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Pitch Perfect

Hilarious and different. Not overly cliche at all. Great acting and just an overall, laugh-out-loud film!


Ben Affleck is a pretty good director! This film uniquely mixes suspenseful drama with spouts of much needed comedic relief. Very original, but also at times very TV Late-Night Drama. Ben Affleck's character is drab, but the littlest emotion goes a long way. Alan Arkin and John Goodman shine as Hollywood people. The score was also great! Recommend!


An unbelievably remarkable performance by Michael Fassbender and an amazing performance by Carey Mulligan explore hurt, love, and pain covered up by a sex addiction. Disappointingly overlooked by the Academy. One of my top 3 for 2011.

The Descendants

Absolutely stunning. George Clooney gives an amazing performance alongside an amazing Shailene Woodley. The writing is perfect and the storyline is original, but great in every essence. Wonderful, and possibly my favorite of 2011.

The Back-up Plan

Stupid, but I laughed, so what the hell?

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

A movie that just feels like its sole purpose is to put the audience in that time period and in a state of whimsy. Amy Adams is absolutely adorable and perfect and contrasts Frances McDormand's character very well. Entertaining.

One Missed Call

Stupid. Not even funny horror.

What Just Happened?

To reply to the title, I'm not sure. I kind of liked it, probably only because I love De Niro.

The General
The General(1927)

Great score. Long, yet movie still resonates today.

Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway is great. Depressing and sometimes aggravating. Camera is shaky, but it makes it feel more intimate somehow.


Michael Fassbender is astounding. Steve McQueen is VERY detail-oriented. Some of the editing, I feel, could have been more readily utilized...especially in the conversation scene that was about 25min.


Horrible in every way.

Super High Me

Somewhat intriguing.

The Strangers

It was okay. There were a few jumpy moments.

Julie & Julia

For being about two amazing actresses cooking food, the movie was pretty bland.


Great the first time around.

X-Men: First Class

Entertaining. Leagues better than Wolverine, but contained flaws.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Went from good to better to great to good to eh to ...
50s patriotic showcase was brilliant!

The Other Guys

It was all right. Some bits of humor sprinkled here and there.


Explores a dark side of the sex-traffic industry. Not really my cup of tea, but executed well. Neeson kind of makes things a little too dramatic though.

Clash of the Titans

Horrible in nearly every way.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Melissa Leo are astounding. Best overall ensemble of that year by far. A great film overall that weighs the pros and cons of family involvement in order to achieve ones dreams. Recommend.

Up in the Air

Clooney and his two female counterparts are brilliant. Better the second time around!

My Sister's Keeper

Breslin's character was frankly annoying. I wasn't very sympathetic. It was just a medium used to try to induce tears...unsuccessful.


Completely ridiculous and I loved it.

Kung Fu Panda

I wanted more of a development with the turtle...but it was still entertaining!


All right, but frankly overrated.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Entertaining, but not that unforgettable.

Imagine That
Imagine That(2009)

Mainly idiotic, but at times very aw-provoking.

Aliens in the Attic

Wow, I totally forgot about this. Very stupid, but it was somewhat entertaining.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

It was okay. Jake Gyllenhaal's hair was annoying.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

How do you make a full-length film where your main actor is stationary nearly the entire film? Danny Boyle figured it out and excelled to the best of his ability. Humorous, devastating, beautiful.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Fantastic beginning and ending, but main source of climax to me fit the mold of many action-thrillers. Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig were perfectly cast and were enjoyable to watch. Excited for the next installment.

The Hunger Games

Greatly entertaining. Anticlimactic ending, however. Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks were great, yet Lawrence's mother in the movie was horrible.

Sherlock Holmes

Overrated completely.

The King's Speech

Really good movie with an all-star cast. Very predictably fits the mold for Oscar-contention.


Slow, not much dialogue, but it worked. Amazing soundtrack that gave the whole movie a crypto-80's ambiance. Action sequences were amazing, and pure spectating was intriguing.


Not very conclusive. Not really into it.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

Nice, entertaining blockbuster

Jennifer's Body

Over-the-top written stupidity that actually leads to entertainment and humor. "My tit" -- an actual line

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock was great in her role, but the football player kid acted in the leagues of a bad Lifetime movie. Still points of entertainment.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Depressing on depressing on depressing to the point of humor. Astounding performances by Mo'Nique and Sidibe. Hard to watch at certain points, but hard to NOT watch at other points. Excellent.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

So much fun to see how his constant "Yes"-ing is incorporated in life. Enjoyable.

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Some of the dialogue in the movie bother me. The preteen boy enrages me, but Crazy Stupid Love has some interesting, unique elements that haven't been explored by the average romcom, although it does resort to the cheesy, obnoxious and predictable endings.

Be Kind Rewind

Concept was great and Mos Def was very likable. Everything about the movie seemed somewhat archaic, as it takes place in a historic community. Segment that consists of their own cinematic creations is great.

Four Christmases

Not entertaining at all. Slept.

The Dark Knight Rises

Definitely not as good as its predecessors. Storyline wasn't that intriguing to me, and Bane definitely wasn't a step up from the Joker. The ending was astounding and summed up the the three movies very well

Snow White and the Huntsman

Kristen Stewart was surprisingly okay in this movie. Charlize Theron was mesmerizing. Chris Hemsworth was horrendous. Move got boring as it progressed, and I had not an ounce of sympathy for the dwarves. Bored.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

Great film. Not much else to say. Gleeson and Farrell are brilliant and contrast each other nicely. Original.

All About Steve

It was a horrible movie that knew it was horrible. Because of this, I laughed at some of its stupidity. Whatever.

Battle: Los Angeles

Horrible. Utterly horrible. Nothing original or thrilling about this movie at all. No intrigue or suspense.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Great movie. Cate Blanchett was mesmerizing in every way. Long, winding story with so much heart and experience, and utmost tragedy. CGI effects needed tuning, but it was still magnificent.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Never saw the original, but this was fine. Very forgettable, but not rotten.


So bored. Maybe I should give it another shot...

Get Him to the Greek

Felt pretty long. Brand's songs throughout the movie are hilarious and catchy. Bits of drama in the movie are effective and definitely add depth to the film.


Great script, brilliant actors. Very simple, yet mysterious. Great.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

Some funny parts, but it seemed like the casting directors didn't take into account the vocal abilities of some of the actors. I prefer listening to an ABBA CD than to watch this. It was okay.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

Concept wasn't very original and everything about the plot was predictable, but somehow the corny comedy got to me. Pretty watchable.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Some hints of humor throughout but just another blah movie.

The Invention of Lying

An interesting concept poorly executed and nonsensical. Disappointing and badly cast.

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

A movie that jumps from one genre extreme to another. Other than Clint Eastwood, the acting was poor, but the storyline was interesting and well-developed.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

High school rom-com with a pleasantly surprising script with hints and dabs of unique comedic brilliance. Emma Stone is perfect in this. Incredibly entertaining.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Started off funny but kind of fell apart as the plot progressed, morphing into an unrealistic scenario with unnecessary subplots which desperately plead for a chuckle...but to no prevail!


Overrated, but at times it was entertaining.


Traditional horror story + great actors and intriguing, yet chilling storyline = great horror movie


Very nice spin on the traditional superhero. Cinematography very adequately represented the comic book look and was very appealing. Humorous and bloody with incredibly entertaining action sequences. Very entertaining!

The Hurt Locker

I need to see this again with a different mindset. I didn't really understand it or like it the first time.

Just Go with It

I was expecting to see the worst movie in the world, but I actually ended up laughing at parts throughout this incredibly vulgar and unnecessary movie.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

It felt rushed and like it wasn't well-executed. Nevertheless, it was okay.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Pretty ludicrous at times, but fairly enjoyable as long as you realize you're going to see a chick flick.

How to Train Your Dragon

Entertaining. Cute dragon.


Hancock was somewhat intriguing, but then there was a plot twist that ended up hindering the movie instead of helping it.


Utterly horrible. There was one very good scene involving "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" but that lasted like 1 minute. I don't recommend this at all.

The Social Network

Great script, great cinematography, great editing, amazing score, perfect casting, etc. Incredibly entertaining and innovative. Should have won over The King's Speech for Best Picture

Public Enemies

The cinematography really bothered me at first, but I got used to it. It makes you feel as though the film was a very low-budget, but it also can make the scenes seem more intimate and real. Depp and Cotillard were stellar and the whole movie proved to be very entertaining

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Unnecessary, unimpressive, unfunny, un-everything. They should've stopped at the 3rd, which basically had a finality to it. Disappointing.


Great performances by Gordon-Levitt and Kendrick. Explored a very real side of cancer and tried to stray from romanticizing the disease. The comedic relief from Rogen was effective and enjoyable. As the mother, Huston was brilliant (even though she only really appeared in 2 scenes). A definite must-see movie that will stick with you.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

heard it was really good

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

hilarious and i luv donkey and puss in boots and actually every1...i luv it how the creators of Shrek incorporate modern stuff and places into the medival times and the part where they had a little spoof of Cops was funny and Mission Impossible, probly the funniest part!!!!!

500 Days of Summer

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. It is truly one of a kind in a not-so-one-of-a-kind situation. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are an amazing duo and make add to the original style of Marc Webb. There are moments of side-splitting comedy, musical ensembles, and depressing loss of hope which are all displayed beautifully over the course of the 500 days of the relationship. The dreaminess which at times can seem unrealistic is so touching and so tangible that it attracts sympathetic feelings from all people who have dealt with relationships or one-sided love affairs. 500 Days of Summer is kind of bitter-sweet, but there is not doubt that the sweet outweighs the bitter.


This movie at times is indescribable. Atonement is one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. The score alone signifies the ounces of hope that build up but start to fade into nothingness. The scenery, the acting, the music, the everything is atoning and beautiful. I loved this movie and...it's hard to explain, but you wish that some of the lies were truths...that happy endings are possible. It is truly as heart breaking as remarkable...and it is definitely remarkable.

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

This movie is heart-wrenching, beautifully crafted, and incredibly well-acted. Marion Cottilard is Edith Piaf. She is the embodiment of one of France's most beloved singers. This is an emotional and beautiful masterpiece and deserves all the credit it has received.

A Cinderella Story

dumb and cliche but thats what cinderella is. the stepmom was funny and so were the ditzy ugly step-sisters


will smith is phunni and i thot when he was helping the one guy get that famous girl it was funny and ending was good

A Walk to Remember

super cheesy and bad acting...but i gess its a good storyline, but nuthing to follow thru.....big shocker she was dying when i first saw it but ive seen it enuf so that it isnt surprisingl.....but used to be one of my favorites and i thot it was really sad

Save the Last Dance

great movie and i like Julia Stiles....great storyline too they had to make a crappy sequel

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

wonderful movie!!! better than 2nd and 4th not sure about the 3rd tho....actually mentions the names of the movies its doing a spoof on and when Cindy runs into the camera...hahahaha....funny when the Scream killer is getting toasted and how u think that Shawn Wayans is gay but hes not and the ending is killer....mad laughs and i totally recommend it!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! ok now i know that this one is the best!!!!

50 First Dates

luv drew barrymore and i like when adam sandler acts in serious roles....its interesting that he acted serious but was still funny......great storyline!!!

Wassup Rockers

Very strange movie. First half is nothing. Second half is everything. Strange. I don't know.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(2005)

oh brother
The book is way more entertaining

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

funny.....love Janis tho...main part of movie i think and i hate lindsey lohan tho

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

like dory but ive seen it too many times

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

i liked willy wonka played by Johnny Depp...but he reminded me of a perv or a mololester

Austin Powers in Goldmember

phunni...luv goldmember's 'flexibility' and its just funny and the shadow scene w/ mini-me and austin powers was hilarious!!! hilarious.....did i mention that yet???


liked the whole movie a lot and i wanna buy the soundtrack...lol....wasnt a bad storyline and great plot....i was all for it but the end threw me off and it felt like there was no closure and sure i kno that therre is like a billion more Rocky movies but at the end "and the winner is ____ i luv u. i luv u too." The End.......well it just wasnt the ending i wud pick!


surprisingly good documentary...it has to do with musical and broadway kids that are around my age, and i can kinda relate to this cuz im a part of Drama and all and i went to Camp recently for it...

Charlie Bartlett

this movie was way better than i thought it would be....i thought it would be kinda stupid humor but still funny but it was actually well thought out and the cast was Great, of course the outcome wasnt the most likely but it was still a lot of fun and it did surface a lot of teenage and adult problems that go unsurfaced or overexaggerated in other movies!

