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Logan's Run

Logan's Run(1976)

So bad, it was good.

I'm still trying to figure out what it all meant, I guess they did not tell the story clearly and left me and my friends confused. However, some of this was cleared up after we read the synopsis above.

The miniature sets were hilarious and the costumes reminded me of santa's elves, not to mention their raciness for the ladies. How this was ever PG I will never know considering the weird situations with the carousel, the odd situations of nudity and braless women. I also was not paying attention during the odd orgy scene, but the fact that it was strobe lighted and in slow motion made me all the more worried. At least Farah Fawcett came to the rescue to flirtingly encourage Logan to change his hair to dark. I guess this is the future we have to look forward to.

Peter Ustinov also graced the screen with his role as the only senile old man left on the planet living his life in the US Capitol in a post apocalyptic world. So was he refreshing in his comedic character. But I still have no idea of who he was other than he had a ton of cats, and it was funny how they worshipped him in the end for his cracks in his skin and white hair.

Another highlight was the crazy random refrigerator looking robot who freezed all those who wanted to leave the dome. I think he should be a pop icon for centuries to come.

These campy eccentricities leave me to think this is a true cult classic in every way sense and form, and it will always confuse me why there was such hype around seeing this movie at my early age.