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Redemption of the Ghost

19/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

A very tricky story which is done in a way that was believable, in other words, its utter crap that was molded convincingly and worked! No complaints though cause I did make it to the end.

Although when I stepped back and had a laugh it occurred to me that I shouldn't, because I really got into it and quite liked the flow as it progressed and I had myself quite attentive to the subject at hand.

Definitely a morality flick that appeals to the sane and sensible, but I guess crazy people may watch, learn and catch on... maybe. Depends. On how much sanity they have left!


28/07/2011 (DVD)

CAN'T BELIEVE I LIKED IT!!? Yes I thought I was going to loathe it because it looks so chickity flickity but I sat through it quite enjoying it. It didn't quite suck as I expected it to.

No bars raised in the plot department but what it had was done nicely and for me was not a bore. A "from rags to riches" story that is no biggie really since we've seen it so many times but otherwise still a sittable flick.

Music was good for me although its not my thing but it fitted the whole movie thing so it was appreciable to accept in my case. Another flick to kick back to on an ordinary day.


27/01/2013 (Quickflix, PS3)

Fright Night
Fright Night(1985)

26/01/2013 (Quickflix, PS3)

The Cable Guy

24/01/2013 (Quickflix, PS3)


24/01/2013 (Quickflix, PS3)

Les Miserables

24/01/2013 (Quickflix, PS3)

Running Scared

19/12/2012 (MP4)

Middle Men
Middle Men(2010)

28/12/2012 (DVD)


26/12/2012 (VIDEO FILE)


10/12/2012 (BluRay)


03/1/2012 (BluRay, 3D)

Mad Max
Mad Max(1979)

03/11/2012 (DVD)


26/09/2012 (DVD)

A View to a Kill

14/09/2012 (Laptop)


13/09/2012 (DVD)

The Patriot
The Patriot(2000)

03/09/2012 (Blu-Ray)


29/08/2012 (DVD)

Gulliver's Travels

12/08/2012 (Blu-Ray 3D)

Dr. No
Dr. No(1962)

08/06/2012 (DVD)

Old school! Finally I've decided that I'm interested in agent 007! So I kicked off my "James Bond Marathon" with the very first installment of the legendary franchise, 007.

It's 1962 so it's a bit of an historical feature in the hall of classical films when imagination was a skillful trade behind the cameras. The gadgets and ideas even though so primitive compared to today is still pretty awesome , funny, but awesome considering the year it was filmed and probably taboo since Bond didn't shy from promiscuity at a time when "taboo" actually meant something.

The dude is so charming I wanna be him. Loving this classical gem so its a great start to my Secret 007 Marathon!

From Russia With Love

10/06/2012 (DVD)

BOND IS BACK! Still charming the women, still escaping in the nick of time and as usual, still saving the day! More cool gadgets to aid in his missions and of course more witty liners after a punch-up and still damn suave with a kick-ass grin!

This is number 2 on my "James Bond" marathon and so far I'm having a good time. It's the 1960's so I'm not anticipating any over the top action but all in all the action is still quite amazing with the time considered. It's quite a heavy theme with governmental issues that I have no doubt is possibly existing.

Sean Connery as 007 is such a smooth player! This marathon is going to be interesting as the time changes also with the actors so I'm looking forward to the rest of this franchise. Can't wait for Skyfall? Then do the "James Bond" marathon!

Far From Heaven

21/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

I had nothing better to do and happened to catch this on TV. Good thing I did, I really got soaked into it and began to be concerned while the story continued to unleash the darkness.

It's around the 1950's, so the whole interracial thing is a "BIG NO NO" along with homosexuality. A story that tells us how it was and how it usually ended which in reality is not always good sadly.

The world was so black and white at one stage and full of prejudice and "false righteousness". Though truthful and sad it's a decent enough flick for having a glimpse of the world before now.

Akeelah and the Bee

31/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

This is something different in topic but still uses a plot and story-structure that is very familiar, but otherwise it's still a worthy film to see.

Another "Rags to Riches" theme but with a very interesting topic which had my eyes glued because my interest was very stimulated,

"Akeelah and the Bee" is a great movie that squeezed hope out of me and made my experience a real journey. A decent choice for all.

Be Cool
Be Cool(2005)

22/07/2012 (DVD)

Casino Royale

20/07/2012 (ONLINE)

The Dirty Dozen

10/07/2012 (Blu-Ray PS3)

Demolition Man

07/07/2012 (MP4, PS3)


06/07/2012 (DVD)


28/06/2012 (DVD)

The Wraith
The Wraith(1986)

20/06/2012 (ONLINE PS3)

Young Guns
Young Guns(1988)

20/06/2012 (DVD)


14/06/2012 (Blu-Ray 3D)

The Darkest Hour

07/06/2012 (Blu-Ray 3D)

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

11/05/2012 (DVD)

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

02/05/2012 (DVD)

The Box
The Box(2009)

27/07/2011 (DVD)

Bewildered at first! The bewildered weirdness kicks but and for was very puzzling. Sometimes I felt like "what the heck is going on?" And then I would settle down to see the strange results produced from the unexplainable theories that in the end all made sense!

Very "Twilight Zone"-ish and according to what I know, the original story "Button, Button!" was written by "Richard Matherson" who wrote "I Am Legend" and several "Twilight Zone" episodes which explains the psychological wrenching.

A well done film adaptation for a short-story! Thinking that this team was able to produce a full length movie out of a short-story article from a "Playboy" magazine from 1970... Impressive.

Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans

04/08/2011 (ONLINE)

A GREAT PREQUEL! I actually saw a decent fan-made version of this beginning with the "Rise of the Lycans" and blending nicely into "Underworld" as one flick.

I always enjoy watching this, its so cool. The Lycans, the Vampires, they are just all awesome! The action is flawless, the setting is bang on and the performances were just on the money for me.

Absolutely loved it and would highly recommend to those who love supernatural horror films.

Groundhog Day

24/08/2011 (DVD)

Weird but good! I didn't really care for this flick even though I've known about the film since I was a kid but never e=really paid attention to it, but I always would here about 'Groundhog day' and so I decided I wanted to know what is this 'Groundhog day?'... And wow, I did not expect to enjoy it that much!

It's an unusual fantasy until you contemplate and measure the pleasure with the dissatisfaction, I mean it sounds all rather cool until you think about the result that are never met, and that's when it is no longer a fantasy... but a nightmare. Laugh now, cry later.

It's a a strange one with romance, comedy and a twist(s) of fate(s)! Not bad at all!

Nothing to Lose

04/09/2011 (ONLINE)

FUNNY! I enjoyed this awkward partnership that made things dangerously hilarious. Putting oil with water only causes separation but if you shake things up you have "Nothing to Lose" right?

This is old-school for me and seeing it now still has me bursting with laughter, not only that but a pretty dramatic situation that intensifies the humor... hoping for the best and laughing at the worst.

You got nothing to do? Put this on... kick back... you got "Nothing To Lose".

Underworld: Evolution

04/08/2011 (ONLINE)

Super cool! Not many sequels can compliment their original films but this for me certainly did. Awesome stuff, vampires, werewolves and Michael the coolest hybrid.

The action is there, the artistry looks fantastic the whole film is my kind of flick in this genre. Cool actors and a awesome lead actress to bring this story to life and giving me an exiting 2 hour break from reality.

Watching this again has me swinging for the 4th installment and I cannot wait till I drench myself in another tale from the "Underworld".


04/08/2011 (ONLINE)

One of the COOLEST flicks!! When this first came out and I'd seen it, I just was wow'ed and was totally into this "Underworld" of Werewolves and Vampires. I'm a "Blade" fan so this was naturally enticing and it delivered what I expected and more so to be true cause I watched it more than once.

I mentioned in my "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" that I saw a fanmade edit which "Rise of the Lycans" and "Underorld" was edited into a single film, a straight to the point edit. That edit really told the story so well that everything I thought I knew was taken to another level coolness.

Watching it back to back with the other installments really intensifies the "Underworld" experience and for me I loved every minute!

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

03/09/2011 (2011)

SUPER! It was a great DC flick and it was pretty cool and funny when I think about how each of them had nemesis rivals of similar attributes and powers and even costumes.

As expected some cool action sequences where we get to the Super dudes do their thang and use their powers for the sake of justice. I would like to see the JL go up against the "Avengers" some day in a film animated or live! That would be Super!

Always a treat to see the comic heroes in a film!

Super crazy stuff!

The Three Musketeers

20/04/2012 (3D/BluRay/PS3TV)


11/06/2010 (CINEMAS)

I'm not sure if audiences outside New-Zealand will relate to this but for those who grew up in New-Zealand like myself, well, we will get a kick out of this.

Although it is humorous, there are elements that keep the movie in check and remind us that its not always going to be funny, that sometimes we need to be serious about stuff.

The film is based around the 80's, so check out New-Zealand and New-Zealanders before "Lord of the Rings" found us a spot on the map.

Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps(2001)

13/07/2010 (ONLINE)

My kind of "Chick Flick". This film is dreadfully good and the girls are absolutely what I like, they're dark, deliberate and deadly... indeed a dangerous combination.

It's been a while since I've seen a decent "horror flick" and I'm still pretty buzzed out about this movie. I saw the sequel years back and I've always wanted to see where it all started and I'm glad I finally did.

This is definitely one for them "Horror Heads" and indeed a treat!

Sutorţto faitÔ IV - Aratanaru kizuna (Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind)

17/01/2011 (ONLINE)

It's really good if you're a 'Street Fighter' fan of the game! A pretty awesome surprise as I surfed the net and found this film because I, who is a 'Street Fighter' fan had forgotten about this, so with no hesitation I put my Broad-band to use and got my fix on an adaptation of one of my favorite games.

I can't really remember the last episode since it's been, I don't know, 10 years or so. Anyway this was a treat for me to see the new characters this time round displaying their familiar and unique signature moves. It's not the best story in town and to be honest it's not as good as other 'Japanimations', 'Manga' and 'Anime' that is available online but I guess this is more for the fans rather than the unfamiliar.

I love the games and I've played nearly all of them up to 'Street Fighter IV' including the spin-offs and imitations, and still playing them. I had forgotten that those who were first to get this game got this as a free bonus DVD and I am sure as hell happy to have stumbled on it online and see it! Not for everybody I guess, but then again... nothing is. Enjoy it or loathe it, FIGHT!

The Mask of Zorro

08/01/2011 (TELEVISION)

Some light fun! Initially this was in my "Not Interested" list and it happened to be the afternoon flick on TV which I couldn't be bothered to change since I don't have a remote. I allowed myself to somehow find some kindling in this story to take my mind of the stressing that was eating me that day and I'm so glad I did. I manage to enjoy the film and feel a little better.

It's a fun plot, the type which I don't mind seeing in different forms. It's well balanced according to my liking and I can watch this again. Cool characters and a cool story. I've probably seen this story many times like this but this really did a nice job with it and with a decent cast. I really liked the humor that's timed nicely through out the adventure with a crazy-cool romance thing happening as secrets are being spilled.

It's 1998 so I do appreciate the action for it's time and I thought the fighting sequences was pretty good. It did a good job of distracting me from what was bothering me so it's a winner for me! A great decision if you got spare time to waste or a nice choice for indecisiveness.


05/01/2011 (DVD)

Quite good! An unusual setting with unusual characters which made this an unusually good movie. It is a flick with deception as it seemed to be a friendly comedy, but it's really smothered with darkness!

Strangely, there's romance and it's the cutest kind that lightens up the rather darkly theme, very enjoyable to sit through. It's funny which was weird for me cause its just so heavy with evilness, I was so concerned and yet I couldn't stop laughing. Its so playful and yet so evil, what a stir.

Definitely a strange one for me but a very manageable sitting. I must say that I liked this a little more than "The City of Lost Children" but anyway it's probably not one for everybody, but it was a good watch for me. I do hope to find more like this, I'm enjoying the seriously weird and strange films that exist, sweet.

City of Life and Death

20/01/2012 (NetFlix, PS3)

Minority Report

03/01/2011 (TELEVISION)

A very cool film! I saw this when I was younger and couldn't fully understand it, but seeing it now is like wow, that was an awesome movie. It's really complicated and sophisticated in ideas but the way it was simplified so that the average mind could grasp was well told indeed, I really get it now.

A nice blend of suspense and a perfect choice for a sci-fi hit. The ideas for what it could look like in 2040 or something just looked believable and made sense. There was just so many cool things in this flick and I enjoyed sitting through this one.

When the twists began, the movie had my undivided attention and I wanted to see why and how these things were occurring, questions began to surface as I peered on to find out. An enjoyable sci-fi suspense thriller flick and a good sit for those boring nights.

Forever Strong

18/01/2012 (PS3, NETFLIX)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

01/08/2011 (DVD)

THE ACTION IS CRAZY! I must admit though I had seen this once before and initially would of gave it a lessor score because I was so confused and lost. The second watch however was so much better because now I just had to fill in the gaps which sealed a less-frustrating experience in my sitting.

I decided to be 10 years old and not go to serial-land for this trip so I could see this the way I wished when I was a kid. I remember conversing with family and friends about Transformers and how it would be cool to see it in live action. Well this. Was. Crazy.

I was absolutely entertained, well maybe not the first time round but adjusting my mentality the second time round definitely transformed my opinion. An A-grade action phenomonon.

13 Assassins
13 Assassins(2011)

15/01/2012 (NetFlix PS3)

Case 39
Case 39(2010)

12/01/2012 (Netflix PS3)

Season of the Witch

08/01/2012 (Netflix, PS3)

From Dusk Till Dawn

02/01/2012 (PS3, NETFLIX)

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

02/01/2012 (PS3, NETFLIX)

Harry Brown
Harry Brown(2010)

02/01/2012 (PS3, NETFLIX)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

23/12/2010 (DVD)

As soon as I finished watching "H.P: and the Philosopher's Stone" a.k.a "The Sorcerer's Stone", I managed to snatch a copy of "H.P.2: and the Chamber of Secrets" and "H.P.3: and the Prisoner of Azkaban" from the library on the same day and with no hesitation I absorbed myself yet again in this magnificent "Harry Potter" roller-coaster whirl!

A great follow up from the first part with more action, more magic and even more darkness! This was actually my first time watching this all the way to the end. I had a copy of this years ago but didn't quite finish the flick due to too many interruptions.

Awesome sequel and I was zoned out in this "Harry Potter" world and the mysteriousness of it all. A great bunch of actors and the special effects though quite old, it still looks fantastic and there's extra enjoyment when a good story is complimented with special effects. I've seen flicks with more awesome special effects but the story was full of crap which made the entire film crap so "Harry Potter" was definitely a treat for spare time!


03/20/2011 (ONLINE)

Four Lions
Four Lions(2010)

29/07/2011 (PS3)

SO STUPID ITS FUNNY and so funny in a stupid way. From the beginning it all looks serious, till they speak that is. You could say its a dodgy film... but its not. Pay attention because every line is dynamite.

I guess for me this flick surprised me. I never heard of "Four Lions", never seen a trailer... nothing, so deciding to watch this was no screamer I just wanted to see the beginning to see if this was watchable... next minute I saw the whole thing.

May be a tad sensitive for those who may take this personally or it may bring the house down with laughter. A laughable sit with some dramatic situations that puts your thoughts to the test.

Red Dragon
Red Dragon(2002)

24/11/2011 (ONLINE)

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

22/11/2011 (ONLINE)


20/11/2011 (ONLINE)

A VERY INSIGHTFUL DOCUMENTARY. A closer look at the nitty-gritty and pretty side of running the streets as a Gangstress (female gangster). Not only that, but the struggles of being a black female.

These women just want what everybody wants... and that's a good life but attaining it is not easy, doing whatever it takes is the most reliable option. Also equality among sexes. They are just tired of being pushed around.

It was an educational sitting for me and I appreciated the information I absorbed. It makes me realize the psychological strength of a woman and how strategic women have to be when it comes to money, family and dealing with a world that is unfair to women.


26/06/2011 (PS3)

Suitable for a good night at home! Action and brutality, risks and despair, hope and fear. Although I've seen this plot a many times I still find myself amused when it is done well.

Truly Barbaric and no shortage of warriors hacking limbs and skewering their enemies hearts or kidneys. The movie looks awesome and the scenery is very fitting to the story.

