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Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th

Its not that funny. Like its the low budget version of scary movie. Where scary movie is funny this only has its few momments. The acting isnt great and it moves dar to fast at the begining. Some of the jokes arent funny and its just stupid. The deaths are completley ridiculous. So overall not worth the watch.

The Reaping
The Reaping(2007)

It was ok, nothing special, like most of these films nothing really happend until the last 20 mins and even then it was quite boring


I cant really remember this well but i remember it being crap, it let the original down

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

Although i didnt want to see this movie i found it very good. I thought it would be a boring movie with hardly any action but it wasnt. It was fast paced which was good and there was lots of great action bits. The acting was great especially from Sophie Bush! It was a bit unbelivible at bits but i let this go over my head and i took it for what it is. Yes it was a bit short but it got into it quickly so i want bored for the first half hour of the movie. I really did enjoy this as it gave suspense, gore, jumps and great acting. I also found the death of one of the charactes disgusting! Worth a watch!

Turistas (Paradise Lost)

The beginning of this move started out ok. It was when they went down to the beach it got worse. It dragged on and on and when they finally got robbed it was boring. The Walk to the house was even worse, this must have lasted 20 mins. They had just been robbed and somehow they still managed to have fun jumping off rocks? When the action did start (a good 50 mins into the movie) it was quite boring. It was predictable and nothing special or scary happend. There was no suspense. I could tell who was going to live a mile off and there where no suprises what so ever. I was a little confused by it and found my-self thinking at one point, oh shes stil alive ? And also when the girl falls off the cliff it looks so fake! So overall a boring, non-scary watch, the only reason i gave it over half a star was for the disgusting operation scene.

28 Weeks Later...

What a bloody, disgusting movie.
I really liked the plot for this one and the acting was really good.
The graphics where outstanding but was let down with one scene involving a helicopter but there was so much action, blood, guts and gore to really care.
A really sad movie, but not as many tists as i would have liked.
The ending had a little twist but nothing that leaves you thinking wow, what an end!
But i have 2 give it alot of stars just for the gore, the plot, the acting and the frights!!

Final Destination 3

Amazing film!
Probably the best of the series!
I love how its a roller coaster crash but it was kind of pradictable but oh well...
Lots of action and gore throughout and the deaths where disgusting!
Getting burnt alive in a sunbed is a horrible way 2 go!
But deffenitly a must watch!

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Better than the first!
The special affects where alot better in this one and the acting stepped up.
It got straight into it with a fair amount of action throughout. It was a bit suprising with the silver surfer twist.
The only thing was that it could have been longer and less predictable but oh well.
Well worth a watch!

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

Ok the plot is completley ridiculous but you just have 2 take it as it is.
The acting was better than i thought it would be and the settings where just great!
A few flaus but not to many.
Although the movie looks quite scary from the trailer ive got 2 say it wasnt as scary as i thought it would be and they should have made the dummys creepier.
The special affects and makup where great, and it was quite guresome at parts. Anyway its a worth a watch and the ending is a big suprise!


Its a good movie
Its a bit childish but it dosnt matter
The story is good and its got good characters.
The idea is diffrent and genius and i like it.
The animation is amazing and its worth going to see just for that.
A bit of a prabictabile ending but oh well.
It just wasnt oh so funny like everyone said but it does have its momments.
Deffinetly worth a watch with all the family.

Hannibal Rising

Quite disgusting in some areas.
A great start to the serial killer.
I like th plot im just sad to say not alot happend till half way through the movie.
And the movie wasnt full of suprises, which was a let down.
The most suprising thing was that jack black was in it!! lol
So its a movie worth a watch.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

Quite funny.
Had its really funny momments.
Its a crap plot but its a comedy.
Its worth a watch for some rude, jokes that will have you laughing out loud.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Really funny. It was great acting and right from the begining it was funny. The characters where dumb and the only sensible one seemed to be Nicholas Angel who was played by simon Pegg. The acting is great. I watched this and i didnt no what it was about really so i thought it would just be this cop moving to the country but when a killer was added into it it was all the better. It was actually quite gory and disgusing. While not looking oh so real at parts it was still belivible how they had the right amount of blood ect. The ending is great and i really didnt see who the killer was going to be! (well its quite obvious who he/she it but the twist is unbelivible!) I live in the UK and all you americans seem to love shaun of the dead where it wasnt quite so big over here. I think this is better than shaun of the dead. The first half seems to be a comedy with a little action but then the 2nd half is a action with comedy in it. So it takes a while to get into it but after that its hilarious. See this movie if you want laughs and some amount of action/gore.


This was quite a scary film. It was a bit unbelivible in the sense that this thing lives in there and no one notices it until they are getting killed by it.... Apart from that it was really good. The killer was really well done and was very creepy. I liked how they didnt give to much away until the end of the movie. The acting was good and the characters where great. The deaths where really disgusting and gruesome. It never really got boring so that was good. It was a bit predictabile though so only 3 stars

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Not a bad comedy movie. I really wanted to see this but everyone said it was terrible and magasines where asking adam sandle to retire it was that bad, but i decided to go anyway. I thought it was quite funny, but its a young persons movie, that adults would not like. It is a typical adam sandler movie full of laughs. Good acting and alot of jokes make this film good and very watchable. They are all gay jokes so dont go if you will be offended!


The idea of it was good, but it was to confusing to follow. The acting, special affects and muisc where all good but it was a boring movie. I spent so long waiting for something to happen i finally gave up on it. The first hour of the movie next to nothing happens. The last half hour i supose was alright but it was a little to late. If they had of got to the point quicker, made it less confusing and explained it more this would have been a better movie.

