believe its a gift of god which is sorta cursed and god gave them by accident..
it really is a funny film at the points...


Well, i didnt really expect to like this movie but i did, hhahah, and thats now funny..
unfortunatly i fell asleep when the dogs power were lost :(

Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones(2001)

Its one of the funniest movies i have ever seen, when the movie starts, it will crack you to the end, oh, its just amazing how they came up with all the ideas, really funny, i could watch this again and again.. nice choice of actors too..

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

The movie is actually not very very funny.. it has its own level.. the movie itself aint so bad either but it missed alot of things and the ending was poor, the ending was not good at all.. could have ended way better..
worth a watch really..
oh well, hehe :D

Senior Skip Day

Suprisngly, i really liked this movie, it just so funny. it really reminded me alot of American Pie Series but with much milder jokes and younger actors. It surely is funny how the Principal gets beaten up by the parents, just makes it so funny and also the jokes inside the party were not so bad, good enough to satisfy..

The movie could have been better if it had more jokes though, because you can see places where good jokes could fit well but it was left empty.. oh well, not bad after all.. had wicked time watching..

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull is not as good as the ones we have seen long time ago, it just need more stuff to give you the indy feelings..
Harrison Ford is still as good though..
Well, i didnt really understand the film very well but to judge more, am going to watch it one more time.. just to give it another go..
maybe i wasnt really in a mood for it or something..

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

August Rush, August Rush, Rush..
Its a very nice and touching movie, i loved the way he creates music from everysingle thing, i wonder if someone could truly do that.

There are some certain things which kept me wondering that what was going on, i mean it is so predictible but it sort of keeps you saying that "the movie could be better" as it really lives alot of questions for you to ask, if you get my point, for example, "they might hear me through the music"
how though? i mean he uses his name as august, couldnt he think of tht? now they are the haunting questions.

But other than that, i truly loved this movie, i thought it was a very delightful performances from Freddie and the rest, The music was good, the songs were good, specially that OSCAR Nominated one, Raise it up.. It really is something and it was the bestest choice they had at the OSCARS. Very nice movie, definetly on my top list.

I loved every single moment of it, from the beginning till the end. i could feel my heart beating fast when i heard the last music, it totally went to mind and stayed there, i can still feel it, it surely is something. This movie is something, definetly a hit.

From the very start to the very end, you will be suprised how deeply this movie takes you, it just sorta like snatches you, well.. sure, there are somethings which are totally wrong and so not realistic but at the end, its just a movie.. so yeah!! i enjoyed. i enjoyed it all time...

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

As i did like narnia but not much, i didnt really think this could be any better but i was proved to be wrong as this movie really got my attention.
I loved every single second of it, its really nice... its like Lord Of The Rings alot, it sorta had its similiarities but this is much better..
The performances were high as well.. i highly recommend this movie..

i really find that mouse so cute and funny, reminds me of Robinhood, hehe.. high entertainment, Same standard as the Order Of The Phoenix of Harry Potter Series..

Superhero Movie

This movie is so much better then i thought it do be, it has some really silly scenes and its so much better then date movie, epic movie and meet the spartans spoofs. this is one actually takes you back to the scary movie parts.

Drake Bell is good as usual and for Sara Paxton, her performance has improved also.

it would have been better though but its not bad..
Its a total spoof of Spider-Man, hehe..
I wish Leslie Nelson had more parts, he is the most hilarious old man out there..


Well, what can i say?
who on earth would give hotdogs for free of charge? must be nuts!!! but it was an aight film, but it just doesnt make any sence, i think it supposed to make some sence but it just doesnt, its like it has some missing ingredients..

Performances are as weak as they could get, the humour was not so bad..
Actually its okay to watch for one time.

Meet the Spartans

Admiting it did have some funny moments but at the end, it just comes to the part where you decide what to rate this movie and thats where you really think and then realise how stupid the movie was made, i know it supposed to be stupid but there is something we call over-stupidity and that was the problem.
But oh well, i guess we keep seeing more of this movies now days, they keep coming none-stop..

Mad Money
Mad Money(2008)

I must admit that a great movie always comes with a great pleasure..
i didnt really know anything about this movie till i saw it on a local shop, so i bought it as it only has Queen Latifah, her movies never fail to me and also it didnt with this but only this time Diane was the main star and also the STAR OF THE MOVIE with her one of her best performances.
Queen and Katie were good too, i love Katie's role, it will just make you smile..

A Great movie..

The Spiderwick Chronicles

It is an absolutely fascinating movie to watch with the family, a great master work has been done in the movie and as admiting a whole star goes to Freddie Highmore as playing two parts, he did an wonderfull job and am sure he will be a the future top actor. The movie has so many things to like about and the quotes to remember "i die, you die, we all die, byebye" hehe, always on my mind and the way it was expressed was just amazing..
Good movie..

Hmm, but being honest, i have spotted things which are similar with Harry Potter, Narnia and Lord of the rings, i could really compare them with this movie..

The Shaggy Dog

Its not so bad but yeah, not so good either, it was not a movie like to be crazy with, its a very good family movie though, the youngsters might praise it higher..

It has some really weird scenes and yeah, that is what it made this movie good..
Daddy turns to a dog sounds like a funny idea though, although its a remake but thats pretty lame, hehe.. but oh well, its not bad :D enjoyed watching it...

Love Wrecked
Love Wrecked(2005)

Alright, this movie was made ages ago but got released in 07, thats fine as my long wait actually worthed, the movie was good, infact it was very good.. i loved everything bit of the movie. Amanda Bynes was at her best as usual and also proved that all her movies stand on their own uniqueish way and they all good, good work on this movie as she plays an 18yr old over obssessed with an rock star and then they go on a cruise but they accidently fall into the ocean and they reach on the island where is deserted untill she finds out tht the place they were from is just a road cross ahead but still, she wouldnt tell the rock star about it as she wants to spend more times with him..
Good Story..

Jackie Chan's Who Am I? (Wo shi shei) (Who Am I?)

this is funny...
lol.. it really is... lol...

he looses his memories and the fun begins...

National Security

Racial movie yeah, but whatever, i did enjoy this movie, not much.. but yeah, the jokes were good and some jokes were not funny but oh well, not bad for a laugh..

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

The movie was not so bad and not so good, however, it did sort of kinda reminded me of other movies i seen previously, which makes this not so special..

The movie did contain few good laughable scenes and Joy was great in the movie and also was Martin..
The Dogs were funny, actually it contained seveler LOL scenes..

Carry On Abroad

This is probably the best Carry On movie i have seen, its just a laugh out loud from beginning till the end, good humour and very interesting.. hehehe, love the managers english.. its so goodish.. haha..

Carry On up the Jungle

its pretty funny at the beginning till the half then suddenly the movie gets dragged when loads of womans coming in, it just got boring and not funny..

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

its an okay film really.
it has good songs but surely gives you this odd thing to see the how the race is mixed..
i mean, it looks worst then the so called fake movies.. hehe, but not bad for a laugh..

Barney's Dino Dancin' Tunes

Lol, being honest, this was the only thing i loved when i was a kid.. i love you, you love me.. we are happy family.. ahahahah.. big hugs and all that.. nice times but too old for it.. still amazing for lil kiddies though.. hahaah..

oh and yeah, barney, i still have his dollything.. lol.. never gonna throw that away..

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

Well, what can i say?
its not what i really expected..
Bee talking to human beings, sueing the humans for stealing their honey just dont really make anything in my mind..
flowers dieing at the end then the plan getting controlled by bee's just makes it childish, well, ofcourse, its supposed to be for kids but getting serious, sometimes it needs to get attentions from the adults too, and this one is too bad.. i didnt enjoy much.. could have been better.. humans are not much freaked off to see bee's talking, it feels like they have known it for a long time.. its pretty strange, it just doesnt work out much in my head..

Bring It On: In It to Win It

This one doesnt really suit the series of Bring It On, it doesnt have the same feelings, something is really wrong but as i watched all along, it felt like i was one of the disney's show or nick's.. well, its not so bad after all, it has nice background tracks, catchy tunes, the performances were somehow weak, ashley, cassie and jennifer were the only ones who performed well..
i liked the movie but could have been better if it was not on a bring it on series, doesnt have the same taste..


Jessica Alba was at her best in this film, i bet if not of this film, she would not have been the same Jessica we know today, she performes as a choreographer and her role really suite her perfectly. The tale of the movie is also nice, dance moves = brilliant..

Krazzy 4
Krazzy 4(2008)

Wow, what a great dissapoint..
i never thought it do be this bad, yes! i did know it wasnt going to so good, the clip didnt attract me but i thought it do be a nice laugh, wow!! wasnt i so wrong? it didnt have eveb a single laughing seen. all was pretty boring, not funny at alll..
too much confusions going on in it too.. i was lost, well.. maybe i lost interest while watching..


i love the suspence, but its so obvious..


Poor movie i do have seen around, it was filmed in brighton.. so tht was pretty nice seeing..

One Two Three

Not understanding the language, i had to guess most of the times to guess what is going on, the comedy is pretty good, yes! i agree..
but the confusions are just too much, it sort of lost me several times..
otherwise, its a pretty nice film, to pass the time.. hehehe, a bomb blast parts were funny and Tushar's mother wants him to kill is pretty funny, also the vilains are thick enough, it makes it funny..
Sameera Reddy cute as ever, Esha pretty as always..

Bring It On
Bring It On(2000)

What Can i say? Cheereleaders, nough said ;)

This movie really kicks some butt, with hot girls,cheereleading dances.. it makes me wanna join the club, this movie surely has got nice moves on the end, really loved it, Eliza Dushku in this movies looked so hot, and also this is Kirsten only movie which i actually rated high, she did well..

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

A very interesting piece of movie, the Baudelaire orpans are going to make you feel sorry for them, its a none stop adventure movie with high class performances, Jim Carrey looks like a real idiot.. the kids are really good, specially the kidddy baby one, she is adorable, sunny... hehehe...

Jodhaa Akbar
Jodhaa Akbar(2008)

Alrighty, the film industry has gone nuts..
i really cant believe i wasted two hours watching this and on tht all time, i was wishing it will end, but i ended up taking the dvd and scratching it and played catches with it.. the movie is so boring and there are so many mistakes.. so poor..
Hritik Roshan, what went wrong with him, he is supposed to be the best actor of bollywood, he sucks now.. SRK on the lead again.. he performaned so bad with his quote KHAMOSH every second..
Such a lame movie..

Take the Lead

From the start, to the middle and to the end, the movie is just as much as interesting, i accept my guiltness for over liking this movie and having it as my top 3 of the year 06, the dance was amazing, specially the Tango's.. Jenna Dewan is at her best and she always is..

Antonio brought something in my eyes that i never expected from him, the performance of the life time, if you didnt like the movie but you will like his performance, he did well.. infact, all the actors did good..

Pop Star
Pop Star(2005)

we seen crap films and this definetly is one, but somehow i did enjoy watching this crap film alot, although it had nothing new.. the first opening song was actually really catchy, i would say a nice piece of film for some people, but will be hated by most of people..

Raise Your Voice

Every once in a while comes a movie that will bring tears into your eyes, and some how, this one managed to do that when Terri Fletcher looses her brother, but the sadness doesnt go for long untill she goes to a music school without her father knowing exactly where she is and she is facing some really talented students in the grand competition.. but really, she doesnt want to win, she only loves the music and that is the reason why she is there..

A really nice romantic movie nice tracks..

The Golden Compass

I really still didnt like the idea of the Demons running around all the time, although based on novel, that makes me dont wanna read it..
The movie isnt really that good, its boring..
but i have to agree that the Graphics were absolutely Geniun.. and the performance were amazing, from the young Dakota to Nicole..
We didnt really see much of Daniel on the movie..
The movie is so childish is a simple way to put in as..

OMG, the young Dakota is from BRIGHTON, loll.. so awesome..


Race is one movie that shows you what money could do, how it can change people..
Its about two rich brothers and one of them is trying to kill the other to get the whole share of the money, now thats where the RACE begins..
Admitingly, the movie had great tracks, beside one.. RACE title song..
And there's one big mistake, they filmed the movie in SOUTH AFRICA but they didnt show even one south africa in the movie, how is that possible? its an African country so there must be some natives shown in the movie, now thats where it all went wrong..


GREASE is still a word, and will always be..
I really cant remember how many times i have watched this movie but everytime i watch it, i keep falling in love with it again and again, now GREASE is like part of my life, movie which i have to see atlease once a month, the songs which always have been great listening to and so far, it still is great.. Grease is one movie that i would like to watvh every single day, it was the MUSICAL of the generation on its time as we now have the HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL series, withut GREASE, High School Musical wouldnt have been complete..
John Travolta at his best and i dont think i have ever liked him in any other movie except Hairspray and This..

The Sound of Music

Pure CLASSIC, not suprised for winning 5 Glorious OSCARS, because at the time of 65, this was something HUGE, the songs that are very memorable, although you wouldnt like to listen them on your car but still you do enjoy hearing them, 16 going 17 was well written song.. Julie Andrews Aka Mary Poppins was as good as always..
Well, its a bit too long, i thought the wedding was the end part then it went on, if this was not a musical then it would have been boring towards the end, but gotta agree, a masterpiece..

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Mr Magorium is a movie of its own kind, but yet again!! its specially for the little children, i found the movie to be boring and somehow, i didnt like the idea of making it too slow.. but the performances were absolutely facinating, i loved all the actors in this movie, it could have been better but it flawed alot.. but oh well, it still makes a master-piece for the kids at home..

And the toy magical shop was nicely made..


Something for the kids to love, definetly, it has some idea of Agent Cody Banks behind it too..
The movie was very Talented and surely it did sort of remind me one of my friends who really likes monkeys, lol.. so will definetly will watch this again with her, am sure it will be her favourite..

The movie is pretty funny, but not the best movie of monkey i have seen, the only thing i like about this movie is the monkey and the story lines which we have seen loads of times before but it kinda suit this well..
Pretty nice for young audience..

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

Well, last man on earth is surely craaazy to accept such a movie because surely he can do better...

this movie sucks, from the beginnign to the end.. oh wait, the end sucks more..
ughr!!! its so weird..
Will Smith's performance was Awesome though, have to admit.. but everything else is crap!! specially the ending..

The movie would have been a zero point five star, but it did seem that do be so unfair because of some stupid things which went on the movie,
the movie had the most brialliant Deserted City out of all other ones, it was better then Resident Evil as that movie was too obvious, and another good thing about this movie is when Will Smith starts to shut all the windows and the room comes into darkness and then at night times he keeps hearing all this weird noises.. that actually was something new, also it did make me jump one or twice... but still!!! that doesnt mean the movie was good, its like a good food with missing ingredients and badly prepared, so its not much of enjoyable..

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

Epic movie surely is an so average film with so many weak jokes, which are actually not so good..
i really liked the Samuel Jackson And Jack Swallow on this movie, they were the good parts.. and the girls actresses were pretty good too, also the indian guy..
but a weak movie for them..

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

The movie surely is a cheap cheap one, maybe we can call it the Cheapest? hmm, the movie probably do never work if not every single company earth or share partnership with it..

The new guy did a nice job as a new actor, not so bad but its once again a film that the industry has seen it alot, nothing new, not even a scene, its all like watching something you have seen before, its a copy of William Shakespeare Story though,
The songs werent so impressing, but oh well, it can be watched once if there is nothing better to watch, but surely after all the crap comments, it does deserve a lil comment on parts which dont flow much.. well, only the bad people part does..


Sunday makes a fair Comedy film, it has some comedie parts which were actually hilarious but yet again, its not something new we seen, and the music was so poor, the opening dance of MISSING SUNDAY was the worst thing on the movie, and this dance of that song made a big breakdown record for being worst dance of all time.. specially from Irfan, a guy who dances and doesnt really know how to dance, its shame for him..

The story is about a girl who founds out that she missed a day of sunday and doesnt know a thing what happened and it is said that she killed someone on that day.. hmm..

But coming to Tushar's dance in the song Manzar was the only song with great dance, Esha Deols wasent bad either but oh well, not the best..

Unaccompanied Minors

Stupidly made movie but at the same point, its a highly entertaining movie, this must be the best Christmas Movie i have seen recently, pure entertainment and yes, its so OBVIOUS movie, dont know why but i liked it.. heheheh, its poorly made though and the guy coming up with all ideas was stupid, lol.. but i still loved it.. hehehe, Nice movie for kids and probably nice family movie too..


the movie wasent actually so bad but for some reasons i got so bored, and i like Ray Charles that much either and am not a fan of his musics either..
Didnt really like that much..
the only reason its three because of its works and efforts which were actually put on it, very well done.. interesting too..
but the movie is boring, lol.. i ended up looking at the props at the end, hehehe..
the performance was not so bad by Jamie, could have say he was good and maybe, he did deserve the OSCAR for the best actor..


the movie attracted me the moment it started, then some how i got bored, i thought it was dragging but not for long, the trio seperates, thats where the actually movie starts to get more interesting, although i knew that Effie was pregnent, that was predictible but the whole thing from the time to another time till the end was just fabulous, and the set it was probably better then RAY, actually the entire film is better then RAY, DREAMGIRLS has more attractions to it, with great songs, specially the last songs..

The performance on high levers, specially from Jamie, Eddie and Jennifer, Jennifer deserved her OSCAR for the role of Effie..

Its all based on a selfish man, who somehow ruins other people, very EXCITING INDEED, actually it was also Beyonces bestest performance yet!!!

I do actually recommend you to watch the movie..

it shows real life about the MUSIC INDUSTRY which some still do happen in our time..

Save the Last Dance

The movie surely is nice, it needed for dance for a dance movie though but it was still nice, its not a movie which would actually would make you dance like STEP UP but still it has its own charms..

Chicago like that? its something i never thought of but it did good job showing the world that it does have the suburbs...

i liked the musics and tracks on this movie, they were pretty awesome..

The guy, Sean was amazing but coming to Julia, i dont think her looks actually fit in the crowds of the black people..

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

An Unique movie you do have seen on the entire year of 2007, a huge stand up of the year, it should have won best film of the year, its written all over it..

perfectly made movie, from the beginning towards the end, fully entertaining...
The songs are not the ones which will go to my Ipod or on a car, but they only good enough for the movie...
performance by Johnny Depp was as brilliant and yes, the oscar should have gone to his hand for his remarekable performance of Sweeney Todd..

About his wife being alive, i had predicted that, and yes.. i was currect..


Atonement is one of the movies which actually deserved to be on the list of OSCARS, the movie is wonderfully made and the performances by James, Keira were astonoshing, and out of all, the performance of Saoirse Ronan was thrilling, the most beautiful perfomance i have seen in an age of hers..

The studio are-work was remarekable, but the thing is, am not really a fan of this type of movies, i do probably not watch this again till after a long time, when i remember it not, its not a movie i do love to watch a everyday, but Atonement is surely tells an Amazing story..

I did actually get confused once or twice while watching the movie, theres something i still havent managed to understand too..
but otherwise, its a nice one and yes!! OSCAR WRITTEN over it at the points..

Briony Tallis character was SUPERB!!!
liked the idea of her playing different ages...

Being honest, i really enjoyed the first half more, then it seemed like the movie was dragged at the parts..

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Okay, i have seen worst, this has something the the other worst movies i have seen but still, its bad, the story isnt strong enough for a movie and the actions were as weak as they could get, nothing was actually entertaining on this movie, Nicolas Cage puts a weird laughs while watching a monkey TV show which looks absolutely fake, what else could i say? it sure is one of the worst films of the year, but i really loved the ending music background and yes, it did contain one or two good scenes but living on the rests, its not worth a dime..

Well, what can say about the ending? pretty bad tht i will have to suffer watching the sequel one if its out, just to make fun of it if its gonna be as bad...

The damn film is so childish, actually, even childrens would say its childish, its a bad excuse for a movie, it could ruin the worlds most famous name of HOLLYWOOD with such films...

There are some people who really enjoyed this film but major of them are GOTHS and ths people who are like so dirty and so into ROCK music..!!! That explains it all..

Rescue Dawn
Rescue Dawn(2007)

the movie surely is entertaining and by this year, this is the best WAR MOVIE but it still managed to come to the weak part where TALKATIVE takes the spot and stays for long enough but then yet again, it comes to the fine part where you will love to see whats going to happen next and gains the interest back, nicely made movie, too long at the points though..

Performances 3.5/5

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

King Kong turned out to be better then i have expected, it was perfectly done..
it had everything which was needed for a movie but yet again, nothing is perfect..
they had the Dinosour Chase which was long and sort of interest loosing sequence, then it had the over-graphic designed animals but other than that, it was a true master-piece with great actors who all performaned at their best, had good music score and sound effects and most importantly that got this movie an extra star for is the QUOTES of this movie, so memoreble, Jack Black at his best yet!