No disappointments but then again no bars raised in my personal interests. Still... Its not a bad sitting at all.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

12/10/2011 (PS3, MP4)


12/10/2011 (PS3, MP4)


10/10/2011 (ONLINE, PS3)

The Lion King

06/10/2011 (CINEMAS, 3D)


28/05/2011 (DVD)

A good night time flick. It's not boring but I did think it would be more entertaining. Anyhow it did turn out to have an interesting conclusion which you can work out before it happens.

A bizarre, deviant liking of alien/mutant sexual nature puzzled me, shouldn't I be disgusted? I guess I wanted to see results like a supernatural baby, who knows? Maybe I just liked it.

A watchable sci-fi that didn't bore me.

HULK VS.(2009)

12/05/2011 (ONLINE)

HULK BEATS EVERYBODY! I love this stuff and I guess its easy to chew since I am a fan of the mean-green madman. Awesome animated action and cool interesting enough story to keep me in.

WOLVERINE and HULK. Two animalistic maniacs. An awesome match! "Pure Rage" versus "Balls Of Steel"...

THOR's power versus HULK's rage! Another catastrophic rumble between two supernatural beings, toe to toe and head to head!

Fantastic double feature for Marvel junkies and Hulk fanatics.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

04/.09/2011 (ONLINE)

Green Lantern

03/09/2011 (ONLINE)

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

21/05/2011 (DVD)

A standard watch for me. Although visually Wowing I wasn't taken away. Books are always better but with the stunning trailer like that it had me thinking it was going to actually draw me into the world of "Narnia".

I think I enjoyed the old BBC version better but perhaps its because I saw it first, I don't know? It wasn't a drag but my bars were raised really high for this one, so raised.

Its not entirely bad, in fact it is a good sit through, but I guess I raised the bar too high. I have enjoyed my time through all adaptations and if they do make the next one I am willing to see it, actually I hope they do. So that's the end of my "Narnia" experience until there is another installment.

Madea's Big Happy Family

07/05/2011 (DVD)

The most funniest film I have seen this year!! A flick I found funny no matter alone, with friends and even with family, its just very entertaining and stupid in a stylish comedic although unoriginal way. No plot of the year here but just a really comfortable flow that I found easy to follow and willing to to see to the end.

The dramatic points in the movie really were serious and no joking around which I liked, usually comedies still add comedy in the crucial points that are suppose to be serious but this film really pumped the dramatic points which allowed me to ponder on the situation where as other funny films would distract me with laughter at those points of the story. Also I thought the players were very good.

I've known about "The Tyler Perry" flicks for a while now but this is actually the first I've seen of a "Tyle Perry" film and so far very impressive in terms of my type of humor. I do very much recommend it for groupie sessions or even a lonesome evening, day whatever. A nicely prepared dramatic side-dish complemented the film making it not entirely stupid.

BKO: Bangkok Knockout

07/05/2011 (ONLINE)

BIG BROTHER Muay-Thai style!! It may not be the plot of the century but its totally kick-butt, bone-breaking with sour facials and pain twisting action!! There are times I'm like, "No way" and times when I'm like "Are you serious? That looked totally real" and only to find out that it is!! These guys are 9 of "Tony Jaa's" apprentices!! No wonder it's all real....

Once the action picks up its a power punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing, head-butting salad. A tornado of unbelievably cruelty to the body action. Sadly for me the subtitles was a turn off with misspellings and sentences with missing words and even letters replaced with underscores most of the time making no sense, so no use reading it but luckily the action drew me in enough not to give it a miss.

A very lengthy start for me but I'm glad my patience didn't dwindle too quick which allowed me to hang on until my interest ignited and also the cool trailer I saw. I really enjoyed the fight scenes and the angles and the amazing sacrifices they made to bring us B.K.O. "Bangkok Knock Out!!"


03/05/2011 ONLINE

It worked and I loved it!! Nicely done from start to finish. I expected more action, however, it had a good enough flow so nicely measured that the action seemed quite sufficient and made me feel as if that was just the right amount anyway to complete an acceptable dish.

No disappointments, in fact its the only movie since Jan or Feb 2011 that actually kindled my interest. Lately no film has drawn me from the beginning to the end. I've attempted a few flicks this year but its been hard to make it past the beginning and because I prefer to play on my PS3. PSN is still out so I guess 'Thor' fortunately had this chance to blow be away.

I really liked how it was done. A brief history of events that explains the current situation leading to the conclusion, a subtle twist that is traditional but still unfolding at the appropriate moments so that interest is still aglow and a glaze of romance that is not sickening but lite and delightful. So its a winner!! By the way it may pay to sit through the ending credits to get a glimpse of "Thor's" involvement with "THE AVENGERS"...

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

24/04/2011 (PS3)

It's very cool however for me I wanted more. To be truthful it looks fantastic, the camera work and production even the ideas and all but the story felt like an episode for a television series rather than a full on flick. It certainly wasn't boring for me, from the beginning my interest is heightened and then during the flick it sort of goes down and before I knew it... it ended.

It came straight to DVD here in New Zealand which I'm glad cause I would of went to see it at the cinemas. Although not a strong film for me I did like the dude who plays 'Jonah Hex' and I guess that's why I kept on watching.

It's a watchable flick if you don't treasure your spare time but I honestly do and wished I spent it playing Yakuza 4 or Dragon Age 2 on my Ps3 but what has been done is done. Funny thing is if there is a sequel I might still check it out.

Blazing Saddles

03/04/2011 (PS3/Blu-Ray)

I got this on Blu-Ray for a bargain and it looks the bloody same as DVD!! Anyway it is still a funny flick to watch and honestly, it is very childish at times in humor, it's probably why I enjoyed it more as a kid however, there are scenes where I just keep rewinding to laugh at cause I don't want to stop laughing... cause its good for my abs.

I love these "'Mel Brooks' flicks, they are tremendous in entertainment and
the fun is consistent. I like westerns and I like comedy so its a pretty gun-blazing fusion for me with laughing and looting, horses and humor and only now I noticed the suggestive themes that, believe it or not, I missed as a youngster, anyhow, I finally got it.

It's still got it! Not as funny as I remembered but it will leave you gutted from laughing the first time you experience a ride on one of these Blazing Saddles!

The Spy Next Door

26/02/2011 (DVD)

A family buzz! Definitely a winner for the occasional family night in. Enjoyed it very much, the whole martial-art comedy thing is a plus and Jackie Chan is the right ingredient for that. This won't win any 'Oscar" but it will extract a giggle somewhere.

I don't think I could watch this alone, its not that kind of movie to soak in, it's more of a groupie flick where you don't really have to concentrate while you watch it because everything is easy to catch and predictability levels are heightened due to the fact that this plot has been done several times but still... a fun time goodie for the clan.

A one-time fun time experience for me but a definite recommendation for all. Honestly there are times in this flick where I'm like "I can't believe they left that line in or that scene" but I guess that's why I enjoyed it more... I sort like crap like that, it just makes me wonder and laugh and think whether they did that on purpose. I don't know?

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

11/03/2011 (PS3)

I can't believe I saw this to the end... I wasn't really into this but after a while it started to sink in. It's a pretty good movie and to think there is no hope as you peer through this story is just a scary thought. Being trapped like that, I don't know, I'm just glad it wasn't me, just the thought that 'if it was me' disturbs me.

Surprisingly it maintained my interest even though I knew what the film was about and how it may end since it was based on an actual true story I'm sure most of us knew about. I think its a good one if you are in the mood for some psychological friction.

Its a film with a subtle horrific tone that for me blew up in my head, just knowing the amount of time that passed as he endured not only day but also nights... cold at that and like that.... scary. I did not mean to enjoy this flick like I did, but I did, so I would recommend a whirl. It's a better experience if you keep in mind that this actually happened and that it was true.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

17/02/2011 (DVD)

I am having fun comparing this to the older versions, watching the older versions and then seeing this more up-to-date adaptation is quite amusing. What a read this must of been cause just watching this is quite a trip, adventurous and entertaining.

I will say that although this was an awesome sequel, I still am very fond of the first part. 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' is still a better story but otherwise this is still a hit. The actions is... you just gotta see it, it's awesome! I wonder what the next episode has in store for me cause I'm in the mood for more of that Narnianian fictitious chocolate!

I wonder if they'll make the whole series? Anyway it's been quite a journey since endeavoring on this fantastic voyage but there is still one more trip for me to take to complete my Narnia expedition and that is to go aboard the 'Dawn Treader' in the latest episode so far. Bon-voyage!!


16/02/2011 (ONLINE)

Cool!! I liked the anime and seeing the live action version was a real treat. They really stuck to the script of the manga with a few adjustments but otherwise a very close adaptation of the animated series. At least the Japs don't try and redesign or alter the looks of the original. Everything looked exactly like the series. The Suits were spot on and even the enemies were identical to the animation.

I wished that it was longer but otherwise it was awesome. It is exactly what I want and expect from an adaptation of something, everything was exact or near exact. I am not sure but it seems that there will be a second part and I do hope there is because it does feel unfinished. Right from the beginning it's pretty close to the original story and it was fun to see it like this where as other film makers tend to put a spin in remakes and adaptations or even change it completely.

A really enjoyed this however, I am not sure every one will dig it since it's a typical Japanese plot where the viewers are left with a mystery. The Action is pretty awesome and everybody is cool and I'm glad it's not at all pornographic as the anime which was actually quite distracting for me. A decent Sci-fi catch.

The Warrior's Way

03/02/2011 (ONLINE)

Now this is the sort of flick I like! Yep this is the crap I get into and its been a while since I've seen an Asian super-natural fantasy looking flick that I use to indulge heavily in. Sword-play, gun-smoke and assassins? Awesome! It's so cool and boys will yarn about this for days like I did. No 'Oscar' here but hey, it's still gold to me.

The old 'East meets West', blades vs bullets and 'Cowboys and Ninjas?'... hmm, still cool! Pretty out of it action, and the CGI? Honestly? Could be a bit better but all good, when I'm in 'little boy mode' its unbelievable, especially if I'm into it. At least for me it felt like a live anime so it was all good and I wished I could of seen this at the movies!

I guess this is for the 'not so serious' crowd and those who can handle large amounts of fictitious juice poured on a dusty old script that was probably scrapped... are you keen? Well it was fun for me and what a nice little surprise of a flick this was cause I was not really keen to begin with but gave it a shot based on the trailer.

Beautiful Kate

03/02/2011 (ONLINE)

An excellent drama that stirred me the wrong way... I'm puzzled, and to think that this is suppose to disgust me didn't, well, in the end it didn't. Morally it's insane yet innocently it seems harmless. This would of got just the 3 stars but I pushed in a half more for actually puzzling my view of this situation. I know what's right from wrong and yet I felt sorry for the true enemies or rather, the guilty ones.

I did not expect to be moved like that and feel something for this story but I was quite stunned in the end. I was actually not liking what was going on and then a sudden impact in the story started to sink in and now I was sad... I should be glad at what happened but I actually felt sorry for everybody even though they were all guilty for something.

A great Australian flick that builds up gradually. On the drama scale its a winner and for me, the story still lingered in my thoughts long after I saw the movie. Another film that I was 'Not Interested' in that I enjoyed surprisingly. Thanks to all those who kept recommending it till I finally said... Oh, alright then!

Paranormal Activity 2

03/02/2011 (ONLINE)

I did love the acting! The acting really looks natural like I'm watching actual footage of real life people, great stuff. For me it didn't quite fascinate me as much as I anticipated. The first one blew me away so I was hoping for that same result, I guess I shouldn't of heightened my expectations so much. Not at all bad though, the acting lead me to the end.

I'm usually patient and don't mind a flick with a slow rhythm but perhaps the hype of my expectation caused me to feel like the build up was sluggish, I really wanted more but I suppose I wanted too much. I did get a few jolts in there but by the time the climax occurred... I missed it. Another reason may be because it was about 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning, and I was pretty tired.

I am aware of the third episode that is still in the making, so I'm trying not to look so forward to it so that the chance I do get to see it my expectation won't so high. I'm not sure if there are different versions of this feature because the version I saw was quite different than the trailer. In the trailer it shows the baby crawling along the road but the in the movie I saw there was no scene of the baby outside in the streets. Anyway, I hope the next one will get to me!

Little Fockers

01/02/2011 (ONLINE)

The third episode and probably the last installment of the 'Meet The Parents' movies which I had an okay time watching. All three episodes were quite even for my liking scoring threes... however, I feel the second episode was the best of the three in my opinion but just not enough to break the three mark. I am glad though that I have seen all three, I have a bad habit of watching sequels, trilogies and sagas even if the first part sucked.

The only thing that sort of bothered me was the fact that it was called 'Little Fockers' and yet the flick was hardly about them, well I guess I just wanted more input from the 'Little Fockers' but that's my only disappointment, otherwise its a family treat for a family night at home. Even though I wanted more 'Little Fockers' action I must admit I did enjoy seeing those two at it again.

It is a fun trilogy and I do say it's good enough for a good lite lift if you are trying to crack a smile right then. I still wished that I saw more of the goofy kids, I mean that's what the title says, right?... 'Little Fockers' not 'Grumpy Old Men'... and I've already seen that! Anyway don't hold back if you are still deciding, just get it over and done with cause you're bound to giggle at something.

The Green Hornet

02/02/2011 (MP4/LAPTOP)

BOOM! That was great! Action is definitely where this film sits... I've seen the older version and this was way better indeed. Still, it was fun to see familiar parts related to the older version and they even threw in the old theme music during the movie. I was really tired but this flick manage to put my interest into flame mode and watch it like I was fresh with energy.

The comedy is good enough to crack me up so I had a few laughs which was a treat. Although it doesn't follow the original TV series storyline, I did like what they came up with. It didn't really lag like most action features where they leave the hot stuff for the end so the action was nice and gradual.

What I also enjoyed was how the action gets better, a few action flicks I've seen where the first action sequence is better than the last action sequence is really a bummer but this gradual build up really took me home in the end. A good first choice for the action freak.

Meet the Fockers

28/01/2011 (DVD)

I laughed more at this than the last one and it was a treat for my bored-as-syndrome! I loved the awkwardness and the new challenges, it made my experience a bit of a roller-coaster. This sequel really gets messier than the first, well, in the emotional department and relationships are on the line. The first episode was just silly for me but this sequel definitely found my laughing gauge.

It's a little more interesting now with the other set of parents in the picture. The moment they met I already could feel the awkward vibes and it wast so intense that I hoped that no one produces an a and b conversation. What made it that much better for me was remembering what everyone was like in the last episode and what standards they accepted and then meeting the new characters in this episode who are nearly totally opposite.

To see legendary actors (Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman) and actress (Barbra Streisand) in one flick doing comedy... a must see for me. I know that there is a third episode so I'm going to rush into that for more silly, hilarious and stupid fun! I've met the parents, I've met the 'Fockers' and now I'm about to meet the little 'Fockers' for more disastrous situations!

Blind Beast (M˘jű)

24/01/2011 (ONLINE)

Didn't think I'd like this but I saw it to the end and was quite speechless, I did not expect that. A film that starts with an innocent habitual erotic fixation caused by blindness that slowly eventuates into a 'Romeo & Juliet' twist. I found it amusing as I thought how the Japanese twisted this pervading theme into 'so called' art, an excuse to entertain the flesh with hungry eyes.

Very convincing performances and a fat dose of drama. Quite psychological and quite deceiving, who is bad? And even at one point I was hoping for the horrible to flourish and fulfill the evil task at hand, fruition in what is bad is what I kept hoping for but at the same time I was angry for having a twisted mentality where my wicked thoughts anticipated the next portion.

This can be an incredible watch if you can tap into the minds of the characters and think for a moment, should I be understanding? A gloomy thought thickens the darkness while befriending evil for a taste of the devil's pie, truly, sex and beauty is never enough!

Meet the Parents

20/01/2011 (DVD)

I enjoyed this more when I was younger but it still managed to extract laughter from me. I haven't yet seen the sequel ('Meet the Fockers') or the third installment to this feature ('Little Fockers') which is screening at the pictures in January-February 2011 so I decided to watch 'em all beginning with 'Meet the Parents' as the intro to this trilogy.

I had to readjust myself so that I was in teen mode so that this would be easy to laugh at. I'm a little older now and I must admit that silly and stupid flicks hardly make me laugh these days, well, not like my teen days anyways. Half the time the character played by 'Ben Stiller' is so annoying that I started hoping that his girlfriend would dump him for the other looser.

