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Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge is technically very well crafted, but it truly shines in its storytelling, despite relying on well-established formulas.


Snowpiercer may have a great cast, but even that couldn't prevent it from being a big cliche and overacted trainwreck.

Gaga: Five Foot Two

Although Gaga: Five Foot Two is being marketed as a bare-it-all movie, what Lady Gaga only truly bares are her breasts.

Lady Snowblood (Shurayukihime)

Lady Snowblood is nothing short of a true masterpiece.


If there was such a thing as horror-family-friendly type of genre, It would certainly be in it.

Ghost in the Shell

While Ghost in The Shell manages to translate the japanese sci-fi aesthetic from its anime counterpart quite beautifully, everything else pale into insignificance.

King Cobra
King Cobra(2016)

Ironically, King Cobra favors eyecandy over competent storytelling and acting. And unfortunately, I can't say I didn't enjoy it.


Mommy's overacting, strange dialogues, one dimensional characters, gratuitious scenes and aspect ratio makes it the perfect pretentious movie that critics seem to love.


Duets never truly connects to the audience. Instead, it keeps grasping at any straws that a flawed script could offer.


While Laerte is a great documentary subject, her POV alone isn't enough to withstand the editing and pacing issues.


Logan departs from previous X-Men movies favoring a much more interesting aesthetic and tone.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is very faithful to its animated counterpart, and although the castle's servents CGI lacks the magic from the original, it still is a great and entertaining movie.

The Shallows
The Shallows(2016)

The Shallows works as a solid thriller, although it does have some eye-rolling inducing moments.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane has all the right ingredients of a great cult classic movie.

The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars takes on a dark subject with charm, grace and good performances, staying clear of melodrama territory.


Moonlight is an intimate heartfelt story that doesn't quite fit the mold, which makes it unique and a really great movie experience.

Hidden Figures

While Hidden Figures manages to bring light to overlooked characters and has strong performances, it never gets beyond average.


It's hard not to be emotionally invested as you watch Lion, but in the end it all pays off.

The Craft
The Craft(1996)

The Craft is still compelling and super fun after all these years, and will continue to be appealing to those who are into 90s aesthetics.

This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

A well-crafted documentary about what's probably an exception rather than the rule on the trans community.


Arrival adds layers of complexity to an intricate story with a subtle yet superb approach to the sci-fi genre.

La La Land
La La Land(2016)

La La Land successfully updates the essence of old Hollywood movies with great perfomances and direction.

Assassin's Creed

Not even a stellar cast could prevent Assassin's Creed from being a convoluted mess.


Passengers's synopsys is more thrilling than the movie itself. While it's entertaining to gawk at Chris Pratt on screen, what's left is a huge let down.

The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard best parts are when Whitney Houston is singing. The lack of chemistry between the two leads makes it all feel disjointed.

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond takes the essence of the classic series and revamps it in an amusing and entertaining way.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: Star Wars may be a spin-off, but it shines in its own right.


With a fast-paced non-chronological story, Go is a smart, edgy and most importantly, very underrated movie that feels current even though it's been more than 15 years of its release.


Spotlight is way too boring to even care about all its technical achievements.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory(2016)

Finding Dory rekindles a nostalgia sparkle that will warm your heart.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

From a technical POV, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is flawless, serving as a great introduction to the game. However, those who are not familiar with the Fabula Nova Crystallis lore will have some difficulty to understand the mythology of the movie.

Inside Out
Inside Out(2015)

Inside Out doesn't rely on animation flick clichés, instead, it's one of the most original storys that the genre has ever gotten.

Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy is the perfect example that sometimes a simple plot supported by great perfomances can make a movie stand the test of time.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Although Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children doesn't stand out in Tim Burton's amazing filmography due to its generalized character development flaws, it is still very aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable.

Hurricane Bianca

Hurricane Bianca is full of reheated jokes, terrible dialogues and clichés. And it's very clear that Bianca Del Rio's witty comments works best when she's working with unscripted material.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

The last chapter of The Hunger Games franchise is a movie packed with action and visual effects, but also meaningless.

10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane is proof that Hollywood can still make great thrillers with simple yet creative ideas.

The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight is a great achievement in filmmaking and acting, but its suspenseful-yet-slow pacing makes you wish it was at least two chapters shorter.

Looking: The Movie

Although Looking: The Movie acts as a good finishing chapter to the series, it is a bit lackluster and undertoned.

X-Men: Apocalypse

While X-Men Apocalypse isn't as good as its predecessors, it still is very entertaining for fans of the franchise.


Room is a haunting yet emotionally rewarding movie with incredible performances by the lead actors.


Deadpool is a politically incorrect antihero, and while the pace of the movie is kind of all over the place, its witty nature makes up for good entertainment.


Carol gives a subtle approach to both romance and controversy, highlighting its visual quality over indulging the viewer in what could've been a great emotional story.


Trumbo is proof that you can get really great performances in a movie that, despite being very well-made, is biopic commonplace.

American History X

American History X showcases Edward Norton's talent in a compelling story about racism.

Ex Machina
Ex Machina(2015)

Ex Machina is an unique, subtle sci-fi movie that stands out without trying too hard.

The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

The Revenant is a brutal, beautifully shot survival movie with memorable performances by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.


A very well-crafted doc about the tragic life of a brilliant singer.

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl offers an interesting story that allows both lead actors to shine, but the cinematography and score are also wonderful.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens manages to deliever both the nostalgia and the excitement for new Star Wars movies with a fast-paced story and entincing new characters.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation is yet another solid entry to the Mission Impossible franchise.

Ernest & Célestine

Ernest & Celestine is a charming movie, a breath of fresh air in a sea of CG animation flicks.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

The Notebook offers a sweet romance story with a few stumbles along the way, but ultimately ends up on its feet.


With a charming lead actress, great visuals and staying true to its source material, Cinderella proves that modern live-action revamps of classic Disney movies can succeed without being overly gimmicky.

Do I Sound Gay?

A light, fun documentary on a topic that is often overlooked.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is an entertaining, visually stunning must-see movie.

Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of

The documentary never fully commits to itself, instead it gives us handpicked scenes, a few reality-TV-esque moments and comes off very unauthentic.

Four Moons (Cuatro Lunas)

Cuatro Lunas manages to portray four different stories with an accurrate take on what's like to be gay.

The 33
The 33(2015)

The media spectacle surrounding the event should have had more emphasis on the movie, instead, we get a lot of uninteresting scenes.

The Monster Squad

A great, fun 80s classic with great aesthetic and that is very underrated.


A documentary that is as fascinating as Iris's fashion collection and personality.

Stranded: I Have Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains

An excellent documentary on the Andes tragedy that manages to tell the story gracefully through the survivor's testimony.


I remember I was just a little kid when I first saw Alive. After watching it again after almost 20 years, I'm still mesmerized by this great survival story.


A toneless movie in which the supporting character of Raul offers the most layers of complexity and makes you wonder why the focal point isn't on him.


I cannot help to think that the reviews for this movie when it came out are unjustified. While Pixels does have some flaws and is full of clichés, it's not that bad.

The Martian
The Martian(2015)

The Martian is an excellent choice for those who want to see an entertaining, well acted movie with great visual effects.

The Good Lie
The Good Lie(2014)

A simple and good drama with a moving story.

Mirror Mirror

Beautiful and whimsical yet somewhat dull, Mirror Mirror is suited best for kids and Julia Roberts fans.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

With a really good script, acting, production and costume designs, The Artist shows that you don't need much to make a great movie.


Birdman has all the technical achievements you should expect on a great movie, and the acting is incredible. But despite that, I thought it was a drag.

The Blind Side

The Blind Side is a good and uplifting movie.


This erotic, bad-acted, bad-scripted flick deserves both the title of one of the worst movies ever made and its current cult status.

The Imitation Game

A well-crafted movie that didn't manage to overcome my distaste for biopics.

Seven Years in Tibet

Although Seven Years in Tibet has some beautiful shots, watching it is also an exercise of patience.


Good movie with great production values, however I don't feel it lived up to its hype.


While Maidentrip records an incredible journey, Laura isn't as good as a cinematographer as she is a sailor. However, it's fascinating to watch as she matures on screen.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

Strong visual effects and although some are very obvious, the story outshines these minor flaws.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl(2014)

Gone Girl is a great thriller, that will keep you interested and will make you feel a plethora of emotions for each character.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

Campy and silly, "To Wong Foo" may have dated costumes but it still holds up in the fun department.

The Sessions
The Sessions(2012)

The Sessions is a great movie, with a relevant story and that will teach you a few things about sex and disability.

Todo sobre mi madre (All About My Mother)

All About My Mother is brimmed with Almodovar's particular style and have great performances and story to boot.

Still Alice
Still Alice(2015)

Strong and emotional, Still Alice not only presents a brilliant performance by Julianne Moore but also a wonderfully directed story.

Jurassic World

Packed with one-dimensional characters, it doesn't hold a candle to the original but it's still entertaining.

Eating Out: All You Can Eat

If you take away the raunchy scenes, all that's left is a bad-acted, cringeworthy movie.

Fifty Shades of Grey

A cliche parade with a very softcore approach to BDSM, the only redeeming quality of this movie is Dakota Johnson.


Tomboy approaches a current and sensitive subject in a subtle manner, and leaves a powerful impression. The child actors are brilliant.


Fargo is a great movie. I just feel it could be pushed to a borderline over-the-top level.


A non-linear slow paced drama that wins you over with subtle and genuine performances. And an adorable dog to boot.

Katy Perry: Part of Me

A meticulous documentary to promote Katy Perry, however that doesn't make it less enjoyable.

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sin City's sequel maintain the beautiful visuals from the original movie but the story falls short and it ultimately delivers a lackluster experience.

Another Gay Movie

Raunchier than I thought it would be, it's ultra campy but that doesn't excuse the movies' many, many flaws.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

A slow paced, padded movie that is unlike the two predecessors and that sets an unexciting expectation for the final part.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Visually stunning and with a clever sound editing, Antarctica: a Year on Ice doesn't stray away from the other Antarctica documentaries but it surely stands out.