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

wonderful film and Edward Norton and Brad Pitt were awesome.....plot and ending are really cool!!!!! a must see film!!!!! very original and extremely likeable characters...best performance by Brad Pitt ive seen and i LOVE Marla shes awesome...includes some of my favorite qoutes..."I havent been F***ed like that since grade school" and "If i had a tumor i'd name it Marla"

Lost In Translation

good movie and it seemed very realistic...great ending and not phony or stupid at all!!

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

it was pretty good...good acting...not amazing but not bad what-so-ever...i feel like it could have been better but overall pretty good...


this is by far one of the strangest movies i have seen....its so weird because you think "this is really a women" in the beginning but then once the story unravels you think "wow this is actually a man that became a women" great great performance by Felicity Huffman and although she didnt look too much different in this movie she really presented herself so much differently than ever before and that is one of the reasons this movie really worked...

Little Children

really interesting and different...edgy and maybe too edgy to work but it kinda did for me anyways....great acting....

Snow Queen
Snow Queen(2002)

saw this on tv when it first came out and really liked it...very interesting

Pokemon - Mewtwo Returns

ahaha yeah i have seen this...lol

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

not bad...some really funny parts but pretty much what i expected

High School Musical 2

r u kidding??!!!! i hope sum1 dies in the movie or real life...aiming 4 the wanna be bigshot man guy....i hope he burns and dies a horrible painful smeltering death that will haunt his co(wannabe)stars to death so some of them will commit suicide or think it was their faul that he died and make that one gay black guy turn halfway straight...

My Left Foot
My Left Foot(1989)

great performances all around and very inspiring


Awesome feel-good movie with GREAT AND TRUE performances by the whole Cast! but Ellen Page really stole the show and the movie wud not have been as amazing w/out her....such an original movie that seems soooo simple yet so sophisticated and very smart....Juno is such a sarcastic person that her sarcasm can be sooo random at times that it makes u crack up at how true her words can sometimes be and how we can relate to them....i loved watching this movie!!! all the characters were hilarious and it was funny

Ed Wood
Ed Wood(1994)

Sooooo unique and a great film that showed u wut happened behind the scenes of the Horror/ Sci-Fi movies in the 50's....great performances by Johnny Depp and the vampire guy!

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Awesome Movie......u definitely feel the pain and remorse from Sean Penn as well as from, well, the whole cast......Tim Robbins was very good and for the majority of the film, u knew he was screwed up....but he was nt a bad person at all........dang.....this movie is soooo great........wow was 2003 a great year for movies

Miracle on 34th Street

not bad for an old movie....well its a classic...and its cool how u can legally prove sata clause!

The English Patient

great great movie and definitely not wut i expected, ended up being sad at the end, but also gave inspiration and made u feel happier with the other story.....Julliette Binoche deserved her Oscar and the WHOLE cast was amazing.....it definitely deserved its praise!


just the last 15 minutes made u love this film and get one of those sad feelings in ur stomach, the ones u like

The Big House

ahahaha!!! Finally Flixster has added this movie to the list, i looked it up a while ago and it wasnt there........this has to be my favorite black and white movie.....for some reason the movie doesnt seem cliche and its so serious and bgelievable and a true work of art!

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

good movie...one of the btr zombie-ish movies that actually had a plot and wasnt all action action action

had tons of Suspense and pretty eeire......i wud say that Will Smith definitely did a great job of acting cuz it was convinceable and he was alone in most of the movie


wow talk about a childhood movie...sad.....i miss this movie and it brings back memories!!!

Born on the Fourth of July

did not like it rly that much mainly cuz of tom cruise....


Amy Adams was awesoema and the musical # in central park...the beginning was a little boring and the ending went to far but the middle was just right and should of been extended!

Bruce Almighty

funny movie and interesting plot...jim carrey rocks!!!

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

wasnt rly paying attention to it :(

but i saw it!

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

omg!!! my family's favorite!!!! This movie made me fall in love with Cyndi Lauper who sings 'Time After Time' whil Romy & Michelle r dancing w/ the used-to-be nerd.......

The Shawshank Redemption

good movie with a good story...ending is great....l love every part of this movie!!!!!!
cast is great and it shows how living in jail ur whole life can really effect u and how sum1's determination for freedom can motivate u to do the unthinkable!

American Beauty

weird and incredible
AMAZING....kevin spacey was fantastic as was the whole cast......it was such an unusual movie that was a feel-good but lso depressing and gave remorse but also hope and happiness!
wonderful wonderful moie and definitely one of my favorites!!

The Ultimate Gift

lil girl was amazing and with the great screenplay it had potential to win Oscars but the lead guy seemed as fitting as in a Tv movie

The Raven
The Raven(1935)

this old movie is obviously AN OLD MOVIE! i didnt live in that era so maybe this wud of been the dlightest creeepy if i had.....there were SOOOOO many flaws in this film! like how the girls screamed at the sight of their own shadows and the swinging knife still swinging up high after like 30min and then coming so close a sec after and staying for like 15min.....and there was no blood at all...this movie felt like an hour long and i thot it was incredibly stupid how the deformed guy wsa shot but then the Doctor ended up fainting (STUPID!!!) and how all the girls always screamed at the ugly guy cuz they were "scared".....and i dont get it how when Dr.Vollin was telling the "scary story" all of a sudden it gets windy INSIDE! ive seen A LOT of old movies and there have been much, much btr than this one.....it cud be just the genre that has changed in interest but idk......it was VERY flawed!!!!!

Raging Bull
Raging Bull(1980)

Incredible movie that was brilliantly acted and directed.....

One of Robert De Niro's great performances about a famous boxer who had it all and then lost it........it was a really good movie---for some reason even tho Jake LaMotta (De Niro) hit his wife and beat up his brother, i still kind of rooted for him in his fights and stuff.....until he got older and fatter, then i thot he was how he acted.....a great role by Cathy Moriarty playing LaMotta's wife.....how she tried to leave him cuz he hit and yelled at her but cudnt cuz she still loved him was amazing........but...but....Joe Pesci....the amazing Joe Pesci ws Fantastic...with the same charisma as in Goodfellas but used in a different sense.....the scene where he beat the crap out of the guy that was with his brother's wife was excellent......he made comedy out of some of those most dramatic moments.....i especially like it how they made a home-video styled scene where it shows LaMotta getting married and his brother getting married ad starting to get a family....i liked that a lot.....Great Film and i Reccomend it....definitely one of my all time favorites!!!!


Fried Green Tomatoes

Excellent Movie..very moving and the the whole cast is extremely likeable cast...i about cried my eyes out when they said that Ninny died and when Ruth died i thot that sucked!!! Jessica Tandy and Kathy Bates gave Oscar Worthy Performances in this wholesome movie!!! kathy bates was remarklably funny and u cud of related to her and Jessica Tandy was the loving wonderful Grandmother u never had....the story was very cool and i thot that everyone who worked at the Whistle Stop Cafe were cool and likeable...this incredible movie gives inspiration and makes u smile and feel sad that its over...its pretty rare for me when u actually get drawn to characters so easily and it was instantaneous for me!!!

ya i watched it again and i liked it butthe whole other story was a wee far-fetched and uninteresting than the facts...Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy will always be great tho!


I really wanted to see this ever since i saw the cover of it at Blockbuster when it came out on DVD or w/ever it was...i was soooo happy i got to see it tho

Amelie is an incredible happy movie that just makes u smile...the whole picture is art in every way....the colors, the effects that makes this normal sort-of movie into a fairytale or more of a dream is extraordinary.....its like every scene and every background in the movie has sum pattern of colors er shapes....i LUV the camera direction for this movie and how the narrator introduced every character w/ peculiar likes and dislikes rapidly but informative and the characters just stood there as the close up from the camera completed the introduction....every kind deed that Amelie did made me smile and how she affected everyone else.......her awkward clues she gave to Nino was hilarious and imaginitive as she...well imagined like the zorro innuendo wsa hiarious especially when she incorporated it into the clue and into the pictures of which he collected and was fond of......it was very fast motion but at times felt slow, tho not boring, (it was 2hrs 10min) the whole scenario with her lonely father that did nothing all day and th gnome was hilarious as she wanted him to get out of the house and travel by sending pictures of the gnome at some famous landmark.......in the beginning as the news came od Princess Diana's death, when she found out about the little music box left by the boy who stayed there in the 50s was awesome when she found him and returned it...*sigh*...and the fake letter she sent to the landlord-ette portraying that her husband truly loved her made me happy.....and the love connection between the naturally ill Georgette and the annoying grieving Usual Customer.......its weird cuz theres all these characters and plots and subplots that u wud think it wud get con---hold on then there is this one very old guy that lives across from Amelie's apartment who is a natural at painting but never comes out cuz his bones are like toothpicks....and also the produce salesmen who alays bags on his single employee so every1 will laf and give him glory, but then Amelie says a comeback to stick up for the guy and then the ppl r laffing at him.....it seems like Amelie is Karma or sumthing....she just does one simple deed or task and lets things flow together.......whether the gnome pics to get her dad to travel, the hint to the regular at the restaurant to make 2 unlikely ones fall in love, finding a box and annonymously giving it to the owner, saying a comeback to give recognition to the employee that was defaced on, and elaborating on the return of a photobook to fall in love.......
i notice it now that the movie was all French subtitles...but came to me and was as brilliant if more than in English w/out the subtitles

Amelie is a true movie that is random, extremely artistic and gives an all around good perception......

Ernest Goes to Jail

i want to kill earnest!!!!!


stupid, not frightening the slightest and annoying and horrible special effects and seems out of its times...not 90s...more like late 70s appearance....

Mr. Mom
Mr. Mom(1983)

annoying and havoc, mischevious humor of which i hate

Scary Movie 3

i luv anna faris and regina hall!!!! this movie is sooooo funny and its the best when u see it w/ ur friends thats luv it!!!! maybe ive seen it too many times tho...i think the 1st one might be better

The New Guy
The New Guy(2002)

incredibly stupid but kinda funny..lol

Tupac: Resurrection

a great and powerful documentary put together seemingly the same way as "Last Days of Left Eye".....it shows every side of Tupac and all of his life from his childhood to his death.....it showed all his viewpoints and opinions on life and the system and the ppl around them....i dont have any CDs from Tupac and only know like 2 songs....and i h8 rap....but he was an amazing artist that died......its just sad watching this movie along w/ Last Days of Left Eye......seeing Tupac and Left Eye how they were...knowing they were already dead....sad movie yet inspiring

Saving Private Ryan

a great movie that i can barely explain....incredible performances throughout......some scenes were almost too graphic to watch cuz stuff like this actually happened.......i watched the sumwhat edited version (w/ commercials)...but still it was amazing....the images were almost too much to bare but necessary....i like it how they showed when the german killed one of the men...that he had to and definitely didnt want to...this movie showed that the Germans were ppl like us and a lot didnt want to fight......
this movie has a perfect, yet horrible and sad ending....AMAZING movie that everyone should see...u rly get attched to the characters throughout the movie.....

Never Been Kissed

i luv Drew Barrymore!!!!!!! she plays an amazing performance in this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arthur and the Invisibles (Arthur and the Minimoys)

HORRIBLE movie that made no sense and wasnt funny at all...Freddy highmore was annoying and bratty...he didnt make sense and acted like the typical cliche leader as usual....he is probably the most annoying and worst actor ive ever seen except for Zac Efron from high school musical.when hge turned all cartoony it didnt make sense cuz his hair was white and he was tall wiith different clothes on...such a stupid movie that was definitely affected by the actor.....just what i expected!!!

Analyze This
Analyze This(1999)

funny movie with great cast...i kno it seems as if Robert De Niro has transitioned to just comedy, but at least it has to do with the mob...lol...funny with great performance , and hilarious one too by Lisa Cudrow(from friends)

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

This movie has to be my all-time favorite movie!!!! Robert De Niro is AWESOME in this and makes an ASTRONOMICAL performance as the semi-psycho tries to get this very young prostitute out of the business while dealing with a relationship he wishes to workout......the scene "You talkin' to me?" is the best scene i've ever seen in a movie....it makes Robert De Niro my idol and his character too!!!! the ending is perfect, which fits in with the rest of the movie (perfect) an amazing performance by Jodi Foster as well...this is definitely a timeless classic!!!!

