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No One Knows About Persian Cats (Les Chats Persans)

The only thing that makes it tolerable is watching underground bands playing. The rest of it just stinks.

No Man's Land

With great acting, strong dialogs of the characters and absence of music during the film, in most scenes it's easy to feel you're watching a war documentary, only if the circumstances weren't this uncanny.
The movie shows the extents a brutal and pointless war can do to people: to plain clothes men (one with converse shoes and a rollingstones t-shirt) and a boy who hardly can carry his gun are trapped in a trench, perpetually fighting and bullying each other, while the media vultures looks for delicious food and the UN fucks around.
The final scene of the movie, with it's captivating music sticks to your mind for weeks on.


The graphical style of the movie, along with it's flat characters made it feel like noir comics, specially Miller's Sin City (Though of course in Sin City only the side characters are this flat). But the dialogs are really bland and there is not a difference between various side of the story. The visuals are marvelous, and it's the only thing that makes you continue the story. The movie begins with a great shot o 2054 Paris and you are delighted for a few mins, then it


The movie lacks integrity and wastes the talents of Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard and Dame Judi Dench. A Good example of how you can gather a bunch of big names and make rubbish out of it.

My Blueberry Nights

Good music, amusing cinematography, decent acting, and not much of a screenplay to fill the 95 min running time of the movie.