Pitch Perfect

Maybe if I was a tween I'd have liked this movie.


A decent thriller with a satisfying ending.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow repeats successful formulas (Groundhog Day, The Matrix) and presents the audience with a satisfying viewing experience.

Little Women
Little Women(1994)

A little bit too sweet for my taste but the quality of the production and the actors is undeniable.

Paris Is Burning

Brilliant documentary portraying the ball gay scene in NYC in the late 80s. A crash course in gay culture history.

21 Jump Street

It has its moments, but ultimately it's pretty lame.


By the time the credits hit the screen, Kaboom feels like a really bad joke.

Starred Up
Starred Up(2014)

Authentic, brutal and surprisingly entertaining.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

An uninspired screenplay, uneven pacing and great visual effects.

Moonrise Kingdom

Cute and sweet movie with beautiful cinematography.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Solid psychological thriller with great acting by Tilda Swinton. I question some of the editing but cinematography is also great. Worth watching.

Groundhog Day

A movie that, like its main character, resists the passage of time and it's still great.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Strong visual effects, a CG fox and a charming Chris Pratt are the highlights of this misfit gang of the galaxy.


Hype aside, Amelie is a great movie. A pure gem in film.


A masterpiece and a landmark on movie making.


Very sassy and current gay teen movie. I wish I had one of these growing up. It's a satire so don't expect refined comedy.

Interior. Leather Bar.

Although at some points the movie feels it was made to inflate James Franco's ego, I admit I found it very interesting and original.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

While I do love The Hobbit trilogy (and LOTR), I feel this was a very long action scene, albeit a very entertaining one. The visuals are stunning, and the movie surely is fitting for the ending chapter of an incredible tale.


Although Shame does have its moments, most of the time the movie felt like it dragged on.

No Strings Attached

An ordinary chick flick that heavily relies on Portman's talent and Kutcher's body and charm. The best it can achieve is to put a smile on your face.


Interstellar really tries hard to be a serious movie, but for that reason alone it fails. The cast and the visual effects are stellar, but the plot holes and questionable character development is what makes the ship go down. It is entertaining though.

Palo Alto
Palo Alto(2014)

A teenager-ish movie shot with style and lined with interesting cinematography. It is satisfying, however it leaves you thinking there should be more to it.

Video Games: The Movie

A confused, prolix documentary about video games that tries to get somewhere put it just keep walking in circles. Go play a game instead of watching this.


Interesting cinematography and a cute story. The movie pays off wiithout trying too hard.


Interesting documentary about the pageant drag queens. I even saw some familiar faces from RuPaul's Drag Race.

Seinto Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary (Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary)

As much as I love Saint Seiya, this movie lacks anything that made the original anime so incredible.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When will they stop releasing Spider-Man movies? And more importantly, why did I watch this?

Free Fall (Freier Fall)

Storywise, this movie does not set itself apart from other gay movies. However, cinematography is great and it is worth to watch.

Kill Your Darlings

A good and solid movie that will appeal to the gays, Daniel Radcliffe's fans and english literature aficionados. Also, great cast and costumes.


I found it quite lovely, actually. Good movie overall.

Mr. Angel
Mr. Angel(2014)

Great documentary about Buck Angel, a trans porn star that also happens to be super charismatic and a very good motivational speaker. The fact that I watched this on Netflix just validates the work that he's been doing.

Eating Out
Eating Out(2004)

A camp gay comedy flick that looks like a school project with a high budget. Gets more points for showing dicks.

Dallas Buyers Club

Couldn't get pass the fact that I dislike Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner, and wasn't in the mood for a sob story.

Dorian Gray
Dorian Gray(2009)

Read the book, it's way better. Although I might be bold enough to say that I enjoyed it given its many flaws.

The Normal Heart

Hectic direction with overdone transitions between scenes... And it seems they made sure that some characters have their moment so the actor can at least score an Emmy nod. And they probably will.


Below-the-average action movie with a huge budget and an uninspired plot.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I love the X-Men but I don't like the fact that the character Mystique got bigger than she should just because of Jennifer Lawrence rising stardom. Great movie though.

The Color Purple

Great period drama that still maintain its quality even after 30 years of its release.


It's like Disney dropped a bucket of sugar on top of one of the most interesting villains out there. The kids will love it though.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

A complete waste of the cast's talent. I can't blame anyone else other than the director. The lead actor performance is dreadful, and since the movie rests on his shoulder, it all sank with him.

The House of the Spirits

Confusing flick in a sense they don't tell you where the story is set and that all the actors are american playing latin characters. But despite that I thought it was very solid and good movie. I love Glenn Close performance in this.

Blue Jasmine
Blue Jasmine(2013)

Very good but it's not that very original. Cate Blanchett really carries the movie on her shoulders the entire time.

The Wolf of Wall Street

A bit long but enjoyable on the long run. Not my favorite type of flick but I watched it through the end.

The Way He Looks

This movie is based of a short movie that was made 2 years prior to its feature release. The short itself is pretty strong and the full lenght movie certainly meet the expectations. It's an honest and organic coming-of-age flick about a blind boy and his struggles on high school and sexuality. It's impossible not to love it.

Encounters at the End of the World

A great documentary about the barren inhospitle frozen desert that is Antarctica. The movie is great from a technical point of view aswell as a great story about the people who live there.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Easily one of the best coming of age movies out there. The scenes are so truthful it gives an organic feel to the whole flick. Beautifully shot and superb perfomances.

Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Nymphomanic is the poster film for a new trend on movie making: showing erect penises and sex scenes that border porn. But it is much, much more than just that. A brilliant film, great storymaking, even greater characters and performances.

Stranger by the Lake

It works more as a softcore gay porn movie than an engaging sexy thriller.


Solid gay romance flick, lots of dialogue scenes. I thought the topics were just a bit too shallow. Just kept thinking both characters could have had much more to them than coming out stories.

Winter's Bone

Good movie, but watch it when you're in the mood to see a slow paced drama.

Zero Dark Thirty

This movie has high production values and good performances, however, if you don't know anything about this operation prior to watching it you will get a little lost in the midst of all the name dropping and acronyms.


If you overlook the cliche script, you will see a heartfelt flick, decent performances and a really good gay romance movie.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

A Forrest Gump type of narrative with a strong story and performances by an all-star cast.

Dreams of a Life

Solid documentary about a woman who died and went undiscovered for three years. The director succeeded in giving her a soul, but also padded the movie out with unnecessary reenactments.

Silver Linings Playbook

Pretty good movie, has its moments, but what keeps you interested is the performances, which are great.

American Reunion

Somethings are better to be left in the past. It has some funny moments, but the franchise lost its mojo a decade ago.


It does justice to the original.

Cape Fear
Cape Fear(1991)

Good old thriller that hooks you up.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Nice art direction. Let's just stop at that.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present

The Artist is Present is a documentary that portrays the work of Marina Abramovic in an objective yet touching manner.

American Hustle

Good movie, although very overrated.


Bad acting and the story doesn't allow you to connect to any character.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

I found it funny, it's like a hidden camera show 90 minutes long. Had some laughs!

The Mudge Boy

Really strong movie, one of those gems you happen to find. One of the best coming-of-age pics I've seen recently, with strong performances that will move you.

The Three Musketeers

Bad acting and a predictable story it's what made this movie have such a bad reputation. But you can't deny the big production values: the sets and costumes are very wonderful. It's an okay-ish movie, fun to watch, but you don't really connect to any character and so it makes you not care about it.

Before Midnight

It's different than the other two but it still just as good. Blown away.

Before Sunrise

The last movie I rated 5 stars was more than a year ago. Finally decided to watch this trilogy and it was a great movie experience. Celine and Jesse are probably my favorite couple in movie history now.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Very unexpected, interesting and entertaining!

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

Why haven't I watched this earlier?!?

I'm So Excited!

Campy, outrageous and enjoyable, but for sure not Almodovar's best work. If you're a fan of his work than it's worth watching.

Europa Report

Low budget scifi movie that serve its purpose and it's actually quite original filmmaking. The plot however is not that very special, but the way they tell the story is actually good. The producers really did their research of the scientific details so it's believable.
If this movie had a larger budget it would be a hit.

The Way Way Back

Cutsy flick but it's not outstanding.

We're The Millers

I thought it was pretty funny and was a complete surprise. Had some good laughs off of it.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I rated the first movie with 1 star and, believe it or not, I actually liked this one. The story is much more bearable and I cried tears of joy when Jena Malone showed up on screen.

The Canyons
The Canyons(2013)

"The Canyons is a better behind-the-scenes news article than a competent sexy thriller."


Bruce Willis has lost his mojo and has absolutely no onscreen chemistry with Mary-Louise Parker. The redeeming quality is the other actors' talent, but even that couldn't save it from being a huge action movie cliché.


Cool oldschool flick, I just love me some young Winona.

Indie Game: The Movie

It's a great insight on the lives of indie game developers. All gamers should see this flick.

The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is indeed claiming the ultimate male actionstar title. But the movie itself is kinda bland, with a couple of great action scenes but nothing that's really amazing. The Yakuza storyline is so 90s.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Surprisingly good sci-fi flick. Nice story, great CGI, and finally a hero-type-of-guy lead character that doesn't make me wanna puch him.


Really like the idea of this documentary, Nev and the TV show it led to.

Wreck-it Ralph

As a gamer I loved identifying all the references in the movie. But I actually think the movie is great on his own, even though at the end it loses some steam.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Is it a bad thing that I actually liked this movie?

The Queen of Versailles

This is one of those documentaries that something happens while filming and it brings to a totally new level. Filmed over a period of two years, what was just a documentation of the life of a wealthy family quickly turns into something more meaningful, showing the struggle of the rich when the real estate bubble bursted on the USA on the late 00s.

Les Misérables

Extremely overrated movie, it's so boring it's painful.

Django Unchained

When you think the movie has reached its climax, it goes on for more 30 minutes. That kinda threw me off. It's a great movie, with great performances, even more great dialogues, but I don't feel it's Tarantino's best work, at all.

Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work

I'm bias because I fucking LOVE Joan Rivers but the documentary is a well documented work portraying the life of then-75 year old Rivers trying to hit it big again. And we all know how it worked out for her. Really recommend this if you like Joan.