The Breakfast Club

figures the nerd doesnt get the girl in the end...lol...really good 80's movie and u should see this uncut and not the tv version cuz it seems a lot better for some reasons....i luv the "snow" lol........good classic!!!

but now that i think of it...it was way too cheesy and didnt make sense....sure there were good parts but the ending was dumb, the music incredible, but ending was way too farfetched...nothing was given to show that Claire(red head) totally changesd and suddenly went from hating Johnny (metal-head) with an intense passion to all of the sudden loving him and making out w/ him......shes on crack...and everything to do with the parents and all....some of the things were too stereotypical but i think it was ment that way to decide wut group u were in.....i wanted to choke that stooopid nerd...gosh just stand up 4 urself 1ce in a while!!! Good potential and plot but bad script....

Shaun of the Dead

gory like Dawn of the Dead...a somewhat funny, but not really welll done gory zombie movie.....more adult but way too slow in the beginning and seemed long....Hot Fuzz was incredible and 5 trillion times better...i like the whole concept and the thot, but it didnt really go down well....and i heard some jokes were aimed towards the British ppl, but im not British....sooooo...it was ehhh

Pretty in Pink

i like her friend

Back to the Future

classic...like the endingness

Ordinary People

a great movie with great performances by the whole cast including Timothy Hutton who did a convincing and a sympathetic performance....Mary Tyler Moore, one of the queens of comedy, was magnificient as the bitchy mother that showed no affection at all and just thot of herself and cared that her son died and not that she still had a son.......great movie that is sad about how just one thing can change everyones life and that a whole family could break!

Balls of Fury

funny.....saw this w/ mah friends and cracked up...i was one of the loudest ppl in the big theater....i probably wudnt of liked it so much if i wasnt w/ my friends....a lot of great performances and aa lot happened in a short time....funny movie that spoof lovers might like

The Pride of the Yankees

a sad movie that is very well acted and thot out...Gary Cooper does a great job and Teresa Wright played a great role dealing with her husbands disability and watching him suffer.....towards the end of the movie when he gives the famous quote and the whole standing ovation is magical and almost teary....a sad movie that is greatly acted and directed!!!!

Sunset Boulevard

"All Right, Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for My Close Up"...great movie that is now a major classic...the plot is spectacular how a used-to-be believes they r still famous and to an extent becomes crazy as result...great great old movie!


Another great performance from Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.....they r an unbeatable duo......this movie seems to not have a big plot but it ends up just being a complicated, long one that is oddly great....Sharon Stone had a great performance and a convincible one too....the ending kinda sux that everyone dies and all but im glad Robert De Niro didnt cuz hes the head honcho....the main character....too bad his life didnt go the way he wanted it to go but tis is a great movie that i wished i saw the unedited one cuz they said 'freakin' too much..lol..and all those commercials...it was 4hrs long altogether but still a great movie that anyone who is a BIG fan of De Niro or Pesci would love, or even Martin Scorsese (who mostly includes De Niro anyways....soo)

The Color Purple

This is an amazing movie that is sad but made me sooo happy...Whoopi Goldberg was Amazing along w/ Oprah...who shud of contined acting...the story is soo great and makes u feel good and especially the ending which goes from great to INCREDIBLE...ive never been soooo happy watching a movie that wasnt even a comedy.....All of the actors even the ,early years, were incredible and drew me into the movie like that(snap!) it so nice to see Celie(Whoopi) be soo nice to ppl altho they dont return the favor but everyone loves her in the end and notices how Incredible of a person she really is....this has to be one of my favorites now and i just want to watch it again!!!!

When Harry Met Sally

I'll have wut she's having!!!

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

didnt even see it thoroughly, more had it on while i was on the phone, but some parts were so sad and it was weird how it was like--how u feel when u've woken up from a weird/sad dream.....Jim Carrey was great but Kate Winslet was unbelievably phenomonal.....was so likeable altho she was not the nicest.....it was cool how they made his memories like a dream sequence and when they were erased, like part of his dream was being destroyed....it was so believable and it was interesting how in Joel's (Jim Carrey) memories...it seemed like he couldnt really change them and it seemed like Clementine had a mind of her own even in his thots.....the last memory that remained was sad....and that scene was sad---that Joel would never remember her again and became sad, but so did Clementine....so she said to cherish it......UGH! this is a great movie that i need to watch over again cuz i missed so much....the little subplot w/ the other characers that r erasing his memories ws oddly interesting altho it didnt seem too factual, but i went w/ it....Every performance in this movie was great and the 2 leads were phenomonal....A MUST SEE for ppl that like that dream sequence feeling....

The Shape Of Things

i love the whole plot and i think the acting is great...the whole art concept was marvelous and the ending left me hanging and was unexpected...Rachel Weisz was AMAZING...her whole perspective on Everything...i loved how she kind of acts....well idk the word to describe it but i love how she acts and says wut normal ppl wudnt and its not that shes being rude, its who she is...Paul Rudd did one of his best performances and practically his only non-comedy one ive ever seen....g'job! great movie that gave me a different perspective about----well idk...

A Few Good Men

the camera directing bugged the heck out of me.....this movie was way too overrated and didnt make sense...Tom Cruise is as annoying as ever and Demi Moore doesnt help either....she sgould of stuck w/ Ghost-like movies......altho Jack Nicholson wudnt 2 shabby, his performance cudnt help this movie.....booo!

Pan's Labyrinth

this was a pretty good movie not wut i expected but a great story with a great ending that was kinda bittersweet but in a way still was good...good performances and the characters were pretty cool...i might of missed sumtin with the subtitles but i think i still got it....the whole story was pretty cool and i like the scene with that creature with the eyes in its hands...that was cool....it is sad yet very happy so u kind of fill fulfilled...i still feel sad for the ppl at the end that thot she well u kno....this is such a great story and it wud probly even be btr if u spoke Spanish...lol...

The Simpsons Movie

funny, typical plot that was predictable but the same old Simpsons comedy that was sumwhat surprising...a big laf altogether....a lot of fun and Homer is hilarious......the Eskimo laqdy was funny....if ur a Simpson's fan then youll definitely like it....it seems long in partas but when its over, it seems short....good movie!

High Noon
High Noon(1952)

a good old movie that is not like the cliche shootouts, but actually has a plot and is kind of intense with the music....its interesting seeing how the whole town is too scared and that the sheriff has to take it alone....it was cool how it all took place like in two hours...like it never skipped time and that made it more suspenseful...i love how the women that was on the train got off when she heard a gunshot and went to help "her man"....a great movie and an instant classic


great movie with great performances by Kathy Bates and James Caan....great story of an obsessed and violent fan of the "Misery" author.great movie and there was actually a part that made me jump and one part that kinda freaked me out...if u like thriller movies that arent dumb, then watch this one or read the book....im actually reading it right now (8/25/07) and i like it so far....this movie made me fall in love even more with Kathy Bates even tho she is the antagonist!!!

Legion of the Dead (Le6ion of the Dead)

wow the movie poster thing is 10x more exciting than the whole movie....the first 5 minutes made it seem like it wasnt going to be incredibly horrible, but it ended up being that way........it was just some naked Egyptian girl with lightning beams that she shot out to kill ppl.........this is like one of those bad pornos...lol...it was horrible and im glad i didnt see it in theaters cuz it sucked and i wud of walked right out.......the plot makes no sense wut-so-ever and the "special" effects were horrible.....dont waste ur time...crappy crappy and seems too long way too long/// it ws a supposed horror film that wasnt scary, thrilling, or funny......and it has to do with some Egypt crap but it messes with the devil and satan's army???? HOLY CRAP seriously dont even think about renting this horrible movie....you will just waste ur time

Shakespeare in Love

a great movie with a great actors and just a movie that makes u smile during some parts.......the 2 ppl on the cover were excellent...they did a really good job...along with Judi Dench for her role as Queen Elizabeth (she was hilarious)

the scene with the play and when Gwyneth Paltrow's character becomes Juliet....that was a Great scene....interesting movie like how Shakespeare made Romeo and Juliet and in a way the movie kinda seemed like a Romeo and Juliet scenario along with the Twelfth Night.......the movie made it seem like all of Shakespeare's plays were based on his life, and i like how they did it if it was factual or not........i wouldnt mind at all watching it again!!!! this is so amazing....it makes u smile and like ur drowned in all this love ur almost sick of it...but not yet.....i was fully embarked in this tale and im happy i did.....the best romance movie ive ever see!!!!


wut can i say....wheneer i see it on tv, i watch it......great movie with a great performance by Alicia Silverstone........good movie that started a chain of really great movies from Britney Murphy!

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

it is 10 times better than Shaun of the Dead that had a way too long beginning.....this is a long movie and it seemed like 2 hours when it wasnt even on for an hour but i was into it the whole time....the beginning is kind of slow but not bad and pretty funny....it is cool to see Simon Pegg all serious and Mr. Cool Cop in this movie rather than the courage-less person in Shaun of the Dead.....his sidekick (Nick Frost) wasnt as annoting as usual and was quite funny too with his references towards the action movies they r spoofing on......i like it how this movie (along w/ Shaun of the Dead) made a parody inside am action movie and didnt withdrawl from the amounts of blood and gore :-D....i also like it how it gives off a horror movie impression with the killer and the deaths, but i think it is really great how they refrain from the stupid comedy and make more original stuff...its the small things that r funny.....like how Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) gets so frustrated that no one believes him that the ppl were murdered when 4 ppl died in a week....and how they believed that the lady fell on her own sheers...lol....great movie w/ incredible action and action spoofs and horror (there was one scene that made me jump (not literally)) and just the comedy was hilarious altho i heard a lot of it only made sense to British ppl, but what-the-hey....this movie is very respectable that ppl who like the scary movie series could enjoy but also critics all over too....i loved it! One of the best movies of the year for sure!!!!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

liked this movie a lt when i was little aqnd i remember staying up all night and watching it past my bed time...that was fun....i was all into it...i guess ppl dont like it tho....

The Dirty Dozen

really good old movie


not bad at all, i kinda liked it and i liked the fact that the guys mom was mortician.....and those scenes w/ the blood and that weird thing going through the dead bodies was pretty cool.....definitely looked like TV movie material but the gore and all that crap outweighed me thinking of that......not bad


pretty funny..Meryl Streep's reactions as the therapist were Hilarious! i wud never watch this with my family or anything but it was pretty funny and i like Uma Thurman....the whole storyyline was pretty funny....i was ehhh about it the first time i saw it but i cracked up the second time......not bad at all but not too rememorable...ending wasnt cliche which was good cuz that wudve made it dumb!!!

Blade: Trinity

dumb but great action and killing i like sum of the vampires....corny and not great acting but it is all good fun

The Lion King

catchy songs....good animation and good story...one of my favorite when i was young luv the sequel too


didnt see it in theaters and i didnt rent it....saw it on sum movie website.....thats probably y i didnt give it 5 stars......it still was a very good film!!! michael moore is as great as ive seen him in Bowling for Columbine and it seems that he is less involved in trying to influence us........there r very sad stories in this movie that r definitely tearjerkers......and for sum reason it makes me want to live in France from all the good reports from this movie....tons and tons of stories....its horrible to see people profitting from others dying or becoming more and more ill....it is also annoying seeing the stories of ppl saying that their insurance wouldnt cover it because they considered treatments to cancer, brain tumors, etc not necessary......and seein that one lady getting dropped from her insurance company, that covered all of her expenses at the hospital for sum illness, because in the past she had a minor yeast infection and didnt notify the agency....and she had to pay all the money herself.........i dont care wut anyone says about how Michael Moore does All these untrue movies with false statements.....if u watch this movie there is no way to say that......all of the stories had to be true...or else they would get Oscars in acting.......great movie and a great Documentary that altho falls short to Bowling for Columbine, still is very incredible!

DOA: Dead or Alive

extremely dumb and sum parts were incredibly incredibly stupid....an embarrassment to the game as well as a rip off and there is bad adaptation of the characters in the game to the ones in the movie.........BIG disappointment....the best part was probably seeing Gen Fu (the old man) that was hilarious but completely stupid...they made Christie like a slut.....horrible movie and a waste of ur time....dont even rent it...if u want to see it....its probably on youtube already! the only reason im not giving it a 1/2 star is cuz of the whole gen fu thing!

