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5 years ago via Flixster


Transformers the movie started off well enough with the expected big bang and explosive action amidst the graphic play of robotic violence and military machismo. However, the movie quickly descends to become an awkward teen movie, decorated with hulking autobots with little in the form of common sense, and ridiculously enough affecting an Internet slang. The fact that these autobots transform into gleaming Pontiac and Chevrolets does little to enhance their performance in their showdown with the Decepticons. If anything, the plain, uniformly grey-looking Decepticons impressed more with their stealth, forward-planning, mutability, intelligence and raw power.

Closer to the end, the movie became so predictable, it was hardly worth watching. An online blogger shared that he went back to review old episodes of the actual cartoon and found them even more "retarded" compared to the movie. But I think that is no excuse for this movie to wallow in the pointless drivel that the scriptwriter intended it. Perhaps I am the wrong target audience, but I do think children deserve some intelligent storytelling as well.