Funny movie, usually this type of flick is not my cup of tea but it worked. I think it's an original concept and something I've never seen before so that's why. I'm sure I wouldn't like TED: The Sequel.

Magic Mike
Magic Mike(2012)

Boring as hell, the ammount of stripping scenes from the main cast does not justify having to sit through almost 2 hours of a snoozefest, gratuitious club scenes, terrible acting and little chemistry between the actors.


I was in the mood of watching a sci-fi flick so it worked for me. Not sure if it would otherwise. But was a good passtime.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

One star for Taylor Lautner's shirtless scene.

The Dark Knight Rises

I thought no one could beat Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman but Anne Hathaway manages to give a totally new light to the character.

The Impossible

I'm torn about this one. You just can't deny the quality of the production: the extras, the stunts, the special effects. Naomi Watts is the highlight of the movie and gives a very strong performance. However, I saw some documentaries about the tsunami and the stories they told moved me more than the one that is portrayed in the movie.If The Impossible had more characters, instead of narrowing it down to one family, i think it could be a really strong movie.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I don't know how could someone review this with criticism, it's just flawless, the 3D effects are the best I've seen so far. And the best is that the story is actually good and very, very entertaining.


Typical James Bond movie packed with action from the start until the very end.

To Rome with Love

Those who enjoy Woody Allen's movies will certainly find it entertaining.

Marvel's The Avengers

Pretty good and solid entertainment. The only thing lacking in this movie is some Chris Evans' shirtless action.


Really depressing movie, which is good, but captures your attention and leaves you wondering after it ends. The technical aspects of the movie are pretty good, the cinematography is just outstanding. However, the first hour of the movie streches on for what it seems an eternity, and it can bore the spectator for a while.


I had quite a few laughs with this movie, it's hysterical. Loved it!


Predictable but adorable.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

I kinda didn't like the plot... isn't russian enemies and nuclear bombs so 80s? This movie has one or two scenes that will put you in the edge of your seat but that's about it. I'm not such a fan of action flicks, but this was pretty average to me. I wish Hollywood would stop with the reboots and sequels and start delievering some real new good movies again.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

This is just a really bad movie. It's 2 hours of what it seems like a bad music video. All the actors deliever shallow performances and there's no climax at all. The only good part is the ending, but only because it's finally over. I rolled my eyes several times and laughed during the sex scene.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

Technically, I think this movie is interesting: cinematography, costume designs, OST, art direction, it's pretty much very good. But then you have absolutely no story whatsoever to support all these things, and the lack of talent from the lead actor. But for as much as I wanted to hate this movie, I just couldn't. It's a good entertainment, and I liked the fighting scenes. And I'm a little biased 'cause I love Carla Gugino and Jena Malone.

The Skin I Live In

It has been a long time since I saw such a great movie. It makes you question all the time what the hell is going on, but once you figure it out, it's really surprising. The movie start off on a slow pace but after a while it picks it up and will keep you holding on to your chair.

My Name Is Juani

Basicly it's a tuning/sex/teen spanish movie. I liked some parts of the photography, but it can be quite cliché at some parts. But nevertheless it's an enjoyable movie. I liked 'cause I could learn some spanish lingos and urban language.

Cowboys & Aliens

Oh lord. I can't think of anything good to say about this movie. The starting point is interesting but the story develops in such a bad way you won't believe it. Dull movie, horrible performances... Not even Harrison Ford could make this movie good. It's just ridiculous: the plot, the costumes, the action scenes... Everything!


I watched this for the first time in 2011. I can't really say much about the movie, but I was pretty impressed on how bad the clothes are. I just so love the 80s for that. But I can't overlook the bad direction, terrible acting and ridiculous plotline just because I'm watching this 20 years later. Bad movie is bad, regardless of the year it was released.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Reunion of washed up stars and starlets. Trash. Can't find any other word to describe it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Harry Potter, all over again. I felt like it had no climax. Or should I say, very underwhelming climax. We waited 10 fucking years for this they should have make a more epic battle. Just saying.

Do Começo ao Fim (From Beginning to End)

A good movie with a polemic subject, although not very much explored. The movie itself feels like putting flowers on top of an ugly desk to make it pretty. But I gotta give the props for being the first brazilian gay themed movie that went mainstream.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

All visuals, no substance. I know right. What did I expect. Still, I'm too old for this shit.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

I found it quite good, specially when you know this was based on a true story. I didn't know how it was gonna end and what was supposed to happen, so I was in for a great movie. And what makes an actor good is that he can fake it so damn well that I could feel his pain.

X-Men: First Class

As good as the other X-Men movies.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

It's been a while since I liked a movie much like this one. Incredible performance by Natalie Portman. I only wished the psychological conflicts were more intense.

The King's Speech

A great accomplishment in cinematography. I definitely liked it, but I didn't love it. Colin Firth in an oscar winning performance, aswell as Geoffrey Rush.

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

Ok-ish movie with a mediocre plot, dreadful acting and frustrating ending. But I didn't get bored through it. I could not understand how Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp scored Golden Globes noms for their performances. All that Angelina do is walk the streets like a superstar and be gorgeously thin.


Far less than I expected, but Machete is still a good movie. Danny Trejo is a hot bitch. The "B movie" experience is way less than Planet Terror. Machete feels (and is) a commercial movie wanting to be like a "B movie". And if you gonna put a big ass mexican jumping on a motorcycle on CGI you better do it right. This is 2010, and there's no excuses for scenes that anyone can tell they're computer generated.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

Surprisingly fun, Easy A is the "Mean Girls" from '10. I like this chick Emma Stone, she manages to be corky yet she's hot. Funny story, good acting, sarcastic humor. There's a lot of references to other movies, which makes "Easy A" stand out in the midst of all teenager flicks out there.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

All the 3D effects can be seductive for those who are easy to impress. However, if you're looking for a substancial plot line, you can be very disappointed. The soundtrack by Daft Punk is one of the highlights of the movie, but that doesn't make a movie stand on its own.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

You can totally see Woody Allen's style throughout the whole movie. I wasn't expecting much, and it sure met my expectations. Nothing special about this one, waste of talent for many actors (specially Banderas), uneventful plot.... It has no climax at all. But it's not a bad movie, it's just a below-the-average-ok-ish-movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Every Harry Potter movie is the same for me. Well at least in this one the three main actors' mediocrity ended and you can say they deliever a good performance. The film itself doesn't have that childish aspects from the previous ones. But ya, like every HP movie, it's a good entertainment.


Great cast, characters and acting set in a gangster/mafia plot. The downpart is that it's a lenghty movie therefore it can become boring at some parts, but ultimately it is a good movie.

Rapa Nui
Rapa Nui(1994)

Good movie about rituals and society in ancient Easter Island. For any of those who, like me, are interested in that island this is a great movie. But the movie is good by itself, with a captivating story and breathtaking cinematography.

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

I'm biased when talking about a Tarantino movie, so... This movie is not his best work, nonetheless it's a great one anyway. Filled with Tarantino style and references, you're due to a great entertaining if you like him. Otherwise you can get lost in the long dialogue scenes. The car chasing scene is just insane!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Hmmm... What a boring movie. Here's the thing, I actually like Jake Gyllenhaal when he's not doing action flicks and showing off his abs. Ok that last part was a lie but I think it's just a waste of talent. I was really surprised to see Alfred Molina in this flick, I actually thought "seriously wtf" but then his acting turned out to be the highlight of this movie. Every other thing is just a snoozefest, with all those fake CGI snakes and sand.

The Town
The Town(2010)

Good bank robbery/camp/thriller kind of movie. I enjoyed it specially cause it is set in Charlestown and Boston, which I visited last year! I think Blake Lively is heading towards becoming a huge movie star, which I think she deserves it. I love her. Ben Affleck is not as annoying as usual. It's a good movie overall.

Jennifer's Body

One of the worst movies I have seen.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Eh.... two and a half stars for Ewan McGregor!

Love Strange Love

One may think this is a horrible movie because of all the controversy surrounding it, but this is actually a pretty good movie. Despite having lots of nudity and dealing with delicate subjects such as pedophilia and incest, the constant jazz music on the soundtrack set the tone and the result is an interesting movie with a somewhat decent plot.

Eat Pray Love

A really soft and nice movie to watch with no expectations. The story flows at a slow pace but Julia Roberts' charisma is enough to keep you interested.

Final Fantasy - Unlimited (TV SHOW)

The series start off at a slow pace but after a few episodes it gets better. It's a very childish anime. But it has all the Final Fantasy elements. I expected more from it, but overall I liked it.


Not the worst game movie ever made, but... That doesn't mean much. It's entertaining for those who are gamers like myself. If you are not, just don't bother watching it.

The Alps
The Alps(2007)

Pretty good. I saw it on IMAX so it was a pretty great entertainment. The cinematography is great. The direction of photography is awesome. I wonder how they did the closeup shots, maybe the cinematographer went up the mountain too? It looked like a Discovery Channel movie to me but even so it was pretty great.


This is a great movie. I'm not very fond of action flicks but this sure is great. Although the acting is kinda mediocre (Leonardo DiCaprio, hi?), its visual effects is more than enough to keep your attention for 2 and half hours. The story is not very original, they don't bother to explain how they "connect" everyone in the same dream using a stupid suitcase with a rubber button. It has been done in the movie "The Cell", but the latter offers more explanation and dept. I liked the casting though: Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, MIchael Cane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Wow! For a 1982 flick, this movie is awesome. The concept if very original, and I think it must have been pretty confusing at that time. But I really recommend watching this, I had a blast.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

It's kinda sad when the highlight of a movie is when a 17 year old guy takes off his shirt. Every other part just made me want to barf. Edward Cullen is such a pussy!

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

Wow! I admit it, when my boyfriend asked me to come and see this movie with him, I wasn't excited. But then the movie started and it's pure magic! I laughed so hard during all movie, and I usually don't laugh at all! This is a must see and an incredible entertainment.

An Education
An Education(2009)

Great movie! Loved it, it's great entertainment. I didn't know Carey Mulligan's work, I thought she was boring but I was so wrong. She actually is the highlight of the movie. I really like Peter Sarsgaard too. If you're looking for a movie for a Sunday afternoon, this is the one.

