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The Room
The Room (2003)
4 years ago via Flixster

First of all, there is no such thing as "it's so bad, it's good". If a movie is so bad, it makes you laugh... IT'S STILL BAD.

Whatever The Room is, it isn't a movie.

It must be nice to fail as bad as possible at something, and still become famous for it.

All the characters even use the same stilted cadences to deliver their respective shitty lines.

3 love scenes in 26 minutes, all with the same girl, and two with the lead character/director, naturally. If my ass looked like two sideways bowls of oatmeal, I wouldn't be so eager to show it on film. But to each his own.

Did this fucking guy write the soundtrack too? At least I know for certain it ain't him singing the songs, because the vocalist doesn't go "a ha ha ha ha" every 5 seconds.

Les MisÚrables
4 years ago via Flixster

Sacha Baron Cohen's over-the-top annoyances and Russell Crowe's horrible singing stick out like a sore thumb, as they interrupt the solemn, epic, tragic tone set by the rest of the performances and the cinematography. In addition, if you're not used to hearing dialogue delivered in singsong (I'm talking EVERY word of dialogue), you're gonna take the first 20 minutes of Les MisÚrables to adjust.

Anne Hathaway's scene (she has several scenes, but if you watch the movie, you'll know which one is THE scene) is one of the most powerful performances ever committed to film. Even the annoying, young, stoned couple sitting next to me in the theater stopped talking and joined the rest of the room in stunned silence as she sang.

But seriously, though... why cast a guy who can't sing in a major role for a MUSICAL??? Russell Crowe's singing was the vocal equivalent of a Uwe Boll movie: it tries so hard to be epic, but doesn't seem to know just how horrible it is. He sounds like a Meat Loaf cover band having to sing an encore in a bar after already blowing their gig paycheck on beer. Maximus' vocal stylings got more laughs in the theater than the Borat guy (which truthfully isn't saying much, but still). And, being one of the main characters, he has to sing A LOT. ...Still, the grand scope of the film and the fact that all actors sang their performances live on set make this one of the most ambitious films of 2012. And that makes it worth a watch.

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher (2012)
4 years ago via Flixster

There is no better proof in the drawing power of Tom Cruise than Jack Reacher. Even with the solid screenplay and supporting cast, this film only becomes great with Tom Cruise in the lead.

Zero Dark Thirty
4 years ago via Flixster

Zero Dark Thirty was kinda underwhelming. Yeah, I said it. For a film with so much buzz, I had expected more than a three-hour long episode of Law & Order, and was disappointed.

Yup, it's the first big-screen re-enactment of the search and death of bin Laden (with undoubtedly many more to come), so that makes it remarkable, I guess. But it feels as if the filmmakers concentrated more on historical details than character development, which is great for the integrity of a documentary... but for an original screenplay, not so much. I do understand why they had to go that route. But in the end, make one or the other.