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

Just when you start watching the movie and falling in love with it, and also after 2 or 3 jumping of the seats scenes, then it comes to a path where you will start loosing all interests, that is when the Police Chase starts and one man with the gun managed to kill them all and also at the Helicopter, i so call that OVER THE TOP, the movie could have been better in many ways but i guess they had to make it over action and also at the end when the girl has the chance to shoot the murder, he is just holding a gun and crying, what the F***, no suprise the *** didnt survive..

But coming to the plus point of this movie, it did make me jump from my seats about 2 or 3 times and that dont happen oftenly.. and Sophia's performance was pretty good too..

But as i mentioned earlier, the movie could have gone smooth and good but too much spices makes a food bad..

The Heartbreak Kid

Being all excited about this movie, thought Ben Stiller will be up for it too this time, but the result of this movie was un-expercted for me, it turned out to be Dis-Graceful,
Well, not exactly, it did have some few funny scenes but most of it, is dis-graceful..
Pointless Sex Scenes and Un-necessary talk-a-tive, could have been much better with an better ending too, because the worst part mostly took place towards the end, if it was shorter, it would have been better, but in deep inside, i felt like this movie was a piece of chewing gum which has been chewed then taken off from the mouth and stretched, i hope you do get the feelings of that..

Plus Stillers performance was as weak as never before..

The SEX scenes were pointless..

Cow Belles
Cow Belles(2006)

A Cute original disney channel movie...
a well performances and a great romantic movie..
its definely worth watching...
from two spoild sisters to... lol.. find that out by yourself...
hehe, i enjoyed it...

lol.. can get boring if you dont concentrate on this movie..

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

This is gotta be my favourite CAR movie of all time, although it did contain too much of drifting and so fake but i dont know why, it sort of made me like it alot..
loved everybit of it.. Bow Wow was hilarious in it, loved the way he deals.. and Nathalie is absolutely most beautiful girl on the entire film..

its very entertaining and different then other two previous films..
Loved the entire endings and also special appearance of...........
Well, i guess the forth one will be as good..

i gotta say something though, the last racing sort of lost my attention, twice..
i dont really know why i liked this movie being honest.. it has loads of lame things going on in it..


i wasnt really intending to watch this movie but in some luck, it was on tv and i was to lazy to change the channel, but it actually turned out to be good, loads of gags and funny moments.. Loved the idea of the lighter gun..
Hmm, performances were weak, actually very weak.. could have been better...

2 Fast 2 Furious

it was nice, loved the cars sequens.. but really it aint as much fun as the first film..
Loved the pink car but could have gone with the hotter chick..
it was alright really.. not so bad.. its watchable and enjoyable, specially towards the ending..

The Fast and the Furious

A movie i never expected to blow of my mind just did it.
I had this movie on dvd for a year now and all the time i was ignoring it, but seems like i could have had the fun watching it before but i was stupid.. this movie is absolutely amazing, loved the cars, the performance and also the film itself.. a definetly top of 2001...

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

being honest, there is nothing special about this movie, i know its the famous series of RUSH HOUR and yes, the last two were amazing and hilarious and not forget to mention, they were unique..
but you name me one thing that is new on this movie? Absolutely Nothing, infact i got bored at the end part, fell asleep few times too.. poor film.. Jackie Chan is never like before.. there is only one part which i loved, that is the mi and yu part.. hehe, that cracked me up.. the movie could have been better in zillion ways.. well, what to say, rush hour at its worst film yet!

Never expected it to be as bad... people dont kid yourself because there is jackie chan in it, most of you didnt even like it that much..

I sort of lost interest on the first five mins.. its bit lame..

King Solomon's Mines

it was good for an 80 film, nice adventure and great sence of humour...

The Jewel of the Nile

i fell asleep while watching, lol.. it was good but boring at the parts.. have to agree..

Romancing the Stone

Well, pretty good i would say, but could have been better..

Getting There

good story.. poor directed...

The Challenge

my least favourite on Marykate and ashley movies...

New York Minute

Gotta agree that by far, this is the best work by the olsen twins... Absolutely FABULUS, loved the whole idea of it.

Holiday in the Sun

the movie is really good but the black and white bits were pretty annoying..

Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

SCREW *CINDERELLA 2* and just think that movie doesnt really exist, actually, this movie itself screws that movie off from *CINDERELLA* collection, yaiks..
this other *Cinderella* movie tells us a tell which we only see from old times, its a huge return from *Disney* productions.. all their last animated movies kinda sucked and if it wasent for *PIXAR* then *disney* animated would not have still existed, this movie returns the old joy again and this time it ends up differently, woo! watch it to believe it..


Hmm, This movie is a total copy of Rate Race with more Hilarious Twists in it, by seeing this movie i totally had a laugh out moments because the parts keep coming in your head, that is how funny this movie is.. Its probably the best comedy film in the industry in such a long time and i had never expected this to go on my top films of 07, which will be the first bollywood film to make it this year.. Loved it all along..
Javed was the real star out of all of them...

Like Stars on Earth

There never seemed to be anything like this in the Industry untill Amir Khan came and explored once again after Lagaan, i never thought i would like the movie untill i actually saw it, its very nice, well directed and the story is nice too, bit funny at the beginning too, "the words are dancing" lol, i would be suprised to see a student saying that in a class too really.. hehhe, some of the teachers are over strict, they should have taken that easy and the music was not very good but the background was alright, loved the ending..

The Nanny Diaries

Okay, this might not be the worst movie ever but it also aint any good, its an so Average movie i would say, it gets so boring in the movie but i suppose its alright to deal with if theres nothing else to watch, i might say there are alot of over-acting is going on this movie, it could have been better, i know they expected GOLDEN GLOBES for this but surely doesnt deserve anything.. infact, i could lil bit smell Razzie on it..

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

Sydney White might not be the best film Aman Bynes has stared in but it still shows that all amanda bynes movies so far are running well and successfully... The movie is a totally college version of Snow White but teeny... Gotta Admit, its pretty enjoyable and very entertaining.. Love The 7 DORKS, they were so Dork to function, also Sara Paxton was at her best with that Attitudes but out of all, Amanda Bynes was the best one, there's something in her voice that makes me wanna listen to it all the time, she is remarekbly hilarious..


I, In my life never seen anything so beautiful as this, Really enjoyed it.. The music is none-stop and the Dancing was like none stop too, this movie is actually made for Dance and the Songs really, Loved the 60s style and also the songs were actually amazing, The casting was awesome, this probably has the best casting then any other films i personally seen, sure is a great hit of all time...
The changes are also nice, the ending was suprising and i liked it more, the original version is more serious towards the end, this one is just a laugh out loud, the music will just give you a smile and the dancing, wow, my favourite...
John Travolta better then ever, i thought i was going to dislike him but i actually liked him and this is his best work by far..

The soundtrack and the film are my favourite of this yeah..

Just wished that 'come so far' song was on the movie though, loved it alot..

Good Luck Chuck

Jessica Alba, hmm hmm.. Looking Hotter then usual in this movie..

The movie is very entertaining, it starts with a Goth girl Hexing on a guy and later on he realises that the hex (curse) is on him, so before...

Well, simply is a very good movie and love the Boobies in this movie.. and Jessica Alba's Punguin underwear ;)

Oh, Just a warning, its too Sexual at some points..

American Pie Presents: Beta House

I never expected that American Pie movie will ever get any better after the first trilogy but yeps! it just got! although the actors are different and all the american pie plot and the feelings is lost but surely you wont ever need it after you see this, too much nudity on this though ;)
Love the JOKES!!

A Cinderella Story

AH! amazing,
its one of my all time favourite movies,
i have seen this like alot and never got tired of it...
well directed and beautiful performances from the the stars specially Hilary Duff, she did a good job on this movie.. its her best movie anyway, a totallly fabulous romantic comedy of 04 and a surely most enjoyable thing that you have watched that year, a loyal and unique sort of chick flicks so if you havent yet seen this then you should really look foward to it, you really need to look foward to this...

10/10 movie.. not to be missed...

Hilary Duff deserved the awards she won at CHILDREN CHOICE AWARDS.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Probably one of the best Family Films i have ever seen, Just makes other family film look like nothing, PURE ENTERTAINMENT..

this is a true MASTERPIECE movie, loved everything about it..

The movie sort of have msg to the parents though.. so if you a parent then try and get it..

Cheaper by the Dozen

Awesome Family movie, maybe the movie was bit slow but it was all perfect and i loved every single moment of it.. also like the outside sceneries of the movie, although didnt have much but you get to see Chicago pretty nicely..
The movie is hell funny, you just dont want it to end..


Its pretty entertaining, a nice slice of a pie and a great SLEEP-OVER movie for girls, absolutely..
Its fully comedy from the start to the end, although its somehow cheesy..

Daddy Day Care

A very nice family movie, i should really have realised tht before when i first watched it, oh well, the movie is very nice and very entertaining..
Love the Kids in the film..

Dhan Dhana Dhan... Goal

The movie was good, not bad..
I mean you cant blame the indians for some mistakes, Football aint the right game for them.. By Far, i think they should have stayed with CRICKET, you a football fan? if yes then just answer me this question.. you play for Manchester united and then you get a contract with Real Madrin, you sign with them without your teams permission and the real madrin say you cant play with any other team beside their team, so you agree.. then later on you see Manchester United loosing and suddenly you go to the final and join them back, well, is that right?

I though you always need permission from the team before living and you cant play for the team you left till you sign another contract paper..

Now thats the big mistake, The racism which took place on the movie is true, londeners some how do have the habbit to call indians 'PAKI', so agreed on that..

The movie needs alot of help, just put it on that way, too much Emotional for no good reason, they over-cry at the points... plus there are some football skills were actually copied from BRASILLIAN FOOTBALL JOGA BONITO 2006.. lol..
Never fool a football fan ;)

The story was good though, also the performances were not bad either..
For india's first football movie then it aint so bad :D

'Bout the Dhan Dhana Song, tht song was pointless as the team Anthem..

Oh, another thing, they need to have 3 million pounds to save the stadium and at the final game, they win exact same kind of money.. wow.. shouldnt they have won more to make it more realistic.. or bit less to see how they fight to get the other money from..

Miss Congeniality

The best film of Sandra Bullock, i really havent seen many of her movies but the ones i seen, this one is her best one yet!
The perfect entertainment from the beginning to the end. Sandra's performance was awesome all along, absolutely FABULOUS!!!

Beauty Shop
Beauty Shop(2005)

The movie starts as normal woman works on a beauty saloon and something doesnt work right with her bose, she opens her own one..
It sure is Entertaining as you get to see the True Events of what goes on in a beauty shops.. A Gossiping World in a other word. The movie has no boring parts although it wasent appreaciated by many audience, it does really need someone to understand the language and also to appreaciate other genre films.

Queen Latifah, A True actress..

Catch That Kid

When i first saw this movie, i had no idea that ths kids are gonna be in my top lists one day, i didnt really enjoyed this film much when i watched it for the first time but when i did for the second time, i sort of did.. But just being honest, i dont think any young person could ever rob a bank like that, lol.. a good movie though..

But surely is aint better as the Spy Kids Trilogy and Agent Cody Banks is way better then this, any time..
That is more fun then this, dont buy by the cover..

Spy Kids
Spy Kids(2001)

When this movie came out, i was about 12yrs old and really, i loved this movie like so much.. was my favourite one and watched it nearly every single day, lol..
As growing up, i havent watched it for long enough, so decided to watch it, well.. i never thought am going to like it as before but, hehhee, i still loved it..
It Made me smile and remember me gave me good memorial times..

Mr. Bean's Holiday

Haha, Mr. Bean has done it again in this hilarious packed film.. i just could'nt stop myself laughing, its so funny.. although when they show things on mr.beans camera was annoying but it was still funny, mr bean is still the same and his humour are still the same but i loved it, its so funny.. i couldnt stop laughing my self of.. lol..

Bring It On: All or Nothing

Okay, this movie somehow starts in a way which you totally going to think tht it aint going to get better but wait till you see britney going to this other school... i think it somehow has a little bit of racism and sort of sexual but its good enough for PG-13, well.. i think.. lol..
Hayden is actually pretty short, seriously, she is very short.. the best thing about this movie is that, it actually has good tunes which are dancy and actually well known, ITLTM :p

"Hey Britney"
"Hey what?"
"Introduce yourself!"
"No way."
"Introduce yourself!"
"Ok. Sha boo ya, sha sha sha boo ya, roll call. My name is Britney. I cheer so strong. And when I shake it, you better bring it on. Sha boo ya, sha sha sha boo ya, break it down now."
lol, CRANKY ;)
really is..

No Smoking
No Smoking(2007)

Well, The beginning might be bit interesting but doesnt take long till it gets so stupid and confusing, you do be wondering what the hell is going on and the ending is so confused that i cant tell what went on, it did have sort of Laugh Out Loud moment but that was only for a moment..
Its hard to believe someone like John could do such a crap..


Has good tracks but nothing exciting about it, but still makes a good one time film..


Its not my type of thing..

Richie Rich's Christmas Wish

Just a movie i do sleep all the time i watch, ah! maybe not the worst X-mas movie ever but it still aint good, i remember as a kid getting bored watching this and i nearly loved anything which has a kid in the movie, lol.. well, that was me.. never liked a movie without a kid in but this one still managed to be as bad as it could be, nothing like the first film..

Richie Rich
Richie Rich(1994)

An Excellent Christmas feast..
From the start to the end, it is full of entertaining moments and also good laughs, the rich kids and the funny enemy..
Macaulay did a good job in this movie, its my second favourite movie of him..

An Perfect film for family..

McDonalds in your home is not exactly what i would want, i do want PIZZA HUT!!! or an ICE CREAM SHOP ;)

National Treasure

This is probably one of my Favourite Treasure haunting films, The thing which makes me like this movie alot is the Clues, its just genius how they figured it out and put them in one film, specially on the Dollar Bills, its just exciting how this movie worked..
it made me wanna be a treasure haunter too, lol.. i live in a island, plenty of boats senk here :D That means what?
DARN! i cant swim though..

Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om(2007)

well, the movie is okay, not that good to get all the fuzz but sure is entertaining, the story is so hinduish about the rebirth, oh well..
The put togethers of this movie was so awesome, old mixed with new ones.. and the humous was just amazing, a wicked humour in the film..
The music was okay, the only songs i liked was the crystal ball on and the last one but not the discos one, they actually are bad, very bad..
The performances were okay, SRK sort of let it go when he start doing over-acting and saying dude ETC all the time..
It is probably Arjuns first good filmi have seen, after all.. he is one the worst living actors..

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

Well, i wasent so kin about this movie since before but somehow i just wanted to watch it.. the poster of this film is the 20th top poster of the year although it aint that good!!
the movie tells a story of a crappy guy who knocks a drunk girl up and two months later he gets a call from her telling him tht she is pregnant, now thts when the all fun starts..
It is an Excellent movie and surely up for the comedy..
The performances were good too, its something different and the ending is cute although it was bit irretating but it was nice..


Hey Hey Hey, Welcome to The 60s..
This version of HAIRSPRAY is surely one of the most entertaining films i personally have ever seen, it sure is something and its probably the best 80's film..
Johm Waters brings a truly classic here, its a film which you will never forget once you have watched!!
Great music all over it and great dance moves..
It takes you back to the time..
HAIRSPRAY (88) is definetly a film which i would watch and re-watch and also recommend it to all music/dance lovers...


The Princess Diaries

The minute this films open, it gives a very good impresssion that this gonna be a good film, although its like so predictible but its one of the most beautiful films i have seen..
Starts with a ugly nerd girl to a beautiful princess.. it has a good story and ofcourse one the most thing i loved about this film is the music, all the background songs and music are good, although i didnt like the idea of having josh acting like a dork, that was stupid, and the three mean girls, they were pointless too, they could have done them better..

Saturday Night Fever

Although am a fan of DANCE FILMS and also a fan of John, i think this movie was sort of boring type of films i have seen, although it did have good dance moves and also good movies but the story was boring, i have to agree that johns performance was good and it earned a star with another star because of the moves and music but without these things, this would have been in 0.5..
not a really good entertainmet and i dont get the fuzz about this film being honest..


After spending entire summer wanting to see this movie and then bang, i managed to get hold of it on a DVD, well.. at the beginning i was like yes, another great pixar-licious but within the first 10mins the story sort of changed, when the rat started seeing Gusteau around, i think the movie sort of got lost on that bit and when the rat met the human it made it even worst and with that hair pulling is rubbish, PIXAR are good and i know they could have come up with something more exciting and not nonsence sort of thing..
This seeing this movie, i clearly agreed that this was nothing like i expected and by far, its the worst animated film PIXAR has ever created..
Being honest, there were some funny moments but mostly was dull..
The human characters were scary so that makes the graphics good but the art poor, by that, i mean the graphics were absolutely awesome but the arts were weak at the parts..
its childish too, maybe little kids might enjoy this but as for me, a guy who likes childish films, i think its poor..


An average movie, not so bad and either not so good, not really scary as they intended it to be.. When i thought the end was all ruined then bang, the big suprise hit on, so i thought that was kinda great after seeing poor performance from the lead actor but as for Esha, i think its her best performance yet, she did good.. the music score was not so good but the songs were actually not so bad, they were aight really...
Some scenes were funny and they didnt really intend it to be so..

Buddha Mar Gaya

first of all, its hindi so i understand nothing and second of all, it aint nice..

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D

This is a surely an great family film but with it sort of flows alot and also has a million mistakes, the only thing i loved about this film is the 3-D work which i think was nice although it wasnt the best one yet.. the film could have been better in many ways but surely was'nt..
the ending was so childish, i think the entire film is childish, over-all.. it aint the worst film ever.. its worth a watch i would say, specially for the kids..


EXCELLENTE, just when i thought Disney couldnt get any better then BANG, here they bring a hit Animation film.. i was so suprised seeing this not winning the OSCAR while it was probably the best animated film of 2006..
The only thing i dont get is how do they buy stuff, what currency do they use? lol.. thts the question which is being haunting me for long enough now...

Ella Enchanted

When i first watched the film i thought it was boring but i couldnt stop myself from re-watching it and realised that the movie is actually better and when i saw it for the second time i thought it was better then before.. hehehe,
Well, the fairy-tales arent gone yet, they still keep coming but supringly that this movie isnt done by Disney because its kinda typical Disney Kinda thing..

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

FEBI!!! this movie is one of ths movie which you will watch over and over again, i have seen this movie more then unit times and i still keep watching it again and again, it surely is one of my top animated films of all times, i really enjoyed it all along, hilarious and wicked sence of humour..
lol.. the turtles were absolutely Shell-some..
They probably are my favourite specially that lil cute one.. lol... AWESOME DUDE!!!

Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds(2002)

When this movie came out i was like, no, this aint for me but sometimes later i just decided to buy it although i wasent so interested in it but just to raise my dvd collection, when i watched the movie i was actually suprised to see house wrong i was all the time and ignoring the movie. this movie surely has some CLASS times in it, hilariously amazing..
although it did sort of flow and also have some few mistakes but anyway, its a great one..

Man of the House

If i was Tommy Lee Jones then i do be the luckiest guy on earth, hehehe..
This movie is sort of Action-Chick Flick, its nice because there are not really many films like this and by far, this is way better then JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE although that did receive more popularity..
The cheerleaders made me forget that there is something as a bad performances, they all looked just hot to me, hehehe... okay, was having a man-moment there.. well, its a nice awesome movie...

C.Milian Is BAB3!!!!

The Lion King

After re-watching this after some long time now, i absolutely fell in love with it all over again, seeing disney animations has always been part of my life and this is surely is one which will always remain in it..
it is my Top Ten disney all along..

Jab We Met
Jab We Met(2007)

Jab We Met is one of these movies impressed me on the views but dissapointed while watching, ever since i heard the title of this movie i had this odd feelings about it but the popularity it got and also the reviews and all that sort of build up a good confidence in me to watch it, oh! god.. what a great way to waste a time, one song was good but the rest were crap and suprisingly all of them were popular.. DAMN!!!
This movie reminds me of HUMTUM a lil bit..


Dhol has a charm which makes you laugh on the most stupid comedy they do, basically its based about four guys need more money so they fall for this girl who they all think she is rich but actually she is just there to find out things about her dead brother, its interesting but it flows alot and the music is silly and the performances were week but only three people did well and that would be Rajpal, Tusshar and Tanushree... hehehe..

Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur and the Minimoys)

ah!!! this movie is like so bad, thats nough said because i actually fell asleep while watching this crappie and me falling asleep in the middle of the film dont happen unless the movie really sucks all time..

The movie opens well but the moment it goes to the animetion it all changes and turns in to one of the most boring films ever, the animation characters where not good and i would prefere if the kid remained as a human form.. tht would atleast have earn a half star..
oh well, Bad film it is..

Like Mike
Like Mike(2002)

It feeled my fantasy as it was surely the most craziest film i have watched..
it was a pure entertainment and surely it gives a great a good time, its not one to miss..
i firstly ignored this untill i saw the bollywood version of this which was good too, this is also good must say, it also stars my favourite actress, Brenda Song, lol... she was young in this movie though, cute would say.. hehe..
A great family movie to watch..