Sex and the City 2

As much as I love Sex and the City, unfortunatelly this was just plain wrong. It didn't have any emotion, no story, anything. Thank god for Samantha and her comic relief. I think they should just let it be and don't fuck it all up.

Alice in Wonderland

I really enjoyed it. I didn't expect anything since the only reference to Alice in Wonderland that I've saw was the 1951 Disney Animated Movie. Never read the book. So yes this is pure entertainment. Don't expect nothing else and you'll be pleased.

It's Complicated

It's not a bad movie. It's just not for me. I'm not a woman, I don't like romantic comedies, i'm not in my 50s, I'm not married. Period.

Up in the Air

Up In The Air is a smart comedy that offers an intelligent script, interesting characters, strong performances and an unpredictable storyline.


I was sitting in a London theatre 2 years ago when I saw Beowulf 3D. At that time there wasn't as many hype as Avatar, and I wonder why. Sure, Avatar is a nice movie, but it's so far for being a classic, much less being the 2nd box office of all times. Studios must really thank for all the marketing campaign. It's worthwatching, but not ground breaking in my humble opinion.

The September Issue

I pretty much fell in love with Vogue's Creative Director Grace Coddington. I wouldn't guess the person behind all those fabulous photos is someone like her. She totally steals Anna Wintour spotlight in the movie. I only thought they could have gone on a wider perspective, cause it mostly focus on Wintour and Grace, and some random people like Mario Testino. I think this would give one hella of a reality show.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

A bit of a snoozefest. The most exciting part is when Taylor Lautner takes his shirt off. Damn. That was worth the ticket.


2h38 minutes to see the world end? ....da fuck? You only need 1h30 for that. Anyway. Ridiculous story, it seems all the cliches from all the disaster movies gathered on this one for a cup of tea. When they're gonna learn? You CAN do a disaster movie without having to rely on all those cliches. But you can't say the special effects sucks, though. For that I give this movie 1 and half star rating.

Inglourious Basterds

LOL. I love Tarantino, the guy can fart and I would like it. Great revenge movie, and one of the firsts Nazi-related pic that i didn't get bored.

Can't Hardly Wait

The cast of this movie is incredible, you can see one familiar face every 10 seconds. That alone makes this movie stands out amidst all the teen movies out there. I watched it again one of this days and still enjoyed it.

Cinderela Baiana

Isso é um clássico desapreciado do nosso cinema nacional, uma jóia perdida entre a enxurrada de filmes da Globo! Se bem que dizer que o filme é trash é eufemismo, nao há palavras para descrever. Mas nao importa, é divino! Joga no orkut que tem pra baixar lá.


Thought it was gonna be another gross movie, but I was wrong! It is kinda cute and entertaining - but not as much as I wanted it to be. And where the fuck is the scene that Ryan Reynolds take his shirt off while trying to fix one of the rides with oil and grease all over his body and... ok I'm stopping here.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Another predictable, but funny, romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock. Too bad Ryan Reynolds' bare chest just make a cameo on the movie. I think they should do the movie all about it.

Se Eu Fosse Você 2 (If I Were You 2)

Por incrível que pareça, dei algumas risadas na continuaçao de um filme que eu achei tosco e sem originalidade. Assisti durante uma viagem de 12 horas de aviao, entao talvez isto conte. Aqui a história muda do ambiente de trabalho para as relaçoes familiares, o roteiro já tem um caminho mais "original" (que de original tem muito pouco, na realidade). Pra mim a Gloria Pires está fenomenal, foi o ponto alto do filme. E outra coisa, acho que já é tao século 20 colocar "2" no nome da sequencia de um filme, seria melhor se colocassem um subtitulo.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

Aaaight I'm kinda embarrased to say this movie is ok. I hate Chandler tho.

Dragonball Evolution

I don't have words to describe this crapfest.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It's proabably one of the best HP movies, but I'm too old for this shit. The most exciting thing about this movie for me was Ron Weasley (hunk on a making) and Hermione's tittays.


This movie is not for people who are easily offended. I had some straight female friends tell me I would get offended by all the gay jokes, but heck I wasn't. Bruno wasn't making fun of gay people, instead, he was making fun of how the typical and ordinary god-loyal people reacts towards him being a flamboyant gay.That being said, the marketing campaign is much better than the movie itself.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

Who would have said an ugly wrestler could be so carismatic? Great movie.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

I'm not gonna make that same old speech about video game movie adaptations. At least Kristin Kreuk is cute?

Angels & Demons

Oh puh-lease what a piece of CRAP! Completely waste of the actors' talent. I'm so not amused.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

I'm a nerd, what else can I say?

Coco Before Chanel

Really good biopic with strong performances and a script that will capture your attention.


A movie that constantly gives doubts to the viewers. It's totally watchable and entertaining. I think what makes this movie good is the actiing, Meryl Streep is flawless and I liked Amy Adams' performance aswell.

S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale

Utterly and complete bullshit. They got some aspects from the original movie and attempted to make something original. I advise you don't waste your time on it.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Stunning make up and interesting story. Although it's a long movie, it sure is entertaining.

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

I still enjoy this movie after so long! Although I like the girl's counterpart (Now and Then) best. But t's a great and touching movie.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

I love X-Men movies. And this one is pretty good too. Although I was so thrilled to hear that Gambit finally would show his grace, and let's not forget that hot piece Ryan Reynolds, but they have small parts only. Bummer.

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

The only funny thing about this movie is Kristen Johnston. All the rest is just cliche over cliche. The makeup "artist" managed to turn Kate Hudson into almost a drag.


Yawn. Boring.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

It's interesting, has lotta flaws but I still found it very enjoyable. I'm a sucker for ScarJo.

Slumdog Millionaire

It's ok. I knew the answer for the final answer!

Madonna: Truth or Dare

I like the old Madonna better.


Can't deny it's a pretty stylish movie. I liked the action scenes.

Head in the Clouds

The cast's talent is completely wasted in this movie. And I don't really think anyone would say "I have bad genes" on 1920. And she said it twice!

Room to Rent (Una cama a cualquier precio)

I was kinda surprised to see Juliette Lewis playing a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in this flick, which I had never heard about it before. But when I saw the plot I was curious to see it. It is a good movie, but damn, Juliette Lewis' acting is so damn BAD, that it hurts to see her everytime she gets on the screen. But overall is a nice movie.


The characters are completely gross. Which is good in this type of movie.

The House Bunny

This movie made me laugh at one time but it's not what I was expecting. I think I was distracted by Anna Faris' big fake plumped lips (and boobs). And it sucks, cause I love her.

Burn After Reading

It's cool and all, but not brilliant.


I really, really, really hope this wins the Oscar 2009 for best movie.

Tropic Thunder

For me this is a fucking intelligent movie. I couldn't believe it when I was watching it. For me it's as brilliant as "Adaptation", but on the comedy/spoof genre. A movie that laughs both at itself and the viewers.

Martian Child

Boring. I like when Joan and John Cusack work together though.

Mutant Chronicles

I didn't finish watching the movie cause it sucked, with a capital S-U-C-K-E-D.


What a nice surprise. I had never heard about the books actually. I went to the movies thinking I was going to see another dumb vampire movie and I was totally mistaken. A romantic vampire movie is doomed to be cheesy but they managed to reduce the cheesiness and came up with a beautiful cinematography and good actings by the leading couple. I just felt they needed to explore more about the characters' background. And Robert Pattinson plays the most beautiful vampire since Brad Pitt.

Meu Nome Não é Johnny (My Name Ain't Johnny)

Não entendi o hype em torno desse filme. Todo mundo dizia que era superbom/maravilhoso, o que eu vi foi... normal. Rolou uma glamourização em cima do cara - não sei se isso vem do livro ou é do próprio filme. A questão é que tudo deu muito certo para ele. Sei lá. O cara deve ter fudido muita gente para no final sair como "um exemplo de recuperação". Ah, me poupe. A produção é boa, rola até cenas na La Rambla e na Calle Marina de Barcelona, e em Veneza, mas era isso. Só acho foda a Globo fazer todo um marketing em cima de um filme que de ótimo não tem nada.

Ó Paí, Ó
Ó Paí, Ó(2007)

Hm... Não dá pra negar que depois que você supera a trilha sonora de axé, o sotaque baiano carregado e as interpretações exageradas, o filme até que melhora depois de 1 hora. Tem uma gama de personagens interessantes, mas para isso recomendo "Amarelo Manga". Apesar do combo Lázaro Ramos-Wagner Moura-Dira Paes (o que já não é novidade), quem brilha no filme são os coadjuvantes.

The Happening

After the credits rolled, I realized. "The Happening" is the burial of M. Night Shyamalan's overrated carreer.

Superhero Movie

I can't believe I lost 1 hour of my life watching this shit.


Disappointing! It starts good then it just starts getting worse and worse. What kind of superhero movie doesn't have a supervillain?

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

Who would have thought that, but Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway have a lot of chemistry on screen. Carrell is one of the best comedy actors for me right now.

Quantum of Solace

The action scenes are pretty stunning. But where the hell is the famous line "the name is Bond, James Bond"? Oh well, I was too hypnotized by that hot hunk Daniel Craig to even care.


All image, no substance. The plot is as deep as a fishbowl. But I must admit, it was entertaining.

Kung Fu Panda

Great animation. Kinda fun. Although I think they didn't take the chance to really use the talent of the other dubbers. Jackie Chan must have like 3 lines in the whole movie. But at least it's better then the Shrek movies.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Living in Barcelona, it made this movie seem more delightful than it really is. I love the cast, and the characters are lovely. This one must go for my DVD collection.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

The ABBA songs really hold your attention, I could sing along mostly all of them, but that alone doesn't make a good movie. It's incredible to see Meryl Streep in such a youthful performance. She really is the highlight of the movie, although I love Christine Baranski. But it could be more over the top, the costume designs are just dull for a musical.

I Know Who Killed Me

Ridiculous. This is definitely one of the worsts movies I've seen in my life.

