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The Founder
The Founder (2017)
7 months ago via Flixster

In the year 1948 Richard and Maurice Mc Donald ( John Carroll and Nick Offerman) founded an american hamburger restaurant located in San Bernardino, California. A revolutionary place where the quality and speediness, made a huge impression of Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) a salesman for Prince Castle a milkshake mixer machine.

This is the story of "The Founder" directed by John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr Banks) an american tale of a dream, an idea and betrayal for money. The story of the very begging of McDonalds Corporation takes place in 1954 when Ray discover Richard and Maurice restaurant offer them the possibility of go on with a franchise for Mc Donald fast food chain. Ray is the kind of person who cannot take no for answer, his persistency pays off.

Recruiting a bunch of entrepreneurs he start opening Mc Donald restaurants all over the US. Thought the film Ray discovers that this restaurant is not as lucrative as he thinks, so he keeps adding the options to lower cost and get more earning, but the limitations in the contract with the Mc Donald's brothers affect the development of his massive project.

The big idea is not owning the name Mc Donald but to own the land where the restaurant is located, which leads him to the creation of a real state business.

"The Founder" real message is a 50's america innocent and naive represented by the Mc Donald's brothers, willing to make more money share their idea to Ray thinking this will make them richer. Ray is the america of the 60's changing constantly, not so innocent, more interested in make america proud by stepping on everyone's to succeed.

I cannot deny that Ray Kroc had a vision to make Mc Donald's a profitable company, that's America, everything it's business, nothing about human aspect. In fact the biggest irony of Ray speech to the Mc Donald's brothers is making the restaurant with the golden arches the new church, but sacrificing the real values of life. Destroying the hard working lives of people who give all to make a good family restaurant, now in this day in age a filly burger fast food chain only making frozen burgers and fries. I finished watching "The Founder" upset about what Ray did to the Mc Donald's brothers, but learning about protecting your ideas and not sharing them with people who seems to eager to help you to achieve your dreams but with a price.

Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
7 months ago via Flixster

Mel Gibson filmography is filled with gruesome acts of violence, but also so many heroic acts. When you think about a direct relationship between The Passion of Christ, Braveheart and Apocalypto is not only about the violence itself, but about the connection between faith, freedom, will during extreme circumtances.

Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) grown in Lynchburg, Virginia becomes a pacifist after a traumatic event which almost make his brother kill. The experience drive him to believe in a non violence attitude, after years witnessing the abuse of his father Tom Doss (Hugo Weaving) against his mother he consider that he is the right path to follow.

Later he decided to enlist inn the army, brining this controversial beliefs causing hate, disrespect and also court martial from his colleagues in the Army. The case was dismiss after his father prove that Doss is protected by an Act of Congress by been a pacifist.

Doss goes to Okinawa with the 77th Infantry Division without a weapon, just to help in the medical area.

"Hacksaw Ridge" is Mel Gibson's most recent film about the life Desmond Doss, the movie contains one of the most impressive actions scenes, but also the most brutal and gory. The film explores the irony of war and violence while you having the most peaceful person in it. Every time you see a major character been hurt or killed Gibson sends you a message that nothing is for granted, when it comes to the act of war. The violence in "Hacksaw Ridge" borderline in Quentin Tarantino, where caricatures-cue blood and action becomes an ode to thirsty audience who just want to see everyone been blown away or hurt really bad. Gibson explore those acts of violence and make you understand about the ramifications of defend your honor besides your beliefs. The movie also borderline into the corny from Desmond love story to his relationship with his family.

The cast do a formidable job and the film is visually stunning, with amazing technical achievements in sound, cinematography and post production

Elle (2016)
8 months ago via Flixster

Paul Verhoeven is filled with two major ingredients. Sex and Violence, starting in Netherlands and the to Hollywood where he made big important films such as Basic Instinct, Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers, he vanished after some failures returning to make movies in Europe for the sake of his well filmmaking style and talent.

The award winning film "Elle" directed Verhoeven is a solid exploration to power, sexuality and lack of emotions. Michèle Leblanc (Isabelle Huppert) is a businesswoman who owns a video games company, they are developing a game that already is 6 months behind schedule. This is causing friction with the team. At the beginning of the movie she is raped by a masked men, the act is violent and very dramatic.

Michèle decided not to report the incident to the police, but continues with her life. She even went to get STD test after the attack. During a dinner with friends and her ex husband she confess the happening. This is the first evidence that Michèle becomes interested in the masked men, but also i the experience of been rape by a unknown person. Michèle is a ruthless woman who loves to be in control, from her son, to her employees she feels entitled to do so. One day 3D video of a monster raping a character with Michèle leak in the office, proving that not everyone likes Michèle, but also grow suspicion that the attacker is between them.

