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Super 8
Super 8(2011)

Wow!I'm sorry to be a party-pooper,but I saw this with my kids(16,14,and 9 yrs. of age).My 9-yr.-old loved it--my teenage boys thought it sucked.I just thought it was derivative of so many movies--mind you,I'm 48,and I'm sure the target demographic was something like 7 thru 16--it'd be interesting to find out the average age of all that voted.Anyhow,I did like Cloverfield.


I would have loved this when I was 12,blissfully ignorant of its almost cartoonishly simplistic statement about American greed vs. an "enlightened" pagan species.Heavy-handed statement,just ripe for the times.Fantastic digital effects,but ultimately a technichal exercise with a popular,crowd-pleasing message...America bad--,sensitive alien,"in touch with its environment", good.You know,it's funny,but I didn't see Barack's name in the credits.Cameron's made a coupla good movies,but he strikes me as pretty hollow,

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

I haven't seen a real stinker for a while,but this is it.Hyams at his worst.

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

I'm getting sick of saying the phrase,"a visual stunner",but unfortunately,this film is one.The images resonate like no other(now I did see it on a 61" LED screen on blu-ray,so..).It's like Terence Malick and Alejandro Jodorowsky got together with the intention of blasting our optic nerves right outta our heads.


"Foley's a great stylist--solid eye-candy,script mediocre..the dialogue has this frenetic grind that seems to try to cover something a litte hollow.Hoffman's great,though,as is Giamatti,and Burns ain't bad for such a good-lookin' devil...see it if you like great technique and virtuosity in filmmaking..thin,though..

Session 9
Session 9(2001)

A brooding,intense piece of work..the abandoned old mental hospital gives the Overlook Hotel a run for its money,that's for sure...the few things that might not have snapped together logistically still didn't detract from the inexorable psycho-spiritual nightmare in this movie,IMO..if you're looking for a low-key,old-school creep-out,this one's for you..also,it's shot in a kind of hi-def you don't see a lot of,super-crispy yet organic enough to work..the acting's solid,but for me,the real star was Simon--his bubbling chuckles and demonic laissez-faire got through to me."There was a lot of blood,Doc."

Synecdoche, New York

What a fantastically morbid,nihilistic and painfully neurotic,monomaniacal view on existence.All the same,brilliant and original as hell.It's tragic and beautiful in the darkest,most existential way.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

Hypnotic masterpiece!Although I believe Lynch will go down in history as one of the guys who changed the face of filmmaking,I think Blue Velvet will always be seen as his personal watershed movie,the one that really put him on the map--the seeds for almost all of his later work are in here--when i first saw this in '86,I came out of the theatre feeling like I was on acid--life-changing stuff!

Andrei Rublev

Finally got my hands on a copy of this-can't say enough about it-up there with Bergman's "Seventh Seal",Kurosawa's "Rashomon"..really challenges what passes as filmmaking these days..and on a strictly cinematographic level,it's B&W at its grandest.If I had the means,I'd send all of you a copy.Sayonorah,God bless,& have a pleasant tomorrow!!

Ne le Dis à Personne (Tell No One)

What the f_ck?!!My peeps,4 stars?!Sure,a complex,layered plot,but a totally lacklustre piece of style..and the lead guy looked like a retarded Dustin Hoffman.The hype was so big on this one,I got sucked in.Pray tell,people,what did I miss?!??

My Blueberry Nights

Watch out for this one-it'll singe your visual cortex with blueberry blue.It resonates with a languid,almost Lynchian residue.I usually don't get moved much by love stories,but this one had some subtle workings going on underneath.The cinematography rocks as well!!


The shots of doll parts was the best thing about this film.I guess Soderbergh had a break between "Ocean's Twelve" & "The Good German",so thought he'd shoot this super low-budget thing with non-actors(I'm assuming they were home-grown),about a repressed factory worker,her dope-smoking co-worker,and a cleptomaniac who gets hired on with them at the town's doll factory.The dialogue's all improvised(I'm hoping),the characters stare complacently into non-space a lot,and react to shocking news like zombies.I suppose Soderbergh is making a sociological statement about suburban America,the day-to-day endless grind of small-town existence,and the looming subconscious,repressed rage that can rear its ugly head from time to time.For me,it came off as a pretty good student film.I feel it would have worked better as a black comedy,in the satirical vein of the stuff Paul Morrissey and Warhol were doing in the 70's,"Trash","Bad","Heat","Mixed Blood".I only say that because I was thinking of how quirky & funny "Schizopolis" was.Anyhow,I'd advise you skip it.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

this whole trend in "let's out-ugly the last degenerate,sophomoric piece of scatology"is getting really tiring.Getting high with George Bush was worth a few laughs,though..

