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Greased Lightning

Expecting another Pryor laughfest? This is a straight on drama. Look out for Julian Bond in a small part.

Why Did I Get Married?

The dinner scene is not to be missed! However, film does bog down a little in the middle. Jill Scott is very good here.

Madea Goes to Jail

Nothing like watching an old woman beat someone down!

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

Streep can sing, Seyfried can sing, Baranski and Walters do okay, but the males! They will never win any singing awards. It looks as if all involved had fun making the film, however. It's okay fluff, but there are better musicials. It helps if you are familiar with ABBA and their hits.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

The film doesn't do a bad job in attempting to capture the feel of the 1960's TV series. Carell is a great choice to play Maxwell Smart. If you have seen the TV show, you'll appreciate all the references in the film to the show. The script could have been better, but it was more amusing than I expected.

The Incredible Hulk

No chemistry between Norton and Tyler, unfortunately. Nice tie-ins to the old TV series and to Iron Man, however. Action was so-so.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Great on characterization, which more films in this genre desperately needs.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It was okay. Not as bad as The Temple of Doom, but not as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Mark of Zorro

Tyrone Power was TOO fine. Great adventure story that runs at a fast clip.

Sweet Smell of Success

Lancaster is intense as a Walter Winchell type who doesn't give a damn about who he ruins in his entertainment column.

Devil's Playground

Interesting documentary about a culture that people really don't know much about other than what they see.

Kid Galahad
Kid Galahad(1962)

Elvis and boxing was a good mix.

Torch Song Trilogy

One of the early gay-themed Hollywood films. Fierstein is good here, but the rest of the film is so-so.


A thinking person's courtroom thriller; not bad.

The Blob
The Blob(1958)

Sneaky little B-movie that has gained attention over the years because of McQueen's participation. This is better than the remake.

Double Indemnity

This film noir is fascinating as you watch these characters get stuck deeper in their dirt. Great film.

American Gangster

Not on the level of "The Godfather", but good performances by Washington, Crowe, Dee and Brolin help

An Unmarried Woman

A time capsule of how divorce was handled in the 1970's, mixed in with women's empowerment.

This Christmas

Good. Not sappy and sentimental, just a story about family going through what familes go through.

Mildred Pierce

Yes! A good soap opera story. Ann Blyth was a good ungrateful daughter.

Bad Day at Black Rock

All the man wanted to do was to find out what happened to his friend. Good, taut flick.

A Boy and His Dog

Sick sci-fi staring a young Don Johnson and a mean telepathic dog.

What's New, Pussycat?

Very silly, from what I remember of this film.

House on Haunted Hill

I loved the scene where a woman was scared to death by a person she ran into in the basement. "Murderess!"

Prizzi's Honor

Gangster thrills mixed with dark humor in this allright film.

A Patch of Blue

Deep movie with Winters playing a witch of a parent.

Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy

Lawrence is definately crazy funny in this one.

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Eh. . .could have been a lot tighter. Ms. Fox is good in this.

Kiss Me Kate
Kiss Me Kate(1953)

Howard Keel was so fine and manly, God rest his soul.

Manos: The Hands of Fate

Horrible! Poorly done, etc., you name it.


Another cookie cutter Elvis film made a little more lively by Bill Bixby's appearance.

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

Vincent Price was the man when it came to the macabre!

Stephen King's 'Storm of the Century'

Not the worst of King's stories that have been adapted into TV movies, but this one might have been better if done on the big screen.

New York, New York

Good sprawling story set in NY's 1940's music scene.

Double Trouble

If you've seen one of Elvis' 1960s movies, you've basically seen them all.


I read the script, but I've only seen a portion of the film. Judging from the script, this is a nasty little crime thriller.

The Odd Couple

Lemmon and Matthau had great screen chemistry.

They Call Me Trinity (Lo chiamavano Trinità)

Action packed spaghetti western that's not quite up there with the ones Clint Eastwood did, but entertaining.

Madonna: Truth or Dare

Very engaging documentary. But old girl was wrong for dissing Kevin Costner in that one scene!