Shaun of the Dead

Quite funny. My dad hated it and my brother thought it was ok but its a stupid movie and you have to just not think about it. The characters are dumb and are completley unaware of the situation. A good thing is unlike other spoofs they made the zombies look realistic and there was quite alot of gore. Good acting and just a funny movie. Worth a watch for just a few stupid laughs, a good mix of comedy, horror, gore and romance.

Black Christmas

This movie was pretty good. The story behind agnus and billy was quite good (from what ive heared if youve seen the original you will hate this because it actually tells you who billy and agnus are, but luckily i havent seen the original so i was fine!) Anyway I will say the good parts first. The deaths where completley gruesome and disgusting!! It was fun to watch and i wanted to see who would die next, and also i was confused who was killing the girls when he was still escaping from the mental hospital! Now the bad things.... I felt like there was to many deaths in the beginning and then a big long space then to many deaths near the end and how many eyeball scenes does one movie have!! Ive counted 8 eyeball scenes...But it was still a good movie. Plus if you dont like the end there are 3 diffrent alternative ones!! So overall a bloody, disgusting movie. I especially like melissa's uk death!

Anchorman - The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

The normal cheesey plot of a comedy movie, i normally like these movies but i dont think this one was all that great. Comdey greats like will farell, vince vaughn, steve carell, jack black and ben stiller all appear in the movie but apart from the great acting nothing else was amazing. It had a few good laughs in it but by far not the best will farell movie.

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

It's not the most funny movie in a long time but its still has its momments. Good acting and a comdey plot made this movie enjoyable and fun to watch. Worth a watch.

AVP - Alien Vs. Predator

You cant think this movie to be a horror because it isnt. Its a sci-fi action with a few bits of drama. Some good acting from some people but they made mistakes with it. All the humans all got killed far to early on in the movie. They didnt bring the aliens in early enough. The graphics werent very good and the predators shouldnt have been "good guys" It was to predictabile and you could see what was going to happen from a mile away. I dont thnik there was enough firghting between the aliens and predators. It was quite disgusting though so it is worth a watch with a few friends, just dont expect anything great...

High School Musical

Lol hate to say this but this was actually quite good. I watched it expecting a cheap, crappy, cheeesey kids movie. But i was suprised when it was only cheesey. Ive met adutls and teens that like this movie lol. You are ethier gonna hate it or love it....

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

An ok movie. It wasnt bad its just the first 2 where so much better. It was funny, but its a dvd release, meaning it wasnt good enough to go see in the cinema! Chris tucker was funny in it and was in it more than Jackie Chan. Worth watching, but just wait for the dvd.

Billy Madison

I think Adam sandler is hilarious, but im sad to say this wasnt one of his best or funny movies... A few good laughs but nothing compared to movies like happy gilmore or big daddy. Just your usual stupid plot from sandler. The acting was good i just wish it had of been funnier.


This movie wasnt creepy, im telling you that so you dont see it thinking its going to be a horror, its a comedy. A few funny bits in it but not very many of them, but it is just fun to watch. Good acting and a good ending. Well worth a watch.


I thought this was a good film. The acting was good especialy from Erika Christensen, who pulls off the crazt girl perfectly. The ending was quite good and the thrills up to it kept you on the edge of your seat. I didnt know what she was going to do to this poor boy next, but i supose she didnt force him to have sex with her... Overall a good movie worth a watch.

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever(2002)

Ok this movie was boring... I sat down to watch this thinking it was going to be a slasher film but turns out the water gets contaminated by some stupid kids. The whole movie is just stupid, selfish kids running around, AND, some weird shop keepers end up trying to kill them.. And whats up with the kid outside the shop! That wasnt funny it was just stupid.. A little bit of a creepy ending but it was a little to late.

Vampire in Brooklyn

I watched this on telly one night and i wasnt expecting anything really good but then eddie murphy came into it and the laughs started. A completely supid movie making fun of vampire movies. I especially like the bit when he jumps on the guy behind the car and begins throwing his limbs about.. LOL. The ending was good and i wasnt expecitng what happend. Definetly recommended.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

It came out in the uk ages ago! Forgot to rate it, probably cuase its quite bad. Its not funny and just not really fun to watch. Only a few funny momments but nothing compared to the old ones. I wish they hadnt made this because its sort of given bean a bad name..


Really good! The action, grpaics and way they transform are all really good. A few funny bits also. The movie is spictacular! Defenitly recomend this one. A bit predictable but its an action movie... Go see it!

Fun With Dick and Jane

Ok its not the funniest of movies but does have its mooments. Jim carrey does a really good job in this one. I would recomend this.

The Messengers

I liked this movie. The acting was good, good story line, creepy and pretty scary at times, twists (good ones lol) This was overalll a very good movie. The ghosts are really well done and and i didnt see the twists with them and the crows!! An unexpected villan just made this movie 4 stars and it was good. Recommended!!

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

It was quite good, bit pradictable though. The acting was good and the general plot was good also. The only thing is i could see it was coming and the twist at the end was obvious. A good action movie though with plenty fights and good special effects. Worth a watch.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

Quite good. I liked this one a little better than the 1st. The begining is a little cheesy but i supose the whole movie is. A few funny bits. The only thing is apart from jumping like 3 times this movie wasnt scary. It sort of lost the horror feel and was more like a comedy for nearly the whole movie. I like some of the deaths. I liked the begining of the movie where the couple are brutaly murdered and sarah michelle gellars death. Although its a diffrent character cicis (gellar) death is nearly the same as the girl in the first movie. Overall the movie is good but gets sort of worse as it goes on. It looses its horror movie feel and isnt scary anymore. I was suprised who the killer was and a twist at the end leaves one of the characters alive you thought was dead.....