You, Me and Dupree

not funny, too cliche and Owen Wilson was annoying and unfunny...i never liked Matt Dillon and this is an upset from Kate Hudson....very big disappointment....i should of listened to the critics


interesting plot.....not bad

Troop Beverly Hills

shelley long is hilarious in anything she does...havent seen it in a while but i remember everything!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

not the worst but not the best....was sort of confusing and unfulfilling....that little nerd that no one likes, Neville was annoying...in the book he isnt same with Daniel Radcliffe...i dont like him....in the book hes way better and in the movie he breathes loud when hes mad......WTF??!!! welll anyways there were a lot of good parts but the ending wasnt completed...it didnt seem to end (i kno it is a series and that there are more movies to come) all the other movies had an ending.....not bad tho.....i thot Imelda Staunton's performance as Ms. Umbridge, the uptight, strict teacher that was from the Ministry of Magic did a great performance.....


Interesting movie......nice little jingles ("And all that jazz") that intertwine with the movie.......seems as tho it was a half and half.....Broadway and Motion Picture....Great Performances practically by the whole cast including Renée Zellweger, Richard Gere, Queen Latifah, and whoever played Sunshine was hilarious....Renée Zellweger was hilarious in this movie and she doesnt have a bad voice, Queen Latifah is as she always is....GREAT....and altho i havent seen Richard Gere in a lot of things i think he did a great job......it was kinda weird cuz there wernt thay many funny parts, but when there was, they were hilarious altho subtle......great movie with a happy ending altho its not as upbeat as Hairspray, it still was very good!!!!


a simple and sweet movie about a Chocolateer that makes magical chocolate and has a knack for guessing ppl's favorites and changing their lives......its cool to see how just a simple kind Chocolate maker helps a woman get away from her husband and think for herself, makes a stubborn old lady happy and reunites her with her grandson.....and practically changes the whole town for the better...simple and sweet....with great acting

The Chumscrubber

one of the weirdest films ive seen...very awkward...pretty unrealistic but likeable...Justin Chatwin actually did a good job on a character, unlike War of th Worlds or The Invisible....he shud stick to the bad guy not the straight A student...i liked how---well its hard 2 explain but there are scenes that i liked and scenes that were just "huh?" didnt really get the part when he got ran over...but it was kinda funny...it had potential and it was great! Dark Comedy is a genre that is one of my favorites.....and this movie did it really well.....i loved the randomness of this movie and the, also, more sentimental value to it........theres soooooo many different characters and subplots crowded around the main plot.....very very original and i like that about movies...practically all of my favorite movies are 100% original so u dont think of another movie when u r watchin it.....i thot it was cool with the scene when the main kid, Dean, goes to the room his best friend comitted suicide in and is all doped up when he sees his friend talking all demonically like the character on the video game...that was pretty cool......that one song that is playing in Dean's best friends room when he finds his friend hanging from the ceiling is a GREAT GREAT GREAT song and it seems to have a sadder tone to it but it sticks in ur head too...all the main characters are very likeable, even the so called enemy did a great job and i didnt mind if he won or killed sum1....that little red head kid was annoying til the end then he was funny!!! this is one of those movies that seem like they include all of the genres...and me thinks that cool........Jamie Bell, the main guy did an incredible performance in the movie.....i really really reccomend this movie to people the like Dark Comedy or people that think differently from others.....if u liked movies like Running with Scissors......(ive heard it is kind of like American Beauty) then u will love this movie!!!


Hairspray was an Incredible, i have never seen a Musical that i have liked that ws even a fraction as close as this one.....High school musical is my most hated mobvie ever, but while i was watching the movie, i had a smile on the whole time.....it was funny and the incredibly likeable Nikki Blonsky, the main girl, and great performance by all of the other actors (except Zac Efron.....he SUCKED!!!) _____of course it wasnt too realistic it was still a lot of fun and the jingles werent too bad.....never knew Queen Latifah sang so great........im usually into more dramas that have a lot of meaning and change me when i finish seeing the movie, but this is an exception...no it didnt change me it was just like "feel good" movie.......really reccomend it!!! i saw it again and for some reason i didnt like it as much...its one of those movies that will make u fall in love with it the first time and just like it the second time.....still great tho...id prefer to just rent it rather than buy it


wonderful movie but it needs more blood and guts...lol...great filming and special effects.....cud watch this movie over and over again....great story that isnt all just killing ppl....but that didnt hurt it ^_^

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

a lot of great special effects and weird but cool plot.....i liked the sense of Darkness....but isnt it odd that Nicholas Cage gets some young, slender woman altho hes like wut??? 40??

Bridge to Terabithia

sad, but a little fulfilling at the end...it seemed as tho one of those movies that u'd be annoyed by the little perfect brats, but they were quite likeable......good acting too...the ending was nice and the message it sent with him building the bridge was both sad remembering wut happened and happy for wut was to come for the boy and his sister......

Shrek the Third

the worst one but far from bad........funny parts and i like the princess fight scene......Snow White's scene w/ the birds was my favorite

Freedom Writers

i thot it was really good and the stories were believable and it went well w/ the story and all but some of it seemed a little fake and it was kinda hard seeing those ppl change so easily......i dont think it was a fairy tale ending in real life w/ the kids......but other than that i thot this movie was really good with a good storyline!!!! Ther were a lot of sad stories and graphic......sometimes u were a little sympathetic.....but again...in a course of a year.....everyone changing drastically was a little bit unrealistic


not scary but a unique and great movie including a great performance by John Cusack...which was oddly realistic.....its cool to see a great movie with a great message thats mixed in with a thriller....the only negative thing was that i wish it wud of been scarier but the end...altho it didnt seem fully fulfilling, it gave me chills and made me smile....he wasnt delusional it was real!!! butttt i was expecting it to be scarier and kind of was disappointed....and a little predictable!

Driving Miss Daisy

great movie with incredible performances by the Amazing Jessica Lange and Magnificient Morgon Freeman.....u dont like Miss Daisy when it starts but i started to learn her language.....and just fell in love with her character and Morgan Freeman's character was extremely lovable.....the ending was sad......but all in all the movie made u smile if it didnt make u cry

One True Thing

a sad movie brilliantly acted by Meryl Streep and Renee Zellweger....that shows the love between a mother and a daughter while the mother is terminally ill....its really sad seein the mother, whos used to always helping herself, being helpless....but at the ending, u feel ful-filled a little bit because the daughter seems to start a relationship with the dad again since it was broken earlier.......very good movie that depended on Meryl Streep's acting and thats why it was good!

Mrs. Doubtfire

actually i dont really remember it....

Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda(2004)

Outstanding performances by Don Cheadle and Sophie Okenedo.....the movie was extremely good and powerful.....there were sad parts, happy parts, gut wrenching parts, and edge-of-your-seat parts.......really an emotional movie and Don Cheadle deserved the Oscar along with Sphie Okenedo.....it is horrible cuz a lot of this stuff is true so its even more serious too......the whole deal w/ the Tutsi and Hutu was sumwhat freaky that all this stuff....u didnt kno wut to expect....wud it be that the Hutu wud find them at the hotel, wud the UN ever help.....all these questions.....probably the main effect of this movie was that it really happened and it might of opened peoples eyes...........great great great movie was as good as i was expecting it to be!!!

Field of Dreams

great movie......lives up to its name---the whole story was well played out and the ending was really good....not much to say but all the actors were good and likeable....a different story thats 100% original...

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

didnt understand it fully but i liked some parts a lot....like the famous dance scene....and Samuel L Jackson was awesome.....the ending was cool and the scene with the Golden Watch was hilarious!!!!!

Samantha - An American Girl Holiday

one of those few TV movies that r good....good moral and the little twerps rnt annoying

Running With Scissors

one of the weirdest movies ive seen andi just noticed how coincidental it was that the 2 main characters in Shakespeare in Love (Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes) are also in this movie.....kinda hard to understand with all these weird controversies but some parts were hilarious.....this movie contains one of my favorite quotes "What are u doing in my Masterbatorium" i was cracking up so long.....that was hilarious....i reccomend it to ppl that think differently or out of the box....maybe in an artistic way.....

X-Men: The Last Stand

the 2nd movie i saw at a Drive-In....that was fun going to it but i kinda was ehhh bout the movie cuz Mystique became human way to fast altho that scene wasnt a sight for sore eyes....but im glad bout Cyclops dying, cuz he was annoying....never got to see the ending scene after the credits cuz they cut it off...Darn!

Stick It
Stick It(2006)

not wut i expected at all but i thot the characters were all good and the whole storyline and moral were good.....especially that one girl that was the meaner girl and towards the end she shifts a lil bit....good movie

School for Scoundrels

a few scenes were funny but nothing really laugh-out-loud more like a half-hearted laugh cuz others r laffing....however the pintballing scene was funny

The Hills Have Eyes

praised it the first time i saw it, liked it the 2nd, noticed it ws like every other slasher movie and now i think their just plain dumb...of course there r sum cool scenes of the mutant things dying but not too much amusing

John Tucker Must Die

sumwut funny but incredibly stupid and unrealistic

Not Another Teen Movie

funny!!! hilariously making fun of a lot of teen movies like 10 things i hate about you---the poem-10 things i luv about Janey and when Jake sings the song by Aerosmith "Janey's got a gun" the critics dont understand that altho this is a very unrealistic movie...it sophistically incorporates a teen movie scene into a funny scene that acts to the teen movie's opposite....when it goes to those cliche scenes it makes it not cliche and stupid but yet completely hilarious cuz ppl that have watched those movies understand how dumb and stupid they are.....Molly Ringwald did a great cameo as the airport clerk person....FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY...WATCH IT!!!


very original and descriptive....one of the best animation movie ive ever seen!!! DEFINITELY should have won the Oscar


really phony and cheesy but a great story with humor and a good moral too...Ricki Lake was pretty likeable and her friend's controversies w/ her parents were quite humorous...lol....anyways it was a good movie with a lot of fun!


great movie that actually seems realistic...good narration for both point of views of him and his wife........anytime Robert De Niro or Joe Pesci were in a scene, the stole the show and blew me away...saw one of those crappy edited versions...so i bet it would of been tons better....i seriously think it is dumb to edit movies because wutever they edit hides part of the movie so its not the same.....it was at 10pm anyways...kids wont be awake......Antyways...i think the story was well made and well written...i like narration movies usually.....the only thing about this movie that was a negative was the mainguy's (Ray Liotta) laugh and smile....that bugged the crap out of me......i liked how the movie went from all the mob happiness to the downsides when no one has ur back......good movie!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

funny yet dumb ....good performances by Luke Wilson and Anna Faris......pretty funny scenes with a very dumb concept

The Trouble With Angels

one of those older movies that arent so bad...ending was good!

The Devil Wears Prada

great movie and great performances by Anne Hathaway and an amazing performance by Meryl Streep as usual....every character in this film was amazing....the end was spectacular and when the 2 of em cros each others path and Snne Hathaway waves but Miranda doesnt do anything until she gets in the car and lets out a subtle smile......great great great!!!


Wow...this was an incredible movie...moving, devestating, and i was amazingly into it

u usually wudnt root for a prostitute in a movie but this is an exception...Charlize Theron did one of the greatest performances i have seen...she is an incredible actress...i am in awe of this movie.....at the end i was speechless and kind of angry at Ricci's character....i felt really bad for Aileen (Charlize Theron)....its an intense movie that is mostly never happy especially at the end which is really sad and without Theron the ending wudnt have been sad...to be stabbed in the back by someone u loved and thot loved u? gosh this is an emotionally attaching film that i kno will stick with me............again i praise Charlize Theron..she was wonderful in this movie and Aileen Wuornos is probably one of my favorite characters....i reccomend it to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Holland's Opus

really good movie and shows how a man of sound could affect so many and its ironic that he who is a music teacher has a son that is deaf...really good drama and the ending is good too! it made me teary and get chills cuz i was so happy for him!!!

Romeo + Juliet

interesting version...Claire Danes...magnificent as usual...sad at the ending...for the girl didnt care bout romeo


one of the saddest movies.....i will never shoot a deer

A Christmas Story

every christmas except for last cuz it didnt come on TNT....we watch this the whole day!!!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

one of my favorite movies when i was little...i loved everything about it....but now as im older the tunes dont interest me as much but the artwork and the characters and the whole plot was amazing and i loved Jack and those little kids...great movie with a great moral!