The Messengers

Okay, i might not have expected this movie to be good at the first place but sadly i still rented it..
It surely aint giving anything new, its the same old stories we seen on many movies before, people move on the haunted house and ghostly shities happens around them and a girl tries to say theres a ghost around the house and no one believes untill they see them on their own eyes.. anything new on tht?
The beginning was bit heart pumping but then it falls to the crapiness..
I only rated this 2 because of Kristen performance.. she did good..


After ignoring this movie i just found myself so fool when i was forced to watch this movie, i was so wrong to ignore this movie, its actually one of the best movies of the year. I normally dont like chase movies but this surely has the longest one and probably the bestest one as i could tell..
its an pure entertain movie and surely not one to miss..
Well done to the Mel Gibson..

50 First Dates

The movie surely has some magical power attached in it that makes you want to watch it over and over again, it surely is addictive..
it had such a exciting story and which i surely havent seen in the industry before..
I cant say its perfect because it has some mistakes as the lucy once said 'since you gave me the tape' the question is, how did she remember that Henry gave her the tape? welll... thats like the only mistakes but the movie is EXCELLENTO...

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

i never expected this movie to actually entertain me, its more of an fully action packed then just a horror.. but just say the enemies are more ghostly..
The movie surely has more Hot Scenes then the first film and some of them are actually pretty funny.. haha, just a laugh really.. its a nice movie but scary.. Fully Entertaining though..

Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag


Bad performances all over it and bad music, bad directions, bad score... NOTHING POSSITIVE about it.. makes it one of the worst films in the history of worst films..

The movie opens so bad that you will just loose the interest at that very same moment and the shock is, it continues to be like, i actually fell asleep watching this and that to be dont happen often..
Directed by one of the best directors and turns out to be his worst film ever and this case, amitabh just went over the top on this film..

WINNER OF THE WORST FILM OF THE YEAR!!! maybe a century...

The Last Mimzy

The movie is more interesting then THE BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, its a movie for the entire family to enjoy but the ending when kids were flying was such a pointless part but other thn that its a good movie with a brilliant performance, really enjoyed..
mind-grabbing film..

Fool N Final
Fool N Final(2007)

one of the worst films i have watched in the year of 2007, do yourself a favour and dont watch this.. if you did then you will tell me that i should have listenied to you.. ah'haaa...

Heyy Babyy
Heyy Babyy(2007)

Well, for a laugh it was aight but it wasent all that good like i expected or heard from the reviews..
it was okay, could have been better, the directions were poor.. performances were sort of cranky.. so that tells you all..

Hello Brother

its a copy of an english film which i cant remember what its called but just say this is so bad to function.

That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana

Coming to this, this DVD contains three episodes, from thats so raven, suite life of zack and cody and hannah montana...
each of ths episodes somehow links to another episode and at the its like you have watch a movie..
its very nice and entertaining..
a great show for the Disney Channel freaks.. its so funny and somehow leaves a smile when it ends..
and also the dvd contains another episode of zack and cody on the special feature section...

Because I Said So

I really would'nt call this a great comedy because it has only few jokes which are alright, not so funny..
The mum in this movie is sort of Bitchy and what kind of an mum would sell a daughter out like tht, makes her look so cheap! it surely is a great lesson to stop talking to a mum like that, really..
well, the movie aint so bad after all, gets boring but still not so bad, worth watching..

Read it and Weep

Coming to this Disney Channel Original movie, i dont really understand why i liked this film, its pointless, yet, entertaining.. the story is lame but at the same time i enjoyed it.. dont know why..
its totally a film for kids, i dont think any adult would appreciate it..
one thing i got annoyed about this film is all the sudden Danielle will pop on out of no where, so tht is pretty much annoying..

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

After the CRAP Resident Evil came out in the year 2002, it didnt take another few years they brought another crap film, being honest, this is like so bad, worst then the first one and the music keeps annoying me all the time..
it surely made me feel that its making a ZOMBIE out of me, yaiks!! its so Ewww, or should i say Ewwwwer...
i just hate this movie, and DAMN!! after this crappy, there is another CRAPPY called Resident Evil: Extinction, What are they thinking? ughr!!!
its sad that i have a brother who actually likes this series...

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

Four middle-age riders and each got their own problems so they decide to take a trip which turns out to be the most hilarious trip film i have ever seen, a definetly one of the films which tells you 2007 has some good movies after seeing the crap comedies of 2006, this film makes you laugh like a crazy sucker, its absolutely hilarious, if you havent seen this then your missing out dude, just watch this if you dont believe me, hahah..

The Parent Trap

Although this is a remake, it seems like it gained more popularity then the original version, this surely is one of the most exciting film made about twins. As Lindday Lohan's first film, i must say she was wicked in it and also coming to Dennis, he surely was awesome. its a smooth film to watch with family.



In the year of 2006 there were only two films that really touches your heart, AQUAMARINE and HOOT!
Aquamarine because of the love and friendship and HOOT because of the loving and caring about the cute Owls, this movie shows how people should stand up and fight for animals rights as this days we human beings become so selfish and mostly care about ourselves only, why's that?
we do rather be millionnaires and see animals/birds die then fight for their rights, do you think this is right?? do you?

Coming back to this film, it really touched your heart and i loved the actors, although they could a little bit do better..

Get a Clue
Get a Clue(2002)

A Kinda odd sort of movies that you see now days, very interesting though, its also nice seeing Top stars such as brenda and lindsay so young, lol... it makes hard to believe how lindsay is spoiled..
Perfect for young kids and alrighty for adults i suppose..

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

The Robots? heheh, this is like the only films with robot that i though was great to watch, i have seen many this is surely one to grab your mind while it can and also great performance brought to you by Will, although there are some parts which yet i havent understood and would love to ask questions about it..

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

I didnt really realise how good this film really is untill i saw it for the second time, the humour in this film is fascinating and its a one to crab your mind while it can, but yet again, its not like the best animated film of the yeat, its just a great fun watching it..
the story it tells is awesome and also tells you to be who you really are to be more happier..


its about a guy whos dealing with refugees and get them out of the country, cant remember much..

LOC: Kargil (Line of Control: Kargil)

for god sake, this movie sucked all time, made me fell asleep in my SOFA!!! tht doesnt happen so often with me.. ughr!!!

Mein Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

its been ages since i saw this but still remember it very well..
Well, there is Sanjana, Prem and Prem in this movie, but which Prem does end up being with Sanjana? hmm, still wondering, yeps! i know, but do you?

Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost

its interesting film with a oldish sort of villains, its about a man returning to his village and to see his people are being controlled my the don/mafia of tht area...

Phir Milenge
Phir Milenge(2004)

this film is based on a girl who catches AIDS.. long story..

Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai

forgotten the film though.. lol..

Amar Akbar Anthony

Well, i have seen this alot but not tht i wanted to watch it, its always kept on by family, i dont really like this old bollywood classics much but its nice going with the flow..


Wow, with blind people robbing? hahahhaha, INTERESTING but lame..
theres always too much going on in this film, it could have end up being nice film but with the bollywood masala, the film went down from 3.5..
but still nice film..


This movie tells a true story about what happened in India between muslims and hindus, its a nice film but its not the film i do love to watch, independs who likes this sort of films.. it might be good for some..


Okay, this is copied from the great escape if i could judge, its about a bunch of prison who are trying to escape so they deal with huge plans and they get out and then they bollywood masala comes in and ruines the entire film..

Ek Ajnabee
Ek Ajnabee(2005)

You seen MAN ON FIRE? well if you have then you dont have to watch this one because its the exactly same story with bollywood masala added on it, so, yeah,
its fun to watch and go with the flow and compare it to the original one..


Woo!!! i cant believe how many times i have seen this movie, lol.. even my british friends knew the songs of this movie, hehhe.. its nice and its funny..
A Definetly great time passing film with a slight of bad performances..
the songs are just catchy, the tunes i do love to listen too...

Kyun...! Ho Gaya Na

Aishwarya and Vivek were absolutely FAB in this movie, the songs were catchy, i mean some of the songs..
the movie itself, hmm.. its not good but its not bad either, its fun watching it while theres nothing else to do or to watch..
its not a dissapointing film..

Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo


i thought it wa funny at the beggining but then the movie turned out to be a great dissapointing, although, this movie did have a major opening with a very bad box-office report..

The Day After Tomorrow

Coming to one of the greatest films in Nature-Disaster films, this is truly and amazing film filled with emotions and love..
The performances brought by the actors were also good, i wouldnt say amazing because we only see that in the rare films now days but yeah, its good.. The music score was not very impressive but yet again, the film itself doesnt make you concentrate on the music as there are many great special effects hidden in them and thats what my ears where upto, hhahaah.. and the movie does sure make you feel all that is happening for real, great work i must say..

And yeah, Emmy is kinda pretty, for a guy like me, i must say tht.. haha..

Resident Evil

Alrighty, for some people, this is a big hit, for other people, people like me, this is nonecess.. okay, Zombies!!!!
what are they anyway, dead people coming alive and want to attack human beings? how many films like that have we seen? and since when? well, maybe there are units number of this sort of films and they all tell the same bloody story with slight changes..
the music score of this film makes me hate it more, because it gives me a rock time instead of scaring special effects music background, where are we? on the zombie rock concert or something, its so pointless.. ughr!!!!

Yours, Mine & Ours

This film must be one of the greatest Family films i have ever seen, although cheaper by the dozens were better then this but it still is amazing film..
I really liked it, from the beginning till the end, although there were some cranky parts but it still managed to pump me up while its running at the end i was like, no.. its such a short film.. lol.. i never wanted to end at all.. thats how i loved it.. the other best thing was that i actually know some of the actors, such as Danielle, Drake, Miranda, Sean, Dennis, Renne and hell alot of more others and yes! i wasent dissapointed by either of them.. Heart Stealing film..

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Talking about one of the greatest films ever made...
When this movie came out, i was like "no, am not interested" then my brother was like "maisam, you gotta see this" so he got the DVD and i watched it with him.. i ended up buying it from him, heheh, and not only that.. i watched it a unit times.. and now, in my heart.. i know the lines in my heart, whenever i watch the film, i feel like i know everything about it... its a movie that actually steals your breath away and heart pumpin'
A absolute blockbuster film of 2001..
Impressive performances and also well directed...

because of this movie, harry potter came to my world and it became a magical one...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Hmm, let me get to the point, i live in Zanzibar and there are no movie theatres around here, the nearest one will take me 4hrs to get.. yaiks!
so somehow, i managed to get hold of this movie (yay), but in the worst copy that you could possible want.. lol, yes! absolutely BLACK!!!

but yeah, i cnt judge it well as most of the parts were so dark and hardly to see but the movie was nice as i could judge, with hell of alot of FLOWS!!
when i get hold on my two disc of this movie then i will re-rate it and write a better review...

The Devil Wears Prada

After watching this film, i totally couldnt stop thinking about it.. the performances were absolutely killingl, its the best film of Anne so far and for Meryl? hmm, she was more then just perfect..
the film is more focused in the fashion industry, its a film for many people to enjoy for sure.. but if your a person whos looking for a movie which contains min by min something happens then this aint the one..

Namastey London

i didnt really expect this movie to be good, it was a great film, it was funny at some part and the story is pretty interesting.. contains bit of racism but its nice.. the music is poor and the performance brought by Upen or Open or who ever he is was better for once but still poor... Katrina and Akshay were good, all the parts..

Because of Winn-Dixie

the film tells about the relation between a girl and dog called opal, she would rather loose everything but not her dog..
absolutely heart touching family film..
a great film to show the kids as they will learn how to love their pets..

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

after watching the first film, i had my hopes up for this but turned out to be bit boring.. didnt enjoy as the first film.. it will never be like that one..

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

it was surely as good as i heard and also i made a big mistake for ignoring this movie for 4long years.. its a great laugh tilll the end, a great family fist..


Childish but a great entertainment for sure, absolutely kicking it, i enjoyed it.. the story will make you laugh.. althought its so predictible and cranky but i enjoyed it all along..

Perfect Stranger

The performances might have been cranky at some point but bruce did wll with his role, the movie is surely a high suspence thriller i have seen recently and it does make you wonder, although i thought miles was the murder all along but hey, who is the muderer? is it really him?
A great fist to watch at night...

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

my least favourite pirates of the caribbean movie, i found it amusing but not the best thing i have watched recently, it wasent like i expected it to be, well.. maybe am a easy going person with loving of easy going entertainments.. so it wasent for me, at the other hand, it surely brought best performances and well camera shot..

Code Name: The Cleaner

for a movie which i had no intention to watch has actually rocked the night of mine, it turned out to be a laugh out loud comedy film i have watched recently, i did sort over expecting but then it was different.. pretty fun film to watch when your looking for one..

The Wicker Man

This is one of the movies will end and still make you wonder what the hell went on, i did sort of like how they based on but on the other hand, it was the most stupid story of the year.. honestly, people like Cage should read the script before signing them, it makes them look bad because of this kind of films...

Kung Fu Hustle

This movie was pretty interesting and so hilarious, loved it, it wasent like the best flm ever but its so fun to watch this when theres nothing good to watch on TV.. nicey..

The Last King of Scotland

Well, not as good as i heard..
the movie is like so boring, the only person in this fun family loved this movie is my dad and that too not as much, i dont know about the fuzz really.. the performance from Forest was as good as i heard.. he totally did deserve the OSCAR*

Bridge to Terabithia

Coming to the real point, this movie is way better then *NARNIA*
even though i did expect it to be more adventurous in the wood and all that but it was based on homeside and school alot and that wasent bad either being honest.. its pretty funny at some scenes and i dont really think this is a good children movie but its definetly a good family movie.. what am saying, young odeons wont really be interested watching this.. its more into languages and art directions and everything..
The performances were absolutely fabulous and i didnt expect anything good from josh but he was good too..
coming to Annasophia Robb, she has funny face but she is definetly the plus point on this film, she is a good actress.. i knew she would do well as i really really loved her in *CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY*

A Definetly one not to be missed..
it aint better then *HARRY POTTER* as i thought it would be but its definetly better then the third Harry Potter Film and ofcourse NARNIA as i mentioned at the top earlier..

it was an ABSOLUTE good 18th BIRTHDAY treat watching this...


NOTE ~ This movie doesnt contain anything for younger kids age around 4-13 to enjoy, it will just ruin their day because its hell sad..

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

not as i expected for sure, its too cheesy and corny.. it did have great humour and good actions scenes but its too childish and that sand man is so 90s.. it made me feel like am watching HULK for a moment there.. not the best work, too corny for me.. it could have been way better..
omg, its just too childish, just lets put it that way, it connects with the first movie alot.. so many villains, the sand man was pointless..


its purely a great entertainment for whole family, one to enjoy all the time..
its definetly oneof the greatest films.. great humour.. lol..these big heads are seriously really funny.. they totally are amazing..

a great comedy, quarantee you will love it...

Jump In!
Jump In!(2007)

And disney has done it again in this great film, this film sort of relates to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL but it aint a better..
The performances were good i must say, the ending was no need of 'Push it to the limit' dance.. that was WACK!

Snakes on a Plane

Poor film, such a low quality sucking film with stupid snacks... its such a fake thing and hell boring, i so didnt like this and because of this film i sort of start to hate S.L.Jackson, he is a weak serious performer..

United 93
United 93(2006)

Sad film, poor performances and highly wrongly made film..
i still prefere FLIGH 93 then this, its good performances but there are some other personal reasons i didnt like this film..

Flight 93
Flight 93(2005)

Seeing this movie really touched my heart, it was really good and also fair film, sadly UNITED 93 failed to do that, the performances were weak being honestly but its really sad.. aww... its definetly one of the great films and touching... Definetly Recommend you to watch this..

Hot Shots! Part Deux

This is just funnier then the first film, it actually kicks the hell of Rambo films.. lol.. it begins with great laughter and has an crazy ending, omg, i just couldnt stop laughing, it actually rocks! lol.. its even better then te first actual film, totally loved the hell of it, great comedy to watch.. lol.. Saddam Hussen was very funny..

Hot Shots!
Hot Shots!(1991)

Definetly a great comedy, i bet the whole idea is based on Naken Gun and Police Academy though, you might like it even more if you havent seen ths two, its a total copy-cat, it was watching them, great time passing, very funny indeed..
its mostly unbelievable, a true comedy of times..
if you havent seen this you might want to treat yourself, lol.. the song that comes in the middle of the film is absolutely crazy, hahah.. the arab people names are totally unbelievable, its like shish-kebab and other arab foods and all tht, watch it and you will know wht am on about..

So Dear to My Heart

I seen this ages back, i thought it was okay, i didnt like it much.. the story was alright too, its just such an normal film, nothing classic about it..
so i wouldnt really recommend this to any one.. unless you really are bored, this is way better then all the horror films they make now days..

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

The film actually started well good, i was very interrested and then suddenly the end was BOOM, the ending actually ruined everything, its nothing like the game, the performances were okay, the music was not bad either but not like the game, it aint scary but its creepy at the beginning to the middle of the film, the film is like 100mins but the end felt like 200mins and the chuch was set more like the english times of 1700s or something, very poor indeed.. Jodelle Ferland may be cute but her performance could have improved and what was all that MUMMY all about, she may be a young girl, okay i get that but you could just tell tht was all acting, there are many 10s to 12s could have done tht roll better..

Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

it is a great comedy film, although Jim brought the same thing as usual but it still managed to make me laugh, i did not laugh some parts where he tried to be so funny, its a great film if you havent seen this, you might want to treat yourself to watch this corny film, its so worth watching...


okay, this movie might have deserved more or less, i was seriously ill when i watched this...
but i still thought was very funny, i think that fatty was so mean to eddie, heheeheh, she is deal though, without her this film aint so funny, Eddie brought a great performance too.. i dont know why this movie got so many bad reviews in IMDB..

it surely does get boring at times and okay, it aint like the funniest thing ever, its like okay but the plot is amazing, its cheesy, corny and nice..
its something you should watch.. Norbit is so innocent, aww...

Police Academy

And suddenly something funny strikes in my DVD collections..
this movie is surely one of the greatest comedy i have ever seen, i cant wait to see others.. its so Hilarious and they actually make it look all real, pure entertainment..
loved it, you might want to treat yourself this movi..

Meet the Robinsons

as a Disney fan, i found this so bad and so annoying, they tried making it so funny but it didnt turn out funny, some scenes were great funny, like the big head and small arms T-Rex, but other then tht.. this film sucked, the last 3mins was alot better but all way along the film i hoped for this film to finish, it just did my head in, its just not something i expected from disney, so sad to see this as a disney film.. really sad.. i actually hoped this to end.. lol..


Very predictable,
Okay, this movie was sort of freaking me off at the beginning and at the moment i was like, hmm, i think i will finally see the best horror movie but it turned out to be a pile of messed up homeworks.. this movie is even worst thn doing a school homework, how is this even a horrow which cant even scare, although i did sort of liked this scary hospital was made, poor performances, it flaws alot so its all messed up.. i didnt understand anything at all.. its just ughr! so annoying..
dont watch this, save yourself your one hour and twenty mins on something better..

So much of blood was used too.. it was so crap..


Wow, what a shock, i actually watched this movie... it was a total waste of time, its so stupid..
the performances were okay, not bad and not very good either, Christina Milian was the only good one in the film..

this movie was meant to be horror but somehow it made me laugh, the beginning was actually much worst then the end.. its just about virus spreading and blah blah..
the sounds effect were absolutely crap, nothing special and also the camera use was also bad.. its so dark and doesnt match.. its just so annoying, so annoying..
omg, i so hated this..

The Passion of the Christ

okay, being fairly, this movie started really well and it makes you feel like your actually being there and witnessed everything....

i dont actually believe that they actuall hit him all that time at time and he never died, it carried on like that for bloody ages and at the end i was like hell bored.. they could have done alot better.. i liked the idea of not putting this movie in english though, that was a good idea...
its not so bad but could have been done way better.. oh and i dont believe crucifying Jesus either, i believe he was taken by god...

Barney - Round and Round We Go

lol, this movie was cute when i was a kid but now its just piecing me off like no other film.. its cute though.. like all other barney films.. lol..

Musical Scrapbook

Lol, i actually got this on VHS for like 10yrs now.. lol..
really suprising that i still have it and havent watched it for like over 7yrs.. lol..
oh well..

Barney:Just Imagine

imagining, imagining.. okay.. i see a purple dinosour coming my way and singing i love you song.. sm scared.. really scared.. lol... this was cute...

Barney:Barney's Colorful World Live

Hmm, this was interesting, lol.. it was fun and funny,
its one colourful barney to watch, cute..

Barney:Land of Make Believe

This was good too.. lol.. yeah, it was.. right.. lo... pretty much enjoyed all the barney movies when i was a kid, here i come with my comments on barney things, lol.. all the same as others.. its still cute though...