Was funny. I liked the sillyness of it and it wasnt just a kids movie it had laughs for everyone.

Scary Movie 2

Not the best nor worst scary movie. No where near as good as the 1st and 3rd but a hell of alot better than the 4th. From the seeing the begging i just laughed so much i thiught the rest of the film would be like that.. But it went downhill after that. The movie somehow got worse as it went on. A few scenes where quite funny but nothing to keep you laughing for a length of time. The funniest bit is the beginning but the dinner part is good aswell. See this movie but dont be expecting anything great from it.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

Very funny. Not as good as the 3rd but still really good. I love how all the characters are so dumb they are asking to die!! Absolutley hilarious but very crude humor

Date Movie
Date Movie(2006)

Absolutly hilarious. I thought it would be a non-funny spoof trying to much to be like scary movie- but it wasnt!!" If you dont like scary movie and white chicks you wont like this because of the crude humour but i find it hilarious!!

Employee of the Month

I actually really enjoyed it. It was just an average dumb characters, stupid plot, people getting hurt comedy (Which i find really funny!!)

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

For all people said this movie sucked and Brandy was terrible in it, i thought the movie was quite good and Brandy did an ok job. When i sat down to watch this movie i wasnt expecting to much but a big twist with one of the friends and so many gruesome deaths kept me watching. I thought apart from the twist with the boy it would be a pradictable movie But the ending was suprising (I dont want to give it away for people who havent seen it!!) Anyway it is worth a watch just dont see it expecting a masterpeice!!

License to Wed

I did think it had its funny bits but overall wasnt the funniest movie ever.... I am a fan of Robin Williams and he does a good job in the movie. The rest of the acting is actuallly quite good aswell. So worth a watch just dont expect the best movie ever...

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I thought this was a good worthy harry potter movie. I didnt like the first 2 but then the 3rd and 4th where amazing!! I thought the only thing was there wasnt enough action. I thought it was mostly building up to the next movie and then the last one but anyway worth a watch,.

The Simpsons Movie

LOL!! So many funny bits!! I absolutly love the simpsons and it was like 4 episodes crammed into one :D:D:D!! The plot was stupid but who the hell cares!! Worth a watch soooooooo funny.

Running With Scissors

Im sorry to say this but this was good in its own weird twisted way!! This was the strangest movie ever!! The mum is aan unsucsesful poet who breaks up with her husband and then goes to see a doctor who is crazy!! She dumps her son at the doctors house where he has a strange family (the mum eats cat food!) Anyway the mum goes crazy and turns elezbian, the boy turns gay and sleeps with the doctors son (who was kicked out the house!) the doctors son tries to kill the doctor but cant then dissapears!! And its all baised on a true story!! It is actually quite funny though. Worth a watch if you like strange movies.

The Last Mimzy

Probably one of the worst films ever!! So boring i nearly fell asleep. Bad acting, bad storyline and pretty pradictable. Not worth watching

Bridge to Terabithia

It was ok. The only reason it watch it was because my little couisn wanted to see it. There is a little twist in the story i wasnt expecting but they dont spend enough time in terabithia which was dissapointing.


This was quite good. The acting was good and i thought it was a good story line. It was quite confusing but you find out what is happening later on in the movie. Deffenitly worth a watch!

Shrek the Third

I am sorry to say this isnt as good as the first 2. It isnt as good a storyline. But what the hell it was still funny, goofy and the characters are great!!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Not as good as the first but still good. I liked this one better than the second because the action and comedy is better in this one. Its good and funny and the ending is really good and i didnt see it coming.


Gory. Very gory. The deaths are horrible like, getting face ripped open with bear trap, burned to death, throat slit, getting eaten by a pack of wolves and at one point you even see a severed arm in a stream!! Overall worth a look if you want to see a gory horror film!

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

Mabye the funniest movie ever!! The wayan brothers look so funny as white girls. The movie is just so funny. You need to see this and whoever dosnt like this film is a retard!

Dracula 2000
Dracula 2000(2000)

I think it was a bit stupid. It was gory and gave me a feew jumps though. The script was crappy. It is worth a watch if youre into dracula films but dont expect anything new...

Satan's Little Helper

I thought it was good but not great. Its a love it or hate it movie. You ethier like the stupidity of the film or you dont. The characters are dumb!! I liked the mask (the only thing was at one part you could see the mask was coming off lol) Overall I think its worth a watch if your not looking for something to serious.

Pokemon - The Movie 2000

Like i said about the other i would rather watch paint dry than this again!

Pokemon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

I would rather watch paint dry than see this again. I cant belive i watched it. Im sort of enbaressed to even write a review about it!!! Anyway this movie wasnt just bad it was dieabalical and i actually liked the tv series (cant lie everyone did when they where young)

Rugrats in Paris - The Movie

Yes i saw it when i was little and i liked it then. I wouldnt want to watch it again now im older but it is a good movie for kids.


Sorry to say but this was utter crap. The beginning is good and it could have been good throughout but there was this weird twist that was so bad. Half of what you see in the trailer ISNT in the movie! I thought yay another gory slasher on campas but its not. It turns out no one dies!! I dont want to give away the crappy twist but i just had to say that. The only good bit is the bit where the boy is getting chased by the so called killer. Not worth seeing. If your actually wanting to see some deaths and get a good scare get scream 2 or something but dont waste your time on this!

Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek(2005)

It was quite good. It was a little to like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for my liking. It was bloody, brutal and when the girl gets her fingers cut off is sick. The deaths are qutie sick (I just cant belive this was based on real evernts!) Overall if youre wanting some horrible deaths, suspense and a suprise ending you should see this one.


A good movie. Its a bit old now and ive seen it so many times but its still good. It starts with probaly the best part of the movie... a girl waiting for her boyfriend ready to watch a scary film. The killer starts by phoneing her and asking her questions like if she was alone and what her favourite scary movie was. The girl answers not knowing that he was a phsyco.
After a little while the killer ends up asking her a question about FRIDAY THE 13TH. If she gets it wrong her boyfriend dies if she gets it right he lives. She ends up getting it wrong and see's her boyfriend ties to a chair with blood stains all over his top. The killer then asks her another question for her life. And yes youve gessed it she gets it wrong! She then see's the killer in her house and.... well i dont want to give the rest away...
The whole movie is not scary except mabye the first 10 minutes. It tries to be funny at bits.. One of the deaths is a girl getting caught in a cat flap and getting split open as the garadge doors open...
Overall this is a fairly good film. See it if you havent seen it... It comes on telly alot now!

Freddy vs. Jason

Omg what a bunch of utter crap. The whole movie sucks. When Freddy and Jason where fighting it was so bad. I mean it wasnt funny bad it was just crap. I fell sorry for anyone who has to sit all the way through this crap.

Friday the 13th

Mabye if I had seen it when it first came out I would have liked it. Because it was old some of the kills didnt look very realistic and acting is alot better now than it was in 1980. My mum ssaid this was scary but it wasnt. I personaly hate halloween and all Jason movies. Some good kills. Quite gory at parts but its the same as horror films now. (Stupid teens start getting killed insted of stiking together they go off and get picked off 1 by 1 in more grisly ways than the last.) Overall i might have liked it when it came out but it was dated when i saw it last year.

Halloween: Resurrection

CRAP. All the halloweens ive seen suck. The movie is so stupid because the people just sit there watching these people die. I didnt excpect it to be good but i expceted it to be better than this crap!! Dont see it!

Halloween H2O

This movie sucked. Like ive said on other halloween pages all the halloween movies i have seen have sucked. The killer just dosnt die. He gets put in a body bag where there is no oxygen and he manages to stay alive in there for a bout 15 mins. And the idea where Jamie Lee Curtis chops off the wrong guys head just so they can make a sequle is so bad. Ive got to say the deaths where utterly stupid and he only manages to kill 2 of them so he is a crap killer. He chases 2 people around for 20 minutes and still cant kill them!! Crap movie dont see!

Small Soldiers

Quite good. I liked it as a child and i watched it alot then.

The Rescuers Down Under

I liked it. It was good and funny at bits. It was fun to watch and it kept me entertained.

The Jungle Book

A great classic no one can miss. Its sad, funny, good to watch. The characters are so good youve got the hyper,friendly bear, the evl, dumb snake, the funny oranutang and the evil birds! What a great mix. Deinetly a must see.

The Sword in the Stone

Another walt disney classic. If you havent seen this you need to. Good fun for all ages.

Monster House

Good but not amazing. I like the idea of the house is the women and the ending was really good and unpridictible.

The Wild
The Wild(2006)

Alor like the other animated movies that where in the cinema at the same time like madagascar and over the hedge.... theyre all funny. I was a little disapointed with this one but it still was a fun watch.


Boring not funny and a waste of time.

The Polar Express

This was boring. Apart from the great animation it wasnt very good. I watched this at school so after 10 mins of crap me and my friends just mucked about the whole time. It was jolly and i did like that about it but not enough happend to keep me entertained after the dancing waiters.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

My favourite wallace and gromit movie. Its got laughs for the kids and the adults. A must see for all you wallce and gromit lovers!


Really liked this as a kid but im older now and this dosnt appeal to me anymore.

Chicken Little

I cant really remember this movie very well but i can remember its funny and good.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Really good. Diffrent from the first but i still love it.


Really cool and a great movie. Its funny and fun for the whole family

A Bug's Life
A Bug's Life(1998)

Really funny and good. Loved this as a kid.


A really good film. Nearly everyone has seen (and liked) this film and if you havent then get seeing it!! It is soooo good! love it!

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

Such a funny movie. I cant decide which 1s better the 1st or this 1. It is so funny and i cant wait till the 3rd 1:D

The Cave
The Cave(2005)

Really good. I like it. Its a 12a in the Uk but i thought it should have been a 15. My mum was so scared when the girl was climbing up the wall. Not really scary. I think its more a action/adventure/sci-fi/thriller

Mimic: Sentinel

Quite good in some ways. I never new it was straight to dvd but if i had i wouldnt have seen it. Lucky I did. I meen it wasnt spectacular but it kept me entertained throughout.

Ice Age
Ice Age(2002)

Really funny. Im not sure which one is better this or the 2nd but they are both great.

Piņata: Survival Island

Wow this was crap. I was flicking through the channels when i saw the guy from buffy on the screen and I began to watch it. I wish I hadent. The whole pinata thing is so stupid I couldnt help laughing at how ridiulous it was. The ghost/monster thing looked so fake. They where nothing compaired to the acting. Only like one scene of good acting and the rest was crap. That Lisa girl is the worst actress in history. When she was trying to be scared she shook her head so fast it was funny. I didnt watch the end because the movie was so pathetic. The only reason I gave this one star is that it was really quite gory.....