Nome Próprio (A Proper Name)

Vejo muito pouco da Camila dos livros nesta adaptação. Um filme inteligente, que se arrasta por duas horas, porém que se segura com a brilhante atuação da Leandra Leal.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

The alternative ending presented at the DVD is so much better than the original one. Will Smith acting is so much over the top.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

It's a movie for kids, but I kinda liked the 3D effects. But if it wasn't for that it's just another plain movie.

The Dark Knight

Despite having a guy wearing a rubber suit, it doesn't look like a comic book adaptation. It's definitely the best superhero movie I've seen.

Idle Hands
Idle Hands(1999)

Cheesy and classic.

Lions for Lambs

None of the ideas shown in the movie were unknown nor presented in a revolutionary point of view. I've seen it already. This doesn't make the movie bad, but doesn't make it good either.

Sex and the City

I want more Sex and the City!

No Reservations

It was a good surprise. I liked it.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones, that hot bitch is back. Just like the old times. The cast is great, even Shia LeDouchebag does good. It's 2 and half hours of pure entertainment. Could be even better though - more humor parts and realistic scenes, but whatever, it's Indiana Jones, the man uses a whip as a weapon.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

It seems the new "enemy" in Hollywood movies are now from the middle east. Years ago it was the russians in the 007 movies. Cliché. A good superhero movie, not my favorite hero though, but definitely good for spending some time without having to think too much.


So bad it's actually good. Barbarella is a sexy bitch!

Cat's Cradle
Cat's Cradle(2002)

Filme de baixo orçamento, aspecto amador, o roteiro em si me parece meio absurdo, tenta abordar diversos assuntos, mas continuou deslizando sobre a superficilidade das coisas. A forma como os atores constroem o diálogo chega a ser teatral. Mas de qualquer forma vale a pena assistir, seja pelo pau do Caio Blat ou pelo fime em si, que é diferente de todos os filmes brasileiros na prateleira da locadora.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

I liked it, there's nothing out of ordinary in its direction. I think the cast has done a great job in this movie.

Bee Movie
Bee Movie(2007)

The marketing and the teaser are better than the movie itself.


Pretty good movie, great cinematography and photography. I was impressed, was expecting another war movie and what it showed was an intelligent perspective of the war subject, specially the soldiers who fight for something that they don't even know what is.


Camp classic. Debbie Harry, Divine and Ricki Lake chubby as hell, gotta love them all. The dialogs and the irony have Waters' signature style.


Love it or leave it. I loved it.


I guess I had high expectations on this one.

Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad)

Legal. Entretenimento para gringo. Não entendo o hype em torno do filme, mas gostei do tema polêmico.

Perfect Stranger

One twist at the end won't justify a whole movie. Pass.


It's a good movie. The casting is great although the performances were not spectacular. Even though there are several small stories you can certainly relate to some character.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Couldn't get any worse than this. Where's the suspense? That's what made the game so good in the first place.

The Golden Compass

Is it me or the CGs were total crap? I can't rate high a movie that is all about it, and it isn't so great after all.


Another extremely bad video-game movie adaptation. There should be a harzadous sign on the movie poster.

My Date With Drew

Cutsie documentary. The subject may rise some eyebrows, but it's best for you to not take it too seriously. But it's catchy so you'll probably gonna see this till the end if you start watching. I like it, it's not the best documentary, but kudos for the originality.

Factory Girl
Factory Girl(2007)

I love Andy Warhol so this was fine. Siena Miller and Guy Pierce deliver great performances but I hate Hayden whatever-his-name-is. Warhol's fans should see this one.

Paris Je T'aime

I loved it. If this movie was conceived like a series of individual short movies, than make it what it really is. There's absolutely none connection between one short and another so they didn't had to try to explain it. But anyway I pretty much enjoyed it all.


Very well produced movie. Sandra Bullock does a good job but I guess she's taking herself too seriously. It has some corny scenes, like every mystery movie, but it's entertaining.

The Diary of Anne Frank

After going to Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam, I had to see this. And turned out to be a great movie. I'm so impressed with the photography, doing that in b&w must be tough! Very long and interesting movie.


It is the best film I've seen this year. And I've seen it with the 3D goggles, so it was a pretty interesting experience. For me represents how the movies will be from now on. This represents how the 21 century movies will be like, and redefines the acting job. But other than that, the movie itself is pretty appealing to me, since I like northern legends and stuff like that. And I don't believe that's Angelina Jolie's actual real body just rendered in 3D. I just don't rate it five stars because of the CGI, they could've done a lot more. But it is pretty impressive anyway. A must-see for all epic movie fans.

Deep Sea 3D
Deep Sea 3D(2006)

Hm... I have been to the oceanarium in Lisbon so this movie was just images of what I've seen live. And the goggles did not work fine. I guess if you're wanting to see a movie in 3D just go and see Meet the Robinsons, it's far more entertaining. And if you're wanting to see the sea animals, go to an oceanarium.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Interesting cinematography, and I like Casey Affleck's performance. But overall it was a very confusing movie, and a bit long too. Don't expect a regular western movie, and that's why this movie stands out in the croud. I can't put my finger on it, but it's not great, nor awfull.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

It's ok, nothing special. I had a good time though. It has a lot of pop culture jokes, so if you don't watch E! all the time then you'll probably won't get most of them. I did understand them, but I didn't find as funny as they were supposed to be.

Kissing Jessica Stein

A lesbian romantic comedy! And it's very good! It's about self-discovering as a gay person, and I think the way it happened to Jessica Stein is very close to reality. It's not exagerated and not stereotypical. I wish there was more movies like this one. I think it's a must-see if you're gay. And if you're not, it's a good opportunity to learn and understand how love can grow up in a gay relationship.

Drained (O Cheiro Do Ralo)

Uma comédia legal, divertida e inteligente. O filme é bem feito e o Selton Mello tá ótimo. Gostei.

The Good Shepherd

Just stay away from this movie unless you wanna get bored and completely clueless for almost 3 fucking hours. It's just not worth it!

DOA: Dead or Alive

It's one of the best video-game adaptation I've seen. Stayed true to the game, has a lot of great action scenes, super production, a lot of wire work, fast rythm. But I just can't rate high a movie that is just hot women fighting in bikini, although that's what the game was all about.

Cão Sem Dono

Surpresa agradável ao ver que o filme se passa em Porto Alegre, e ainda relata com brilhantismo os hábitos e costumes do povo de lá. O ponto alto do filme são as atuações, adorei a produção, muito bom mesmo! É só prestando atenção nos detalhes do apartamento e das cenas que dá para ver cada coisa estrategicamente posicionadas. O filme tem erros de continuidade gritantes e um enredo ora bonitinho, ora ordinário. Mesmo assim recomendo.

If These Walls Could Talk

Really good. Three distinct stories about abortion, and still manages to be a very concise movie. It's really emotional, and can make you cry very easily. Great cast and great performances.

A Life Less Ordinary

A huge mess. I didn't get it. A bit pretentious, but I guess what's worse is the plot - just shitty nonsense.


I absolutely love this one. I watched for the first time when I was a kid and now I got the chance to see it again. I started loving Kathy Bates since then. It's one of the best thrillers I've ever seen, it captures you since the beginning. The direction is brilliant, as well as the screenplay. Highly recommended!

Dungeons & Dragons

Oh, god, why oh why they wasted the D&D franchise in such a movie? My dream is to see an adaptation from the D&D's 80s cartoon (the kids that are on the roller coaster and then go to D&D world). Imagine how it would be! Somebody call Peter Jackson and demand the cartoon adaptation. It would be a guaranteed hit. And about this movie, don't waste your time watching it.


Huge cast of stars and almost everyone sings. I must say, for a musical, there are 2 or 3 enjoyable songs and the rest of it seems like it came out straight from a Disney flick. The rest of it it's pretty good, super production, great costumes and make-up, just like a musical is supposed to be. Teenie boppers will enjoy it better. And did you saw John Waters making a cameo in the beggining of the movie? I definitely wanna see his version of this movie. And why oh why is everybody talking about Zac Efron? C'mon! The guy has two lines in the movie, a total gayface, and he looks like a living wax figure.

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

I went to see this movie because it was whether this or another romantic comedy starring Mandy Moore. I love Jackie Chan, but he didn't even made a scene in wich he grabs a wooden stair or a mango and kicks everybody's ass. The movie has no storyline, the jokes were like the same as 10 years ago and Chris Tucker is desperately seeking a comeback. I think the funniest part of it was during the credits, when they show the movie bloopers.

Elvira's Haunted Hills

Elvira's hotter than ever! I love her, but dayum! This movie is baaaad. Really bad. At least it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's like: "You have Elvira and her boobs, what else could you ask for?" I missed Elvira doing musical acts, and the end sucked big time.

The Hoax
The Hoax(2007)

Intriguing movie based on a true story. If you don't know anything about Howard Hughes I suggest seeing "The Aviator" before watching this one. Some may find it boring - I find it quite interesting. It's not a movie I would recommend to anyone, but if you get the chance to see it, why not?

All The King's Men

Pretty boring. I'm not into political crap, I'm sick of it. And being a political drama, this was like two hours of moderate torture.


I think it's sorta wacky! The title sequence is one of the best I've seen, it's amazing. I loved the photography direction. Fine and funny movie.

Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon: Special Act

Sailor Moon Live Act? That's my ultimate guilty pleasure... So corny, so japanese, so kawaii, I love it! The DVDs extras are the best part of it. And I love Venus' transformation. Oh! The special act isn't very good though, check out the whole series.

Primo Basílio

Ok, nunca li o livro, sequer sabia do que se tratava, e vi o filme em uma sala lotada por uma excursão de colégio. Ou seja, burburinho total durante o filme e risadas descontroladas quando qualquer palavra tipo "xoxota" era proferida por algum personagem. A história em si é ótima. De resto, me pareceu uma minissérie da Globo: atores globais, diretor global, abuso de closes, e o resto do filme é primeiro plano e planos americanos - nada especial. A atuação é mediana, os atores tentam mas não chegam lá. A melhor atuação é da Zezé Barbosa, que faz a empregada negra, e ela não deve aparecer mais de 10 minutos no vídeo. Não entendi porque mostram a perseguida da Débora Falabella e sequer tiram a roupa do Gianechinni. A trilha sonora tenta dar o tom de suspense, mas o diretor não consegue traduzir o clima na tela. Vale a pena só pela história.