Soul Food
Soul Food(1997)

The guys who produced this movie graduated from the college I graduated from. I like how they made a family comedy/drama based around a tradition in African-American culture.

Mississippi Masala

Interesting study of Indian immigrants in the south. The immigrants in this incident had come to the US from an African country expriencing unrest. It is interesting how the female character's character have a problem with her being interested in an African-American man, based on their experiences in Africa.


Tripped out. I saw this when it first opened, and the sound was cranked up during the end credits. Interesting performances.

The Best Man
The Best Man(1999)

Terrence Howard was the best character in the entire film.

The Goodbye Girl

Funny comedy about two people thrown together by circumstance.

Oprah Winfrey Presents: Their Eyes Were Watching God

Takes some liberties with the book, but not a bad effort.

Michael Jackson - Moonwalker

Nicely done long-form video, especially "Smooth Criminal".

Psycho II
Psycho II(1983)

Why did they make a sequel? The first film had a definitive ending! Okay, but not as chilling as the first film.

Party Girl
Party Girl(1995)

Quirky, but a bit disjointed. Posey's character is fun to watch, however.

That's Entertainment

Great history lesson on MGM musicals. A must for film buffs.

Back to School

I loved Rodney Dangerfield. Great scene between him and the late Sam Kinson in this film.

The Preacher's Wife

Pleasant family friendly remake with a decent soundtrack.

Mrs. Miniver
Mrs. Miniver(1942)

Okay but dated overly patriotic tale.

Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Good cable made biography highlights the racism the actress had to face.

Peggy Sue Got Married

Cute, nostalgic "what if?" story that is surprisingly sentimental.

The Man in the Moon

Good early Reese Witherspoon performance.


I liked the story being told from several points of view.

To Die For
To Die For(1995)

Creepy and funny, with great commentary on society's obsession with fame.

An Affair to Remember

One of the best tearjerker romances of all time!

Strange Brew
Strange Brew(1983)

These characters were better on the TV sketch comedy show that spawned them; not so much in this film.

The Five Heartbeats

Based on the rise of real life R&B group, The Dells, this is enjoyable.

Talk to Me
Talk to Me(2007)

Don Cheadle rocks in the role of a real-life DJ/activist.

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini

Silly, even for this genre of film.

The Parallax View

Paranoid political thriller that stays with you for a long time.

The Manchurian Candidate

Scary. One of the best political thrillers ever made.


Creepy, disturbing classic thriller based on real-life serial murders.


A little long, a bit campy, but not a bad star vehicle for Ms. Ross.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Taye Diggs was too fine. Good adaptation of the book.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Excellent! One of few movies that is totally faithful to the book it's based on.

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

Gene Hackman steals every scene he's in.

The Firm
The Firm(1993)

You keep wondering how in the hell is the main character going to get out of the muck he's in. Extremely good.


Perfect script, perfect characters.

Roller Boogie

Watch it for the skating sequences; forget about the lame plot.

Cooley High
Cooley High(1975)

Funny, poignant film about teens in the early 1960s. The high school actually existed in Chicago, but it's no longer around.


Strange comedy, and not for all tastes. It has been said that perhaps Belushi and pal Aykroyd should have switched roles.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

The best A & C film in my opinion -- a fast mix of comedy and chills.

High Anxiety
High Anxiety(1977)

Funny take on Hitchcock thrillers by Mr. Brooks.

A Woman Under the Influence

Interesting study of mental illness and its affect on a family.

Private Parts

I'm not that crazy about Stern, but this film wasn't bad.

Bachelor Party

R-rated silliness made tolerable by Tom Hank's appearance.

Laws of Attraction

Amusing war of the sexes.


Strange, strange tale that goes on too long.

Nothing in Common

This was Gleason's last film, and he was excellent. Filmed partially in Chicago.

Lone Star
Lone Star(1996)

Good film that has an interesting take on classism, racism, and family ties.

Love Affair
Love Affair(1994)

The 1950s version of this film is way better.