Interview with the Vampire

Possibly the worst film I have ever seen. Thats a half star by the way. So crap I nearly fell asleep watching it. Got so boring and nothing happend throughout the whole movie. Deffinetly going in my worst horror movie list.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

Not as scary as everyone said. Mabye because its quite old now but it was still quite freaky. The girl looks horrible by the end and i am glad she turns out fine but the two preists die :S

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

Not scary at all. I thought the beginning was good. Altough i didnt find it scary i still enjoyed it. Its creepy all the way though and you dont know what is going to happen. Well worth a watch if your into the supernatural sort of horror.

Jaws 2
Jaws 2(1978)

A good film.. The whole movie is good. I like how the kids get trapped out at sea because you dont know which of them is going to die. Not quite as good as the first but a hell of a lot better than the 3rd

Deep Blue Sea

I disagree with anyone that says the sharks look fake. I thought 80% of the time they did look real. It was diffrent from jaws which is a good thing or this would have been crap. Insted of people just going into water and getting eaten they are trying to escape the sharks when they are on a sinking building in the middle of sea. I thought this movie was quite smart (most of the characters arent.) A diffrent take on the whole shark movie theme. The deaths where all diffrent and wasnt just the same death over and over. Quite bloody (especially when Samuel L Jackson get ripped in half!!) I was suprised that the girl died but after her stupidity that led to her death I think that she deserved it. Well worth a watch this film. Gory, funny and good to watch.

Shark Attack
Shark Attack(1999)

Kept me entertained but my cousin hated it. I enjoyed it more than i thought i would. The girl from that 70s shows death is so cool, Shes on a dock with her feet just above the water when the shark jumps up bites her feet off and drag her in .... lol..... I was suprised there was so many sharks. When you see them all at the end there is about 50 sharks. Its good when they are all on the platform thing in the water and its tipping up and they are all falling into the water and getting eaten. Not as good as Jaws but still quite good.


Really weird and creepy. I rented it from blockbuster. Me and my brother watched it and we quite enjoyed it. Its really gory and that bit where they are all joining onto the main guy and like melting into him was disgusting. The weird alien things are creepy and fast at moving which makes nearly every person have one inside of you. A bit confusing. I know get one inside you your a zombie. BUT.... I think the main guy (one who all them are joining to) decides to ethier make them a zombie or eat them (Yuck!) A few funny bits in it. My fav bit is the bit when the girl is trying to escape from the house but i felt sorry for the rest of the family dying (even the twin sisters die!) Ending was good and I enjoyed this movie. If your looking for a few laughs and gore and just a sick, twisted film see this.


I cant belive america are only getting this in the cinema now because it came out in the UK in like November 2006. But anyway this movie is quite funny. The bit where the guy is jumping on the diving board is funny. The kills are actually quite brutal and gory which i was suprised about. The characters are so dumb!!! Its really funny how dumb they are and dont notice the killer dragging one of there friends along the ground a few feet behind them. A few of the jokes arent funny which leaves you just staring blankley at the screen but after a few minutes you laugh again. Funny, gory and worth a watch.

Surviving Christmas

This movie was quite funny. A few cheap laughs to keep you watching.

Deck the Halls

Silly and with the boy from Malcolm in the middle. It wasnt as funny as i thought and the only funny bit i can remember is the tanning bit.


Quite funny actually. Better than i thought it would be by far. Martin Lawrence is really funny. Well worth a watch.

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Really funny. I borrowed this from my cousin and i watched it like 4 times. Its so funny and Mike Myers is good. Im suprised it turns out not to be the girlfriend but her sister. Really funny and just down right good acting.


Not very good. Supose when i saw it 4 years ago i liked it but it is a kids film. Not funny and quite a load of crap really,

Kangaroo Jack

One for the kids really. Although it is pretty funny at some parts. Anthony Anderson is funny.


Really funny. Alot of good laughs and i feel sorry for them at the end. I was suprised with a good twist making the ending funny.I cant belive flixster only gave this a 3 stars because it is worth better. If you want alot of fun and good laughs watch this.

Bad News Bears

A few good funny bits.

Dr. Dolittle 3

Only 1 funny bit in the whole film. Eddie murphy isnt in it which makes me think its just a cheap sequal to bring in the money.

An American Haunting

A bit creepy. The girl was getting pulled up the staires when nothing was there!!! I thought the ghosts would kill the dad but it turns out to be the daughter who kills him because she thinks he is the one making the ghosts attack her, while the mother just lets her kill the dad because she thinks the same. Alot more action than in most of these films like WHITE NOISE.

Eight Legged Freaks

Cheesey, a bit funny and about spiders. Quite a few parts of this film where funny and i did enjoy watching people get picked off by the spiders. I love the bit in the parking lot


Ok but not great. It was a bit fast and I didnt really know the characters. It did scary me a little when the thing came out the toilet and when all the ailens are running along the ground and theyre talking to the guy in the helcoptier.


What a load of crap. Im not saying I hate spider films but this was shoking. The spiders where so small and it looked quite dumb when they killed people. Not scary, not good, not worth watching.

The Others
The Others(2001)

A good thriller. Nicole Kidman is really over-protective of her kids in this film. It was really weird how the kids couldnt go out in day light. I never knew what was going to happen in this movie and the suprises just keep coming. The ending was good and I didnt have a clue what was going to happen. Good movie but not a horror- so if you where looking for scares look for a diffrent movie.

Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship(2002)

A bit stupid. It was really gory and disgusting. Alot of deaths especially in the past bit where they where all dancing. The bit where the woman gets the hook through her face is horrible.

The Shaggy Dog

Really quite funny,, Tim Allen is a good actor. I found this movie entertaining and funny. The best bit is the part with the granny. See this film!

Around the World in 80 Days

Wasnt goood. No funny bits- NONE. The action is very little and even when Jackie Chan is fighting its rubbish. Not worth seeing unless you under 5

Stranger Than Fiction

Really crap. The movie isnt funny!! Its more like a really crap drama.

Guess Who
Guess Who(2005)

Not funny. Ashton Kutcher is really funny but this movie sucks.


Not as funny as i thought. The funniest bit is in the trailer which is when the fat boy screams like a girl :D. Worth a watch if you are into this sort of comedy.


Quite good. The only thing is the funniest bit is in the trailer. Overall it is funny and worth a watch.

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

I was very disapointed with this movie. Jack Black is so funny but not in this movie. The whole thing is stupid. I normally like movies that are stupid but this one is crap.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

I really did expect this movie to be funny. The whole movie did have a few funny bits in it but i dont think they where that good. Spoofing off to many movies. The Pirates of the caribeen bit was just lame and stupid. Dont waste your times on this one folks go see one of the scary movies if you want some laughs.

Last Holiday
Last Holiday(2006)

Good actors and a good idea but it only manages a few funny bits. A bit boring at some bits. Not worth seeing really..

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

BORING. I thought this was ment to be a comedy. I sat down to watch it with my mum and brother but me and my brother had to leave 30 mins into the movie because it was so crap. My mum enjoyed it so unless your a girl i dont think you will like this one.

The Break-Up
The Break-Up(2006)

A good funny movie. Alot of great actors.

Starsky & Hutch

I laughed tunes at this movie. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are really funny. Im suprised flixster gave this such a low rate because its so funny,,,

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Good funny movie. A bit weird and stupid but thats what made it funny.

Yours, Mine & Ours

A bit disapointed with this film. The movie could have been alot more funny. There was a bit to many kids and a few of them only said about 2 lines throughout the film. Although having a few funny bits not really worth watching.

Pitch Black
Pitch Black(2000)

A bit boring. I dindnt really get why they where all sleeping in tubes and why the rest of them never woke up untill they had crashed. When the movie got going it was ok but it turned out the characters are all so dumb. One of the girls is lying on the ground and the animal things are leaveing her alone but she just has to get up (when the rest of them who where safe where shouting at her to stay the helll down) she still gets up and is killed. Vin diesel does a good job acting but thats about it. You dont see any deaths and the whole see in the dark thing is stupid. Not worth seeing.

The Pacifier
The Pacifier(2005)

Funny and good acting. a family ,movie but parents will like it to.

Johnny English

Really funny, stupid movie. Rowan Atkinson is so funny in this movie as a completley stupid agent with a know-it-all assistant. Being so crap at his jon is so funny. Natalie Imbruglia does a good job acting which was suprising. A really good movie.

Without a Paddle

I was expecting this movie to be really funny and good but it wasnt. Although giving out a few funny momments its didnt make up for it. I was expecting Matthew Lillard and Seth Green to be funnier in this movie. Not really worth seeing unless you like stupid ridiculous movies.


I have to say this was an okay film. Aprart from the low budget thing it is a good slasher flick. I couldnt tell it was low-budget except the part when they are in the cabin because the backround looks fake and the killers death. The acting is ok from a few people and it did make it to cinemas. A few funny bits like when the girl kiks the killers ass and then ends up getting hung by the chair lift and later on you see 2 of the people sitting eating and het body like goes past them still hanging lol. See this if you arent bothered bu low budget movies.

Ghost Game
Ghost Game(2004)

Came on telly on some horror channel and I began to watch it. Low budget and crap acting. I was a little suprised that some of the deaths where actually gory. But that dosnt make up for the acting which is crap coming from all of them. Overall if you dont care about low budget movies, crap acting and quite a stupid plot then see this movie.

Over the Hedge

A good family movie. Alot like you would expect. Some laughs for the kids and laughs for the parents. A good movie worth seeing!

Along Came Polly

Not as funny as i thought but quite good. A few funny bits that kept you laughing for a while

Just Married
Just Married(2003)

Not as funny as i thought. Although this was quite a good movie i was a bit disapointed with Ashton Kutcher and the jokes in this movie. A good movie if you like this sort of movie.

Cool Runnings

Not as funny as i thought it would be but quite good. They are so crap at bobsledeing (dont know how to spell it!)

She's the Man

Quite a good funny movie, A bit stupid and weird but overall worth seeing.

The Hot Chick

Im suprised i like this film becuase it is really a girls movie. Ive got to say this is probally the funniest movie ive ever seen. The whole thing has a scary movie feel to it and it even has Anna Faris from Scary movie in it. The part with the pillow fight is sooo funny. I cant wait to see this film again! The acting is good and Anna Faris is so funny because she always looks so dum :D

Big Momma's House

A very funny movie. Just its so funny, good storyline and great acting. Worth a watch!

Shallow Hal
Shallow Hal(2001)

A boring and not very funny movie. The only funny bit is the pool scene. Other than that boring and just dam right crap.


This movie just isnt funny. They had a pretty good idea but they didnt make it funny. The only semi-funny bit is when he jumps on the christmas tree and thats shown in the trailer!! Not worth seeing unless you are between 3-6.