Funny Games
Funny Games(2008)

This was by far,the most disturbing film I've seen in unflinching documentation of a couple of "Leopold & Loeb"-like psychopaths humiliating,terrorizing,and then murdering their victims..the "rewind" scene really f_cks with the vigilante instinct in(presumably) all of us..I cheered,then almost put my fist through the screen.Since Alex DeLarge,I have not seen more loathsome characters on screen..there's no justice,just this inexorable,post-modern evil having its way..something very "clinical" about it(maybe it's those gloves).Sounds weird,but I don't know if I can even call it a's a flat enactment of nasty reality,so recommending it is tough.This ain't no popcorn movie.If you liked "In The Bedroom","A Clockwork Orange","Cul-De-Sac",then you can probably hack this.

The Godfather, Part II

this is one of the all-out greatest films of all time-it's one of few I had to watch 3 times before I felt I had a handle on it plotwise--blows away the 1st & 3rd,IMO.

Box of Moonlight

What a whimsical and bizarre comedy-somehow pretty touching,as well.

Drugstore Cowboy

other than "Trainspotting",imo the best drug movie around--has a gritty AND surrealistic framework and multi-leveled cinematographic way of telling the story.Van Sant is the man!


creates a fully realized and distinct little subculture in a really stylish,perhaps brilliant way-see it!!

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

Watershed American movie-making..still haven't figured out why Joseph Cotten develops a southern accent in his old age,but with that as the only dicy spot...I don't think there's a cinematographer alive worth his salt out there who hasn't marvelled at this movie.I even urge those 35 & under who are true cinephiles to see it.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

I'm about to watch this for the 2nd time tonight-cool to see Christopher Nolan with a bigger budget pulling off a great movie-stylish as hell,& keeps you guessing to the very end,without that sense you've been manipulated in vain-fresh & original.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

To me,this was Tim Burton trying his hand at a sort of "Garp"-ish misunderstood dreamer story,and to quote my friend GaryX,it's like the whole is less than the sum of the parts--I liked some of it a lot,but it came off as a series of vignettes rather than a cohesive tale-I'm gonna upgrade my 2 stars to 2 1/2--I was a bit hard on it at first viewing--Burton's dazzling visual style makes it better than 90% of the films out there,for sure.Also,why the heck didn't I see it when it came out?Well,I was feeding an all-consuming coke habit at the time-didn't watch anything between 2002 & 2004,so I've still got a few to catch up on!!!

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Once again,the word "original" gets thrown around a lot,but this film is just that.scorsese's "Mean Streets" had that same bristling sort of energy-Meirelles and Lund strike me as directors who"ve really been there-there was something almost personal in it.See it!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Totally unique film-obtusely brilliant,deserving of massive cult status-was it a good movie?I don't know--it's whole weird,post-moderny Jules Verne adolescent fantasy aesthetic was very cool-gotta sit on it a bit & see if anything resonates later.Any way you cut it,though,Wes Anderson is one wacky son of a seacook!

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Brilliant!!Fun for the whole gang-Jon Favreau did an amazing job directing(for an actor/comedian).Downey's sharper than ever,and Jeff Bridges does an exceptional job playing the heavy.It's paced & structured so perfectly and holds your interest so completely,it doesn't even give you the chance to drop a surreptitious little fart into your theatre-seat cushion!

Diary of the Dead

Apart from the pretentious commentary on media propaganda,and the incredible suspension of disbelief required to buy that this guy could film all this stuff(even though his girlfriend is supposed to have edited this magnum opus with stuff culled off of the 'net,also that it's justified by his burning desire to get the truth out there),this had some kickass zombie-kills,esp. the hydrochloric acid zombie.As with "Cloverfield",though,my logic centre kept impeding on my enjoyment of the film,even though I thought Clover was pretty good for a monster movie.Diary is ok if you're a diehard zombie movie fan-the cgi crossed with real latex gore was beautiful!A marriage made in hell.(oh yeah,the whole "Aren't we humans awful" tag at the end came off as forced and preachy,and seemed like it belonged somewhere else in the film?)


