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The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

The right combination of hilarious and heartwarming. You did a decent job, Hollywood.

Indie Game: The Movie

I spent a lot of my childhood writing little videogames for the fun of it and have always kind-of wondered what would happen if I took my career down that path, so this was an especially interesting movie to me. To see how much stress and sacrifice these people go through for something that's supposed to be fun. Wow.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Way Of The Tosser

This was a bizzare hick hipster mockentary. It turned out to be pretty funny just because it was so absurd, yet took itself seriously. Kind of reminds me of movies like "mallrats" and "run ronnie run"

In Time
In Time(2011)

Overall was a great dystopian sci-fi. The concept is solid, the story is good, and the cinematography is great. The acting sucked but I can forgive that, it's still a story well worth watching for the thought provocation alone.


I had a meeting in a conference room named "NZT" yesterday, so I decided to google that acronym and found this movie. Turns out it was really good! You have to suspend reason at some points, but that's true of any sci-fi based in current times...

Short Circuit


30 Minutes or Less

This movie tries really hard to be funny, and fails miserably. It's boring, and gets it's cheap laughs by being uncleverly crass. All it really did for me was make me miss "Eastbound and Down". Barely watchable, don't waste your time. I wish I didn't.

Blood in the Mobile

This movie was very informative, but not at all entertaining, despite the author's attempt at jarring Michael-Moore-like hijinks. The documenter got away with a lot but just wasn't a good showman.

I give it a good 2-star rating for the pure dissemination of information about unabashed corporate greed and military corruption brought about by the phone manufacturing industrry. Definitely worth watching.

Addicted to Plastic: The Rise and Demise of a Modern Miracle

Unbearably preachy and poor production, especially in the beginning and end sequence, but still worth watching for the scientists, punduts, and to witness adventure these documentarians went through to make this movie.

The Captains
The Captains(2011)

It's a eulogy... but it's a *good* eulogy, and Avery Brooks is a complete nutter!

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

This movie was pretty stupid. As a redeeming quality, it was also pretty silly. And it was a successful advertisement, as I am now slightly curious what a white castle burger tastes like.

The Joneses
The Joneses(2010)

This movie's concept could have been conveyed in ~30 minutes instead of 90. The rest was just filler.


I can't believe I never saw this before last week. Incredible concept, and for a movie that was made when I was 4... brilliantly executed.

Star Trek V - The Final Frontier

Not Trek's highest point to be sure, but it still had some redeeming moments, like Spock's execution on his analysis of camping customs, Uhuru's brief stint as an exotic dancer and the morse-code bridge escape.

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Seeing Spock school that punk on the bus is absolutely priceless.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

I watched this movie on advice of David Gadling. I was disappointed to discover that it had absolutely nothing to do with programming. As far as time-loop stories go, it was okay, but I wouldn't put it up there with "Groundhog Day" or "Time Squared".

The Green Hornet

Wasn't nearly as funny as I had hoped, but it did have some cool visuals.

The Flight of Dragons

It was a lot better than I thought. Good lore. But terrible acting and cheesy animation.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

15 years later, it's still hard to find a story that's been told better than this.

A Fish Called Wanda

Hey look, it's a giant 80's cheeseball.

Napoleon Dynamite

I probably would never have watched this again if it didn't randomly come on TV... but it's funny. :-)

The Neverending Story

Another childhood favorite that Sedara is finally old enough to appreciate. :)


A bunch of hollywood people going on about how pointless and melancholy it is to be a hollywood person. Don't watch this movie. It's a bunch of bullshit, then it's over. Hollywood, if you're going to go meta, it should be funny, or at least entertaining.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

I can't believe some people actually watch this voluntarily. It's half a star instead of zero stars because Flixster won't let you rate something zero stars. And because it's actually moving pictures with accompanying sound. But mostly becuase Flixster won't let you rate something zero stars.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

One of the silliest uses of amazing special effects I've seen.


One of the more twisted, deflating things I've watched in a long awhile. I almost couldn't finish it. If you want to see a bunch of dumbasses act dumb, wear silly clothes, do drugs, have sex and swear a lot because they don't have anything better to do, this is the movie for you. There were a few things that made me laugh, like the woman who was making her dating video profile and kept editing down her expectations in real time.

Wall Street
Wall Street(1987)

I only watched this because a sequel is out now, 23 years later and I need to prepare myself. I was pleasantly surprised.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

My first Pixar movie in 1080p. Bright and breathtaking!

True Lies
True Lies(1994)

Probably my favorite Arnie flick. Utterly slapstick, and the first time I saw him working for a government agency. Of course, back then, it was fiction.


I wonder if Danny DeVito is ever going to go for political office... Governor of Pennsylvania maybe?


More classic Arnie. I kind-of hope he goes back into movies again when his term as Governor is over.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

The lesser-known prequel to "The Social Network". Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak was okay, but the funhouse-mirror depictions of Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer gave me plenty more laughs.