Scooby Doo's Creepiest Capers

Scooby Doo episodes of the early 70s are the best!

Somewhere in Time

Many women love this movie. I'm one who doesn't.


This had so much potential, but didn't quite get there.

Mr. Mom
Mr. Mom(1983)

This would have been better as a TV movie.


Gooe, energetic, decent soundtrack.

Private Benjamin

Funny in the beginning, peters out near the end.


Too cutesy, not enough thrills.

A Perfect World

Costner can play very bad guys; he's good at it.

A Walk on the Moon

Not a bad period film, although it ends on a somewhat unrealistic note.

Midnight Cowboy

Good character study about a friendship between the most unlikely of guys.

A Place in the Sun

Ms. Winters played vulnerable very well and Ms. Taylor is luminous.

Harlem Nights

Della Reese utters one of my favorite lines: "I'm an honest 'ho, and all my hoes are honest!"

KISS Meets the Phantom

This was an odd TV movie that traded off of the rock group's fame at that time.

High Noon
High Noon(1952)

Classic western that highlights the importance of taking a stand.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

I loved Lee Marvin's bad guy character.


A good woman empowerment message embedded in this musical.

Single White Female

Creepy thriller that keeps you wondering how it will be resolved.

All About Eve

Ms. Davis in one of her most witchy roles.

372 le Matin (Betty Blue) (37.2 Degrees in the Morning)

Not for everyone; main female character grates on the nerves after awhile.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Could have been better than it was, but does have some good quirky performances.

Terms of Endearment

Very good mother/daughter conflict film, with Mr. Lithgow excellent, as usual.

The Sure Thing

Average story with few laughs.

The Stepford Wives

Sci-fi with a very anti-woman, anti-feminist message. Ugh.


Okay teen drama with a so-so ending.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Cute Disney comedy with a a young Kurt Russell.

Little Darlings

Somewhat predictable teen comedy with the usual plot devices.

Waiting to Exhale

Finally, a movie that shows realistic African-American women!

My Darling Clementine

Great western, the kind they definately don't make anymore. Walter Brennan plays a great bad guy.

Coal Miner's Daughter

Excellent biography, and Spacek deserved her Oscar.


Charming, and Cher is good as the lead.

House On Haunted Hill

Vincent Price and a creepy old house - classic!


Silly musical that tried to capitalize on Newton-John's success due to Grease.


I knew who the culprit was right off, but this is not a bad mystery.


Very harrowing story of a little known shameful chapter in American history.

The Blob
The Blob(1988)

Watch the original instead.

The Trouble With Angels

Family friendly light pablum that is above average.

Message in a Bottle

Has subplots and changes that were not in the book. I suggest reading the book because it was a lot better.

Indecent Proposal

Romantic drama goes on a bit too long and payoff not all that emotional.

A Bronx Tale
A Bronx Tale(1993)

Good slice of life period piece; check the "Goodfellas" cameo near the end of the film.

Eddie Murphy Raw

Murphy does get rather raw. Some bits go on too long, but overall, a good concert film.

A Raisin in the Sun

Excellent version of the stage play.

My Fellow Americans

Barely passable comedy, somewhat saved by Lemmon and Garner.


Silly Allen movie; not that funny.

Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown(1974)

Revenge tale with Ms. Grier kicking behinds and taking names.

Father of the Bride

Amusing with Tracy perfect as the put upon dad.


Clasic B'way musical with Minneli very good in the lead role.

The Shadow
The Shadow(1994)

Another comic book/super hero film gone flat.

The Boys from Brazil

Scary, "what-if" scenario with Peck as a heinous villian.

El Dorado
El Dorado(1967)

A good western with lively performances.


Foul, foul! Please see something else other than this crap!

For Love of the Game

I'm not into baseball, but the romance was okay.

Midnight Run
Midnight Run(1988)

Funny action film that works because it focuses more on characters than violence.

Key Largo
Key Largo(1948)

Allright crime thriller.

Play It to the Bone

Ehh, as far as boxing films go, I could have skipped out of the ring on this one.