Ok,so I'm above criticizing a low-budget piece of derivative crap like this?Not tonight I'm not-I'm nursing a sprained ankle,bored out of my gourd-I flip on Superchannel 2(where all the shitty movies go to roost).Take "Pumpkinhead","Wrong Turn","Texas Chainsaw Massacre",throw in some misguided student filmmakers trying to make a coupla dollars,a budget of $31,000,and a cast of zero-talents,and you've got Plasterhead.Secretly,I was hoping for some unintentional laughs,but I was even robbed of that.Recommend this to your enemies(but remember to get out of town..they'll be comin' for ya,just like that pesky Plasterhead be comin' for them kids!)

Joe the King
Joe the King(1999)

a refreshingly unpretentious look at a kleptomaniacal kid trapped in a dysfunctional family in an amoral world-the film doesn't preach any "nature/nurture" crap,and there's a dark,edgy humor throughout it,and moments of poignant tenderness that make this a really understated & underrated little sleeper--I heard it was a semi-autobiographical version of actor/director Frank Whaley's childhood-I might be off on this,but it's kind of Americanized Truffaut,a somehow European reductionist/humanist take on childhood.

Southland Tales

it had no core--struck me as a poorly-conceived Philip K. Dick concept.Must confess,I gave up just over halfway through-I have a feeling if I'd gone all the way,I'd have given it a 1/2 star less.

Alone in the Dark

This is a laugh-riot..Jack Palance overacts brilliantly-if you like good/bad horror movies,see it!

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

great little dark post-modern spoof on Chandler's Sam Spade mysteries-not everything works,but it's fearlessly original-check it out!

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

seems to me that if this scored 4 stars across the board,then wouldn't films like Annie Hall and Caddyshack would be like 9's or something?I enjoyed 40 year Old Virgin much more-this one was directed in a more naturalistic way,but that doesn't make it funnier.Seems to me the whole thing could've been improvised(at least I hope most of it was)

American Gangster

I'm a monster Ridley Scott fan,but I found this one pretty real story arc,just sorta flat and predictable-it struck me as a weak Carlito's Way..everyone kept insisting,"But it's a true story!"..yea,so?

Michael Clayton

Sharp screenwriting,amazing,intense performances(Wilkinson,esp.).If Alan J. Pakula was still with us,I'm sure he'd of been up for consideration as director for this one-has so many of the elements of films like "All The President's Men","Parallax View" & "Klute"-Tony Gilroy did a great job of keeping that spirit alive.Religious experience vs. the seemingly immutable law of the jungle-what more classic contemporary theme could there be?

No Country for Old Men

Another Coen masterpiece-understated,intense thriller..thought-provoking study on the nature of evil,the strange paradoxes attached to it, and just great,"old-school" filmmaking..hey,it's a Coen!

30 Days of Night

The vampires were cool.

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

This totally blew away "Death Proof"-a no-holds-barred,stylish and rampaging schlock/gore-fest..this movie's all about excess,and it's barely restrained garishness(lighting,cinematography) is a brilliant stroke for Rodriguez-also,this movie has changed my point of view on chili recipes forever!Best gore effects I've seen!(for those of you sick enough to care)


Right at the outset,this movie requires a massive suspension of disbelief-a phenomenon like that of room 1408 would invite the scrutiny of the greatest scientific minds of our time-quantum physicists,paranormalists,etc.-no reference is made to any such study in the script(guess that would've been a whole other story tangent),and considering that there have been NO survivors of this hellzone,there's no way that the Dolphin Hotel would be open for business.All that pesky logic aside,this had a couple of creep-outs in it,John Cusack was good,and..well,there's really nothing left to say.Slick stuff.

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

I guess I really missed the boat on this me,the subtext was the overcoming and conquering of neolithic patriarchal sexual mores by a renewed post post-modern feminism..anyhow,enough pseudo-intellectual bullshit..criticizing this movie is a "damned if you do,damned if you don't" situation..I look like a misogynist a-hole if I pan it,and saying I liked it would be pandering to the Tarantino fold(of which I'm a member).I've liked all of this guy's movies to date,but somehow I knew one day he'd make a film that'd reveal just how in love with himself he is..I found this film offensive,but then,I thought that of Pulp Fiction when I first saw it,but learned to appreciate it for its great ironic black humour.Maybe I'll warm up to this one in time,but that's not likely.Wait a minute!The car chase was cool!!(sure looking forward to "Planet Terror"!Gotta be better than this)

Resident Evil: Extinction

Lotta fun!Editing & pacing were lean & mean,not a wasted shot..favourite scene:Olivera's last smoke-classic stuff!

The Number 23

Old moves-maybe I've become desensitized,but it just didn't grab me,and there was some painful dialogue in it-I think Schumacher tried to pull off a Fincher here(or maybe a "Lincher",haha),but it just comes off as derivative-also,Jim Carrey's detective alter ego Fingerling came off as just another caricature of Carrey's-I realize he's typecasted,but still,just fell flat for me.