Kindergarten Cop

The other night, I was reading through the "California Drivers' Guide". On the first page is an introductory letter from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, complete with his signature and a picture of him. From that page on, I could not read a word of the book without it having a thick Austrian accent in my head. Being "taught" by Arnie also filled me with an overwhelming desire to watch this movie again.

Louis C.K.: Hilarious

Filthy, filthy, filthy. And I've been laughing so hard I've got tears!

A Bronx Tale
A Bronx Tale(1993)

This was a great story, but the telling of it felt a bit drawn out. Worth watching again.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Crap, I just wasted 90 minutes of my life. There were a few laughs and slapstic-absurd scenes... but really... this was over-hyped and under-performed.


I didn't expect a movie about a font to be too interesting or thought-provoking... but it really was! A must-see for anybody who has ever looked at a magazine, billboard sign, street marker, speed limit sign, newspaper, back of a DVD case, government form, recycling box, or bank card.

8: The Mormon Proposition

This movie made me ANGRY. Mormons funneling tens of millions of dollars into a hate campaign and that's just the beginning. So the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints thinks it's okay to lie, cheat, extort, torture, hate, kill (well, drive to suicide), slander, and bully to push their political agenda. Aren't the ten commandments in their bible? Or Mark 12:31? Or even Matthew 7:5???

The Yes Men Fix the World

The Yes Men did it again. I saw the P2P edition (http://eztv.it/ep/21608/the-yes-men-fix-the-world-p2p-edition-2010-hq-x264-vodo/), which not only is released under a Creative Commons license, but also includes some more recent footage of their exploits with the US Chamber Of Commerce.


This movie earns it's star for actually having a storyline that exposes a thought-provoking outlook on the world through the eyes of a future race that has become so advanced they've become bored with life, and so pompous that they look on the rest of the human race as no more than animals. The rest of the movie (acting, writing, sets, special effects, you know, *everything* else) is cheesy crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.

Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds(2002)

The hideousness of that foot will haunt my dreams forever.

Billy Madison

"Touch her boobs? That's assult brotha! You double-dare me?"

Austin Powers in Goldmember

OK, you can't just watch one Austin Powers without following through with all of them. It's like Back To The Future that way. So I probably shouldn't get started on Back To The Future tonight. But now the idea is in my head. Damn you Carol!

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

You know what's remarkable? Is how much how England looks in no way like southern California!

Wayne's World

"In some countries, marriage is a punishment for shoplifting!"


For those of you just joining us... Today, we're teaching poodles how to fly!

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Ok, after watching Ferris Bueller, how could I *NOT* watch this next?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Awesome, awesome classic. Thanks to Carol for inspiring me to watch it again, it's been years!

The Obama Deception

One excellent thing that people like Alex Jones brings us is facts. He paints them in the most paranoid, delusional way possible, but in a way that's awesome, because it's drawing attention to several things that are inherently wrong with the system that we are using to manage life on this planet.

The Yes Men
The Yes Men(2004)

Hilarious! I laughed so hard I nearly cried when the clip of Canadian Parliament came on.


What I don't get about this film, is that Josh Fox already had more than enough ammo to go on without introducing inaccuracies that the oil drilling industry could jump on to debunk it as a real documentary. If he had just stuck to the facts, people would have still reacted and this work would be a lot more credible.


An interesting (and not entirely implausible) explanation for ancient Egyptian civilization, some good action scenes, the acting was for the most part hokey, but hey, it's the start of a loooooong-spanning saga so we'll see where this goes!


Great animated children's horror story with excellent graphics. Sedara got a bit frightened near the end and we had to pause it for awhile, but she did finish the movie and when I asked her about it a few hours later, she said "It was scary, but I still liked it!"

District 9
District 9(2009)

One of the better sci-fi's I have seen lately. I recommend watching it the first time without subtitles, and then the second time with them turned on.

City of Ember

An excellent fantasy about what could happen if nuclear holocaust forced mankind to establish a city underground. The sets and special effects in this movie had an eerie feel that sort-of reminded me of "a series of unfortunate events".

He Was a Quiet Man

The main character has developed hallucinatory insanity and pent-up homicidal rage brought on from a sense of entitlement, then some other nut job comes along and steals his thunder. It just gets more entertaining and bizzare from there!


Even with Jack Black and Andy Dick, this movie was only mildly funny. What am I saying? Jack Black's only *ever* mildly funny.

The Wizard of Oz

An absolute classic! I just put this on for my daughter for the first time. The first thing she said (during the black and white portion): "Why isn't the sky blue? Why does everybody look all weird?"

Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

Very funny (the politicians in particular were quite python-esque in parts), and it was good to see the crew from The IT Crowd in a different role.

The Fourth Kind

Depressing, abrasive, and anti-climatic.

Lakeview Terrace

A decent story, but a little bit drawn out and predictable.

Miss March
Miss March(2009)

Only slightly entertaining

In a Spiral State

Completely pointless and painful.