Hopkins does a good job capturing Nixon's way of carrying himself.

The Big Chill

Nice baby boomers ensemble piece.

Scooby-Doo Meets The Harlem Globetrotters

Not one of the best in the Scooby Doo universe; the earlier episodes are the best.

Adam's Rib
Adam's Rib(1949)

The interplay between the leads is great.

The Bride of Frankenstein

Good horror classic. At little talky, but good.

House of Wax
House of Wax(1953)

My man Vince in a horror film; that's all you need to know.

Mo' Better Blues

Jazz influenced story that's not bad.

In & Out
In & Out(1997)

Amusing gay-themed comedy.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Great indie film about an ugly duckling ignored by everybody.

The Phantom
The Phantom(1996)

You've seen better movies based on comic strips, believe me.

Nothing to Lose

Barely passable buddy film. Both leads have been in better movies.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Diffrent feel for this Bond movie without Mr. Connery.

The Living Daylights

Dalton made for a tough, ruthless Bond.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Brando smolders. Need I say more?


Creepy little thriller with a lot of turns.

The American President

Well done; nice chemistry between the leads.


Funny Bill Murray vehicles. Loses a little gas at the end.

Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come(2001)

A cut of some of the plots going on in this mix might have made for a better movie.

Against the Ropes

Wish this hadn't been so highly fictionalized, but it's okay for what it was.

A Low Down Dirty Shame

Routine action, stale jokes.

Stir Crazy
Stir Crazy(1980)

Funny in the beginning, not so much from the middle to the end.


Interesting portrait of a tortured soul.

Fright Night
Fright Night(1985)

Teens vs vampires again, only done well.


Silly doesn't cover it.


Ever wonder what it would be like to be trapped in an amusement park after hours? It ain't pretty in this good movie.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Good original version of this story.

Real Women Have Curves

I loved Ferrara's independent character in this movie.


Ugly, ugly horror film.

Whale Rider
Whale Rider(2003)

Slow, hard to get into.

Hello, Dolly!

Streisand was too young to play the part, but she belts the songs out fine. Matthau plays a great grouch, as usual.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

"I've lived a man's life, and I'll not apologize for it!" All I could say was, go 'head baby! I understand why women loved Rex.

The African Queen

Hepburn and Bogey had good chemistry in this film.

Love Jones
Love Jones(1997)

Nice to see a romance with upscale African-Americans for a change.

Superman II
Superman II(2006)

Gene Hackman stole this movie!

Sound of Music

Sugary sweet enough to cause diabetes.

The Powerpuff Girls - The Movie

Wanna know how these girls got their girl power? This is it.

Carnival of Souls

Very creepy, atmospheric story. No major gore or special effects, but still a haunting movie.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Excellent. Gotta love Chuck Jones' animation.

The Rocketeer

Ehh, doesn't quite do the job. Wants to be a big super hero epic, and falls flat.

The Good Son
The Good Son(1993)

This kid would have gotten his behind whipped if I had been nearby.

Changing Lanes

Well done tense piece.

Rosemary's Baby

I never liked this murky horror flick.

Flight of the Navigator

Not bad for a kid centered sci-fi movie.

The Blue Lagoon

Cheesy, improbable. Beautiful scenery, however.

Mission: Impossible

Highly confusing story.

Jurassic Park

Scary adventure tale that has all the right thrills.

The Mask
The Mask(1994)

This is when Jim Carrey was a straight out fool, and I mean that in a good way.

An American in Paris

Gene Kelly could dance his behind off, and make it look very manly.

Return to Me
Return to Me(2000)

I loved the family of the main female character. A great touch to a good romance.

Night of the Comet

Good idea that runs out of steam somewhere in the middle.

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

Whaddya know? A family film that is not boring and sugary sweet.

Twilight Zone---The Movie

Best story in the film? The remake of the episode that starred William Shatner.

The Ladykillers

Great gospel soundtrack, and Ms. Irma does a good job.

The Desperate Hours

Bogart was still the man in his later years, as proven by the tough guy role he plays here.