It's a managable sitting if you can stand and endure the stupidity of 'Ben Stiller' who seems to be the same in all the movies I see him in, but I still watch them (guess I'm stupid too). I guess sane people will think this is lame but I'm not that sane so it jiggled me a few times. Not bad.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

17/01/2011 (DVD)

A wonderful world that hits home as I remembered what it was like to imagine things like this. I sat through the ancient TV version of this some time ago and have been anxious to re-watch this version to make my comparisons, and what a journey it has been. I still got love for the old one because of childhood memories but this version is chocolate.

Although I liked the older TV series of 'Narnia', this more up-to-date take on it was a treat. To see it done with a tidier production and a more visual vision, makes this world of 'Narnia' feel and look real and I felt that the direction of the film was skillfully handled. Well done! A definite plus for me.

I watched this with a 'special feature' on that had pop ups with brief facts which I learned and appreciated during my watch. Apparently 'J. R. R. Tolkien', the author of 'Lord of the Rings' and 'C.S. Lewis' who wrote the 'Narnia' chronicles were close friends who taught in 'Oxford' and were both in the same gang of critics and writers called the 'INKLINGS'. I thought that was interesting.

The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (TV SHOW)

01/09/2010 (DVD)

You have to be prepared to watch these older adaptations of 'Narnia' because it is not fantastic in the looks department, I'm only watching these cause I'm on a new mission. My new mission is to take 'The Chronicles of Narnia' voyage to watch 'em all! And that means even the ones you wouldn't.

I actually gave this 2.5 stars but just added another half a star for childhood memories. I remember the BBC TV version of 'Narnia' years ago when I was a child and remembered how it took me on a fantastic voyage! I'm actually not sure if it's this one but it say's TV show so it must be since there are no other TV shows about 'Narnia', is there?

Anyway, My 'Narnia' mission is in motion now beginning with this one and my adventure continues as I seek 'Prince Caspian' on his 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. So far so good and I'm off... Not a bad start! Otherwise a good choice for children... well, children who don't know or haven't seen the up-to-date cooler version.

Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (TV SHOW)

17/01/2011 (DVD)

This was endurable considering it's age and budget. Actually I haven't seen the latest versions of 'NARNIA: Prince Caspian' or 'NARNIA: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' so it was interesting as I watched these older adaptations cause I kept thinking how certain scenes were going to look in the up-to-date versions. All I kept thinking during this series was, "I wonder what the newer versions gonna look like".

PRINCE CASPIAN: Not bad but it's definitely TV material for very young children. It's divided into two episodes which wasn't so hard for me to sit through. It's not that bad, if you look past the cheap set up. The acting however, is pretty darn good considering they are just kids, they really play it hard and serious like it's 'Oscar' time! If it wasn't for the cheapness in the background, I would of happily given it another half a star.

THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER: Once again we take off to the magical world penned by 'C.S. Lewis'. I do commend the performers for their conviction. Even though this TV series looks budget as, the acting is pretty solid, very convincing. It's split into four episodes which is easy to watch and although I know there are better versions it's my goal to see 'em all!

The City of Lost Children (La CitÚ des Enfants Perdus)

02/01/2011 (DVD)

A very strange but interesting watch. The performances are outstanding by both adults and children and what a weirdly but fantastic world. It was like a silver-screen flick with updated visual effects which made this film feel unusual and different. Wow.

The setting is art, I mean the ideas and the artistry compliments the story giving it depth and darkness. What had me drawn was the background, it was very darkly, futuristic for its time and Gothic yet the people were from the 1950's so it seemed, very cool indeed. It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but it's definitely the type of tea that has an unusual blend that one learns to enjoy.

The special effects were not overly done but it just had the right amount for taste and the clones just look so real, like they were real individuals rather than camera tricks, just so cool. It's definitely a strange one in my opinion but no doubt a watchable feature. I did notice that "Hell Boy" speaks in tongues? Did not know that.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

16/01/2011 (ONLINE)

I noticed since 'H.P.5: and the Order of the Phoenix', it has been my kind of 'Harry Potter'. A very grown-up 'Harry Potter' gang ups it up once again on a new level which gave me an awesome experience and a thrilling adventure! With relationships are on the line and questionable loyalty is an issue, I really paid more than the usual attention as I warped into another spellbinding fantasy.

This was definitely the most serious episode of the lot so far. It's deeper, darker and their most dangerous situation has the little group in a twist which had my eyes stuck like glue to the screen with max-leveled curiosity and interest, I was totally sucked in. The story just gets better and the mysteries begin to wow once answered and lot's more suspense through out the film.

The last episode had me begging for the next and sadly it's no longer screening in my town so I watched this one online as I don't have enough patience for the DVD release. I am twitching for the final episode and now I have to wait half a year to see it! What a drag and after all that effort watching it back to back, oh well, I did have lot's of fun. Because there is nothing I can do about the last episode until it is released, my mission is complete nonetheless.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

15/01/2011 (DVD)

Wow, a really different "Harry Potter" film. It's a little unusual when you compare this episode to the previous ones, but in no way was it bad for me, I liked it. As a novel reader and a keen watcher of novel adaptations, I could easily tell that there was so much story being left out even though I haven't read this series, but that in my experience of comparing novels to the films is expected. Reading is always... WAY much better!

There were so many times I noticed that I wasn't getting the full story and lots of parts of the flick felt brief for me and needed meat, but like I said, I expected that so I wasn't too disappointed. I actually enjoyed how this episode was going and there was so much streaks of romances occurring which I have no doubt was more meatier in the book.

It's definitely dark and sinistral than the previous episodes but surprisingly it didn't have as much action as the last, but it didn't need it anyway because it told me a great story. The next episode which is "H.P.7 Part 1: and the Deathly Hollows" is no longer screening in my town and so I'm going to check it out online because I cannot wait for the DVD release, seriously.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

01/01/2011 (DVD)

From the start it was just spellbinding and what a fantastic introduction this film had us started off with to conclude where we left off. I didn't mention this in my review of "H.P.4: and the Goblet of Fire" but that "Voldermort" dude just looked seriously darkly and the wait to see what he would look like restored, had me anxious and I really thought what a great look for an evil villain.

In the last episode we met the "Death Eaters", a group that served "Voldermort" but now this time it's time to meet the good guys, "The Order of the Phoenix". This is the kind of "Harry Potter" film I've been waiting for with more seriousness and sinistral battles. Let's face it, "Harry Potter" is not a kid anymore and it's time take matters in his own hands in a war of wands!

This episode has raised the bar in so many ways and I'm so in the mood for the sixth installment of this awesome series. The villains were really annoying and I loved that! I always feel that we need the bad guys to hate so much so that the victory is just that much sweeter. A very wonderful or should I say wand-erful flick and I'm still hooked! ...or should I say charmed.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

01/01/2011 (DVD)

A little more darker, a little more dangerous and a lot more deadly. The cast and the characters are just so much fun to follow and now that I have seen the series to this point, I feel real close to the characters which just makes the experience more adventurous and meaningful as the stories continue to interest me.

The popular trio are no longer minors and it is actually refreshing to see changes developing not in just the movie and story but in the characters. I wasn't that impressed with the mysteries cause it just felt repetitive but I did enjoy the performances for the bad guys and the special effects for buildings and stuff like that is Wowing.

I wish there was more at the end for me but I guess that this is not the last "Harry Potter" film, so I can relax and check out the next episode. I am looking so forward to the next "Harry Potter" film so I can soak once again in this truly fascinating world!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

24/12/2010 (DVD)

Once again I'm drenched in this fantastic fantasy-filled film! I'm so glad that I checked out all the negative reviews because it had me doubting this episode, so I wasn't expecting it to be awesome. I guess my little reverse psychology worked and what a very cool flick to conclude from "H.P.2: and the Chamber's of Secrets" I saw earlier.

"Harry Potter" isn't a little geek anymore and so is the rest of the gang, well, except for "Ron Weasley". They upped it with the darkness however I will say the last villain from "H.P.2: and the Chamber of Secrets" was more brilliant in my opinion, but these villains were still bad enough, just not brilliant.

I am hanging out now for the 4th installment and hopefully the 5th and 6th depending if my order at the library is ready for me to pick up. I am having fun watching this saga back to back and drawing close to these characters is giving me more of a reason to continue the "Harry Potter" mission to see every episode. I hope to watch it all in time for the "Harry Potter" flicks still at the cinemas. A great way to waste time!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

23/12/2010 (DVD)

I'm on a "Harry Potter" ride and I'm going to watch the entire saga starting with this one! I saw this years ago in my teens and I was stoned off my face (I don't drugs anymore) and I loved it, funny though because that was the first and the last "Harry Potter" flick I saw. Since then "Harry Potter" has become such a huge hit in the movie world and I did enjoy the first part many years back so it's my mission to see them all.

I wish "Harry Potter" came out when I was a kid cause damn that's some buzzed out flick for kids! Awesome and interesting and quite a suitable cast for the film. Awesome bad guys and I always like the villains cause villains to me will determine the quality of the hero in the end so the bad guys rock!

I'm now going to check out the 2nd and 3rd part which I got out from the Library so my mission is in motion, I just need to book the rest. A great story and film and a quality flick in my opinion.

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Flickan som lekte med elden)

16/12/2010 (DVD)After watching the first I just had to see the second one since it's available from the local movie store. I tried ordering it from the library which is way cheaper, about 85% cheaper but it was booked already by 60+ people so pass, not waiting forever and ever.Oh well went to the local film store and what do you know, it was half price night so all good and a copy was available (YES!). This story is not as mysterious as the first in my opinion but it was good to get to know more about "Lisabeth", the great researcher.I'm looking forward to the third one cause this movie was still very good and although it didn't suck me up like the first, it was still able to convince me to take on number three so I'm all in, let's go to the hornets nest and kick it with her!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

15/12/2010 (DVD)What an awesome film, so glad I got it out of the library for a nosy. I had heard a lot about this flick and it was recommended to me by many but I didn't get the motivation to watch it until I spoke with my cousin in prison who was reading the books and so I made it a goal to check it out, and boy am I glad!It is a brilliant film with interest ignitions all the way! A very lite but weird romance but great combinations of mysteries and twists that are well set in appropriate points. I can only imagine what an awesome read this must of been but I'll settle for this which I enjoyed thouroughly.Another one for my "favorites" and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I strongly say "go for it" if you're hesitant because it's a really good watch for both sexes. A really fantastic cast with satisfying results.


17/12/2010 (DVD)I really think it's quite stupid but you know what? It worked and I'm afraid I enjoyed it. I was expecting something super-hero like "Super Man" or Spider Man" you know? Something "X-Men" related but no, let's do this for real! Let's be real super heroes in the flesh!I couldn't help notice that the musical theme for this movie was the same one for the "R.E: Afterlife" music theme, did you notice? Anyway, a surprisingly entertaining flick. It's funny and although it is such a childish dish it is actually for grown ups, can you believe it?
It should of been called "Hit-Girl" cause "Kick-Ass" is always getting his ass kicked! But if they make another one I will watch it and I'm not afraid to go see it, because it's "Kick-Ass" and I like watching ass getting kicked!

The Last Airbender

02/09/2010 (CINEMAS/3D)"Book 1: WATER". Not bad but the 3D wasn't that great, only when the elemental bending happened especially water the 3D looked good but that was about it for the 3D side of things. Adaptations are usually disappointing especially when they have been altered heavily or re-written completely different from the source, however this was still pretty close to the original animated story line which I quite liked since I've seen all three books of "Avatar: The last Air-bender."Trying to fit the entire season one of the series into a two-hour flick is tricky business but I think at least the core of it was presented although I noticed the central portion of the film seemed rushed, but perhaps that is due to the fact that I know what really happened from the animated series.I know that the the original animated series got better as each book was released so I am looking forward to the second book "Book 2: EARTH" because my favorite bender will be joining "Aang' and the gang! Kids will dig this but if you expect too much you'll likely be disappointed, however for me it wasn't.


13/11/2010 (DVD)I loved the way this movie looks and I was amazed with the fighting sequences. I never saw the anime that this was adapted from but I might check it out now because it was difficult to understand and weirdly strange, perhaps the anime may help me understand it a little better.My interest was slow but gradual, slow though... very slow. I was about to sleep but then it starts taking off, however I was still lost and didn't quite get what was happening, but it looked amazing and this could do well in 3D.I think checking out the anime first before viewing this may enhance your experience because it is quite a hard one to follow, but the fights are cool though.

Dark Angel: The Ascent

10/11/2010 (ONLINE)It's a pretty good attempt for a fantasy horror and I like stories like this however this was a little too amateur for my liking but I was able to see it to the end.I reckon this would of done well as a TV series because there so much you can add to this but anyways... I've seen worse but it's not annoyingly bad for me but rather bad in a way where it could of been better if done with a little more skill.The beginning was interesting but the rest of the movie just needed a little more tasteful arranging. I didn't hate it and I think it would be a hit if some decent film-makers gave it some serious thought because she is pretty much the girl version of "Hell Boy" and "Hell Boy" was a hit.

Resident Evil: Extinction

23/11/2010 (AVI FILE)Again not so scary since it's mostly day time and it still seems like a "Sci-fi" flick to me. Anyhow, I still enjoyed this movie and it is a lot better than the previous two that was released earlier. At least for me this movie collection has gotten better so far unlike the many trilogies and sagas that went backwards with disappointment.An awesome dose of action and a kick-butt chick with super sonic powers! Zombie birds? that's a good one but I'm still waiting for my Zombie lions and guerrillas! A pretty decent follow up from "R.E: Apocalypse" and a nice conclusion that lets us know there's more!Again I watched it as a movie on it's own rather than an adaptation of the game and it was yet another treat for my spare time. Now, bring on Part 4!!

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

17/11/2010 (DVD)Here we go again and this time, let's take it to the streets! A pretty good sequel with more action and mayhem than the first. The infection from the first flick has now spread to the city and now we have a nice "Zombie Apocalypse" in our hands.Again I'd like to say that it is more "sci-fi" than horror but it is still a good enough watch for me and my liking and I enjoyed it. "Milla Jovovich" rocks it up and we have a pretty cool hybrid-like hero who swings blades, shoots the guns and rides a motor cycle while doing it.I like this flick more now as a movie rather than an adaptation of the R.E. games and seeing it right after the first R.E. flick is quite a good watch. Now it's time for "R.E: Extinction", let's go!

Resident Evil

15/11/2010 (ONLINE)It's been a "Resident Evil" week for me! I just finished watching the entire saga beginning with this one. I must admit that back in the day I played the games and didn't like this movie because it was hardly like the game. This time round I decided to watch it not as an adaptation of the game, but just simply as a movie... and I enjoyed it more I must say.It does take a wee bit to kick off but when it did and things started to unfold the interest was indeed kindled, although predictable. It's pretty awesome sci-fi rather than a horror and the action is not too bad either, actually quite entertaining.Zombie hounds? That was pretty cool, I'd like to see some Zombie Lions, Tigers and Gorillas aye, try running from that! Anyway, it was a decent watch for me but I still say the game is more fun!!

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

10/11/2010 (TELEVISION)Old-school flick that I caught on TV the other night. I would say that this would of been, or was a controversial flick in its time regarding teen independence with sexualized associates and lots of money.Interesting to compare these days with those days, I use to think when I was little that the kids on this movie were pretty bad but now... it's nothing compared to my generation, the generation that followed and the kids of today.Anyway, another backtrack flick I got to see. I do say though that it beats the teen flicks they make today!

The Incredible Hulk

30/08/2010 (TELEVISION)A for Action! I just love the way "The Incredible Hulk" brings havoc with demolishing destructive catastrophe that always widens my freakin' eyeballs out my socket while I try to hold my jaw from hitting the ground! I know it's not a good idea to get him angry, ...but we love it when he's mad, may he never find the cure!I hope for another "Hulk" flick cause that was pure awesome. I know this is different from the first "live action" one that came out before this one did and if I'm right, this version is leaning more towards the TV series whereas the first that had "Eric Bana" as the "Hulk" was based on the "comics". A lot of people thought this was the sequel to the "Hulk" that had "Eric Bana" as the "Hulk", but it's not. This is a different movie altogether.I am looking forward to seeing the "Hulk" take on the "Avengers" and waste them! I don't know how much they are going to change in the story but if you've seen the original rumble between "The Hulk" and "The Avengers" then you know that "Hulk" ripped them all up! "HULK SMASH!!"