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

Kinda glad that 90% of my trusty flixster friends don't even want to bother with this one.I liked "Saw",but this is just vacuous eye-candy(there are a few cool & creepy shots,one of the best being copped from a Mario Bava movie,though).The attempt to create a sort of gothic fable falls flat on its ass,in my opinion...some of the dialogue is so laughably bad,a suspension of disbelief so strong is required,nothing short of a serious head injury could sustain it.Once again,though,it had some visceral shocks that got me..anyway,do stick with your original plan,friends,to not see it.Have a great day!


This was the most fun I've had in a while at the movies-aside from all the cool robots and great effects,it was a funny movie-mind you,I was laughing at stuff that a lot of other people in the theatre weren't laughing at,so....sounds corny,but this was a great family movie.

Jiminy Glick in Lalawood

Martin Short and John Michael Higgins are brilliant..pretty thrown-together sort of plot,with an homage to David Lynch that's fairly funny..I would only recommend it to Martin Short fans,though.

Rumble Fish
Rumble Fish(1983)

If you haven't seen it,see it!

The Village
The Village(2004)

You might be asking,"Why is this "Slam Shyamalan" weekend for Tony?"Well,an acquaintance of mine is a big fan of his,and informed me that I was missing the sociological depth of this guy's work,to which I said that I thought the guy came off as preachy,especially with "The Village",cloistered societies being all decadent because of so-called puritanical belief systems and so on..there's some truth in there,but it's old-hat sh_t,and it comes off as soap-boxey to me.Anyhow,it's out of my system,and if I've raised anyone's ire,my apologies.

Lady in the Water

what an incredible polarity in tastes amongst my friends!Personally,I found this a pretentious,childish,and just plain silly movie,barely a kid's film.M. Night has proven again what an overrated "wunderkind" he truly is.Sixth Sense and Signs are about the only half-assed films he'll make,and they're both pretty derivative and formulaic themselves.I'll give him one thing,though-he CAN create intense atmospheres,Hitchcockian somehow,but the payoff is invariably devicey and manipulative,with a somehow smug,self-aggrandising air about it all-just my opinion.


This would have made a good short film,or maybe part of a trilogy,but there just isn't enough story to comprise a whole film.It's obviously adapted from a stage play,but William Friedkin doesn't do much cinematically with it,not like he did with The Birthday Party and Boys In The Band-it's a pretty flat film,the ending's a disturbing bummer,but the acting's good,and I guess if you take the thing as a metaphor for the creeping,infectious madness of a convoluted,decadent,paranoid society,then I guess it's pretty deep stuff..personally,it felt like a Sunday afternoon off-off-broadway.

The Night of the Hunter

this film is a really unusual noirish,stylized thing,directed by the great,pompous English stage actor,Charles Laughton,who I don't believe directed anything else substantial.Mitchum plays a psychopathic Elmer Gantry-ish Pentecostal preacher bent on grabbing some hidden stash of cash.His performance rides the edge between camp and total brilliance...even if you find the story old news,and some corndog moments in the acting,you'll still come out of it having seen some fantastic B&W work.

10 Rillington Place

Chilling & unrelenting portrait of a serial killer-the gloomy Englishness of it adds to the terror,and Richard Attenborough's Reginald Christie is bone-chiiling..see it!!

Inland Empire

Even if you don't understand it,Lynch's camerawork is so original...he's gone a step beyond..a disturbing,Kafkaesque(I hate using that term,it's hackneyed but applicable)nightmare..I'm afraid most folk will find it a fractured,incomprehensible mess,but as with "Mulholland Drive",2 or 3 viewings will surely unearth more narrative sense..incredible film..technique-wise,Lynch sets the trend for future filmmakers.Also,Dern deserves an Academy Award for her performance!

Touch of Evil

Another masterpiece!An unusual story-in fact,it's Welles' fly-in-the-face of the Hollywood system,the auteur saying,"Look,I'm gonna cast Heston as a Mexican lawyer,and I'm playing a 400 lb. cigar-smoking megalomaniacal cop,with lots of shots of my big,fat,corpulent face in the frame,but it's going to be original,so give me the money,I directed Kane,dammit!"So they gave him the money,and the result was a movie with fantastic cinematography,and regardless of what you thought of the story,you have to sit back and say," shots!"