Stephen King's 'Desperation'

it was a ehhTV movie.....was this supposed to be scary?? there could of been more blood and killing ppl.....didnt seem original....i dont like tv movies that emphasize that they r tv movies

Darkness Falls

o i saw this a few years back and just forgot the name of the movie.....i thought they showed the tooth fairy's face too much and i didnt see it in theatre so it wasnt as good....i dont get how a deformed killer tooth fairy can be so scared of light....y cant there be something w/ no weakness........wasnt that great......and acting not that great.....but i had to say when i first watched it, not in theaters i was a lil freaked....but not that great

Kiki's Delivery Service

used to always watch it when it came on....idk but sumtin about it makes me happy! not even as close to good as Spirited Away though!

The Edge
The Edge(1997)

a little farfetched and seemed too short...most of it was ehhh but any scene where there was a bear it was exciting and that made the movie sumwhat successful!

My Cousin Vinny

great movie with amazing and hilarious performances by Marisa Tomei and Joe Pesci....they had amazing chemistry and a magnificient couple....Marisa Tomei practitically stole the show whenever she was in a scene.....especially the one where she is proving that she is an expert on cars...that whole scene made me smile so did the ending....there were some scenes that made it seem like it was going to be one of those regular, boring old 80's comedies that no one remembers, but the cast pulled it off and i definitely reccomend this...it was great!!!

Men of Honor
Men of Honor(2000)

goood performance by Cuba Gooding Jr. and the great De Niro.....havent seen in a while but it still was cool

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

interesting, odd, normal, wacky, happy, sad.....great performance by Jack Nicholson...his character, Mac was great and cool! i liked Chief too!!! altho this movie seemed like it had some regular parts that didnt seem like anything special...but there were times like the basketball game...that was cool and it made me smile.....the ending was very sad but i was happy at what Chief did at the end...great movie with great characters and actors...


characters werent too likeable...wut was in that guy's nose??? all it seemed was like some fight scenes all thrown together...with a hidden plot that doesnt really work out...pretty confusing and the whole futuristic look doesnt work for me.....seems kinda like a V for Vendetta feel but with bad acting and no concept...wuts the point???? pretty much just for looks and the point that a lady is killing all these people.....u cud definitely tell who this was aimed for....that phrase on the Movie Poster thing..."the blood war is on" u barely see any blood...which cud of been beneficial

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

stuid horrible acting along with unoriginal story and both of the characters are extremely unlikable and that british band was annoying and they sound like crap!!!


good movie and kinda sad

Beyond the Sea

great movie with actual great music....Incredible performance by Kevin Spacey...he did great acting, dancing, and singing.....i liked how u had a concept that he still thot of himself as when he was a child and i liked how it showed that...Kate Bosworth did great too playing as Sandra Dee---The whole cast was wonderful and u saw Bobby Darin go through his ups in his life to his downs....the ending was Incredible andwhen thaey showed his last song of the night, it set a sadder tone kind of making u think that he was going to die with his heart problem....but then when he saw the younger version of himself and a happier tone set in when they did a duet.....i liked that at the ending when the movie tells u that he is still living with Sandra Dee and making wonderful music and all that stuff---that was great because if u kinda know the real story it makes it even better!!!! i really reccomend it for people that like sumwhat musicals and great movie with great performances!!!!!

The Illusionist

good movie that is pleasant to watch in all senses....great story and performances by...well actuaully the whole cast....not Edward Norton's best but still good...Rufus Sewell played a great antagonist and i think it is kind of weird that i have only seen him playing roles that are set in the past....but still great....this movie obviously reminds me of The Prestige, which were similar in many ways altho it had a lot more action and suspense...this movie was still great but not sure if it is as good as the Prestige....im not a good person to guess the ending unless it is really cliche or predictable....so i was surprised but when i look back it seems a little obvious but not too much...i thot Paul Giamatti's character was great---he was half-hearted about the whole situation and u cud tell that he was good inside and that he didnt agree with the crowned prince...the best performance ive seen of him.....i enjoyed it but there wasnt sumthing about it that i would say Wow...but its still great!

Menace II Society

i luv this movie....saw it on tv and forgot the name of it....just found out the name.....i luv this movie.....it gives u a real feeling! it was really good the 1st time i watched it but it isnt as good the 2nd time....but still a classic...i was shocked at the ending and it was sad...but i was glad wut he was trying to do and that he was savin the boy

Mater and the Ghostlight

i saw this on the DVD.....good short and funny


first movie that actually practically announced that it was a movie.....i like all of the deaths and it had suspense which i got into....interesting twist at the end but seriously...i thot the spoof of it on Scary Movie was better and HILARIOUS!!!

How to Eat Fried Worms

incredibly unrealistic and bad acting...when i was 11 i wudnt believe wut their gullible HEADS WUD....they still believe in coodies.....kids act WAY underage....get over it.......dumb and the so called bully sounds like a girl and his brother was stupid...he was scared of a few little kids.....boo hoo hoo.....how can a ginger be a bully??? wait a lot of em r....but little kids r always annoying in most movies

The Girl Next Door

hilarious and way different than i expected.....EXTREMELY unrealistic but still loads of fun and a great storyline with an actual moral!!!


good performance by Ellen Barkin...but it seems too unoriginal and far-fetched...it went from girl acting like a guy whos a player to her(him) being pregnant from Her(him) doing it with her(his) best friend,,,,,ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.....at times it was funny but seems like one of those regular, very forgetful movies made in late 80s or early 90s and no one likes those....

Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf(1985)

kinda cheesy....doesnt he get with the teacher??? dont really like MJ Fox too much but he wasnt bad in this


WOW!!!! that is an incredible film...one of the best films ive seen!!! it is definitely the saddest, but at the ending it makes me happy...May is a magnificent character and one of my favorite.....Angela Bettis was REMARKABLE!!!!!! i wud of been her friend....u be mean to her and hurt her feelings...u deserve to die...wut did she ever do to u????...im glad that she has a friend even when her doll was ripped apart by those blind kids who where trying to escape the shards of glass...thats wut u get....it was her friend not urs......this is definitely one of the best stories i have ever heard...i feel sad still but i am happy for May i just dont want anyone to hurt her anymore.....her sort-of boyfriend Adam (Jeremy Sisto) was a jerk and i wanted him to die...the scene when she was going to say "hi" at his house and he opens the door slightly to let out his cigarette without knowing shes there and badmouths her and she starts to cry and runs away......i got teary....May is an EXTREMELY LOVABLE character....and this movie kinda rids of some stereotypes that all these horror movies are about people getting killed for sumthing's entertainment.....but in this...May hurts even more than all the rest of the people...this movie blew me away and it is completely ASTOUNDING!!!!!

Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle

not so great acting and incredibly unrealistic but sumhow i liked it...i guess thats wut i was expecting...not a critics ball but a lot of fun and action....has its moments of slo-mo's too....kinda predictable but its all right...i still liked it!!!

Cape Fear
Cape Fear(1991)

oddly likeable...favorite part...was when he dressed like the housekeeper...i knew it was going to happen.....De Niro did another amazing performance as a wacked out inmate who is angry of bein in jail and takes it out on his lawyer from 14 years ago...Nick Nolte does a good job too and his daughter...i fell sympathy for her...altho she is kinda stupid...she is a good character...the scene at the theater place at her school...that was great.....good sub-problem or wut ever....good job!

Guess Who
Guess Who(2005)

annoying and bad acting

Big Daddy
Big Daddy(1999)

saw it completely once and liked a few parts...dont remember the rest

Curly Sue
Curly Sue(1991)

havvent seen in a looooooooong time!!

Boys Don't Cry

magnificient and convincing role by Hilary Swank..great film that shows truth about hate crimes and altho this is a great kinda love story it is very sad at the ending....i was in shock at the end...great movie...i amazingly reccomend it


good movie but if i watch it too much then it gets annoying

Sixteen Candles

great movie, Molly Ringwald's best...funny, yet cliche but it kinda started it so i guess its not.....perfect ending and i have NO idea how this is PG cuz u see the naked girl in the shower.....and i think there is language too....wow i guess ppl in the 80s werent critical....y cant it be the 80s???


not a keeper....not memorable...and not funny

The Cider House Rules

good story...a lot of people die....i like the people in the cider house....not too memorable but a very simple and nice film

License to Wed

few funny parts....a lot of dumb humor....the couple was likeable but the ending was way too cliche i dont reccomend it but i wasnt actually so bad...i liked it altho i wasnt being at all critical...not good enough to see it again

Thank You for Smoking

great movie and i think Aaron Eckhart did a great performance in this and this movie actually made me think...i kno smoking is "bad" but it All wasnt about smoking....it was about making ur own decisions and not doing wut other people say to do.....Nick Naylor is a great character and his son wasnt annoting like most kids are in movies...his friends were funny.....good movie!!!!

Whatever It Takes

awkward scene with the thong

The Sixth Sense

really good movie w/ a twist but it was obvious to me that he was a ghost

Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

^_^ heheheheheheh...no explanation needed

Creature from the Black Lagoon

great movie and a cult classic....saw it when i was little and i thot it was great....and i think its dumb that a lot of movies copied this one...be original!!!

The Animal
The Animal(2001)

incredibly stupid and unrealistic but funny LOL

The Land Before Time

he lost his mom....*sniff* *sniff* fav movie when i was little and now i still love it


i wanna stab the main fat blondy guy cuz hes stupid.....dumb dumb dumb movie...havent read the book and i prefer that than this dreadful stupid movie in which practically nothing happens....go-figure everyone is British.....and wuts with the dumb costumes they wear under the waterfall??? probably the worst of the year!!!!!

Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I(2006)

wonderfully acted and scripted adaptation of the secret life and troubles of Queen Elizabeth....i really reccomend u watchin it on HBO....i dont understand y its TV-MA though o well

Final Destination 3

not as good as the first one but not bad....interesting ways of killing the ppl.....liked that but a lot of it is wayyyy too unoriginal if its different ppl


altho not as funny as many...this was a very smart and wonderfully made animated film....the story and plot was amazing and Remy, the rat was extremely likeable......this movie has a great message and is pretty inspiring saying that u can be Anything! it was a lot more complex than most Pixar creations including many subplots like Remy trying to gain acceptance from his dad/family while trying to hide from everyone that he is a rat trying to cook with the clumbsy heir of Gusteau, the restaurant.....so much stuff happens and at the end...the bitter food critic that was rarely impressed.....great movie i reccomend it to ppl that like good stories even if there arent 5 billion laughs!!!! i think this will win the Oscar for Best Animated Film!!!!!! well i hope so....so far!!!

Leprechaun 2
Leprechaun 2(1994)

seen like 1/2 of it

The Ring Two
The Ring Two(2005)

has one of my fav quotes...."im not ur F**kin mother"....hahaha...that turned it into a comedy

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

great documentary that goes about the history of metal, its controversies, its beliefs and the different forms....many interviews of metal gods and others.....just a lot of stuff happens and its hard to explain but its great and i think everyone should see it....it might give u a different perspective about Metal!

The Green Mile

great movie with extremely likeable characters and a good moral purpose....Tom Hanks played a great and convincible guard of the remarkable miracle-worker inmate (played by Michael Duncan) who heals people....altho he may look intimidating, he is the most wholesome and humble person there is.....he was wrongly accused of a murder of two young girls and tom hanks and the crew are trying to save him.......Michael Clarke Duncan should of won an Oscar for his amazing performance!!! i almost shed a tear when he was being executed but it seemed ok.....he played one of the best characters i have seen in a movie extremely well!!!

A Beautiful Mind

great movie with tremendous acting by Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly! Great story that is both sad and inspiring....John Nash becomes an unlikely likeable character along with his wife.....its very dramatic and altho u kno hes not really a "normal" person, u wudnt really expect him to really be crazy...i thot everything was real too!!! its kinda sux that he kept on seeing the ppl even after he ignored them so much....but im extremely glad that his wife was so accepting and adaptable to stay w/ him and be by his side all the way...at the near-to-end when hes talking to the guy about the Nobel Prize and all of the ppl in Princeton give their Pens to him on the table...i got chills and smiled! and at the End when he gives the speach and accepts his prize was very inspiring and made complete sense.....i really recomend it!

Evan Almighty

horrible acting and only succes was having Wanda Sykes and Jonah Hill...who were funny on practically every scene they were in......a BIG disappointment of Steve Carell and his sons in the movie were Annoying and i wished that they had drowned to death in the flood....horrible screenplay/script and very unrealistic....i hate and despise that dance Evan does and i want to destroy it!!!! it wasnt as bad as a lot of critics made it seem but it definitely wasnt a keeper morgan freeman wasnt a detrement but he didnt really help this failure of a movie....ive seen way worse but even more better...sooooo thumbs down!