O Céu de Suely

It's all right. Nice cinematography, nice story, great actings... Nothing outstanding about it though.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

It's like shit served on a silver plate.

Waking Life
Waking Life(2001)

A really great movie that questions a lot about life, dreams, our perception of reality, death, destiny. The director surely just let it flow and achieved an impressive result in every scene, with oniric images and deep discussions. If you are into philosophical subjects and intelligent movies you should watch it.


Another teen flick. Shia LeBeouf is now declared the King of all Teens. It's a nice production, but that's it. The movie itself is not original, the actings are lame, the plot is filled with holes, the soundtrack is annoying.

Blow Job
Blow Job(1963)

Filme do Warhol que mostra a câmera fixa durante 30 minutos no rosto de um cara que supostamente está recebendo um boquete. É o tipo de filme que você encontra nas bienais de cultura e exposições de arte. Você tem que sentar, olhar e tirar sua interpretação do que está sendo mostrado. Durante o filme, surgem várias perguntas: "Ele está recebendo um boquete?"; "Ele está fingindo?"; e por aí vai. Ao mesmo tempo que a câmera mostra as expressões faciais, me pareceu um ato tanto solitário, e um boquete geralmente gira em torno da interação entre duas pessoas. Mas mesmo assim você continua capturado, seduzido pela imagem. Sendo o filme de 1963, muito antes desse tempo de exibições via webcam e reality shows, talvez aí resida o motivo do prestígio desse filme, já que naquela época ele já criticava o que de fato está acontecendo hoje em dia. Não é um filme de entretenimento, mas ajuda a desenvolver um pensamento crítico sobre o que vemos na tela e a maneira que interpretamos essas imagens.

Freaky Friday

Jamie Lee Curtis did a great job in this movie

Favela Rising

It's different from the other documentary movies regarding favelas. It has a good story, but I don't know, I have the feeling something was missing. They've made the cake and forgot to put the cherry on the top.

But I'm a Cheerleader

Ok I thought this was going to be bad but it's a real nice movie. Weird, but I got the message. Its humor is all over the top, like Saturday Night Live, and it works. I mean, Julie Delphy showing up in the middle of a gaybar named Cocksucker was the most normal thing that happened in the entire movie. Very nice and silly.


Average movie. They had a real great story but didn't manage to deliver a real great movie. Lacked the suspense. Could be better explored but, like I said, it's a nice story, so it's entertaining.

Chipmunk Adventure

Oh god. One of my favorites childhood movies, I knew how to sing all the songs, although the voices are dreadful. I guess I loved the whole concept, travelling in a balloon on a race. It's perfect for the kids and I'm looking forward to see the Alvin & the Chipmunks 3d animation movie that's coming out. But I guess it won't be as good as this one.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

I've spent the whole movie thinking "this is David Lynch, there must be something written between the lines". But you can understand what's going on. It's a good thriller, very 80s, I loved the soundtrack, it's like an opera and it fits the movie perfectly.

Uma Escola Atrapalhada

Angélica, Supla e cia militada? Fico feliz por fazer parte da geração que pegou essa leva de filmes infantis com esse povo, geração "Lua de Cristal", não "Xuxa Abracadabra" e "Eliana e os Golfinhos". Pode parecer brega, mas mesmo assim eu gosto bastante desse filme.

Master Building (Edificio Master)

Documentário muito bom sobre um edifício no RJ que tem mais de 1000 habitantes. O diretor visitou durante vários dias algumas dessas famílias e conversou sobre a vida naquele lugar, que mais parece um cortiço vertical. É interessante saber as histórias dessas pessoas, que são tão diferentes mas vivem a poucas portas de distância uma das outras. Ver como elas conseguem imprimir o pouco que resta de personalidade em suas kitinetes: umas kitschs, outras reformadas, mas todas mostrando um pouco da essência do morador. Deixa visível como é heterogênea a população de uma metrópole como o Rio, que recebe imigrantes de toda a parte do país, todos se aglomerando em lugares como o Edifício Master.

The Squid and the Whale

It's about a dysfunctional family but I can't help to think that the plot could be better explored. Each character had so much to show on screen and the plot kinda delivered only a superficial approach to each one of them. But it's a nice movie, a good entertainment.

When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

Really great documentary about what happened in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina. It shows a lot of things that didn't make the mass media news, so it made me realize I was totally clueless about what happened there. It features interviews with a lot of people, including the governor of Louisiana and the mayor of N.O., so it shows several different point of views about the tragedy. I once worked in a place that got destroyed by a flood, and it's so frustrating when you get into the house and see all the destruction. I can't imagine how the N.O.'s citizens felt when they saw their lives completely washed away, although this movie shows some of that reactions. Really good movie, specially for those who are fed up with all that "Bushit".

The Simpsons Movie

What you can't show in television, show it in the movies! Really good, I laughed a lot, loved the irony.

Breakfast on Pluto

Weird and queer, a good movie indeed. It has an interesting plot and performances. Patrick Braden may be the best queer character I've seen on a movie so far? Dunno, but certainly he did stand out.

The Good Night

It has an interesting story but the direction and the cinematography doesn't help, specially in the dreams part. It looks like a mess, except a dream. The acting doesn't help too. But it was sorta entertaining.

Stranger Than Fiction

I didn't know anything about this movie when I saw it so it was such a good surprise. It's a very stylish movie, well shot and everything. The concept of the movie isn't that original, I can't put my finger on it exactly, but it's like a mix of "Adaptation", "The Truman Show" and "Being John Malkovich". But that's a good thing. I'm actually starting to enjoy comedic actors playing dramatic roles.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Very good drama. It manages to be really emotional without being corny. It has a beautiful message and you can relate to the character's struggles, because in the end we're all looking for the same thing: happiness.

National Treasure

It's a good movie to watch with the family. I think it lacked a true villain though. If you don't get your hopes up then you'll not be disappointed.

Russian Ark
Russian Ark(2002)

I've never seen any movie like this one before. Completely shot in one continuous take (that's 90 minutes of nonstop filming), it takes you on a trip inside the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, showing 300 years of russian history throughout the paintings and the palace's corridors. There are at least 2000 stunts and none of them look at the camera. The costume designs are flawless. Some parts of that shot are spectacular, like when Catarina from Russia is running through the castle's garden, filled with snow. Stunning! I guess you'll have to see it for yourself to understand what a true masterpiece this movie is.

Fainaru fantajî X (Final Fantasy X)

What can I say about Final Fantasy X? I guess it is the most cinematic of them all, because it has a linear storyline, different then the others. I guess I've spent about 300 hours of my life in it. Yeah, and you know, I enjoyed every little second of it.

Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova(2000)

It's ok, nothing spectacular about it. It's well done and all, have good shots of Rio, I like bossa nova. So it worked for me.

Velvet Goldmine

Flashy movie. I liked it, though I'm not so into musical acts, and this movie has quite some. There are a lot of flamboyant characters, and the actors wowed me, specially Toni Collette and Ewan McGregor. I think he used to pick better roles back then.

Meet the Robinsons in Disney Digital 3-D

It was the first 3D movie I watched on a 3D movie theater, so it was wild! All the images comes right at your face, I got ghoose bumps at the beggining. The visual effects are amazing, I had never seen anything like it on my entire life! But the story isn't very good and all, but man, I didn't care. I was too hypnotized by the images to even care.

Meet the Robinsons

It was the first 3D movie I watched on a 3D movie theater, so it was wild! All the images comes right at your face, I get ghoose bumps , I've got amazed by the effects. But the story isn't very good and all, but man, I didn't care. I was too hypnotized to care.

Amarelo Manga (Mango Yellow)

Não entendo como um filme desses pode passar desapreciado. Com um filme desses, pouco me importa os recursos visuais que ele se utiliza. O que importa é o leque de personagens interessantíssimas, e embora a história trate apenas de 24h, dá para ter uma noção do histórico de cada um. É um filme desbocado, o máximo do politicamente incorreto, e que realmente nunca vi por aí filme nacional igual. Você jamais vai ver esse filme na Globo, e é justamente isso que torna ele interessante, por mostrar pessoas que são muito diferentes daquela que nós, brasileiros, estamos acostumados a ver no cinema e na televisão. Não tem aquela história de empregada doméstica usando uniforme. O filme nos convida a olharmos na tela e ver se não somos nós que estamos refletida nela, surgindo através do que pode parecer grotesco, mas que no fundo é só um retrato do cotidiano.

Miss Potter
Miss Potter(2007)

Lovely movie, it turned out to be better than I ever imagined. Renée Zellweger is so sweet I become diabetic whenever she appears on the screen. It is very well made, the plot isn't very exciting but I still enjoyed it.

Before the Nickelodeon: The Early Cinema of Edwin S. Porter

I've always wanted to know more about queer cinema and this documentary is a very nice opportunity to those who wanna learn about the subject. It features interviews with lotta gay actors and directors, and how they feel about being gay in Hollywood. Although there are a lot of movies mentioned, I kinda missed some. But it's a great movie, I really enjoyed it.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

Uhm, I think it is so overrated. For me it's the kind of a movie that has a bad screenplay hidden by a super production. The plot is filled with holes, but it gets better near the end. I've seen Denzel Washington playing that kind of role in at least a dozen movies. And you just can't use the Einstein-Rosen bridges theory every time you need to justify time traveling amongst something absurd, like a helmet that transmits images from the past (???) ! It's such a Hollywood cliché! But I guess the movie itself is a cliché.

Evan Almighty

It's just ok. It's not as good as Bruce Almighty but still it's a good movie. Kids will enjoy it better, I guess.

The Last King of Scotland

I liked it. It has some unexpected twists, and I just followed the doctor's point of view because I didn't know what happened in Uganda, just as him. So this movie can be quite unpredictable if you don't know the actual story behind it. Ignorance is bliss, at least in this case.