Barney:Let's Go to the Farm

hahaha, this must be like one in my top barneys, i mean to say, it was one of my to barney but that is when i was a kiddy.. lol..
its cute, i still recommend this to all people who are going to babysit people.. lol..
its cute..

Barney - Now I Know My ABC's

lol, this is s cranky, although i sort of had fun watching them, what else can i say, I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME.. lol...
its cute for the kiddies..

Barney - Let's Pretend with Barney

lol, i loved this one when i was kiddy, not anymre though, but i still laugh whenever it comes on tv or anything, it was one of my favourite things to watch " i love you, you love me" lol.. i also went to a barney concert...

Barney - More Barney Songs

lol.. there wasent any barney film which i hasent seen and all my comments are going to be the same about this, its really nice for lil kiddies, okay, i loved it too when i was a kiddy too... lol... pretty cute and scary..

Page 3
Page 3(2005)

okay, here comes a story which has some stupid twists in it, how can this movie be a big hit? its lame, totally lame..
its just one annoying film i have ever seen, am hell annoyed, actually very annoyed by watching this cap thing..
i just hated it.. and the song sucked..
its a good story for some people though, maybe ths people who wants to know about how some indian people are..

Om Jai Jagadish

OMG, have i tried to kill myself by watching this movie or what? its a total family crap.. nothing new to see, nothing interesting.. just ughr!!! lame...

i think thats the perfect word to put this movie too..

The Ant Bully

This movie didnt stand right for me since it only lasted 2days in Brighton UGC Cinema and it was moved as it didnt do well, i still gave it a go by renting it and it was like not the best choice... Its a good chase movie but it aint a good one for a laugh although it did have some funny moments...
The Graphics were brilliant.. i loved them...

well, its an average animated but i totally would not consider myself watching this again..


My dum dum hates this movie and i know why... because it sucks all time..
there isnt actually anything good about this song beside one song called JEENA, that song has amazng music but other then that, this movie sucks, it sucks all time..
hahhahaha.. they all did bad in this film.. all the cast and crew.. maisam feels sorry for them.. really..

Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon

Okay, this girl is obssessed by an actress and she wants to be an actress so she goes to bollywood and try to get into films and she fights her way and gets a deal with a crap movie and at the end people hated the movie but liked her performances, yay for her.. she gets deals with big stars and then i think she becomes a big actress.. wow, big deal..

the only good thing about this film it really shows how people want to get into film industry and also the contumes were good..


Something bad i have come across, this movie is actually really crap, the dances were.. hmm, okay but still crap.. mostly crap.. the performances were.. hmm, okay... the songs, well, main aisa kyun hoon was the only plus on it..
the directions were crap..
well, crap crap crap is the best way to put this film...
plus performances from hrithik only..

Darna Mana Hai

Bunch of people stuck on the middle of the road, so they see light and go that place and no one is around so they start telling each other some scary stories but thn anyone who gets scared is getting killed, who kills them? hmm, wondering, wondering.. watch it to find out..

its a pretty good entertainment, some of the stories are meant to be scary but they are just making you laugh.. specially the APPLE story, hat was actually pointless..

Vivek Oberoi killed it though, he was the one with good performances..

Bhagam Bhag
Bhagam Bhag(2006)

And the movie i ignored the most turned out to be the best comedy film of 2006...
2006 wasent a good year for comedy films but this one was the best one out of all others...

This film is actually really stupid and that makes it interesting, although i didnt understand the language but i could understand like whats going on and everything, Govinda and Akshay make good pair for comedy, loved it.. the best Bollywood Film of this year :D

Paresh Did a good job too, he was so stupid as usual though, lol..

Kabul Express

This movie is actually good and exciting, the story follows five people on the journey and also the story of Taliban and how they live..
This movie surely does give out a great hidden msg, its pretty sad at the end.. i could'nt really follow the story much as i didnt understand the language but next time i have to keep the subtitle on, i might even like it more.. who knows?
The performances were good but few people sort of ruined that, music score was good, yes, it was perfect and the camera was shaking alot at the parts but other then that it was perfect...

The Little Mermaid

Delightful, this movie is so relaxing and has a great soundtrack which stays with you for long time.. The songs from this movie are just so Catchy, ofcourse they're trying to re-make them but they sort of ruined it, they're not bad but not as good as the original one..

this heart-blowing film is just a memory which stays with you.. a great animated film of its time and also now times..

If you havent seen this then your totally missing out something, so rent or own it now on DVD video <3

The Plot
The little mermaid (Ariel) wants to be a human being so she trades it with her voice...

Pan's Labyrinth

Guillermo Del Toro has done a wonderful work, this movie is a pure magic, it takes you to a complete different world.. a fabulous movie..
the music score was good too.. its good, the performances were so good too, specially by Ofelia, she is just wonderful actress.. its nice by her age, very good work..
the camera was dark but i supposed it meant to be like that.. a well worth watching and also a well deserved of OSCARS...
loved every single moment of this movie..

Night at the Museum

OMG, i wasent really expecting this movie to be so good from beginning to the end to be honest...
when it started i was like okay, okay, okay and the movie took me in, in just few mins on the beginning and i really find it very entertaining movie..
well, i had keep thinking what could have been better on this movie really, there are ways it could have been improved but it was very exciting..
good performance too..
you have to see this.. lol..
very funny indeed!

Casino Royale

Well, this new bond has not yet left the building.. he will be back again for the sequel of the movie called 'BOND 22'..
after all that..
this movie wasent like i expected it to be like.. i think it was okay, the new bond wasent that good but he did have a good accent, the bond girls were good i would say, actually really good.. lol...
the action scenes were 5/5 and the casino scene was pumpin up pressure...
i ofcourse didnt understand everything on this movie though, but yeah, its all about money...

the end was rubbish.. what was the point of all that happening between bond and his girl.. holy crap.. i hated that..

some scenes were hilarious and the airport scene was wow... amazing... fabulous..

well, even after all tht.. they still didnt make it as good as DIE ANOTHER DAY and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH!!!

even the people out of the movies were saying this bond was boring but i didnt find it boring but when i watch it again i will definetly do find it boring.. lol...

Flushed Away
Flushed Away(2006)

A unique Entertainment..
are disney just dropping down since DREAMWORKS started bringing good quality movies? lol.. am sure...

the movie tells a beautiful story and has some really crazy funny parts 'LONELY AM MR LONELY' hahhaha, tht part made me go wild.. lol..

the music was perfect and the characters themselves are perfect.. a definetly 8/10 movie..

A movie you will definetly love to watch.. a pure entertainment.. lol..

Dhoom: 2
Dhoom: 2(2006)

Dhoom 2 stays at 4star with the first one, this movie somehow has a boring and lame beginning, too much of super-hero actions going on.. its more like watch spider man..
but then it gets all better when they go to brasil, the directions were well and enjoyable.. the music score was good but the songs were lame but that didnt stop the movie being good.. the all brasil parts were so amazing..
really good..
the performances were poor as hell.. only Hritik Roshan did well, this movie without him would have just been a two star movie, his performances killed every bad thing.. he is an amazing actor..

Casper the Friendly Ghost: Peek A Boo

Casper is one these animated movies which people of their own times enjoyed.. Some people still enjoy it, i found it funny, yes.. but i wouldnt really watch them by myself, i think there are more things to watch which are better then this..
i loved the movies though, they rocked :D

Casper the Friendly Ghost

Casper is one these animated movies which people of their own times enjoyed.. Some people still enjoy it, i found it funny, yes.. but i wouldnt really watch them by myself, i think there are more things to watch which are better then this..
i loved the movies though, they rocked :D


Guru is one of these movies which is actually based on real stuff and the movie is actually very serious, its not a great entertainment.. i wouldnt think this is a movie for people to watch to enjoy beside make them feel like they watching a true-story bio..
the things i like about this movie but be the directions and art work, it makes you feel the old times..
so that is basically it..

oh, its so boring, great performances though..

Nehlle Pe Dehlla

This movie is absolutely a piece taking out of these two great movies, its a 100% copy.. its just that they were combined in one movie..
this movie is a geat laugh ofcourse but its not the one i would watch again and again, silly..
so its basically an alright film to watch.. nice pass-time..

Kisna: The Warrior Poet

AVERAGE movie of the year, lol..
coming to this movie, its so beautiful with loads of crap things which let this movie falls down alot..
the performances were bad as hell, the songs were crap as some chip-munks tunes beside 'Hum Hai Is Pal'
all the rest were bad, the ending was just a piece of crap too.. the directing were good but still sometimes it wasent, its so average on its own, i wouldnt watch it again for sure.. inda sucked being honest..

Step Up
Step Up(2006)

one of the best films in 06, surely the third best film..
the movie makes you wanna dance hiphop, it kinda kicked pops out of my head on it.. great music.. absolutely fabulous..
omg, *Alyson Stoner* was in it.. she is a good actress of her age...
the bad thing about this movie is this channing guy, am not a fan of his.. another guy could fit the spot well..
jenna, hmm.. hot as
she is a good dancer too..

the movie somehow did lead me to a sad moment for a while but then again it turned back to where it supposed to be.. nice nice nice..
the last dance could have been more longer in a ways but its still good..
the music is just wow.. fabulous.. lol..

East Is East
East Is East(1999)

Here comes the indians who live in england, this movie is absolutely emberresing to an indian culture, they show it like the indians are the bad people... well, am not sure if they're.. are they?
oh well, this movie absolutely kicks a butt of it.. its one of ths movies will F**KING make you weeep for watching it.. oh god.. this movie absolutely annoys me.. its the worst movie ever after kissing jessica stein.. its absolutely crap..
a performance that people will die by looking at.. crap actors.. nothing good.. nothing interesting.. nothing fun beside some stupid indian jokes which give you a smile for 2seconds then comes all the shit all over again to ruin your good moods.. this movie should be ban to save me from bloody heart-attacks..

LOSERS FROM ASIA, they should totally just stay with bollywood, they dont match making movies like this at all..
i love them more as bollywood..

Stay Alive
Stay Alive(2006)

and now they call this movie horror huh? hahah, even my 3yr old sister whos to girly to function wasent scared.. its just one movie which got some woman running around killing when you play game.. oh am so scared.. yeah, yeah...
the story aint bad but the directions are crap as hell..
the performances were abit cranky, only Sophia Bush and the other girl did good.. but the guys were like making fun of themselves..

Did FRANKIE just lost some of his work or something, he is even worst then before.. oh, my, my..

its okay to watch it once i guess but dont rent it.. just wait it to be on TV so you could make fun of it for absolutely free.. lol..

Annoying film really..

Paris When It Sizzles

Paris When I Sizzles is one of these movies which gives you great moments while watching it, its so interesting and its so funny, the way they sit and plan the story is absolutely hilarious, its one which you wont stop laughing, Vampire Chasing was so funny, i had to re-watch it 3times.. some how *Audrey* managed to get my attention more on this film, she puts this funny face up which absolutely makes you laugh.. lol.. its absolutely funny, its funny how it all goes and the story and suddenly they start kissing and they fall in love like so fast.. hahaha.. its just one which you should now miss in the 60s movies..
very good indeed..
i will definetly watch this again..
oh and the ending was absolutely fabulous.. lol..

oh and the stories they were creating are absolutely funny.. lol..
i just watched Audreys face mostly in this movie as it was so funny and cute..

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Well, i didnt expect to like this movie being honestly.. i watched it as my friend jules has kinda tempted me too.. lol..
well, i was suprised to see how great this movie turned out to be, am not a big fan of old movies but this one has something which can actually take you in the plot...
the performances were incredibly good specially from audrey.. its my first movie of hers to see, she has a pretty face but god, she is so skinny that 30miles per hour wind can blow her away.. lol.. she was so skinny.. oh my, you feel like you see her bones how skinny she was..
the movie is actually good..
it has a great humour to make you smile and also the background music is good.. audrey has a beautiful accent...

Well-created movie..
oh and yeah, the *MOON RIVER* song was awesome... lol..


Splash is one ths movies which are rare to find and its about a mermaid which makes it more harder to find beside AQUAMARINE, well, talking about AQUAMARINE, that movie is way better then this and its much cuter..
this movie somehow flows alot..
Eugene Levy was very funny in this movie.. i have to agree and the performances were absolutely fabulous..
a good movie to watch at all times...

but it still managed to be one of the most entertaining films..

Darkness Falls

Darkness is one of these movies which will attract you by the plot and when you watch it, it just gives dissapointments...
i cant give this movie 0.5 as being fairly the performances were alright so that supports the movie but other then that, this is a pure dissapointment movie..
i wouldnt recommend you watch it at all..

Sabrina Goes to Rome

Clearly, i dont actually remember much of this movie but as i can remember.. i thought it was okay, surely i do have to watch this again to remember more of it and get all i idea of this movie and i hope to watch it again soon to get remember it well..

When in Rome
When in Rome(2002)

Where in rome is one of these movies take you on the place where it was set, its more like your in ITALY and your seeing things around you and everything..
its an absolute fun watching this and more fun just watching the OLSEN twins, oh! my.. they're so adorable.. i adore them..

This movie has alot of essence of italy, the bad thing about this movie is the SPECIAL EFFECTS and MUSIC, well..
all the olsen twins movie share same problems with that..
the music is always noisy and bothering and the effects are just too much which kinda pulls your mind off but other then tht..its absolutely fabulous..

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Sin City is one of these movies will blow off your mind off and will keep you wonder whats going to happen next and whats going on.. its a mind blowing which takes you on the edge of your seat and if your seat doesnt have anything to stop you then it will rock you to the floor and you will still have your eyes on the screen for this action-packed fantastic film.
it kinda hurt my eyes alot when i watch it though, thats the only thing which i really hate about this film but i still watch it again and again..

Sleeping Beauty

As am a disney fan, i was sort of dissapointed at this movie and i kinda didnt like the drawings of it too.. the story was okay, not so good either, its not the one which i would watch again and again.. i thought once was okay, not bad to but it brings alot of dissapointments though.. oh! well, thats just my opinions..


Gigi is one of these movies will tell you what CLASSIC really means, its a movie which takes your mind away and makes it all be in this movie...
the music of this movie were incredibly fabulous and it some of the lyrics are just so funny and hilarious.. omg, i just cant stop singing them now..hahaha...

This OSCARS winning film is just one which tell you a story of a girl who's not so lady at all and she has to take a lesson for that every tuesday, lol.. and there is this guy who is kinda strange and funny too.. he always drag gigi home and shouts at here then follows her back and does funny things.. hahaha.. if you have seen this movie then you will know what am on about..
this is an original CLASSIC, lol.. and there are songs which are catchy like GIGI, THANKS HEAVEN and WHEN CHAMPAIGN WAS INVENTED ;)

and totally PARIS movie..

Shaun of the Dead

well, this movie is not funny as it sounds like and its not like a movie which i would not love to watch again, because its kinda stupid and the music background absolutely sucks and its well noisy...
i would never recommend this movie to you.. to be honest i didnt like it much.. i find it kinda sad really..

The Specialist

its actually been pretty long since i last saw this movie and i thought it was actually really good, probably it does deserve more then i rated it or maybe less, all i can remember is the plot.. nothing much beside tht.. i
but i do want to watch it one more time baby ;) hahah..

Mater and the Ghostlight

Lol, how random, this film is only 2mins long and its just a feature one.. hahaha..
its funny, a very smart made mini-animated-film.. lol, if your a pixar fan then this one is definetly for you...
its totally awesome and hilarious and right now am serious..
okay, tht was so random.. lol..

The Indian in the Cupboard

okay, am not atually sure if this movie really deserve to be 3star or more or even maybe less.. its been exactly over 8yrs since i watched this movie.. but i remember watching this everyday, i loved it alot.. i still remember the plot too.. its about the cupboard which turns toys to living things.. pretty interesting movie to watch as i remember..its sad towards the end but yeah, its good.. as i can remember..

The Scorpion King

Dont expect much from this movie, the cover looks as it has some secrets of THE MUMMY MOVIES but it doesnt even associate with it very well.. its a pure rubbish...
it started really good then it gets okay then it goes to bad and at the end, hmm.. its very bad.. lol..
so this movie kinda drops the chart on its on.. lol.. yeps! it doesnt have a stop on its action but its too much of them which kinda feels boring letter on.. ughr!!!

Never Say Never Again

This as a bond movie? no way, theres no way this movie could be called a BOND MOVIE, thats why it never been counted on the 20movies 40yrs thing..
this movie purely crap..

if you expecting a bond which can entertain you then this is the last thing you should watch..

Romeo + Juliet

okay, from classic to this gangsta style of Romeo And Juliet is a good achievement but it also ruins the whole fun of a *CLAASICS* but i dont really care as am not much of a fan of William Shakespeare, he is way too classy for me to understand him.. lol.. or he is way to baldy for me to understand him.. oh well..
some people might enjoy this alot..
i know i would have ifn it was so musical..

just imagine this movie in proper musical.. hmm, yeps! that would work for me..

Model Behavior

i didnt really expect this movie to be lame but it was.. seriously, it was..for a DISNEY CHANNEL movie thn,this aint a good achievement..
i did kinda expect it to be better but wht i got is two people swopping over places then later on they realise that they cnt handle each others side because one of them is a unpopular geek and the other one is a model.. its lame..
the ending is crap too...
i didnt like it but it worth watching once.. its good to make fun of if you know wht i mean, it aint the worst movie of all time..

The Blair Witch Project

talking about worst movies in history, this definetly goes on it..
oh my god, i seriously got a headache while watching this..
nothing interesting beside people running with a camera.. a so stupid idea for a film, not to forget, am not suprised for its RAZZIES nomination.. this totally is the worst movie of 1999, yaiks, am painfullly admiting it.. am so sorry to myself for watching this crap and more importantly.. am so sorry the money spent while buying this movie.. i want it back..

Ice Princess
Ice Princess(2005)

An Unique chick flick ever..
probably one of the best chick flicks in sport caregory..
the story is good, the stars were awesome, the skating was amazing... highly good music with some of my favourite tunes..
"if i had my way" and "bump"..
its just good and i see everything is brilliant about this movie..

the best thing about this movie is that it dont contain mean girls being jealous like most of other movies in this categorie and am sure you might have noticed tht if you have watched it..

I must say Hayden was brilliant on this movie, i didnt really notice her much when i first watched it but she is an absolute beauty and i give her the best performer on this movie, nice nice nice! she is so *BOOTY-LICIOUS* and *HOT*

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

i wasent really sure if this movie is going to be so ngood but turned out to enter in my favourite movie list and i highly recommend this to people who havent seen this, the perfermances were absolutely good by all the actors and more inspiring perforamnce from johnny depp himself, i fell in love with his work since watched this movie, i wouldnt have been suprised if he won oscars.. he is a truly great actor and i wouldnt see why people would not appreaciate him..

A perfect film for the whole family, without this..
the family aint complete so go get a copy..

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Ah!!! A total classic chick flick...
a one everyone will enjoy and a movie with beautiful actors, Lindsay Lohan has never been this good before and talking about the mean girl Rachel, WOOO!!!
she is burning, i loved her in every single bit and she totally looked different, she is my plastic and NO JULES, you cant take her.. lol..
this movie is one more that you will watch again and again and never be tired off...
a great teen-comedy of the year and probably the best chick flick ever created...

well, just make it this way, i loved all the actors in this movie.. specially the plastics.. they all good in they're own way..
hmm, i learned something from this movie, if you wanna be cool then act like it.. lol, ah! well, am alreaddy there but you know, i learned this to share with you all.. lol..



how would the ******* directors think of making such a movie.. am hell annoyed..

Taxi Number 9211

okay, its pretty funny.. the chasing is funny too.. its too cheesy and corny, its stupid too oh well.. it was a great for a laugh..


are they copying this movie from hollywood? yes they're.. hmm, wondering what movie is tht?

Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (Say This Is Love)

Wow, thats the perfect word for this movie.. Wow,
i totally loved this movie..
am not suprised for the popularity it got because it kinda deserved it all.. its an amazing movie you know.. lol..


lol.. and now they copy DIRTY DANCING MOVIES! but hey, they didnt even get close to it.. lol..
its pretty okay really but kinda sucked all along the way.. yeah, you heard tht..


okay, i suck... no way.. this suck.. lol.. yeah, i know.. lol..
my dad pretty much enjoys this lame lame lame movie but i kinda hate this lame lame lame movie..

Yes Boss
Yes Boss(1997)

Hmm, now this is what i call a comedy, yeah.. you heard me.. aham! lol.. okay, am acting like a POPULAR BLACK GIRL who are in ghetto.. hey what am i on about.. i am black :P

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

pretty boring but its nice, i loved the music and the songs but it aint a movie which i do be watching again and again.. well, thats what i thnk... lol..
many people loved it though..

Salaam Namaste

lol.. coming to this movie, hmm.. great humour and great music..
i didnt really expect this much since i saw HUMTUM which totally sucked the world..
lol.. so i guess it aint really so bad..