Rigged (Fight Night)

29/08/2010 (ONLINE)A good movie if you don't value your time. It's not that bad but it is one of those average flicks that you'd probably catch on TV in the afternoons. It was nice though for a change to see girls kick but and be the hero.I could tell though when watching the movie that the main star was debuting just by the way she performed, I mean it's not bad but it was obvious. Well, I hope it's her debut because that would be shocking if it wasn't.A very ordinary flick that I watched because the cover looked cool. I really need to stop doing that, it's such a bad habit.


28/08/2010 (TELEVISION)A great "Twistie Flick" that lives up to it's title, I was actually loosing my mind during my experience. Funny, I have a collection of DVDs I haven't seen and yet I choose to watch TV... What is that?Anyway, this movie was able to extract the consistency of my interest and keep me there till the end. I must admit, for someone like me to keep guessing is unusual. I usually know who the culprit is before the film ends, but this time I was going back and fourth.This is another one I have never heard of but enjoyed and it was more than a decent watch in my opinion. I have never seen some of these actors and actresses before but they did deliver the goods and the final product was indeed a worthy check.


28/08/2010 (TELEVISION)Another flick I didn't like when I first saw it, but seeing it this time round was a whole different story. It's funnier this time for some reason, I don't know? But I was laughing a lot more than last time.No special plot, just plain and simple. Easy choice for groupie laughs. A coating of romance with a sprinkle of idiotic-ism and a cherry that fell off the top and stepped on by the director.I know kids will love this! It's just the type of comedy that children get a kick out of (like myself) so if you are in a family mood than "Hitch" should work.

Half a Loaf of Kung Fu (Dian zhi gong fu gan chian chan)

11/09/2010 (LAPTOP/DVD)"Jackie Chan's" first attempt that was canned because traditional Chinese heroes were usually staunch, in this movie the star is a clown who manages to waste all the staunch dudes by fluke.This is technically the beginning of "Jackie Chan's" style he created in the martial-art genre which may of not got the props back then but is now a legendary trademark of "Chan's" work. It's not the best, but it is interesting for me to see where the kung-fu comedy fusion began.It is full of comedy and skillful Martial-art sequences that are very entertaining to watch and the story is some-what okay I guess but all in all it's not that bad. I watched this purely for appreciation and may not be for you.

Samurai X - Trust & Betrayal (Rur˘ni Kenshin: Meiji kenkaku roman tan: Tsuioku hen)

14/09/2009 (DVD)TRUST: "Trust" is the first part of this beautiful but brutal "Samurai X" double feature. Just catching the very few moments of the beginning of this film captured my interest and I just couldn't stop watching. A terrific intro to the "Samurai X" trilogy.BETRAYAL: "Betrayal" unfolds nicely into a somewhat romantic story which lightly softens things up but interestingly intensifying the dramatic tone for a very deep impact in the end. Beautifully twisted.A very enjoyable assassin flick that both sexes will enjoy. Romance for the ladies and swordplay for the boys.


22/10/2010 (AVI FILE)This is the third Predator movie and I enjoyed it. I still think part 1 was better with "Arnie" and "Predator 2" with "Glover" was not too bad but this "Predators" was no disappointment either, "Adrien Brody?" ...well done!I wouldn't of minded if it was a little longer, it felt short for me but otherwise a fairly average sci-fi. I wasn't really affected with suspense and I guess that's just the result of the predictable situations in this story. There was just no surprises for me but anyhow i liked it none-the-less.The third Predator movie was in my opinion a satisfactory conclusion and there may be a fourth installment judging by the way it finished, or not.

Ong Bak 3
Ong Bak 3(2011)

29/10/2010 (AVI FILE)I better watch it again cause I was a little lost a few times. This continues from "Ong-Bak 2" where it was left to be continued. The martial-arts is again staunch and brutal and quite a WOW-er for the eyes, and a lot of screwed facials for the pain.I personally feel that the first one was the the best of this trilogy however I'm glad I've seen all three. I expected too much I guess but it still was entertaining in the "Action Department" and maybe if I understood it a bit more I would of grasped the essence of this story.It's definitely a movie that is worth a nosy and although it may have lacked a little for me in the "understanding department" the Action sequences are extremely awesome!

28 Weeks Later...

30/10/2010 (AVI FILE)Now this is what I'm talking about, "The Infected" that sprint! Yeah that's right, none of that "arms stretched out" walking like a turtle stuff. You wanna live you better be fast cause these freaks sprint for gold!A fantastic follow up from the first part with again a believable reason for a "Re-infection" to continuate the "Infection" holocaust. Still gritty, not pretty in a terror filled city.A decent horror choice that extracts fear making this film a memorable and unforgettable scare flick of its kind. Terribly terrific.

The Witches
The Witches(1990)

30/10/2010 (TELEVISION)This is a classic for me, a childhood film that use to scare the crap out of me! I manage to catch this flick during the Halloween weekend and it was a pretty good re-watch, I hadn't seen it in years so it was quite a treat.It's quite a flick for it's time and it was pretty darn hilarious to see all the scenes that use to scare me look like a joke to me now. I still like this story and it was indeed a memorable one from childhood.I like scarier films now but this is still a classic and I guess it's one for the younger audiences. Funny, darkly and certainly an entertainer!

Turistas (Paradise Lost)

31/10/2010 (TELEVISION)Should I still go to Brazil? Something different for me which I guess kept me interested and it was pretty interesting as things began to go so wrong. I couldn't help imagine "what if that was me?" which probably added to the disturbance brewing in me mentally.This flick made me wonder a lot of things now about taking a vacation or going on holiday. A very serious movie with uncomfortable situations of desperation, hopelessness and suspense.Great! A good night thriller with possible reasons this could happen to YOU!

Resident Evil: Afterlife

25/11/2010 (CINEMAS/3D)

This is the latest R.E. flick and it's in eye popping 3D! I personally don't have any issues with 3D flicks but only those cheap as ones where you ask at the end of the film, "where was the 3D?" with disappointment. The 3D on this was awesome and I loved the blood spattering on my glasses as bullets flew towards me!

I do say that "R.E: Extiction" was a little better in the story telling department but otherwise this episode is seriously butt kicking and I still say that it is more Sci-fi than horror once again.

Finally there is a character from the game and by the way it ended there may be more episodes. From what I recognized it seems that they'll be a little more like the games next time. By the way, did anyone notice the music? It was the same tune for "Kick-Ass" when "Big-Daddy" burnt down the warehouse.

The Animal
The Animal(2001)

15/10/2010 (TELEVISION)

If you are in the mood for some childish humor then look no further, "Animal" just has what you wanna laugh at. I totally laughed right through this back in the days and it was a rather good re-watch.

I may not laugh as hard as I did on my initial watch but it's still a rather interesting plot for myself to follow, not original but definitely a fun one.

A funny idea and a rather good laugh for me, one that I probably wouldn't mind watching more than once.

28 Days Later

24/10/2010 (AVI FILE)

An "Infection Holocaust" that kept me interested as I began to wonder the next step for this terrible outbreak and outcome.

It definitely hit me on a mental level which I like... movies that do that take me for a ride and I was feeling the darkness and discomfort of a bad, nasty situation that kept me second guessing things.

I got a kick out of this terror flick and it is a plus for horror junkies in my opinion.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

24/10/2010 (AVI FILE)

I guess "The A-TEAM" does have a B team, "The Loosers" in this case. Not a bad flick and still a good enough bother if you know what I mean. An interesting group with a kick-butt chick and an annoying villain we love to hate.

The beginning was cool and the whole comic thing was cool. It's not boring and during my experience I enjoyed it quite a bit. A good choice if you're in the mood for some Action/Comedy with a subtle Tragic/Romance.

A good one-time watch for me but if there's a sequel I would definitely consider watching it.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

22/10/2010 (DVD)

It's sort of sad that I've "grown up" because there was so much silly nonsense that would of cracked me up if I was a kid. It wasn't boring but I guess I expected too much from an elite line up of comedians.

I did appreciate the message about bonding and also how the more important things strengthen the quality of life rather than the temporary excitement we may achieve from personal desires.

Kids will love this no doubt but it was an average laugh for me. However, this would be an excellent choice for family night or something like that.

Snakes on a Plane

17/10/2010 (TELEVISION)

I never was interested in this cause it just didn't appeal to me, but it was another flick that I caught on the telly and decided to give it a chance. I wasn't blown away but since I saw the beginning I let myself endure it til the end.

I did think though for a while what it might be like to on a plane filled with deadly poisonous snakes with the desire to kill, and I must say... it's a scary thought, very unpleasant.

It's not that bad but it's another one that I will not watch more than once. An average experience for me.

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

10/10/2010 (TELEVISION)

This brings it back! I remember this flick when it was new and I loved it, I just could not stop laughing. Now, it's not that funny for some reason, maybe I actually grew up but I'm still putting it in my faves for the enjoyment I recall from my initial experience.

It is funny all the way and although I did not laugh as hard as I did when I first watched it, I still managed to crack up. This is another flick where I think very young kids and old as people like my "Grandparents" who love the silliest stuff will burst out in laughter.

I would select this as a groupie choice especially for the boys cause we love crap like this, this strand of comedy causes us guys to roll over like animals and make lots of noise while girls look at us like we're stupid. Very funny indeed!

Camp Rock
Camp Rock(2008)

10/10/2010 (TELEVISION)

I don't usually get into these but I just happen to leave it running as I was doing my homework and I will admit that I actually thought it was okay, I'm more of a "Glee" dude.

It's really nothing special but the same old story the keep giving preteens. A good choice for families with preteens or children.

I won't watch this again but I did like it.

Planet Hulk
Planet Hulk(2010)

16/09/2010 (ONLINE)

HULK SMASH! I'm a "Hulk' fan so of course I got a kick out of this flick.

"Hulk" beats everyone! How do you beat the "Hulk?" You don't. Because you can't.

This was interesting, The"Hulk" meets very worthy opponents that fills this flick with destructive action. "Am I sick for enjoying the 'Hulk' pounding someone's head into the ground?"

"Planet Hulk" is a plus for me. I liked the story, I liked the action and I was pretty happy with the ending. Hmmm, I wonder if "Hulk" will have kids?

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

31/08/2010 (DVD)

It's pretty old and the animation might of been a hit back when it was released but watching it now... it's actually a bit of a laugh. The story however is maintained and it's pretty much nearly the same as all the versions out there, only this one looks it's age.

I've seen a lot of remakes and versions of this and I like the fact that all versions didn't put as much of a spin on things as re-writes/re-makes usually do. Cool.

If you've seen the latest "Narnia" flick then there is really no reason for watching this, but if you desire to do so it's up to you. Not the best in my opinion but it's an alright check if you just want to check out the other versions like me and make comparisons.

Ninja Scroll
Ninja Scroll(1995)

12/09/2010 (ONLINE)

If you liked "Ninja Assassin" then you may wanna see this, especially in the "blood and gore" department. This is another "classic" Manga/Anime that blew up the scene back in the days like "Fist of the North Star", "Guyver" and stuff like that and it's still a cool as flick to watch for me.

The story is cool and I'm always down with the whole "Ninja" thing. Awesome drawings, kick-butt voicing and blood is constantly splattered generously. Although it's quite old it's still better than some the "animated flicks" made these days, even better than some "live action" ones too, but then again that's my opinion.

It's been a while since I'd seen this and watching this again was still a great experience, I am glad I found it online because someone burrowed my DVD of this and I haven't seen it since. I might buy another one. Maybe.

One Night
One Night(2007)

12/09/2010 (ONLINE)

Not my usual but I caught the beginning of this flick which actually happened to be the ending of the story and so I watched it to see why it got to that point. I must say the performances of the actors and actresses is excellent and the characters are so interesting and real, also it has none of that "everybody gets what they want in the end" crap.

This is a pretty hardcore "Chick flick" but with out the bull-crap that usually puts me off and story the telling I thought was skillfully done to enhance the flowing of the film so that it didn't begin to bore me.

It had a little of every circumstance that we've might of experienced in our lives concerning relationships, whether it's breaking up, making-up or making out and I enjoyed the reality of what this story is telling. It's not always "happily ever after" though, when it's all said and done at the end of the day... we have to deal with what is real. But enjoy the moment while we are in it.


26/08/2010 (CINEMAS)

Great flick! A decent plot in my opinion and the twists and bangs are spot on. My interest was constant and I was pretty WOW'ed, "Angelina" still got moves left! I actually was supposed to see "Ong Bak 3", but again it was at a time I was not going to hang around for.

"Salt" was not actually at the top of my "I want to see" list so I went in to see it with very little interest, and man, it was awesome! The action is quite thorough with a gentle hint of romance to keep the story simmering while enjoying a spoon full of vengeance with a twist of justice.

"Salt" indeed enhances the flavor and a tasty dish of a flick is presented nicely. A very impressive movie even though sometimes predictable but there were times I was had and that is why I enjoyed it more, it constantly had me thinking. Very nice!

White Girl
White Girl(2008)

31/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

I'm glad I was too lazy to find the remote to change the channel, because I allowed this flick to carry on and it was quite good.

A real sobering thought and a truthful situation that is challenging and emotional. A hard knock story that is easy to relate to concerning domestic violence that cycles with broken promises.

This movie reveals that it is better to judge when you've had a taste than to judge without tasting. Taste whatever it is before you can say you like it or not because you'll never know... you might just like it! Or not.

Open Water
Open Water(2004)

23/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

A little hard to get into for me but I like to challenge my preferences and either be surprised ...or pissed off. It definitely was a watchable flick and I didn't hate it and it's not til a little half way through the movie that you realize how scary this is.

I must admit i was about to change the channel cause it was boring for me at first and I wasn't sure how this story is going to knock my sock off. I mean, floating in the sea throughout the movie seems a little bit of a boring watch. As it turned out, I was interested enough to want to know what would happen next.

This is definitely a psychological thriller that when you get the sense of "what if this was you?" It's pretty freaky. Stuck in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight and sharks swimming around you all.. day... long... What. To. Do.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

23/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

I saw this when it was first released and I didn't find it that funny, but when they aired it on TV the other night while I was prepping for an assessment, I laughed a lot more than my initial watch and got a kick out of it.

A very appropriate choice when considering the family I believe, it's just the sort of stuff that kids would laugh at and adults would laugh along too. You know? The old "scab a laugh in harmony" trick!

I don't know why I didn't enjoy it the first time but I guess second chances do work. Action, comedy, romance and an idiot, who happens to be the hero? Nice.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

12/08/2010 (CINEMAS)

I just saw "Guitar Hero" and "Tekken" mash it up "Nintendo" style? Wow! Totally mind blowing stuff. I really paid attention to the awesome idea in this flick, it was like reading a moving comic book but with all the details and graphical expressions actually happening before your eyes, loud and clear. I may not make any sense right now but when see the film you'll absolutely understand what I just said.

An excellent waste of time, but hey! I love crap like this and I want to see more! I did not know anything about this film, I just went to the cinemas hoping to see "Ong Bak 3" but it was at a later time that I was not willing to wait for and so the closest session happened to be "Scott Pilgrim". And off I go not knowing what a weird time I'll be having.

I was a little annoyed at times to be honest but otherwise the action was quite off the scale, really off the scale. This is one of those movies that is purely for fun and not to be taken serious, seriously. Many old-school gamers may appreciate the whole "Nintendo-ish" theme but anyhow, 7000000pts.

The Firm
The Firm(2009)


I enjoyed the hard-knock dialogue, it was quite entertaining to listen to. Well, the fact is it's not good morally, but it's a good flick to see why it's not good to do what it is they did, you know wha' I mean?

Another one of those "done before" films but hey, same drink different bottle and label. All I know is that it's a brutal flick with maybe a message, maybe, who knows what they're really trying to teach and encourage.

Full of violence and wit, dudes with no care in the world may give it a fiver, but I still have my screws. Not a fiver for me but a definite alright watch. With witty dialogues that pack as much of a punch as the brutality in the story.

Exorcist: The Beginning

08/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

No scares here but there's a story here I was able to follow. It's actually the first time I have watched the whole thing from beginning to end, the first two times I didn't quite make it to the end, but that was back when it was first released.