Dead Presidents

Once you get through the gruesome Vietnam scenes, this turns out to be a good movie.

Money Talks
Money Talks(1997)

Just poor. Tucker's manic ways couldn't save this one.

Silver Streak

Pryor and Wilder's best buddy film together.

The Players Club

Uneven mix of comedy, drama and crime.

Something Wild

Starts off as a quirky comedy then turns into a crime drama.

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

One of those 1970s comedies that got made simply because several comedy starts agreed to appear in it.

The Girl Can't Help It

Tom Ewell had one of the great hangdog faces of all time.

Grandview U.S.A.

Surprisingly dull, considering the talent involved in this.

Halloween II
Halloween II(1981)

Of course, not as good as the first one.

That Was Then...This Is Now

Okay teen drama featuring Morgan Freeman in a small role.

The Public Enemy

A ganster film done right.

White Heat
White Heat(1949)

"Ma, I'm on top of the world!" Intense crime story.

The Ox-Bow Incident

Great testimony against racial hatred and intolerance, here represented by a mob who is bent on lynching.


The best of all the scary nuclear war scenario movies. Watch out for Larry Hagman in a small part.


Davis is a trip playing a spoiled southern belle brat.

Dark Victory
Dark Victory(1939)

Sad, sentimental story featuring a rare sympathetic Bette Davis character.

Of Human Bondage

Good soap opera. Davis is great as one of the most self-centered women you can imagine.

Dead Ringer
Dead Ringer(1964)

Creeped-out story. . .good use of twins as a thriller plot point.

The Letter
The Letter(1940)

Davis is a great conniving woman in this film.

Dangerous Minds

Another at-risk-teens-in-school-helped-by-dedicated-teacher-film. To Sir With Love is better.


Very good crime thriller.

Home for the Holidays

Not bad. I liked Robert Downey' character and could relate to whole "holidays with the relatives" thing.

The Shootist
The Shootist(1976)

Excellent film which turned out to be Wayne's last.

Roman Holiday

Utterly charming story.

The Mummy
The Mummy(1932)

I dare you not to be creeped out during the scene when Karloff is staring directly into the camera.

Village of the Damned

I don't know where they got the kids from in the film, but they played creepy extremely well.


Ricki Lake was so charming in this film. Wonder why she didn't do more acting?

Out of Sight
Out of Sight(1998)

Clooney and Lopez had great chemistry in this film.

When a Stranger Calls

Don't answer the phone!

The Brady Bunch Movie

Nice wacky update of the TV series.

Girls! Girls! Girls!

If you've seen one Elvis movie, you've seen most of them.


Bill Murray is the king of deadpan humor, and Chris Makespeace has the prettiest eyes.


Rip-roaring western, featuring a young Costner. John Cleese appears in this too, as a frontier town boss.


Funny, with some good one-liners.

Operation Condor (Fei ying gai wak) (Armour of God II)

Is there such a thing as a bad Jackie Chan movie? Yes.

Thirteen Days

Too long epic that elevates the involvement of a Kennedy-era staff member in the Cuban crisis probably more than it actually was in history.

9 1/2 Weeks
9 1/2 Weeks(1986)

Hot, hot, and hot!

School Daze
School Daze(1988)

A lot of people were not hip to class and color complexion differences among African-Americans before this film was released. Puts a lot on the mind.

The Fly
The Fly(1958)

The end is worth the entire picture.


Like TV's "Tales From The Crypt"? Then you'll like this.

The Music Man

The leads are fine, but the story is slow. A pre-Oscar Ron Howard is cute as he sings a song.

The Bridges of Madison County

Ilitcit romance drama that could have had a little more "oomph". Great soundtrack, however.


Some big screen remakes of TV shows should be left alone. The best joke is near the end of the movie.


Skip this -- the action is lame, the story is weak -- not a good production.

The Hurricane

Washington is intense as usual. Film goes on a little long, and ends on a premature note, but it's okay.

The Last Starfighter

Better than it was advertised to be!