Khakee (The Uniform)

Coming to movies which has police chasing ETC, hmm.. this aint bad...
also coming to a songs, this one has few good songs.. specially DIL DOOBA song which made me listen to it like a million times..

36 China Town

i pretty much enjoyed this movie when i first watched it, a pretty cool suspence movie but its pretty to childish to be a thriller.. lol..
it aint bad after all though, the performance were so weak, the only good performance came from Shahid Kapoor and he was the hero.. oh! and not to forget, akshay was not bad either.. lol..
but tht new comer was such a idiot... i cant believe how he got a roll in it at the first point..

Nayak: The Real Hero

What the hell :S

how can a bloody president challenge a normal TV reporter to take over his duty to see how hard it is to run..
lol.. man, they are kidding me..
hmm, it wasent bad for a laugh.. lol..
ah! its pretty stupid, i have to agree on that straight away.. lol..

Deewaar (Wall) (I'll Die for Mama)

this movie is a pure joke, it might just be me thinking like this but it seriously is..
lol.. i dont get it.. not a bit..
its just like two people doing two different work then other one is criminal and the blah goes on and on..
well, who cares anyway..

That's So Raven - Raven's House Party

now this is what i call a PARTEY!!!!
yeah, you heard me..

well, just come to the point, this aint a movie.. lol.. so dont be fooled, this dvd has four featured episodes of my favourite show *THAT'S SO RAVEN* and Girl/Boy if you havent seen this then you missing out the *partey* of the year, now dont wait, tune to DISNEY CHANNEL and watch it now..
and enjoy ;)


Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

lol.. i guess the title says it all, well, i will change it to *THE SPY WHO I SHAGGED*
i do prefere to call tht more which to me sounds less gayish..
this movie surely makes a good movie with lil MINNIE-ME..
i do watch it anytime if its on tv or anything..

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

are you up for laughs? if yeah, then this one is the movie which your looking for.. yeps! this one is, its not really my type of films but i kinda enjoyed it and i think you should give it a go, what you think? well, tht if you havent seen it yet! lol.. if you have then dont bother..

The African Queen

Coming to this movie, its nothing more then a normal love story, i thought the movie was okay, not so good and this movie would not have been this without Hepburn and Bogart, i thought they were the best work in it...
oh! maybe am just not a good judge when ti comes to classics but for shizzly, i know this movie aint in me but not to forget, its pretty fun at the times and mostly just boring...


The europeans are just not in this trip!

well, from the makers of ROAD TRIP and OLD SCHOOL made this? is yes then this is their best work yet!
its just fine from beginning till the end, the laughtern just goes higher each place they visit and dont tell scotty i said that because *SCOTTY DOES'NT KNOW*
yeah, after watching this movie you will know what am on about mate,
i totally recommend all guys to check this out.. a HOT girl is in it.. lol.. thts a star itself mate..

Winning London

Here they go again and this time to LONDON, the twins again did a good job on this movie and their adventure in london was good.. specially towards the ending... ofcourse the twins are the best ones... yay them..
they so would love me if they see me walking down the street.. lol..
its just one of ths movies whch you enjoy from beginning to the end.. love it..
if you like the twins then watch this for sure..

Switching Goals

its been pretty long since i have watched this one but i surely rememeber enjoying it..
come-on, the olsen twins got no bad movie in their collection and i feel proud to own all their movies on dvds..
they yet performed well in this as for their young age... proudly the best twins..
they're just adorable.. big fan, big fan.. lol..


It was cute when it begun and i was like Aww all the time..
it was fun and cute.. the songs were classic and good..
so if you dont like classics then you wont like them..
the story some how didnt take my attention much because there isnt any..
beside human going to jungle and attack the jungle, i dont find it really good somehow but its okay.. the animation is good and the cartoons are so cute, there is a very sad scene in it too..
if your expecting something has a powerful story then this aint the one which you would love to watch..

Dr. Dolittle 3

after two amazing feature films, here come the third one and also the better one..
its unexpectedly good..
this movie is not like the first two at all so if you expecting this movie to be like the first two then dont, this one is different then them and its more for girls then family, its romantic and cute..
Kayla did well as lil dolittle but she was more donothing at the beginning.. lol..

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(1973)

ah! its a great *DISNEY* movie but i personally dont consider this as a *CLASSIC* because there isnt anything *CLASSIC* about it.. Well, its funny okay and the bunny kids and all others are well *CUTE* aww, aint they just so *Adorable* lol..
the music is good too, well *OSCAR NOMINEE* deserved, well connected and all that but i dont think its the one which i do *love* to watch it again and again but well, thats just me..

John Tucker Must Die

comparing this with *MEAN GIRLS* and *SHE'S THE MAN* then this aint the best one out of these two great movies, this one is good, watchable for any moment when you need a laugh, its kinda funny how they change the girl and all that but the end was kinda disappointing.
hmm, but not too much of dissappointing either because this time you never whats going to happen to John Tucker, if he is going really to be trustworthy and gets the girl or decide to stay the same.. or maybe something else happens.. haha, i got you there girl or boy or what-so-ever you're..
the performances were good from all four girls and they all are *HOTTIES*
well, you have to agree with me on that one yeah? hahah, yeps! you do, i loved *Arielle* in this one, she is so *DEDICATED*, ah"! just like *ME*


am being so kind to this movie by rating it 3.5, it deserves less but it somehow made me happy at the end, so yeps!

what i heard is not what i actually saw and what i saw was not high as i have heard either... this film is sort of a trap, it makes you hate the film and then makes you like it, i thought it was stupid but somehow it was a good entertainment, i love the newman kids, they were *cute* and the performances were *brilliant* and also the *make-up* was well used and well *OSCAR* deserving..

people say *HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL* is a joke and childish and same people say *CLICK* is good, ah! i dis-agree...
this is more childish then any other *DISNEY CHANNEL* movie...
but i loved the end, i nearly *CRIED*
Aww, lol.. *GROW-UP* ***MAISAM***

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

after watching DISNEY's the original classic one, i was kinda dissapointed at this one but it surely did have great *soundtrack* i loved all the *songs* they had in it and am surely in love with them..
the story doesnt really continue from the first one but it does tell us some really funny things which went on the castle which was not bad either..


*CINDERELLA* tells us a story if an orphan girl, the story surely gives you a *smile* at the end but we also do share our *sorrow* moments along with this movie,
the story is pretty sad at the beginning but hey, its a great tale.. the songs were absolutely amazing and am not sure if there is anyone who wont like it.. *A DREAM IS A WISH* is absolutely fabulous and i cant get enough of tht.

Kingdom of Heaven

i didnt really expect this to be as good as it was.. it was bit complicated at the beginning then it got welll good.. and i like how they kept things fare between muslims and christians.. nice one to watch, love the

hmm, the music background was kinda nice too.. lol..

The Cheetah Girls 2

The cheetah girls are the *CHEETAH-LICIOUS*
they can *BRING IT ON* at anytime they wish too, they're good looking, good dancers and good perforamers...
what else would you want? huh?
i do be suprised hearing someone dissing this good movie with a spanish mix's in it..
woohoo! i hope the 3rd and 4th do well too..

There's Something About Mary

ah! something about mary huh?
lol... this movie is just one movie that drives you crazy, it really is crazy.. thts the fact, omg.. its just like way too much of swearing going on this movie, yaiks.. less of it could have made this movie better then it is because some part the F word didnt really need to be used.. ah! i sound odd now due to swearing is a must this days.. lol..
hmmm, you will love it.. well, i loved it.. hahah.. its hilarious and mary is woo! Cutie.. hahha..

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

well, i havent got this on dvd since it hasent even came out yet but i got a copy of VHS and too in NTSC, the american version which usually dont work in any other videos but it worked in mine as it actually from there.. lol...

this is a pure classic and its probably one of the oldest movies tht i really like, if you havent seen this then you should know how much you really missing out.. this movie cant be really hated and if you hate it then your totally not normal.. love you for reading.. mwah!

Life Is Ruff
Life Is Ruff(2005)

i didnt really expect much from this one but it turned out to be really cute, i love doggies, aint they like the most adorable? and cats are cute too.. aww, i love them..
oh, its about movie.. sorry.. lol..
okay, this movie is pretty good, actually really good and the music is pretty good at the background and has some catchy tunes,hmm...
kay was actually really good in it, better then in phil of the future.. i also like kyle and mitchel more in this movie then in they're actual current programmes but Cory in the house is doing good..

Stuck in the Suburbs

after ignoring this movie for over a year now, hmm,
am thinking how fool i was and how fool i would have been if i still havent watched it..
the only thing inspired me watching this movie was brenda song and i didnt know she was in it at the beginning and its on her best works.. she's just adorable...
a movie tells us a story to similar one we see in 'POPSTAR' with aaron carter which also was another great movie, its totally not to miss out.. try and watch it if you get a chance..
oh, and danielle is way prettier then her sister in real life... lol..


okay, i kinda expected a five star from this movie but its not what i got, i thought the film was so cranky for some reasons, well.. its a good one but not for me, i think its not..
its like one of these animated movies which really keeps you watching but doesnt really excite you...
well, tht happened to me, so yeah... its an average..

Koi... Mil Gaya (I Found Someone)

And here comes the best SCI-FI film ever created.. they brought E.T., Forest Gump And Jack and now the bollywooders combine all ths movies to bring this fantastic sci-fi movie ever..
it looks cranky but this is the best film ever created in bollywood side.. i mean seriously best.. good performances by hrithik roshan and more excitements from the kids and the ALIEN, wow.. its just so good and i cant get enough of it, it has good music background too...
its probably the best 03 movie i have seen.. its very good indeed.. loved it all the way and i loved the way they filmed this one.. "ITS MAGIC"

Barney's Adventure Bus

i actually loved this alot when i was lil kiddy, lol.. i can actually remember it all..
well, 3 is kinda alot for this but i still cant forget the fun it gave me when i was a kiddy and i pretty much loved as i watched it like everyday.. lol..
i had barney all over my room with his cds and all tht.. hahaha.. omg, its actually amazing when you watch it with a kid because you can see how excited they get..

Little Man
Little Man(2006)

The 06 finally came up with the best comedy of the year, who said BORAT was? haha.. this actually kick borat away..
its really crazy and i wonder how they made shawn so little, its actually well good.. trust me.. the performances were hmm, not bad either..
lol.. alot of mistakes to notice on this movie really, actually alot of them.. and its so unrealistic but its still a good one to watch for a laugh and a good time and probably you would love it more then white chicks because i know i ah! crazy.. i think they should have lower the swearing bits down and make this PG as the kids would have loved it more..

Pixel Perfect

Hmm, this disney channel original movie is sort of different then any other, lol.. i mean come-on.. you never seen someone coming from the computer and works in pixels.. after all.. if you stratch out the pixels you always get a bad quality movie but the girl was stratched and she was a 'PIXEL PERFECT'
lol, so fake but so good.. lol..
there are more reasons why i rate this movie pretty low.. lol.. but dont worry, i wont go mentioning them all..

Now You See It

coming to this Disney Channel Original Movie, its perfect entertainment and do expect to get bored abit as this movie totally does make you sometimes.. lol..
but it surely is a great movie at the end, the performances were.. hmm, okay, nothing special and also not dissapointing.. the directing is not as great and yes, we have seen tht alot from disneyc channel movies, lol.. they should totally work on that...
lol, do we want more of them or we had enough of that as many movies are actually link to the same story and always have someone who wants to take over them.. lol..
Watch Harry Potter for better Magic Movies..

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

"Oh My God, this is awesome"

this movie must be one of the best warrior movies ever created and i loved it, i enjoyed every single second of it and its not what i expected, i ofcourse did expect alot from my asian honey Brenda and i got what i expected from her *MWAAH! BRENDA* lol..
this movie is just wow, cool..
lol.. hmm, the ending was abit crap to be honest, i just wanted to see more but they ended like you watch a movie before you have the feelings of the end, it ends.. lol.. so they totally should have done better at the end for an another one star..

the greeen eye thing was abit old fashioned and the green thing was so old.. tht misses a half star.. lol..
so now you do know why its 3.5 and not jst 5... haha..

Little Miss Sunshine

i was very interested to watch this movie when it came out but people in england really didnt like it at all so i stoped puting my mind on this movie.. lol..

well, as i got hold on a region 1 dvd of this movie i thought i should really give it ago and omg, i liked it.. hahaha.. i found it very annoying, entertaining, funny and irratating.. lol..
omg, that family is one of the worst family that you could ever been born on..
a gay uncle, a father who just wants to win, a brother who doesnt talk, a mother who tries to be friendly and a girl who wants to be LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE..
lol.. a movie which brings a smile on your face of how stupid this family is.. lol...
AH!!! great time while watching this.. hmm.. hahaha.. lol..

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

hmm, the film was actually good and different.. the girls are hot in this movie.. lol, thts important.. hahaah.. ignore me..
i was going to buy this but it was on tv so watched it and i found it really interesting and different.. lol..
kurt russell looks like a grand dad more then actualy father..
the film basically copy of power rangers and fantastic four.. lol..

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

Okay, i wasent really going to watch this movie but we had to as it is part of our assignment in my media classes.. hmm, the movie was going very well at the beginning and i was in to it alot.. i really find Donnie's girlfriend really hot... lol..
the movie was going well for me as i mentioned and it was very entertaining.. better then i expected.. the performances were good too but that all went to be ruin on the ending of this movie which i do not understand it at all.. am not sure what happened and i dont know a thing about frank and what went on.. the back time thing was very confusing.. lol.. the most confusing movie i have seen.. lol...

The Pursuit of Happyness

hmm, i was really expecting this to be a five star movie but the result came with four, so that still means that this movie did manage to be hit in m list.. lol..
the story of this movie is based on a father and son and its also truly played by a father and son.. a great drama to watch at anytime..
Aw, i nearky cried while watching this movie.. omsg, its really sad.. actually very sad..
i wish i was th
ere to help them.. aw, i dont know why but i kinda think this is the sad movie of 06..

The performance which was brought by will was totally amazing and his song also managed to show some acting skills and i do hope he becomes the next William..

if anytime you look for something to make you sad and cry then do watch this.. :D

Material Girls

what i heard is not what i saw,
what i expected was not a good movie like this..
people keep dissing this great movie and diss the Duff sisters but i think they in somehow are good and i really appreaciate this great movie..
the movie somehow tells about two rich people go to poor and how they suffer and all that, lol, am not gonna tell you what happens if you havent seen this but you should totally check it our :D

I really didnt like haley untill i saw this movie.. lol..

Nuns on the Run

i wasent really expecting much from this movie but since i got it free from the newspaper then thought of watching, the result i got was different then i thought, it turned out to be a hilarious british comedy which you would watch, just like the carry-on times but in90..

Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure

Hmm, my parents were watching this movie so i was watching with them.. hmm, its really a poor quality movie with great comedies part.. if you enjoy old comedies then this must be in your list.. lol, they made language up which sounds so funny..
not so good and not bad i would say..

Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

lol.. it was actually really good.. it was better then i expected it to be.. classic.. well, Josh is always loose when it comes to comedy.. he aint a good one.. sorry fans of him.. miranda is cute and evil.. lol.. i like her.. she makes a good EVIL..
DRAKE is awesome actor and guitarists.. lol..
its pretty interesting..

Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up

Ah! its actually a really short movie but its very interesting indeed.. its something which keeps you interested.. hmm.. lol.. its not like an actual film really.. its like join two episodes together.. haaha.. good star casts though..


The movie started really well but i was highly dissapointed seeing the costumes were so poor and you will just notice that it is fake!
nothing suprising..performance is good.. i agree..
directing really poor!!

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

Same problem with the first one.. poor directing and costume.. its sade seeing this movie like this.. only performances were good..

Halloweentown High

Well, atleast this one got improved then the other dissapointing parts but it still has bad directing.. ughr!!

Lucas was good..

Return to Halloweentown

i think Sara played the role better and and the whole series, this one has to be the best one but it still aint worth alot.. poor costumes again.. ughr!! dissapointing.. but not very at the same time..

The Sword in the Stone

I kinda didnt like this disney classic movie... it didnt really give me the flavour of disney.. its more like watching animated cartoons which comes on Cartoon Network.. nah! i dont recommend this untill your one fat loser..

not fun at all and the story doesnt really have much on it..

Herbie: Fully Loaded

this movie is amazing, one of the best movies of Lindsay Lohan and probably one of the best movies in racing category...

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

this movie is just so fabiulous and i promise you a great time while watching this...
this tells a story of two people who kiss and they're luck exchanges.. it has an cute ending and this is the first movie which Lindsay Lohan looked absolutely beautiful and stunning...
Lindsay really approved her work and i totally in love with it.. you should watch it..
it also features MCFLY but i dont really like them much, i actually hate them.. lol.. oh, well, it still made me laugh when one of them was stuck.. hahahaha...

Cadet Kelly
Cadet Kelly(2002)

Hmm, i cant really say this movie was so good.. lol..
but it still wasent bad at the same time..
i was kinda disappointed for disney channel making this sort of movies but oh well, its kinda old and who to blame?

The Perfect Man

this movie is so sweet... aww, loved it... i loved the actors specially Vanessa Lengies.. she is very sweet... Hilary Duff is brilliant as she normally is...
its a pretty cool movie... its actually like on of the best..

Agent Cody Banks

okay.. loved this movie alot..
its so cool..

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

best of Hilary Duff... :D
'have you ever seen such a beautiful world, i could almost kiss the stars for shinning so bright, when i see you smilin as i go oh oh, happiness is no mystery because here now i know what this is' Wow her..

Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (We Are Travellers on the Path of Love)

WONDERFUL movie.. totally hilarious and heart touching.. lol.. has good songs too.. hmm,, its appreciating movie..

Hum Tum
Hum Tum(2004)

its so boring.. yaiks.. am sure you wouldnt want to watch this.. take my words..
i just cant see the reason of this movie.. doesnt make me happy at all.. so depressing.. well, to be honest.. it did have a wonderful opening.. lol..


pretty interesting movie to be honest.. it gives you alot of inside of india and shows you about the feelings and the love towards the game and all that.. a worm movie to watch in spring terms.. lol.. hahah, i gave this a term.. cant believe myself..

Deck the Halls

This movie as comedy? hmm.. no, it failed as a comedy but it still did manage to be a best christmas movie so far..
the movie shows about 2 people and one of them is jealous of the other one but at the end they be good friends..

the movie is good and its even better for little kids.. its so christmasie..
the end was perfect and it has a very happy ending..

so this is my christmas movie choice of 2006 and if you havent seen it then you better go and watch it..

Superman Returns

its an same story about an guy tries to take the world but this time with a different twists.. i didnt really like this movie much.. it was boring abit.. the story wasent all pumping up.. even though, the camera use is done well and the performances are good.. i never seen any of old super-man movies so i have no idea how they're..
this surely is a pure average movie.. the end was actually not so bad..
i liked the actress in this movie.. she kinda reminded me of Rachel Mccaddams for some reasons... lol..

well, if you expecting something good and suprising then this aint the one you looking for but if you looking foward to all action hero movies then this one is definetly the one you're looking for.. lol... am not a huge super-hero movie fan.. so yeah, dont listen to me.. just pretend like you didnt read this while i know you have but you know.. just pretend.. lol..

i really liked the actor though.. lol.. i think he is good... he makes a good one..

Open Water 2: Adrift

ah, not many true story can actually look like true story and we see the example of that on this movie... this movie did manage to be the sad movie i have watched this year and its pretty good entertaining..
i really think its sad when that baby wakes up.. yaiks.. lol..
hmm, so this is the sequel to OPEN WATER.. lol.. they both are the same but say this one has no shark and the boat is there.. right next beside them.. they just cant climb it.. yaiks.. while watching this movie many things will start runnning through your head about what they should do... hmm..
the most thing i liked about this movie is the performances of the actors in this movie.. no word against them.. they were good.. a star for that.. lol... i have never seen them before to be honest.. lol..

Failure to Launch

i had to buy this movie as it was on the offer.. lol..
it was alright really, it wasent a movie which it surely make you feel all hyper on.. it will give you few simple laughs..
it could have been bettter but the story isnt really that exciting.. its about parents pay girl and blah blah and so on... lol..
i did appreaciate the performances in this movie.. specially seeing Kathy Bates..
Sarah.j.p aint all that sexy as people are saying.. she is just okay and looks pretty old.. she has good voice though.. ah! wait a second.. i should be writing about this movie.. ugh!!!
lol.. give it a go.. you might like it or just like for one time watch..

Kissing Jessica Stein

its the worst movie i have ever bought..
in my all life i bought three movies which i really didnt like and one of them is this..
i cant say how much i hated this.. poor filmed, poor performances, poor background music, poor directing, poor entertainment..
ah! no good actors too.. i didnt like any actor in this movie.. they all performed in a weakly way.. they tried making this funny but it failed all time.. how is this funny? are the makers of this movie ever seen anything funny?well, if they did then they will surely know what am on about because this movie SUCKS all time.. i regret on buying this idiotic made film.. lucky i bought it for a cheap price or else i would have got angry..
why do they make such a movie which dont make any sense at all and doesnt entertain a bit.. and if you liked this movie then we not meant to be together.. lol..

i was annoyed by this movie since all the actors are scary..