It takes a while before anything kindled any interest for me but when it started it was enough to make me stay for more.

I only allowed myself to finish the film this time cause I'm trying to watch the complete saga and add my 2 cents on my reviews. Done.

Devil Times Five (Peopletoys)

08/08/2010 (ONLINE)

Such dreadful children! But why do I like them?? If you were to hook "The Little Rascals" up with the "Orphan", you would end up with this lot.

In a weird way I enjoyed the way they were still being kids among themselves but what I could see is that innocence fused with darkness is not entirely wicked when you think you are the good guys.

It's quite an awful thought but it is a suitable plot for this flavor on interest. I wonder if there is a sequel? I would definitely check it out.

The House Bunny

08/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

Another flick I initially was never going to see but as it turns out, I did. It was on TV last night and I didn't have the remote on me and just kept on watching with no interest. As it progressed, I found myself giving into the hilarity and started to enjoy it.

It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be, I mean the cover is actually a turn off for my liking which is why I wasn't interested before. Poor "Anna Faris" always plays the same idiot in all the films she's been in, she should try to do something new now.

I hate to admit it, but I liked watching this and it is quite the amusing therapy I like to be treated with.

The Hot Chick

31/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

No disappointment here to be honest because it delivered exactly what I expected judging from the cover. Definitely funny and it's just a nice light flick that gave me a break from my usual choices which was nice.

Not a bad idea and it does have enough to keep you in your seats to check out what happens next, so it's a fairly good watch.

I thought it was hilarious crap! A pretty entertaining situation and I really get a kick out of dumb stuff like this. I had lot's of fun watching this get stupid and stupider. A good choice for a groupie watch.

Step Up 3
Step Up 3(2010)

06/08/2010 (CINEMAS 3D)

I haven't even seen the first 2 "Step Up" films but I had time and the money the other day and decided to watch something I don't usually go for. I was amazed tremendously with the whole performing arts side of this and the 3D did make a few dancing moments look spectacular.

The story however is very standard and very predictable or should I say that it is a story that we have seen and know very well and is probably why I decided to snatch half a star from it. It would of been a whole star but I did like the romantic undertones.

I very much enjoyed it and I would pay to see it again. Ultra cool and super awesome and again the performances is just blazing hot. I'm so glad I decided to watch this after all because it was straight up entertaining.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist(1973)

01/08/2010 (TELEVISION)

Another classic, a horror that disturbed me from childhood and even watching it now, I still get the chills.

It's not nice to know that this story is based on true events, especially when you have to off the lights and sleep in the dark. I enjoyed it more when I was younger but it is and still remains a decent horror flick, legendary.

The disturbing scenes just keep you watching even though you wanna close your eyes and duck into the covers. A terrific horror film and a unforgettable scare.

Monster House

31/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

Really impressive animated acting and a bit of a change from the usual family theme. This time it's a "horror".

There's some really cool bits as usual and as always an idiot to keep us laughing and a geek that musters up courage during the movie becoming the hero and ending up with the girl.

I do think it's a bit too scary for kids though, or maybe I was a bit too scared. Anyway, it is a "horror" themed film supposedly for children but adults can enjoy it as much.

Running With Scissors

30/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

This puts the "Drama" in "Dramatic" and makes it seem poetic. A very intense story with some major issues that weigh a ton, in madness.

It started off seemingly normal and interesting but as the story unfolds it takes a very shocking turn with crazy characters and a fiery story that burns with insanity, but still managing to maintain my interest.

Not my kind of flick but it's a nice change from my usual taste. A very hardcore drama indeed but a good check for those who are into "True Stories".

[Rec] 2
[Rec] 2(2010)

30/07/2010 (DVD)

A very well thought sequel. It seemed real and it had decent timed jolts that made the experience more fun. I wouldn't say that it's better than the first, but I will say that it was an excellent idea to start straight from where we left off in part one.

The skillful and careful camera-work was amazing, just like in the first one and really lives up to the title, "[REC]". It absolutely felt like actual footage of real events being recorded right there and right then, so very believable and the actors/actresses were so natural that it looked real.

I really enjoyed the "Pulp Fiction" portions that filled in the gaps and really answered the questions where we were lost. This is a definite "Top Shelf" choice for "Horror" and I enjoyed it terrifyingly.


28/10/2010 (ONLINE)

I really got into this and although it's not interesting at first, the fun was gradual.

When the party does get pumping the suspense is awesome.

A spot on choice for a "Fright Night".

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

29/07/2010 (CINEMAS 3D)

This time the Toys give us a blend of "Prison Break" and "Mission Impossible".

A very real story about the things we value and cherish and the moments that are unforgettable that keep us holding on. A strong but delicate message about letting go.

One thing that "Toy Story" always delivers is the fact that never giving up produces joyful results!


25/07/2010 (DVD)

A fairly good feature but it's a little too plain for me.

In the first half I was going to give only 2.0 stars but after half way it started to get good.

Anyway, no "Oscar" here.

Paranormal Activity

21/01/2010 (DVD)

It was getting boring at first and I was going to fall asleep... then things started happening, and I started freaking out...

Superb film, I mean its so cheap looking and budget and yet it kills most of today's scary movies... I got some good frights and my goosebumps was going crazy.

They did a good job of this and the performance is very convincing, I really believed in the film cause the acting is like... its as if they're not acting at all but rather its actually happening and that's why those who have seen this film have been taken on a ride and even got people saying its real. A friend of mine saw this film and he just can't get it out of his mind, that's the kind of affect it has on viewers...


The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines

25/07/2010 (DVD)

Definitely a better quality film then the last one but I'm surprised that they even attempted a sequel, anyway it wasn't a bore so I guess it's all good.

It's still a little cheesy but it works for the film and as long as it's got a fair amount of interesting reasons for me to keep watching then I'll put up with it.

Not a bad sequel but I reckon the first one was funnier.

The Karate Kid

23/07/2010 (CINEMAS)

An absolute fun film for all. This spin on "The Karate Kid" is a worthy re-make and in my opinion a much better film then the original.

If you've seen the originals then you'll be entertained with the little moments that they've extracted from the original movies and sort of updated to seem fresh.

A fantastic choice for a family buzz.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

21/07/2010 (ONLINE)

Initially I was not interested but I watched it anyway. This animation is pretty cool and darkly which is why I started to enjoy it.

A nice and easy story to follow for my liking and it's a great artistic animation altogether.

A bitter sweet sensation.

Dark Water
Dark Water(2002)

17/06/2010 (DVD)

This is a classy horror that has a decent drama-style structure. It is a bit draggy at first but the interest keeps you there till the impact..

Although it's very predictable (most films are these days), I really didn't mind it, it's just like having a different drink with the same vitamins if you know what I mean. It's a different movie with the same outline. But like drinks, there are ones I like better than others, and this is one of them.

A worthy play in my opinion, its suspenseful, dramatic, tragic and emotionally disturbing. A dreadful horror indeed!

Surf's Up
Surf's Up(2007)

15/07/2010 (DVD)

What I liked about the film was the style of approach in this animation. It's done like a documentary, like a reality show.

It's funny, the characters are cool and the voice acting is entertaining. However, I felt the story wasn't strong enough.

Still, it was an alright choice, a very okay film.

DŔmoni (Demons)

10/07/2010 (ONLINE)

A pretty good scare and quite an interesting change or should I say twist from "Zombies". This time if you get infected you become a demon.

I remember watching this as a child and being thoroughly freaked for quite some time.

A horrific experience.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

17/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

A pretty good horror flick. I just don't like computerized demons, I'm old school so I prefer the "Make-Up Artist" to do their thing.

The interest is fired up when arriving to "Silent Hill" and discovering bewildering revelations that add to a great twisted experience.

You don't have to play the game to enjoy this flick but I will say that playing the game is much more scarier.


17/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

A pretty emotional flick. This film took me downhill with them and I couldn't stand the hopelessness.

It's a terrific drama and I love these ones that are able to extract your feelings.

I felt this was also educational in a way because now I'm aware of the impact that drugs can have.

Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed

16\07\2010 (ONLINE)

An incredible sequel and definitely a much better film, story and performance.

These characters are stunning and this is what sequels should be like, better than the last!

This one is going in my favorites.


16/07/2010 (DVD)

When I was watching this movie, I assumed that it was a really budget low-grade film from the 80's and was quite shock to find out it was made in 1997.

It may not entertain the general audience but I'm sure babies will get a kick from this. My baby cousin dropped everything just to see the fire breathing dragon. It looked so fake to me but it was real for her.

You'd have to be "bored insane" to endure through this but try it out on babies, it might keep them still for a bit.


14/07/2010 (DVD)

A little confusing at times but when you start realizing who is who then it starts getting good.

Luckily there was a commentary option for audio so when it came to a part that lost me I just took it back a bit and allowed the commentary to explain things a little more so I could understand what was going on.

It's a little draggy but I liked it anyway. A decent watch.

Dark Water
Dark Water(2005)

15/07/2010 (DVD)

This is not your typical "BOO!!" type of horror but more of a psychological "mess with your head" flick.

I personally enjoyed the original Japanese version more than this but it was cool to see the westernized serving of this dish.

A story of struggle, confusion and madness. Not bad.


11/07/2010 (TELEVISION)

I caught this on TV the other night and decided to watch it. I saw this years back and I remembered that it was good.

It is quite interesting and from what I know I think it is also a novel. If this is a novel then I have no doubt the book was better and after watching the film, I can tell that it's got to be a great read.

An alright choice for the "I have nothing better to do" occasions.

An American Werewolf in London

05/07/2010 (DVD)

A classic horror flick.

This was done in the 80's so when I saw the transformation bit, it was pretty impressive.

There is quite a bit of humor in this film and sometimes I wondered, "is this a comedy?" but then someone gets ripped into shreds and I'm like, "I guess not then".


05/07/2010 (DVD)

It's not a bad watch but I did notice that I was complaining about the fights during the flick.

The story isn't half bad but it is those "nothing special" plots that has been done several times.

An okay movie for one of those rainy afternoons IF you haven't got anything better.

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

04/07/2010 (DVD)

Finally! I have made time to watch this and I am so glad I did, it's really good.

A real vengeful flick that fuels rage and turns hope into determination making it quite an emotional experience.

I must admit though, there were a few camera tricks that was sort of annoying but otherwise a very decent film.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

31/12/2009 (CINEMAS)

I watched this at the movies (31/12/2009) and I enjoyed it very much. From what I understand, Its about broken hearts, sacrifices and its also about endurance, healing and bonding.

However, once all wounds are healed a critical decision is presented, and one must choose between the friendship that comforted the pain or the companionship one longs for.

Who would you choose?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

02/07/2010 (CINEMAS)

Not a bad film but it honestly doesn't compare to the book, I'm glad I've read the novels cause films never really take it home.

I was expecting more but it wasn't that bad. It's a pretty cool flick with "Shape-shifters" and "Vampires" but that is about it.

I hope the next one will be better!

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

01/07/2010 (DVD)

A good one for the family. This is another one that looks too much like a TV series than an actual movie but it is surprisingly a good sitting.

A nice round of usual comedy that is fitting for the family with an adventurous story that keeps things interesting.

The CGI is terrible but the film managed to keep me entertained.

Kai Doh Maru
Kai Doh Maru(2001)

19/06/2010 (DVD)

I did like the movie but it was hard to watch, and I mean visually, it was like trying too see through a fogged up window, if you want to know what I mean then just check out the actual cover... the whole movie is like that!

The movie was surprisingly short which left me clueless because the ending to me didn't resolve anything. However, I do believe this story had something and could of been a hit but because of the length and the animation visuals there was very little development in story telling, so what could of been a powerful ending just left me unsatisfied.

I don't know what the animation creators were trying to achieve but I guess ideas wouldn't evolve if we didn't experiment.


19/06/2010 (DVD)

Back in 1997 this flick was shockingly cool, a real "for the boys" type of film and I probably would of rated it higher.

Even though it was quickly forgotten, watching it again got me remembering what a hit it was and how during that time, nothing looked as cool or did cool stuff like "Spawn"... the funny thing is today we've seen better CGI which makes the CGI done on this movie look ugly, but "Spawn" still looks cool.

If you watch this and keep in mind that the CGI was done in 1997, it's a pretty entertaining watch.

Zhui ying (Tracing Shadow)

22/06/2010 (DVD)

The creators of "Forbidden Kingdom" and "Kung-Fu Hustle" bring us another humorous karate kicking comedy!

A pretty laughable flick with supernatural kung-fu action and a bunch of funny idiots who act as celebrity knock-offs such as Jacky Tang who looks like "Jackie Chan", Jet Ly who looks like "Jet Li" and another one who looks like "Andy Lau".

I was expecting more however, it did entertain me so it wasn't a bad film but a good enough flick to pass the time.

Justice League: Starcrossed the Movie

20/06/2010 (DVD).

A very interesting film. I'm always fascinated with comic "Super Heroes" so of course I'm going to love it and I honestly enjoyed this story. However, I keep getting lost every time they change the characters story or a member(s) of the league, anyway it's still cool.

It has a very grown-up theme but I guess children these days are smarter so they may also get the drift.

This is a pretty violent animation, no blood though, but it is surprisingly violent.

Wheels on Meals (Kuai can che) (Powerman) (Weapon X)

13/06/2010 (ONLINE)

This is a little old but its not a bad check. I'm always entertained by "Jackie Chan" and when you throw in "Sammo-Hung" and "Biao Yuen" then of course its going to be fun and silly, mostly silly.

The good news is that it has a generous amount of kick butt action, I've seen better lately but remember, it was made in 1984, 24 years ago!

A nice comedy flick that comes with kicks!

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

17/06/2010 (CINEMAS)

This is NOT the traditional "Robin Hood" as we know so don't expect it to be or the results may be disappointing. This is more like a different version of "Robin Hood" or... the story before he became thee "Robin Hood" we are familiar with.

I was told it wasn't that exciting of a film but as usual I didn't listen to what I heard and checked it out for myself. I'm glad I did cause I enjoyed it very much.

An interesting cast, a decent amount of action and a blend of romance.

Brothers in Arms

15/06/2010 (DVD)

The cover looks cool, but the movie?... wasn't that cool, for me anyway.

I won't mention any names this time in case it's someone's favorite actor/actress. There are some terrible actors that in my opinion spoil the movie and I'm glad it was $1 to hire, now I know why it was $1 to hire... for 8 days.

I didn't die so I guess it's not that bad.

The Whole Nine Yards

10/06/2010 (DVD)

Its seriously not serious, the type of flick that "takes a piss" out of "taking a piss", seriously.

Quite an intelligent style of comedy with awkward situations that add to the twists that keep it interesting and amusing.

Although it's so predictable, its still fun to see what happens next and even though I may not watch this again, I did laugh so it's not a bad watch for my personal taste.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

09/06/2010 (CINEMAS)

Awesome! One of the rallies manage to score some free passes at some sporting event to see "The A-Team" before its actual release date. So here in New-Zealand we're pretty much the first to see it!

Anyway, "The A-Team" is a brilliant re-make and probably the best "re-make" yet. It may not be the original cast, but these dudes really performed and delivered the goods.

It's full of action, the comedy is a treat and the fun is sensational! It's even got "drama for your mama" and "kisses for your missus" so check it out! A great "2010" flick with an "old-school" backbone.

Cats & Dogs
Cats & Dogs(2001)

07/06/2010 (DVD)

I saw this back in the day when I was still in school and I loved it! I thought I'd go out of my way and hire it cause I am aware that there is a sequel coming soon so I wanna refresh the memory before "Part 2" is out.

Watching this again was quite interesting. The humor is targeted for children so I noticed I didn't laugh as much as I did from what I remembered. It's better if you watch the film from a 9 year old's frame of mind and then you'll start laughing. (I know it sounds dumb but it worked for me)

I reckon this is a worthy check and the whole talking animal thing is truly believable!


07/06/2010 (DVD)

Finally, I watched it!

Another goody for the family and youngsters who haven't grown up too fast for thier age, the ones that say "this is for kids".

The animation is visually stunning considering its release date and there is a fine message encouraged during the film.

A cozy experience for all.

Bakjwi (Thirst)

04/06/2010 (DVD)

Wow, not what I expected, but not disappointed either.

It definitely has a twist on the whole vampire thing which was different and a rather interesting situation to the plot. I like the changes from the usual ideas so it was nice and weird for me and what I'm use to.