True Grit
True Grit(1969)

What ever happened to Kim Darby? I loved her plucky character in this film.

Rebel Without a Cause

Dean, Mineo and Wood are good at playing torturted teens in this film. Watch for Dennis Hopper as a thug.

My Best Friend's Wedding

Cute, but not funny enough.

The Object of My Affection

Not a bad take on the whole unrequieted love thing.

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

You'll recognize a lot of annoying thing about your office in this amusing film.


Watch only if you're a Monkees fan like me, otherwise, you may not like this head trip.

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Major ick factors, but good for what it was.

Fear of a Black Hat

Has it's moments, but could have been a better commentary on rap music.


Woo, no. The main character is too odd to be believable. Smith and Davidson have done better stuff.

Strictly Business

Routine comedy. You've seen this one before, but done better.

Risky Business

Too funny. Watch out for Guido the killer pimp!


Routine flick that has shades of The Karate Kid, but without the heart and excitement.

Married to It

Doesn't quite work as a comedy or drama. Some good dialogue, though.

The Other Side of the Mountain

What a heartbreaker. Have tissues nearby for this one.

The Landlord
The Landlord(1970)

Lou Gossett with hair! Good social commentary with drama.

The Great Santini

Good character study, with Duvall in fine form as usual.

My Favorite Brunette

Bob Hope was funny. Honest! This is one of his better movies.


The romance wasn't strong enough to carry what goes on in the story.

Funny Lady
Funny Lady(1975)

This came a few years too late behind the original, after musicials had lost popularity at the box office.

The Wiz
The Wiz(1978)

Joyful movie version of this B'way hit. Best moment is when cast is singing a heartfelt rendition of "Be A Lion". Listen for Luther Vandross singing background on "Can't You Feel A Brand New Day."


Carroll was nominated for an Oscar for this role, I believe. Good dramedy.


Gets more intense as it goes along, esp. as it gets into the terror the parents of the kidnapped child are feeling.

Back to the Beach

Pleasant update to the 60's beach movies that made Avalon and Funcello famous.

The Big Bounce

Taylor-Young plays a manipulative wtich very well.


This is funnier than I thought it would be.


Not that good of a revenge fantasy.

Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy(1990)

Watch for Dick Van Dyke in a small part.

Desperately Seeking Susan

This was about the best film that Madonna was in.

Girls Will Be Girls

Horrible. Just a rehash of gay themed humor that's been done over and over.

The Breakfast Club

Now this is a good teen movie.

Trading Places

I loved Murphy and Aykroyd in this; Ameche and Bellamy made a good team, too.


Features Halle Berry in an early role. Not a bad attempt at more sophisticated comedy for Murphy.

Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp(1994)

Watch the exchanges between Catherine O'Hara's character and Costner's.


Disturbing tale. I see why women liked Reynolds back in the day, however. He was wearing that vest!

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Maybe the Broadway version was better. I did like Parton playing the madame role, though.

Night Shift
Night Shift(1982)

Watch for Kevin Costner in a very small role. Keaton was hillarious!

Victor Victoria

Funny as hell describes it.

Batman: The Movie

The first big screen treatment of the 60s TV show wasn't that good.

Batman (1966)

I loved this campy TV show.

Lord Love a Duck

First, you have to get over Roddy McDowell playing a teenager while watching this.

Primary Colors

You know they are talking about Bill Clinton in this film. Good characterizations.


They don't make good teen comedies anymore, and this film is proof that they don't.


Pleasant time waster. Can't figure out why it has a cult following, however.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Kicky, entertaining period film about the craziness around the Beatles coming to America.

The Assassination Bureau

Murder played for laughs.

Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap(1979)

Eerie piece of late 70s horror, especially the last shot of the film.


Derivative, dumb stalker story rip-off.

The Kentucky Fried Movie

A lot of hit and miss skits.

Krush Groove
Krush Groove(1985)

A thinly veiled account of how Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons formed Def Jam Records. RUN DMC were at the top of their game here, and it's fun to see a pre-buff LL Cool J.