We Live in Public

Wow. An incredibly intelligent, sadistic and masochistic guy helps build the Internet and predicts it's future, driving himself and those around him utterly bonkers in the process. If you want to see the first ever Internet TV station, or what happens when you lock 100 people in a bunker beneath New York for a month with cameras and (and TVs to watch the cameras live) *everywhere*, or a nice apple farm, watch this movie.


A movie about a jaded, sarcastic, bitchy highschool girl who gets knocked up and decides to put the unborn baby up for adoption, when all hilarity ensues. According to some research, this movie prompted teenage girls across north america to get themselves pregnant after it's release. This phenomena has been dubbed "The Juno Effect".

The Botany of Desire

*excellent* documentary about how plants have evolved to "convince" humans to ensure their survival. Goes in depth on the origins of the popularity of the apple, the tulip, cannabis, and the potato

The Care Bears Movie

Barely tolerable sickeningly sweet goop.. but at least Sedara likes it.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Aweomse Jim Carey. Awesome David Cross. Awesome Kate Winslet (altough "Little Children" may be a tie there). Awesome story.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

97% of all money is now digital.

What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole

This movie contains an *excellent* description of the double slit experiment and the observer effect.

The Secret
The Secret(2006)

This is going to sound like a bad review, but I still think the movie is worth watching, I just have a few philosophical differences. Actually, this movie would have been almost exactly in line with my spiritual beliefs if it wasn't so individualist. It didn't explore how the law of attraction works in groups, and didn't adequately explore what happens when two wills are in direct opposition. Without those elements the message comes across as "Anybody can get or do anything they want so long as they really really want it and believe it", which I don't believe is completely accurate (pretty close tho), and that attitude *certainly* isn't responsible unless one only wants good things to happen for everybody. It did touch on "gratitude" a bit, which was nice, but isn't the whole picture IMHO.


Funny and great graphics. As it's a kids movie, I've officially seen it way too many times now.

Zeitgeist: The Movie

Absolutely awesome movie that I learned a lot from. Like all of these sorts of movies, it has to be taken with a grain (or 100) of salt. The main thing I'd say against it is that it's tone tries to "hammer it into your head" a bit much. I can think for myself, thanks. But it's definately an interesting watch and gave me a lot of things to research.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

One of those twisted, hilarious "SNAFU" movies... but in a good way. :-) Also the first movie I saw Crispin Glover in.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

An incredible story with incredible actors, scenery, and special effects. One of the few movies that has made me shed a tear in the past few years.

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Starts off like a documentary, in the middle it's more like a letter, and in the end it's like a eulogy. A gut-wrenching movie which is definitely worth seeing.


A good movie to put on for a lazy morning. Sedara loved seeing a "real life" tinkerbell. :-)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Two holidays for the price of one!

Girl, Interrupted

A good, dark, gut-wrenching but funny movie. Some overly chick-flicky parts. It's about how you don't have to be insane to be in a (figurative or literal) asylum, that crazy doesnt -mean- insane, how people get better... and how Whoopi Goldberg isnt really an actor, they just put her on camera and she's the same person in every single movie (or show; TNG etc) she's ever been in.


A friend at work suggested this too me, and also said it probably wasn't one I should watch around my daughter... I asked if it was any worse than Family Guy, he said "no, probably not worse than family guy"... I'm glad I watched it alone anyway... in a lot of ways way worse than Family Guy... it's sick and twisted and perverse and no little kid should ever see it but oh my god I couldn't stop cracking up!!!

Street Fight
Street Fight(2005)

While I was appalled that Sharpe James could get away with his mobster-like ownership of Newark so long in a democratic society, this documentary actually restored my faith in democratic process in a free society, because he didn't get away with it in the end; the world knows now.

Blades of Glory

One of Will Farrell's lowest achievements.

Logan's Run
Logan's Run(1976)

A really good premise, with some really bad acting.


Pretty good, but got a bit preachy at the end.

The Simpsons Movie

It was just like a 90-minute long Simpsons episode, but it was like a *good* 90-minute long simpsons episode.

The Producers

The classic 1960's producers. Absolutely hilarious, nothing like that crap remake!

The Producers

This movie is a remake of a broadway musical which is a remake of a movie about making a broadway musical. The original 1960's movie is absolutely brilliant; somewhere between there and here things got *horridly* washed out.


About the most boring movie I have ever seen in my life. It was like watching "Gladiator", only without a worthwhile storyline.

The Da Vinci Code

This movie sucked balls. If you want something actually *interesting*, try the History Channel's "Da Vinci and The Code He Lived By".

Who Killed the Electric Car?

I *really* hope this movie shames the auto industry into bringing back the electric vehicle.


The newspaper ad calls this "Michael Moore's Funniest Film Yet!"... It isn't funny at all. It's dark and depressing, but it is also provides a great contrast on how different countries treat their citizens.

Little Children

A creepy, gripping story with excellent narriation.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

From comedy to creepy dead-serious action packed to back again, with lots of good cheesy cop movie lines!


Best movie of 2006. The use of Crocs in the prison uniform is so fitting.