Its quite a watch with "suggestive comedy", "eroticism" and a truly "tragic romance".

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

28/05/2010 (CINEMAS)

I went on a group watch and this is what our group wanted to see.
At first I was like, "Disney"? "Disney" is responsible for "Prince of Persia"? Its just that I've played the games and there's a lot of killing and I just couldn't see how "Disney" which is for 'Family viewing" was going to pull it off. Because of my doubt, I was quite entertained.

For me the interest was constant and every revelation was exciting. For years us "Video gamers" have said that certain games have brilliant stories and would make a great film and I must say this is exactly what we're on about! However, its not exactly the same as the original story but hey, they always do that.

I would definitely recommend this if you're planning a group thing cause each person in our group did not complain, all nine of us loved it!

Justice League: The New Frontier

29/05/2010 (DVD)

Its the New "Justice League" in the 1950's!

Its fun watching most of the popular "Super Heroes" in one flick but what I enjoyed most was the story telling. This version was awesome! Its darker and more sinister. I also got a glimpse of some of the other "Justice League" members who were gradually taken out of the group during the comics.

The animation is fantastic and from the credits I noticed a lot of Asian names, most likely Japanese and Korean I believe who mostly dealt with the art and animation department.

I hope they do more like/of this!

Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf

27/05/2010 (DVD)

This film is trying to take a piss out of classic films like "The Good, Bad and the Ugly" and "Seven Samurai".

This is a very amateur film with a bunch of dry jokes, terrible performances and a stupid dialogue. I have a feeling that was thier goal.

It is uninteresting but I did like the end.

Night of the Living Dead

25/05/2010 (ONLINE)

I watched this knowing it's "1968", so I wasn't expecting anything spectacular. I also watched this back to back with the "Re-make" done in "1990".

Its a silver screen film so it does have this gloomy weight which I thought was fitting for the film.

It is enjoyable if you contemplate on the time it was made and keep in mind, that this blazed a trail for many popular "Zombie Flicks" we see today.

The Teacher
The Teacher(1974)

26/05/2010 (ONLINE)

A "Pervy flick" with a mild thriller and a slightly erotic theme.

A very amateur film with a very "try-hard" cast that sort of "suck" in my opinion.

This is a tasteless "Romeo and Juliet".

Night of the Living Dead

25/05/2010 (ONLINE)

I watched this back to back with the original that was made in "1968".

It was interesting and fun to notice and compare the tweaks and adjustments they made from the original. I was also amused to see the cast of actors and actresses who would play the roles of the original casting.

It probably doesn't compare to the original but I enjoyed watching both versions evenly.

Sherlock Holmes

08/01/2010 (CINEMAS)

This Sherlock Holmes is tough! I thought he was suppose to be geeky?

The casting for this movie is great and the characters are spot on. Brilliant!

I liked the ideas on how Sherlock Holmes should fight by using his knowledge, impressive. His relationship with Watson is quite entertaining too.

It looks like there's going to be a sequel and if I'm right, that was a pretty good start! I'm quite content with where it ended and I'm happy to wait for the sequel if there is one.


24/05/2010 (DVD)

Pretty awesome martial-art action for a B grade or lesser.

A very average plot with no serious acting and a little romance on the side as usual but nothing major.

I'm into the whole ninja thing so it didn't bore me but it's one of those films that feels more like you're watching a T.V series.

The Da Vinci Code

23/05/2010 (DVD)

I only watched this cause I saw a Documentary called "The Real Da Vinci Code" which pretty much revealed that it was all theory and not fact. A bunch of factual inaccuracies.

However, I must say that "Dan Brown" is a skillful writer. The puzzles and cryptic messages were harmonious in logic and the twists were in the right places both in story-telling and characters.

I'm not a "Ron Howard" (Director) fan but what a terrific Job! A stylish thrilling adventure!

Let the Right One In

21/05/2010 (DVD)

If vampires were real, this movie nailed it!

This film had an unusual affect on me and I couldn't stop thinking about it after I'd seen it.

I'd forgot that this was a vampire flick and had myself drawn to the loyal bond between predator and prey, something like a forbidden romance between a wolf and lamb.

Love is truly more powerful than desire!

Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster

19/05/2010 (CINEMAS)

The legendary "IP MAN" is back with more lightning attacks and this time he has a mutual friend who can reply every blow from him.

Awesome setting, a fine plot and two legendary "Martial Art Directors"(Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung) in one film.

What a great sequel!

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

16/05/2010 (DVD)

An awesome film with a collaboration of legendary talents. You have the "Cool guy", the "Family" guy, the "Geeky guy" and Martin.

I had a fabulous blast watching this again and no doubt I'll pull it out in the future to refresh the memory with joy.

A really "Wild" cast with a hilarious adventure!

Tale Of A Vampire

15/05/2010 (DVD)

This isn't the typical "Vampire" or "Dracula" film most of us are use to, but if given the chance, its quite enjoyable if you can endure the slowness of the flow.

I like the dark story and I'm into that, but the film does feel very TV like and that's why it lost 2 and a 1/2 stars for me.

I would say that this is more like a Tale of "Rome & Juliet" rather than a "Tale of a Vampire" or "Dracula".

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

13/05/2010 (DVD)

This is cheesy. They really take a piss out of every detail in this film.

Quite enjoyable and its got lots of action!

This is a good film for the NON-serious and the serious, seriously. You'll understand what I just said once you've seen it.


06/05/2010 (DVD)

Kind of weird, dark and funny.

Not the best "Hero Flick" I've seen, but definitely the strangest!

It has strands of humor, a shot of morality and an awkward romance that actually works.

This is "DEFENDOR"



You don't have to be a "weed head" to enjoy this flick and get a kick out of it!

Its been a while since I seen this and man, its still good.

Its quite a good film with funny moments, cheesy characters and a few moral values to keep it interesting.

Its a Classic for me.

The Brave One

03/05/2010 (DVD)

Its not a hit but it is surprisingly good.

Its not my usual but I gave it a chance and was quite entertained.

The acting is very good and although the message is not a positive one, it is definitely a strong one and one that people secretly like.

To me, this is like 'KILL BILL" with out the fiction.

Clash of the Titans

01/04/2010 (CINEMAS, 3-D)

I've been waiting a while for this and even better, 3D!

The experience for me was okay I guess, it just felt rushy like bang! Bang!, Bang! The end. I mean its cool and all but it just wasn't enough for me for some reason. Everything looks fantastic but that's about it.

Like I said, its cool, but I would suggest that you save your money and watch it in 2-D. The 3-D is nothing special, but again that's my opinion and it's your choice.


31/12/2009 (CINEMAS)

You have to witness this in 3D.

It is FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! I'm going to watch it again cause the visuals are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! It has a very familiar story-line and plot that you've probably seen from older films, but it works, and what an INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Filmed with the new 'Fusion Camera System' that gives you 'Enhanced 3-D'!!



Blood - The Last Vampire

21/04/2010 (DVD)

Not the best 'Anime' but its still pretty cool.

They made a real life film feature to this and it was interesting to see both versions.

I'm not sure why they chose to do a realistic film for this 'Manga/Anime' when there is stacks of better 'Manga/Anime' than this, but I must admit they did a good job on the real-life action movie in my opinion.

Anyway, the animation is great and the colors are nice and dark with gushing blood and gore.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

21/04/2010 (DVD)

I sort of expected more.

I really tried to like it but some of the actors acting was painful to watch. However, there's cool UFC action but that's about it.

The story is okay, but in comparison to the first 'Universal Soldier' movie that was a hit, not even close even part two in my opinion was a better film.

This is more like a TV flick.

The Road
The Road(2009)

21/04/2010 (DVD)

Its a crazy story and its quite gripping. Always wondering and constantly trying to figure out what the heck is going on. The mystery is quite a drag at first but then you just continue to watch cause your anxious for something to happen.

What's scary about this plot is that it's almost true. Without food, people have only 3 options: They riot, they emigrate or they die. A hungry world is a dangerous world.

Today(22/04/2010), the number of hungry people is growing faster than the world population. Even in developed countries, the number of undernourished people has increased 15.4 percent so my experience during this film was quite sobering because of those facts.

Old Dogs
Old Dogs(2009)

18/04/2010 (DVD)

'Old Dogs' don't have any new tricks. I didn't hate it but I noticed that I only laughed about three times during my experience.

Although I laughed pretty hard those few times I was aware that it wasn't enough to carry me through to the end and it felt more like a 'Drama' than a 'Family Comedy'.

It does have a great line up I must say but just keep in mind that great expectations may result in great disappointments if you're thinking the casting will save the movie, and I thought 'Bernie Mac' was dead?

Bad News Bears

27/03/2010 (TELEVISION)

Little kids with big mouths, a drunk for a mentor and a hopeless, 'oh my gosh' hopeless team.

Its just the usual, 'We suck' at first flicks that gradually leads to 'We don't suck after all' endings. Very predictable.

Otherwise not a bad watch, although its nothing new I still like these common story-lines, its comes with laughter too by the way.

Law Abiding Citizen

15/04/2010 (DVD)

Interest is kindled right from the start and you're left with eyes wide open-full of shock! A smart film with a twist that makes you go, Damn!!

I watched this twice and the second time round was better than the first, I wish I saw this at the Pictures.

A little touch of 'PRISON BREAK', a hint of 'SAW' and a generous dose of 'THE PUNISHER', awesome!

Fahrenheit 9/11

11/04/2010 (DVD)

Very funny. I'm not really into this stuff but this dude did a pretty good job with his material.

A courageous film! Great interviews and the DVD extras is a treat.

This is the real 'Matrix' and Michael Moore is 'Neo'.

Ninja Assassin

09/04/2010 (DVD)

About time! Its a good time now to do 'Shinobi' flicks or as the English would say, 'Ninja' films.

I've been watching Ninja movies since I was a kid and even though they were great films to watch, that time and era never had the gadgets in the filming industry to push 'Ninja Arts' according to what's expressed in the legends. Now we do.

I hope this isn't the last attempt for a Ninja movie because this was quite impressive and I hope it gets better (*note* This film contains lots of blood and gore which is related to the traditional Japanese style of violent action films and 'Manga' animation). This film gives us a taste of what legends say about the 'Ninja Assassin'.

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

28/01/2010 (DVD)

I loved this film and still do. Its stylish! This is the guy that all the boys wanna be like.

He's cool, smooth and rough at the same time, but he's also smart and importantly... he's got a Big Gun. His mysteriousness keeps things interesting making us boys wanna be like him and girls wanna be with him.

Its a Classic! The flow of the story is quite simple and I guess the simplicity makes this film quite a beauty.

Its old but its definitely a goody! I watched this not long ago in 2009 and its still very enjoyable to watch despite its release date.

If you haven't seen it yet then go and watch it or buy it. It's only $10(New Zealand Currency) which is around about $7(U.S.A Currency) so its not that expensive unless you buy the copy with DVD extras which is a "Few Dollars More".

The Collector

09/04/2010 (DVD)

Professional Thief versus Psychopathic Maniac, who's going to win? One has a set of skills for never getting caught while the other is a Booby Trap Specialist. This is 'SAW' vs. 'OCEANS 11'.

Its not as smart as the 'SAW' films but its definitely inherited the brutality from its creators Dunstan and long-time collaborator Patrick Melton (the duo behind Dimensions? Feast franchise and Saw IV thru VI).

To be honest, I never really heard about this film, but when we played it in class... Brutal, absolutely brutal.

The Time Traveler's Wife

04/04/2010 (DVD)

This film was hard to chew at first cause it starts off a little confusing, but as soon as I understood what was going on I started enjoying it.

You have to stay on your toes on this ride, cause every zip he takes through time has a linkage to a passage of the story, it all connects but during the movie you think its just random.

Many have hated the ending and I guess its not the best finishers for films, but I accepted this finishing style because I understood the 'Time Traveler's' situation.

Its a happy ending and a sad ending at the same time, but, you will not understand what I just said till you've seen it!

Dante's Inferno

01/04/2010 (DVD)

I only knew about the game on PS3, but I had no idea there was a film. I was surprised to find it at the library.

Its not that great but its a good rent. I noticed each sequence looked different and I came to the realization that each sequence of the movie had different Directors, which was fun to watch cause it was interesting to see how each Director molded their version.

Lots of blood and flesh, but what do you expect? It is the '9 Circles Of Hell'... Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery!

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

28/03/2010 (TELEVISION)

I love running away movies, the fear of getting caught is a pretty cool rush and this has got a good dose of 'Let's get the heck out of here!'

During this alien flick you will experience a state of mental uncertainty and excitement as decisions are accompanied by a degree of apprehension and anxiety.

Surprisingly good. I wasn't in the mood for anything and caught this on TV 'cause I was too lazy to move. Its funny, before I rated this movie, it had a big red 'NOT INTERESTED' and now its got a 3.5 rating which is pretty good in my books.


26/03/2010 (DVD)

We watched this in class today and it was fairly entertaining.

This film does have a spin on scriptural understanding but I didn't take it seriously, I mean, c'mon... 'Angles' that swear? I don't think so, plus you cannot kill spirits with guns!

But otherwise an interesting fictional twist story.

The Heartbreak Kid

14/03/2010 (TELEVISION)

Its pretty stupid really, but I had fun watching it although it gets irritating sometimes.

"Ben Stiller" is more like "Ben Stupid!", he is fond of taking on roles that involve idiocracy, embarrassment and stupidity at its maximum point... And I love it!

This is not a masterpiece or what not but its got laughs and a few smile crackers to kill time.

...Oh, just a note of warning, there's a few spicy scenes that I didn't expect and it surprised me while my grandparents were sitting not far from me. Not a cumfy feeling at all!

Blind Fury
Blind Fury(1990)

21/03/2010 (TELEVISION)

It's a fun movie to watch with the family and it keeps entertaining the whole room with a nice story, cheap but well timed comedy and reasonable action to go with it.

This would of got 5 stars if I was still eight years old, I mean these are the films that I kept rewinding on VHS to watch over and over again but now... I don't feel the same, but I'll still consider it a classic in my library for all the enjoyment it gave me as a kid.

Its not a 'Must See' but it puts on a good show.


18/03/2010 (DVD)

Tragical Romance, Magical Powers, Super Natural Combats, this is "Romeo and Juliet" Ninja style!

A discomforting alliance, a forbidden love and a twist of fate. They have Faith in love and yet they are destined to kill.

It's mysterious, dark and mystical, a terrific movie to watch and both sexes will get a kick out of it. Awesome cinematic themes through out the film.

There is a Anime to this called "Basilisk" and its just as cool, 5 volumes that equals 24 episodes cool!

Cat People
Cat People(1982)

16/03/2010 (ONLINE)

"Werecats?" I've heard about" Werewolves" but "Werecats?" Pretty cool, I love crap like this! Not bad at all and quite entertaining, the trasformations on this is quite surprising noting the date it was made.

Easy to follow, although "John Heard" who I've actually never heard of, had some amateur lines during the movie, the film was good enough for me to ignore those shocking lines and laugh a little in disbelief.

Slightly erotic, but not so much that it kills the flow of the story like some budget scare flicks where there is more tongue festivities than an actual story.

A treat for bordensyndrome.

Alice in Wonderland

12/03/2010 (CINEMAS)

I was really exited about this film being 3D and all but I walked out after the movie not feeling satisfied. I didn't hate it but I really thought it was going to blow my mind. I guess my great expectation caved in a little.

The world and environment of this story is cool and I did enjoy the characters except for the "White Queen", she just wasn't doing it for me.

A round of applause for "Johnny Depp", he pulls off another stunner and for a while I really thought the "Hatter" was played by Madonna! ...He's good.

The movie is still worthy though and the 3D is cool but don't go in thinking the 3D is going to be anything like the 3D on "AVATAR".


13/03/2010 (DVD)

Its a cool movie and I was surprised how much it impressed me. I only watched this when it came out on DVD because someone left it lying around. It looked boring, like some love story but then at the back of my mind I vaguely recalled a lot of hype about some "Twilighjt" movie. I soon found out what the hype was about.

At the time, I didn't know that it was originally a novel so I was disappointed that the "Vampires" didn't transform into ugly versions of themselves, but after reading the later books of this saga, I now understand why they don't get all hideous.

It was quite a enjoyable watch for me and the cast is pretty impressive, The "Cullens" are all very elite in beauty.