She's Out of Control

saw it a couple of years ago and thot it was good....Tony Danza did a good job and it was funny and simple!

Phone Booth
Phone Booth(2003)

extremely faky and predictable...the main guy was incredibly stupid....and i wud of done it a lot better....that one line the shooter guy says-something like "isnt it funny that if sum1 hears a phone ring u have to answer it" thats soooo scary and INCREDIBLY stupid...its not funny

Goodbye, Children (Au Revoir Les Enfants)

hard to describe but an interesting viewpoint from a young French schoolboy during the time of the Nazi rule...ending is kindda sad...overall its a good movie...and great direction and camera operation for the 80s

When a Stranger Calls

very fake and unrealistic....unscary and unoriginal....just like scream without a mask!

The Score
The Score(2001)

not so bad but the plot wasnt too original

Return to Halloweentown

all different ppl...wut happened??? the girl now looks like a skinny little bi--scuit

National Lampoon's Animal House

saw when i was little...remember channel surfing upon it right at the nude scene...lol

Phat Girlz
Phat Girlz(2006)

unrealistic but a story of wut ppl wud think deep down and never do but want to do...i think this movie is inspiring, uniquely funny, and i think Mo'Nique did a great job....

Odd Girl Out
Odd Girl Out(2004)

not bad but a PG version of Thirteen

In Her Shoes
In Her Shoes(2005)

great movie and not a chick flick feeling

V for Vendetta

really really really good movie...natalie portman did an excellent job.....the whole plot was very well done....A Must See Film!!!

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Uma Thurman maybe isnt the prettiest girl around but she is one good mammerjammer when it comes to fighting w/ swords.....love the blood and fighting to "death"...lol...and when they r describing that 1 japanese-chinese women in anime is kinda cool.....and Uma killing all her henchman is pretty awesome.....1 of the best action/battle movies ever!!!!!!!!!!!

A History of Violence

good movie that is not afraid of doing w/e it wants to....a lot of shooting and nudity....glad my parents werent around...that wud of been akward...Viggo did a good job and the one scene where his wife is mad at him and tries to run up the stairs and he tries to stop her and chokes her kind of...and then all the sudden they start to "do it" on the stairs---that was interesting...it wud of been funny if one of their kids walked in and saw them......talk about being blinded for life...lol

The Hollow
The Hollow(2005)

incredibly fake and stupid...theres a backstreet boy and the kid from airbud....wow thats the best they can do??? this is like a bad tv movie or one on the disney channel

Going to the Mat

dont like the kid...hes not blind and i think he sux

Cadet Kelly
Cadet Kelly(2002)

extremely fake...and the strict girl is just doing wut shes supposed to do....kelly or w/e her name is...is a brat and self centered i want to kill her!

Max Keeble's Big Move

liked it the first time i saw it but i see now how flawed and unfunny it is

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

my favorite animated scooby doo movie

My Blue Heaven

one of steve martins worst....annoying accent and plot was not great

MAC and Me
MAC and Me(1988)

cheap rip-off version of E.T. which wasnt that good

Read it and Weep

stupid,unrealistic,girl is stuck up and wears too much make up...altho this is 50 times better than High School Musical, if this ever hit the big screen it would be awarded Razzie after Razzie...y do i waste my time???

What's the Worst That Could Happen?

stupid and danny devito ws horrible...stupid and unfunny comedy with a twisted and unlikely plot...especially unoriginal

Bob the Butler

not into that kind of comedy

Bring It On
Bring It On(2000)

i like missy...blonde girl sucked butt

102 Dalmatians

fake....seems like a tv movie....glenn close should use her talent for other stuff

Napoleon Dynamite

ppl r posers and most of the people that like Napolean Dynamite like it just cuz sum1 else does......think he is too boring *yawn*


boring and stupid.....be original

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

dont like the claw...like it better when jim carrey does more serious roles....but still funny and the ending was great

Taking Lives
Taking Lives(2004)

movie is a great suspense, mystery, and i think Angelina Jolie did a great job in this film and the ending was pretty kyool...i liked it...talk about sleeping with the enemy!!! lol

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

i figured out the ending....well what was going to happen b4 it did...yay me??? great movie tho

Brokedown Palace

OMG!!!! i finally found out the name of this movie that i watched like 7 years ago that my sisters and i thot was a great movie...its based on a true story and i thot the story was very moving and well acted upon......just everything that happened made this movie spectacular...and the ending was magnificient and made me really like Alice, the character that Claire Danes played, did an amazing performance that was courageous and selfless

it was a story of deception that led to a stronger friendship and a friend that was always known as the bad one that actually did something that saved a life........this movie and others made me fall in luv w/ Claire Danes.......its kinda kool to see a friend do an amazing thing for another.....its a wonderful movie and a must-see for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts)

y is Monk in 13 Ghosts??? HORRIBLE ACTING....u'd think they cud hire sum good ones


kids annoting but shaqs ok

Team America: World Police

haha...very stupid and weird but it had its funny parts...."i like u, u have balls, i like balls" HAHAHA!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

thot it wasnt as good as the previous ones but it was not too too bad

Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew(2007)

WAY past my expectations...simple and a good storyline...Emma Roberts was a convincing Nancy Drew...all of the movie was good except for the very beginning (not realistic and no robber wud act like that) and the very ending (ewwwww seein 2 little kids kiss *barf* *barf*)

House of 1000 Corpses

the most original and best directed horror film ive ever seen!!! great story and i fell in love w/ the family...a lot of nudity and language but its a great family film...my favorite character is the clown horror guy that owns the gas-station...hes funny and creapy at the same time...cool accent!! luv how sum of the movie showed wut happened earlier thru a home-movie sense of filming.....fav part is when the guy and the girl are going down into the well-like place where it contains many ppl who have obviously been down there for a loooong time...so they became canniballs and blind cuz of the lack of light...one of the most creative movies ive seen!!! i totally reccomend it to ppl that r in need of a good horror movie!!!

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

better than the first.....acting was pathetic and unrealisic but the actrion and the plot were strong....great storyline...i liked the ending when the fire guy goes stronger...i wont tell u wut happens dont worry....and i thot it was funny that a lot of it was in China Town.....a lot of parts were funny too eve if they werent supposed to be....the horrible acting was humorous...

French Kiss
French Kiss(1995)

it was alright...too lovey dovey

City of Angels

good movie...dont really care for Nicholas Cage...meg ryan was good....ending kinda sucked....but it was ironic...but a little sad

Fiddler on the Roof

one of my favorite musicals....Gwen Stefani stole their music!!! but the storyline, plot and stuff were really great and its good to see Goldva or whoever the main guy is to change and take his daughter back.....so much for "TRADITIOOOOOOON!!!!" lol

Heaven Can Wait

good story and thot ending was great


Carrie is awesome...she seems like someone i wud hangout with.....gosh i just feel bad for her and i think everyone that was killed and stuff DESERVED IT cuz thats wut u get ppl....it is called karma! i like that when she got the pigs blood on her and one girl was laffing she was reminescing of wut her mother said "theyll all laf at u" and then she pictured everyone laffing at her even the nice teacher....great story....its sad that no one would accept her not even her own mother...which that scene after the prom when she goes back to her house i like.....when shes crawling on the floor and her mother has the knife and the music is BRILLIANT...i love that i want the soundtrack...every bit of this magnificient movie is gold...Sissy Spacek should have won the Oscar for best actress cuz she was amazing and totally convincable.....its just sad at the end too but when the girl has the dream and it makes it seem that Carrie was evil when she was really just nice and timid...the ppl that did the whole dumping the blood on her---they were evil.......i luv Carrie!!!!!!!!


cool movie and i saw it on AMC a while back......the scene when hes trapped in the cell for like ever with no food is realistic and great acting!!!!

She's the One

cameron diaz-a hooker...who wudd tot???

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

liked the MJ-like willy wonka part but this fat kid already told me wut happened so it kindea ruined it....the worst scary movie-like movie ive seen, but not bad

White Christmas

"Snow, snow, snow, snowwwwwwww" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y does my mom force me to watch musicals???

House of Wax
House of Wax(2005)

paris hilton deserves worse

Seven Days to Live

great movie....i was younger when i watched so it kinda freaked me out....too bad their son choked on a bee...lol....great movie altho it kinda seems altho it was a Sci-Fi original movie


very unrealistic and stupid comedy....most of the funny parts u see on the TV trailers

The Witches
The Witches(1990)

wow so that was the name of this movie!!!! i luv this movie!!!! it was like my favorite movie when i was little!!!! used to watch it at my pre-school...i still remeber getting a shot at my pre-school/daycare in my butt and not feeling it at all the going and watch this movie w/ the rest of the kids....anyways this movie is great and it brings back a lot of memories....great storyline and the mouse thing is kinda cool....the whole witches that r bald is cool and their ugly faces is awesome...Anjelica Huston did an excellent job as the evil head-honcho witch....great movie


aesome movie that incorporates every genre i an think of....Whoopi Goldberg was gold...she was awesome and Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore did an excellent job too...i liked that it had comedy, drama, thriller, mystery, suspense, and romance all together without it being corny or dumb.....great movie and i definitely recommend it!!!

War of the Worlds

Hate it....hate tom cruise.....stupid.....made me wanna stab the little girl......stupid ending.....the son cudnt hav been alive.....stupid.....hate tomcruise!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad when it was over

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

saw it once...dont reallly remember it to much....but i hate drama queens and this movie was typical predictable, and not organized or actuallly thought out....the producers just thot that maybe those 10,11,12 year old girls wud wanna see a movie about who they wish they cud be......little snotty pink ppl!!!

L.A. Confidential

Wonderful movie with an Amazing Cast....Kevin Spacey and Russell Crowe were awesome....i was upset when the old police guy shot/killed Spacey......grrrrr......but this movie's plot is so excellent and it depicts the view of the 50's so greatly altho i wasnt alive then but i kno there were very racist things against black ppl......the one girl that is sticking out of the movie poster.....u kno the hooker who dresses up as sum actress....well she was phenomonal!!! i think she acted great......sum parts of the movie kinda confused me cuz i didnt catch on too quickly (im slow Deal w/ it!!!) but it was great!!! it seemed like there were so many murders of the residentials and the LAPD that there wudnt be any left of either side....the ending kinda shootout scene was awesome and nervracking cuz i didnt want Bud White (Russell Crowe) to get killed cuz he was awesome and if i knew he wud get killed then i knew that the blonde headed girl and the other guy wud get together and i wudnt want that so when it looked like he was dead i was all like "that sux!!!" but then at the end when the other guy(guy pearce) gets his medal and goes back to the car, there sits Bud White (Crowe) waiting for the girl....but i dont think he cud alk cuz he might of got shot in the vocal chords........great movie......i definitely w/out a doubt recommend it!!!

The Missing
The Missing(2003)

great story and plot and suspense.....2 thumbs up!

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

when i first saw this...it was before i saw the 1st one and i thought this was a spoof...cuz it wasnt even close to scary and was funny...lol...but i still really liked it!!! great comedy!!!

Dawn of the Dead

gore action comedy nudity---wut more cud sum1 ask for...jkjkjklololol........i like it and it wasnt stupid or unrealistic...ending was funny!!!

What Lies Beneath

awesome awesome awesome...great twist at the end and a few jumpy parts....awesome movie!!!! Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford did an Amazing job...wonderful!!!

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

great movie.....its hard to explain but it was great!!! it wasnt scary at all but there were sum creapy moments like when the priest says 'take me instead' when he looks and becomes all demonic looking....i luv the spinning of the head!!!! everything in this movie was great!!! the beginning was kinda confusing but in the end i guess it kinda makes sense...and when it got those dark flashes in the movie and a demon face ppears is cool....great movie that doesnt age or lose its Umph!!!

Child's Play 2

the little kid was annoying but it wasnt too bad...not as good as the first tho

Children of the Corn

wasnt a bad movie...but the two main ppl werent really great and kinda bad actors....there were a lot of parts in the movie that didnt make sense and altho 'the children' r supposed to be threatening and strong...they let the main guy walk all over them until the end where the one girl who was drinking the blood goes haywire......there were 2 parts in the movie that i luved tho---in the beginning when the women sees wuts under the sheet, where the body was and it pops at her....hee hee hee....and towards the end where u hear this really demonic voice coming from this dead child and says "HE WANTS U TOO MALACHAI!!!!!" i luved that voice.....thats wut made this movie good!!!

Child's Play
Child's Play(1988)

great movie and although u'd think a doll wudnt be intimidating...its actually pretty good...better than the second one for sure!!