Saneamento Básico, O Filme

Muito bom. O roteiro é bem inteligente, as atuações são engraçadíssimas. Ainda bem que existe o Jorge Furtado para fazer comédias bem diferentes das do Daniel Filho. Ele faz uma crítica/sátira a respeito da captação de recursos no cinema brasileiro, mas isso fica em segundo plano. O que eu me diverti é com a ignorância do povo. Me lembrou quando a gente tentava fazer vídeos no ensino médio: era totalmente um desastre. Adorei!

The Piano
The Piano(1993)

The Piano is a very strong, beautiful and well done movie. Its very good story (has won the Oscar for best original screenplay) is supported by the flawless acting. Even though Holly Hunter's character is a mute, you can actually see what she is trying to say with that look in her eyes. Both Hunter and Anna Paquin won the Oscar because of these roles. I love the long big dramatic dresses, the shots on the beach in the beggining of the movie... It is really an excellent achieving in cinematography. And I'm a piano freak, I think this instrument has the most beautiful, yet sad melody. A must-see.

Last Days
Last Days(2005)

I guess Gus Van Sant's style backfired on him this time. The movie itself is just a monument to boredom. And what a cheesy tagline "Rock and roll will never die". If it was possible, Kurt Cobain would rise from the dead and shoot himself again after seeing this. A big no-no.


Good movie. I think the director managed to make this movie better than it was supposed to be. The script isn't very good, but everything else is... The art direction, the costume designs, cinematography, photography, the acting. I like that urban/underground/trashy kinda vibe, so it convinced me.


Ok, I actually thought this was another dumb super hero movie but I was so wrong! It's a VH1 flick so it's a comedy about the fashion industry, and I really liked it. You shouldn't take this too seriously but c'mon, Ben Stiller is a male model in the movie so that says it all. Anyway, I thought Will Ferrell was scarier than Donatella Versace, so that's a miracle and a plus. And there are a_lot of cameos by famous people, and I really like that. It's nice when you don't give a shit about a movie but then it actually turns out to be very good and funny.

Flags of Our Fathers

Wow, it's more than just another war movie, it's criticizing the american culture, "the society of the spectacle" mentioned by Guy Debord, so I found it very deep and very well thought. Being a non-linear movie, it's very difficult to get bored, and so it captures your attention during all movie. And just having another movie ("Letters from Iwo Jima") showing the other side of this story made all look very, very interesting. I'm quite intrigued why this movie didn't made it to the Oscars, nevertheless it's a real great movie.

Lots of Ice and a Little Bit of Water

Eu adoro a Fernanda Young, que assina o roteiro desse filme. Ela sempre costuma colocar elementos autobiográficos em suas obras. Aí agora que ela está casada, mãe, bem-sucedida, ela faz uns roteiros tipo desse filme, que é muito chato. É exagerado, as cenas de humor são piores que "Chaves e Chapolim". Não gostei nada desse, mas é um filme de comédia do Daniel Filho, então não dá pra esperar muita coisa.

A Máquina
A Máquina(2005)

O filme tem um ótimo texto, e eu gostei bastante da atuação do Paulo Autran. Depois disso, resta dizer que achei um filme bem arrastado. Já não sou muito fã do sotaque carregado, e também nem um pouco da linguagem do filme: meio video-clip, meio "Dogville", passando a clara impressão de estar sendo filmada dentro de um teatro/estúdio, e nota-se isso desde a cenografia até a fotografia, que achei bem fraca. Nordestina não se assemelha ao resultado estético de Dogville. O merchandising descarado e mal-feito destruiu a aura desse filme, que não fez justiça ao texto que lhe deu origem.

Letters from Iwo Jima

Although this movie supposedly presents the japanese perspective of the battle of Iwo Jima, it kinda bothers me it is directed/produced/written by americans. I guess because of that, the movie has a neutral stance, and doesn't present the american army as the "bad guys", like usually most of war movies do. It actually shows simpathy between enemies. Other than that, it's a real good movie. And I liked its art direction, it's fitting for a japanese movie.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Good movie, it's very well done. It has a weird plot, but it was somehow convincing to me. I loved the costume designs, specially the peasant's.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I've gotta give this movie the props for at least trying to describe the effects of mind-expanding drugs. As the main characters get high, the movie's perspective changes, following the effects of the drugs. I think it's very difficult to translate the drugs' effects on screen but somehow Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas manages to do it, with funny scenes and very good performances by both leading actors. But the story gets kinda lost between the acid trips, and the movie can get a little boring at some parts. You should probably get stoned or use anything to open your "door to perception" or else you're not going to get it.

Notes on a Scandal

Great movie, intelligent dialogues and strong performances by both lead actresses. The story isn't that original, but I liked that it is presented by Dench's character point of view, because she is the most interesting of them all. I wonder how she would describe herself in her diary: manipulative, lonely, wicked and resentful old woman. I've met a few teachers kinda like her in my life though, and that made me sympathise more with Blanchett's character, who've done the wrong thing with the student. So in the end you realize being bitter is much way worse than being irresponsible. It's a really good movie, I enjoyed it a lot.


I actually think this is one of Scarlett Johansson's greatest performances, and I've seen a bunch of her movies. It's a good movie but the plot begins with strange events and the end is totally ridiculous. At least Scarlett and Woody Allen could get a MTV Best Duo on Screen award with this movie though.


I've only watched it for the first time yesterday, so for me it was kinda outdated. I gotta remember it was 1993, and things were different back then. But the courtroom scenes and dialogues were kinda tacky, so... It's a good movie, but not fenomenal.

House of Sand

Wow. It has been some time since I really liked a movie. The House of Sand is beautiful, with the most impressive cinematography, a good script and great performances. It suceeds in transmitting the loneliness of the barren, inhospitable desert, with no soundtrack during all movie. All you can hear is the sound of the wind in the desert and the sand. The art direction is stunning but reminded me a bit like "The Piano", which is very good. Also I really love the contrast between long black dramatic dresses on the white moving sand. A must see.

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

I didn't get it if Georgia Rule is a drama or a comedy. It kinda gets lost in between, because it deals with very disturbing issues in a strange way. But it's a Garry Marshall movie, so I didn't expect too much. Felicity Huffmann does the best performance of the movie, but it's not as close as her real best performances. Lindsay Lohan is a living trainwreck. I've heard her say in an interview she wants to win an Oscar. But with performances like that, she will probably get a Razzie.

Problem Child 2

OMFG. I'm really finding my childhood favorites all over flixster now. I remember the scene of the birthday party and all the presents in the pool, the barfing scene... I always loved the villains, and these two were just mean and wrong. I would still watch it today.


O-m-g. I used to love this movie when I was like, 6 years old. It's a good movie for the kids. Just look at the seal wearing the hawaiian shirt and sunglasses! That explains why I always liked seals.

Napoleon Dynamite

Nonsense comedy, but still made me laugh. I loved Napoleon's dance sequence. It has the MTV humor type going on, it reminded me of Beavis and Butt Head. You can say that Napoleon Dynamite is the best representation of a teenager in a movie these days.


It's a Michael Bay movie, and I'm definitely not a fan of his work. I don't know why I thought Transformers would be different. It's a good action movie, but I'm not into all that shooting and blasting. Nowadays it's very difficult to impress me with the CG, but the special effects sure are impressing.
It's obvious they make this movie to wins tons and tons of money from the toys, t-shirts and other stuffs. To give a modern view of this 80s classic they filled the script with pop culture jokes and references, not to mention the merchandising. To see all those brands made me thought I was seeing a very long advertising video. I didn't like it, but if you like blockbusters or action movies you'll probably love it.

The Brown Bunny

A huge egotrip from the director/actor/producer. It's clearly an experimental movie, with interesting camera angles, nothing spectacular, but then it just keeps going on and on the same thing, and doesn't get to nowhere. Then we see Chloë Sevigny in her best performance, and I'm not talking about acting. I'm glad she usually does edgy roles, so this wasn't the end of her career. If you like independent films you should watch it, although there are other movies, like "Elephant", that succeeded in what Vincent Gallo tried to do with The Brown Bunny. And if you're a pervert you can just skip to the blow job scene.

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

I think The Matrix is a masterpiece. Not only for its trendsetting image effects, but for being for my generation what 1984 by George Orwell was for the past generations. They've managed to combine blockbuster's qualities, like the kung-fu and all the gun-action scenes, to a very well thought philosophy, regarding what's our perception of reality nowadays. They used Pluto's Myth of the Cavern, written ages ago, and updated to a present perspective. You can point ideas defended by authors such as Jean Baudrillard and Guy Debord during all movie. They even quote Baudrillard, when Morpheus says "Welcome to the desert of the real". Not to mention the religious aspects regarding the name of the characters, like Trinity. It was all meticulously thought, and therefore that's why I think The Matrix is and will continue to be a must-see for present and future generations.

Saint Seiya: Tenkai-hen josô - Overture

I'm a huge Saint Seiya fan. I got so happy they made a new movie after 15 years, it was a dream that came true. But if you aren't a fan, don't bother, because this movie begins where the original manga series (from 1988) had stopped, in the end of the Hades saga.
It's very different from all other Saint Seiya movies and OVAs, it does not have very action and fighting scenes, focusing on the characters feelings and dilemmas. I watched on my home theater and the sound effects just gave me the chills. I expected a little more, but it sure delivers a good ride for all Saint Seiya fans.

Houve Uma vez Dois Verões

Sou fã do Jorge Furtado, ele é um dos únicos cineastas brasileiros que tenta explorar o mercado de cinema voltado para adolescentes. Se as estatísticas já mostram que o público jovem é quem mais consome cinema no país, por que não explorar esse nicho? Eu acho totalmente válido essas incursões do cineasta para esse público.
"Houve uma Vez dois Verões" é um filme bonitinho, carregado de sotaque porto-alegrense, sobre dois adolescentes agitando nas praias gaúchas. Para quem, assim como eu, já passou um verão naquelas praias, pode se identificar com a história. Se você for gaúcho com certeza vai gostar, até a trilha sonora é repleta de bandas gaúchas.
Eu gosto do filme, embora todos os atores são canastrões de primeira. Mas é uma boa opção de filme brasileiro, já que não se passa no nordeste e não tem grandes pretensões.