The Short Films of David Lynch

"The Grandmother" is some Freudian nightmare/fantasy,and definitely the best of the bunch. "Premonitions Following An Evil Deed" is a little B&W microcosm of "Twin Peaks",shot in a one minute continuous take for the commemorative "Lumiere & Company". The rest are pretty cool shorts(although stop-motion primitive)."The Amputee" is worth a laugh!

Shallow Grave

Seen it 15 times-amazing film!

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Neo-noir masterwork(sounds a bit pretentious,I think)about a pathological vigilante,a nobody,he coulda been a contender,but....

21 Grams
21 Grams(2003)

This is a deep movie about retribution, the twisted effects of revenge,justice,all told with the narrative all convoluted(in the first hour or so),then it all comes together into a really thought provoking(and satisfying?that's up to you)ending.Really challenged my faith,made me revaluate it a bit.

Motel Hell
Motel Hell(1980)

Worth a few chucks,if you dig campy horror crap.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Loved the first one,the "Usual Suspects" of horror films,but let's face it,this franchising trend(especially with horror) is a bit of a joke.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

A beautifully ridiculous piece of sh_t!If you want to see THE worst film ever made,look no further.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

The lighting and sense of space in this film are the central character-Nicholson's
pretty cool,too!Also the first(and possibly last)haunted house movie with so MUCH light-it's partly that juxtaposition of psychological decay and ethereally bright light that makes this film so effective-and Kubrick's balletic camera moves don't hurt,either!


Superior munsterwork!!Epic re-telling of Shakespeare's King Lear a la must commit oneself to viewing it by taking an entire evening or Sunday afternoon out to do it justice-well worth the effort!

Knife in the Water

First feature for Polanski..psychological tour-de-force

Being There
Being There(1979)

Profound zen exercise-understated,brilliant..what hasn't been said about this one?

Black Christmas

This is the daddy(or maybe twisted uncle) of all slasher movies(John Carpenter clearly burned it for his "Halloween" films)...leaves a depressing,disturbing residue that is not easily removed by most household cleaners.The director (Bob Clark) was clearly capitalizing on "The Exorcist" with the multi-layered schizoid rantings of "Billy" the killer,but it worked nonetheless..a dark rendering of Toronto(of course,those are the best Dullea's(2001)overly intense,tortured artist character(with the turtlenecks and the mushroomy 70's hair) is worth a couple of chucks,and Margot Kidder plays the sorority slut.Anyhow,a total cult film,but a linty polyester gem nonetheless!


A 21-yr-old Spielberg proved himself right outta the gate with this gritty and intense(gee,THAT phrase hasn't been used too often,huh?) made-for-tv suspense piece.. Friedkinesque and Wellesian at the same time(in terms of technique & composition..well,maybe I'm going a bit far there).A great exercise in paranoia & despair-the Devil in shitkickers vs. McLoud!!

Apocalypse Now

An operatic,almost grandiosely brilliant work..once again,what can I say about this film that hasn't been said?..that's it-I'm not gonna write these superfluous reviews of obvious munsterworks again!(over and out)

Ciao! Manhattan

a twisted little gem of a movie..semi-biographical paranoid fantasy that somehow doesn't mire itself down with too many helpings of groovy..tragic story of 60's decadence(Edie died of a drug overdose not too long after shooting),and an incredible exercise in 16mm(supercool b&w sequences).Captures the whole Warholian Soho thing as well as "Midnight Cowboy" does..hard-to-find,but well worth the effort!


This is THE perennial period masterpiece-a filmmaker's film.


Disturbia-ngly weak!Unless you're 16 and haven't seen "Rear Window",do not see this movie!

The Tenant
The Tenant(1976)

Best horror/suspense movie ever made-the sense of foreboding in this film is so intense and claustrophobic,it hangs like a wet raincoat...does not let up-not a film for everyone!

Eaten Alive
Eaten Alive(1977)

Hooper's follow-up to "Chainsaw"-not as good,but Neville Brand's performance as Judd,the caretaker,is worth it.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The docu-style schlockiness of this movie makes it hyperreal,somehow-one of those "Badgood" movies.

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse

This is a total watershed film,if just for pure cinematic technique & style

The French Connection

Seminal work-every cop film since owes a bit to this one!


Underrated masterpiece!Friedkin's magnum opus-if you're a true film fan,see it!


Who thought another epic film in the tradition of "Spartacus" & "Ben Hur" could be pulled off in this day and age?

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

Best sci-fi film(except for maybe "The Matrix")

The Conversation

This might be one of the most intelligent,thought-provoking,and intense psycological thrillers of all time!

Eyes Wide Shut

Too bad the master went out with a weak one(in my humble opinion)