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

it was interesting and not like all other chick flicks

Cats & Dogs
Cats & Dogs(2001)

stupid! 2 thumbs up???

The Secret Garden

my sis likes it and i like the wheelchair gurl


boring....the real thing wud hav been btr


wow saw a loooooong time ago when i was forced to watch the Disney Channel like everyday with my mom's friend's daughter who is like 3 years younger than me

Sweet Home Alabama

bad acting and unrealistic but 4 sum reason i thot it was good and sumtimes watch it

The Buttercream Gang

saw this alooooooong time ago

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins(1964)

kids r snotty and i dont like the music that much....it gets in ur head and bugs the crap out of u....Mary Pooppins wasnt bad tho, it was every1 else

Cool Runnings

was one of my favorite movies as a kid and i lke the guy w/ the longer hair...he was funny!!!


wow ive seen this at least 25 times....no joke....kind of gets boring and annoying now,,,but its still a classsic

Stranger Than Fiction

awesome differen for Will Ferrel but still funny

Dirty Dancing

wuts w/ the abortion??? thats the only part that was worth remembering

Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry(1971)

like the fa,ous line/or scene


Gweneth Paltrow was amazing in this film and acted brilliantly!!! i luv the plot and im glad that she didnt leave......gosh Gweneth Paltrow ROX Jake Gylenhaal was good but not as great as in Jarhead (awesum movie) Just Gweneth Paltrow's character was amazing.....there wasnt anything wrong w/ her......she was just defending herself against her sister and she was super nice to her dad and when she created the proof she didnt want her dad to feel bad when he thot that he created a right proof............really good movie!!!

Shallow Hal
Shallow Hal(2001)

hahahahaha funnny how can u not laf w/ Jack Black???!!!!!! Gweneth Paltrow is also AWESOME and very genuine

fav part---when he finds out the real appearance of women and makes out w/ the housekeeper cuz he thot it was the Gweneth Paltrow character....

Weird Science

hilarious, funny and any geeks dream come true!

Fever Pitch
Fever Pitch(2005)

i thot it great and funny...drew barrymore being her wonderful self in this movie...and the chemistry between Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon was very good but the only bad part of this film is that it is about the Red Sox and im a Yankees fan....lol......but the ending was awesome, yet predictable......wasnt too original but what u expected and kinda wanted

Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn(1942)

too much singing....still cant get over seeing White Christmas.."Snow, Snow, Snow,..." DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hahaha really funny and kind of dumb....a funny murder mystery...ending is superb when the supposed...well u find out!!!

The Patriot
The Patriot(2000)

good movie when i first saw it and it kinda sux that pretty much everyone of the guys kids die ^_^ but when oldest son dies that sux!! but the ending battle is awesome!

Sleepy Hollow

very cool and the tree w/ all the heads is awesome!!! didnt really see the whole thing all the way through

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

this one was probably the best...incorporates all of the genres.....battle at the end is really cool!!!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

not bad...luv battles graphics are soooooooo awesome

Super Size Me

this is a great documentary and morgan spurlock does a good job on it!!! i thinm it makes a great point and altho i am a McDonalds lover, it made me think about mcdonalds...it isnt moving but it is well done!!!! but i still think that those ppl that sued Mcdonalds are dumb cuz everyone knos that it is unhealthy!!!!!

Defending Your Life

funny and i saw it a long time ago and now again as im writing this review cuz i just found out the name of the movie......great storyline and plot is cool.......Albert Brooks does a great job along w/ Meryl Streep!!!

Over the Hedge

funny i like the squirrel!!!

Shark Tale
Shark Tale(2004)

it wasnt bad but no Finding Nemo

The Pacifier
The Pacifier(2005)

evry1 knows karate...kinda dumb! but it was still kinda funny..luved it the 1st time i saw it....

The Faculty
The Faculty(1998)

o my gosh this was an incredibly stoooooopid movie especially at the ending when the supposed nerd makes out w/ the popular irritating backstabbing slut......it was phony yet watchable and i liked it somewhat, but just on plot...BUT it was kinda funny and i liked the line 'do u want cherry flavored' and the ending was weird but interesting

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

funny and mad! good older movie

Soul Food
Soul Food(1997)

saw this a while back and i liked it a lot

Kiss Me Kate
Kiss Me Kate(1953)

it wasnt actually such a bad movie but i think it is sexist and the guy spanking the girl in the movie poster is on crack and i hope he dies

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

its hard to explain but i thot Jack Black and Kate Winslet did an Amazing performance, and te other 2 main ones werent that shabby either......the older guy was actually pretty cool and the storyline was great!!!!!!

Finding Neverland

if it wasnt for that annoying little british kid this wud get 5 stars.....but Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp did OUTSTOUNDING and AMAZING performances.......its kinda unbelievable but this movie is awesome thanks to th Peter Pan creator and the sick mom.......the ending was sad but u kinda got sum closure........it was VERY well acted and everything was pretty much done right.....


this movie was way better than i thot it wud be....leonardo dicaprio wasnt bad but Kate Winslet was AMAZING!!!!! she shud of won the Oscar!!!!! i thot Molly (Kathy Bates) was an amazing character and that she was funny i think she did a great performance!!! it was really intense and kinda sad....not just that dicaprio died....it was kind of cuz of all the other ppl on the ship were in panic and (hard to explain) just the other ppl on the ship just seein them about to die kinda stunk! i was really into it like i was inside of the TV screen.......i liked it a lot!!!!!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

really well done and Johnny Depp who played Jack Sparrow did an excellent job...it was dark, funny and had a cool storyline and who doesnt luv pirates...seriously???

The Sound of Music

dont like songs...get in head and annoy the crap out of me but not a bad plot

Hide and Seek

Robert de Niro was good doing a different kinda role...i thot it was good! practically only movie that i like with Dakota Fanning

Stealing Harvard

funny movie and Tom Green is hilarious...like when he sold beer to the teenagers and just how he acts in this movie is hilarious....i think the whole plot is ridiculous but funny...ridiculously funny...

Open Water
Open Water(2004)

slow and not scary kinda boring.......i like the camera angles and the beginning is ok

The Wizard of Oz

one of my favorite classics!!!! and musicals!!!!!

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

i feel gurly but this is a realllly good movie cuz Drew Berrymoore is in it!!! and the scene with her wearing the butterfly wings...ahhhh....shes sooooo amazing


how can u not like this movie....isnt winona rider in it or sumthin and alec baldwin looks yung....


great movie keanu reaves did a great job and the ending was great but kinda sad....


i like the nice teacher and the mean teacher the characters r pretty cool and likeable...i liked it

The Brady Bunch Movie

heeelarious......comedy is well planned and is well incorporated to fit the style of the Brady's.......luv it!!!

Doug's 1st Movie

*sniff* i miss Doug!

Wild Wild West

its been a while but i remember liking the spiders

Best in Show
Best in Show(2000)

intersting movie how its organized....like an interview but its pretty funny....smart humor that isnt crude

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

lots of actiona and lots of Angelina Jolie!!!!

Riding in Cars With Boys

wud take me too long to tell u y i luv this film...it has drew arrymore and just the struggles she has to go through while being pregnant w/ and raising a child while still in her teens and the father not helping.......she goes thru drugs, her best friend having to move away cuz her dad busted her for Pot........great movie!!!

Ghost World
Ghost World(2001)

saw a few parts a few years ago and i like thora birch's part

Sugar & Spice

funny plot and all the personalities of the A squad....lol.......cheerleaders robbing a bank??? funny


liked the perv psycho, obsessed guy that is madly in luv w/ the girl that he paid the guy whos with her to get her to like him (???) nvm...thot it was funny but the 1 friend that "plays w/ the sock" isnt funny....girl off of That 70's Show...i like her and Devon Sawa rocks...but this isnt his best (not even close) beginning is funnier than what comes around to be.....likes when friend of main guy 'breaks his Tibea'...lol not bad

Life or Something Like It

thats a good movie....angelina plays different from her usual characters....and she did a great job great story and its kool that she changes!


HUMONGOUSLY REALISTIC....probably the most realistic movie that isnt real.......very 'wow' cuz it reminds u of Columbine......


hey ive seen this....its kinda freaky....it makes u think that these kids r not too much of freaks....idk its hard to explain...but it was a really good documentary......not as good as Bowling 4 Columbine tho....not even close!


an Oscar worthy performance by Evan Rachel Woods...it is really moving.....and iextremely convincing.....the whole story and plot were very very well thought through.......it also has a moral.....beginning, middle and end were wonderful.... she should have got that Golden Globe she was nominated for.....

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

luv all the characters and the special effects r really cool along w/ the plot...think its cool how they incorporated all of the old fashioned horro monsters in the movie......only flaw....acting


great storyline and last half of movie is awesome but the first half is kinda slow and a lil boring

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

tom hanks is good again......seemed dumb on trailers but it is really funny and seems real...characters r very well-liked!!!


altho ive seen it too many times, its still hilarious and funny good duo

The Butterfly Effect

very kool plot and great storyline...the usually comedic Ashton Kutcher was convicible and altho some of the parts of the movie were kinda confusing...it was cool and very twisted.......from being a victim of child pornography to a friend of someone who killed ur best friend...psycho ward...this movie is disturbing but thats how i like it.....great movie!

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

slow slow slow and boring...only good thing is when the kid gets his arm cut off...but u dont get to see it or the blood ;-(

25th Hour
25th Hour(2003)

wow this movie is awesome and very realistic...edward norton (Monty) and Rosario Dawson (Naturelle) did a great job along w/ 'Monty's 2 other friends......the one friend that is a high school teacher bachelor that is really shy and seems like one of those guys that will be alone the rest of his life and is in love w/ one of his students that he ends up making out w/ and his other friend Francis(or Frank) that is some stock broker or wall st. kinda guy who thinks hes a big-shot and is also single.........the main plot is awesome and how Monty (Norton) deals w/ it is realistic....i like Doyle, the dog and the scene when hes talking to himself...u kno the 'F*** the _____' scene...like that part but i also like it when hes getting driven and he sees all the ppl he said 'F*** u' to and their smiling at him and it shows him that he was kinda wrong and not every1 is bad...........*Spoiler Alert* and at the end when he runs away and is told never to come back i was wondering about Naturelle and thot that kinda sucked until she came out on a bus and we saw them reunite......i was all happy and thot that was kool......the characters were really likeable.....and altho the ending when they get older and hav kids is kinda weird, i liked the movie a lot and the message was really cool and very realistic.......figures it had Edward Norton!!!

Say Anything...

a wonderful movie and John Cusack plays the best role ive seen him in ever and the father of the teenage girl plays an excellent role too.....the classic 'holding up the radio outside of ur window' was cool....but i have to give this classic movie an A+....good job! the girl is the only thing that messes up the movie is the girl...shes really fakey and i wish sum1 elese was playing her!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

I saw this at the 11 pm showing yesterday (5/24/07) i liked it but it was kinda long slow boring and confusing but it wqas funny and a lot of action i thot it was good but it seemed like there were TOO many plots and subplots........the movie wud probably be worthless w/out Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) his humor and personality made this movie better than 'ok'.........i think the POTC movies are getting worse as they go by but they still rnt bad.....just go down by 1/4 star to me if u cud do that.......last movie had a sort of dark feeling and a little creapy sense as did the 1st but there wasnt any in this movie just more of an action/comedy movie...another plus, tho, was the one goddess lady traped in a human form--Calypso--she was cool and i thot she did a good and convincing job and it was awesome when she grew like 50 feet...lol....i wish i wud of seen more of her! like the Singapore guy (Chow Yun Fat) ill write more when i think f it but the first was the best.... i hope the next one will be better and have that creapy sense like the 1st 2!!!


ooooo instant classic....mhmmm!!! fav part---girl stickin her hand inside her fiances GUTS!!!! yay! not as good as 2nd tho


boring....*yawn* i think i slept thru it...like the mickey part tho


the dumb little blonde kid sounds like a little girl and girlier than that too...he sings like a squeaky annoying tire and like crap and i wanted him to get hit or bleed!!!

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

probably one of the best British accent based movies there is to me cuz i cant stand those accents...grrrrr....like the narrations and when the liitle kid is singin "shake that @$$..." and the girl hears him...haha good drama too!!!

Ocean's Eleven

liked it a lot the 1st time...george clooney and brad pitt made a good duo

School of Rock

AWESOME!!!! Jack Black is amazing! hes hilarious and i thot that him bringing a whole bunch of goody-goody kids together to form a band was cool and all the different personalities of the students were cool.....great movie!

