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Tracks (2005)
15 months ago via Flixster

Tracks is the true story of a teenager in New Jersey who mindlessly flipped the switch on a track thinking it'd send it in the oppisite direction, rather, the train derailed and killed the conductor. This video follows one out of three of the boys that was some of the first to serve in the New Jersey State Prison, Maximum Security, as Juveniles.
The film is pretty emotional to watch as you get a glimpse at how easily an individual's life can be thrown upside down from the smallest bad decision (rather the result was intended or not). The struggle the juvenile faces prior and in prison is hard to watch, as well as the "Time" his family is spending as well, such as his mother and high school girlfriend while they are forced to watch their loved one suffer.
A student of Criminal Justice, this movie plays with my mind a bit, realizing the power our system holds in its hands when making pending on decisions of circumstance between cases that will rattle lives forever.
Waiting to see if the boy will survive is drawn out in just enough time that it keeps you on the edge of your seat and seeing the aftermath of the entire situation is rough but inspiring.
Pretty decent film! Ice-T makes a performance as a correction officer and sings some of the songs. A very well done movie like documentary of what goes on in prisons and those who are forced to do "Hard-Time".

Four Brothers
Four Brothers (2005)
4 years ago via Flixster

This is a good movie in terms of the bonds of brotherhood, family, etc.

Yet it lacks the most simplest of reality. I mean, I know that Detroit is the ghetto and it often lacks police intervention but walking into a school with you're guns loaded in the middle of a basketball game? Shoot outs in the middle of the streets like general warfare? All I could keep thinking at some of these moments was, "Where the hell are the cops?" Better yet in some scenes it' was like, "Is there any other people in this city other than the main actors?"

The weird thing is I really liked this movie but I wish they would have toned it down just a tad and used the morals and emotions of the story a little more realistically and relatable to a real life scenario. I mean, this COULD happen, but not likely!

The Purge
The Purge (2013)
4 years ago via Flixster

"The Purge", is one of the most amazing concepts for a movie in years! I absolute loved the idea of this. The movie itself was decent, but lackluster enough, that it didn't really capitalize on such an amazing concept. It isn't that I didn't like the typical and predictable action based plot of surviving a lock down, but, I really wish it would have expanded past one single families situation. The best way to wrap this movie up in a quick review is: A nearly perfect concept with a mediocre delivery of that concept.
The actors done well, the plot was ok written, but all in all it really could have been so much more. Still, I wouldn't let this stop you from checking the movie out, as it's worth a watch and it does get your head spinning about what a real purge might be like.

War Horse
War Horse (2011)
5 years ago via Flixster

What I really loved about 'War Horse' was the entire different angle on warfare. For once, we didn't focus on a single being or a single 'side' but yet we seen the horrors of war from both perspectives and not only from the different soldiers perspective but from the civilian perspectives. Furthermore, the movie showed a ton of different angles within the war (not stuck on a single foot soldier, air unit, etc).

I was totally skeptical about a 2 and a half hour movie that done nothing but follow a horse around the war but the insight in which it gave us to the war and numerous viewpoints while also keeping us intrigued from the perspective of an animal's role in the war, it presented its piece well, and I truly enjoyed it. It was a beautiful film that I would without a doubt recommend to anyone interested in this historical period or just in horses in general.

The only way I'd recommend not seeing this movie is if you cannot stomach the ill treatment of animals (not a fault of the movie however; simply reality) or you just don't like long movies. As I said, I felt it did a pretty great job at holding someone's attention, all the same it was quite long and I don't know if it's a movie I could sit through numerous times at that length but it without a doubt is worth a watch.

Chronicle (2012)
5 years ago via Flixster

Chronicle posed the question , "What are you capable of" , taking an interesting approach by using the potentiality of that question and telekinetic powers to follow a boy who was pushed too far in terms of 'bullying' and acted back towards the world with his new found possession of powers.

It was an interesting way to tackle the subject but it seemed a little over the top to me. Judging from the trailer alone, I thought the movie was actually going to be about 'What are you capable of' and show more of the telekinetic ordeals more so than the usage of such to tackle more moral questions on the grounds of bullying. As courageous as the attempt to mix the two was, I think it failed.

The actors were mediocre at very least and the plot as much potential as it had was limited by its lack of ability to choose one topic or the other for the movie. There were a ton of loose ends, unexplained scenes, and just a whole lot of jumping around that made little sense in the terms of a good movie.

Chronicle was a film with high potential, a decent watch if you're bored, and get's a couple stars for mere creativity by approach, but all in all it didn't capitalize on its moral or telekinetic basis.