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

i was completely wrong..
i ignored this film since it came out and if it wasent for my friend Andy then i do still be ignoring this..
this movie has to be one of the greatest science fictions ever created and the love of a robot-son was fabulous..
the set of this movie just looked awesome and everything was just great.. this must be the first film of Jude i have seen and i was impressed by his performance but more inspiring performance was from Haley, he is a good actor..
i know do believe that Steven can make any movie.. he is a wonderful director indeed..
the story of this movie touched my heart so i give a big credit to the writter of this story..
the beginning was excellent and when he was left alone i thought the movie was going to be rubbish but i was wrong.. it kept getting better and better all the way it goes..
the ending was sweet and unique.. hmm, they could have made another robot which looked like her mommy though..


a TRULY classical comedy which none of you should miss it.. its probably one of best movies in 91..
i absolutely loved it.. its just one pure entertainment..
seeing Sylvester Stallone in comedy which was something i never expected to see and indeed he did a great job..
its better then i expected.. a best gangstar-comedy movie ever created..
ah! good times this movie gave me.. i recommend you try this movie if you yet havent...

Rambo III
Rambo III(1988)

after seeing two great RAMBO films and seeing this was just one waste of time..
i never believed they would actually end they're series like this.. i never did.. i did expect more from this movie but what i got was one was film which never took me attention... am sorry to say this but am highly dissapointed at this movie.. ah!! really dissapointed...

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

The best musical animated movie since LION KING 12yrs back.. a great animation movie of 06 after Disney's PIXAR 'CARS'..
hmm, it has a cute beginning for sure when mumble grows up.. hmm, he kinda becomes just a near cute penguin.. lol.. well, we know tht penguins ARE the cutest living birds in snowlands.. lol...
the animation is good, the songs were just kicking... i enjoyed it alot.. the end was super cool too..
i saw this movie in cinema with my dad and it seemed he was the only person there who didnt lik
e the movie.. ah! old man, old man.. cant blame him for tht.. hahaa...
its a cool one..
Gloria had beautiful voice.. wow, actually was very... hmm..
am happy to see this musical animated after so long.. yay musicals... lol..


Amazing movie.. i loved this one... yay this one.. lol..
ah! it gave me some quality times while watching this.. it has to be one of the funniest comedies i have watched..
disney tried to make the wild but was'nt so impressive...
this one has to be so good..
i like to move it move it poeple were brillaint too.. loll..ah!!!
hopefully the sequel will rock too because this one did!

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

am PUSS in BOOTS..
lol, this one entertained me more because of Puss.. i love that cat... he is amazing..
lol... this one is not better then the first one but it has some funny scenes to be honest.. its cranky i shell say.. lol.. a great feature for the whole family.. i loved it.. lol..
am silly.. just ignore this..


Shrek, hmm, its a pretty exciting movie but i thought it was too long for me.. lol. it wasent but i did slightly got bored while watching this.. oh well, its a good entertainment and i really loved it at some other points.. it was so exciting..
i never seen anything like this before this.. hahaha..

Over the Hedge

Amazing comedy animated movie of the year and probably the best one since madagascar..
an absolute hilarious thing ever seen in the year of 06.. its better then BORAT and i do rather watch this again and again then watch tht dirty movie..

the story is good and the characters are really CUTE..
lol.. HAMMY is just wow.. amazing..
this is like on of all time great animated movies..
its definetly a family movie of the year..
it could not have been better if it wasent funny..

The Persian cat was amazing..
watch this to enjoy..

The Rising (Mangal Pandey)

Wow, and they call this a revolution movie? they should get alive.. this aint a revolution beside a fake story pretended to be true story while this man never even existed on this planet.. yaiks.. i hate this one.. sorry to say tht.. the performances and directions were good though..

Dil Ne Jise Aapna Kaha

Aids, Aids, Aids? does this movie supposed to give us msg or to make us cry?
ah!!! Salman needs to get alive... all of his movies suck...
only few are good... lol.. he looks so ugh!!!
say, whatever will, be will be..

Tere Naam
Tere Naam(2003)

i seen abit of this movie on sony but its just one crap love story with loads of bollywood twists.. lol.. it aint a good love story at all.. i just dont get why this movie was nominated for best film while it dont deserve at all.. it sucks all time.. all time.. i mean that..
am not intending to watch this from begining till the end after just seeing few scenes of it.. actually it was on and i was flixstering and watching it..
lol.. it sucks..

Garam Masala
Garam Masala(2005)

this one is crazily funny.. lol..
but could have been better in many ways..
i mean come-on.. how can one singer sing for both man and using the same voice.. looks so fake.. lol..
well, bollywood needs to move ahead in tht situation..
lol, same voice two people?
and the voice didnt even match them.. ah! classic.. lol..
well, the performances were impresseve.. not very but yeah.. lol...
its abit stupid too.. lol...


a great comedy i must say, i give for that.. they made it so funny.. well, the end was okay.. abit crap but okay..
lol.. the songs hmm, were not good.. performances were okay.. nothing suprising..
its not the best comedy ever but it will make you laugh for one watch time..


and they call this a suspence movie? hahahah, i will crack up laughing if anyone tells me that this movie is so good..
this movie prooves that karan johar cant produce this kind of movies to save his bloody life..
no offence but this sucks all time..
tigers and bhoot person..
wow, am so grown up to love this movie.. ahahah, even a kid will say this is so crap and childish.. blah! blah! blah!

hahah, am so rude!!


Whats so great about this movie tht they threat as it is worlds best movie ever...
i mean come-on its okay.. not a movie which you would love it and watch it again and again.. well, i give for performances.. thts it.. and the story wasent even that exciting..
i just dont get why they call this a BLOCKBUSTER..


Worst movie ever created.. i cant believe an great actor as bachchan would have done that role.. its too emberresing for the industry..
i give this a zero..
please dont watch it..
you will cry.. you will cry for watching this movie.. i had to suffer from this movie alot.. for over 2 and half hours..
and the music was weak and that goes with the performances too...


has been ages since i saw this but i never been interested in seeing this suckish movie..
ah! its just to, ah. i dont know..
weird, stupid and crap.. the songs were alright, i gave one for that.. and the performances were hmm, good but not award deservings..

Aap Ki Khatir

and here again comes a suckish hilarious movie..
this movie is just one weird movie tht you could ever witness but it does have its moment which will crack you up..
hmm, the performances were okay and the music sucked all time..


tough one to rate,
the movie ofcourse was good but so boring at the times..
the songs were hmm, okay..
only two were really good and i think they did well on the music.. the actors did well too..
the ending was ofocurse suprising and thats wht i liked about this movie but am not sure tht am going to watch this again..

Rambo: First Blood Part II

ah! this movie is good,
i fell asleep on the first 10mins as i was really tired.. but i got most of it and i enjoyed it..
its so interesting and really heart pumping.. a well performed by sylvester stallone.. he is an amazing actor.. i appreaciated him...
the music background was awesome.. i so thinkg this is a good movie..
lol, am sure many girls wont love it though...


Talking about great bollywood films, this one has some quality hollywood twists.. i never thought i do see this from bollywood but they surely have improved alot.. the performances were absolutely to rate high and the music was fantastic.. you will never just see this as bollywood.. not at all..
the songs are brillaint, DILBAR SHIKDUM SHIKDUM!! lol..
or DILBARA.. ah! amazing..
it also gives you good comedy parts to laugh.. lol.. its just good...

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

Did Jennifer Love Hewitt just got hotter in this movie?
Are many sequels better then the first one? hmm... no but this one is..
the story is very good, even though you will notice that this movie is so imposible but hey, its a kids movie, so what you expecting? hmm..
this is a total cool movie and Garfield his thing along with his look-a-like...
a PURE entertainment for all family..
i enjoyed it alot, i had good times watching this..

Monster House

Brilliant movie, its one of my top three animated movies i have watched this year (06) and i must say that this one is unique animated.. its really funny as well.. lol.. i really like tht girl at beginning. the lala girl.. lol.. she is hilarious and she looked really cute at the end.. hahah..
i ofcourse didnt recognise the voice of Mitchel T Musso but now i have.. lol..
hmm, the ending could have been better.. its just the music ruins all the fun.. so just the music is the weakness of this movie.. and that too at the end..
a GREAT animated horror moive..
funny as hell!!!!
lol.. well, i guess it is.. hahaha...

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Amazing, Amazing..
i never expected this movie to be as interesting..
a very beautiful super-hero movie with hilarious twists.. lol.. this could be the funniest super-hero movie ever created.. it gives you a laugh all along and the end was so sweet.. i really loved Anna Faris and Luke Wilson on this movie, i think they both look perfect..
ah! dont mess with girls who got powers or else.. hahaha, watch this movie to find out what else.. lol..

Alice in Wonderland

A truly Classic from Walt Disney, can we really get some good classics like this in this days? hmm we do get good ones but the old classics can never be beaten.. this movie is a totally good film for a family, a pure entertainment..
you havent seen this classic then you might wanna watch this one.. its even better for the children.. wow, i loved this one.. lol.. totally awesome..
ah! What A Classic?


A Truly Classic movie..
i wasent really paying attention on this movie much but i was keeping my eyes on it and i saw i found it to be interesting..

the camera used on this movie is definetly a high quality and its all well produced...
the music did deserve for the nomination on OSCARS.. a well done movie...
the actors did well, both of them and they way it was filmed was perfect for its time..
its more of daddies movie then teens or womans... lol..
ah, you may consider yourself watching it..

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

i never expected this movie to be as good as i saw..
the film really does take your attention and it really is one of the best action/crime movies ever made..
Slyverter Stallone did a brilliant job and i totally adore his performance in this movie, i never expected him like this after seeing him in OSCAR which also was another great movie..
lol, i dont really understand when he talks though, specially at the end of this movie when he was shouting... i dont understand him at oh well, i could have put the subtitles on though.. hahahaha..
i just liked this movie because it also shows you his feelings at the end.. 8/10..
a movie to watch in all times.. hahahah..

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

A Movie to fall in love with,
the book is my favourite one in the series and this movie just took the place for it as it really keeped my suspenced all way through...
the actors were fabulous in this one and and they all really changed since we saw them on the third year, a brillaint well OSCAR deserving movie.. pure entertainment for everyone..
a classic story written by J.K.R and well script written, a totally 10/10..
i seen this movie so many times that i cant eveb remember how many..
i went to watch this twice on the cinema and i watched more then 10 times on DVD..
this movie keeps me in a good mood all time i watch it.. i totally adore it..
its just one movie that you would fall in love with and i think this movie deserve more then five star... it deserve OSCARS for best film, directing ETC..
i must say that Emma Watson was better in the first three movies but she also did well on this one..


Ah, lets get the party started, tell the Dj????

hahahaah, this movie is awesome and its porbably the best one of Will Smith..
The story is really cools you up and makes you laugh alot..
its a romantic movie to watch with someone who you love..
it gives you loads of things to think about and there is a msg in this movie so if your smart enought like me thn you would know what it is..
the performances were totally good and it was a well-filmed movie...
by the way, before i forget to mention.. me and eva share the same date of birth.. yay us.. lol.. so yeah, pump it..

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

TOTALLY FABULOUS KIDS MOVIE, this movie tells about a cat on the hat and it managed to get your attentions.. this movie has some really beautiful parts and i totally adore it... its funny along the way and everything is just like DISNEY, it brings alot of memories back..
the performances were good and the directing for a movie like this is also good because i know that no kids will hate this movie and if any kid hated this then there is 90% chance that he or she is a nerd.. lol, a comedy of 03..
it was my first time seeing Dakota Fannings when watching this movie and i was impressed to see a young one doing so well...
a good family threat of summer times..
if you loved THE GRINCH then you might as well love this..

Missing in Action

Beside Chuck Noriss's performance this movie is just one crap thing that you would watched, first of all, the story aint so interesting and its not a movie to take your attention... there's no way you could pay attention while watching this crap movie..
this movie is so crap that your head will blow up.. ugh!! the ending was oka but not good.. its better then beginning, if you believe in me and you know tht we have some kind of movie choice then please do not waste your time while watching it..
a poor quality movie..


the most entertaining movie in history of movies, every OSCAR which this movie won deserved it well because the direction, studio, actors, script, scenery, edited and everything else was absolutely PERFECT..
the love story that touches your heart, a story which makes you crazy and maked you remember all ths people who were in titanic..
a love that happened between jack and rose was the best one in the history...
one of the best movies ever made... a 10/10 movie..
BRILLIANT is the best word for this classic movie...

WOW, a total amazing movie....

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

i never seen any movie which touched my heart like this one.. this will always come after Titanic, well filmed, well directed, well edited and the music background was perfect in this movie..
the performances from ben, josh and kate were totally good and Cuba has never been so good before..
the story really touches your heart and makes you wanna help ths people..
i actually nearly cried while watching this.. i hated a single noise which my brother was making while watching this.. this most be one of the best films of all time...
i would never mind watching this..
the love story inside it is really powerful and wow, awesome....
a highly OSCAR deserving movie...
if you havent seen this then you must.. you must see this..
i ignored this myself but i found out that i was just one stupid person to ignore it..
thank god i have it on DVD or else i would have rented it like every month..

Sandwich (Hum Do Hamaara Ek)

And they Call this funny?
seriously, someone else saying this funny has to live my house..
the movie doesnt really show much and a same performance from the main actor (govinda), the performances were really poor and the direction itself is very poor.. am not sure you will love watching this.. it has one or two good funny scenes but mostly, ugh! boring.. so not worth it...
i would'nt recommend you try this..

The World Is Not Enough

Bond JAMES Bond
this bond was my favourite bond movie of all time but since i have watched it alot then now am sorta bored with it but this is just a classic one..
a good performances and a very good twist..
very impressive work...

the actress were good looking and the way they filmed it was totally perfect... welldone film..

a good entertainment with great humour..

pierce has to be my all time favourite bond.. lol..

Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance?
Hmm, i take that as a yes,

this movie really tells about a old man (not tht old) having interest on ballroom dance and he becomes good at it when he start taking the lessons..
the movie has some really good tunes and the dance were totally FABS!!!
J,LO did a wonderful job on this movie and she herself looked pretty good..

the song 'SWAY' has always been on my fav list and listening to this movie made me more into it and it trapped my attention to it..
if your a dance lover then surely this one is for you as much as it is for me..

Enjoy this classic movie..

Bunty Aur Babli

A Pure entertainment..
have i ever mentioned that hollywood is not the only industry which make people laugh? if i havent then know i have..
this movie is a total hilarious with a great tunes to make you dance like you have never did.. great music and a great story itself... if you havent seen this then die, you now worth living.. its a total best movie of 05... FANTASTIC..
Bunty Aur Bubli ~ stay away from them and dont fall for they're traps...

A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life(1998)

Cute, Cute, Cute Animated movie...
a really good movie to watch with so many laughter and entertainment...
a great family feature and a movie to be enjoyed by all sizes of people..

a great movie to watch..
Pixar has done well for 98 movie..

if you havent seen this then you're missing out alot..

The Dark
The Dark(2004)

The movie was good, i must admit that.. it gives you a heart pumping but the end is like all ruined up and dont make a good sense.. i loved it for like a hour of it.. i wsh it continued the goodness of the story of this movie..
the thing really dissapointed be after all the confusions is the direction of this movie.. its so poor, the poorest one of the year..
they could have done it more better and the camera brought more confusions to this movie...

the performances were good by all.. specially the 2young girls.. they did well..

For Your Eyes Only

Not the very best of BOND and this is like the first BOND movie not to have good actors and Roger himself didnt do well, its pretty EEEEE... lol..
there is this Blondey who is so so cute and reminded me of Hilary duff when she was Lizzie Mcguire..

The movie surely does have good humour but it has like millions of enimies which makes you tired of watching it at the end.. too much of fighting and it didnt give me the flavour of 007 movie and i really need the flavour of tht when i watch any BOND movie..


Pretty Good movie.. it turned out to be better then i expected it to be..
the action and violent bits of this movie are the best bits..
the woman is readdy to give her life to save a boy and she can kill everyone by herself.. yeah, like thts possible..
oh well, it still managed to be a good sci-fi action movie but if your looking for something spicey then this is not yours and no DAVID, there is no nude scenes of Milla so dont get angry.. hahahhahah..

well, if you enjoyed i-robots then this is yours baby...
oh i-robots and v for vendetta..

Meet the Fockers

A** H***
hahaaha, this movie made my day.. the movie has great sense of humour and some quality times..
i loved the fockers and i hated jack byrnes in this movie.. he is just an horrible man with no respects..
i think the fockers were the good people and i also think greg should be scared of his parents more then the byrnes..
the performances were good and its classic.. not better then the first one though.. lol..
the baby was cute and funny as hell..

watch this movie, you might enjoy it..

Reekers: L'Odeur de la mort

Great is the perfect word for this movie and no, its not scary at all but it surely a good suspence movie to keep you wonder whats going to happen next..
the end was abit complicated but when you pause it and think... then you will definetly get the point of it.. lol..
The performances on this movie were good, specially from Arielle after seeing her in Aquamarine which she was totally different..
she looked sexy in this movie but that toilet scene makes me stop thinking like, probably thts not a good scene for a pretty girl..

Meet the Parents

Hmm, its one of the greatest movies of all time with a good sense of humour..
i didnt laugh much at the beginning as i thought it wasent so funny but everytime the movie goes the funniest it gets.. well, its not like so funny that you will die laughing but it surely is one that gives you smile.. the story is perfect and also the performances were not so bad either.. lol...
there are some crazy times on this movie and you will just laugh, laugh and laugh..
lol, take my advice.. dont ignore this one unless you dont understand english.. hahaha..

Once upon a Time in Mexico

i totally ignored this but it turned out to be so good that i wanted it to continue.. am not into this kind of movies but this is a real S**T..
i mean that..
it keeps your eyes on the screen and makes you woner whats going to happen next..
the movie has good sense of humour too.. a pure entertaining and a movie which has absolutely great performances.. a weldone to Antonio, Johnny and that singer.. lol..
terrific absolutely terrific..
totally a movie to watch..

The music was good, really good and the way this movie was made was totally takes you deep into the movie..


A great bond movie with a great sense of humour...
Roger moore stars in this movie like never before as he spiel Kamal Khan...
this movie is a totally Popcorn biting with great action adventure style of Indiana Jones with less strange stuff...
the actions scenes were absolutely fabulous and to forget the performances... it was totally good..
if you missing this bond then you missing out alot in bond movies..
the camera was good and you wont have the feelings of 83, you will just think your watching something from90s..
this bond movie is not just for bond fans, its for all people who like action/adventure with comedy bits.. lol..

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

i dont remember laughing so hard before.. i so dont.. omg, this movie is one of the funniest kick-ass movie.. lol...
it so makes fun of jew people.. lol, its so silly and stupid and its so Ah! lol.. but it surely does entertain like crazy.. dont ignore this.. i did but i loved it after watching it.. borat was amazing in this movie... he is such a loser though... i never seen anything like this before.. i never did.. its crazy, so crazy.. lol.. its craziest movie of this year... trust me on that one.. lol..

i think i know why this movie is banned in 23countries... lol..
that is including Israel and Kaxskhstan it self... hahaha...


it was okay, not so good.. couple male jerks had such a bad acting.. you will know who am talking about when you watch it.. jesse was cool.. lol... Tamara (jenna) was good.. she did a good job, well performed and damn she is sexy.. lol...
the camera was okay and the music was too low to function... sometimes you will realise that this movie isnt well directed..

i hoped something special for this movie since i saw the trailer.. tht was in april.. but to me, the trailer lied.. this movie turned out to be different that i expected...
so dont fall for the trailer..
but i am also telling you to watch this but according to me, i say you wll enjoy this for one view..

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant.
the story is better then the first one and also are the actors.. the dance was like wow, amazing and the music and songs on this are no.1..
lol, we see why shakira her hips dont lie as that song was alreaddy out but done with someone else and way better... lol..
the actors were good, all of them... Suzie was so cute.. lol, i think she was the cutest one.. hahaha...
this is definetly a movie to watch..
well, the only thing i didnt like about this movie tht it doesnt really take me to the times where it was set.. dont know why.. ahahha.. but i enjoyed it..
better then the original one..

music on this movie is superb...


Well, we see Pierce Brosnan as a bond for the first time in this good action-packed movie and he did do well for his first bond movie..
this movie could have been a better bond but i guess this is what it should be about..
the movie begins well then it does get abit boring then the last hour is just action packed and entertaining.. so any bond fan wont be dissapointed with the result of this movie.. so if your a bond fan and havent seen this then your missing something..
if your not a bond fan then you might like or dis-like this movie..