Beat Street
Beat Street(1984)

Early chronicle of the NYC rap/hip-hop scene.

Poetic Justice

Tupac Shakur was very good in this, but Ms. Jackson? Probably would have been a stronger film with a different actress in the lead.

The Nutty Professor

I liked Lewis' Buddy Love character -- Love was such a cool but arrogant guy.

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

A creepy, evil little film with plenty of black humor.

Stand by Me
Stand by Me(1986)

One of the best movies made from a Stephen King story.

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

I like Whoopi. This film, however, does nothing to show off her considerable talents.

Change of Habit

Elvis as an inner-city doctor? Mary Tyler Moore and Barbara McNair as nuns? This final Elvis movie is a trip.

Jailhouse Rock

The best of the films Presley did.

The King of Comedy

Lewis is a very good actor, and DeNiro's character is appropriately annoying and sad at the same time.

The Untouchables

Good, tight crime drama. Costner was handsome, Connery was tough, DeNiro was cool.


Dudley Moore was too funny in this film.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie

Funny, mostly clean comedy by this foursome. Ron White and Larry The Cable Guy are the best two.

Magical Mystery Tour

A psychidelic mess! Stick with Help!, A Hard Day's Night, and Yellow Submarine instead.

The Searchers

Very good cowboy movie. Little hard to take the racism of the John Wayne character, however.

Il Postino: The Postman (Il Postino)

Interesting mix of romance and social commentary.

Stephen King's 'Cat's Eye'

Several stories in one kind of movie, the best one featuring comedian Alan King.

The Time Machine

Thought provoking sci-fi movie.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Great creepy movie. Watch out! There may be a rat on your plate. . .

The War
The War(1994)

Not bad. . .Wood and Costner were good as the father and son.

The Poseidon Adventure

I've seen this one so many times, but it's the best of the "disaster films" that were out at that time.

White Christmas

Cheery holiday musical, the kind they don't make with as much heart anymore.


Funny, gender bender comedy with a great Hoffman performance.


Silly disaster film with cheesy special effects and bad dialogue.

Set It Off
Set It Off(1996)

Very good crime drama which asks the question, "What do you do when you've been ignored, stepped on, and pushed too far?"

The Philadelphia Story

All of the leads sparkle in this story.

Operation Condor

Who thought Jackie Chan could make a bad movie? Well, this one is it.

Inspector Gadget - The Gadget Files

Not a bad cartoon show, and as a plus, Don Adams voices the main character.

The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

I liked Steve Irwin, but this movie was thrown together shabbily, and it shows.

Guys and Dolls

If Brando and Sinatra had switched roles, this musical would have been really good.

Cowboy Bebop - Session 1

If you like your anime very violent and somewhat disturbing, then this is for you.

The World According to Garp

Epic comedy-drama that goes on a little too long, but it worth it for the quirky characters in the story.

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

Very involving film, with an excellent performance by Ms. Mirren.

From Here to Eternity

Ernest Borgnine plays a good bad guy in this one. Otherwise, it's okay.

Shall We Dance

Nothing like Fred and Ginger.

I Love Trouble

Tries to invoke 1930s and 1940s comedies of this type, but it is not very funny or good.

The Little Shop of Horrors

Crazy little Roger Corman film starring Jack Nicholson in a small, but memorable role.

National Velvet

Good family film that keeps one interested, which is hard for a lot of family films.

Mystic Pizza
Mystic Pizza(1988)

Good slice of life movie with Julia Roberts in one of her early roles.

The Mirror Has Two Faces

Okay romantic comedy which raises some thoughts about attractiveness.

The Court Jester

One of Danny Kaye's best.

I Got The Hook-Up

Horrid. Master P doesn't need to do any more movies.

Batman - Return to the Batcave

Very campy, very silly. Tries to recapture the TV series, but doesn't, really.

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Cute Christmas special from the Rankin-Bass team.

Music of the Heart

Not a bad "feel good" movie at all.

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

Tearjerker that was a made for TV movie.


Bela, Bela, Bela! A lot of truly creepy moments that still hold up today.