Wow, this short film is amusing. I don't really know what to say because it's perfect, and don't need any talking.

The Year My Parents Went on Vacation (O Ano em Que Meus Pais Saíram de Férias)

It's cutsie, but not fenomenal. Still a good movie.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Finally! The first Harry Potter movie I actually like. Although I'm not a big HP's fan, I've read all the books released so far, so I can diss about all the other movies, except this one. I'm glad they got rid of the Quidditch matches, I've always thought they were boring.
Daniel Radcliffe needed to ride a horse naked to grow up as an actor, and Emma Watson is just a trainwreck waiting to happen. Imelda Staunton does the best performance in all series as Dolores Umbridge, just as I imagened from the book. I've seen Staunton from her other movies, so her performance in this one just blew me away. Very, very good.
I'm glad now that Harry Potter is a teenager, because I was just sick of seeing they lifting apples or whatever. Now they are actually fighting, and that's what is all about when you are a wizard capable of killing someone with a spell.
The fourth book is the best one in my humble opinion, but this fifth movie is the best of the series.

L.A. Confidential

It's a good movie set on the 40s, that comes with the full package: dishonest cops, hookers, drugs and murderers. I got a little bored halfway through the movie but then it got my attention again. The huge cast of stars do a great performance, specially Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey.


One of the best I've seen this year, its powerfull images still linger on my mind. I really like Iñarritu's movies and nonlinear storylines, so Babel definitely became one of my favorites. I think the Oscar for best supporting actress should have gone to Rinko Kikuchi, instead of the American Idol reject Jennifer Hudson.
Anyway, Babel has a variety of locations, so the photography and art direction of the movie is just flawless. Some may criticize Babel for being a movie that has a political message, but I don't think that's the main reason for watching it. A must-see.

Bridge to Terabithia

Oh God. It's a teen flick. And I'm saying this just to spare you the trouble of watching it. I didn't know that untill I listened the soundtrack that features Ashley Tisdale or whatever the hell that was. If you're over 18, you should just skip it. I have to give them the props, it's a well done movie, and it sure has interesting camera shots, like the one on the swing. And by the half of the movie the story totally have a twist, and the teen cast sure handled the acting. But the end is kinda cheesy, so bottom line... very disappointing.


Even though a rat sticking his dirty little fingers all over the food at the restaurant may sound disgusting, I enjoyed it with a huge bucket of sweet popcorn. And the movie was very good too, sweet as the popcorn. I really loved the plot, a rat who wants to become a cook, and they sure made a very funny movie. I must say I would never find a rat's point of view amusing untill Ratatouille, they sure nailed it. And the best of it, it is set in France, and most of the characters have french accents. I loved it, better than Shrek The Third.

The Secret of the Sword

My aunt told me that when she tooked me to the movies to watch it I kept doing the "By The Power Of Grayskull... I Have The Power" thing while we were on the line to see the movie. I don't remember that, but man, I was a huge fan of both He-Man and She-ra. Then came the japanese animes and I totally abandoned the american animations. I actually bought a 2-DVD set featuring She-Ra best episodes and this movie, with the original dub from the 80s. And I still had a really great time watching it.
The movie has a very fast rythm, with the eye-catchers popping out every now and then, during the hole movie. But it's still enjoyable because it features all the characters from both the TV series. I loved the She-ra villains like Hordac and Feline. The script probably was written for a TV special, because the storyline is nothing like a full-length animation movie. If you were a fan, it's a must-see. And if you're not, go watch Shrek or something like that.

An Inconvenient Truth

Who would say a runner up to the White House could be a part of an interesting movie about global warming, and a winner of the Oscar, instead of just being a babbling monkey playing with the most powerful army of the world? I really think Al Gore wants to do his part in saving the world, but it's undeniable that is all for a reason: cash. I hope he uses that money in global warming reduction measures, but I seriously doubt that. USA may be the doom of the living, and this movie shows that with no strings attached. Go watch it today.

Saw III(2006)

Run from it like the devil runs from holy water. The actors should win the Razzie Award for worst ensamble ever in a movie. It's just ridiculous, boring and wrong.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Some may kill me for saying this, but I liked it. I was in the mood for seeing a dumb comedy, so it was perfect. If you're moody and grumpy you'll never like it. It's like "Kung Fu Hustle" meets Hollywood. Very cartoonish style, with the superhero, the supervillain, etc. Maybe I was in a good day. But c'mon, Anna Faris is in it, so don't expect any Oscar performances or a really good plot.

If I Were You

Esse filme é uma sucessão de clichês e chupações de filmes de Hollywood que eu jamais vi na vida. O assunto troca de personalidade já é um assunto batido. Essa troca ocorrer por causa do alinhamento dos planetas do sistema solar é mais batido ainda. O personagem principal é um publicitário que só consegue entender o que seu público-alvo quer quando troca de personalidade com a mulher. Não passa de uma cópia descarada do filme "Do que as mulheres gostam". A diferença é que no filme gringo, a campanha que eles criam para a Nike é realmente muito boa. Na brasileira, é ridícula. Sem contar aqueles clichês básicos de família rica que vai para Aspen, marido que não gosta da sogra, publicitário que precisa ganhar prêmio, Danielle Winitts fazendo papel de gostosa e por aí vaí. E, como eu disse, se você viu a versão do Mel Gibson vai achar as piadas previsíveis e sem graça. Sinceramente, uma tremenda e bela bosta.

Two Sons of Francisco (2 Filhos de Francisco)

I still can't believe this was Brazil's runner up to the Oscars that year. Cinema, Aspirinas e Urubus is BY FAR better than this one. And I just can't stand the music, it gives me nightmares.


Dreamgirls is just another regular movie about singers who want to become famous. And there are lots and lots of good movies about this subject, and Dreamgirls surely doesn't stand among them. Jennifer Hudson should never won the Oscar, and when she did her solo act I thought my head was gonna explode with all her screaming. She was voted off from American Idol for a reason, and that's for sure. At least Eddie Murphy proved he can do dramatic roles too. Not very fond of this one.

Ocean's Thirteen

It's just ok. It's better than the second one, but it's not a great movie, it's just ok. I find it rather difficult to set apart George Clooney and Brad Pitt from their characters. If Danny Ocean was called George Clooney during the movie, I wouldn't notice. It has a very fast rythm so the beginning is kinda confusing, but then it gets back on tracks.

The Virgin Suicides

I'll always think of The Virgin Suicides as a masterpiece. It's by far one of my favorites movies. Sofia Coppola really captured the essence of the book and transformed it in a movie with the most beautiful aesthetics. The shots of the empty house, accompanied by the soundtrack, just translates all the characters feelings and visions. I hope Sofia Copolla and the Air duo comes back in future movies. Although I loved "Lost in Translation" and "Mairie Antoinette", this movie is by far her greatest accomplishment. I rather think of it as visual poetry. Not a movie, but art itself.


Whoever saw Angelina as Gia back in those days could tell she would become such a star.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Meh. I like the first one better. I got my hopes high since I liked very much the original one, but bummer. I didn't understand Jessica Alba's lynx eyes, they're distracting. As so her boobs, but they doesn't take a close shot on them every time. The humor parts were laughable - because they kinda sucked. It's just another blockbuster movie, so it's a garanteed fun, but I just hope the third one will be better.

Saint Seiya Gekijôban

Although this is not the best OVA for Saint Seiya, it is still very good. In this OVA there are characters who inspired others in the TV series, such as Orphee and Maya (Lyra no Orphee and Sagita no Tremy in the TV series). Definitely worthy of seeing.

Melissa P.
Melissa P.(2005)

I haven't read the book, but I can still judge wether it's a good movie or not. Dunno, you can't call it softporn at times. You can't really connect to any characters because it gives you shallow perspectives of their visions. Even when Melissa is writing in her diary, she doesn't write what her feelings really are. Instead, are just crappy texts about how the cum of several boys tasted. Hm. If the book is like the movie than it must be crap literature, if you can call it that. But if you like watching softporn at least you can get a boner. All I got was a big yawn.

Starship Troopers

I really like this one. Denise Richards wasn't half the bitch she is nowadays, and she does a good job aswell as the other actors. Except the lead, but he is gorgeous so I can give him a break.
I really like that "newsflash" intervention during the movie, I think it's interesting and it works. It's one of my guilty pleasures watching Starship Troopers.

Who's That Girl?

What can I say about this one? The cheetah tottaly overshadowed Madonna. He is total a better actor than she is. Madonna's eyebrows are like a black hole, it draws the attention for the entire movie. For that, yeah, tottaly worthy of seeing.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

I love Final Fantasy VII, I always thought it is the best game in the saga. Although the first Final Fantasy movie wasn't so great, this one is really great. Even the English Dub is good, and the Japanese I just bow to it. It's just a dream that became true to all Final Fantasy fans.

Pink Flamingos

Wow... Definitely Divine is the Filthiest Person Alive! This movie has extreme trashy scenes, so if you have a weak stomach you shouldn't watch it. I'm not so into trash movies, but I definitely find it rather interesting watching this one.... It's funny and gross at the same time, although I didn't dig it, I recommend all movie addicts to watch Pink Flamingos

Cruel Intentions

do you think i relish the fact i have to act like mary sunshine 24/7 so i can be considered a lady? i'm the marcia fucking brady of the upper east side and sometimes i wanna kill myself.

The Triplets of Belleville

one of the greatest animations ever

Spice World
Spice World(1998)

i used to be a huge spice fan when i was younger, i even have this movie in VHS, but man, it is terrible! i thought the spice girls were supposed to act (not to mention the singing part), but they weren't capable of even that. at least you can call it a "trash classic".


the most disturbing movie i've ever seen. i love all the long scenes that were shot without cuts, specially the part when they're at the train. the actors did a great job aswell.

Lost and Delirious

i think it's worthy because of the lesbian subjects, specially on a teen enviroment. will help a lot of girls to accept and understand themselves.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

and if they ever ask about me, tell them i was more than just a great set of boobs. i was also an incredible pair of legs.

Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale(2002)

so this is all about... me disappearing with 10 million bucks.
so... wipe it off, and let`s go get it.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

The Animatrix