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Colossus: The Forbin Project

Colossus: The Forbin Project(1970)

A lot of things in this movie came true. They predicted the internet when two computers established a communication link. They predicted people communicating via computer monitors with cameras installed. Control Data Corporation provided the hardware for this movie. This movie came out in 1970 when the research on the internet was taking place. CDC probably knew about this research. CDC built the hard drives for the mainframe computers of that era. The movie missed the mark when it predicted one huge computer inside a mountain. In the 1970's computers actually began to shrink. However the World Wide Web has become Colossus, not one big computer but millions of small computers linked together via the internet. The start of the movie reminds me of President Kennedy. The President in the movie was obviously based on Kennedy. Kennedy's advisors thought they could use computers and technology to solve the world's problems. The story in the movie takes it to the extreme and shows mankind losing its freedom to an all controlling computer. However, in the real world we are no closer to artificial intelligence than they were in 1970. I first saw this movie on TV. During the 1970's this movie was shown many times on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.