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Race You to the Bottom
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Amber Benson makes these movies, they are small, but, have this kind of heavy substance to them. I think its why I like her.

I also like movies written from the heart, mind, and soul, not just eye candy in mind, so, yeah, most movies i like, no one has heard of and most do not like if they do on my recommendation.
I'm pretty sure this would be one of those.

Why i like it, i have moved in conservative circles most of my life, not so much by choice, as by default, and homosexuality is a big no-no, in find a lot of aspects of sexuality are.

At the same time, i have always had friends who were gay or bi-sexual, and raised by a liberal single mom who had many gay friends herself in the 70s.

So the former cons. issue, some of my FB friends will shake their heads at my obvious black sliding into sin for watching this movie, while others will probably be interested.

Why i like this movie. Aside from the fact i see a bit of the writers heart in it.

I have known very, very few ppl who have NOT had some kind of feeling or experience that was not, to some degree gay.

Mostly in childhood or puberty, and mostly pretty benign.

My won would fall under the latter, in kindergarten, the very first crushy feeling was for a girl, i was five, so, pretty much, no sexual connotations there, but, i thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and i was enamored with her, and got in trouble for hugging her because, "girls do not hug girls", lame.

And in my young childhood, there was some physical curious exploration with both boys and girls

So, this movie deals with 2 people who are in a secret relationship that is both cheating on their BFs, as well as that one is gay, one is straight, by definition, but, theirs is a straight, per say, relationship.

They blurred lines many have int heir sexuality, which i find realistic. it deals with the pain of doomed relationships, also realistic, and i just really liked the heart of it, even if the acting was off sometimes, and the plot and writing was not the best in all places. As a writer myself I know that perfection does not exist, except maybe on some occasions, Joss Whedon can hit a full on home run, this is more the kinds of movies i strive to write.

Speaking to me in a movie or tv show is nearly impossible for me, i am always re-writing it in my head, and can see the end coming far too early, and its ruined for me.

This one did speak to me, so, i give if many kudos.
If it not something that will make you fell icky, rent it online. DO IT!

Senseless (2009)
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

This movie was a total mind "Eff", i can think of no other way to put it... and what an incredible statement on the dehumanization of society that has come as a result of reality programming... both in allegory and literal form. Oh, and i was half deaf for an hour... no clue how they did that, but, seriously, my ears were not right for a while.

Strictly Sexual
7 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I really liked this movie, i didn't think i would, but, gave it a try anyway. I found things in both female characters i identified with, despite my life being so vastly different. It just spoke to me in some way, which, rarely happens. cool.