Check This Out!!!!
Probably its one of the cutest movie i have watched this year and one of most entertaining..
Cute Story Line, Cute Girls, Cute Enemy and Cute Lines... what is in this movie which isnt just so cute? everything is Cute.. that is why i call it The CUTEST movie of 06.. absolutely entertaining and romantic.. has some really emotional moments and some crazy funky times...
good times this movie gave me and its a great movie to watch with your girlfriend.. if ofcourse your a guy... lol...
so take my advice and dont miss this out..
a good family entertainment.. specially for the young ones..

Christmas With the Kranks

A good christmas movie, its funny and has a great ending, this movie could have been way better but i guess they did make it sorta lame and its too much based on christmas but it still made a great christmas season movie so this is my christmas movie choice and i think you should watch it if you havent.. it has sort of adult humour and its also good for childrens...

Dirty Dancing

Kenny, Kenny, Kenny Ortega could have done better on this movie but i guess at that time (87) this was the styles..
the songs were absolutely good and the actors were also good, the dances could have been better, i guess kenny wasent good like now but he still did manage to make it interesting..
the movie leads about a girl who gets into dancing..
sometimes the movie can get boring but most of it is good to watch and a good one time watch movie or you could watch it twice if you havent seen it for long time..
the performances were good and everything else was fine...

Bring It On Again

the first one was good and this one didnt disappoint aswell, infact i enjoyed this as i enjoyed the first one but the first one had better actors..
this still is one movie that you would love.. its corny abit but its also so good and its not to be missed..
the main lead actress reminded me alot to Reese and yeah, she was cute and all other actors were good aswell...
this movie just keeps your head in it and you will just laugh seeing whats going on so i would recommend you to watch it if you liked the first one...


coming to this beautifully made movie,
there positive and negative things on this movie.. well, all movie do have them but coming to this one..
first of all, make-up was not so good because they did do loads of make-up and the actors were looking not so good with them... plus i did got confused a lil it, well, that is because i didnt understand the language so i had to guess.. so yeah, tht is the reason.. lol...

the positive things about this movie are the performances.. they were absolutely perfect beside that child.. he was abit not good acting kid... bollywood need to work on children performances...
the suspence was pumpin' and the end it does give an pleasent suprise.. what you would not have thought it would..
so this is not to be missed and oh yeah, if you didnt understand this movie well, then watch it again.. lol...

V for Vendetta

nice movie to be honet but it could have been better in manyways.. its easy to predict sometimes and sometimes its crazy, the ending was amazing to be honest...
sometimes it can entertain sometimes it will just live you looking at the movie.. but if you have good mind to concentrate thn you might like it more...
the story was alright i must say and natalie portman was asolutely good in this movie and its my first movie to watch which stars her to be honest.. lol.. am sure many children will find this movie pointless so its no good for family movie...

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Better then the first one and nail biting..
its more funnier and sometimes you will just laugh at johnny depp the way he acts in this movie.. absolutely perfect but really cranky.. lol..
the camera uses are brilliant and the octupuss guy was kinda annoying but oh well, the story would not have been the same without tht guy.. lol..
you should see this.. pure entertainment for this year..
and its a gift from disney by making this classic movie after so long...
thrilling and heart pumping..
not to be missed... highly recommended to watch to have some QUALITY times..
perfect feature for family..

and once again, johnny done it again...
his performance for this movie was amazing.. absolutely..
watching him is entertainment enough.. good story and once again the producer chose a great musician for this movie..
good work to the makers of this movie..

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Perfect, one word which i can describe this movie with is perfect... the performances were killing, specially johnny's as Captain Jack Sparrow, god he was amazing.. he deserved all the credits and this movie would not have been the same without him...
the storyline was cheesy but still good to entertain and give some quality time, this is not usual pirate movie, this is just an un-usual pirate movie which is probably the best one ever...
very good indeed..
excellent work by Knightly and Bloom aswell...
the camera use was excellente and studio was absolutely fabulous...
heart pumping movie...
perfect music aswell, not to forget about tht...

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer

Highly Disappointed!
first of all.. you will just see how fake is the movie..
when tht murder tries to kill the first person and when he sees him he just start running.. and without screaming or be scared and he is seeing him for the first time.. how lame is tht...
and the performances were poor as hell...
the camera is good but it didnt match this movie at all.. i did expect something more better but this aint the movie i expected to watch...
not so good..
as the movie keeps going the worst it gets..
the end is just unbelievable.. they ruined the series by making this..
too much blood which dont even make sense at the times...
not the one you would want for halloween, i guess goth people will love this though..


It is what you will expect it to be, it wont break your heart watching it and you will definetly love, love, love it...
its funny, romantic and touching.. what more could you need?
the performances were good, the music was good and sizzling..
Nicole ofcourse was way better then will and she really, really was so sweet in the movie..

The Producers

this movie has some really funny scenes and great performances.. it also had a great storylines..
the only thing i hate about this movie is the music.. it was too strong for me and it wasent really my type of music.. so much songs and so long, sometimes you will just wish it ends...
it did get to my NERVES and i hated that..

so dont really watch this movie unless you get it for free....

oh, not to forget... it has some really funny scenes in it but could have been better...

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

yes, the movie was entertaining and makes your heart beat fast and you do want to know whats going to happen, i knew that was going on and who was the murderer but i never expected the other person who am not going to mention...

the last two mins made this movie lost a star.. they really ruin it.. watch it and you will agree with me..

oh, and yeah..
when tht black woman screamed hilariously when he saw the murderer.. lol.. hahaha, that made me laugh..

i think this movie is more like kiddish murder story.. lol, jack black looked so yaiks in it..

I Know What You Did Last Summer

This movie is one unique murder story, one of the best one i must say... i really loved it and the actrsses were actually better then the guys actors.. well, Freddie was good though.. Jennifer looked so cute.. lol.. really cute.. and Sarah looked hot as usual.. dont miss this out.. its just an pure entertainment..
not bad camera for tht time either and its a good suspence..
i never knew that.. oops.. i dont wanna ruine for you if you havent seen it yet...

Cutthroat Island

Dont Watch It, dont...
the camera movement is stupid, the movie itself is stupid.. the actors were new i guess.. but they still didnt do a good work.. just dont watch it...

Churchill: The Hollywood Years

pretty stupid movie to watch really... doesnt make sense at all...

it has this funny quote though
"america will humble like a cookie" lol..

What Lies Beneath

one of the boring films but it still made a great ending and i think its a good movie for ths people who are big fan of thriller movies..


lol.. this movie is actually filmed in brighton, where i currently live.. lol...
its not so good..its weird and i think Goths will love this movie..
oh well GO BRIGHTON!!!!


this movie is so interesting...

The Mexican
The Mexican(2001)

its good but not so interesting..

Pushing Tin
Pushing Tin(1999)

this is kinda lame but its okay,

Beverly Hills Cop III

is this the theme park one?
lol.. if it is then the rating is upthere :D

The Cheetah Girls

this is just one amazing movie which disney channel produced... the songs were awesome.. all of them..
Cheetah Sisters
Girl Power..
i think everything about this movie is perfect.. the cheetahs them selfes are CHEETAH-LICIOUS... Sabrina looks hot as usual and Kiely shacks her body like never before..
its just one to watch.. seriously... X~

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

The great movie with some great thrilling scenes.. so cool... it never gets boring.. even if you watch a million times

~Chamber lies beneath~

The Shawshank Redemption

it actually alright but more for serious movie lovers...

The Sum of All Fears

EEEWWWW, this sucks all time..
i never seen such a action which you would hate watching...

Friday the 13th Part 2

not my type of movies.. so didnt enjoy it much!


an interesting movie and something which has not been created before..

this film shows about people who are living in black and white and how it affected them when colour came.. weird right... lol..
well... watch this to see something different and interesting..

Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold

great adventure movie..
its funny too..
so it worths watching..
its not a movie which kids would love it alot....

i think its a good adventure though.. lol..

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

this movie is just amazing, really amazing but i did find some part boring..
perfect studio work and graphics.. good performances...
i think its just good...

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

i guess this movie did interest me alot..
its really good...
i have watched this 8times when it came out... really loved it.... it deserved what it got..

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

this movie is actually good...
the talking trees are amazing, the studio work is perfect.. the performances are brilliant and everything is really interesting...
its good... i have to agee..

Black Hawk Down

The only war movie that touched my heart... its so sad. :(

The Prince of Egypt

an absolutely good animated movie... i do highly recommend this movie of its story of moses.. the one not to miss..
its based on true story too and its educational and the songs are like really cool..


WHAT LIES BENEATH... the indian version.. hahahaha..

Shaadi Se Pehle

its okay to watch it once..
it started well but it gets rubbish after a while..

Home Delivery: Aapko... Ghar Tak

its pretty stupid movie with not good performances...
they could have done better..


well, its one of the lowest QUALITY movie ever.. trust me.. it aint worth it..
too much mistakes to be noticed..

some scenes were good though and funny.. the music was crap...

i think its stupid... its better then nothing though.. its more of hindu'ism movie aswell..


it was alright i guess.. too much of chasing and drama..

Mr. India
Mr. India(1987)

its a great family entertainment but the end is so rubbish...

Andaz Apna Apna

this movie is good... i enjoyed it alot... not alot because i dont understand the language but, with subtitles is good..

The Secret Garden

Magical... absolutely MAGICAL..
this movie is just unbelievable i would say..

Jackass - The Movie

this movie did made me laugh but i also think its just a waste of time and its not so great after all...
i think there are some stupid jokes which i would not laugh at all.. suprisingly everyone beside seemed to be enjoying this movie..

Ghostbusters 2

the first one is better and this just have an weird ending.. lol..

Ghostbusters (1984 Original)

this movie is actually good... i enjoyed it... and i think it should be seen by everyone who really wants to have some quality times...
WARNING!! this movie is not for gays...

From Hell
From Hell(2001)

Johnny Depp again does a good work on this classical made movie, this movie is not so good but after all that.. it deserves to be credited highly because of the studio work they did and the performances..

Conplicated movie... lol.. it really is...

28 Days Later

its ofcourse better then i thought it would be, its one of the best horror movies ever... that is what i have to say because its a fact.. its definetly going to my top ten horror movies..
this movie is not really all about zombies chasing around and killing, its also about people searching for other mankind and meet up with the soldiers who are trouble..

The Sixth Man

one of the most and probably the best movie in category of invisiblehuman movies.. lol..

this movie is just touching and probably one of the best movies that youwould watch if you give it ago..
trust me, its a purelove and basket-ball scenes were good and hilarious.. so yeah, i would recommend you watch this and enjoy yourtime...X

The Little Vampire

want a family feast for halloween?
then not a good answer for this movie.. its too childish and sometimes its pretty annoying with that vampire hunter parts.. even though, it did give me a good time watching it but am not thinking of watching this again in a while or probably forever.. its not that good really..

Two Much
Two Much(1996)

this movie is actually really good.. nice romantic movie i have seen in a while... its funny as well..
really touchy and heart-warming comedie.. seriously, Antonio is like the best actor ever...
not to miss this movie out... unless your not a romantic comedie lover X

Bubba Ho-Tep
Bubba Ho-Tep(2003)

crappiest movie that i watched on 2006 (wait a second, this is the worst movie ever)

The Da Vinci Code

its pretty awesome to be honest..
i thought it was boring at the beginning but i found it interesting after that.. the frenchy girl (Audrey Tautou) is so cute.. lol.. the performances are absolutely remarekable and the story itself is good..
do pay attention to this movie alot if you want to understand it.. mark my words on that..


its not like i expected it to be, i mean in a funny way.. even though, it still makes a good and entertaining movie.. so yeah, i would say you should give it a go.. JOJO is a great actress.. she was good indeed..


i did expect this to be better then the old one.. indeed it was but the story ofcourse the old one was better.. so i rate it exactly the same...

the performances were good and impressive..
Stacy Ferguson was good and all the other actresses were so gorgeous.. lol...
bless me :D

Lage Raho Munna Bhai

its better then the first one..
lol.. it actually is...
its funny and touching..
it teaches something really good.. so i would recommend you see this movie WITH SUBTITILES ofcourse.. lol..

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (Munnabhai M.B.B.S.)

wow, its impressive..
great performances... good humour and entertaining.. nice drama at the end..

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

this movie is touching...
it aint my type of movie at all but this movie should be watch.. i dont believe that this movie is a true story.. not at all... but to watch it.. hmm, yeah.. its wonderful and touching...

Kevin & Perry Go Large

how is this good?
hated it.. not funny and performances were poor...


the worst movie i watched this year..
UGH!!! why did i even bother watching this.. i didnt even finish it and took it off and throw it away... i seriously did that..
it didnt entertain me in anyway... damn this movie..

Passport to Paris

my first movie to watch of Mary Kate & Ashley movie and i loved it.. i think i used to watch this everyday when it came out...
its absolutely good....

Billboard Dad

lol, this is actually alright..
i enjoyed it...

Our Lips Are Sealed

my lips was sealed when i first time watched the movie..
the twins were absolutely good on this movie...
the end was good..


its a good movie but trust me, its so confusing.. still after watching it i didnt get the point of this movie, its confusing...
its more like the others but the others is better and less confusing..

Imagining Argentina

okay, there is definetly a truth to be learned from this movie but it just aint my type of movie..
its so sad, this movie is very sad..

When a Stranger Calls

hmm, i gotta agree that this is like one of the best thriller movies of this year and its a pure entertainment.. Camilla Belle is like so beautiful and her performance is like so good, i think am in love.. lol..
my girlfriend is jealous of her.. hahaha, its one of the best thriller movies ever...
well, i willl never baby-sit.. never will.. trust me.. you will understand why after watching this movie.. lol..
watch it and enjoy it...

Dracula - Dead and Loving It

do you want to laugh?
watch this and you will.. i guarantee you will laugh your head off...
one of the scariest but funniest horror movies you will ever see..


one of the stupid movies but one of the most funniest movies that you will ever watch, Leslie is one good comedian..
do watch it..

The Spy Who Loved Me

after watching this movie i just realised that am not a bond film lover.. the only ones i loved were PIERCE BROSNAN ones... beside that.. they all not so good...
oh yeah, you might love it because everyone around me loved it alot...

Spy Hard
Spy Hard(1996)

pretty funny really..
well, its not the best Leslie movie but it worths to watch...
its more like AUSTIN POWER movies but with LESLIE and less sexual comedy...
lol.. its still good though..
sorry if am confusing you..

Legally Blonde 2 - Red, White & Blonde

OMG, this movie is like so cute.. Aww, its adorable and Reese is like so cute, hehehe.. am legally blonde lover.. its one of the best movies of all time.. seriously..
the performances are good and reese herself is good enough.. the story lines are awesome and hilarious.. its just one of the cutest films..

P.S. > This movie has an weird ending but its well good..


one of the worst movies ever..
trust me on that one..
its new but when you watch it, it looks like it has been out for 50yrs now..
it aint great at all, lame everything..
i totally hate it.. i really do..
i would never watch this again and will never even keep it on my collection... it sucks all time..

The Wild
The Wild(2006)

Madagascar Meets Finding Nemo...
yes, it is... but its not good as ths movies..
this movie is actually pretty funny and enjoyable.. its not the one you would definetly watch it again and again but yeah, you will love it.. the graphics are awesome and some of the characters are really cute... am sure you will love it, its even better for little kids.. i mean the tiny ones because its so cute and childish..

Barbershop 2: Back in Business

its a good movie but not a movie that i would watch again, but it still made me laugh and enjoy iy... so yeah, i would say its pretty good..

Last Holiday
Last Holiday(2006)

I LOVE QUEEN LATIFAH... and this movie is one awesome movie that you will never forget...
nice performances and a great smiley ending.. a movie that you will definetly love to watch..


A great comedy fist for everyone..
Queen Latifah did a wonderful job and dude, she is hilarious.. i think she is like the best actress of her age,
its a comedy with none-stop laughter and chassings, lol.. not to miss out... a definetly worth watching movie and its also a movie with a STRUT

The Village
The Village(2004)

okay, its pretty confusing but its to know what went on at the end, the costumes are indeed a good work and village itself was created nicely and it makes you feel like your at that time even if that movie aint based on old times but it does give you the feelings of it, the performances are brilliant and its nicely written and directed by M.N.S and now am sure i will want to see other works from him and hope to expect a five star movie..
for people who dont understand this english then better dont watch this move...

The Brady Bunch Movie

this movie is very weird, i really mean it when i said 'very weird' i think you willl what i mean what you seen this movie.. lol, its like one of the weirdest movies ever.. lol.. but its okay for a weird category..
give it a go, you may like it! loser! lol..

Small Soldiers

Ah! this movie.. lol..
yeah, a very interesting... the one to be watched, not to be missed.. a very interesting story and the toys were so good.. its more just as a kid and childish movie though, so yeah.. watch it for some good times..


an interesting and a very special performances by all the actors...
Kirsten Dunst looked cool and young (well, ofcourse, this is like 14yrs old now), Robin Williams' did well too, so yeah.. a one to watch.. not to be missed... everyone will enjoy this.. Adults And Childrens..
A very good Family Movie..

Back to the Future Part II

not for me... 100% not for me... i think the movie is good but i just dont like them for some reasons, after all.. they are not the worst thing that you will ever see because its actually not that good.. so yeah, its good but not very.. sorry if i confused you by my review..

D3: The Mighty Ducks

its pretty interesting but it just aint my type of movie.. it has a great storyline though, loved the unity of this movie so yeah, you like HOCKEY then this is for you..


okay, i was recommended this movie by one of my friends, Rachel..
she said this movie was really good so yeah, i gave it ago and un-expectedly it was good, that little boy is like so adorable.. lol.. oh and yeah, it wasent the very best performance of Kristen Stewart but go for this movie.. even my dad enjoyed it..

lol, the trailer sucked the movie rocked.. heheheh, weird...

American Pie 2

pretty funny and exciting comedy movie, i would not mind watching this again with a friend or when am like so bored.. its pretty funny, Stifler is like so funny, lol... and his brother, wow.. lucky i donnt have a brother like that.. lol..
NADIA is so hot.. Go Shannon Eliza....

Enemy at the Gates

nothing much to expect from this movie other then people talking and shooting at each-others... it may originally got 4star but it really dont worth it.. the performances were good and excellent camera...

The Dirty Dozen

i might not have liked this movie at all but that doesnt mean i should rate this movie really low..
the excellent performances and well used camera on that time do also deserve the credits... well made movie.. its just not my type of movie but its still good for its own kind, i do think people should give it a go if they like movies such as LIFE or PLATOON...

Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story

Jack and the Beanstalk has never been so real before..
one of the most interesting moive that you would ever watch and yeah, its one of the longest aswell..
so make sure you atleast have 4hrs before watching this movie..


its a cute movie.. i gotta say that...
and the dolphine is just so adorable.. so yeah, its cute but not the best thing that you will see.. well, thats according to me so yeah, check it out by yourself...

instead of another boring day,
this got the adventure of a passtime.


its actually a really cute movie.. i must say that.. its so cute.. the seal is like the cutest thing on this movie and that girl is so sweet.. awww, bless them.. i really think this movie has a great story.. its a good story for all families...

Andre is about and seal who's name is Andre and has been adopted by human-beings who are really friendly to him..
the story of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP

Without a Paddle

well, only one word can describe this movie 'HILARIOUS', lol.. am just being truthfull here.. hahhahha...

Treasure Planet

its the WORST disney CLASSIC... so disappointed...

Village of the Damned

this movie aint so bad but no, not very good either... its average i would say.. lol, cute kids though... hehehe, they freaky too...

Big Trouble in Little China

Really, its one of the crapiest movies of all time..

no dont watch it.. die but dont watch this.. hahaah...

someone shooted himself in the middle of this movie, because its so crap..


great movie.. so funny...
i think this movie has like great storylines... lol..
its very good indeed..

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

aint this movie suppose to be horror.... well i took half of it off coz it sucked... All time Sucked.. its one of the worst movies.. trust me on that.. i didnt enjoy a single bit of this movie...

Stuart Little 2

okay, its a good sequel..
they show what they workin' with..
i think this movie is like so hilarious.. lol.. but everyone beside me hated this movie... lol...

Stuart Little

loved this movie... its so so so cool..
Stuart is amazing and he is so cute... aww.. bless the little mice... hahahah.. i know i sound cute :P... lol..

Pokemon - The Movie 2000

trust me, you would never go to a shop and get this movie..
it used like to be really famous but seriously, its just an headache.. lol..


i had this movie... but i dont know why i gave it away.. i really miss it now:(.. lol..


entertaining movie... could have been better.. lol, the doll was amazing as a woman.. ;)

Freaky Friday

Amazing... i really liked this movie.. Lindsay is just and amazing actress... seriously..
well, it feels really good when you watch it.. trust me...

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

BRILLIANT - Good work by the girls...
the story was like really good and i have seen this movie for like 7times or more.. lol.. its really a good movie..