The best part for me was the Baseball game in the woods, that was hot!

I re-watched this after reading "Eclipse" and it was cool. It was neat seeing this again without guessing who was who like the first time I saw this.

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

Man..This is what they r doing in those Warring countries. It still happens.

The Lord of the Rings

11/03/2010 (DVD)

A brave attempt but it didn't do it for me. It was probably legendary at its released date and I must say, there were some pretty interesting animation ideas that sort of surprised me knowing how pretty old this flick is.

Its funny when we say "No offense" just before we offend someone, well, "no offense" to those who gave more than 2 stars but it bored the crap out of me, but I'm glad it tickled your bum. (Remember "No offense")

It must be because I saw "Peter Jackson's" version, and as a result I find it hard to enjoy it and appreciate its true value. (Let's blame Peter!)

Anyway, check it out if you still desire.

The Lovely Bones

15/01/2010 (CINEMAS)

I didn't wanna watch this movie but it was the only one at 1pm today (15/01/2010). I was planning on watching the Vampire's Assistant but there was only one screening for that film at 4pm which I was not willing to hang around for.

Anyway, I'm glad that I saw this movie even though I was surrounded by old ladies in the theater which had me thinking at first: Oh No, why did I waste my money ) :

Anyway the film was very good and I ended up enjoying it... Its a bit of a heart wrench with doses of disturbance stirring your emotions with a nice blend of hope during the experience...

This movie surprised me, and even at the end when I noticed that Steven Spielberg was one of the producers..." Wow, Two Legendary Directors on one film!"


03/03/2010 (DVD)


STUNNING! This is a film for those who have a sweet tooth for ACTION! A movie that both girls and boys will enjoy.

It starts off as a delicate drama about a girl who is disabled, but... it then blends into this 'WOW' thing. It just blows you away and you find yourself excited as she finds her autistic gift which is unfortunately a curse to those who cross her path.

It has heart wrenches filled with fist clenching moments and it leaves your face in screws when you see what she can do to her enemies.

--This is "ONG BAK" meets "THE OTHER SISTER".,. Brilliant!!

Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa

2009 (ONLINE)

A FANTASTIC way to finish off the series!

The movie continues from the last episode of the series and fills in the gap where we thought it suddenly ended.

This movie can be watched by anyone but,.. I do strongly recommend that you check out the series first before you watch this to get a proper understanding of what's going on in the movie.

'The Fullmetal Alchemist' is no doubt one of my favorite Anime series.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

05/03/2010 (CINEMAS)

A very enjoyable nightmare!

This film only appealed to me cause I'd seen the Black and White version which was done in the 40's, 50's or 60's so I was familiar with who was who. I was also interested particularly in this movie so that I could compare it to the original which I quite enjoy doing when it comes to remakes.

Although its not exactly like the original story, it was enjoyable to notice the slight wrench in the storyline that made it more sinister to the 40's version I'd seen. I was very impressed how they kept the "Wolfman' looking very much like the original, but of course with today's make-up artists, it was more believable.

It has its scary moments and the transforming bits are freakishly awesome! Blood, guts and curses... Cool!!

Once Were Warriors

True to the core...
There is something in this movie that ever body can relate to, from rape to suicide, from drugs to alcohol and gangs to gangsters from Parents to children, from boyfriends to girlfriends, from crime to criminals and depression to optimism, from loyal words to broken promises, from love to revenge and Traditions/cultures to poverty the list goes on...
This movie does well to cover all such subjects based on the truest nature of any community...Local and Global.


21/01/2010 (DVD)

Orphan?? More like Awful!! Its not for kids by the way although its about an orphan.

Very spooky in a horrible way but it is quite a stylish flick.

Kept me interested so I guess its not bad, well, its not good... for children anyway.

Resident Evil: Degeneration

19/01/2010 (DVD)

Not a bad movie. I'm a fan of the game and it was cool to see Clair and Leon in a much advance graphic animation. The animation work on this is pretty Awesome and there were times I thought it looked absolutely real.

The movie itself is average and pretty simple. Its probably more enjoyable (or disappointing) for those who played the games only because this version follows the storyline of the game, unlike the physical films which starred Milla Jovovich. Those versions were altered by writers to attract a broader audience I guess.

All in all I say that this is not for everyone but I won't stop you cause I liked it and thought it was good enough to watch.

Toy Story & Toy Story 2 in 3D Double Feature

19/02/2010 (CINEMAS)

Although I've already seen Part 1 it was nice to be refreshed with this "Family Flick". This "Double Feature" gave me the opportunity to see Part 2 which I haven't actually seen until now, and even better.... its 3D! The 3D ain't that great but I guess after watching "Avatar" in 3D... it sort of made this 3D experience very ordinary, I mean you do notice that its 3D but after seeing "Avatar"... I really noticed the difference. However, not a bad spend if you think about it... 1 Ticket, 2 Movies and 3 Dimensions.

PART 1: Now, what can I say?... Its a "Kiddy Flick" for sure but its the more mature kids and grown-ups who will get the sense of the message, and that's that no one likes to be second best! Although this is an adventure movie full of action and comedy which I really enjoyed, I could see that it had a dark edge of jealousy, envy and a sense of rejection which lead to evil thoughts and gave, just enough motivation to put those bad thoughts into action. Along the way however, a strong twist of repentance, mercy, justice and sharing begin to overthrow those shadows and a feeling of acceptance re-assures that the hole will be filled. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen put together a recipe of disaster and laughter that all the family will enjoy together and I must say, its quite a watch and I was pleased to re-see this in the cinemas in 3D.

PART 2: I expected a kids movie. There are elements of rejection, betrayal and questionable loyalty that makes this movie very real with situations that stir emotions and decisions that affect everybody. Despite the reality of negativity, this film does well to encourage optimism, faith, hope and true loyalty. Its about doing things for others, making people happy and holding on to what you have until its gone.

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

19/02/2010 (CINEMAS)

Wow... This had a deep impact on me, I expected a kids movie.

There are elements of rejection, betrayal and questionable loyalty that makes this movie very real with situations that stir emotions and decisions that affect everybody.

Despite the reality of negativity, this film does well to encourage optimism, faith, hope and true loyalty. Its about doing things for others, making people happy and holding on to what you have until its gone.

I'm so glad that I've finally seen Part 2 and in 3D!


4/02/2010 (DVD)

This film has an interesting approach on how far the "so called" on-line experience can take you.

According to the time-line in this movie, "2010" is ancient history so just imagine a future where your online experience is actual reality and your player or characters are real humans... Can you imagine the porn if that was so! Anyway (*Finger snaps* "Click, click) Its a worthy watch and its not boring according to my experience.

If you've seen "The Running Man" then you can easily agree that this is like the futuristic version of that film.

Psssst... "The Running Man" is still better.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

19/02/2010 (CINEMAS)

Now, what can I say?... Its a "Kiddy Flick" for sure but its the more mature kids and grown-ups who will get the sense of the message, and that's that no one likes to be second best!

Although this is an adventure movie full of action and comedy which I really enjoyed, I could see that it had a dark edge of jealousy, envy and a sense of rejection which lead to evil thoughts and gave, just enough motivation to put those bad thoughts into action. Along the way however, a strong twist of repentance, mercy, justice and sharing begin to overthrow those shadows and a feeling of acceptance re-assures that the hole will be filled.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen put together a recipe of disaster and laughter that all the family will enjoy together and I must say, its quite a watch and I was pleased to re-see this in the cinemas in 3D.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

11/02/2010 (DVD)

I had quite a ride watching Episode 1,2 and 3 in a row. Honestly, the first half of Episode 1 was quite a drag for me but I put in effort to pay more than the usual attention to see what all the big fuss is about with the "Star Wars" flicks... I think I understand now that I've seen it and have jumped on the bandwagon.

Because I have already seen Episode 4,5 and 6 before this (because those parts actually came out before Episode 1,2 and 3), It was interesting to take note of how a lot the characters I had known from Episode 4,5 and 6 were introduced and how they came to be and why they got involved in what was about to take place.

My experience during this fourth installment which is actually the real Part 1 for "Star Wars" was an enjoyable one and I recommend that if you're going to watch this... then you have to see all the parts to really get the full impact!

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

12/02/2010 (CINEMAS)

Actually... I wanted to watch "Wolfman" but it was screening at 16:00 and it was only 12:00, I'm not waiting 4 hours!... So I settled for the Kiddy Flick which was about to start in 20 minutes.

I enjoyed this movie and although the plot is predictable and plain the little boy inside me was very entertained by the graphic visuals of Gods and creatures that some of us have read about from Greek Mythological stories. It was indeed quite buzz to see them bought to life.

I didn't hate it so it must of been good.

The Americanization of Emily

09/02/2010 (ONLINE)

I really had no idea what was going on for a while, but I held on and allowed myself to get in tune with the flavor. Although this is not my cup of tea, I must say it was quite a treat.

The characters are quite enjoyable and when you begin to understand the style and blends of humorous tones you start laughing a little harder and the appreciation begins to reveal how amazing this film actually is!

This is, I would say is a "Romantic Comedy". I loved James Coburn's performance, he really draws light to the film making the experience of viewing this film that much better.

Watching this has definitely kindled an interest in me for Silver Screen movies. This new fondness will lead me in considering more movies like this. Black and White.


I expected abit more, it was pretty Plain ^_^

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

29/01/2010 (CINEMAS)

I enjoyed this movie today... quite a treat but I wish it was in 3D cause visually, its quite ordinary although the animation is more advance than the original TV series... I don't know? maybe they planned it that way!!

I liked how they harmonized the story from the 1960's version with the more recent version of the Astro Boy series. If you're interested in this film then try and find time to watch the first episode of the 1960's series and the first episode of the more recent version of the series. Doing this should enhance your enjoyment as you notice the nice blend of both the old and older storylines.

Another thing I enjoyed was the tweaks and smart adjustments in how Astro boy came to be where as the original was very fairy-tale and didn't quite cover that area, mind you kids would of never noticed anyway so I guess it doesn't matter anyway. However,. I did enjoy all the parts I was familiar with from the series like his first experience in flying and his beaming eyes which is nicely done in this movie... I really am pleased that nothing much was changed in the Astro Boy's Character and abilities... its the same Astro Boy but with better animation!!

[[..p.s.. stop watching the copied movies on the net. There's nothing quite like the Cinemas!!! ... Experience the real thing!!!! ^_^ !!!!!]]


27/01/2010 (DVD)

You know what, this movie was pretty cool... I never even heard of this movie before and honestly I was not interested... however I had nothing to do today so to kill my bordensyndrome I decided to throw this in the machine and give it a wizz....

Glad I did, although its not really original I do appreciate films that keep me interested til the end and I was interested enough to see it through...

Not a big fan of Ben Foster but I must admit that he's a good actor, he played his character very well and come to think of it the movies he's been in so far he's performed quite well. Anyway the movie is watchable and I'm sure you'll like it if its given a chance!

(Antje Traue) <--- The actress??, well I've never even seen her before but she is pretty cool in the film and it looks like she has a promising future in the movie world. Oh yeah and Dennis Quaid!

The Tooth Fairy

22/01/2010 (CINEMAS)

Another great choice for the family... Very funny and cheesy. Apparently RedBull isn't the only thing that gives you wings ha ha ha...

Although the story is very predictable, I don't mind sitting through an unoriginal plot as long as its done well, and frankly I can't complain cause it was a whole lot of fun watching.

The Rock acts like an egg and I guess that's why this film is a crack up!

[[..p.s.. stop watching the copied movies on the net. There's nothing quite like the Cinemas!!! ... Experience the real thing!!!! ^_^ !!!!!]] Ja

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant



I should of waited till it came out on DVD... The movie is not bad but I don't think its worth the Deluxe cinema in my opinion...

I really enjoyed the trailer so I give up the standing ovation for the Awesome trailer that did a great job of convincing me to spend my money on the Deluxe Cinema to watch the whole film which bored me...

Its not that bad, but now that I've seen it... I would encourage people to wait and hire it when it comes out on DVD/ BlueRay or... if you really wanna see it on the Big screens then I suggest the standard theater rather than the Deluxe...

But that's up to you...

[[..p.s.. stop watching the copied movies on the net. There's nothing quite like the Cinemas!!! ... Experience the real thing!!!! ^_^ !!!!!]]

Ninja bugeicho momochi sandayu, (Shogun's Ninja)

I like ninja movies. This is pretty cool if you can appreciate the time this movie was made. Today would be a great time for a remake ^_^

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Brilliant...Absolutely great..Heaps of Action... Nice one..
I liked Snake Eyes the Ninja Style Soldier... Looks like there's gonna be a Part Two... Excellent!! Can't wait...

Green Lantern: First Flight

Cool as movie for DC fanatics... Very enjoyable and the anticipation for the real movie has heightened very much. Green Lantern would kill superman any day and you would agree if you see this flick so check it out.

Ping Pong Playa

Funny asian dude...
Makes you laugh hard out ha ha ha

Terminator Salvation

Alright I guess... The first two Terminator movies are still better.
Still.. some pretty awesome action!... anyway, overall, it was good, better than part three.

Bleach: Memories of Nobody

Cool to the bone. Anime ROX HARD!!!! ItchiGO GO GO... Check out the series too, its way cool and the Manga Comic is crazy cool ...

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion (Bleach: The Movie 2) (Gekij˘ ban Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion - M˘ hitotsu no hy˘rinmaru)

Excellent!! The first one was cool and now this! This is much better than the last one I must admit, so all you Bleach junkies don't miss this... This movie will make more sense if you've seen the series up to the Arancars Saga where Itchigo learns how to control his hollow and transform....

Grumpy Old Men

Hey Puts...Hey Moron...
Ha ha ha this is absolutely hilarious!!! Cracking up all the way through the movie

Blood: The Last Vampire

Fantastic! Almost just like the Anime/Manga version... Very much like Blade, Bloodrayne and Underworld.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Not bad.. very watchable... I liked it... still its not original, just your typical ugly or fat guy who gets the babes in end type of flick, but otherwise pretty cool if you're in the mood for some laughs..

Blood and Bone

The boys will love this one.... Too average for me though, I've seen movies like this a thousand times... but it still cool to watch ^_^

Zu Warriors
Zu Warriors(2001)

Absolutely awesome.... Although this movie is old, the visuals are stunning! I don't know why they didn't consider this bunch of film makers for the Dragonball Evolution movie?? Makes Dragonball evolution look like crap!!!!

Raging Phoenix (Deu suay doo)

A Fantastic movie!
Lots of action, Breakdancing mixed with Muay-Thai and drunken Boxing... unbeatable... go and check it out!


....What can I say...






type of movie...
....... hands down...

Fireball (Muay Thai Dunk)

From the producers of BANGKOK DANGEROUS (the original), TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER and BANG RAJAN comes a gritty new action film from Thailand that attempts to bring the fierce fighting art of Muay Thai together with basketball... Brutal... Absolutely brutal.


I Tried
I Tried(2007)

Not bad... there is truth in the first part but the rest is made up, I hope they make a real one next time and including Bizzy Bone... but otherwise a good movie for Bone Thuggin' Fans ^_^


Absolutely cool... I like how they brought in different characters from different stories in to the picture and then put a twist on it. That is cool man...
Three Thumbs Up!!!


Big Momma's House

Big Laughs when watching Big Momma


Anger Management

This movie makes you wonder what the heck? And then the end of the movie makes you wonder what the heck?
ha ha ha really, what the heck??