Adam Sandler does a great job in this movie. The thing with the remote was a bit weird but oh well. It has funny bits and a few sad bits nearer the end of the film but it turns out to be a happy ending:D

The Incredibles

A good movie. The whole family superhero thing is great. A few funny parts but it is mostly for kids.

Big Momma's House 2

A good movie. More of a family movie than the 1st 1. The movie is a comedy though. The movie has got alot of funny bits and the acting is good. The storyline is great and the ending is good setting up for a 3rd. A bit silly and stupid but overall a good movie.

Happy Gilmore

Lol. The whole movie is so funny. The laughs just keep coming. The amount of times he swears is so funny because they blank it out and it sounds so funny:D

Scary Movie 3

One of the two good scary movie. Just as funny as the 1st but a diffrent sort of humor found in some parts. This 1 isnt as rude (its still rude) as the first 2. The main movie they are making fun of is "The Ring." The movie starts of as 2 school girls who watched a video tape a week ago that is suposed to kill you exactly a week after youve watched it. The thing is one girl is telling the other and the other just says "Yeah I saw that one last week with Kevin" The other just replies, "You where with Kevin last week!" Throwing her off the bed they just start having a fight smashing each other with laptops and goldfish bowls! The whole movie is like the beginning. The characters are dumb and are just asking to die. See this movie if you liked the 1st two or if you like movies like White Chicks or Date Movie!

Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story

A good funny movie. The acting is great and the whole movie just keeps bringing laughs. The storyline is crap but who the hell cares when your laughing every minute of the movie. Ben Stiller does an excellent job with the weird bad guy. I could sit here and write out all the funny bits of this movie but honestly i think i would run out of space....

Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts)

Wow what a crap movie. I cant really remember to much except that the guy who played shaggy in scooby doo died by a door slicing him in half. The whole movie was set in a glass house and the weird thing is that when they put a pair of 3d galsses on they could see the ghosts. I cant remember Shannon Elizabeth being in it but i can remember it being crap.


Not very good. Just the sort of movie that you watch and forget.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Not very good. Shouldnt really have been made. It was pritty scary but it wasnt a good storyline or movie.

Meet the Parents

I dont think quite as funny as the sequle Meet The Fockers but still a really good, funny movie. It is so funny when Robert DeNiro does something and Ben Stiller just stands there with a blank expression on his face :D . A good movie (see it before the 2nd 1 tho)


This was quite a good movie. The graphics where good and i liked the fighting scenes. The only thing is it was a bit predictable. The whole thing is just the same as harry potter with the magic and everything. So overall a good movie worth watching.

Big Daddy
Big Daddy(1999)

Just such a funny movie. The acting is great and i just cant say how funny it was!!

The Wicker Man

Boring and predictable. The movie serves up no good scary or suspensful bits. It does keep you guessing who is going to burn him in the big wooden man at the end and i was suprised that the wife was in on it. Not very good apart from that so not really worth seeing.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

One of the best known movies for the scare-factor and for knowing this did actually happens helps the creepiness. The killer is really scary. The only thing about it is its old and if it was brought out not it would be really scary (I know the 2004 remake but that sucked!!) The whole movie is creepy but the last 20 minutes is just one girl screaming non-stop (and i mean non stop!) A good scary movie better than the remake!

Dark Water
Dark Water(2005)

Whats wrong with this film is that its just boring... It is so crap and nothing happens. Not scary. Not good. Not 1 bit of suspense. Not worth seeing.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Ok this movie was ok. The special effects werent the best and it wasnt scary. It did all it can with a snake movie... I mean you cant varey the deaths in a snake movie. It was quite obvious who was going to survive and the acting was poor from a few of them. All and all if you like this sort of movie see it if not just leave it.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

This was such a great movie. A bit slow at the beginning which was the reason i didnt give this movie another half star. The acting is really good and the action is spectarular. The evil black spiderman is really cool and the sandman if auesome. The best action movie ive seen this year!!

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

Really gory and quite sick when the girl gets ripped apart.

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 2(2006)

The movie was good. The acting was very good also but it wasnt very scary. I began watching this film thinking it would be really scary but i was a bit let down. The only 2 scary bits are when the school girls are in the house and when Karen is getting chased around the hospital. The storyline was great and the ending was really good. I felt sorry for the family dying because they hadent been in the house but still get killed. Ive heared of a 3rd which would be great because they could make these movies terifying....

Jeepers Creepers 2

A bit better than the first but could have been better. The idea of a bus full of teenagers was a good idea but i was a bit dissapointed that hardly any of the die.. Could have had more deaths but overall quite good.

28 Days Later

Good at some parts but crap at others. The whole movie is just really these people getting chased by some zombies. The ending is quite good and the whole movie serves up some creepy bits.

Bruce Almighty

Really funny. Jim Carey is the perfect person to play this character. The whole movie brings laughs throughout and the ending is good.

School of Rock

When i first saw this it was so funny but now ive seen it nearly 50 times ive gone off it. It is so funny and Jack Black does a good job. So funny go see it!


A good funny movie. It is a bit to much on the remantic side but its still really good. Will Smith is a really good actor.

House on Haunted Hill

Ok right. The idea of sending in a group of people to a house that was haunted was an ok idea for a movie but the whole thing was a bit stupid. The movie was a bit creepy and did show off a few edge of your seat bits but overall crap. The weird black stuff was crap and the end wasnt very good ethier. Overall not very good what so ever

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn(2003)

Rented this dvd a few years ago and watched the 1st hour of it but then the stupid dvd jumped and i didnt see what happend to the final 3 people. Until it came on tv. It was ok and i was expecting what happend but it was still quite cool. The only thing stupid was when they where jumping out of the tree house onto the tree, that was stupid. I want to see the 2nd 1 which comes out on october.
If you like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE with disgusting deaths like getting an axe to the head and barbed wire slicing up your face sort of film go see this!