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

saw this one before any others and i luved it...fell in luv w/ Yoda.....but 1st time was my charm... i think i luved it the first time and only liked it the 2nd

The Perfect Score

wonderful movie....luv it....made me like the song..."but then i got high"......an instant classic......its great and all the characters are completely different.....its like the breakfast club mixed with Oceans 11...lol....wow this is like 5 min after i wrote that stuff and i noticed that sum1 said that on the movie poster...i swear i didnt notice...wow thats weird!!!!!!

My Family
My Family(1995)

Excellent movie i saw a looooong time ago at my grandparents house with this one guy Rick who was just released from prison and been stayin at my grandparents' house....it was an excellent movie and until now (5/20/07) i forgot the name of it....but now i kno it....i remember this movie was in my head for like 3 months and this one song they sing at a prom on the movie i luv to death!!!!!! its a really realistic and u kinda get drawn to the characters...i really wanna see it again!!!!!!!


incredible movie...it is like astounding seriously the best war-like kinda movie seemed very realistic!!!!

Pet Sematary
Pet Sematary(1989)

i saw this when i was little and i got rly scared of the ladys sister...if u havent seen it then ur weird...lol!

Last Days of Left Eye

i saw this on VH1 on 5/20/07....this movie is incredible and motivational yet sad......it made me think differently about things and learn more about Lisa Lopes...i recomend it to everyone that likes movies that r life changing!!!!!!

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

gosh this is a wonderful movie....best performance ive seen by Tom Hanks and its just a really really really really good movie!!!!!!!!

Kill Bill: Volume 2

as good as the 1st...i liked the part where she reminices when she was training w/ that 1 japanese guy w/ the white beard.....and the other girl w/ one eye getting her eye taken out!!!! ^_^

Simon Birch
Simon Birch(1998)

good movie w/ a good point

The Great Escape

aweswome movie and steve mcqueen rocks! it seriously is a great movie and a good 'escape' movie...lol...

It's a Wonderful Life

one of the few older movies i like......James Stewart is a good actor

Galaxy Quest
Galaxy Quest(1999)

saw this w/ my aunt and we laffed so hard and loud the whole theater stared at us....Great movie!!!! Tim allen at his best....and the one Snape guy from Harry Potter is funny on there with his hair showing from his alien head thing....lol

The Outsiders

i think Ponyboy, the main character did a good job and so did Dally who is played by Matt Dillon but everything else was stupid and horrible....all the other characters acted like they were on crack and i hate Tom Cruise(he was in it) the plots and events were very choppy and since i read the book, i thot that was way better....but i didnt really care for the book too much........a lot of things were twisted and it seemed very short, no Oscar...lol!


excellenta i luv trees 2 incredible movie!

The 40 Year Old Virgin

hilarious and really good movie....a movie everyone should watch...a good family film...lol...i liked the plot and all of the characters it was all really cool and i liked the one lady's daughter, she was cool too...yay!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

the stupidest killer/ horror movie ever....even worse than Leprechauns....but it was a good comedy... and i guess i liked it...it was a classic and it'll stay like that i like the characters...lol^_^

Wedding Crashers

good movie very funny and plots reallly great....hilarious and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson did an incredibly funny performance.....it was good and adult too lol

The African Queen

really good classic and the storyline is good too...both Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart did a really good performance in this movie!

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

the aliens were a little weird and i think the movie wud of been btr if they didnt show them...a what if factor

King Kong
King Kong(1933)

i still like the old one a lot and its a classic but i feel bad for king kong

Jerry Maguire

too cheesy and unrealistic and i h8 tom boose

10.5: Apocalypse

this is the dumbest stupidest script and plot in the world...its worse than Volcano...and it shouldnt even be shown on tv....bull crap!!!

Bowling for Columbine

this is a WONDERFUL documentary/movie and probably 1 of the top 5 movies ive seen in my life!!! it is really moving and makes a great point!!!!! I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!

SLC Punk
SLC Punk(1998)

oooo i luv this movie to death...i luv the narration, the random scenes...just everything...it makes u kind of get chills...some stuff is funny, serious, sad, and creepy.........I LUV THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! gosh its just so good.....everyone has to see it!!!!!!!!!!!

R.I.P. Heroine Bob

American History X

a really really good movie with a good story...its just too bad that the one teen guy didnt get a second chance.....i liked it a lot.....Edward Norton was nominated for an Oscar? thats cool.....it was a good movie that i think only goes through like 2 days, but a lot of flashbacks......it has a good moral and purpose.....EVERYONE should see this film no matter what ethnicity u r......not all ppl r the same & we got to believe it.....everyone can change

Prozac Nation

really good movie

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

the brothers r stupid and on crack


one of the VERY FEW musicals i like...i dont like it cuz of the music tho


wonderful movie but a lot of slow & boring parts


the beginning made it seem like a mediocre film but from the middle to the end it seemed like an instant classic...its really realistic and it ends good.....some things were left unanswered and not the way a fairytale would have it, but thats how true life is and i liked it like that....it deserved every award or nomination it got!

Pieces of April

didnt do anything 4 me and is kind of a pointless movie.....thanksgiving yay not rly

Stephen King's Rose Red

kinda confusing and not the best directing and camera

Monster Man
Monster Man(2003)

the movie poster looks cool but it is the dumbest thing in the world seriously with the main character the one off of "not another teen movie" and nuthing is scary....seems like one of those tv movies gone bad....nuthing efver really happens till the end and the plot is dumb...that one witch craft thing is predictable and not original and its stupid and bad acting and even worse cameras and directing...oooooo a monster truck...scaaaaaaarrrryyyy.....and the monster thingies die too easily.....it was stupid...bye! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

stupid fake bad graphics horrible dumb and not funny

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

hete that fat lipped albino ugly piece of crap

The Goonies
The Goonies(1985)

stupid and bad acting but one of my fav movies when i was little....u kno how kids r w/ pirates and adventures......but i watched it again recently and it is dumber than a bag of chips...nvm dont ask

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

the dumbest action/ alien movie in the world

Chicken Run
Chicken Run(2000)

good claymation

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

wanna kill that little british brat

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

saw it 3 times in the theater the week it came out....love the windex part....its a chick flick i kno but it is a really funny one and a good story....date movie did a funny spoof of it....

Bicentennial Man

stupid movie....everyone acts dumb....some reason there were good parts that almost evenwed things out....robots have feelings too!!!

Corky Romano
Corky Romano(2001)

havent seen this in ages....seriously....like when it came out....maybe not ages but 6 years ago is still long!

The Stupids
The Stupids(1996)

hahahaha lol it really is funny and stupid....who is return to sender????

Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

HILARIOUS....its Stewie the best character!!!!!!! luv it toooo much...

Where the Heart Is

who cudnt luv Natalie Portman...i like this movie a lot! it is convincing and interesting....a one of a kind......good story!!!! and good acting with plot

Dennis the Menace

wanna kill that blode albino freak

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

i thought it was pretty good and really creative but it wasnt scary at all...and i wish it had been....there was some suspenseful parts and i liked it that the eerie sound of the frigid wind was practically throughout the whole movie....my favorite part was when the main guy (Kurt Russel) was testing the blood of all of the men to see if they were aliens or not....luv that part....i was going to give this 3 1/2 stars but now im changing it to 4 stars cuz it is a good movie and its more than expected in that certain era...

Keeping the Faith

i thought the beginning was really funny when i first saw it but the rest of the movie was just there....ewwww and this was a bad movie for Edward Norton---stick to the dramas...please!!!

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

DIE MACRUMBY CUHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that little kid isnt cute, hes a fat incredibly white scronny kid with angelina jolie lips.........and hes a an ugly piece of crap.........

Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

its so sick and retarded.......i raher slit my wrists open and then pour pure alchohal on the wound, then light it on fire than have to watch this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SUCKED!!!!!!!

The Master of Disguise

hate it and its soooooo stupid...after this movie every1 did that one thing, "this is wut ur doing, this is wut i want u to do" i hate that! and i hate the turte club!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT FUNNY!!!!!


if ur nice, ur beautiful, yet if ur mean and evil then u r ugly....wow wut a good moral kids........DIE evil blonde "wanna be brandy"

The Pagemaster

i hate that home alone kid

Billboard Dad

i cant believe ive seen this

Great Balls of Fire

the main guy acys like hes on crack...its stupid...he married his cuzin....he is rly dumb

Gone in 60 Seconds (Gone in Sixty Seconds)

ewwww now hes a blonde....hold on....*barf* *gag* *barf*

To Kill A Mockingbird

it was boring and stupid

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

*yawn* boringggg

Scary Movie 4

funny movie to watch w/ friends but not even close to as funny as the 3rd 1!

Date Movie
Date Movie(2006)

its funny and funnier than Scary movie 4 like the girl from American Pie!

The Hot Chick

heh heh, its not cuz its incredibly funny and has Anna Farris in it, its cuz i always watch it w/ my friends and we crack up on it all the time although weve seen it like 4326572 times.....wonderful!

Little Miss Sunshine

its hard to describe y its so good and funny but it is....steve carrel was excellent & didnt have to be grossly to do it....the grandpa(alan Arkin) did a great job too, but i wish there had been more of him, and the son was well played......now the lil girl....dont get me started bout the lil girl....shes so adorable and altho im a guy and sayin this, idc cuz she is and she did an amazing and convincing performance as a girl who has a dream of winning a beauty pageant, the ending is a good ending especially when the "Little Miss Sunshine" pageant is taking place.....it was good cuz it was convincing and definitely not stupid......if film makers were smart, theyd make something that was realistic....almost all of us can relate to a dysfunctional family!!!! Superb

The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith's best performance ever! played a convincing struggling single parent thats dealing w/ him being broke....altho he is incredibly intellegent, he cant afford college and is eventually kicked out of his small apartment.........it is a Wonderful movie and makes u feel happy w/ wut u got.....great movie! ^_^

Freddy vs. Jason

i watched it a second time today on 4/21/07 and i thot it was so-so....it was so much better the 1st time and at night!

Return to Oz
Return to Oz(1985)

saw this when i was little and i thot it was good but havent seen it in a long time...

The Blob
The Blob(1958)

oooooo a blob....im scared!


thats a good movie, funny


it was interesting....i liked it tho...

If a Man Answers

wow i cant believe ive seen this...i think this is the one that the nurse thinks the guy is pregnant or sumtin....watch ur fone....make sure no one else is listening to ur conversations

My Boyfriend's Back

i thot it was funny the first time i saw it but i think i was young and dumb....i heard it was dumb so maybe i laffed at evrything back then!

High School Musical

i wanna stab and kill the main guy and kill everyone else in this movie that doesnt deserve to get a half star cuz its the worst movie ive ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Girls Don't Cry...They Get Even

i saw this b4...i liked the main girl but no one else...

West Side Story

there is a lot of bad acting in the movie and the main guy....i cant stand...he cant sing, dance, act, and he has some weir incredibly annoying thing that he does w/ his lips that made me hate him...(movie spoiler)....so when he died at the end, i was sooooooooooo happy and was upset that the girl didnt shoot anyone or at least herself......needs blood & a lot of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the graphics were ok...and some parts were really cool....but it wasnt that good of a movie...but Christina Ricci is in it so it evens things out...

Heavyweights (Heavy Weights)

i have no idea why i love this movie but i do and cud watch it over and over and over

Halloween H2O

guess when i saw it??? cmon guess!!!

The Man
The Man(2005)

its incredibly dumg but kinda funny...

Jingle All the Way

I HATE ARNOLD SCHWARTYJRHTEY AND I HAAAATE THIS MOVIE!!! i was forced to watch it every year around Christmas time...EVERY YEAR!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


danny devito directed this???
never saw the ending tho...

The Sweetest Thing

i think i remember seein 1/2 of this or sumtin so rate it for 1/2 the movie


this was 100000 million times worse than the book and i thot the book was really really crappy!!!

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 2(2006)

the gurl peed her pants...only funny part

The Addams Family

I luv Cristina Ricci's eyes...i wanna frame 'em!!!

Jeepers Creepers 2

its a really stoopid movie but i always watch it when its on tv...i dont know y

A Little Princess

i know i know...leave me alone!!!

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home

if i dont like these fish then y do i watch these movies??? idk!!

Free Willy
Free Willy(1993)

yay a whale! NOT!!!!