It was cool until everybody died and the bad guy lived ^_^

The Rundown
The Rundown(2003)

You won't be disappointed!!!
Is that duct tape??
ha ha ha ha ^_^

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Classic one I reckon, Music and laughs...A very Funny and Fun movie to enjoy for anyone and anytime ^_^

Mutant Chronicles

Not the best mutant movie I've seen but it was able to keep me interested till the end. Not bad, a B movie with high ranking actors. I liked it though...still it could of been better ^_^


Great.. loved it..don't care what those other guys say, the Movie is AWESOME!!! ^_^


Pretty cool... I wonder if they're going to continue... it didn't quite finish?? otherwise pretty weird, that's cool with me ha ha ha ^_^


...U HAVE 2 WATCH THIS... (^_^)

Street Fighter Zero (Street Fighter Alpha)

Not bad... I enjoyed it.. Love Streetfighter... Classic ^_^

Samurai X - The Motion Picture (Rur˘ni Kenshin: Ishin shishi e no Requiem)

Love this one... Check out the series aswell.. just as cool.. Its called Kenshin ^_^

Rur˘ni Kenshin: Seis˘ hen (Samurai X: Reflection)

Great movie for both teams. SWORDPLAY for the BOYS and ROMANCE for the GIRLS. Bit violent for kids though ^_^

The Princess Blade

Pretty cool.. Azumi is better though.. but I did enjoy the quickness when swords were drawn ^_^


Not bad.. wanted a little more though, good enough for an old Animation Film.. There are better ones these days ha ha ha ^_^

Highlander: Search for Vengeance

Alright.. enjoyed it.. Different from the real thing though.. The real one is still better for me ^_^

Karas: The Prophecy

Cool az.. Spirirual ninja stuff.. Excellent, there's a Part 2 .. check it out, sub heading:The Revelation ^_^


Its alright.. should of had more action.. but otherwise not boring ^_^


ha ha ha Don't blame the chair now, if there was no chair it would of been the floor!! Now how you gonna get rid of that! ha ha ha Funny awkward movie. If you didn't get what I was on about then go watch it. ^_^


I watched the whole set... I hope they make the rest.. GUYVER!!!!!!! ^_^

The Covenant
The Covenant(2006)

Pretty cool... The scene where the truck smashed into the car but the car separated into bits before they connect in a collision then putting itself back in one piece... that was cool..., if you don't know what I'm on about...GO AND SEE IT!!! ^_^


It was okay.. I reckon it could of been better..but thats just me ^_^

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

Watch this funny azz movie... took me a while to finally watch it but I'm glad az that I did.. Real Blackenese comedy ^_^

Evan Almighty

Funny Az.. ha ha ha but Bruce Almighty was funnier ha ha ha ^_^


Love the Ninja Turtles!.. cool movie, Action was not bad ended too suddenly for me but I did like it ^_^


Pretty cool stuff... Visually stunning I must admit.. Not for kids though, well I don't think anyway ^_^

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

It was all good until they put that stupid scene of him trying to be cool ha ha ha that was NOT cool at all ha ha ha but other than that, the movie was cool ^_^

The Pink Panther

I still think the old one is better.. this one was still cool though but Peter Sellers was more natural.. Steve is just being an Egg ^_^

Lethal Weapon 2

I'm too old for this crap! ha ha ha yeah man never go board on this ride... still cool for me ^

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

Not bad.. some funny twist in the end.. Not boring..cool for me ^_^

The Incredibles

Lets see it one more time PLEASE, I hope ther's a sequel after what happened in the end!!! ^_^

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I liked it.. I better watch the rest of the other Parts!!! ^_^

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

I love this Movie...Let's Watch it AGAIN and Again!!! ^_^

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Interestingly... I think the old one was better!! ha ha ha ^_^

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

It's funnier if you've seen the movies they got the idea's from ^_^ Like Scream and I know what you did Last Summer

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Remember this...A Spielberg Classic... too bad there are better movies now ha ha ha!!! ^_^

A Cinderella Story

It's alright...Not Bad, I watched it by accident ha ha ha ^_^

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Very Original, today its still cool and I can't believe that I can understand what the Matrix is about.. I;m usually a bit duhh?? when comes to these types of films ha ha ha ^_^

Save the Last Dance

Its okay...It was cool at the time it was released but there are better dance movies now ^_^

The Day After Tomorrow

Pretty out of it...Just imagined if it happened 4 real.. better not, might come true ha ha ha ^_^

Bruce Almighty

Great.. good pick if you watch this.. Funny Az.. ha ha ha ^_^

There's Something About Mary

Classic...Crack up Film!!! XD ha ha ha ^_^

School of Rock

This Movie ROCKS your SOX!!! ^_^


Every boys dream to be the big shot... That's why we men and boys watch movies like this.. and like it too ha ha ha.. Sometimes we win some and sometimes we get a good hiding!! Rember, its just a movie!!! ha ha ha ^_^

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Dumb and stupid, and that is why it is Very Funny
XD ha ha ha ha ^_^

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

The beginning is too long.. Still it made up for it when it kicked in and got/had me interested till the end ^_^

The Storm Riders (Fung wan: Hung ba tin ha)

YEAH!!!! Way better than Dragonball Evolution!!! ^_^

12 Rounds
12 Rounds(2009)

Ha ha lucky my friend payed... it was pretty ordinary... So ordinary that my friend fell a sleep from a little past the beginning of this movie, to almost the end of the credits.. so he really paid for a sleep!!! Ha ha ha ha, he did'nt miss much anyway.. I should of went to sleep too ^_^


Alright.. feels like a horror for a while then it spins into a sci-fi.. Likable ^_^

Bleach (TV SHOW)

Soul Reapers!!! Yeah!! ^_^

Cadillac Records

Check this one out.. Pretty good.. it gets and O for Awsome ^_^

Ip Man
Ip Man(2010)

Absolutely Brilliant..Watch this and you'll wanna learn Wing-chun too ha ha ha ^_^

Blood Diamond

Great Movie, I have second thought's about Diamonds Now ^_^

War (Rogue Assassin)

Not bad, Yakuza Vs Triads, Cops Vs Mafia and Jason Vs Jet...yeah it gets interesting ^_^


Extremly Funny, Mr. Bean is a total looser....I Love it! ^_^

American Gangster

This is Gangsta..Good Drama, True Story Not bad at all ^_^

The Pacifier
The Pacifier(2005)

Ultra Cool, A best choice for Family Entertainment ^_^


This is way better than the High Shool Musical and it had better Music ^_^

Freedom Writers

What an Exellent Drama, Very good indeed ^_^

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(2004)

I Luv the Rock....Great Action Drama Film ^_^

The Nugget
The Nugget(2002)

Not a bad movie...Drama, comedy and twists ^_^

Man of the House

Pretty funny, Pretty girls...Pretty good movie ^_^

High School Musical 2

Hahahaha LOL...I can't believe I watched this ^_^

Kindergarten Cop

Yeah I love this film!!!!
Arnold and the kids....classic ^_^

Are We Done Yet?

Part one was better, but its still worth watching with the family ^_^

Son of the Mask

Not bad, It was alright...the Mask is way better though ^_^

Street Thief
Street Thief(2006)

Wow, a pretty risky documentary if it is cause I was convinced that it was real... but if its a movie....WELL DONE!!! ^_^

The Football Factory

Its just about fighting, something I see everyday so it was boring for me ^_^

Notorious B.I.G.: Bigger Than Life

Its alright...They talked alot about the guy but never played any of his stuff ^_^

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn(2003)

Pretty typical...very predictible...Its a plot that everybody will catch on to real quick ^_^

Mission: Impossible III

Not bad, a bit of love, a bit of drama and lots of Action, yeah its good ^_^

The Locals (Dead People)

The Horror sucked.. but it had a cool story to make up for it ^_^

Invincible Shaolin (Nan Shao Lin yu bei Shao Lin)

Not bad, I thought it was going to be crap but it was quite enjoyable ^_^


Pretty alright ... Not my cup of tea but I liked it ^_^

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I like this movie...got cool charactors ^_^


Some cool frights but otherwise pretty silly ^_^

The Game Plan

Another one 4 the Family...very good ^_^

Guess Who
Guess Who(2005)

Pretty Funny ^_^

Night at the Museum

An Excellnt choice for the whole family ^_^

The Message
The Message(1976)

Its good to get an idea of thier belief ^_^

Today You Die

Trigger Treach is Cool ^_^

Black Dawn
Black Dawn(2005)

Not Bad...Not Good either ^_^

Raising Helen

I enjoyed it but it was very predictable ^_^

The Bible
The Bible(1966)

I fell asleep ^_^

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War

Excellent Drama...Very Intense...Beautiful! ^_^


Spectacular! Super cool!! ^_^

The Breakfast Club

Reminds me of school ^_^


Cool Car...Freaky Film ^_^


This Movie is not 4 everyone ^_^


This Movie is great...Very Smart ^_^

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Wow...I can't believe this is a Cartoon, Well done...Both 4 Adults and children ^_^

The Rock
The Rock(1996)

Nicolace Cage and Sean Connery is Cool And this Movie is off the Hook!!!^_^

No Retreat, No Surrender

Very Plain...Can't believe I use to luv this as a Kid ^_^

White Men Can't Jump

Cool Classic Crack Up 4rm the Old Scool, Definately a SCORE!!! ^_^


Its All Good ^_^

Good Will Hunting

Excellent...Very enjoyable ^_^


Its like Power puff Girls meets Charlies Angles...too bad the Movie Sucked!! ^_^


Cool fun for everyone ^_^


It was ok...The Movie should of showed more of him coming up and the picture was pretty plain^_^

Transporter 2

Great Action, Great Movie ^_^

Surf Ninjas
Surf Ninjas(1993)

Heaps of fun with the Family ^_^

DOA: Dead or Alive

COOL AZZZ..These Girls are Pretty TOUGH!^_^!


Versus is like a Movie Version of Devil May Cry ^_^n NICE!!!

The Outsiders

Classic Drama 4 Gangsters ^_^

The Lost Boys

Awsome...I <3 it, It was a great Movie!!!^_^!!!

Take the Lead

I liked this one...Not bad...very good actually ^_^

Jacked Up
Jacked Up(2002)

I only watched this because Bizzy was in it,,But he did well with his Character ^_^


Coolest Movie This Year!!! ^_^

Lock Up
Lock Up(1989)

Good one! Very good, Enjoyed it very much ^_^

The Last Samurai

Nice...Samaurai Movies R so Cool! ^_^

The 13th Warrior

Great, Fantastic...Brilliant!!!
How 'bout the part when he figures out thier language aye ^_^


Heaps of Action....Alright I guess ^_^


Cool...Real Cool...Girls are kicking butt these days ^_^

50 First Dates

Funny Story...Funny Stuff ^_^


Good film...Good Drama ^_^


Something Different...pretty funny Drama ^_^


...Way Cool...

Get on the Bus

A very interesting Drama story ^_^


Cool...Ice Cube is getting better with this whole Movie thang...Well done ^_^

Next Friday
Next Friday(2000)

Part 1 was better...I like the Vacuum scene, that was funny ^_^

The Power of One

Great movie...Good soundtrack...Nice ^_^

Chat gim (The Seven Swords)

Cool Movie with lots of out of it moves ^_^

Master With Cracked Fingers (Guang dong xiao lao hu)

Jakie chan when he was young as...Pretty stink though. lol!!! XD

Curse of the Golden Flower

It's not a movie that I'd like 2 like...but i liked it ^_^ I'm still thinking about it....WOW


Oh man, I'm getting soft, This Movie will Break your heart
: (

The Pursuit of Happyness

Quite a story...Endurance and Pursavearance (sp) Results 2 Hapiness with a "I" Not a "Y" ^_^

Fried Green Tomatoes

Can't beleive I watched this and liked it ^_^


Great Charactors, Great Story, GREAT MOVIE!

Lord of the Flies

What would U do?? ^_^


Tupac is Great ^_^

Menace II Society

Brace yourself when U watch this!

South Central

Now this is Gangsta...Drama 4 your Mama Type...Good 4 old and young ^_^


Tupac is a legend

Gangs of New York

This is really Gangster


H8 2 Admit it..But I Enjoyed this Movie ^_^

Cast Away
Cast Away(2000)

Quite a Ride ^_^

Blood In, Blood Out (Bound by Honor)

Good Story...The Wimp becomes the strongest Prisoner, The Gangster one Turns into a Cop and the Scholar becomes a Druggie...Great Movie


Oldshool...This is what started that Gangster Gangster ^_^

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

It's All Good...Part 1 and 2 was better though ^_^

No Escape
No Escape(1994)

Pretty out of it

No Holds Barred

It was cool when I was Little

The Transporter

I wanna See Part 2 Now ^_^


Highlander is a Classic ^_^


Wow...Whatta Cool Movie ^_^

Bad Boys
Bad Boys(1995)

What A Bad Az Movie!!!
And Whatch U gonna do!!


Great Action, Great Story, Great Actors....Great Movie!!!

Con Air
Con Air(1997)

Great Action Film...One of the Best ^_^

Universal Soldier

Wow..I still love it after all these years, What a Great Movie ^_^


Very Cool...Very, very COOOL!!!

xXx: State of the Union

James Bond...Eat Your Heart Out ^_^


The Cool James Bond ^_^

Only the Strong

Cool Randomm Movies....Check It Out ^_^


This is a really good film...U must C it ^_^

Showdown in Little Tokyo

Not Bad...Pretty Cool Combination /n_n\


Excellent...Van Damme at his Best!

Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion(1989)

I saw this when I was small...It was cool at the time
: )

Double Impact

Great at the time it came out...Cooool!

Above the Law

Old school..Yup, there's nuthin' sweeter than Revenge
: )

Naked Weapon
Naked Weapon(2002)

This Is Cool as ^_^

Under Siege
Under Siege(1992)

This was great when it came out ^_^

The Glimmer Man

U gotta check this one out...It's way Cool!!

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd(1995)

Pretty cool at the time it came out ^_^

Passenger 57
Passenger 57(1992)

This a good movie...Pretty cool 4 a movie that I thought was gonna Bore Me ^_^

Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire(1992)

I Liked it when I was a kid...I Don't know about now ^_^


Yeah!!! This is a Classic Action Story...Heaps of funny lines ^_^

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

Man... Rambo Is HARD!!!

Shi di chu ma (The Young Master)

Funny Movie..Jackie Chan is Always an iddiot!

36th Chamber
36th Chamber(1978)

Classic Kung Fu Stuff ^_^

Dragon Strike (Long xiao ye) (Dragon Lord) (Young Master in Love)

Another old one 4rm Jakie Chan..It's ok : )

Drunken Master (Jui kuen)

This is a cool movie with cool Moves!!!

Trail of the Pink Panther

It should been called Trail of the STINK Panther...LOL!!!

Legacy of Rage

Pretty Cool...Saw this when I was a kid ^_^

Black Knight
Black Knight(2001)

Pretty cool, Full of laughs

Johnny English

Dumb egg, He's so Funny ^_^

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

I would B a Liar if I said this movie sucked!! XD

Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

Still Dumb and stupid, and still Very Funny! XD

The Mask
The Mask(1994)

Wow, I can't believe it's not a cartoon!XD

Billy Madison

This is Real Funny!!XD


You'll be laughing until You R Senseless!!XD


This is a good for everyone...Totally Funny!!XD

The Pink Panther

Peter Sellers is Great!

Sione's Wedding (Samoan Wedding)

This good especially for those who come from New Zealand XD

The Waterboy
The Waterboy(1998)

This movie is a winner with laughs!!! XD

Are We There Yet?

Good fun and laughter for whole Family : )

Phat Beach
Phat Beach(1996)

Phat Boy got Phat Laughs on PHAT BEACH!!! XD

Mrs. Doubtfire

I <3 this movie, It's so funny ^_^

Scary Movie 2

It stupid...I Like it!! XD

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood


Half Baked
Half Baked(1998)

Funny azzzzzzz XD

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

This is Pretty Cool...U know??... Cool

Lethal Weapon

This Movie is Lethal

Rambo III
Rambo III(1988)

Rambo does it again ^_^

Family Plan
Family Plan(1998)

Cool 4 the Family ^_^



Devilman (Debiruman)


Azumi 2: Death or Love

You go girl, GIRL POWER!!!

Total Recall
Total Recall(1990)

Cant go wrong with ARNIE

The Running Man

Arnold always knows how to save the day.

Three Amigos!

I'm still laughing:D


WOW I have 2 watch it again and again and again and again and again....




I need 2 watch it again


Classic, there's always talk about this movie in the hood, everyone in all the ghetto's got a copy.

Rocky IV
Rocky IV(1985)

I love Rocky.

Rocky II
Rocky II(1979)

Rocky is always cool.

The Terminator

CLASSIC, what more can I say?

Back to the Future

This movie is way cool, it just keeps getting interesting.

Back to the Future Part II

This movie is fun to watch, absolutely cool

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

Woo Hooo!!!!!!!!!

The Princess Bride

CLASSIC Very enjoyable.

Cool Runnings

I Love this Movie...So will you! CLASSIC

Edward Scissorhands

Great Movie...CLASSIC!!!