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Gustavo's Review of Looper

4 years ago via Flixster


So many movies about time travel have explore the possibility of time travel. Could be about stopping a tragic event in the present, that could affect human beings or just a single person. Back to The Future, TimeCop, Freejack, Primer, Bill and Ted, Twelve Monkeys are among some of the fewest exploring that, but Terminator is the one who took the experience to a whole different level. Nowadays is difficult to not been compared of been influence by this story. Besides that Ryan Johnson director of "Brick" create this futuristic tale about killers of the future who eliminate people from the past by paying in silver bars. in LOOPER Johnson bring back his main actor Joseph Gordon Levitt as the best in town to get rid of this people from the past. The film is interesting and fun, the fact of having Bruce Willis as Gordon Levitt old version creates this atmosphere with action, but reminds so much to any of Bruce Wills films. Ironically the fact of having yourself as a sidekick establishes an interesting combination and tension, who is going to be killed first or hurt, is this situation will hurt the one from the past or the future?

One of my favorite things of the film is the original score by Nathan Johnson, who works again with Ryan, after his fantastic work in the score of Brick