The Hills Have Eyes

Good but most of it is set in a caravan...

Final Destination

A really good movies. The acting is good and the movie is unpredictable. The plane crash isnt very good but its good how unlike the others you dont see what order they die in so when the get of the plane you dont know who the first to die is going to be. The deaths are really cool and i was suprised that only 1 person survives. Really good and i cant decide which of the 3 of these movies is the best... GO SEE IT!

Urban Legends: Final Cut

This movie was quite good. I found that the acting was ok except for the blonde girl but she dies first so its ok. The story line isnt very good but it does have a few good kills. It isnt a cheap remake with nothing to do with the 1st 1 because 1 person from the 1st 1 is in it and i think its made by the same people. Quite good see it if you liked the 1st!

Jason X
Jason X(2002)

This was so bad. The people run around the place screaming and Jason pops up and kills 1 of them. He seems to be everywhere at once! This movie sucks and the should have just left jason at friday the 13th

Urban Legend
Urban Legend(1998)

This came on telly not that long ago. I sat down and watched it and it was basicaly your normal horror slasher flick. It reminded me of scream a bit. I was suprised who the killer was because i thought it would be a boy because the killer had to be strong enough to hang a boy from a tree in 30 seconds! Some good kills but some bad ones. Getting drowned in a toilet wasnt very good but yet again a cat getten put in an microwave was good. Your typical teen horror with a blonde running around screaming until finally getting an axe driven into her. This movie was ok but not very scary.

Jaws 3
Jaws 3(1983)

Omg what a crap movie. The death scenes are so bad the idea of a theme park was good but they managed to make that crap aswell.. and the special effects where so bad! I know its old but the shark looks real in the other 2! I just think its a cheap movie to bring in money! Dont see this movie!

Final Destination 2

I do like this film. Its got good kills and the crash scene is so cool!! Im not sure which 1 if prefer this 1 or the other 2. See this because its so cool and a good horror film.

The Grudge
The Grudge(2004)

Good. Isnt to scary tho. I cant wait till the 2nd.

Night at the Museum

Such a good movie!

The whole movie has good acting especialy Ben stiller.

Children of Men

So So So bad!

Half of the movie you dont no what is going on and then when I did find out i was disapointed!

The ending sucked just like the whole film. It is possibly the worst film ever. The whole movie was just a group of people running around and about 10 people got pointlesley shot. The only reason i gave this half a star was because i couldnt give it 0 stars!


Casino Royale

This movieis GREAT! The action is great and keeps you entertained all thriugh the movie. The only thing bad about it is Daniel Craig as James Bond beacause he dosnt look anything like the other bonds.



Nearly everyone has seen this shark movie. It is possibly the most known movie ever made and the most well known shark movie.

It is about a GREAT WHITE SHARK who lurks in the waters of a little island. At the very beggining of the movie a girl called Crissie goes in the water and we see her getting attacked and killed by the shark. After this the island is wandering what happened to her. As the deaths build up 3 men go out to try kill the shark. They manage to kill the shark at the end of the movie but one of them isnt so lucky as just before they kill the shark he falls into the mouth of the shark and gets bitten in half!

This movie is so good and the best ever shark movie. Dont be fooled that you think its old and the shark will look so unreal... The shark looks very real and you get more jumps than you can imagine. SEE THIS MOVIE!

The Ring Two
The Ring Two(2005)

Not as good as the 1st and not scary enough. The only good bit was the beggining and the end.

The Skeleton Key

I like this film. It isnt a horror tho its a mystery, suspense movie so it dosnt need to be scary to creep people out!

Meet the Fockers

This movie is so good! One of the funniest bits is when the baby keeps saying ass--hole!

It is a bit funnier than the first Meet The Parents which is really good aswell.

I would recommend this movie to people who liked the movies Meet the parents, wedding crashers and date movie.

Wedding Crashers

This movie is really funny! I cant really remember it to well but i just remember laughing alot!

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

This movie was good but not great. It had a few funny scenes but you have to have a scence of humor to enjoy it.

If you like movies that are completely crap storyline but funny at the same time go see this film


Good! I liked this movie. It was creepy and had alot of action.

The Haunted Mansion

Like this movie. I think Eddie Murphy is hilarious!

Van Helsing
Van Helsing(2004)

Not really a horror more of a action/adventure. When i heared this movie was low budget i couldnt belive it becasue it looks so real!

House of Wax
House of Wax(2005)

This was good but Paris Hilton shouldnt be an actress.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Like all of these movies not alot happens until the last 30 mins of the movie.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Just as good as the 3rd. I like how this is so gruesome and how the people have to go through tests.

When a Stranger Calls

Good but not alot happens till the end. The rest of the movie is just phone rining and ocasinally it will be the killer.

Scary Movie 4

The worst SCARY MOVIE. They could of made it a whole lot funnier

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

OK. Wasnt great but at the same time was slitley scary.

Saw III(2006)

Good and disgusting. The most horrible bit is the surgery.

The Omen
The Omen(2006)

Not very good and not nearly enough action

The Covenant
The Covenant(2006)

Not very good and it isnt a horror

Snakes on a Plane

Dont bother seeing this because the title sums up the whole movie