Chicken Little

the chicken is so sweet.. aww... its a great movie... loved the begining...

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

its alright... could have been way better though...

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

its a good movie but its like so kidish and the end wasent so impressive according to me... TINKER was the best thing in this movie...

Of Mice and Men

not good.. trust me..
i had to read the novel and then watch this movie..
boring.. so boring..
that large guy freaks me off..
why do english teachers always make student watch boring movies and read boring stuff..
maybe nerds love this..


pretty boring movie..
i had to read the novel and watch the movie on my english class... trust me, it wasent easy...
first of all.. the story is not interesting and its pointless...
there is nothing to entertain, too much of just watching people talk and blah blah..
i would not recommend this..
the characters name didnt even match.. like caveman and all that...

P.S. you a nerd? if yes then watch this.. ;-D

Fun With Dick and Jane

i must say that Jim Carry was brilliant and hilarious in this movie..
its like one of the best four star movies i have ever seen... lol, nah! its pretty cool..
specially on the part when he was sent to mexico.. hahaha.. hilarious...

Half Light
Half Light(2005)

pure suspence movie..
if you know what i mean..

its about a woman who loses a son and sees dead people after a while.. but no, you never know whats going on...

i did know whats going on as i have movies experience so my brain knew whats going to happen next like all the time but everyone else beside me didnt.. so if you have like movie brains you will figure out everything on this movie...

Three (Survival Island)

i must admit that this movie is pretty entertaining and the actors are good, Kelly showed her SEXY body alot in it and to admit she did look good..

this movie could have been way better but there are like alot of notice-able mistakes and the end they abit ruined it by showing some voodo woman scene which totally was pointless..

yet again, this movie is entertaining even after alot of mistakes and yes, if you liked blue lagoon then baby, your in the right place...

Kangaroo Jack

Freshly comedy.. no NIGGA can beat Anthony Anderson.. he is the real guy.. no one should mess with him when it comes on Comedy...

Scary Movie 4

this movie is bloody hilarious... hahaha.. totally awesome..

Problem Child 2

lol... its pretty entertaining.. seriously cool....

Michael Palin - Himalaya (MINI-SERIES)

its an educational documentry...
you get also to see how people in himalaya live and all... kinda exciting..

Legally Blonde

Totally fabulous.. loved it..
Reese is like so awesome.. i love her.. lol... she is so pretty and cute... this movie is like one to die for.. its hilarious on its own way.. hahah.. some scenes are just so funny..
luke is way better then owen.. trust me on that..

Wedding Crashers

lol.. the first hour was like the best movie ever.. the last 30mins everything lowed down.. but it was still a good movie.. Rachel Mccaddams is like so HOTTTTTT... hahaha...
love it...
i can watch this at anytime..
O.Wilson's nose was kinda weird...
hahaha.. HILARIOUS...

Shanghai Knights

they make fun of old english food... hahaha..

Shanghai Noon

Well, its not that bad.. but didnt enjoy it much..

I Spy
I Spy(2002)

not good film.. not the best of Eddie Murphy


for an indian film.. i think this pretty cool and exciting.. it aint cool like the first one but its still pretty...

Casper Meets Wendy

Hilary duff was so cute.. Awww... Bless her.. this movie is kinda cute.. hate the performances of all male actors in this movie..

Kindergarten Cop

totally cool..
really entertaining movie..


lol... some crazy scenes..

Last Action Hero

totally annoying movie..


lol.. its actually good...


its actually an exciting movie but too noisy and abit of crap ending...

Scream 3
Scream 3(2000)

the best part in scream series...


hmmm... its pretty but not my type of movie..

The Last House on the Left

i seen it but i dont really remember it..

The Borrowers

hilarious.. absolutely hilarious..

13 Going on 30

i really want to finish this movie because i just watched it half way through and then one of my friends took the dvd of it.. i will buy another one though..


this is like totally annoying movie..


boring really..
that is the fact which cant be denied..

A Nightmare on Elm Street

i dont like horrow movies and this is not even close to a horror movie...

Armour of God (Long xiong hu di) (Operation Condor 2)

the its all about fights and all..
its hilarious though...

*batteries not included

its a pretty movie..
hilarious too..
the lil robots are amazing...

Beyond Borders

pretty exciting....
crap ending though..

Starsky & Hutch

its funny but not a movie that you will love alot... i think its a movie you will watch once...
or maybe twice.. hehe..


the bathroom scene is still known...

American Psycho

HAHA, this movie has some weird scenes... i mean SEXY scenes.. lol.. then he kills them....

American Desi

hahaha... this movie is bloody crap... am laughing at myself for watching that... 'ha'

Out of Control

just take my word and dont watch this...


the songs are Brilliant..
trust me on that...


Pure crime movie...
copy of 'SOLDIER DOGS'


pretty exciting...
boring though...

The Message
The Message(1976)


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

its a good movie..
lol.. i really liked it...

one problem.. its too long.. it gets boring...

The Lion King 1 1/2

not impressive.... funny though..

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

its so sad... aww..
simba is a great daddy...


hahahaha... again..


good beginning... rubbish most of this movie..


love the dancing and music...

Kuch Na Kaho
Kuch Na Kaho(2003)

most of it is boring...




they directed it very well and yes, the preformances were killing... in a good way... this movie won best movie of the year.. i have no idea why.. i nearly cried because its so boring..

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

its pretty movie...
but you will definetly need subtitles...
trust me on that...


gangstar type...


again boring thing..

Dil to Pagal Hai

the music is good.. nothing else...

Dil Se..
Dil Se..(1998)

yeah, yeah... yeah...


the scenery and the classical is good but boring..


why why why???


hmmm... hmm...


warrior movie...
not so good.. but good for history and all..

Monsoon Wedding

nothing interesting..

No Entry
No Entry(2005)

ugh! so complicated..

Dil Chahta Hai

pure crap...

Shakti - The Power

kidnapping and other craps..

Chalte Chalte

want to cry? then watch this..


the songs are good...
its about two gangster and all...

Kal Ho Naa Ho

sad movie...
the music is like sizzling...


bollywood.. why do they always want to make people cry... why why why...

its so sad... i will just say that...

In guten wie in schweren Tagen

watch this only if you want to cry...
oh its another movie that you will need subtitles for... trust me... i didnt understand the whole movie...

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

its no better then the first one..

The Flintstones

its entertaining...
perfect family movie...

Empire of the Sun

i do recommend this movie to all true story lovers... this movie is about a boy...
the boy acted very well in this movie.... he was excellent..
very good indeed...

Atlantis - The Lost Empire

this movie is pretty exciting...
its a good adventure movie...

Tomorrow Never Dies

its not so bad....
pretty interesting....

The Tailor of Panama

i didnt really enjoy this movie much... i fell asleep but i did like the performances....

Private Benjamin

well, its silly but i think its pretty good... but dont waste your money like me.. you will end up keeping somewhere never care of it.. you will be like me if you do that.. ehhehe...
~X~ >X< ~X~

The Princess Bride

its a good movie but so boring at the times and its so long..

Double Trouble

The funniest Elvis movie that you could found... Awesome

Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii(1961)

Elvis is always cool.. this movie is wicked.. no kidding..

King Creole
King Creole(1958)

totally awesome... i just love elvis movies.. they all good... and special...

Viva Las Vegas

Its so cool, honestly.. not to miss out...

Easy Come, Easy Go

Its awesome, honestly.. really really Romantic...

Fun in Acapulco

Very Good...
not to miss out..

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Girls, Elvis as usual..
Love the songs....

Paradise, Hawaiian Style

the last scene was much better then the beginning... Very Good...

G.I. Blues
G.I. Blues(1960)

LOL, its so cool..
The songs are just awesome..
Loved it....

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

awesome movie.. loved rachel in this movie..

i think everyone will love watching this movie.. so enteraining and good suspence in it X

Dr. Dolittle 2

pretty entertaining and the ending was like fabulous... Raven And Kyla were totally brilliant.. Love 'Em XXXXX

Mission: Impossible III

welll... its not like the best action movie ever... but its alright.. nice performances and great action scenes...

Scary Movie 3

i think this is better the first two and the forth one.l. lol, i seen this loads of times..

The Truman Show

this movie is 'WEIRD' :S

trust me on that... i have seen it twice...


its a good family movie, pretty sad though..

James and the Giant Peach

not that interesting, trust me...

i did enjoy it when i was 10 but really, its just a crappie movie but i do highly recommend it for little buddies... XX Kisses...

The Witches
The Witches(1990)

its pretty interesting movie i must admit... but i think its average... not the best..

The Poseidon Adventure

totally awesome....
one of the oldest movies that i really loved...

heart-touching, pretty sad.. i nearly cried but i just dont have the habit to cry over a movie.. lol,..

Panic Room
Panic Room(2002)

pretty exciting movie...
i think anyone will love watching this...

i loved the suspence in this movie..

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

do people really CALL this movie HORROR... man, they must be dreaming.. this movie didnt scare me abit, infact it bore me... LS, i so dont want to watch the other now...

The Cave
The Cave(2005)

i liked the actor.. but the movie is not good... i expected it to be like average but it turn out to be poor...

Miss Castaway and the Island Girls

its actually a rubbish movie..
there are few funny scenes but most of it is just a piece of an expired food..

The Dukes of Hazzard

this movie is so so so funny..
Jessica simpson looked hot in it.. a must see movie.. for comedy lovers XX

Uptown Girls
Uptown Girls(2003)

its so sweet movie.. so sad too.. but no movie makes me cry.. enjoyable to watch.. great performances..

Just Married
Just Married(2003)

entertaining movie...

its pretty good..

The Ring Two
The Ring Two(2005)

not so interesting, bad ending... there are some scenes which were good but most of the movie is like so crap...

South Pacific

too long, it gets so annoying after a while...

Catch Me If You Can

well, i saw this movie ages ago but i still remember it.. its pretty cool really.. not that good aswell... heheh... dont listen to me, am so confusing...

I Dreamed of Africa

its pretty good movie but its very very sad, i almost cried on this movie :S, i sound odd :S... hhhehehe, well baby, thats me!!!


well, my dad enjoyed this movie alot, maybe its good for people of his age but as for me, i found this movie boring and not so interesting...

Pay It Forward

not so entertaining, its more like a true story movie which tells us (read the synopsis to find out what it tells us)

She's the Man

i really like AMANDA's voice.. awww its so cute.. love it.. this movie is so good.. so loved it..

Don't Say a Word

Amazing movie, well directed.. good performances..


I love this disney CLASSIC Aladdin.. the song 'a whole new world' is my all time favourite...


not to bad, worth a watch.. even once... alot of swearing in the movie... its about Racism...

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

its a fine movie...
its pretty interesting..

Friday the 13th Part 3

dont expect anything special...

Friday the 13th

not very good...
people say its excellent but i dont agree..

The Body
The Body(2001)

the performances are good.. i agree but this movie is not a movie that you will enjoy watching.. not recommended and yes, Antonio looked so good.. hehhe...

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th

i wouldnt recommend you to watch this movie...
i dont want you to suffer.. hehe.. sadly i own this movie :(...

Schindler's List

And again Steven Spielberg brings something that can touch your heart even though this movie isnt a fantasy or anything fun to expect but yes, it touches your heart and you will really love it.. highly recommended for true sotry lovers or spielberg fans..

Brother Bear
Brother Bear(2003)

its pretty interesting, its not like old cool disney movies but its still good...

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(1953)

its good... so kiddish..

101 Dalmatians

This is actually cool animation movie... last time i saw this was like in 1999... hheheeh, thats pretty long..

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

creepy movie.. i hate to watch this alone.. and probably i will never re-watch it..
MySpace Avatars

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

good at the times, lame on most of the times...

Fantastic Four

its cool to watch this movie.. i enjoyed it alot.. it could have been better...

Into the Blue

its cool to watch it once.. not that bad.. good sceneries...

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

i went to the movies expecting many effects on this but no, i didnt get what in expected.. i must say the train scene was fabulous and once again they did good on editing... the performances were absolutely incredible... this movie only deserves one and half star... but of its effect and performances.. i give it another 1 and a half..


love the camera effects of this movie, i bet this movie hit the big box office because of its popularity but there isnt anything to suprise you beside the same cool tricks from the editing sytems...

Air Force One

this movie is so entertaining, the performances were good, the computer graphic wasent a good one because you will just notice that was all fake... when you watch it you will know what am talking about.. but after all that, i would still like to say that this movie is so ENTERTAINING XXX


One of the most interesting movies of all time.. great performances and great directions.. NOT TO MISS OUT..

Johnny English

its pretty.. not the best movie that you will see, but its pretty funny....

Jingle All the Way

its simply interesting movie..
well, the way i have seen this movie will just confuse you.. ask me if you want to know more.. hehehe...
but yeah.. to finish this movie took me 7 different


Unpredictible... the movie that you wont know what the 'hell' is going about till the end.. trust me....

Shallow Hal
Shallow Hal(2001)

its a worth watching movie... could have been better...


i had this movie on VHS for an year and half now, and today (14/8/06) i decided to watch it... the first 3mins was like totally amazing and five star performances....

after Billie (Mariah Carey) grew up, it all started to get low, Mariah isnt a great actress and i dont think she will make anything good out of hollywood...

this movie is not like the worst movie ever but its also not an good movie... you can watch it when you have like no other movies to watch...

am not suprised that Mariah won an Razzie for her worst actress of 2001 and also not suprised for other 7nominations of Razzie Awards for this movie.. that is including worst musical movie of the year....


last time i saw this movie was like ages... and i can only remember like 50% of it so i just rate it half a five...

102 Dalmatians

not bad at all,
its a good kids movie... but i wouldnt say that it will be loved by the whole family..


boring boring boring...
i really really really hate this movie.. so boring... damn it.. why did i even bother watching it..

Gone With the Wind

i havent really finished this yet!!!!
but yeah, its not bad so far....

boring though.. hehehe...

Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship(2002)

heheh, its a copy of an old movie called 'Death Ship'..
this movie is much better though and more creepier... interesting too...

Big Momma's House 2

bad, not so funny as it supposed to be... its just a movie which goes around..

Ocean's Eleven

good movie, worths a watch.. but make sure you watch it when no one is talking around you.. trust me on that...

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

boring, boring, boring, boring, boring... i hated it

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Cool movie.. but not so funny.. but yeah.. worths a watch twice..

Bruce Almighty

well.. i liked the comedy in it.. but i hated the story... because i hate imagining god as a human being..

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

it made me laugh alot... its great fun watching it...

Austin Powers in Goldmember

the best austin power movie ever made..

Sister Act
Sister Act(1992)

lol, its funny right.. hehhe,,
really cool comedy movie..

School of Rock

am not a rock songs fan neither do i listen to them.. they all noisy.. even though, i really enjoyed everybit of this movie and i have no idea how many times i have watched it and am sure that this movie is just going to be in my top list for the rest of my life.. THE SCHOOL OF ROCK!!!!



i got bored while watching this movie... hehe,
not very good...

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Creepy, lol.. they must show this on bbc every christmas eve :T

Date Movie
Date Movie(2006)

its funny but so so so stupid..

The Mummy
The Mummy(1999)

well, its really good and highly recommanded for all ADVENTURE lovers...

The Mummy Returns

lol.. i enjoyed this movie when i watched it for the first time.. but not much the second and the third time..


Well, it aint that bad... its abt confusing... the camera was used well... not bad at all to watch it..

The Bridge on the River Kwai

well, its not my type of movies.. its my dads.. and when he keeps it on that means a family watch movie.. he rated it 5/5 but me 2/5

What a Girl Wants

this movie is so so so CUTE.. awwww

Barney - Sing and Dance with Barney

lol.. haha.. you must be kidding for me to watch this... in my age right now..

The Longest Yard

this movie is better then i expected it to be.. really nice movie.. haha.. the cheerleaders were hilarious...

The Incredibles

lol.. its good movie but its kinda boring too...

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

its not like the worst thing ever... it has good story..

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry aint my favourites... got them all though... my brother think that they're cool... lol...

Tom and Jerry Blast Off to Mars

well, i can recommand this movie to all WARNER BROS fans... the people who love bugs bunny and road runner... but am more into DISNEY CLASSIC.. such as Donald Duck and all all that..

The 'Burbs
The 'Burbs(1989)

lol... its good movie...
and its funny how they spy...

Deep Blue Sea

lol.. its one of the first movies to buy and that time dvd was like not much around so i got it on VHS and still have it.. hahaha...


well... this movie is not bad but not so interesting either... it gets kinda boring at the times.. and this Beetlejuice guy is so freaky :S

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

enjoyable, really really good movie :D.. the sounds are perfecto too... :D


its not bad but yeah, its not the best thing you will watch... hehehe,

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

i turned it off half way through.. not good graphics and the characters are scary..

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot(2000)

YUCKS... i will go to sleep earlier then watch this.. how can people like this.. i mean its not so good... nothing speciall...


Crap... not scary... all time boring movie...


this is pure rubbish...
one of the worst..

Alone in the Dark

Seriously crap... i worned my dad not to buy it but he didn't listen, so now he is regretting...

Amityville II: The Possession

Crap... so not good.. so so so crap... not good at all... trust me on this...

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

NOT MY TYPE OF MOVIE.. i didn't enjoy it at all...

Lost Souls
Lost Souls(2000)

Crap movie.. its a complete copy of The Exorcist which also sucked...


This movie is so bad and annoying...

Garfield - The Movie

its cool movie... its even better for kids :D

Death Tunnel
Death Tunnel(2005)

well, its well made film and great performances but its sorta confusing... dont know whats going on all the time..

Beyond the Gates

its a total copy of HOTEL RWANDA but the violence is more then HOTEL RWANDA

Fat Albert
Fat Albert(2004)

i really never thought this movie could be so enoyable.. loved everysingle bit of it.. 4/5

Tsotsi (Thug)

Brilliant... Brilliant... one of the movies that you will love from the beginning to the end...


its a great family movie... the movie that will give you smile if you have good feelings about childrens and happiness... so enjoyable.. not so funny but it gives you a good smile...

Final Destination 3

well, 3star... just like the first two... i think all this final destinations movie are average, not so bad and not so good either... but its definetly worth a watch.. god bless X

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

Very good movie... its kinda sad but really enjoyed it.. :D

See Spot Run
See Spot Run(2001)

LOL.. its probably the funniest kids movie of 2001 ;-)


Super Hilarious and one of the greatest adventure of all time.. X

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood

this movie is hilarious... lol,when you start watching it, it looks lame but it gets better all the time when the movie goes on.. X


Antonia Benderas and Salma Hayek make good pair in this movie... loved the music... so spanishie....

Forces of Nature

slightly interesting movie.. its cool to watch with mates and all tht :D

Problem Child

this movie is so movie and the proper word for this is hilarious... lol..

The 13th Warrior

bad directions and a dark movie.. its not easy to see whats going on..

Tears of the Sun

this movie is so so sad..
well, i wont never have watched this if m father didnt buy it..


its good.. its better then i expected.. lol..

The Man with the Golden Gun

i would say, it is average..
and its suspence..


Very Enjoyable..
Nice performances and very entertaining.... Chris did so brilliant..

The Pirate Movie

its alright for one time watch..
it has nice songs..

The Legend of Zorro

Well, its enjoyable..
nice performances.. i didnt like the studio work much,, you can feel that it was all filmed in the studio.. but its a great entertainment.. loved the performances speciallt from jaoquin..

Baby's Day Out

this movie is Hilarious...
Loved it alot... one of the best movies of all time.. well deserved 5/5

The Mask of Zorro

Interesting movie...
Antonio Banderas is awesome.. one of the best actors in hollywood..

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

the funnist robin-hood movie that you could possibly find..

Les Aventures de Pinocchio

great movie.. not to miss out... nice to watch this when there you have nothing to look foward to..

The Hitcher 2 - I've Been Waiting

okay, its just okay... nothing less.,...

Home Alone 4
Home Alone 4(2002)

the worst on in the series... not to look foward for...

100 Girls
100 Girls(2000)

no way, this movie is just a bunch of crap.. some parts are abit funny but most is just boring...

Since You've Been Gone

nothing fun to watch.. its just bunch of people celebrating...

The Ladykillers

Lame.. i really was reallly looking foward for this movie but turned out to be the worst...


Crap, Crap, Crap... the worst Genie movie ever..

Black Cadillac

Creepy, not bad to watch it once.. but it aint interesting...

Life as a House

Father-Son kinda movie.. so dramatic.. not so interesting too....

Aladdin and the King of Thieves

not as good as the first one...
but its alright to watch...


nice family movie... enjoyable...

The Constant Gardener

its too political and dramatic...
boring kinda movie... great camera affects and performances...

Fire On The Amazon (Lost Paradise)

its alright for some-people... but not so interesting..
Sandra was amazing as usual...

Ernest Goes to Africa

funny movie... bad performance.. actually, sad performances... okay to watch once...