Michèle is obsessed with the attacker, leading to second attack and the revelation of the masked man...

"Elle" is perhaps one of the most simple and disturbing films by Verhoeven He express in this movie what ever he wasn't unable to do before. May be because he is no longer tied to Hollywood. He wants to make a film his own way. In a recent interview he expressed his happiness of making the movie outside the Hollywood system. Elle is not a movie about Michèle revenge to her attack, is about her disturbing deviations, her lack of emotions and how unstable she is. Isabelle Huppert delivers a powerful performance, she deserve so many awards for this character.

American Honey
8 months ago via Flixster

The modern society, the youngster, the America inheriting this mess, the great one, is represented in some films as kids without direction, looking for the easy life, bored to real work, nomads by nature, hip hop lovers, attracted to guns and bling.

Star (Sasha Lane) a teenager living in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She takes care of two kids, their poor, they're playground is the closes dumpster, where they dive and find today's meal. She lives with the kids father, who constantly grope her. One day trying to get a ride home, she makes eye contact with one of the boys Jake (Shia LeBeouf) in a van passing by, she following them to a K-Mart. That first interaction is a mix of flirt and manipulation. He is a businessman who offer her a possibility to change her life.

This group of teenagers sell door to door magazines in neighborhoods. Star seems oblivious to the idea, may be he wants to pick up girls on the road. Probably his attire says it all. A conversation about fancy pants who kind of look like Donald Trump-ish (an actual dialogue from the movie), or gangster or it is the sparkling phone case.

Star decided to say yes to the opportunity leaving behind the kids with the real mother who seems uninterested in taking care of them. The road trip will be a full of business opportunities, choices and unusual consequences. Her ride a white van full with kids from all over the country, a true American melting pot.

"American Honey" is written and directed by Andrea Arnold. The film explores the life in poor neighborhoods in US south. Poverty is a reality, the redneck culture surround everyone. Life is hard, everything shinny is attractive. This is the kind of people who politicians loves, make them strong and powerful.

Wealthy people are nice, respectful and courteous, but at the bottom have real issues and dark needs. You can see it in Star first business attempt to sell magazines with Jake. Both are invited to a rich house, after knocking door. Destiny a rich teenager is having her birthday sleepover. The house is full of impressive things for Star, including the ultimate item: Kim Kardashian book of selfies. During the that short stay Jake keeps pitching the mom for the magazines., but Star is not friendly. She she how Destiny and friends dance outside getting wet and dancing very suggestive. While inside mom is lecturing Jake about been a good Christian: "but I can see the devil has a hold of the two of you" Star reply: I think the devil has a hold of your daughter. A strong message of hypocrisy in this day and age.
Class is not define by the color of your skin of the money on your bank account.

This is the kind of messages we see in American Honey. A film that might be in the same universe of stories about nomads and frenetic style of life in films like "Spring Breakers", "The Beach" and Kids. Star trip from Oklahoma to South Dakota is filled with experiences of the real America. Is not sugar coded, is just what it is. America is a country where you make business no mater how, you just need to find the way.

The beauty of seen thru the windows of that van where the kids coming from other the places share alcohol, drugs, stories, relationships and sing songs together about love, explicit sex, choices and violence. Oil workers and Cowboys are the Shangri-La for this kids. Full money and needy for some company. Easy cash in the back of a pick up truck or drinking Mescal by the pool eating a very expensive stake. But at the end their life is making money and expanding it in the closest "7 Eleven", buy gigantic Slurpees, one dollar pizza and chocolate cookies.

Cameraperson (2016)
8 months ago via Flixster

Camera: An optical instrument for recording or capturing images...
Camera: person. A professional operator of a film or video camera...

Once you get this two concepts clear, you will be able to understand what this documentary is about. Kirsten Johnson, a NY documentary, filmmaker and cinematographer, who's life is portrayed in the film "Cameraperson"

The concept of this documentary is very simple and interesting. For the audience or viewers, you only able to see the best choices between the director and editor when a documentary is been edited, but in reality, you never be able to understand the complexity of a film until you see what a camera person have to do in order to the shot right. The risks, the prep before an interview, the framing and the simplicity of the art the documentary.

From a boxing match in Brooklyn, postwar life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, her intimate life with her kids, and a Nigerian midwife and other moments. Experience the documentary 'Camera person' is been exposed to the moment when you dig into someone's collection of footage from a long career of 25 years. Unused takes, moments kept in the editing room that never make it to the big scree or perhaps Johnson's life that is just for her own audience, her family.