Uninspired cops and bad guys story. Silly.

Johnny Dangerously

Bad. Michael Keaton and Joe Piscopo were funny guys stuck with a bad script.

Blue Hawaii
Blue Hawaii(1961)

Typical silly Elvis film.

Wait Until Dark

Appropriately creepy.

On Deadly Ground

Horrible. . .Michael Caine did have some fun with his role, however.

Hollywood Shuffle

Funny, but also sad commentary on how people of color are treated in the entertainment industry.

House On Haunted Hill

Vincent Price was the man!

The Fabulous Baker Boys

The brothers Bridges were cast well in this bluesy story.

Richard Pryor---Live in Concert

The best of the concert films that Pryor did. Just knock down, fall out funny.

The Last Picture Show

Excellent story of small town frustrations and fears.

Funny Girl
Funny Girl(1968)

Ms. Streisand is a bona fide diva, and her performance in this movie proved that.

Angels with Dirty Faces

One of the first movies to feature the Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys. Very good gangster tale with a message.

Out of the Past

"I don't want to die either, baby, but if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna be last!" I love that line! Kirk Douglas was a sharp criminal in this one.

She's Gotta Have It

Lee's first major effort, and it is a good one.

Murphy's Romance

A romance movie for the middle aged crowd that is satisfying.

Cotton Comes to Harlem

A cut above most blacksploitation movies that were out around the time this one was released. Godfrey and St. Jacques work well off of each other, and Redd Foxx has a good role.

To Sir, With Love

Another "good educator in a bad public school" movie that proves that teens can be troublesome everywhere -- even in the UK.

Lean on Me
Lean on Me(1989)

Very good "good educator in a bad public school" movie.


The fights and stunts. . .let's just say I know they were hurting after each take!

Police Story (Ging chaat goo si) (Police Force)

Very good Jackie Chan movie, loaded with fantastic stunts!

Dragons Forever (Fei lung mang jeung) (Cyclone Z)

Non-stop fight action from start to finish!

Out to Sea
Out to Sea(1997)

Check out the outtakes at the end.

Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa(2006)

Good tie up to the entire series.


Great movie, and Pesci's "how am I funny" dialogue is worth the price of admission alone.

3000 Miles to Graceland

Both Costner and Russell have been in much better films than this.

Bull Durham
Bull Durham(1988)

Sarandon's character is the best one in this movie.

The First Wives Club

I didn't feel the wives were vengeful enough.

The Apostle
The Apostle(1998)

Duvall obviously studied a lot of charismatic Southern pastors. He turns in a great performance here.


Good slice of life profile of a young woman who finds boxing to be her salvation.

House Party 2

Kid is in college in this one, which is not as funny as the first one.

House Party 3

Lame entry in this series has Kid engaged.

House Party
House Party(1990)

Energetic, highly funny teen comedy featuring then-popular rappers Kid N' Play, and future "Martin" cast member Tisha Campbell. This was one of the last films the late, great comedian Robin Harris appeared in.


Tupac Shakur was an excellent actor when he was not rapping, and this film shows his skills. Good movie in the 'hood films genre.

Above the Rim

Better than average flick in the category of stories about the inner city or 'hood films.

Phantasm: Remastered

Appropriately creepy film. I don't get, however, why most people can't figure out the plot.

Beach Blanket Bingo

The best of all the beach movies featuring Frankie and Annette. Goofy fun; take it for what it is.

Let's Do It Again

Not as good as Uptown Saturday Night, but it has it's moments.

Blues Brothers 2000

Not nearly as good as the original, but stick around after the credits for a performance by the late, great James Brown.

The Blues Brothers

The best of any movie based on characters from "Saturday Night Live".

Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee was the man! Only he could beat someone down and make it look like art!

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

The romance between the older couple is better than the one between the young couple.

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

Implausible film. I don't know why women like this pap.

Bruce Almighty

Good comedy with a great message.

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

Sort of flat, but then the original wasn't all that.


One of the best boxing films ever.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Strictly for kids. . special effects were too obvious.