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Man of Steel

Man of Steel(2013)

A legend and a remarkable superhero reborn in the Man of Steel, by the director Zack Snyder (Watchmen and 300) The film tell the story of the arrival of Jor-El to earth and how slowly becomes Superman.

The story is been told in a none chronological order, which is used as anchors to connect some aspects of Jor El / Clark Kent personality and how he discover and manage his unexplainable powers. His earth link parents played by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane raise the adoptive son well, but no parents are prepared to teach their son how to explain how supernaturals power can be used.

In a way Man of Steel is sort of similar to Jesus Christ days of pilgrim and and teachings, Everyone was afraid of this supernatural powers, the unexplainable and the new. How to manage something unknown? Heroes, sometimes are not loved by their savior, are afraid of this unusual character.

Overall the film is interesting and fun, but cannot surpass the first Richard Donner film. There is somethings about the 80's films that are too special and represents so much of a good film making collaboration.

Man of Steel represents and idea if create a dark Superman, a more human, with temptations, weakness and sociological traumas, which are a consequence of been raised on earth.

Don't get me wrong, the film is epic as can be. The all star cast bring a breed of fans to the comic book franchise. But the film can be forgettable after a few months.